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SCW Overdrive 50 Results

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As My Name Is Human by Highly Suspect begins to play through the arena, a video montage is shown. Previous SCW stars are briefly shown, followed by current stars. Next, every champion in SCW history was shown, starting with Brian Brewster and Cam Davitt as SCW Tag Team Champions, The Ryders as SCW Tag Team Champions, Cam Davitt and Lynn Brewster as SCW Tag Team Champions, Empire as SCW World Tag Team Champion, DEA as SCW World Tag Team Champions, Jesse Owusu as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his first reign as SCW North American Champion, Stefanos Los Rios as SCW North American Champion, Jacina as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his second reign as SCW North American Champion, Red Dragon as SCW North American Champion, Macy Kane as SCW North American Champion, Paige Lewis as SCW North American Champion, Jessica Tendonin as North American Champion, Rich Anderson as SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Larissa as SCW International Heavyweight Champion.


Lucius Tendonin as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Requiem as SCW Alternative Champion, Adatu Urakih as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Emily Desmond as SCW Alternative champion, Neela Shizeguma as SCW World Champion, Brian Kennedy as SCW World Champion, Brian Brewster as SCW World Champion, Paige Lewis as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion in her first reign, Jessica Tendonin as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion, and lastly, Paige Lewis as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion in her second reign.

The SCW Commentary Team is shown now, Allie Queen and Wayne Miller.

Wayne: TLC WAS INSANE! If you missed it, you missed some insanity! The main event got changed!

Allie: Larissa somehow defeated Jessica Tendonin, and broke her arm! Let’s get this night started now! I need answers!

The camera finds Emily Desmond warming up before her match as Alzy is talking to her.

Alzy: I’m saying that I …..I’m willing to experience what happen before if we need to.

Emily:We’ll see. One step at a time. Which isn’t it time for your match?

Alzy nods and heads towards the entrance and Emily watches him for a moment before turning back to warming up. That’s when she sees the camera crew. Sean Foster is nowhere to be seen, which makes Emily a bit nervous as she knows that Sean will gently ask those questions that might be hard. But she finally smiles at the young lady holding the mic.

Emily: What can I do for you? Ane who are you?

Cassidy: I’m one of the new people Mr. Walker hired me because there seem to be a lack of people around.

Ok a subtle jab at Sean Foster, who has become Emily’s exclusive reporter backstage (well and her boyfriend).

Emily: Fair enough. Now did you do your history on my match or do I have to explain it to you?

Cassidy: I know its against Larissa, and she beat Jessica at TLC for the International title, and won. She also broke Jessica’s arm. Now knowing all of that do you have any….misgivings about this match?

Emily stops her stretching and looks at Cassidy like “are you kidding me?” Emily straightens up and she is about four inches taller than the newbie. Emily is losing her patience when suddenly a male voice is heard. He comes up, takes her mic, and makes a motion to shoo her away. He looks at Emily who is grateful to see him but also mad because he’s late and she had to put up with that creature.

Sean: Where we’re we?

Emily: She asked me if I had… did she put it? Misgivings about my match.

Sean: Ok, your thoughts on that?

Emily: Well it’s simple. People have been saying I need to be afraid of Larissa for that match at TLC, but if you think the fact that this match could turn into a hardcore match real quick doesn’t bother me one bit. Even if it doesn’t I’m still not afraid. If I had been afraid I would still be the Alternative title. So tell Laredo…..Larissa…..whichever one is her name that if she thinks she can scare me, she needs to keep thinking. Plus this match is a regular match, not hardcore in any way. Believe me, I double….triple checked that fact.

Sean: Larissa believes she can beat you.

Emily: Of course! If I was coming off a win as big as hers I would feel the same way. But I’m not letting my guard down. The minute I do that she’ll use it against me, try injuring me, or some other crap.

Sean: I know its something you’ve been waiting.

Emily: Paige;s title? You can put good money of that cause I do want it very, very badly.

Sean: And what do you think about Larissa being in the main event?

Emily: She should be pleased. You know why she’s in it don’t you?

Sean looks at her, definitely perplexed.

Emily: Simple….she’s facing me! She’s facing the best of SCW. l

Sean: Emily technically…..

Emily: Look it up Sean! They have updated the top 5 of SCW and I’M NUMBER ONE!

Emily stops and breathes, knowing if she’s not carefully that she’ll give herself away.

Emily: I’m the top of the company as we speak, and that should say something. I’m not sure who I’ll face at Overdrive 51, but I know this….I need to worry about Overdrive 50. I need to focus on it mostly because then I’ll show Miss Larissa she’s making issues she doesn’t want to start. Tell her I’ll see her in the ring and give her a taste of just who she’s facing.

Sean: There is a chance you could lose to her thought. You barely pulled la win at TLC.[/color[

Emily stares at Sean like he’s lost his mind. He finally realizes what he’s said and he cringes a bit. But Emily proves her composure in this matter.

Emily: I will win this match one way or another. If I have to break Larissa leg, or maybe give her a taste of what she did to Jessica and break an arm. Larisa decided she wanted the beast and then she poked the beast. Well Larissa I hope you’re ready because I’m comin for you. Next time….be careful what you see and be careful who you open your mouth to talk about.[/color[

Emily pushes by the cameraman and away from Sean Foster, leaving him to wonder what she means.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, our opening bout of the evening is scheduled for a single fall, and it is a first round match for the SCW Mega Cup! Introducing first, from London, Ontario, Canada, he is the No Limits Phenomenon, Alzy Hawkshaw!

Raining Blood by Slayer plays as the lights start flashing red. Alzy Hawkshaw walks out onto the stage, and paused before making his way to the ring.

Allie Queen: I expect great things from Alzy again here in the Mega Cup. Last year, he managed to pick up an astonishing two title shots in the Mega Cup.

Wayne Miller: Yes, and those were the SCW Alternative Championship and the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. Both of them at Spring Meltdown, and a lot of people thought he would be leaving with one, if not both, championships. Emily Desmond, his partner, managed to hold him off and retain her championship, as did Paige Lewis.

Alzy circled the ring as his music died down.

Allie Queen: And here comes the Masked Avenger!

Anne Carpenter: And his opponent, from Parts Unknown, the Masked Avenger!

The intro to Sucker Punch by Korn blasts over air waves as The Masked Avenger comes out on stage and then taunts the fans. They boo the Avenger as the being walks down to the ring and then rolls into the ring and runs over to the ropes and then taunts the crowd on the ropes then The Avenger jumps down from the ropes and looks across the ring at his opponent. As the bell rang, the fans cheered.

Allie Queen: It’s Mega Cup time!

Wayne Miller: Hell yeah!

Alzy and Avenger met in the center of the ring. Alzy offered a handshake, but Avenger knocked his hand away and smacked him across the face.

Allie Queen: Oh, that’s a bold move!

Wayne Miller: And disrespectful…I like it.

Alzy responded by shoving Avenger and the pair began brawling. Alzy threw lefts and rights like a machine and it was all Avenger could do to defend himself. Then, Avenger kicked Alzy and made him stumble. With Alzy losing his footing, Avenger took him to the ropes with an Irish Whip. Alzy rebounded and floored Avenger with a Clothesline.

Allie Queen: Wow, lots of back and forth already.

Wayne Miller: Nice Clothesline there by Alzy. And you know, he has to be very motivated to win here, and replicate his success from last year. Could you imagine?!

Both men were on their feet again and Alzy whipped Avenger away, held on, and yanked him back. Alzy sent Avenger up and over with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Avenger groaned and rolled to his feet as fans cheered. Alzy went for a kick, but Avenger blocked up and shoved him backwards. Avenger got to his feet and Alzy took him down with a Shoulder Block.

