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      Wrestling Name: Christianna Tiger

      Real Name (If Different from Wrestling Name): Christianna Munoz

      Nicknames: Fifth Generation Tigress

      Face/Neutral/Heel: Major Face

      Home Town: Jalisco, Mexico

      Lives In: Richmond Virginia

      Billed From: Richmond Virginia

      Gender: Female

      Date of Birth: 3/21/1992

      Describe Your Gimmick if any: Daughter to Dark Tiger.

      Height: 6′ 2″
      Weight: 160 lbs
      Eyes: Hazel
      Hair (Length and color): long jet black
      Body Appearance (Ripped, Skinny, Heavy): Tall but a little built but more of a model build
      Picture Base: Melanie Iglesias
      Wrestling Attire (In Ring): Black leotard with 5GT on the front
      Out of Ring Attire: Mostly corsets and jeans and female style boots.
      Entrance Attire: Same as ring attire but has a jacket with a tiger on it
      Weight Class: Between Light and Welterweight

      Interesting Facts about you (Optional):
      Titles and other accomplishments:
      History/Bio (needed for profile page): Long story short she is the daughter of the legendary Dark Tiger. She has held titles like her father

      Describe Your Entrance (Optional):
      Entrance Theme: Making Moves by Oh The Larceny.
      Valet/Manager (Optional): Her father, Dark Tiger.


      Wrestling Style: Brawler/Grappler/High Flyer/Hardcore/Technical: Grappler with a little bit of gigh flyer.
      Strengths: Her height, her experience in the ring, not afraid to mix it up with the men.
      Weaknesses: temper
      Is Bleeding allowed? (Do you give permission for your character to bleed in a match): She has bled in some matches so yes.
      Reaction to Blood: Agressive

      (Unless otherwise stated, unlimited number of moves. You MUST Number your moves! Add as many or as little as you like.)

      Submission Moves: 1- Boston Crab
      2- Stretxh muffler

      Front Grapple Moves: 1- Powerbomb
      2- Suplex
      3- DDT
      4- Butterfly Suplex

      Behind Grapple Moves: 1- Release German
      2- Release Tiger suplex
      3- Keylock Suplex

      Striking/ Attack Moves: 1- Roundhouse Kick
      2- Savate Kick

      Running Moves: 1- Running Cross body
      2- Running Clothesline

      Arial Moves: 1- Top Rope CrossBody
      2- top rope savate kick
      Apron Moves: none
      Springboard Moves: none
      Turnbuckle Moves: 1- Buckle bomb
      Signature Moves: (Up to 15) 1- Tiger Bomb
      2- Big Boot
      Finisher Set Up: (Up to 5)
      Finishers: (Up to 5): Ojo Del Tigre (Chokeslam into a spinning Powerbomb), Christianna Lock (Standing Katahajime)
      Super Finisher (up to 2): 1- Super Tigerbomb
      Trademark (up to 3)
      Favorite Weapons:
      Weapon Finishers:

      Name/Handle: Gary H
      Age: 41
      Experience: on and off since 1998
      How did you find SCW (So that we know what is working): Fathi.

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