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      Gary Kevany

      Your Name:
      Gary Kevany
      E-Mail Address:
      Twitter & Facebook Info:
      @garykevany & Gary Kevany
      Your Experience:
      22 years with numerous breaks
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      [ • C O M P E T I T O R ‘ S . I N F O R M A T I O N • ]
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      Picture Base:
      (Enter your character’s picture base [may include wrestlers, celebrities, musicians, yourself, etc.) Check out psd-dreams.de/ for possible ideas.)
      Heel Jeff Hardy (TNA run)
      Real Name:
      Tyler Cross
      Ring Name (If Applicable):
      ‘The Extremist’ Tyler Cross
      212 lbs – Cruiserweight
      Alignment (Heel/Tweener/Face):
      Hometown/Billed From:
      Cameron North Carolina
      Signature Match:
      Barbed wire ladder match
      Favorite Weapons:
      Ladder/chair/thumb tacks
      Entrance Music:
      ‘Unforgiven II’ by Metallica

      Entrance Description:
      “Unforgiven II” by Metallica blares over the PA system as Tyler Cross walks out onto the ramp smoking a cigarette he raises his hands into a X symbol then carries on down the ramp0way smoking, he enters the ring and flicks the end of his cigarette at his opponent.
      Ring Attire:
      Torn black jeans, skin tight black top with silver and purple sleeves (fishnet)
      Fighting Style: (Technical/Brawler/High Flying)
      High Flying
      Wrestler similar to:
      Jeff Hardy
      1. Sunset Flip Powerbomb
      2. Hurricanrana
      3. 450 splash
      4. Split-legged Moonsault
      5. Corkscrew Plancha
      6. Asia Moonsault
      7. Twist of Fate/Hate

      Signature Move(s):
      Whisper in the wind, double leg drop to groin.
      Primary Finisher:
      Suicial Tendencies (opponent is bent over, Tyler drapes one leg over opponent’s back, spins 360 degrees sideways then 180 degrees backwards landing as a DDT)
      Secondary Finisher(s):
      Crossfire (Standing Cloverleaf)
      Special Finisher:
      Desctruction from the Construction (Swanton Bomb from Ladder/Cage/Rafters)
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      See sample roleplay
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      [ • C O M P E T I T O R ‘ S . C O N T R A C T • ]
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      Base Salary:
      Signing Bonus:
      Length of Contract:
      1 year
      Special Concessions (Transportation, Hotel, Time Off, Championship Bonus, Downside):
      Championship bonuses and occasional time off)
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      [ • C O M P E T I T O R ‘ S . A L L I E S • ]
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      Manager/Valet: N/A

      Tag Team Partner(s): N/A

      Faction: N/A

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      [ • S A M P L E . P R O M O • ]
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      [Shots of headstones and epitaphs for XWF, XEF, TCX, UCW, FTW, Y2Em UP’n’S and WWX with ???? rather than a date.]

      —————————- Prologue —————————–

      It had been nigh on five and a half years since Tyler stepped out onto
      the ramp way of a wrestling federation and back in October in WWX, he
      did just that, to tell the truth it felt quite liberating. Admittedly,
      it wasn’t the kind of reception he was expecting; then again, he hadn’t
      wrestled in front of a crowd quite that size before. – it wasn’t
      daunting, far from it, it’s just, he presumes, going to be harder to win
      over that many fans than it has been to win over than, say, the six or seven
      thousand he’s wrestled in front of in the past. Most of the others
      who’ve made the transition from wrestling in the independent circuit to
      come to the pinnacle of professional wrestling have failed miserably
      with the obvious exception of Leonard Aarons and Icon, however, Tyler’s
      success in `the indies’, if they can even be classified using the
      blanket term `indies’ – in their hey day they had rosters of over 50
      superstars and filled arenas, stadiums and halls with hundreds of
      thousands of screaming fans – far exceeds that of both men combined.

      Tyler’s popularity was unparalleled and it was them who called on him,
      not, as so oft-times happens, the other way around. Tyler didn’t look for
      a tryout and although he’s in simply been thrown in the match for
      everyone with nothing else to do, it’s anything but a try-out. This
      match was booked, in such a fashion, for the simple reason that Tyler
      announced when he signed his contract of employment – he does not
      want any favours nor handouts, he wants to prove his mettle and work his
      way up through the ranks. Be that, wrestling dark-matches, being demoted
      thrown in with 30-odd other wrestlers, be it having to jerk-the-curtain
      for weeks upon weeks. Whatever is required he will accomplish and
      whatever he wishes to accomplish he will do so with rapid, paramount

      The previous time, Tyler stood within of the halls of the now infamous
      and selective WWX, he wrestled a grand total of five matches, one, a
      handicap match, and won four of them. Following the fourth successive
      victory he went home for a well deserved break and while ascending a
      home-made rally track to make a death-defying jump on his quad bike,
      disaster struck, hitting a jut in the mound, the bike left the ground at
      an angle and rotated fully twice, then a ninety degree rotation having
      Tyler land on his side, fracturing his ribs. Rather than report it to the
      medical officers of WWX or his doctor he simply turned up for his match
      with, now AAA Champion, Dylan Johnson believing, as he so often does,
      that nothing and no-one can stop him.

      He is wrong.

      Tyler will prevail.