Allie Queen: You know, after this, we’ve got two more matches!

Wayne Miller: Yeah, and I’m sure they’ll be working hard to follow this as these two get going.

Alzy picked Avenger up and drove a knee into his midsection. Alzy then planted Avenger with a DDT. Alzy got to his feet and dragged Avenger towards the corner. Climbing the turnbuckle, Alzy lined Avenger up.

Allie Queen: Alzy going to the top rope, and will show us how he earned his numerous nicknames!

Wayne Miller: High rent district!

Alzy launched himself, going for a knee drop. Avenger rolled out of the way at the last second and Alzy crashed into the mat. Avenger got to his feet and picked Alzy up, locking him into a Sleeper. Alzy began struggling, and after a few he managed to power out of it. Avenger charged at him, but Alzy kicked him in the gut.

Allie Queen: Alzy is one of SCW’s foremost submission experts! Why did Avenger think that would work?

Wayne Miller: I don’t know, but Alzy is looking to drive this baby home, right damn now! There goes the Whiplash!!!

With a double underhook, Alzy drove Avenger into his knee. Alzy then hooked Avengers leg and the referee began counting.

Allie Queen: That’s it! It’s over!

Wayne Miller: Alzy Hawkshaw is going to SCW Survival in the Mega Cup!!!

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, and moving on to the final match of the SCW Mega Cup, Alzy Hawkshaw!


Terel Walker was walking briskly, talking on his phone. The owner of the SCW was flanked by his security. Someone ran up and shoved a microphone in his face.

Reporter: Mr. Walker, do you have any updated information on Paige Lewis?

Mr. Walker: Please, not now!

Reporter: Please, sir! We know you’ve been working with federal agencies, have they-

Mr: Walker: Fine!!! I can tell you this, and nothing more. I do not know where Paige Lewis is. However, and this has been confirmed by the NSA and MI6…Paige Lewis has been recovered, alive. Last I heard, her rescue team had successfully extracted her and were en route to a waiting C5 Galaxy. I do not know if they made it, or where they were going after that. I can assure you, that is –

Gun fire was heard and the camera fell to the ground.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a first round match for the second annual SCW Mega Cup Series!! Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 180lbs, she is The Wrath of the Desert…FURY!!!

The intro to “Zombie” hits as the fans stand in anticipation. A pyro shoots up from the entrance ramp as Vero walks out to the ramp with a scowl on her face. She begins her slow descent down the ramp with her still not acknowledging the crowd nor making any contact. Once she reaches the end of the entrance ramp, she looks at the crowd around her, surveying her surroundings before running towards the ring and sliding under the ropes.

She heads straight for the upper left turnbuckle and climbs it surveying the crowd without any taunt, like an animal stalking their prey. She then heads towards the opposite turnbuckle and does the same. She descends the top right turnbuckle and does stretches using the ropes as she waits for the bell to ring or for her opponent to arrive.

Allie Queen: Fury has had a rough start here in SCW, but tonight, that could change!

Wayne Miller: A win here could set her up for amazing things here in SCW. Last year, this Mega Cup series produced some amazing matches at Spring Meltdown, and I expect the same thing to happen here.

Anne Carpenter: And her opponent, hailing from Ancient Egypt…Princess Kiya!!!

The arena plunged into darkness, with only several spotlights providing a dim illumination. We Can Be Saved by Jeff Beal began playing over the PA system. Fog pumped into the arena as a hush dropped over the crowd. After a moment, she walked out onto the stage.

Allie Queen: We’ve only recently learned this woman’s name, and now, we will see her in action for the first time.

Wayne Miller: We know she is Paige Lewis’ mentor, but can she work is the question. Whoever wins here moves on to the final round of the Mega Cup Series.

Princess Kiya began making her way to the ring, walking slowly. As she reached the ring, she pulled herself up onto the apron. Slowly, the woman climbed into the ring and stood in a corner.

Allie Queen: We don’t have any official stats on her, but I’d say she about 6 foot tall, maybe 175 in weight.

Wayne Miller: Sounds about right to me. But can she wrestle!?

The bell rang and the two women met in the center of the ring. Fury threw the first punch. It landed perfectly on Princess Kiya’s face. Fury recoiled in pain, grasping her fist. Princess Kiya moved in and shoved a fist into Fury’s midsection. Fury dropped to one knee, gasping for air.

Allie Queen: What the hell!

Wayne Miller: She just brought Fury to her knees with one hit!!!

Princess Kiya grabbed Fury by the hair, and yanked her to her feet. The raggedy woman shoved Fury’s head between her legs and then set her up for a Powerbomb, driving her into the mat. Princess Kiya held onto Fury and then picked her up again and transitioned into a Fireman’s Carry. Fury was then driven into the mat again with a Fireman’s Carry Sidewalk Slam.

Allie Queen: You were asking if she can wrestle! Clearly, she can, and she’s got some impressive strength!

Wayne Miller: I am in awe! She’s going for the pin!!!

Princess Kiya covered Fury and the referee dropped to his knees to count.

The arena erupted as the bell rang and Princess Kiya spun to her feet. The referee raised her hand in victory as We Can Be Saved by Jeff Beal began playing.

Allie Queen: My god…no wonder Paige Lewis is so unstoppable! This is her mentor!

Wayne Miller: I’ve never seen anything like that before! We KNOW Fury is as tough as they come, but this woman just walked in here and treated her like a rank rookie! What the hell is going on?!

Allie Queen: Fury literally got no offense in! Princess Kiya literally put down a legend in minutes, without taking any offense!

Wayne Miller: I shudder to think what this means for the future of SCW if this woman stays on the active roster.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, and moving on to the final match of the SCW Mega Cup Series…PRINCESS KIYA!!!


Backstage, the garage door is opening, and from outside, the sound of an approaching vehicle is heard. Then, with a roar, a two tone light blue to black Mazda RX8 drifted sideways into the garage. Straightening out, the car sped towards the cameraman, and arched into a tight donut around him as the camera turned to keep up. This kept going for several loops before the driver sped off elsewhere in the garage.

Allie Queen: What the hell was that about?!

Wayne Miller: I don’t know, but I swear I’ve seen that car before! I wonder…

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the following non-title, champion versus champion match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Shangai, she is the NEW SCW International Heavyweight Champion…Larissa!!!

As the Chinese National Anthem began playing, Larissa came out on stage and stepped onto a pedestal, wearing the SCW International Heavyweight Championship around her waist. It began rotating slowly while she held her hands up in the air. After a few revolutions, it slowed to a stop and Larissa stepped off and began making her way to the ring. Coming down the ramp, she removed a compact mirror and began admiring herself. After climbing into the ring, Larissa put the mirror away and stood in the corner.

Anne Carpenter: And her opponent she is the SCW Alternative champion. Weighing in at one hundred, ninety five pounds from New York City, New York…..she is Emily Desmond!

Lights go out as I’m Just A Girl by No Doubt begins to play. Also smoke fills the ramp, lit by red and green lights. Emily Desmond appears, carrying the SCW Alternative Championship in one hand, her dark hair pulled back in a loose ponytail and dressed with tights that are a mix of green and purple on black, a shirt that is either solid green or purple or green, and a black leather coat.

Allie Queen: Emily Desmond is a record setting Alternative Champion, having surpassed both Priest and Jessica Tendonin, and has even surpassed Jessica in total days as champion!

Wayne Miller: A very impressive accolade for this young lady. But we both know that one day, perhaps soon, she’s going to want the big one.

Allie Queen: If she manages to fend off Paige Lewis, she just might get her chance!

