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Veteran coming to SCW?

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Word going around the locker room that a wrestling veteran is interested in coming to SCW after a long hiatus. They have said the reason is to teach alot of the new people a lesson about what SCW is and why they need to straighten up and get with the program, or get out. But management is keeping the name of who it is extremly close so that no one knows who it might be. When they will be revealed is unknown at this time.

The Alternative Title goes to Brian Kennedy

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On camera

“You know I should of expected it, Paige Lewis choosing me to defend the Alternative Title after I broke her like a child breaks a toy. You see Paige, I told you that you weren’t facing the same old Brian Kennedy. Now look at you. And you know what? When I heard that bone snap, after beating you like a drum all night. I felt a release that I haven’t felt in such a long time. And it unlocked a side of me that I had almost forgotten. I have to give you props. Because you were elevated to a higher level. And you are THE only person in SCW that holds 3 wins over me. Something our great GM couldn’t ever do. Or Emily Desmond for that matter. Well, she doesn’t hold one at all so, guess that says something. But, I also gave you a huge wake up call. Cause Paige, you also know if you wouldn’t have had that Tranquilizer gun. You would have lost. I never knew it was legal to use, even if it was a no DQ. Now this old dog learned a new trick. See you learn something new everyday.”

The scene opens with Brian at the gym. Training with Requiem and Frosty. He is looking great after the huge war that set history in SCW. He is all healed up and looking even better than he did going into the PPV. He takes a drink from his water bottle and looks up at the camera.

“But you know what, this isn’t about the World Title or Domination. This is about Mr. Creed and Dario two of my fellow Empire members being in a match with me for the SCW Alternative Title. And while we are on the same team guys. I have to say I know this will not cause a rift within our foundation of the Empire. At the end, we will still show the same love as we have this entire time. But, this night we are not team members even though we are friends, we will not be acting like that during this match. For you seen what I’ve done to the unbreakable Paige Lewis.”

He pauses gathering his thoughts. He takes a hand full of vitamins and he takes a drink of water and wipes the sweat from his forehead and begins talking again.

“First off Dario, you think that the World Title slipped through my fingers and that I failed bringing home the World Title to the Empire and be what? The third person in this company to beat Paige Lewis, I did show that woman that she is not unbreakable and that she is not the goddess that she thinks that she is. We are on a different level, we are the elite, we are among the highest level of talent in this company and Paige and I have a lot more in common than anyone thinks. That is something I can address at another time. But Dario, for you to sit there and think that you’re on the level of the great Brian Kennedy, man you must be higher than eagle pussy cause son, I’ve been in the ring with Frostbite, with Requiem, with Rage Sadler, with icons in this business and I’ve always have been the victor. Son, you couldn’t even lace Paige Lewis’ bootstraps. To sit there and claim that I should be threatened by you. Well, you said I would see which you were capable of in the ring and I’ve seen what you’ve done in this company so far. I chose to look in your direction because Mr Creed cosigned for you and said that you would be an asset to the Empire. And you wanna claim that you’re gonna set this in stone with the victory over me? Well, you’re going to see the same Brian Kennedy that was in that world title match and boy I hope that you ate your Wheaties, I hope that you pumped your steroids, I hope that you got down on your knees and prayed to God. I hope you’re ready for what you asked for. And you know what, I’m not even going to be an asshole you’re still one of our Empire brothers but, I am going to show you your place in this faction, because you are not my equal by any means. You might wanna ask Mr Creed what kind of man I am truly, because you already know I dominated in NCW and I’ve achieved everything I’ve ever set out to do and while I might not be the world champion right now the day will come again where Brian Kennedy is the SCW world champion.”

He smirks. Knowing that he just getting started he continues.