      If the other man to beat him comes back with a challenge – Mark Payne – Tyler will beat him.
      Nobody could beat Josh Vance, nobody thought Tyler would, hell, he
      didn’t even know he was competing until the match was announced by
      Axel Action, yet he had the wherewithal to move, to cause the favourite
      for the AAA Championship to crush his ankle and to hit the
      Suicidal Tendencies. One move. One finisher was all it took… was All
      She Wrote. One. Two. Three. New I3C Champion.

      Despite putting on an admirable performance, the now revered Dylan Johnson was the victor at Onslaught becoming only the second man in Tyler’s stalwart
      career to have pinned him without having the same predicament returned
      with rapid success. The reason? Time. His time is on the way. Once word of Tyler’s lie of omission
      filtered through to the higher-ups his contract was terminated without
      warning, without contract, warrant withstanding the truth be told.
      However, now, Tyler’s back and you can bet your bottom dollar Tyler will
      be looking to avenge his defeat and rectify the defeat by overcoming the
      World Champion at the earliest opportunity. Now, boasting an even
      greater roster and with everyone and their mother gunning for the
      champion, chances are Tyler’s going to be at the back of a long waiting
      list for a match against the champion.

      Much like having only had two people defeat him without ever returning
      the favour, Tyler has only participated in two federations that haven’t
      had him crowned World Champion. One, he didn’t get the shot. The other
      was ExWA, where the owner not only booked himself to be the champion but
      also gave Kip Kutler – the other member of the couplet to have a pin
      fall over Tyler while Tyler is yet to defeat them – a no-questions
      asked shot at the championship. Tyler had earned the World Championship
      shot, scheduled to be a mono y mono affair by winning a four-week
      tournament in his first four matches within the federation. With threats
      of walking away based on such an indiscretion Tyler opted to accept the
      offer an Intercontinental Championship match, a match he duly won with
      the minimum of effort and held until the day he decided to walk away.

      That was close to six years ago.

      He thought he was gone for good.

      He had thought that before.

      Those who hoped he’d never be in a position to stand across from him in
      or outside the squared-circle again need to think again.

      Think long

      Think hand

      The Second Coming

      The Second Match is for the AAA Championship..

      The Clock ticks down…

      Time Cascades…

      Ground Force, be ready for…

      Tyler Cross.

      “I may not be AAA Champion but when I step back into the ring full-time
      on Friday, you can bet that I’ll become world champion here, as well”

      —————————– Scene One —————————–

      Date: April 26th, 2003

      [Tyler hoists yet another World Heavyweight Championship title high above
      his head, he has defeated the best the business had to offer at the
      time. Names like Halloween, Hellshock, Violator, Fallen Angel, Mortal
      Wound, Silencer, Leonard Aarons, mostly men who, long since, have hung
      their boots and for the first time since his inaugural world
      championship – in his very first federation – has he been
      overcome with so much emotion. His eyes well up with tears as he
      realises this is the last time he will stand in front of a crowd and the
      last time he will have that feeling of fulfilment. The feeling everybody
      who laces up a pair of boots, dons their tights, or jeans, chinos or
      shorts and enters this unforgiving business yearns for – the feeling
      that they, and they alone, are at their peak, they are the ultimate
      champion among a field of champions. For back then, there was a
      tournament held to find the very best. Starrcade IV: Quest for the Best.
      He swore to his, now, ex-wife, that this would be his last ever match.
      This would be the final chapter in what can be best described as a

      [Memories flood Tyler’s mind, meeting his, at-the-time, soon-to-be wife,
      and indeed, after a time, the woman who would become his former wife.
      The beginning of the Dream Encounter at a very age, something will learn
      much more about in the coming weeks. His first World Championship, the
      countless others he secured, winning tag-team titles single-handedly.
      Being labelled a `poster boy’ – he never quite understood how being
      deemed good-looking enough to be the `face of a federation’ was an
      insult. The many friends and fans he had acquired in the business but
      for the sake of his relationship with this woman he truly, deeply loved
      he was prepared to give it all up but even at this moment, the moment
      where he holds the most prized, most coveted possession in the wrestling
      business of 2003, he feels as though he has more to achieve… he has
      announced his decision to leave but somewhere in his subconscious,
      somewhere in that brilliant ever-working mind of his, he knows this
      isn’t how it’s all going to end. There will be more, there will be more
      titles, more fans, some old, some young, some male, some female; and
      among the female demographic perhaps he will find someone to replace
      “her” – someone to make his life complete.]

      —————————– Scene Two —————————–

      August 15th, 2006

      [Tyler is shown on his cell phone, he looks disillusioned, as though even
      while the words register and he answers, his mind is elsewhere. He
      appears to be a lost, distraught sole.]


      [One of the many things that would have been more closer to the true
      feelings swirling within his mind would have been an answer in the
      negative. It was only the answer `yes’ because he knew that’s what she
      wanted to here.]

      “I have them here… yeah.”

      [On closer inspection, it appears Tyler’s eyes are bloodshot, his
      demeanour far removed from that of the model-professional, sure he’d
      smoke and drink but never within eye-shot of the young fans who looked
      up to him as a role model. Some still recognise him as he walks down the
      street, envelope in one hand, cell phone in the other. He trudges along
      through the streets wearily. As the howling wind circles through the
      North Carolinian streets he drives his shoulders inwards hoping against
      hope to keep some of the alcohol-induced body heat at full-mast. Rain
      cascades down from the looming clouds with its frigid intentions and he
      staggers slightly almost hitting against the shop-front he’s passing as
      he does so his right boot trundles into a puddle; water splashes up onto
      the black, with white trim, trousers he is wearing.]

