Paige Lewis

SCW World Heavyweight Champion

Hailing from London, England, Paige Lewis appeared in SCW shortly after the Reunion, and from there, she has shot to the top of the organization. First, capturing the SCW North American Championship, Lewis would go on to defend it at Spring Meltdown, the same night on which she went toe to toe with Drew Stevenson for an hour to become the first SCW World Heavyweight Champion.


SCW International Heavyweight Champion

In what will likely go down as the biggest upset in SCW history, Larissa battled Jessica Tendonin in a TLC match, and actually broke her arm before winning the match and unseating the Dragon. Larissa is still pretty green, and has a lot to learn, though.

Rich Anderson

SCW North American Heavyweight Champion

Rich Anderson defeated Jesse Owusu to become the first SCW North American Heavyweight Champion. While the name is different, unlike the SCW World Heavyweight Championship, this championship shares direct lineage with its predecessor, the SCW North American Championship.

Emily Desmond

SCW Alternative Champion

The youngest, but longest reigning SCW Alternative Champion of all time, clocking in over 535 days as champion, Emily Desmond ascended to this throne by taking on the monster himself, Priest. Emily has faced some tough competition since then, but she has overcome each challenge. Many are saying she might be ready for the next level.


SCW World Tag Team Champions

Initially, the championship was won and held by Empire. However, after Requiem needed time away, Brian Kennedy was given 30 days to find a replacement or he would have to vacate the belts. Enter the DEA, Dragon Empire Agents. This union of Empire and the Order of the Dragon has produced tag team champions everywhere they've gone, notably SCW and XPW.