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      Hex Girl

      Handler Info

      Name: Sarah

      Age: 40

      Efed Experience: off and on participation with various feds since 2000

      Email and IM’s: Happy to receive and respond :D

      Wrestler Info

      Ring name: “The Wiccan Wonder” Hex Girl

      Real name: Laura Rodriquez

      Height: 5’3″

      Weight: 115 lbs.

      Birthdate: 07/04/1991

      Nationality: American

      Current Residence: Busthead, Virginia

      Alignment: Who knows

      Appearance: Skinny probably a size 2 if you’re stretching it but all flat wirey muscle even though she’s relatively short in stature her short torso and proportionally longer legs and arms give her a somewhat lanky appearance. Her hair has changed back and forth over the years between an asymmetrical bob and a messy pixie cut. Both styles excellently frame her large bright blue eyes. Her creamy pale skin is a roadmap of scars highlighting her years in the ring, her love of hardcore, and her start in a less than reputable indie fed. She is typically seen wearing a hunter green half-cape with a Wiccan symbol embroidered on it.

      A pic of her with the asymmetrical bob haircut.

      A promotional poster showing the messy pixie cut.

      Gimmick: Tenacious as hell hardcore hillbilly witch

      In Ring Appearance: As of late she has put aside her more colorful ring attire and has shifted to wearing a black leather bikini top with black latex boy shorts and now goes barefoot her body smeared in black and blood red body paint. She still wears her signature cat ears but no longer considers them a jest at women’s wrestling now they are more of a dare to anyone brave enough to try to take them off her.

      (Her usual ring attire is a neon pink key hole halter with a black mesh/large fishnet top over it, a super short blue/green plaid pleated shirt black running shorts under the skirt fishnet stockings and wearing one safety orange converse sneaker on her right foot and a knee high purple boot on her left. On her left hand she
      wears a fingerless red biker glove and on her right she has a lime green glove also fingerless that reaches her elbow.)

      Entrance Music: Hex Girl by The Hex Girls

      Ring Entrance :
      As the music starts she comes out on stage showing off and making a few ‘spell casting’ gestures towards the crowd before heading down to the ring.

      Martial Artist/ High Flyer / Hardcore


      “The Purifier” – Irish whip into a high kick which lays out her opponent then she sits on their chest and uses her knees to hold down their shoulders (this is obviously very easy for a larger wrestler to counter but works well for smaller ones)

      “The Cauldron” – Monkey Flip followed buy putting opponent into a small package

      Extreme Rules Finisher:

      The Final Sacrifice – She hits her opponent in the back of the knees with the bat making them fall to their knees. She grabs up her kama or escrima stick and holding it sideways she puts the stick in their mouth like a bit gag and pulls them back into a bowing back-bend forcing their shoulders to the mat they’ll either tap or get counted out.

      If she does this in a normal rules match it is modified by her taking out the knees via kick or sweep and her hooking either side of the mouth with her fingers from behind and pulling backward. Still painful.

      Other Signatures:

      Magic Carpet Ride – she gets her opponent laying on their stomach and jumps on their back digging her knees into their shoulder blades she then grabs their arms and pulls back lifting their upper body up off the mat (gives the illusion of someone riding a flying carpet.)

      Commonly Used Moves:

      Savate kick
      Shining Wizard
      Nut Punt or Cunt Punt (doesn’t actually hit the groin but rather the pressure point to the side of it and it will still drop them like a sack of taters)
      Spin kick
      Spinning heel kick
      Tiger feint kick

      Aerial Manuevers:

      Diving hurricanrana
      Springboard hurricanrana
      Springboard bulldog
      Diving bulldog
      Diving spear
      Flying clothesline
      Flying neckbreaker
      Flying spinning heel kick
      Flying thrust kick
      Flying hurricanrana


      Hurricanrana driver
      Crucifix headscissors
      Irish whip
      Monkey flip
      Rolling snapmare


      Palm strike
      Tiger Paw Strike
      Elbow Strike

      Previous achievements:
      WWX Women’s Champion (4 times), WWX Television Champion (first female to hold the title).

      Laura/Hex Girl is an Army brat. She got her first taste of pro-wrestling when her dad was stationed in Okinawa and he took her to see a show when she was about 5. She saw the debut of Kate “Blood Angel” Cameron and she was instantly hooked. When she was about 15 she got involved in a backyard indie fed, while less than professional or reputable, did teach her how to work in the ring. As a result of her time with them she has nerve damage that stops her from feeling pain in three large areas on her body. She does not let it be known where these spots are to keep her opponents guessing.

      Even though her family is from the heart of the Appalachian mountains and the buckle of the bible belt, Laura, is the black sheep of her highly devout Christian family and is a practicing Wiccan. The most surprising thing is that her spells tend to produce actual results. There are several members of management in WWX, VCW and even those backyard feds that felt the results of her casting. To this day Duncan McIver still fears her above anyone else on the WWX roster. She was given several nicknames: Wiccan Wonder, Psychopixie, and Tinkerbell Terror .Darkson during his time in WWX even found the Psychopixe to be an invaluable ally. Though these days its hard to say where her allegiances are.

      She has been described as a tiny terror in the ring. Her divorce from, the Mexican luchador, Master Chaos in late 2016 has done nothing to soften her approach in the ring if anything it has made her more violent.

      In more recent news in September 2018 Hex Girl was involved in a motor vehicle accident. While driving to appear at a convention in Blacksburg, VA the trailer of an 18-wheeler rolled over onto her vehicle during a sudden storm. As a result of the accident and the injuries sustained Hex Girl was in a coma for several months regaining consciousness in late December. It was reported that she was rather aggressive after coming out of her coma and assaulted several members of the hospital staff.

      While Hex Girl was in her coma the wrestling promotion that she has spent the majority of her career with WWX closed its doors. Her active talent contract was acquired by Allura Desmonds on behalf of NCW when many contracts along with other WWX assets were liquidated. During her time in NCW she was able to make an impression on her fellow wrestlers.

      This latest chapter in Hex Girl’s career sees her entering SCW following the hiatus of NCW in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

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