      “God damn it!” he exclaims

      “No! Not you, not this… well this isn’t helping is it? I gave it all
      up for you and now you’re saying we’re through? Well, actually, you’ve
      been saying it for a while. What I still can’t figure out is why exactly
      WHY you’re leaving me. I’ve treated you like royalty, I’ve provided you
      with everything you wanted, everything you could possibly need and
      now… now… I mean, I left my profession because you were worried, you
      thought the risks greatly outweighed the benefits and they did, if it’s
      what took for me to be you… I lov-”

      [Tyler is clearly interrupted during his impromptu monologue as she
      clearly doesn’t wish to hear him say those words, the sound of sobbing
      can be heard coming from the other-end of the conversation yet still her
      words remain unclear. Tyler’s eyes, too, well up, just like they did when
      he was leaving the business as it dawns on him why she’s leaving him
      – she’s not leaving him for someone else – she’s leaving him
      for… him.]


      [Speechless. Dumbstruck. Taken aback. Call it what you will. Tyler is
      lost for words. The answer was staring him in the face and he ignored
      it. She thinks he resents her, there is a modicum of truth in that but
      he’d prefer to subdue the truth, prefer to deny it – she believes he
      still wants to wrestle and loses himself in the escapism of
      alcohol-induced stupor to hide the fact – it may be true but if
      that’s what’s required for this relationship to work, he’ll do just
      that. Problem is, she won’t stand in the way of his destiny – the
      hand he has been dealt, the product of providence, the futility of
      fighting his fate, the date with destiny – his self-acquired right
      to be the very best the wrestling business has ever witnessed. After a
      prolonged awkward silence she utters the words she knows will make him
      see her point and realise why things must be this way – “Do you dare
      to dream?”.]

      “You know I do…” he answers

      “… I just don’t want to lose you but I know this is one battle I can’t

      [Even though he can’t see her face, he can read her like a book and
      knows she’s smiling. However, his initial reaction is shattered when
      asks the subsequent question.]

      “The divorce settlement? The DIVORCE F***ING SETTLEMENT?! I don’t care
      about the house; I don’t care about the money. I only care about you,
      tell me the truth, is that what this is all about? It’s neither the
      wrestling nor my drinking; it’s the money, isn’t it? Take it all I
      couldn’t give a damn!”

      [Without a moment’s consideration, without a pause for breath Tyler
      clenches his hand more tightly than the nonchalant grip one would
      usually place upon their mobile phone and slams it against the pavement,
      the phone shatters and Tyler slumps himself back-first against the
      closest doorway his eyes concede to him. He slides down the wall,
      sitting on the rain-drenched pavement and bows his head, droplets of
      rain drip from the ends of the strands of blonde – well boasting a
      darkened shade through the dampness now – hair that envelops his

      [Contemplating what he’s just done and accused his wife of he realises
      he was wrong, it was a question that needed to be asked, he just wasn’t
      in the best frame-of-mind to hear it. He sighs and reaches inside his
      jacket removing a bottle jaagermeister, he callously unscrews the cap
      and only raises his head to take a deep, refreshing mouthful of the

      [The clink of change…]

      [His self-pitying is screeched to a halt like a speeding car that’s set
      for a collision course with a child chasing their football across a busy
      street. Now, wavering up and down at the edges the change that has just
      been dropped at his feet glare at him from the sidewalk below. Anger.
      Disgust. Humiliation. While he’s raising his hate-clouded head to the
      culprit he begins to utter words that convey his feelings at what has
      just transpired.]

      “Do I look like a beggar to you? I could buy and sell your sorry fu-”

      [The innocence in the child’s eyes belie not only the intentions, but
      the age and stature of the individual Tyler expected to be greeted. The
      young boy smiles and points at the change then at Tyler while the boy’s
      mother, guardian or au pair, whomever it is accompanying the boy, glares
      garishly at the fallen angel of the wrestling world. The rain begins to
      patter out to a more accommodating mist.]

      “I… I… I’m sorry ma’m. What’s the boy’s name?”

      “Tyler” she replies “His father was a wrestling fanatic back in the day
      and well it’s a cute name. Isn’t it?”

      Without letting her know the fact of the situation. Tyler simply nods in
      acknowledgement. Probably too shocked, once again, to even speak.

      [Once again, Tyler’s taken aback. Damn. Someone named their kid after me,
      he thinks. Tyler reaches inside the envelope he had been clutching and
      removes the folder. The divorce papers, the finalisation of his
      relationship with his beautiful wife. Running his fingers through the
      top right-hand corner of the pages, he comes to the complementary blank
      page at the back, pulling a pen from his pocket he begins to inscribe
      something on the paper.]

      Never forget who you are and never change unless you want to. The world
      is yours for the taking. With a heart of gold, you already own more than
      the greatest riches could garner for a man. You will be loved, you’re a
      very special young boy and will be just as special a man.
      All the best,
      Tyler Cross (World Champion 2006)

      [Concluding the little note of hope for the young boy who was christened
      after himself, realising that he had given the boy’s father something
      memorable he hoped he could do something, however menial, for the young
      boy who had presumably given a down-and-out appearing individual. He
      adds a large `smiley-face’ to his signature and underlines the
      concluding tri-fecta of words “World Champion 2009” – a premonition?
      A declaration of intent? All of the above, the truth be told.]