“I’ll tell you your downfall coming into this match Dario, you’re more focused on Emily Desmond then you are me and this chance that you have at gaining the SCW Alternative Title. It is sought after just as much as the world title and is one of the three titles left in this company that I have to gain to become a Grand Slam champion. And Dario if you’ve been paying attention, since SCW reopened. I’ve made it very clear that one of my ambitions here is to become a Grand Slam champion, so while you’re sitting there having your wet dreams over Emily Desmond, I’m sitting here training because I know that Mr Creed isn’t a slouch and I’m not underestimating you Dario. So make no mistake about it, I know you have this whole doctor Jekyll-Mr Hyde thing going and you know that’s the other reason that I looked in your direction. While I know you’re gonna do miraculous things for the Empire. When it comes to me and then being in the ring, if you’re not with me at that time, you are against me and while again, I will repeat you are one of my Empire brothers I will not hesitate to beat your ass like a drum as I did Paige Lewis at Domination. And I have one last thing to say to you Mr Dario, well more of a question. Who have you faced in this company that holds any status for you to think that you’re in the same league as I am. Let that one sink in because everybody you have faced to this date not one of them has had the privilege to say they had their hand raised in victory over me. So that that one soak in”

He pauses to allow this to sink in. He has one person left he needs to address.

“Mr.Creed, brother we have stood side by side and we retired the NCW world tag team titles together. You have been a loyal and perfect friend, so they know the relationship and how close we are with each other the so now they wanna pit US against each other for the SCW alternative title. Me and Dario might not as be as close as you and him, are and me and you might not be as close as you and Dario are. But, what management is expecting is that this match will cause the rift between the Empire ’cause all they have done since this company has opened and the Empire first came here and took over, have been trying to disband us and get us to not be what we are, and that is the greatest God damn faction that’s ever landed in SCW. So I am saying this Mr. Creed, you already know the type of man I am and you already know what I’m capable of. And I mean no ill will towards you or Dario, but neither of you will stop me from obtaining the alternative title and becoming that much closer to becoming a Grand Slam champion. Cause you see I have always been on top in this company and then Paige Lewis comes in and while I hate to admit it. She took over SCW. You know what there’s always gonna be somebody that can beat you there’s always somebody that would define what it means that you need to elevate your level and elevate to a different person and that is what Paige done for me. Paige elevated me as I elevated her and now you’re seeing a different side of me Creed you’re seeing the side of me that hasn’t been seen in a very very very long time since the UHW, the XPW and PWO days”

He looks in the camera, with a serious look in his eyes that are almost scary.

“So this is a warning and no I’m not threatening I’m making it public knowledge, I’m coming to that ring and leaving with the alternative title by any means necessary and no I will not put either of you on the shelf, you guys are my brothers your fellow members of the Empire so I would never do something to damage or end your career. But I will win the alternative title and when Paige comes back, well she thinks I will walk down to her so called ring and hand her, her so called title. That is something we can figure out when she gets off the shelf well, if she gets off the shelf let’s state it like that.”

He continues to look in the camera with the same Intensity as he has since he first started looking in the camera.

“Paige said she wanted somebody that would represent SCW to the fullest. She said that she wanted somebody that has shed blood sweat and tears to be on the level that they are. She said she wanted somebody that lived and breathed SCW and passionate about this company. Paige you know that I am an SCW exclusive, I’ve got offers from SWAT, from various other companies that want Brian Kennedy on their roster but no SCW is my home and this will be my last company before I retire. And that is a long time away.

We all know the real reason why I was chosen and that is because I am the only person to push you to the extent that you were pushed at Domination and you know that there is no other real choice when it comes to the matter of defending they Alternative Title In your name. You can claim it’s because you’re so angry. But the truth is you know that there is no other person is company as great as you are. And now before anybody goes and tries to twist my words Jessica is one of my best friends and my tag team partner and I know how excellent she is you see there are very few people that can actually claim that their name means something in this company and while Paige yeah, Atadu would have been a good choice. But you also know you’re not on Jessica’s level and if I remember correctly she came out with broken limbs and defended the title successfully.”

He pauses for a moment.

