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February 2022

Overdrive 55 Card

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Main Event
Fathi vs Tyler Cross

After battling to a no contest with Emily Desmond, Tyler Cross now must do battle with Fathi. Fathi has had issues with Empire for ages, and as it stands, they don’t like him either. The SCW General Manager has barred Empire from being involved in this match, so Cross will have to do it alone.

Sub Main Event

Brian Kennedy vs Dark Tiger

Brian Kennedy went the distance against his own teammates, and picked up the victory to become the first ever Interim SCW Alternative Champion. Dark Tiger is getting back into the action, and going against Brian Kennedy will be a good test.

Gabriel Tuck vs Lucius Tendonin

Gabriel Tuck returned at Overdrive 54, and Lucius has not competed in some time. These two will now battle in the opening match.


SCW General Manager Neela Shizeguma is expected to address the altercation that happened at the end of Overdrive 54; Paige Lewis is expected to appear.

Promo Info:
1st Deadline: 3/12/2022
2nd Deadline: 3/19/2022
Segment Deadline: 3/22/2022
Results Date: 3/26/2022

Barclays Center
Brooklyn, New York
Capacity: 16,000

SCW Overdrive 54 Results

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In a match that many believed could be higher up the card, the vile Sickle met Dark Tiger in singles action, and the pair waged war for mere minutes before the legend Sickle was able to topple Dark Tiger and pick up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: SICKLE

In what some believe should have been the main event, the future of the SCW Alternative Championship was decided, as Paige Lewis forced Brian Kennedy to defend her championship…against two of his own Stablemates, in Dario and Mr. Creed. Dario had the upper hand for most of the match, surprising everyone, including his own teammates. At one point, Mr. Creed and Kennedy began double teaming Dario, but he held his own against the pair. Mr. Creed was able to subdue Dario just long enough for a pin, but it was Brian Kennedy who got the pin after tossing Mr. Creed out of the ring and then pinning Dario.

Winner by Pinfall: Brian Kennedy

The main event was a match that could have been a PPV main event. The new SCW North American Heavyweight Champion vs Emily Desmond, a woman whom many have pegged as the number two athlete in SCW behind Paige Lewis. The pair went at it with everything they had. SCW General Manager had decreed at the start of the show that anyone who interferes in ANY of the matches would be fired and arrested on the spot, so both Cross and Desmond were going to truly fight one on one. They traded blows, slams, and even submissions.

Towards the end, Desmond had Cross in a submission, and he was fighting it, and looked like he’d make it out, when the referee called for the bell ending the match. It turned out that Neela Shizeguma had enacted a little known SCW competition rule, which stated that no match, including the main event, may go on for more than 30 minutes without preauthorization. As a result, the match ended in a no contest. After the bell, Desmond and Cross stood and stared each other down before shaking hands.

No Contest: Time Limit Reached