Stalker Knight

SCW World Heavyweight Champion
SCW International Heavyweight Champion



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Knight's Epiphany


Blackhole Slam


Most of what is known today about Stalker Knight is only what has happened inside the N.C.W. ring. The rest is cloaked in mystery. No one is even sure of what his true name is. There are those who say the man calling himself Stalker Knight isn’t really him, and very few have seen him without his mask. So I guess we will not know for sure, until someone who has seen him comes forward. Another story . . . is that he is part bear and has lived for far longer than anyone would believe through hibernation. Stalker Knight has wrestled for for nearly two decades, in various federations. Stalker has competed in a vast number of countries, on multiple continents, and in some of the strangest locations. He has a history with Dario, Creed, both as friends, and as foes. Stalker has been married and divorced more times than anyone who knows him would care to admit. What is known is that he is a TRUE athlete well known for not only beating but horribly disfiguring his opponents. His veteran status and brutality make him one of the most intimidating men one can face, and as if that wasn’t enough many people, not just opponents have been known to say that his eyes are darker than any darkness they have ever known. One opponent has been quoted to have said “Those eyes . . . they’re darker than any Void, deeper than any hole, and more merciless than any prison on God’s green earth.”