“So Mr. Creed and Dario, I wish you two the best in this because in the end the Empire will be gaining the Alternative Title and just like any of the rest of the titles that we get our hands on we don’t lose them. So, whichever man is the better man this night be it you Mr. Creed or you Dario or myself the Empire will gain a victory. But gentlemen remember you guys were put in my path and I did not choose this, while you are my brothers and my friends, I’m putting that to the side for this match and you guys will be just two more people in the way of me achieving what I have set out to achieve. Mr. creed your focus seems to be on Emily too. While the two of you are about to step in the ring with a monster. If you can get me to tap or submit more power to you but everybody knows, I do what’s good for business and while I had a set back at Domination business is still picking the fuck up. I shall not fail, I shall prevail. See you both in a few days.”

The scene cuts to a BK Empire logo


Emily Has Returned (SCW Overdrive 12-21)

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The camera opens to see Emily Desmond looking through a huge glass window at the people going by. She’s wearing blue jeans and a heavy fur coat, looking as if she’s about to step outside. She watches people walking by, laden down with packages as Christmas is less than a week away. Finally she shakes her head.


Emily: Look at them, everyone out to grab that perfect person, whether it’s for their wife, their kids, relatives, maybe even those they love who might not be family. A holiday that they say with extreme emphasis placed this time of year on a phrase of goodwill towards men. No, I’m not going to sit here and point out it only says one sex, not in the least. We all know they mean to all living people, even those we might not agree with. Honestly, except for a handful of people, I don’t wish anything truly bad to happen, but it does for one reason or another. I know some people in my family would disagree pretty strongly, but that’s them, not me.


Before I go out and brave the elements, both because of nature, and because of people. I know, I should have started my shopping earlier, but well in fact, with the exception of the 2 things I’m headed out to buy, it’s all done. Which is good because it makes it so I can focus on something else I hold near and dear to my heart. That thing….is Starstruck Championship Wrestling. You know I’m beginning to think someone in the upper offices must have a hell of a sense of humor because look at the people they’ve been hiring. I hope a great deal of them do decide to take on Fathi because well, he may not be my favorite person, but I’m really hoping he soundly defeats whoever, and I mean that. I want him to …well let’s say step up and let the trash, the would be members of this roster, know that we don’t take things lightly around here.


Emily takes a deep breath and sighs. She then shakes her head as she digs for something in her coat pocket. She pulls out a pair of gloves that she clenches her hand around.


One of those people is Tyler Cross. You know Tyler you went on and on about Fotty. Seriously, you might want to check whoever or whatever is recording you because if a person puts you on mute, the subtitle says that’s what you’re saying. Oh I turned the volume up a bit after reading that and laughing. I can just hear it, oh I didn’t mean that, whatever. I know if I was someone else I might be perturbed at that but his call, not mine.


No where you got me, and again I laughed at your pitiful attempt to sound like you were so big and evil and all that. Tyler, you couldn’t begin to nail down who I am on your best day. Let’s start with the fact I held the Alternative title, which I’m not even sure you knew I was the champion before Paige held it. You obviously didn’t even bother to look up my history. I held the Alternative title for 3 years before Paige managed to defeat me in a match, but Paige will most likely be the first to tell you I didn’t give up without a hell of a fight.


Emily slips her gloves on and walks over to the door, where the doorman opens it and tips his hat to her. She steps outside and the wind is fairly light, enough to blow wisps of hair around. She starts walking down the street as people make a wide path around her.


Tyler, do you even know what the Alternative title means, or are you just excited that you hold a title in SCW but enjoy it while you have it because I do have a rematch coming. It was supposed to be against Paige but it seems it will be whoever is the champion. Too bad that’s not going to be this match because I would so soundly defeat you, that after it happened you might question everything you know about this business. Because Tyler, I AM the Alternative title.


Holding the title I had every type of match you can imagine. Casket match, ladder match, submissions only, hardcore matches, and the list goes on and on. And it wasn’t some person backstage saying “oh lets try this”. It was ME who decided those types of matches, it was me who pushed things to the boundary. I didn’t cringe because I was the one who picked them. People said I was nuts for some of the stuff I came up with, but given the history of the title, I was simply living up to it. First blood matches, Last Man Standing, No DQ’s, matches where it could be anywhere in the building and a pin would count. It didn’t matter if it was in the ring, or in the shower.