Wayne Miller: Alzy Hawkshaw, Emily Desmond’s tag team partner, earlier tonight qualified for the final match of the SCW Mega Cup, and we both now what happened last year! He wound up facing Emily AND Paige!

The bell rang as both belts were passed out of the ring. Immediately, both women charged at each other. Emily, the larger of the two, tackled Larissa to the mat and began laying into her. The crowd roared with excitement as the beatdown continued even as the referee began counting, threatening to disqualify Emily. Finally, Emily backed off and Larissa rolled to her feet, angry.

Wayne Miller: Think Emily is in a mood to get to the action, fast!

Allie Queen: Emily Desmond is one of the most dangerous people in SCW, and for good reason! Larissa had better hope she can back up all the trash she talked before this!

Larissa charged at Emily, but Emily sidestepped her, and Larissa rebounded off the ropes into a Northern Lights Suplex. Emily got to her feet quickly and began stomping away on Larissa. Larissa grabbed the ropes, forcing the referee to make Emily stop her attack. As Larissa got up, Emily began yelling something at her.Larissa charged at her, and the referee got caught in the crosshairs. All three of them tumbled out of the ring.

Wayne Miller: Well damn, I guess Larissa is with the action, too!

Allie Queen: Larissa to her feet first!

Larissa grabbed Emily by the hair and pulled her to her feet. The pair traded words before Larissa drove Emily face first into the ringpost, busting her open. The crowd popped, having not expected either woman to get any color in this match.

Wayne Miller: Holy shit! The new International Champ means business!!!

Allie Queen: I like this energy!

Dazed, Emily couldn’t defend against the myriad of attacks from Larissa now. Larissa whipped Emily into the barricade and drove her knee into her back. Emily groan in pain. Looking towards the referee, Larissa saw he was still out of it. Larissa whipped Emily towards the ring and rolled her into it. When Larissa joined Emily, Emily drove her into the mat with an STO. The crowd roared as the bloodied champion got to her feet and turned her back to Larissa.

Wayne Miller: Mr. Walker made a good call saving this for the main event! This is even more exciting than when Princess Kiya basically brutalized Fury moments ago!

Allie Queen: I’m still in shock from that match, and now these two are starting world war 3!!

Emily jumped in the air, and did a standing moonsault, but Larissa rolled out of the way. Back on her feet, Larissa stomped Emily’s face into the mat repeatedly. Emily stopped moving, having been knocked out. Larissa dropped to her knees and rolled Emily over, pinning her. But the referee was still out!

Wayne Miller: She’s gonna need a referee if she wants to win this match!

Allie Queen: And there he is! He’s struggling back into the ring!

Larissa got to her feet and dashed across the ring, dragging the referee into the ring and pointing behind her. When she turned around, Emily came flying through the air, taking her down. Out of nowhere, Emily had an Armbar locked in.

Wayne Miller: That is! It’s a fucking wrap!!!

Allie Queen: If Larissa doesn’t tap, her arm is gonna break, just like she broke Jessica’s arm!

Larissa tried to fight it, but after almost a minute, she gave in and began tapping. The referee signaled for the bell.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by submission, the SCW Alternative Champion, Emily Desmond!!!


Wayne Miller: For a minute, Larissa was holding her own against Emily, but that damn Armbar will stop anyone in their tracks!!

Allie Queen: And Emily making a quick exit to get medical attention.

Indeed, Emily had grabbed her belt and left. Larissa got to her feet and demanded a mic.

Larissa: Emily Desmond. I liked that. You talked all that crap to me, and you barely escaped! But dammit, I will get some respect in this company! I am the SCW International Heavyweight Champion! I beat Jessica freaking Tendonin to win this belt! I’m the number one contender for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship! I am unstoppable! This loss here will not matter soon. I am-

Party Monster by The Weeknd began playing through the arena audio system as the crowd exploded.

“I’m Good, I’m Good, I’m Great!”
After a few seconds, Jessica Tendonin walked out onto the stage, her left arm in a cast. She stood there for a moment,looking around the arena. Jessica then began walking down the ramp slowly as the fans roared, having not expected her. In the ring, Larissa was in shock.


Allie Queen: Would you calm the hell down?!

Walking up the steps into the ring, Jessica slowly climbing between the ropes. Then, she walked right up to Larissa and yanked the mic out of her hand as her music faded.

Jessica: First of all, shut the fuck up you little imp! You broke my goddamn arm!

Someone tossed Larissa a new mic.

Larissa: and what are you going to do about it, cripple?

Jessica: Even with one arm, I will still beat your ass right here, and right now. Say the word and I will fuck you up so bad that they call it a hate crime. I’ll hate crime your ass with no hesitation! Give me a reason.

As Larissa raised her mic to say something, the PA system came to life, and the arena shook as the fans roared to life. Spotlight by Hot Tag Media Works began playing.

“And still…it’s all…about…me!”
After a few seconds, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion walked out onto the stage, the belt around her waist. She was bruised, and was limping as she began making her way to the ring.

Wayne Miller: Oh my god, this thing is about to blow like a powder keg! These three women absolutely can’t stand one another!

Allie Queen: I got a funny feeling about all of this…

Paige Lewis climbed into the ring after grabbing a mic offered to her. She signalled for her music to be cut.

Paige: So let me get this straight, you disrespect Jessica by breaking her arm, and now, you think you’re going to run your mouth to her? Not on my watch. You see, I know you’re my next challenger, and I’m not worried about you. Let me tell you how Survival is going to go, Larissa. First, Jessica is going to stomp you out, and retake her championship. Then, as you crawl your scrawny ass to the ring to face me, I’m going to teach you why I am the unstoppable force of the SCW. I have lost one match in my entire career, and it is to this woman right here. How dare you speak to her in this manner. Get on your knees and apologize.

The crowd buzzed with excitement at this exchange. Larissa seemed shocked as well, looking back and forth between the two women. Larissa did not get on her knees. Paige snapped.


Allie Queen: I don’t know what’s going on here, but this is surreal. I’ve never seen Paige speak like this. And are her and Jessica suddenly best friends? Why is she going so hard for Jessica?

Wayne Miller: That car from earlier is still bothering me. It’s not Jessica’s style, and Paige drives a Mustang.

Larissa, realizing Paige meant business, began kneeling. Then, Mustang Nismo hit the PA system and all hell broke loose.

Wayne Miller: OH MY GOD!!! I KNEW IT!!! I GODDAMN KNEW IT!!!

Allie Queen: IS THIS REAL LIFE!!??

The first SCW Hall of Famer, and the first SCW Champion calmly walked out onto the stage. She looked around the arena, smiling as the fans all cheered. Making her way to the ring, she high fived several fans. Climbing into the ring, she quickly stood between Larissa and the other two women. She took the microphone from Larissa while her music faded and spoke.

Neela Shizeguma: Jessica. Paige. Back up.

Neither Jessica nor Paige moved. Neela smiled while nodding.

Neela Shizeguma: Very well. Larissa, get up, you are not a dog.

Larissa stood and she and Neela backed up. Neela pointed at the belt around Paige’s waist.

Neela Shizeguma: That’s cute. I had the first one.

Paige: You did not, actually. I know who you are. Only Jessica and I have held this belt. That championship you held is not related to this. You were the SCW Champion…but I’m the SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Neela Shizeguma: Do not ever address me like that again. Second, I said I had the first one, meaning the first championship. Now shut up. As I’m sure all of you here in the arena and at home are wondering why I’m here, let me get to it. As we learned earlier tonight, someone took a shot at Mr. Walker. We do not know if he was hit or not. He has not been seen since that TMZ video, nor has he checked into any emergency rooms. As such, the SCW Board of Directors felt the need to put someone in charge until Mr. Walker returned.

