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      Character Name: Anna Raven Jade

      P.P.V. Name: Craven Doll

      Hometown: Edmonton Alberta Canada

      Height: 5’4″

      Weight: 104

      Alignment: Tweener

      In-Ring Style: Flyer/Technical

      Bio: Shy, nervous, teen with a problem she fears more than death and she is willing to do anything to keep it behind her.

      Attire: Anna wears gear identical to Michelle McCool, except it is lylac in color, and she wears a pair of leather lavender, pink, and white camo gloves. She also wears a silk trench coat, and matching silk choker down to the ring.

      P.P.V. Attire:

      Theme song: Can’t You Trip Like I Do? – Filter & The Crystal Method

      Pic Base: Kairi Sane

      Entrance: Can’t You Trip Like I Do? plays the lights beginning flashing as suddenly bubbles and glitter rain from the top of the titantron, then the letters ARJ appear on the screen with a rose behind them. Suddenly from behind the curtain walks Anna Raven Jade wearing her signature trenchcoat as smoke fills the stage and ramp as she begins walking down the ramp high flying a few fans before reaching the bottom of the ramp. She grabs the middle rope and pulls herself onto the ring apron. She walks to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs to the top and does a backflip into the middle of the ring and she takes her trenchcoat off and awaits for her opponent.

      Favorite moves:
      Basic Suplexes (Front, belly to Belly, T Bone, etcetera.)
      Octopus Stretch
      Springboard Corkscrew Elbow
      Cartwheel Back Elbow (In ring.)/Tope Con Hilo (In ring to outside.)
      Missile Dropkick

      Signature move(s): Cobra Clutch, Shining Wizard

      Finisher(s): Curb Stomp

      Manager (optional): 

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