Emily continues down the street as the camera does look across the street and one can see the main entrance into Central Park for Emily lives straight across from the park. Finally it focuses back on Emily.


Tyler I saw what you had to say and….did you not bother to go back and even LOOK at my previous matches? Did you even bother to go back and at least watch the match I had with Paige. I mean I wish you would go back further and watch say….six of my matches, but even just one would hopefully be the last one. Because you see, I didn’t keep this title and set up matches that a normal wrestler, even someone who was barely starting, could win. Oh I sat and watched and you had all kinds of comments, little tidbits for Fathi and about his open invitational and this and that about you and him. Which, normally, I might not think or say the best of the guy but here is perhaps…..hell I don’t know, maybe the first time but I hope he beats your ass into the ground. Not only so he can win, but because I’ll just beat your ass  even into the ground. You’re all focused on him, and I’m like some after thought. Oh Tyler…..if you only knew the mistake you’re making.


Actually Tyler, I’m hoping you’re thinking “oh she didn’t watch my match.” I watched it and you may think that the fans are like “oh wow he won!” it’s a good thing you have them. You might ask why I say that. Because, and I’m pretty sure there’s no love lost with Fathi but Tyler, you might have won the title, but you didn’t pin the right person. What the hell Dark Tiger was doing in that match, besides be filler, only thing they accomplished is helping you win it. It should have been you and Fathi, one on one, and he should have won. I actually fully watched what he said today about you, and….for the first time in perhaps EVER I wanted to cheer him on. But then, I wish I could tell the guy that Tyler Cross? He’ll make some stupid ass comment of but I’m facing Emily, I can’t do it. Why not Tyler? Why not take on Fathi and then me? I have thoughts on it, and perhaps hell is about crusted over with a couple feet of ice, but I WANT you to take him on. You proclaim to be so great, prove it. Take his challenge of the cage match. Lets see how great you are.


Emily stops before a building and looks up. She seems to think of something but instead of going in, she keeps on walking.


But, to Fathi, sorry he has to face me first, and I have a feeling he’ll think it’s going to be a walk in the park. But now I’m bringing it all and he’ll be doing well to survive my onslaught with no blemishes. Because I plan on beating the living shit out of him.


Tyler I mean those words. If you look at my previous matches I never backed down. Hell, go ask Paige about her meeting with me. That match….lasted for what seemed like an eternity but every moment I brought everything I had in me. Yes she beat me and yes it hurt to lose a title I held for 3 years, a title that was always associated with my name. I was adding to its rich history from the moment when a woman by the name of Amy Chastaine won it nearly 15 years ago. It went through just TWO federations….one was FTWO, the other? SCW. I know the names of those who held it, all men and women, a fair portion who went on to bigger and better things, or they retired either because of injuries, or they decided they’d like to see a lot more of their families. But year after year this title has persevered and it’s been here since the day SCW opened its doors.


Before you say ok, so what it was all that I realized that I know that because of part research, part …well holding it and having person after person try to even take it from me and failing.


Emily stands there, looking in the window, and people sitting at tables can be seen enjoying their food and drink.


Something else Tyler that unfortunately has to be said. You say you’re with the Empire now and there is a simple thing I have to ask, or actually I need to go to Neela and demand. If Empire interferes in ANY in our match, that you lose. You heard me say it Tyler. You see if they interfere and you win because of that, tell me how’s that fair? How a group of….hell 30 or so people going against me, that I can’t win. But then if anyone of Empire does try  to stick their nose in this match….let’s just say I have the money to ask everyone else in the locker room to be there to watch my back. Hell, I’ll go to a man who would love nothing more to beat the sht out of you. I’m talking about Fathi, who’s wrestling is stellar and who would like me to step aside and make whatever is left you suffer and I’ll just smile. Heaven knows I never thought I would say I’d side with the man, but uttered hatred of a common enemy can make for strange bedfellows. So Fathi, if you see this….yes, we might want to normally kill each other on any given day, but this time it might be worth it to take out a common idiot that we hate. Also I love your idea for the cage match, and if Tyler has any balls, if he really wants people to believe he’s all bad ass and has balls the size of cantaloupes, I would think he’d accept your challenge. Just know I’m going to get him first. But I’ll be making sure the referee doesn’t make a bogus call in your cage match.


