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      1. Dual Play-Bys are permitted, so long as they are the same person with and without face paint or a mask. Duals are also permitted with different persons, so long as they aren’t both with or without face paint/mask. For example, Jessica Tendonin = Maria Kanellis/Dragasha Omega = Super Dragon.

      2. Weight classes. Please refer to table below. Also please note that these weight classes are currently largely irrelevant, as there are no weight or gender restricted titles. These are just in case you wanna add them.

      Weight Class Name | Weight Class Limit
      Strawweight | 115 lb (52.2 kg)
      Bantamweight | 135 lb (61.2 kg)
      Lightweight | 155 lb (70.3 kg)
      Welterweight | 170 lb (77.1 kg)
      Middleweight | 185 lb (83.9 kg)
      Light Heavyweight | 205 lb (93.0 kg)
      Cruiserweight | 225 lb (102.2 kg)
      Heavyweight | 265 lb (120.2 kg)
      Super Heavyweight | None


      Wrestling Name: Hell Kat
      Real Name (If Different from Wrestling Name): Nichole Williams
      Face/Neutral/Heel: neutral
      Home Town: Roanoke, VA
      Lives In: Norman, OK
      Billed From: Roanoke, VA
      Gender: female
      Date of Birth: 09/05/1991
      Describe Your Gimmick if any: dark/tough


      Height: 5ft6
      Weight: 230lbs
      Eyes: green
      Hair (Length and color): length – shoulder color – changes
      Body Appearance (Ripped, Skinny, Heavy): heavy
      Picture Base: self
      Wrestling Attire (In Ring): black pants, black shirt
      Out of Ring Attire: black slacks, black and red spiked mask, hooded robe
      Entrance Attire: black hooded robe, black and red spiked mask
      Weight Class: Heavyweight


      Interesting Facts about you (Optional):
      Titles and other accomplishments: n/a
      History/Bio (optional): Very little is known about Nichole. It is known that she was born in Poland and lived there until she was 15 years old. For unknown reasons she moved to Virginia at 15, shortly afterwards she was in an orphanage and within a few months adopted. At the age of eighteen she left her adoptive family. After leaving she began working odd jobs until deciding to take up wrestling in 2018 by attending a wrestling school called World Wrestling Alliance in Georgia. While visiting a relative in 2020 she met Fathi who recommended her to NCW. NCW hired her after a try out. Sadly NCW closed before she was able to have her shot. Fathi then told her about a new company, SCW


      Describe Your Entrance (Optional): Bite Me by Razakel plays over the speakers as the lights dim. A red light comes on near the entrance. On the tron a video plays showing a woman in a hooded robe walking a dimly lit street in a ghetto before she turns around to face the camera. A spiked black mask sits over her mouth and nose. The words: ‘Hell Kat’ appear in bloody letters under her face.
      Just as the words ‘Hell Kat’ appear on the video she comes out at the top of the ramp and makes her way to the ring. She climbs the stairs into the ring, takes off her hooded robe revealing black slacks and a black shirt. Removing her black spiked mask she faces the entrance waiting her opponent.

      Entrance Theme: Bite Me by Razakel
      Valet/Manager (Optional):


      Wrestling Style: brawler/technical
      Strengths: strength, power, mat prowess
      Weaknesses: speed
      Is Bleeding allowed? (Do you give permission for your character to bleed in a match): yes
      Reaction to Blood: smiles and becomes more violent


      (Unless otherwise stated, unlimited number of moves. You MUST Number your moves! be realistic with your characters size and moves; a 300lbs brawling is not doing a Springboard Tornado DDT)

      Moves: chest chop, clothesline, snapmare, gut check, hip toss, german suplex, , belly to belly suplex, arm bar

      Signature Moves:
      (1)Pounce – catch opponent coming off the rope into powerslam
      (2) Feral Fury – lock opponents arms down while unleashing several repetitive headbutts

      (1)White Eagle – gets on opponents back with right knee in center back while pulling both arms out
      (2)Kill Strike – right haymaker to temple


      Name/Handle: Mary
      Age: 29
      Experience: none
      How did you find SCW (So that we know what is working): Fathi

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