      [Folding the paper over three times into a compact square, Tyler hands
      the note to the boy’s mother.]

      “Show his father and whenever Tyler feels sad, tell him to read this
      note, it may not mean anything to him, it certainly won’t to you, but it
      means something to me. Sorry again.”

      [Without another word, Tyler stands up, pats the boy on the head tussling
      his hair and walks away. Walking towards his destiny. A destiny that has
      14 or so months from the present day to be delivered.]

      [Scene to be continued…]

      —————————– Scene Three —————————-

      [Sitting in front of a cameraman, Tyler waits for the cue to receive the
      indication for his indignation. The reversal of the count that has won
      him numerous accolades and seen been a catalyst for his induction into
      several Halls of Fame.]




      “Dylan, use all the flashback footage of Onslaught you want, all it proves is
      that not only were you only something of note when I was prevented from pinning you by a fledgling moron. You always have backup. I don’t need backup. Just
      like my entire career I don’t need and won’t need backup.
      I’m coming for you and I’m regaining my title. You can take that
      to the bank.I was never hand selected to be champion and if I was I’d spit in the
      face of whoever selected me and spit on the championship. I don’t
      want to be given anything, I only want to earn whatever I derive from my
      wrestling career. Granted, I was hand selected for the match against
      Josh Vance but I still had to beat him, I soaked up all he had to offer,
      he thought he had done enough to keep me down but he hadn’t and his
      negligence cost him the match and the I3C championship. You’re over
      confidence, you’re lack of willingness to even consider the
      possibility you may lose will be your downfall. That, I guarantee.

      “All the people who come out to this federation know that. I know
      that. Keemer knows that. Zeke Jones. Extreme. Jon Plex. The entire
      roster knows the one man who’s still got it in the UnHoly match is
      the man in front of the camera right now. The man you’re looking at
      right now, Tyler Cross. The soon to be AAA and solo tag-team champions. You may have
      complained about my methods in this federation but do you know
      why you’re here as a lackey? Do you know why you and Rex Jet
      haven’t been given anything worthwhile to do? Because the fans
      don’t want it and the owners are all too aware of that
      fact. They know the stars of this federation are myself and Mike Keemer.
      One of the losers will undoubtedly get a shot at my
      championships afterwards and I’m more than willing to give them one
      because to tell the truth I know I can defeat most, if not all of them, single-handed.
      Men far greater than most of the roster here I’ve competed against: Scott Grayse.
      I’ve beaten. Jon Plex: I’ve beaten. Mortal Wound: I’ve beaten and you, You, Dylan Johnson I have beaten. So why would I be scared? Why would anything you can say or show
      me bother me? You beat me be when I was prevented from pinning you. Wow, that’s one hell of an achievement. Hell, that’s admirable, that’s the kind of person
      worthy of holding s title in one of the most, if not, the most prestigious organisation
      the wrestling world has ever seen – the WWX. A man who came here for a short time Icon held an interfederfederation title before I beat him for that
      title sent him packing and after he went in search of greener pastures, yet
      he could never get past me. Everyone has their bogey and I was
      Icon’s and that bothers him, to no end, to this very day. He
      can’t accept it and never will accept it yet I am the better man. I
      always have been and I always will be. Five and Zero. The facts
      don’t lie. Violator – Two and Zero. Halloween Six and Two.
      Hellshock, Leonard Aarons, The Legend, Johnny Propain, Chris Kirby. All
      these people named as legends, all these self-professed icons of the
      wrestling world, all these heroes and villains, hall of famers, multiple
      time world champions. They’ve all fallen beneath my hands.
      Downtrodden by my speed and quickness, they could never understand how
      someone so small in stature could do just what I do. I’ve never
      given myself a label or an alias, a catchphrase or a moniker, I’ve
      wrestled under different names but the names “The Extremist”
      “The Enigma” “The Executioner” “The Enigmatic
      Entertainer” have all been given to me by others and I pride myself
      in that. I have stayed true to myself. You needed to go by names such as
      Ground Force to try and instill fear in your opponents from the
      get go. I have no such need. I don’t need to frighten my opponents
      into submission, I use my fists and feet, my entire body to cause enough
      fear and destruction that all I need are two words, a forename and a
      surname, no matter what they may be, my face is one that few, if any,
      can or ever will forget. Call me arrogant, call me self-righteous if you
      must but I’m already a hall of famer, a grand slam champion the XWF,
      the only ever two-time XEF World Champion, I’ve beaten Tag Team
      Champions and held their titles by myself. I’m the current I3C
      Champion and Stinger, I’m better than you. You go by so many aliases
      but a song by a band from my hometown of Ballina, Co. Mayo, Whitewater, – not my adopted home of Cameron, NC, may make you realise the foolhardiness of your choices, may make you realise that perhaps you should stay true to your natural self.