Emily looks directly at the camera.


Tyler you have no fucking idea who you’re facing. I’m not some soft, easy Barbie doll. I am ruthless, I’m not afraid to inflict pain, and I’m not above ending your career. I know ways and methods to take you out of the business so that the truly dedicated become the true members of SCW, and those are the ones champions come from. You pinned Dark Tiger, someone my little brother could beat, so don’t be all high and mighty, you essentially beat a rock. But this time, you’re going against the big kids, you’re going against someone who doesn’t like to fail, but then I won’t fail against you.


These moments Tyler….are the last moments before you meet someone who would love to end your career here and now.


Emily walks into the cafe, the warm air streaming out in a cloud of steam. The camera pans back as it fades to black.


Creed vs Kennedy vs Cortez Alternative Championship Match

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* Our camera opens to a man on a ladder. we see on the ground that there is snow. the tall man is wearing a black beanie on his head, a long blue sleeved shirt and dark blue pants with black sneakers. the man is very tall and looks to be hanging lights on the top of the house. our camera crew then approach the man followed by calling out to him.*

Camera man: Mr.Creed..Mr.Creed were scw camera crew you were told beforehand to expect our arrival.

* The tall man gently turns himself around on the ladder and looks towards them. he smirks and then walks down the ladder one step at a time until he reaches the ground. He then approaches them. We see his shirt says Detroit Tigers established 1894 on the chest. *

Mr.Creed: Hey boys, welcome to Detroit. Just being a good son and hanging my mom’s lights for her. Glad you got here before i was done, otherwise i wouldn’t be here and boy is it annoying going somewhere expecting to meet someone there and then they’re not there. That’s really aggravating. wouldn’t you agree?

They nod.

Mr.Creed: Know what else is aggravating? Don’t answer that. that was rhetorical. but in my case it’s not what is aggravating. But who. And that who goes by the name of Emily Desmond. A person who was supposed to face Paige Lewis for the alternative title but got sick and couldn’t. not my fault. not Dario’s. not Bk’s. not anybody’s. Now i am going to take a page from one of my opponents in this match. that person being Dario and that is i plead ignorance in not knowing about the fact that you can defend this title in any kind of match. That’s great. Like Dario said i was backstage with him when Emily said what she said. We didn’t know. but overall who gives a shit.. That camera on?

* The camera man nods. Creed then looks at the camera.*

Mr.Creed: You know Emily, you shouldn’t bitch and moan like you did at domination. I mean, it makes you look even less appealing than you do right now. Matter of fact you shouldn’t be running down Dario and myself after all If either of us wins, we get to defend the belt against you. you still get your championship match, just not against Paige Lewis. But let me be frank, you wouldn’t beat her anyway. Did you see what the hell Brian Kennedy who’s a bad man, surely you saw the hell that he put her thru..and she managed not to just beat him.but she survived him. Now that did come at a price, because no one leaves a match against Brian Kennedy the same way they came in. She should know she had already faced him more than once. She should have expected something like that. But YOU, you don’t have to go thru the humiliation of losing The Alternative championship match against Paige and her extending her streak of still being The Alternative Champion.

You know i actually expect you to inject yourself into our match. Because that’s the kind of person you are, aren’t you Emily Desmond. It’s sad that your the person who’s in the main event. Now enough about you and on to my two opponents. First up Dario..Dario you know the reason The Empire looked your way was due to me. I spoke up for you. i said hey, look his way. And your right. your not my height, my weight. one thing you left out, you damn sure aren’t as strong as i am. you know i can knock your ass out with one punch. Now i’ll hand it to you, you are, if you will, a Mr.Hyde in that ring. You love making people tap..that..that my friend is what you love. And you know you’ve never made me do it..and you never will. Yes you are a fighter. but your a prideful one, and that’s what i love to do, i love to take prideful people and demolish ’em. There’s a reason my finisher is called The Pride Killer. You said that you knew what to expect with me. I’ve got me some new moves and i haven’t hit anyone with my Pounce, nor have i had a chance to make anyone tap out to my Detroit Strangler. Maybe you or Brian will be the first.

