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      Handler Info
      Name: Thomas

      Age: 39

      Efed Experience in years: Basically 20 years.

      Email and IM’s:

      Wrestler Info:

      Wrestlers Name: Sâla Åsa

      Nicknames: Shield Maiden

      Home Town: Aasiaat Greenland

      Gender: Female

      Age: 26

      Height: 5’5″

      Weight: 168 lbs.

      Alignment: Tweener, leans heel.

      Pic Base: Sarah Logan

      Gimmick: Viking Bruiser, Painmaker

      In Ring Info
      Entrance Music:
      H.U. feat. Jacoby Shaddix – Wolf Totem

      The P.A. system flares to life as the opening notes of Wolf Totem by H.U.feat. Jacoby Shaddix begins to fill the arena. Snow starts falling from the ceiling. A moment later a Viking spear shoots from behind the curtain burying itself in the ramp. The snow begins to slowly build up on the stage, ramp, and even somewhat in the ring. As the singer begins to power through the opening lyrics the Shield Maiden Sâla Åsa steps out onto the stage. She is wearing her ancestral bracelets, her necklaces, strapped to her back is her family’s shield. Sâla begins walking down to the ring as she is passing the spear she pulls it out of the ramp and brings it with her to ringside. She climbs the steps driving the spear into a block of wood on the floor. She begins removing her shield, and her other ancestral adornments as she awaits her opponent.

      Wrestling Style:

      General Moves:
      Wristlock to arm stomp
      Mounted Strikes
      Gutwrench Facebuster
      Step up Knee Strike
      Garvin Stomp
      Corner Knee Strike
      Forearm Smash
      Hammerlock Belly to Back Suplex
      Rolling Cross Armbar
      Tequila Sunrise
      Vertical Suplex Sitout Powerbomb

      Signature Moves:
      Double Underhook Cutter
      Triangle Choke
      Corkscrew Neckbreaker (Dawkins Neckbreaker)

      Fenrir’s Curse (Claymore)
      World Ender (Bitter End)
      Hewn Foe (End of Days)


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