They wanted someone who knew SCW inside and out. Someone who could hold things together. Someone who would have the respect of the locker room and the fans alike. Someone…like me. So, I got the call and was on the next flight out. Red-eye to LAX, and then, I picked up my car, and high tailed it all the way here. So…from this moment forward, until either the SCW Board of Directors or Mr. Walker decide otherwise…I am the new General Manager of SCW.

Wayne Miller: WHAT!? SCW Hall of Famer Neela Shizeguma has returned to be the new General Manager!

Allie Queen: I shudder to think what might have happened to Larissa had Neela not came out here when she did.

Neela Shizeguma: We only have a few minutes left, so let me address something. Larissa you WILL defend your championship at Survival. Jessica, if you would like to have your rematch at that time, then next Overdrive, I will have a waiver available for you to sign. Larissa, as Mr. Walker promised, you will also be challenging for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. Paige, I’m going to let you pick the match type. Now, if you all don’t might, that’s all our time.

Overdrive went off the air.

Pie in the Face

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Charlotte, North Carolina at a local gymnasium with a wrestling ring,

“Firestorm” Johnathan Mills drops to his hands and knees, spitting blood onto the mat. Gabriel Tuck stands over him with a laugh as clowns stand around the ring and honk their noses. Gabriel flicks his wrist, shedding blood from his brass knuckles that read pie in bold letters. Yes, it’s a joke pair of brass knuckles to hit someone with a pie to the face.

GABRIEL TUCK: We can do this shit all fucking night, Johnny boy. Where is Thomas Mills?

Johnathan tries to get to his feet, but Gabriel kicks him back down to the mat with a laugh.

GABRIEL TUCK: Do you not get how this plays out? You give up the location of your father, I give you a quick death. You don’t give me the location of your father and I take what’s left of you to Armand and he will get the location from you. You’ll die a slow and agonizing death.

The night had begun so nicely in that Johnathan Mills had left the hotel he was staying at and went to the gymnasium to prepare for his match against Brain Kennedy. He has worked out heavily, relaxed in a hot tub, and then picked things back up in the ring. There he ran about the ring to bounce off the ropes and the turnbuckles at top speed to try to increase his reflexes for such things for Brian Kennedy was no easy opponent.

Gabriel Tuck and his clowns burst into the gym, taking down anyone who decided to stand in their way. There wasn’t many. They surrounded the ring while keeping weapons trained on Johnathan in the ring while Gabriel rolls into the ring.

GABRIEL TUCK: Working hard to make something of yourself I see. Did you think you could go back to a normal life after stealing something of value from Armand von Krauss?

Johnathan looks warily to the giggling and honking clowns at ringside with guns and knives at the ready to storm the ring.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: We won a bet fair and square, Gabriel. Of course I expected to go back to a normal life.

Gabriel nods as he slides on his PIE brass knuckles.

GABRIEL TUCK: Where is he?

JOHNTHAN MILLS: Where is who? Armand? I don’t keep track of the mega bad guy.

Gabriel steps up to Johnathan and decks him with the brass knuckles. He grabs Johnathan by the back of the neck with his free hand and hits a few body punch before throwing Johnathan to the mat.

Johnathan jumps back to his feet, ready to strike back, but a number of clicks from outside of the ring stops him. It was pretty clear that if he attacked Gabriel, he would be dead before he struck.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: I am not my father’s keeper. Why would I know where he is?

GABRIEL TUCK: Oh, Johnny boy. Your father is of ill health and probably needs being looked after. You are readying for an SCW match. Thomas is likely with people who will help him. Maybe with Parsons and Anderson. Where is your father, Johnathan?

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Go fuck yourself.

GABRIEL TUCK: Is that any way to talk to your superior? Tell me-

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Go fuck your momma!

Gabriel drills Johnathan with the brass knuckles several more times before letting him fall down to the mat to bring us back to the beginning. Johnathan lays on the mat, bleeding from his various wounds while Gabriel stands over him with bloody brass knuckles.


GABRIEL TUCK: What was that? Whatever it was, it didn’t sound like a location. Let’s try this again. Where is Thomas Mills?

Johnathan rises to his knees, blood dipping from the bottom of his chin like rain.

JOHNAHAN MILLS: I said you are a cow-

Another shot with the brass knuckles sends Johnathan back to the mat where his face impacts the canvas with a bloody splatter.

GABRIEL TUCK: You think you can just call me names, Johnny boy? What makes you think I am a coward?

JOHNATHAN MILLS: When I was looking for my father, we squared off in an XCW ring. I defeated you in the ring to discover his location. Did I hide behind clowns with guns? Did I use a weapon? No.

Gabriel looks around the ring at the clowns that are starting to lower their weapons as if they were agreeing with Johnathan’s words. Gabriel smiles as he lets the brass knuckles drop to the canvas.

GABRIEL TUCK: I’m no coward. I’m just looking for the most direct path to getting the job done. Armand tasked me with finding Thomas. That’s what I aim to do.

Johnathan rises to his feet, spitting blood onto the canvas.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Then face me like a man instead of a coward. Face me like Brian Kennedy will and be defeated like he will.

GABRIEL TUCK: Fine, but understand that you will still lose. I won’t be-

Johnathan rushes across the ring, grabs Gabriel by the leather jacket, and spits blood and a bit of a tooth straight into Gariel’s eyes. Gabriel backs away with a curse and Johnathan dives over the top rope to take down a clown with a huracanrana. Johnathan jumps to his feet and rushes out through the door of the gym as the clowns watch on in stunned silence.

Gabriel clears his eyes, seeking where Johnathan has fled to.

GABRIEL TUCK: After him, you fools!

Outside of. the gym, Johnathan hops on a motorcycle at the end of a row. He starts it up, kicks over the next motorcycle to start a domino effect, and races off as the clowns begin streaming out of the gym. Gunshots ring out as the clowns attempt to stop Johnathan Mills, but a stray shot strikes one of the downed motorcycles in a vital area and the whole downed line goes up in an explosion that shreds a few clowns who were too close to the explosion. Gabriel Tuck walks outside, seeing the carnage at hand.

GABRIEL TUCK: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

Already nearly a mile away, Johnathan stops to look at his phone for directions to a local hospital. Gabriel wasn’t going to catch him today. Nor was he going to stop him from facing Brian Kennedy in the Mega Cup match. He might have to look out for Gabriel after the match though, but that was something for another day.

Overdrive 51

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Live on SCW.COM, December 15th, 2018!
Spectrum Center
Charlotte, North Carolina

Main Event
Brian Kennedy (c) vs Johnathan Mills
Mega Cup – Round 1
Singles Match

In the final match of the first round of the SCW Mega Cup, Brian Kennedy takes on Johnathan Mills. Last year, Kennedy made it to the final match of the Cup, and went on to challenge his tag team partner, Jessica, then current SCW International Champion. Now, both of these men are looking to make it to that point, and get to the final match. One of these men could be the next challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship, or, they might both eventually go home with nothing.


Larissa (c) vs Fury
Non Title Singles Match

It all comes full circle. It was Fury whom Larissa defeated to earn the right to Face Jessica Tendonin for the SCW International Heavyweight Championship. Now, having done what many thought impossible, Larissa strides into Charlotte to face Fury again, this time with gold around her waist. How will Larissa fare this time? Will Fury break out of her losing rut?


Cash Allan vs Priest
Mega Cup – Round 1
Singles Match

Cash Allan may be a newcomer to SCW, but he’s already got stars on his shoulders, having already made a name for himself in the industry. Priest competes in only his secnd match since returned to SCW. At TLC, it seemed a sure thing that Priest was going to win the SCW North American Heavyweight Championship, but out of nowhere, Rich Anderson retained. Now, both of these men have a chance to slingshot to the top of the food chain.