* He breathes out of his nose. *

Did you hear me say that Brian? I respect the hell out of you. But i have no qualms about making you tap out or knock you out and pin either of you. We know Dario wants that belt. But i want it just as bad. We all know that your a bad man. hell that’s one of the reasons that i teamed up with you and why we made The Empire and all three of us know why your in this match, it’s not because you want to be here is it? Like Dario said it was a smart move. She believes that if we go at each other like she knows we can that it’ll drive a big wedge in the empire . but her plan will fail because all three of us are better than that. we’ve all held gold. we all know what it takes to get gold. we all know what it takes to hold on to that gold. The Alternative Championship will be in the empire and it won’t leave it for a long time. All of us will do what it takes to hold on to that gold once it’s with the empire. I know you want a bounce back win. But it won’t come in this match because i am in it. You, Dario you’ll probably come for my legs. it’s what i’d do. but i have been working ’em and other parts of me out. they are as strong as they have ever been. Our scw fans are going to see just what Mr.Creed can do. Now i say this, not with cockiness, not with Pridefulness but, bring it on. Well short of Emily showing up and causing things to go awry that is. Otherwise i believe that it is I who will be walking out as the New SCW Alternative Champion. See you then. You may now leave camera crew. i need to get these lights done so get ‘ta steppin’.

* Mr.Creed goes back to the ladder and starts walking up it as the camera fades to black. *

Dario Arturo Cortez vs Mr.Creed vs Brian Kennedy 4 SCW Alternative Title

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* The scw camera crew opens as we see none other than Dario Arturo Cortez sitting on a chair that is turned backwards as we see the back of the chair facing us. There is a spotlight on him that is just bright enough to allow the camera to show him to our viewers. we can make out that he is wearing a plain white shirt. he is wearing a cross and his bottoms . He looks like he is wearing a pair of blue pants with a green belt. He lengs forward. His European accent (being born and raised in Madrid, Spain and all.) kicks in as he speaks.

Finally.. the third person is revealed. And that person much like myself and Mr.Creed is a member of The Empire, of course it is. * he smirks* As the saying goes “Hell Knoweth no fury, like that of a woman scorn.”. anyone with half a brain and that saw our last pay per view knows why empire member Brian Kennedy was selected. Of course it could be said that anyone, would be scorn if someone broke their arm. But what better way to get back at that person than by putting the person that injured you in a match against two of the people that are in the same group as he is. Smart move.

First I hope that my two opponents do not see this as a sign of disrespect, that is not my intention here. However I wish to address someone whose name is not Mr. Creed or Brian Kennedy. And that person’s name is Emily Desmond. Yes, the same Emily Desmond who was to take on Paige Lewis for the alternate title but got sick and thus management decided to remove you from that match and put the alternative title in the battle royal that took place at scw’s pay per view Domination.

Now Emily let me clear the air about something. I was not aware that the Alternative champion gets to decide what match that they will defend the title in. As you know I am new here and that information was not shared with me. So therefore I plead ignorance on my part as it is the truth. After all, I have nothing to gain in lying and that is the main reason why one lies.  After all, overall I care little to nothing about your opinion of myself. I cannot speak for everyone who was in that battle royal for the titles that were put on the line but I do not care that you were not able to, as tragic as it may be to not face Paige Lewis for it in a match at the pay per view. Now both Mr.Creed and myself were in the back at the same time and we did hear you. I understand your point about talking about how you and perhaps the others here do not care to hear about how Creed and I have already faced each other in other places.

he nods

However, I will speak of a place from my past. ONCE more BECAUSE (not yelling, emphasizing ) it brings up a point. And that is when you brought to light the alternative’s ability to be defended in any match of the champions choosing it reminded the both of us of another title that we have both held that did the exact same thing. to which I had the longest run of. it would later be combined with the company’s united states title and BOTH titles would be defended in the same match at the same time. it did not matter which title was billed as being defended, both were always on the line. However if you were billed as defending the united states title , the other title’s.. ability, if you will, was not to be used in the match. What is my point? I am not only used to defending two titles, BUT this is the type of belt that I am used to.

