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      Wrestling Name: Dark Tiger
      Real Name: Sebastian Apollo Hardin
      Nicknames: Beast of Darkness, DT
      Alignment: Face
      Hometown: Richmond Virginia
      Lives in: Richmond Virginia
      Billed From: Richmond Virginia
      Gender: Male
      Date of Birth: 10/13/1974
      Gimmick: Similar to the Undertaker

      Height: 7′ 1″
      Weight: 292 lbs
      Eyes: Cat’s eyes
      Hair: Jet black
      Body Appearance: He has a muscular build
      Picbase: Criss Angel (long hair)

      Bio: Has been wrestling for close to three decades since 1992 “Long story short Dark Tiger is a fourth generation wrestler. He has been wrestling since 1992. He was born on October 13, 1974.

      He has a daughter named Christianna who is a wtestler in her own right. Dark Tiger has held gold everywhere he has been” Miseria Cantare by AFI transitioned into the Animal by Disturbed “The lights go out and Miseria Cantare starts to play and Dark Tiger comes to.the ramp. Right before Danny Havok starts to sing it transitions into the Animal by Disturbed and a purple spotlight shines on him. The crowd goes nuts for him.

      Entrance: (Whoever the ring announcer is): ladies and gentlemen from Richmond Virginia. He stands seven feet one inch and weighs in at two hundred ninety two pounds. He is the Beast of Darkness. He is the legendary DARK TIGER!!!!

      Dark Tiger comes in the ring and makes a pose and purple pyro comes from the turnbuckles.”

      Wrestling Style: Mostly Power
      Strengths: His wrestling experience and willing to be a mentor, his height
      Weaknesses: Temper
      Is bleeding okay: Yes
      Reaction to blood: Aggressive

      Moves: Powerbomb, powerslam, keylock suplex, roundhouse kick, big boot, chokeslam, reverse chokeslam, choke bomb. Dark Vertigo (Iron Claw STO), Dark Pyramid (Ricola Bomb)

      Finishers: Etched in Stone (Tower of London), Eye of Darkness (Reverse Torture Rack swung into a Black Hole Slam, Beast Mode (Cloverleaf style stretch muffler), Kick of Darkness (Yakuza Kick)

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