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April 2021

Overdrive 52.5 Card

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May 8th, 2021
Staples Center
Los Angeles, California

Main Event
Brian Kennedy (c) vs Tyler Cross
Brian Kennedy makes his return to SCW in the reopening, taking on the newest SCW signing, Tyler Cross. Cross was previously and NCW exclusive star, but with the closure of NCW, he is looking for a new home. Brian Kennedy is looking to get back to the top of SCW, but will Tyler Cross slow down his rise?


Dean Tyler vs Emily Desmond
Dean Tyler, a newcomer to SCW will be making his debut against Emily Desmond, the former SCW Alternative Champion, who at one point was the longest reigning champion. Emily is scheduled to have a rematch for the Alternative Championship, but will she be able to dispatch Dean Tyler en route to the pay per view, or will the newcomer come out on top?


SCW North American Championship Number One Contender Series, Match 2
No Disqualification Match
Fathi vs Stalker Knight
Two men known worldwide will now collide inside of an SCW ring in a No Disqualification Match as the series continues. This match was specially requested by Stalker Knight, and the deal was sweetened by Neela, the General Manager. Fathi is giving up more than a foot in stature and nearly 200lbs, will he be able to overcome this, or will Stalker Knight’s request for this match be one he is happy about after?


SCW North American Championship Number One Contender Series, Match 1
Hell Kat vs Dark Tiger
Two new stars join SCW and battle it out in the opening match, as well as the first match of the North American Series. 


OOC Information

1st Deadline: 4/29/2021
2nd Deadline: 5/1/2021
Segment Deadline: 5/5/2021

Legacy Continuing in SCW

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(We see a lavish house in Richmond Virginia and we see the huge back yard and there is a building in that back yard. A tall figure comes out of the building. He is wearing a black tank top, shorts and sneakers. His long jet black hair is in a ponytail. He lets his tigers Cujo and Bathsheba out to walk

An SCW cameraman comes to him and the tigers.)




They will not hurt you you have my word. Hello there SCW. I am Dark Tiger. I have been in professional wrestling for very close to three decades now and my accolades speak for themselves. I am indeed a fourth generation wrestler and Id like ot think that I have done my family proud. I have a daughter who is a wrestler on her own right and I am very proud of her.


Starstruck Championship Wrestling has signed a beast of a man and there is a reason I am known as the Beast of Darkness. You do not want to let that reason out and for good reason. The scars you see on my body to me are like stripes of a tiger and I have earned each and every one of them. I have wrestled all over the world and I have a reputation of being a man of honor and respect.


To the others on the roster you will show me the respect I have earned. What I will not tolerate is what my father and my grandfather and my great grandfather instilled never to have. I will not tolerate arrogance. Keep your egos in check or get them wrecked when you step in the ring with me


(He looks up and smiles as the cats eyes that he has are shown and he has teeth of the tiger. Cujo and Bathsheba come to him as they are ready to head back in their sanctuary





[Dark Tiger]


They are beautiful arent they? The golden Tabby is Cujo and the pure white tiger is Bathsheba. I have raised them since they were little cubs. Yes I do have a permit to have them as pets but I do not see them as pets. I see them as my fur children. I do so much for tigers.


(Dark Tiger then takes them into their sanctuary. He comes back out.)


[Dark Tiger]


I may be pushing fifty but the only way I will stop wrestling is if and when my body will no longer allow me to do so. I will continue my legacy in SCW and I will give the amazing fans what they came for. Also I am also willing to take someone under my wing but we will come across that bridge when we come to it. To the others on the roster prepare for the biggest fight of your career and that has been said it will be Etched in Stone. See you all very soon.


(Dark Tiger heads to the house as his theme music plays to commercial.)


End RP

SCW Returns!!!

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Alright, we’ve gone into the lab, took it all apart, had the mad scientist taste test it, and we’ve got it down. SCW is returning! See the dates below.

Sign up Deadline: 4/12
First Deadline: 4/22
Final Deadline: 4/24
Show Date: 5/1

The show will be Overdrive 52.5. Yes, this is a real name/number. The two matches that were written for at OD52 will be summarized as dark matches for the ‘preshow,’ and will be part of the official history. I am setting the sign up deadline for 4/12 so that we can maximize the promo period.

We will also be keeping the dual deadline that we previously used. So, step one, create an account. If you previously had an account, it is still there.

Welcome back.

*If you need a password reset, and the automated system is not working, message me on facebook.