• Name: Thomas


    Efed Experience in years
    21 years.

    Email and IM’s – optional

    Wrestler Info

    Wrestlers Name(s):
    Marty & Caleb Eagle


    Home Town:
    Blossom, Texas



    Marty: 5’7″
    Caleb: 6’1″

    Marty: 228 lbs.
    Caleb: 246 lbs.

    Pic Base:
    Marty: Andy Douglas

    Caleb: James Storm

    Entrance…[Read more]

  • Wrestlers Name:

    Ring Name: Vanity

    Real Name: Felicia Knight

    Nicknames: Elysian Angel

    Home Town: Pandora, Elysia

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21

    Height: 5’2″

    Weight: 129 Lbs.

    Alignment: Dark Tweener

    Pic Base: Peyton Royce

    Gimmick: Assassin, Anointed of Apocalypse, daughter of Stalker Knight, Princess of Elysia.

    In Ring Info:

    Entrance Music:…[Read more]

  • Character Name: Anna Raven Jade

    P.P.V. Name: Craven Doll

    Hometown: Edmonton Alberta Canada

    Height: 5’4″

    Weight: 104

    Alignment: Tweener

    In-Ring Style: Flyer/Technical

    Bio: Shy, nervous, teen with a problem she fears more than death and she is willing to do anything to keep it behind her.

    Attire: Anna wears gear identical to Michelle McCool,…[Read more]

  • Handler Info
    Name: Thomas

    Age: 39

    Efed Experience in years: Basically 20 years.

    Email and IM’s:

    Wrestler Info:

    Wrestlers Name: Sâla Åsa

    Nicknames: Shield Maiden

    Home Town: Aasiaat Greenland

    Gender: Female

    Age: 26

    Height: 5’5″

    Weight: 168 lbs.

    Alignment: Tweener, leans heel.

    Pic Base: Sarah L…[Read more]

  • Character Name: Stalker Knight

    Nickname: The “Void”

    Hometown: Unknown

    Height: 6’7″

    Weight: 354 Lbs.

    Age: 47

    Alignment: Heel

    In-Ring Style: Brawler

    Bio: Most of what is known today about Stalker Knight is only what has happened inside the N.C.W. ring. The rest is cloaked in mystery. No one is even sure of what his true name is. There are…[Read more]