      [Tyler reaches over and turns on a C.D. – `Relentless’ by
      Whitewater. A slow melodic guitar strum introduces us to the song before
      the lyrics kick in. A song about self-affirmation and confidence in who
      you are rather than who you’re trying to be or who you’d like to
      be. In essence, Tyler is letting Dylan Johnson know he should go by his real
      name and should stop living in the past, should stop trying to make
      amends for a lamented career. He is saying to Johnson that
      rather than wrestle under a group or moniker he should call himself
      whatever he was christened, perhaps then, and only then, will he ever be
      someone worthy of the label `legend’. Perhaps then, and only
      then, will he earn Tyler’s respect and make Tyler feel as though he was
      putting his title on the line against someone worthy of a shot rather
      than someone who’s getting a shot because of his reputation in this
      federation – a reputation you won’t find in any of the other
      major promotions in the wrestling world.]

      “Natural Self” by Whitewater http://www.whitewater.ie

      “We’re here again

      I know I have some explanations

      We’ve covered them

      And I tripped on the lies of complications

      The Sweetest Things are out of reach

      Waiting for you to come and teach…


      Close the curtains on your contracts

      Eyes moving too fast

      Ain’t no beginners here

      And the word to the kid won’t believe in himself

      Don’t be afraid of your natural self

      The voice

      The melodies coming clear

      In my mind

      When suddenly, the words appear

      And the voice shakes, when we realise it’s me and myself

      Born to break…


      I close my eyes and lay back

      Cigarette, a six pack, I’ll be happy here

      And the word from the man who believes in himself

      Don’t be afraid of your natural self

      Don’t be afraid of your natural self

      Take one good look and put him back on the shelf

      It’s hard to believe in anybody else

      If you’re afraid of your natural self

      If you’re afraid of your natural self

      If you’re afraid of your natural self

      If you’re afraid of your natural self (Ah-ah)

      You’ll always be alone

      Wondering about somebody else

      Yes I went wandering

      If you’re afraid of your natural self (Ah-ah)

      You’ll always be alone

      Wondering about somebody else

      Yes I went wandering

      Close the curtains on your contracts

      Eyes moving too fast

      Ain’t no beginners here

      And the word to the kid won’t believe in himself

      Don’t be afraid of your natural self

      Don’t be afraid of your natural self

      Take one good look and put him back on the shelf

      It’s hard to believe in anybody else

      If you’re afraid of your natural self

      Yes I went wandering

      If you’re afraid of your natural self”

      “As always Johnson and everyone in Grand Force, I’m guessing the true meaning of the song
      evades your fickle, feeble mind. You’re a moron. Saying it’s one-one because you beat me in a match I wasn’t allowed to win, your lack of experience and lack of wrestling ability cost you the only one-on-one sanctioned match – so why you continue with this charade like it meant something and like you’re a worthy champion baffles me.

      “Why you also continue to step on my past including a hall of fame garnering title reign, a title reign inwhich I went through everyone that was thrown at me, Leonard Aarons,
      Hellshock, Violator, everyone, the top 32 that the world of wrestling had to offer to
      become the World Champion. Hell, if you were there I would have beaten
      you too because I am that damn good. Sure that’s a phrase used by
      many a wrestler but in this case I can back it up. My record speaks for
      itself. This isn’t a tag match, you won’t have Grand Force to help you. Live in the dream world
      if you must, hold on to that victory and cherish it because as blemished
      and petty as it is it’s the only one you’ll ever get over me.
      You’re not winning at Fury, that I can guarantee. Why am I
      so confident? Because I’ve beaten you once and had you beaten a second time. I’ve had the pleasure of decimating you in the ring but
      I’ve beaten men far Rex Jet’s better, I’ve beaten men far your better
      and I will again. That’s why I held the I3C championship,
      that’s why I asked to `test’ Josh Vance’s mettle, see
      was he a fitting champion and I did what nobody else in the world of wrestling could even
      come close to doing, I beat him and beat him with the most minimal of
      effort. Dylan, you hold my title, and in return, I’ll be taking both of your’s.

      —————————– Scene Four – Flashback/Screening —————————-

      {OOC: As I wrote this match, in its entirety by myself felt there was no
      harm in including it as part of my roleplay. It also pertains to a
      degree to what my character has said thus far and is a reflection on his
      wrestling style. Hope that is ok.}

      ExWA™ (Now defunct) St. Valentine’s Day Massacre ®

      [As we come back from the break, Tyler Cross and Lord Apocalypse are
      already in the ring. The referee is holding Cross back, who is dying
      to get at Lord Apocalypse, Lord Apocalypse sees this as an opportunity
      to get in a quick right but Tyler pushes the referee into Apoc. And
      charges forward with a couple of rights and lefts of his own. “Behind
      Closed Doors” by Rise Against hits over the PA system and gets a very
      mixed reaction.]

      Herndon: Well this one looks like the fans are well and truly divided.
      One on hand, we have Lord Apocalypse, who the fans despise, on the
      other hand, there’s Tyler Cross, who the fans idolise and…

      Stryker: Seeing as people have only two hands and there are three
      people in this match, you picked the wrong analogy, anyway, you make a
      good point, Candyman, the third factor, seems to have the fans
      divided, they don’t know whether to cheer him or boo him.

      Herndon: Lord Apocalypse and Cross seem to only agree on the fact that
      they both want revenge.

      Stryker: In recent weeks, Candyman has cost Lord Apocalypse matches,
      sometimes winning them for Cross in the process, which he doesn’t seem
      to like.

