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      1. Dual Play-Bys are permitted, so long as they are the same person with and without face paint or a mask. Duals are also permitted with different persons, so long as they aren’t both with or without face paint/mask. For example, Jessica Tendonin = Maria Kanellis/Dragasha Omega = Super Dragon.

      2. Weight classes. Please refer to table below. Also please note that these weight classes are currently largely irrelevant, as there are no weight or gender restricted titles. These are just in case you wanna add them.

      Weight Class Name | Weight Class Limit
      Strawweight | 115 lb (52.2 kg)
      Bantamweight | 135 lb (61.2 kg)
      Lightweight | 155 lb (70.3 kg)
      Welterweight | 170 lb (77.1 kg)
      Middleweight | 185 lb (83.9 kg)
      Light Heavyweight | 205 lb (93.0 kg)
      Cruiserweight | 225 lb (102.2 kg)
      Heavyweight | 265 lb (120.2 kg)
      Super Heavyweight | None


      Wrestling Name: Dario Arturo Cortez
      Real Name (If Different from Wrestling Name):
      Nicknames: The Fighter
      Face/Neutral/Heel: Heel
      Home Town: Madrid, Spain
      Lives In: San Diego, California
      Billed From: San Diego, California
      Gender: Male
      Date of Birth: 06/18


      Height: 6ft 0in
      Weight: 225lbs
      Eyes: Green
      Hair (Length and color): short black
      Body Appearance (Ripped,Skinny,Heavy):No body shaming allowed. lol.
      Picture Base: Alberto Del Rio (as he was known in wwe)
      Wrestling Attire (In Ring):Gold Trunks with a small Dark Green Band on top.same with the legs.Gold colored Wrestling Boots. wears a long scarf.doesn’t wear the same colored one to the ring more than once.he removes it once he is in the ring.
      Out of Ring Attire: Nice clothes that only a person with $$ could afford.polo shirt & slacks.nice watches.Armani Suits.if cold London Fog coats and so on.

      Weight Class: Light heavyweight & Cruiserweight


      Interesting Facts about you (Optional):He prefers being referred to as a Latin American due to him being born in Spain.
      His name translated means Rich.Noble.Conqueror.He and others see him as a fighter despite his outward appearance and that he has $.he can trow down

      Titles & other accomplishments:Xtreme World Wrestling hall of fame.(fed lasted 10yrs. he wasn’t there all 10yrs.lol.) XWW titles held.TV title.hardcore title.European title.United States title.Vortez title holder (think X division) tag-team title holder. 3 X Double Champion ( TV & European champion.United States & Vortez. united states & tag team title holder with Rich Golden aka The Yacht Club) Leader of NCW’s apocalypse stable.

      History/Bio(optional):Born into the business as dario’s father was a well known trainer,business manager and other titles after his father Emilio hung up his boots.his father would later uproot him from his birthplace of Madrid,Spain and move to San Diego, California when he was 15.he is a dual citizen.He wanted to learn to be a wrestler so his father taught him. however they differed on what his primary style would be.his father wanted technical but he wanted submission. ultimately his father relented and thus that is his primary style.Dario enjoys hearing a person not only tap out but likes hearing the sound a dislocated or possible broken limb from his opponent..he is like a Dr.Jekyll out of the ring and Mr.Hyde inside the ring.a masked wrestler along with Mr.Creed helped him into xww where he first debuted.the masked wrestler,along with mr.creed helped him get his foot in the door.but it was his skill that earned him all of his titles he made his way to ncw and met up with stalker knight who is a fried of the masked wrestler as well.


      Describe Your Entrance (Optional):As his song starts he makes his way to the ring.Lazer focused.once inside the ring he hands his long scarf to someone and puts his back to the nearest turnbuckle and waits for his opponent.

      Entrance Theme:TBD


      Wrestling Style:Submission/Brawler
      Is Bleeding allowed? (Do you give permission for your character to bleed in a match):sure
      Reaction to Blood: doesn’t mind.

      (Unless otherwise stated, unlimited number of moves. You MUST Number your moves! be realistic with your characters size and moves; a 300lbs brawling is not doing a Springboard Tornado DDT)

      (in no particular order)
      1) Latin burner(He takes the head of the other person and pulls it back and fourth of the top rope)
      2) A shot of Arrogance (Kofi Kingston’s s.o.s.)
      3) Cortez family tree (inverted figure four leg lock)
      4) The Money Shot(elbow smash)
      5) (cradle ddt)
      6) (Avalanche DDT)
      7) (jumping double stop to the chest)
      8) (jumping arm breaker)
      9) (cross arm breaker)
      10) (slingshot suplex)
      11) (German Suplex into corner turnbuckle)
      12) (top rope inverted suplex)
      13) (calf Crusher)
      14) (Ring post figure four)

      Signature Moves: (Up to 15)
      1)The Spanish Armada(Jay Lethal Lethal Injection)
      2)Dario’s Will(Will Ospreay’s OsCutter)
      3)Latin Drop (spanish fly)

      Finishers: (Up to 5)
      (1)Greed is good.(Jeff Jarrett’s “The Stroke”)
      (2)Adios (crossroads by Golddust)
      (3)The Cortez Punishment(Dean Malenko “trailer hitch”)

      Super Finishers:
      (1)Game Over(backstabber into a bank statement)
      (2)Cortez’ Conquest (PTO aka Paige Tap Out)

      Favorite Weapons: Brass Knuckles & Kendo sticks

      Weapon Finishers:TBD


      Name/Handle: DAD
      Age: Old enough
      Experience: off and on since ’01
      How did you find SCW (So that we know what is working): Was a member of NCW but they closed.as word was announced they were closing found out it was closing two players said there was a place to go to and he followed those who chose to come here from ncw.

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