(pause for dramatic effect)

This type of title is the type of title that I thrive in defending. it matters not who i am taking on for it. one person i know what to expect from. the other i have seen what he can do but i have not faced. I may not have the height and weight of Mr. Creed nor the body of Brian Kennedy but one knows to NEVER count out Dario Arturo Cortez and the other wants to see what i can do. well he will not just see it but he will feel it as well. he will experience it first hand.  And to answer the question that will no doubt come up, Why? Why wait so long to speak about what Emily had to say to myself and Mr.Creed at the pay per view? that actually has two answers.

Why bother speaking of something that I have little to say about when I do not have to. In addition to that, Waiting to cut a promo until after the third person was revealed for those of you who are paying attention,  is my second reason. and a plus at the same time.

* He smirks*

And now on to my opponents, Mr. Creed. Your word along with my body of work in our last company that we were a part of weighed in my favor in joining The Empire. I have already given you my thanks so do not bother bringing it up. And at the risk of sounding repetitive will not bring up our past except to say since i have faced you before, i do know what to expect..Though i know to never underestimate someone who stands at over seven feet tall and ninety percent of the time has a bad attitude  I also know that you are smart enough to know that you cannot always depend on the height and weight alone to win a match. let alone a title match.

Brian Kennedy we all saw how you were just beating down Paige Lewis, we all saw just how you were closing in on attaining the world title not just for yourself but for the empire as well..and then we all saw how you just let it slide from your hands. It was as if you had oil on your hands and the title was just slowly slipping down your hands until eventually the title slid right off of them. YET you want to see what I am made of. Let not this cool demeanor that you see before you fool you. Once I get in that ring and the bell sounds, this calm, cool demeanor you see will vanish and much like in the book written by Robert Louis Stevenson the book in question, Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, Mr. Hyde will emerge. And regardless of the outcome the question that you have of, is Dario Arturo Cortez the sort of man who is suited to be a part of The Empire will be answered. As a matter of fact, the answer will be beaten into you. Do you understand me, do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? Even if that answer is No, you will understand by the answers my Fists * he clinches his left fist as he raises it up to the camera’s level.*  give you. I am aware that i have a mouth on me. However I can , have and will back it up, not just in this match but in every future match that i am booked in. BECAUSE  * He takes the first finger of his right hand and points it to the camera.*

I AM..Dario Arturo Cortez and I * he looks intently into the camera* AM..A..Fighter.

* He stands up and walks away leaving just the chair and the light along with the camera crew in the room. the camera then fades to black. *


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{On Camera}


The moon hangs high in the sky, crescent.


Stars litter the remaining black blanket.  The luminescence from the moon and stars are the only lights.  Below the moon and stars is a swath of dirt.  Somewhere in the distance the sound of a coyote howling breaks the quiet.


Tilting down the cameras are switched to a camera on the ground.  A man emerges from the distance.  As he comes closer his hooded robe can be seen.  His face is obscured.  As the man approaches, buildings begin to shimmer into existence.


Brick buildings with wooden railing begin to emerge as if being born.  Horse tracks begin to appear in the dirt road.  A large wooden structure rises from nothing, a scaffolding emerges on top of the structure with a rope dangling, opposite the man in the hood. The man in the hooded robe begins to speak.


Dark Tiger…”


He laughs


You think you are dark, that’s funny.”


The hooded man walks towards the gallow


I know you see the illustrious illusion I have carefully constructed. The two of us face each other in Lubbock Texas. Texas…”


He takes in a deep breathe.


Texas was well known for its public hangings, lynching and general executions. When that bell rings, I much like Doc Emmett Brown, will take the S-C-W crowd back in time when I become the executioner.


A flash of lightning comes across the sky. The moon and stars are darkened out and the screen goes pitch black. As the stars and moon re-emerge we find Sickle standing on the platform, in front of the noose. Sickle faces the camera and continues.