      Herndon: That’s true, it’s unusual for a wrestler to dislike gaining a
      victory but in Tyler’s case, he’d rather achieve things by himself.

      Stryker: He’s had a lot of help getting where he is, Crowley
      interfered in the number one contender match back in October. The
      Crisis of Mankind took Candyman out of the matter when Tyler became
      Intercontinental Champion and recently Candyman’s been helping him get

      Herndon: I suppose when you know what someone dislikes the way to get
      under his skin is do something he hates. Who’s to say Tyler wouldn’t
      have achieved things without the interference, in truth, Lord
      Apocalypse has had tonnes of opportunities here and failed at every

      Stryker: True, he’s had shots at almost every championship here and is
      yet to become champion, that may change tonight, especially seeing as
      Lord Apocalypse’s career is no longer on the line.

      Herndon: We all know he dodged the bullet there but who knows when
      that contract will be invoked.

      [As the referee pushes Lord Apocalypse back to the corner, Tyler
      stares at Candyman who has now reached the steps and is making his way
      across the apron. Tyler begins to move towards him but changes his
      mind and invites Candyman in.]

      Herndon: Although this is just the start of the match Tyler should
      really concentrate on retaining his title and worry about Candyman

      Stryker: Don’t forget, Candyman could become IC champion for a second
      time tonight.

      [Candyman steps into the ring and Lord Apocalypse manhandles the
      referee out of his way and charges at Tyler but Tyler side-steps him
      and throws Lord Apocalypse into Candyman knocking him back out of the
      ring. Candyman lands awkwardly and holds onto his ankle.]

      Herndon: The way Candyman fell there all his weight landed on his ankle.

      Stryker: Candyman’s better than letting something like that get the
      better of him.

      Herndon: True, he is a ring veteran after all.

      [Lord Apocalypse turns around and Tyler hits a standing dropkick which
      connects with Lord Apocalypse’s chest knocking back into the ropes.
      Tyler charges forward and clotheslines Lord Apocalypse over the top
      rope. He watches eagerly as both Candyman and Lord Apocalypse get back
      to their feet, he then springs off the opposite ropes and suicide
      dives through the top and middle rope taking both down.]

      Stryker: Although that’s Tyler’s style and he’s welcome to it, why
      risk injuring yourself early on?

      Herndon: I’m enjoying it and so is the crowd.

      [Candyman is still shielding his ankle as Tyler drags him up off the
      mat covers and Irish whips him into the steel-steps. A loud thud is
      heard as Candyman’s knee hits the edge of the steps and he
      somersaults over the steps.]

      Herndon: My God, as if he wasn’t in enough trouble, Candyman’s knee
      sounded like it literally popped out of place.

      Stryker: The word, you yet again struggle for, would be dislocated.

      [Lord Apocalypse is back to his feet as Tyler turns around and gets
      caught with a stiff kick to the midsection which brings Tyler down to
      one knee. Lord Apocalypse then grabs Tyler’s hair and tosses him back
      into the ring. Lord Apocalypse picks Tyler back up off the mat and
      hits a fall away slam throwing Tyler across the ring.]

      Stryker: Lord Apocalypse’s sheer size and strength advantage is coming
      into play once again; he threw Tyler across the whole ring.

      Herndon: Often-times moves like that can finish off a match.

      [And finish off the match Lord Apocalypse tries to do as he goes for
      the cover…



      Kick out.

      [Barely a two-count but the advantage with Tyler reeling from the slam
      and Candyman still down on the outside with his knee and ankle both
      injured is clear Lord Apocalypse’s. Tyler gets to his feet and swings
      a wild right, Lord Apocalypse charges forward attempting a clothesline
      but Tyler ducks and reaches back, grabbing Lord Apocalypse’s neck he
      hits a reverse swinging neck-breaker. Tyler goes for the cover himself.]



      Kick out.

      Herndon: Not in a title-match.

      Stryker: Certainly not against Lord Apocalypse either.

      [Tyler climbs to the top rope and crouches on the top rope, resting
      his fist on the top turnbuckle as Lord Apocalypse gets to his feet;
      Tyler launches himself off the top rope and grabs Lord Apocalypse’s
      neck once again, this time hitting swinging DDT. The crowd erupt
      once again and rise to their feet.]

      Herndon: He can be a hard man to put away on the worst of days but
      with the fans so behind, it’s hard to see past Tyler retaining.

      Stryker: I wouldn’t go that far but Lord Apocalypse has had the
      advantage recently.

      Herndon: Well, Cross has said he wasn’t out for meaningless victories.

      Stryker: A pretty lame excuse in my book.

      Herndon: To each their own and what book have you been reading.

      Stryker: Seven ways to kill an annoying broadcast partner.

      Herndon: Um……………

      [Candyman is back to one knee, holding his ankle with one arm and
      resting his head on the other. As Tyler gets to his feet, he sees this
      and charges at Candyman hitting a baseball slide, knocking Candyman
      back to the ringside barriers. Intelligent in one sense but oh so
      foolish in another. Lord Apocalypse is back to his feet and drops an
      elbow into Cross’ midsection. Lord Apocalypse then unloads a series of
      martial arts-esque kicks into Tyler’s back. Lord Apocalypse then picks
      Tyler up off the mat and whips him into the corner with such force
      that Tyler flips onto his back, then up onto the turnbuckle and ends
      up in a Tree of Woe position (legs draped over either side of the
      turnbuckle and leaning back head-first).]