OOC Information
Promo Deadline 1: 12/5/2018 11:59 PM EST
Promo Deadline 2: 12/10/2018 11:59 PM EST
Segment Deadline: 12/12/2018 11:59 PM EST
RP Limit: 2 Per Person | 3 Per Person (title matches)

SCW International Heavyweight Championship

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After the former champion, Jessica Tendonin, suffered a broken arm at TLC, there have been several rumors swirling about. The first is that she will be out of action for months, and thus lose her automatic rematch clause. The next is that Brian Kennedy will take her place and challenge for the championship. It’s very important to note that Mr. Walker has not publicly or officially made any decisions on this, and thus, anything else is speculation.

It is wholly possible that Jessica Tendonin will be fit for action at SCW Survival. If not, other arrangements may be made at that time, but as of yet, nothing has been announced. Jessica has not been seen since her Gulfstream G650 flew out of Heathrow Airport a few days after SCW TLC.

Everyone Has A Demon!!

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The Scene opens up somewhere particularly and maybe nowhere at all. The Masked Avenger comes to ahead in the cameras  The Diabolical face of a once famed man or women is still yet a mystery to us all. Will The Masked Avenger ever be unmasked? Only time will tell.  Will Alzy rip his Masked Avengers Mask off? I doubt that very Highly because he doesn’t have the balls to . Will the questions be answered or told about the accusations being thrown about by Alzy? All that will be answered right now because The Masked Avenger stands by to speak what he or she has to say. Let us Listen in and see what our Avenger has for us.


The Cameras then pan into a Masked Avenger whom is ready to speak in a voice that of a modern day Darth Vader to cover up the sex of  The Avenger.


Masked Avenger

This Overdrive Fifty comes with a price. Management doesn’t book me at their TLC PPV? You know what I think of that is a bunch of horse shit. I am more talented the all the roster but yet I don’t get treated with respect. I know all about The Alzy character. A Nobody looking about to becoming a somebody. I know who you are in a nutshell. You think you are going to rip my mask off and expose who I am. I am not a lackey of Brian Kennedy and never will. It show you don’t read watch peoples promos or results. Oh wait but you did know I destroyed Brian Kennedy which is something that seems like you couldn’t do and are trying to commend me for doing so.  Just because Alzy you are a jobbing hack and  don’t belong in the ring doesn’t mean you can try and commend me for my actions in the ring.   I beat a tag team champion and I am stuck in the lower card with a nameless hack that I have never even heard of you let alone have seen that you are an immortal enemy of Brian Kennedy. Well you got your mind on Brian Kennedy and not the bigger picture here.


Alzy you think that just because I didn’t attack Brian Kennedy that I didn’t follow through with what I said I was gonna do. I out promoted Brian Kennedy  and he ran away with his tail between his legs. Championships or no Championships I did what I said  I was going to do. I walked out at Overdrive 49 and  defeated Brian Kennedy. You are trying to befriend me and I do not like it. No one is a friend to me but another enemy of my enemy and that  is what sets everyone else apart from me. They find people to latch onto but me I will not do such a thing.  Yeah I may need someone in my best interest to help me up but you know what I stab them in the back when they least expect it. I am a one person army. What you see is what you get. I am not hiding.  Just because you do not  know my identity doesn’t mean I am hiding. If you defeat me it just makes it  look like you are that much better. You could be looking at a demon if a witch    a ladies man a womens women. Hell I could be Donald Freaking Trump underneath the mask and you would have no Idea.


The Masked Avenger pulls out a piece of what seems to be a mask of human flesh(Not real human flesh)   Masked Avenger then pulls a piece of and  crumbles it in the beings glove and then continues to speak.


This piece of flesh represents the skin you will shed after facing me Alzy.  I will not team up with you. Brian Kennedy won’t be a threat anymore because of the  fact that I beat him at his own game. What you gonna do the same thing Kennedy does whine his way to victories and politic your way to winning a match. That seems that all these wrestlers these days are good for is whining and til they get what they want. You claim you have a piece of my mask. Wrong I never leave my mask around the arena so how could  you get ahold of the proper mask it may look like something you found  but my mask is made of certain material that most masks aren’t made of.


In all truthfulness I don’t need anyones help to take out opposition. I am coming in here and going on a vengeance I do not care who you are. Whether you are a man women or beast  or he she I don’t give a fuck. Alzy I am going to rip your spleen out of your body and watch as you lie there and bleed to your demise. Everyone has a Demon Alzy and your demon is to be attacked by Brian Kennedy and your obsession with him really intrigues me.  You think I am going to let you get inside my head think you are going to make bend to your will I think not . I thin you need to be taught a lesson and sent to the back of the line because when it is all said and done  I am going to be a champion and come January at the next ppv is when I will mask until then all you just fuck off. I am who I am and when I want to reveal I will.


Alzy come Overdrive 50 your demons will come true and your worst nightmare will be unveiled and you will receive the same fate as your buddy Brian Kennedy. In hiding because I a mysterious person has beaten them. See ya soon and try not to piss yourself on the way to the ring because  My words are very intimidating. Your time is running out!!!


The Masked Avenger taunts the cameras as  smoke fills the area and suddenly The Avenger is nowhere to be seen as the cameras fade to black.



Salt Lake City…..Emily is here

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Off Camera


Emily Desmond looks across Salt Lake City, Utah having arrived earlier today from New York City. This time of year was hard as it was 15 years ago that her mom, her real mom, Selena Desmond, had been killed in a savage attack carried out by people that were looking for her dad Christopher, aka Chris, Desmond. They had broke in, guns ready, and Selena had grabbed Emily’s hand, who was 5 at the time, and ran for the back door….


Selena: Go! We have to run!


Emily was being pushed out the back door, and all Emily knew was it was what her mom had kept warning about, the thing that Selena had practiced for. Emily runs out the back door, hearing both gunshots and shouts, but also her mom’s footsteps behind her. Her mom’s hand was in hers, and suddenly Selena stumbled as if she had found a depression in the ground. The fall tore her hand from young Emily’s and it made Emily turn around. Selena was holding her upper stomach. When she pulled her hand away there was blood. Selena looks at Emily, trying to stay upright.


Selena: Run! Go! Someone will come for you, I promise. You have to hide.


Emily stares at her mom, but the shouts in the house are coming closer.


Selena: Emily Christine! RUN!


Emily started running toward the woods near their house, but then she had an idea. She ran to the playground that was sort of on the same course. She got to it and turned around, and so far the people weren’t after her. She climbed up on the equipment and then slide about a quarter of the way down one of the tubes and waited, trying to catch her breath, and also trying not to cry out loud. As she wipes at the tears she hears voices, and footsteps so she waits, almost holding her breath, then she hears the voices trail towards the woods. She waited for what seemed an eternity, and then she heard a voice. She had looked out and all the people were gone. The voice came from her father, who was kneeling over Selena’s body. Emily carefully climbed down as Chris got closer until she was certain he would see her, and she finally exited the last few feet. Chris is almost frantic until he sees her standing there, her face with streaks from where the tears had ran through the dirt. He runs up to her, kneels down and hugs her to him. She pulls back and looks him in the face, then over his shoulder towards her mom’s body. Chris follows her gaze.


Chris: Yes honey, I’m sorry.


Emily looks into his dark green eyes, trying to comprehend that her mom was indeed gone, would never be there for an encouraging word, a hug, tucking her into bed. She swallows her tears, trying to gain composure but the man she knew as her father was crying to. He hugs her to his warm body before she pulls away again.


Emily: She’s dead, isn’t she?


Chris: Yeah. I won’t ever ask this of you again unless you want to, but I need you to tell me exactly what happened here today.


