SCW International Heavyweight Champion



Billed From

Shanghai, China


Shanghai Noon


Shanghai Snap


Larissa has been spoiled since the beginning. Being born into Chinese royalty sure helped. But she went into modelling, and then wrestling instead of becoming a queen, though she is a former miss China. Trained by Rich Anderson.

In 2018, Larissa has had ups and down in SCW, mostly downs. However, after defeating Fury in a match to determine the number one contender for Jessica Tendonin’s SCW International Heavyweight Championship, Larissa came into TLC in London as the biggest underdog of the night, perhaps in SCW history. Not only did Larissa become the first person to ever defeat Jessica Tendonin in a ladder match, but she broke her arm in the process.

The new International Heavyweight Champion has turned heads, and while some are applauding her unthinkable feat, others are calling her a victory a fluke. It is currently unknown when, if at all, Larissa will defend against the former champion. At any rate, it was decided beforehand that the winner of the new main event of TLC would face Paige Lewis for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.