Billed From

Shaker Heights, Ohio


Paraguayan Imprint


Dragon Disaster


Jessica Tendonin began her career in 2001, at age 18, after wrestling in high school. The timid brunette in those early days is a far cry from the superstar she has built herself into, though. Nearly 17 years later, the 34 year old Heart Breaker from the Heights of Shaker is recognized as an 18 time World Champion, has been inducted into 3 Hall’s of Fame, and has become known for her never back down attitude.

Having joined SCW initially in 2012, following in the footsteps of her husband, Lucius Tendonin, Jessica would go on to become a mainstay with the SCW Alternative Championship. Initially winning the championship from her husband in a tag team match, the Paraguayan would win the title twice thus far. Tendonin and company left the organization in 2015, and would return in 2017 after the revival of the brand.

2017 saw Tendonin win the SCW North American Championship, which she renamed International Championship, as well as defeating the undefeated Paige Lewis at SCW survival, to win the SCW World Heavyweight Championship, becoming world champion of SCW for the first time since joining the organization.

Jessica Tendonin’s reign as SCW World Heavyweight Champion came to a screeching halt at just 77 days when Paige Lewis called in her rematch and took the championship back in a matter of minutes. Jessica would then defend the International Heavyweight Championship against her partner, Brian Kennedy, at Spring Meltdown.

The Dragon entered TLC with a pair of matches ahead of her. First, the SCW World Tag Team Championship match. After outsmarting Hellfire, the DEA retained the tag team title. Next, Jessica would defend the SCW International Heavyweight Championship against Larissa. Few, if any, took Larissa as a serious threat to Jessica’s reign.

That changed when Larissa broke Jessica’s arm. Jessica still fought back, even with just one arm, and for a moment, it looked as if she may still come out on top. But a¬†Shanghai Noon off the top of the ladder sealed her fate. Jessica began 2018 as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion and SCW International Heavyweight Champion. Now, she is neither.

Submission Moves:
1. Crossface
2. Full Nelson w/ Slam
3. Ankle Lock
4. Sleeper
5. Standing Crossface (In corner with turnbuckle)
6. Inverted Figure Four Leglock
7. Boston Crab
8. Sharpshooter
9. Side Leglock
10. Dragon Sleeper
11. Tiger Tamer (Tiger Driver lift and stall)
12. Belly to Belly Toss Bearhug
13. Triangle Choke
14. Bear Hug
15. STF
16. Paraguayan Surfboard Stretch
17. Inverted Indian Deathlock
18. Paraguayan Cloverleaf
19. Anaconda Vice

Front Grapple Moves:
1. Hurricanrana
2. DDT
3. Suplex
4. Brainbuster
5. Arm Drag
6. Belly to Belly Suplex
7. Underhook toss
8. Underhook suplex
9. Fireman Carry
10. Pile driver
11. HelliSlam (Lift onto shoulders and spin, ending in slam)
12. Neck Breaker
13. Northern Lights Suplex (With and without pin)
14. Body slam
15. Scoop and Toss
16. Snap Suplex
17. T-Bone Suplex
18. Jaw Breaker
19. Piledriver Variations
20. Spine Buster Variations
21. O-goshi
22. Harai Goshi into Armbar

Behind Grapple Moves:
1. Southern Lights Suplex
2. German Suplex
3. Reverse Suplex
4. Reverse DDT
5. Half Nelson Slam
6. Full Nelson slam
7. Dragonplex
8. Reverse Fall Away
9. Dragon Sleeper Slam
10. Releasing German Suplex
11. Pump Handle Slam
12. Reverse Neckbreaker
13. Back Suplex
14. Bulldog

Striking/ Attack Moves:
1. Side Kick
2. Upper Kick
3. Elbow Strike Combo
4. Roundhouse Kick
5. Clothesline (Either arm)
6. Kicks to Midsection
7. Double Head Kick
8. Kick to Knees
9. Knee to Midsection
10. Punching Variations
11. Super Kick
12. Dropkick Variations
13. Knee to Gut, followed by Elbow to Head/Neck
14. Back Elbow Strike
15. Right Hook
16. Foot Stomp w/ Ducking Uppercut
17. Uppercut
18. Back Kick
19. Headbutt (Rare)
20. Fist Smash into side of Face

Running Moves:
1. Clothesline
2. Flying Elbow
3. Running Knee Lift
4. Spear (Edge Style)
5. Tackle
6. Shoulder Block
7. Jumping Heel Kick
8. Knee Attack (HHH Style)
9. Rolling Heel Kick
10. Flying Crossbody
11. Leg Lariat
12. Facebuster
13. Facebuster followed by (Strike/Grapple)

Arial Moves:
1. Moonsualt (Standing/Down)
2. Elbow Drop Variations
3. Senton
4. Shooting Star
5. Shooting Star Leg Drop
6. Double Flip Moonsualt
7. Knee Drop
8. Paraguayan Atmospheric Drop (Elevated Swanton Bomb)
9. 450 Splash
10. 450 Corkscrew Knee Drop (Very Rare)
11. Flying Cross Body
12. Diving Clothesline
13. Dropkick
14. Missile Dropkick
15. Dragon Shaker (Hurricanrana)
16. Paraguayan Layover (Diving Seated Senton)
17. Tope Atomico
18. Frog Splash (Variations)
19. Pain from Paraguay (Spinning Stomp Drop) (Rare)

Apron Moves:
1. Apron Powerbomb
2. Apron Clothesline


Turnbuckle Moves:
1. Shoulder Thrust
2. Superplex
3. Super Back Drop
4. Clothesline
5. Burst Punches
6. Bull Dog from corner
7. Bronco Buster
8. Diving Powerbomb
9. Frankensteiner
10. Super Belly to Belly Suplex

Signature Moves: (Up to 15)
1. Spear
2. Shooting Star Leg Drop
3. Super Kick
4. Southern Lights Suplex
5. Sharp Shooter
6. Ankle Lock
7. Dragon Sleeper
8. Up, Right, Up, Down, Left, Left, Down, UP! (Eye Poke, Right Hook, Eye Poke, Foot Stomp, Left Jab, Left Arm Clothesline, Foot Stomp, Uppercut!)