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      Wrestling Name: Fathi
      Real Name (If Different from Wrestling Name): Vincent Williams
      Nicknames: rabid cur, end effect
      Face/Neutral/Heel: Face
      Home Town: Munford, TN
      Lives In: Norman, OK
      Billed From: Memphis, TN
      Gender: Male
      Date of Birth: 8/5/1984
      Describe Your Gimmick if any: street tough


      Height: 5’4
      Weight: 160lbs
      Eyes: Dark Blue
      Hair (Length and color): dark brown
      Body Appearance (Ripped, Skinny, Heavy): lean/muscular
      Picture Base: Self
      Wrestling Attire (In Ring):
      Out of Ring Attire:
      Entrance Attire:
      Weight Class:


      Interesting Facts about you (Optional): verified autistic, practicing Muslim
      Titles and other accomplishments:
      History/Bio (needed for profile page): Fathi grew up in every form of poverty known to America from trailer parks to ghettos to projects, living in crack houses and more. As he got older he decided he wanted to get into wrestling and after training under the Dark Riders Gang (Scott Stonewall, Ariel James, Andre Bates and Alexander James) Fathi was recruited into ETWA under the UHW Inc banner and his wrestling career began. It was a hit and miss mostly especially with some personal things going on. For many years he rocked the Neo Confederate ideology. But, then in 2012 he disappeared for nearly two years. When he returned he was Muslim. After returning in 2014 his wrestling career was still hit and miss until he reached AUW where he became the face of the then 5150 division. Backstage issues arose over him condemning corporations and capitalism which caused several suspensions and releases. Finally he left AUW. From AUW he went to GFW. The term cur (meaning mutt) was used in reference to him and Fathi embraced it. While in GFW Fathi gained his first world title. Some backstage politics cost Fathi his contract with GFW and was released. Shortly afterwards he went to Neo Championship Wrestling where his career rocketed. He won the first ever champions run, a bracket style tournament. Running with Brian Kennedy they obtained the tag titles and created the group Thug Revolution. Eight months in NCW closed its doors for months. Several months later NCW reopened and Brian and Fathi reacquired the tag team titles. Shortly after that Fathi became the Pride of the People Champion. A couple months later Fathi won the Pinnacle Champion while still holding the Pride of the People championship as NCW closed its doors.


      Describe Your Entrance (Optional):
      “The area near the rampway darkens. Red lights strobe on the right of the entrance and blue on the left. Seconds later we hear a siren followed by the opening words over the pa system:

      No surrender, no…surrender

      As the lyrics begin saying no surrender a video begins on the tron showing caution tape and someone facing away from the camera crying. As the lyrics kick in at 15 seconds Fathi emerges from the otherside of the tape on the video smiling. The word: FATHI appears in Arabic under his face ( فتحي )

      As the word Fathi appears under the face of Fathi the man himself emerges at the top of the rampway wearing black boots, dark Southpole jeans and a black hoodie with a murderous rage in his eyes. Unzipping the black hoodie he reveals a black plain t-shirt. Tossing the hoodie to the side Fathi baseball slides into the ring

      Entrance Theme: No Surrender by Bone Thugs N Harmony
      Valet/Manager (Optional):


      Wrestling Style: submission/brawler
      Strengths: able to calculate quickly, knows the human anatomy on a near doctor level, while in the fight can take massive levels of pain
      Weaknesses: don’t weigh much and because of weight and height don’t have the amount of strength that someone bigger might have
      Is Bleeding allowed? (Do you give permission for your character to bleed in a match): yes
      Reaction to Blood: goes into instinctual mode


      (Unless otherwise stated, unlimited number of moves. You MUST Number your moves! Add as many or as little as you like.)

      right jab to rib,
      left jab to rib,
      right jab,
      left jab,
      jumping ddt,
      lou thesz press with mounted punch,
      german suplex,
      Choke to choke transition,
      Rolling knee bar,
      Knee bar to knee lock,
      Open hand strike,
      Ikkyô – a control using one hand on the elbow and one on near the wrist which leverages uke to the ground. This grip also applies pressure into the ulnar nerve on the medial side of the arm aka hip throw,
      Sukui-nage- single leg high crotch take down where the opponent is lifted from the ground,
      bell clap

      Signature Moves: (Up to 15)
      1. Ego Check – backhanded slap
      2. Scattered Grits – garvin stomp
      3. Frog – Vincent rolls up under opponent and hits them in the thigh of their leg (during hit the fist is balled up almost completely, the middle finger is left out slightly and the hit is primarily done with the secondary knuckle in the middle finger.)

      Finisher Set Up: (Up to 5)

      Finishers: (Up to 5)
      1. Caught Slippin’ – a kick to the gut causing the opponent to wrench over in pain, as the opponent wrenches in pain Fathi follows through by smashing their face into their own knee
      2. Blackjack – opponent is dropped to knee(s), Fathi then runs and hits opponent in head with the shin of his right leg

      Super Finisher (up to 2):
      1. Onslaught – Fathi unleashes a fury of punches to the chest, kidneys, face until the opponent drops or taps

      Trademark (up to 3)

      Favorite Weapons:

      Weapon Finishers:

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