Emily goes into an incredibly well described scene for a 5 year old, but then when it comes to Selena falling to the ground Emily can’t hold back the pain and tears she’s feeling. She starts crying and Chris comforts the dark hair child. He looks around before he backs her up a step to wipe her face.


Chris: Emily we can’t stay here. The bad people might come back.


Emily: Why? Why did they do this?


Chris lets out a sigh, wondering how to put his complicated life….their complicated life into words that Emily would understand.


Chris: Ok when you’re older, you have to be at least 12, I’ll tell you everything. For now we’ll pack a few things for you and then we’ll leave.


Emily: Where are we going?


Chris: I have a friend who has a home in Tokyo, well an apartment. We’ll go there, I know she won’t mind when I tell her.


Emily: Her?


Chris: Trust me, Anna really is a friend, a friend who could never turn her back on us.


They go inside, and Emily makes her way to her room, which looks exactly the same as it did when she had got up. Nothing had been disturbed by the bad people so Emily goes and finds a small suitcase. She pulls open a couple drawers as her father appears in the doorway.


Chris: Don’t worry too much about clothes past a two or three days. We’ll buy you new stuff. But take any mementos you want. I’ll have someone come and pack up the house, but take stuff you want now.


Emily grabs the stuffed bear that her mom had given her on her birthday, and then finds the picture of her with both of her parents, during a time that seemed simple, well simple to a 5 year old. She also has a picture where its just her mom and puts that in the suitcase. She opens the dresser and pulls out a few shirts, undies, nightgown, and a couple pairs of pants. Knowing that one day she could get the rest back makes it a bit simpler. She can hear her father on the phone.


Chris: Its….its bad. I need a huge favor from you. Yes I’m catching a flight to Savannah and then…..I need your help Anna. I’ll explain a lot better when I see you.


Emily closes her suitcase and goes out to see her dad making another call. He raises a hand to her to indicate just a minute.


Chris: Yes…..Yes I need someone to come and pack up the house, especially Emily’s stuff. OK yes, we won’t be here…….I prefer to wait until I’m certain where I’m going but she’ll be with me…..thank you.


He looks at Emily who has her suitcase in hand. Chris walks over and and takes the suitcase and looks at her, concern and love in his eyes.


Chris: Why….don’t you wash up a bit honey. We don’t want people wondering why one of us looks like I kidnapped her.


Emily nods and goes in the bathroom. Looking in the mirror she can see why her dad was a bit concerned. Her hair was going every direction and she looked like she had been playing in mud. She goes back to her room, pulls out a new shirt and pants, then goes in the bathroom. She picks up the washcloth and washes her face, arms and hands. She changes into the clean clothes and is trying to brush her hair when her dad comes in. He smiles at her and takes the hair brush. In moments he has it pulled back in a ponytail and she grabs a ribbon on the counter.


Emily: Can you do it? Mommy always did.


Chris takes the ribbon and ties it around the ponytail also. He kneels down and looks her over. He nods.


Chris: Way better. You ready?


Emily: Do we really have to go?


Chris: Em, sweetheart, if we stay here they might figure it out and come back and …..I can’t lose you too. These people are bad people, and I’m not sure they wouldn’t hurt you just because you’re a kid. So yes.


Emily: Where we going?


Chris: We’re catching a flight to Savannah, Georgia and we’ll stay with my friend for two or three days while we get things figured out with traveling to Tokyo, and then we’ll catch a flight, or a few flights, and go there. I wish…..I wish I could give you time to say goodbye to your friends and all.


Emily: Can we stop by the school? My favorite jacket is there and I can say bye to my teacher.


Chris smiles, and strokes her head the way Selena use to.


Chris: We can, you just can’t tell her anything beyond that …..blame me. Tell her that my job calls for us to immediately leave. If she asks….


Emily: Mommy always say be careful what I say unless you or her says it’s ok.


Chris: Your mom was right.


He straightens up and goes out to the living room and she follows. He picks the suitcase up again and then opens the door for her. He looks outside then he lets her out first. She stops and looks back into the house she had shared with her mom, painful memories erupting, but she refuses to cry. She goes down the steps as her dad closes the door. They make their way to the car that is out front, and he helps her into the back of the car. She waits as he buckles her in, and then he goes around and puts the suitcase in the back seat next to her. He starts the car and Emily cant help but look at the house again. She would almost swear that she sees her mom waving goodbye and it brings new tears to her eyes. She cries quietly for a moment before her father is handing her a tissue….well several. She takes them and dries her eyes and blows her nose.


Chris: No one will hurt you again, at least people like this.


Emily lets out a sigh and turns around and looks back into the suite. The memories sometimes feel as fresh as the day they had happened. She remembers the stop at the school and she said good by her teacher as her dad withdrew her officially. They had flown to Savannah and Emily met the woman who would love her like a mother, Lynn’s heart had gone out to Emily, and eventually Emily had come to love Lynn like a mother. In fact when she was in high school Lynn had officially adopted Emily, but had told Emily she didn’t have to take her last name, that she could go by Desmond.


Emily walks into the suite then had taken at the Grand America, the the presidential suite, and it was more luxurious than she had hoped for Salt Lake City. But then she couldn’t remember when she had ever been here, so she had a skewed view of what it would be like. She had heard that the Mormon church (Well if we go by what they say Church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ) controlled everything. What she had seen on the news thus far didn’t make it seem like they did, well not true, they did have their hand in a couple different election results, but still, it wasn’t involvement like she thought it would be. Emily knows that this show would be a bit different, but she also feels she has a decent chance to win. She walks into the room and her dad is looking at his laptop and shakes his head. He seems Emily and nods towards his computer.


Chris: Have you seen what Larissa said?


Emily: You mean she really did say something?


Chris: Apparently you might have hit a nerve.


Emily: She’ll be lucky I don’t take a bat to her. Do I even… I want to see this?


Chris: I hope so. I called the tv station down the street and was able to rent a camera crew for a bit. They’ll be here in about…half hour.


He stands up, holding the laptop. Emily takes the seat he had been in and he hands her the laptop. She makes herself comfortable, and hits play…….


A few minutes later Emily closes the laptop.


Emily: Come on dad, is she for real?


Chris raises an eyebrow at her and cocks his head to the left. Emily rolls her eyes and then puts the laptop on the end table next to the chair. She stands up and stretches.


Chris: What are you doing?


Emily: Changing my shirt and brush my hair….and get something. I need a few minutes before you put me on camera. So get them set up, and I’ll be ready.


Emily goes into one of the bedrooms and shuts the door. She goes over to the closet and finds the shirt she wants. She takes off the tshirt she had been wearing and puts on the light pink, nearly white, silk shirt. She steps into the bathroom and brushes her hair. When she comes back out she walks over to a duffle bag and pulls out what is probably her most cherished possession….the Alternative title belt. She looks at it, grabs the washcloth off the dresser, and rubs it across the face, making sure its clean. She hears a knock, and hears her dad’s voice. She opens the door and the camera crew are setting up. Chris looks at her and she smiles and goes over to him.


Emily: Relax Dad, I have this.


Chris nods, and goes to the camera crew, directing them to focus on the chair Emily had been sitting in earlier. She grabs a water out of the refrigerator, opens it and takes a couple drinks so her mouth hopefully won’t go totally dry. She picks her way over a couple electrical cords and sits down, placing the water bottle on the table next to the laptop, and the title belt in her lap. Granted the belt isn’t on the line at this show, but she is still Alternative champion, a position she loves having. The camera crew look at her.


Emily: I’m ready whenever you guys are.


