Billed From

San Diego, California


Greed is Good


The Spanish Armada


Born into the business as Dario’s father was a well known trainer, business manager and other titles after his father Emilio hung up his boots. His father would later uproot him from his birthplace of Madrid, Spain and move to San Diego, California when he was 15.he is a dual citizen. He wanted to learn to be a wrestler so his father taught him. however they differed on what his primary style would be. His father wanted technical but he wanted submission. ultimately his father relented and thus that is his primary style.

Dario enjoys hearing a person not only tap out but likes hearing the sound a dislocated or possible broken limb from his opponent. He is like a Dr. Jekyll out of the ring and Mr. Hyde inside the ring. A masked wrestler along with Mr. Creed helped him into XWW where he first debuted. The masked wrestler, along with Mr. Creed helped him get his foot in the door. But it was his skill that earned him all of his titles he made his way to NCW and met up with Stalker Knight who is a fried of the masked wrestler as well.