      Stryker: One of the many moves Tyler himself utilises. Think of the

      Herndon: Exactly.

      Stryker: Seeing as you’d be clueless without me, irony is about
      starching clothes or getting rid of the creases.

      Herndon: I know what irony is, Stryker.

      [Lord Apocalypse is about to charge at Tyler but Candyman has made his
      way back into the ring and trips Lord Apocalypse up. The referee goes
      over to attend to Tyler but Tyler has pulled himself up although looks
      to be feeling the affects of Lord Apocalypse’s kicks. Candyman is
      limping but still doing his best to land a few right-hands on LORD
      APOCALYPSE’s head. Candyman then waits for Lord Apocalypse to begin to
      get to his feet and spears him into the corner. Candyman then turns
      Lord Apocalypse around and lifts him onto the turnbuckle with his back
      facing in towards the mat.]

      Stryker: You’d think Candyman would be after Tyler too but seems to
      have some inherent will to see Lord Apocalypse suffer.

      [Candyman begins scaling the ropes but is struggling; he looks to hit a
      German suplex… However, Tyler has exited the ring and is making his
      way around the apron.]

      Herndon: What the hell is Cross doing?

      [Tyler makes his way to the corner, where Candyman has his arms
      positioned for the German-suplex, Cross quickly scales the ropes from
      the outside and somersaults over Lord Apocalypse and Candyman,
      clasping Candyman’s waist he hits the End Game (Sunset-flip Power bomb)
      just as Candyman is hitting the German suplex but Candyman’s leg slips
      and gets caught in the ropes and he’s left hanging on the outside of
      the ring with his leg caught in the second and top rope.]

      Herndon: Holy Sh*t

      [That true wrestling sentiment is reiterated by the crowd, who are now
      on their feet chanting the exact same two words.]

      Stryker: Only in EWA, does this sort of thing happen. Candyman’s
      injured leg got caught between the second and top rope as he fell and
      looks like whatever damage was done earlier has increased ten-fold.

      Herndon: Here’s irony in effect again, all three men were left hanging
      on the outside the night Tyler won this title and now Candyman is left
      hanging here. Add to that the Real Players left Tyler hanging above
      the ring a few weeks ago.

      [Tyler is at his feet and sees both Lord Apocalypse down on the mat
      and Candyman hanging by the ropes. He gets the unique glare in his
      eye, that often means something innovative and possibly career-ending
      for all involved. He points to Lord Apocalypse indicating he’s going
      to attempt a move against him and gets a reasonable reaction, he then
      points to Candyman and the crowd become frenzied. He smiles and
      watches as Candyman is turning blue in the face struggling to free his
      injured leg, he leans back and screams in agony. The referee tries to
      free him but to no avail. Tyler bounces off the ropes and runs towards
      the referee and Candyman who is at a right-angle with his arms trying
      to reach his injured leg, Tyler rolls over the referee’s back and over
      the top-rope spinning 360 degrees, he then spins sideways 180 degrees
      and his chest lands across Candyman’s neck forcing him back down.]

      [SNAP! Not the card-game but the verifiable, undeniable, noise we
      heard as Candyman’s body came back down after the Suicidal
      Tendencies/Cross-body esque move Tyler just hit.]

      Herndon: The Holy Sh*t chants are starting up again and who could
      disagree with them?

      Stryker: Anyone who cares for the careers of men in the EWA. THIS is
      the fan-favourite, the man everyone loves? Gimme a break. I still
      think he’s a jerk, I suppose that’s why you like him Herndon. Cut from
      the same cloth and all that jazz.

      Herndon: We didn’t hear any jazz but we did hear the fans. They wanted
      Tyler to go after Candyman but I doubt anyone expected what we just saw.

      [Tyler is slumped against the apron, sitting on the mat and breathing
      heavily. Candyman has passed out and the referee still can’t get him
      free, the referee calls for paramedics. Four paramedics rush down to
      the ring carrying a stretcher and cast. Two of the paramedics hold
      onto Candyman’s body and two go into the ring trying to free
      Candyman’s leg. The referee tries to help free Candyman’s leg but he’s
      just in the way so goes to help the two on the outside. Tyler is back
      to his feet and he and Lord Apocalypse, both visibly fatigued meet in
      the centre of the ring and exchange rights.]

      Stryker: Neither man is willing to move inch.

      Herndon: Looks like Lord Apocalypse is getting the advantage now.

      [A stiff right-hand followed by a chop to Tyler’s chest has Cross
      reeling, Lord Apocalypse then rips Tyler’s shirt. Boos echo throughout
      the sold-out arena. All four paramedics and the ref are still trying
      in vein to release Candyman. A knee to Cross’s midsection; Lord
      Apocalypse lifts Tyler up to the top rope and hits the Hell’s Gate
      Power bomb!!!]

      Herndon: This match is done-for.

      Stryker: Why hasn’t Lord Apocalypse released Cross?

      [A replay shows that as both men were falling, Tyler grabbed Lord
      Apocalypse’s arm and held on for a Triangle Choke hold, Lord
      Apocalypse looks to be fading. The paramedics finally get Candyman
      free and strap him into the stretcher. The referee gets back into the
      ring and is asking Lord Apocalypse does he want to submit. A defiant

      Herndon: Once again , memories of previous matches are coming into
      play, when Tyler won the championship, Lord Apocalypse dislocated that
      very same shoulder.