These people may not know you.” He says ominously “But, I know you or rather I knew you and I beat you. Do you recall our encounter in O-C-W-A?


A malicious chuckle resonates from Sickle.


Not only did you lose at Domination but you were dominated. Ultimately you were the one pinned. Meanwhile I won my match over several other superstars.


Thunder rolls in the distance. Sickle holds up his arms as if inviting the thunder. He drops his arms as he resumes.


You know better than most what I used to be like and undoubtedly you can see I am far more cunning, conniving and sinister than I ever was. You couldn’t beat me then and you won’t beat me now. Matter of fact…”


He pauses as clouds roll in


“…you should pray that I want to win this match. If I decide it isn’t worth my effort I might let you win via disqualification before I make sure you never step foot in a ring again. Whether I win one on the books or your blood, my triumph will be the only thing etched in stone at the end of this match.


Sickle wraps the noose around his own neck and tightens it slightly before continuing.


Remember Tigger, while some nightmares have no faces some are all too…”


The lever flips and Sickles body drops. His voice comes booming from above.


“…REAL and I AM the Lucid Nightmare!




SCW Alternative Championship Update

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As all know, Paige Lewis, SCW World Heavyweight and Alternative Champion, is injured and will be missing quite a bit of in ring time. first reported that Neela Shizeguma, SCW General Manager, decided that Paige Lewis may choose a champion to take up her honor at Overdrive 54. Now, in this exclusive feature, Paige Lewis reveals who will defend the coveted championship at Overdrive 54 against Dario and Mr. Creed.


As the video begins, Paige Lewis is shown seated before her coffee table. A mug in her right hand is steaming as she raises it to her lips to sip at the tea. Setting it down, she looks deep into the camera as it pans out to show her belts, the SCW Alternative Championship and the SCW World Heavyweight Championship laid out on the table before her. Her left arm was in a cast and sling and she gingerly moved it as she relaxed backward into her Captains chair and spoke.

Paige Lewis: First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, text, and facetimed me to check on my condition as well as to congratulate me on a hard fought victory. At Domination, I did what I said I would do. I defeated Brian Kennedy and retained the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. But, Kennedy became frustrated that he couldn’t get the job done as yet, and decided to break my arm intentionally. No matter, I had an insurance policy in place, and I dropped that wild ape like the beast he is.

But, now I have a dilemma. The Alternative Championship MUST be defended at Overdrive 54. And while I think we can all agree that I’m the undisputed best in SCW right now, not even I can stave off two competitors while I have a broken arm that needs to heal and regain strength. So, as we all again know, Neela has given me the chance to choose someone to represent me in this match. I knew immediately that I wanted it to be someone who lives and breathes for SCW, someone passionate about this company like I am. Even more, passionate about this particular championship.

The SCW Alternative Championship has a history that is woven into the very fabric of what makes SCW what it is today. It’s an honor that has not passed around very often. People who have held this championship have fought tooth and nail to earn it, and even harder to keep it. And that is why my choice of who I want to walk down to the ring on my behalf went from the entire roster, to just a few.

The champion grinned now as she reached for her mug again, taking a long swig of it. Setting the mug down, she continued.

Paige: Now, obviously my little list consisted of Jessica Tendonin, the first person to elevate the Alternative Championship, Adatu Urakih, the undefeated International Heavyweight Champion who previously won it by competing in a hellacious match and then walking back into the arena to win it in the very next match, and of course…Emily Desmond, a woman who redefined this championship in a way that nobody did before or likely will for a long time.

But you know…I am so fucking angry…so my choice is…none of them. You see, I’m laid up here, unable to defend it myself because of one person. Brian Kennedy did this to me. And because of that…I am choosing, no, I am DEMANDING that Brian Kennedy take this championship and defend it for me. You weren’t good enough to beat me in any of the three matches we had, so you decided to injure me. Now, you’ll defend my championship for me, and when I’m cleared to compete again, you will walk your ass down to MY ring and hand it back to me. And let’s be clear…you WILL return it. Now…my tea is getting warm. See you all…very soon.

The scene faded now as the champion smiled into her tea.