On Camera


Emily Desmond is sitting in an armchair, next to a table that currently holds a laptop and a bottle of water. Her dark hair is loose, with a piece of it tucked behind an ear, and she’s wearing a silk shirt, but one can tell it’s not a perfect white, but it’s hard to determine the color. .She has her legs crossed, and in her lap is the thing that sets her apart from others in SCW, the Alternative title. A title she’s held 537 days, an incredible feat not just in SCW, but anywhere. She looks up at the ceiling for a moment, and then she gazes out the nearby door that opens onto a small balcony where one can look down at Salt Lake City’s east side, clear up to the University of Utah. The outside crew are preparing for Christmas, finishing up a few small last details. Emily takes a deep breath, and lets it out, almost with a sigh, and then she looks at the camera.


Emily: Larissa…..has no one ever told you that you should do your homework before you climb in the ring with someone. Especially where I’ve been in SWAT nearly two years, so it’s not like you have to search very hard to come up with intelligent things to say. Instead you chose to wholy focus on what I did say and you actually gave me a headache. You might ask why, and its because so many things in what you said are….so incredulous that I can’t believe you even dared to say them. They only served to make you look …..well I won’t say stupid, as that’s not what it does, but makes you look……well like you didn’t do your research. So along the way I hope to clarify a few things.


Now first off I’m glad you have something to occupy your mind, but I’m starting to think that you shouldn’t just make it a side thing you have going on, but make it not just your primary concern, but your only concern. But then if you make the mistakes that you made in approaching our match, mall restoring won’t be very profitable for you either.


You start off with something that screams you didn’t do some looking, because if you had you would know that I’m very well versed in submission. Hell I had a submissions only match back at Spring Meltdown and I took on a man who knows me better than anyone. I faced my own tag partner and even he knows that they man who trained me, who was in SCW years ago, is a submissions expert! In fact he taught me all he knew about submissions. Before you try saying he was some newbie or such, keep trying. The man has held titles around the world, hell he held the SCW tag titles twice, so obviously he knows his shit. You could have even asked Alzy about him, as they have faced each other, or about me for that matter, but again your lack of checking your facts screams so loud. So you know how to do an armbar, or as you put it, several of them. Yay for you? If that was meant to scare me, it didn’t even register on the meter. So let’s keep going.


I would hope that you respect me, given how long I’ve held this…..


Emily taps the Alternative title in her lap.


And yes, I said your win over Jessica was a fluke. Well I’m sorry but I must stand by my words there, something had to be off in Jessica’s mind to even allow it to happen, and then you went and broke her arm even! Was that so she wouldn’t come racing at you for a rematch? Was that it was the only way you could win? I……I have to ask it because all of SCW wants to know why take it to that extreme, a simple submission move would have been just as effective. I’ve put people in….you name it, sharpshooter, figure four leglock, and a crossface, which is the one I’m most effective with, but I didn’t put them in it to injure them so they can’t compete for a few months. If that’s how you show respect my heart goes out to your other competitors in the months to come. Because seriously Larissa, that’s not how you do it. I don’t care if you’re training to be a wrestler, or even MMA. In fact breaking an arm might be seen as tame in MMA but this isn’t UFC or the like, this is WRESTLING. We want slow our opponents down, not risk a potential career ending injury.


Emily picks up the water bottle, and takes a long drink. As she replaces the cap she seems lost in her thoughts, but she’s not there for long.


You know Larissa when I started watching what you had to say, for a moment I was confused. Not because I had some blow to the head or such, but because you talk about the Dragon’s Lair. You know the only dragon I know around here is…..Jessica. Wait, did …..are you one of her dragons? Because if you were I wouldn’t hide it. But I have a feeling that you’re not because Jessica carefully picks the ladies, well anyone who is allowed to say they are one of her dragons, and seriously I’m pretty damn sure that she wouldn’t take you, partially because of your lack of training, but also because that away from the ring she would want you focused on HER enterprises. You went on and on about how you were this “red headed dragon”. Well I’m sorry but the red headed dragon that I recognize….and have a great deal of admiration and respect for….once again the name Jessica Tendonin comes to mind. You talk about how her ego will be knocked down, but are you really that dense? Because all you have done is awoke the dragon, the TRUE dragon, and she will come back with one thing in mind, and that is to end your career. Keep calling yourself the dragon and you will only serve to intensify her anger towards you.


Larissa that’s not how you earn respect in wrestling, around here especially. If you think that you need to maim and injure everyone, pretty soon you will find that no one respects you. I know right now you really aren’t earning points with myself or with Alzy. In fact I had to check, and let’s see…..


Emily picks up a piece of paper that had been laying on the table as well.


Overdrive 47 you took on Miranda Jones, who hasn’t been heard from since, and you lost to her. Then at the very next show, Overdrive 48, is when you lost to Alzy. See Larissa, I’m saying that you beating Jessica was a fluke because…you weren’t winning! You were becoming very good at losing. I mean people would remember your name because they would say “didn’t she lose pretty much a great deal of her matches in SCW” and I’m proving you’re doing just that. Yet you think I should respect you. Well as I said, I respect Jessica. Oh I might not be her number one fan, but I respect her. Same can be said for Paige Lewis, and it’s not simply because she’s beat Jessica as well. That’s part of it, part of its because of how she’s handled herself in the ring. If you’re curious how they earned my respect its because of the poise and grace they show when they have defeated someone, even when that person is my own tag partner. They don’t come off as an obnoxious …….well bitch. Sorry but it’s true. For me you seem to try and come off as some egotistical “I only care about myself” person when you’ve barely done anything that is noteworthy. So that is why I’ve said you are a fluke, and you don’t have any of my respect. You can try and play the “cool as a cucumber” all you want, but eventually you will show that you are a narcissist and that when it boils down to it, you’ll never have that respect that so many of us crave. Not many in SCW can I say I have it for them, but the few know who they are.


Emily lays the piece of paper back down, and picks up the water bottle again. This time after she takes a drink, she tightens the lid back on but then sort of tosses back and forth, not a great distance, in fact less than an inch, but it seems she needs something for her hands to do.


So you hold the “secondary” title. I see…..and I don’t? Because you see Larissa, this title…


Emily lays the bottle in her lap and picks up the Alternative title as if for effect.


Is at least the secondary title, hell maybe even equal to the World Heavyweight title that is held by Paige. See Larissa I took this title and I made it being so prestigious. I made it a title that people want to hold for a few reasons. One is…well as I said it’s possibly even equal to the World title, but because if they do beat me, they have beaten one of the best. See I didn’t win this title yesterday. In fact June 17, 2017 is when I won it, defeating a man who some thought couldn’t be stopped, I beat Priest for it. In fact look what happened when I did defeat him, he left SCW. I know it’s said he’s returned to the fed that he was once so well known for, and he did take me on in a rematch, but he lost. I’ve put this title on the line several times since then, each time in different type of matches, and I have several more in mind. I just have to figure out how feasible they are, but Larissa you’re lucky, ours is a simple wrestling match, one that I plan on winning.


Emily sets the title back in her lap, and then starts drumming her fingers on the gold that is shining and reflecting the light.


I can’t……you say that you respect people in this company, then you threaten one of the top people with the breaking your neck line, ending your career line. Hell I would thought you were smarter than a rock, but do you realize you could paralyze someone? Would you be able to look at yourself in the mirror if you heard that your opponent would never walk again, never be able to use their arms? While I may not like many around here, I would NEVER threaten to end a career. See that’s the type of shit that will earn you less respect, even lose it. You have no class or couth when it comes to this business and you have no right to be here. In fact your attitude here can dribble over into your other career. I have to wonder how you would feel if you lost clients because they heard you being a bitch and threatening like you do. But still you said that no one was above you except Paige and I disagree a great deal with that because it’s not like I’m not defending this title. I am, plus ….and I hope she’s fine, but when was the last time we saw Paige? Hell when she didn’t show up for TLC is when I closed my eyes and hoped they find her in one piece and not hacked into little pieces. But seriously Larissa for you to think that my title means less than yours…..your attitude seriously is starting to sicken me.