      Stryker: All three men have shown great resilience tonight and look
      to be putting the Intercontinental title back onto the map.

      Herndon: It was always there just so many wanted the World
      Championship they began to forget about the Intercontinental title,
      these three haven’t and after the matches we’ve seen in the last three
      months it’s no wonder people once again realise the important of such
      a belt.

      [Lord Apocalypse uses his free arm to lift Tyler up but just ends up
      falling back towards the ropes, Tyler realises his legs and spins
      around Lord Apocalypse’s upper-body hyper-extending Lord Apocalypse’s
      arm as he falls over the top rope. This time, however, Tyler’s
      innovation has paid off and he lands on his feet. Lord Apocalypse
      grabs onto his arm as Tyler climbs onto the apron, he holds onto the
      top rope, leaping up onto the rope he flies off attempting a Cross-body!]

      Stryker: Again, he’s taking unnecessary risks.

      Herndon: He is the champion after-all.

      [As Tyler is coming across the ring, Lord Apocalypse once again uses
      his free but this time pulls the referee into the trajectory Cross.
      Cross looks on in anger as the inevitable happens and he connects with
      the referee. As this is shown on the EWATron, two of the paramedics
      strike the one of front of them respectively, Candyman topples over
      and lands down on the steel with a bang.]

      Herndon: What the hell? WHY?

      [All becomes clear as the two paramedics remove their caps to reveal
      none other than Mystique and Iceman Jr.]

      Herndon: DAMN THEM! Damn them to Hell.

      Stryker: If you ask me, their brilliance says it all. I’d say they’ve
      been to hell and back, sold their soul to the devil and got a bargain!

      [Unaware Cross gets back to his feet and hits a knee-high dropkick,
      taking Lord Apocalypse down, Tyler then waits eagerly for LORD
      APOCALYPSE to begin getting back up, he then drapes his leg over LORD

      Stryker: A lot of good that will do with the referee down and two
      members of The Real Players on the outside.

      [Tyler covers and shakes his head seeing the referee down, he begins
      counting himself and gets to seven before he gets back up. Fear.
      Anger. Disgust. Just three of the many emotions his eyes convey as he
      turns around to see Mystique and Iceman Jr. lifting Candyman (still on
      the stretcher) off the mat and carrying him back to the ring. He
      stares at them as they smile carrying the life-less former
      Intercontinental Champion to the ring.]

      Stryker: Justice will be served, and like revenge, it’s best served
      cold. Iceman cold!

      Herndon: Do you think that’s funny?

      Stryker: I know it is!

      [Lord Apocalypse gets back up and rolls out of the ring, he goes under
      the apron looking for something.]

      Herndon: What more are we going to see here tonight.

      [As Lord Apocalypse finds what he’s looking for, he comes back into
      the ring.]

      Herndon: Is that…?

      Stryker: IT IS! It’s another rope.

      [The boos that Tyler hears, he probably assumes are due to the
      despicable actions that are taking place by The Real Players. He looks
      up to the EWATron and realises Lord Apocalypse is behind him with a
      rope but he’s too late, Lord Apocalypse throws the rope over Cross’
      body and although Cross swings wildly with kicks and punches his
      attempts are nothing short of fruitless.]

      Herndon: Not this again! Isn’t there enough carnage and possibly
      careers ended here in EWA for one night.

      Stryker: When we say a night will have a massacre, we deliver!

      [Iceman Jr. and Mystique take the straps holding Candyman in place off
      and roll him into the ring, they point to the rafters and a hook
      lowers from above.]

      Herndon: This is crazy! Candyman and Tyler could be dead.

      [Disaster Master and Iron Barbarian charge from the back just as the
      rope is hooked into place, slowly but deliberately Tyler rises from
      the ring. A mixture of boos for the actions of the Lord-Apocalypse led
      Real Players and cheers for The Great White Express’ desire to stop
      this envelop the arena. Iceman Jr. and Mystique exit the ring to fight
      Iron Barbarian and Iceman Jr. Lord Apocalypse wakes up the referee and
      covers Candyman, who STILL is badly in need of medical assistance.]

      Herndon: Not like THIS!!




      Stryker: Lord Apocalypse is the Intercontinental Champion.

      Herndon: But at what cost.

      [Disaster Master and Iron Barbarian overpower Mystique and Iceman Jr.
      They both quickly enter the ring but Lord Apocalypse rolls to the
      outside, grabs the Intercontinental Title and makes his way towards his
      fallen comrades, helping them both to their feet, they watch as Iron
      Barbarian and Disaster Master are unable to reach Tyler Cross who is
      over 10 feet above the ring and still rising. They both exit the ring
      and go for a ladder, they push it into the ring and begin to set it up.]

      [SNAP! The word with many positive connotations for young children and
      even the young at heart. This match isn’t for the young, nor the feint
      of heart. The rope has snapped free of the ring, the fallen champion,
      some may even say `a fallen angel’ drops to the canvas, landing on his
      side. Another snap. Third time’s the charm some would say, although it
      was Cross with ideas of ending Lord Apocalypse’s career tonight, it
      could be the end of both Cross’ and Candyman’s career. Paramedics rush to the ring as we fade to commercial.

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