Emily picks up the water bottle, but she doesn’t take a drink. She holds it, but one can tell that her hand is tightening around it.


I’m not wanting your title Larissa, never mind that I could beat you for it if I wanted, then I would hold two titles in SCW. No, I have my eyes on a different title, and as you were so kind to point out, Paige is the one who holds it. I hope to get a shot at it at some point, but in the meantime Larissa I’m going to teach you what respect means. When I’m done, you will respect me. You might not like me…..but you’ll respect me. I’m not going to threaten to break your bones, or end your career like you did, I’m simply going to put you through hell and when it’s over, you’ll know you should be careful what you say.


Emily stands up, holding the Alternative title with one hand. She drops the water bottle into the chair she was sitting in and the camera fades to black.


Goal Accomplished

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It had been just months since my debut in wrestling, with SCW, and now, I was one of the top people in the company. Sure, one loss to Alzy had set me back, but since then, I’d been on fire. I was standing in the mall that I was helping to rebuild, in my second home of Cleveland, Ohio, home to the Rolling Acres Mall, which I was helping to get going again. It had been rebuilt, the frame had anyway. I was standing on a concrete floor, as the flooring had not been put down yet. The stores had not been built. What this mall was, was a shell. As I spoke, a smile crossed my face.

Larissa: Emily Desmond. Another champion in the company. But you aren’t facing just another champion. You’re facing a submission machine, and remember one thing. The armbar isn’t the only hold I know. The fact is that you’re definently going to be feeling a lot of them, if not all of them. But enough on that.

Right now, the mall was nothing but a frame. But soon it would be flourishing again. I was actually surprised that Amazon gave us the rights to the building, as they’d had it since 2015. But they had told us why, which would be revealed at a later time. My red hair was pushed back, as I sported my usual red gear, but with a red and white suit along with my trademark red glasses as well.

Larissa: Emily, while the respect is indeed there, let me warn you. You’re walking into the Dragon’s Lair. And when you walk in, you don’t walk out in one piece. You mentioned what I did to Jessica, writing it off as somewhat a fluke? No honey. It was not. I am trained in submissions and in MMA, so I know how to break limbs and force submissions. It’s not something that came out as a fluke. And I will show you just how little of a fluke it was when I snap your arm too.


My confidence soon turned into rage. After hearing what had been said about the win, there were things I wanted to do to her that would be talked about shortly. I collected myself momentarily, but I knew it wasn’t going to last. Since the win though, I had lost my arrogance which had since turned into ruthless aggression. It had turned to rage as well. As the rage fires on, I continue on with my own promo.

Larissa: Emily, by writing my win off as non legit, you awakened the dragon. This redheaded dragon is in no mood to be called a fluke winner. Let me ask you. If my win was a fluke, then what does that make the fact that I’m currently the secondary champion, after beating the seemingly unbeatable Jessica Tendonin? I promise you that when she comes back, her ego will be knocked down a peg. And you’re next. The fact that you even IMPLIED that my win was a fluke makes me want to break every limb in your body and beat you over the head with them, and after that, it makes me also want to break your neck and end your career. But see, even though I want to, I must not. Why not? Because unlike some, I do have some mercy in me, and I would never want to end the career of someone as promising as you. But the fact is that I do want to hurt you for what you said about the biggest win of my career.

As I walked through what would be the first floor of stores, noting that the escalators were not in yet but had arrived. Our mechanic would need to put them in later. But the fact was that the mall would be open soon but right now it was a whole lot of nothing but would soon be as beautiful as my own face. But for now, it was the way it was.


Larissa: But Emily, while my loss to Alzy was a setback, it was my first ever match. I’m not making excuses for something in the past, but the fact is that match is in the past, but I am the future. And this title says just that. I am not one to be arrogant, but I feel like I am the future of this fine company. And with this title, there’s only one above me. And that is Paige’s. When ever she comes out of hiding, I’m coming for her. But for now, it will be you that eats your own words. You call me a fluke. But I’m going to prove you otherwise in a matter of only days. The facts are that you just aren’t the person to take this from me. But for now, ciao. I have better things to do.



Off Camera


As my promo ended, and the camera was put away, I stood in the middle of what would soon be the all new Rolling Acres Mall. However, I wouldn’t get to do much as my communicator watch beeped, meaning Charlie had another mission for me to do. As I listened to what he said, I smiled a bit.


Charlie: Scarlett, we have another situation. This time, in the jungles of Rwanda. Apparently, whoever it was stole a lion and is going to skin them for a lion hide rug. But I know you can stop them. The facts are that the person spotted had black hair and blue eyes. They left for Rwanda from Toronto at about 4 pm today. As it is now 4:25, I have emailed your ticket to you. Agent Scarlett, we wish you luck. And remember, you have until Wendesday at 8 pm to bring that thief home and return the lion unharmed to Rwanda. Good luck.




Agent Scarlett: Alright, I’m on it. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I can tell you right now, that lion will be returned safely, or I will forfeit my badge and everything that makes me a detective. There’s no way in hell I’m letting this case slip away from me. You can count on me.


I stated confidently as I printed out my pass and boarded the plane. Within about six hours, I had reached destination. The destination being Kigali, Rwanda. I then took a jeep ride to the jungle, to investigate the area. At this time, everyone was sleeping, so I couldn’t investigate more yet until morning, as it was four AM. But I roamed the jungle, looking for clues, as the scene ended.









The Mayan Warning

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It had been weeks. Princess Kiya could not locate Paige Lewis. She always knew where her young protege was. She knew other persons were trying to locate Paige, but it was important that SHE find her. If someone else were to find Paige Lewis, it would not be good. She needed to maintain her control.

Princess Kiya was meditated. Or, she seemed to be. In truth, the strange woman was yet again trying to locate Paige Lewis. The harder she looked, the more frustrated she became. If Paige Lewis were found by someone else…everything would be ruined. She did not have time to train another protege. Time was running short. Very short indeed.

Princess Kiya: Paige…help me find you.

And then, she felt a pang. Deep in her being. Not her soul; she hadn’t had one of those in ages. She didn’t know what it meant, but it was not good. Princess Kiya sat up, shaking. She wiped the blood away from her nose. Paige Lewis was beyond even her now. She screamed. The inhuman screech rent forth and made the chamber shake.


Later, with a live feed being broadcast directly to SCW’s official website, Princess Kiya began cutting her first promo.

Princess Kiya: They call you Fury…The Wrath of the Desert. Cute monikers for a mortal. You don’t know the desert like I do. Three thousand years ago, I crossed the desert. I was goal oriented, and would not let anyone stand in my way. Not even my own father. He betrayed me. He wasn’t the first mortal to do so, nor will he be the last.

You see, I’m from the New Kingdom. I’m from a time where if someone breathed wrong in my presence, I’d carve out their lungs on the spot. If a man even thought of touching me, he’d be dismembered in front of his family. So, I understand I’m supposed to be impressed by you, Fury. I’m not. A has been does not impress me. Someone who is just…here…does not impress me. You, Fury, do not impress me.

The rag wearing woman paused for a moment, her eyes seeming to pierce the lens of the camera.

Princess Kiya: I understand your heritage is of Mexico. I don’t pretend to be very knowledgeable on your culture, but I do know a small bit about the ancient civilizations of the area. Most of you mortals, a few years ago, were concerned about the end of the world. And then, you all woke up the next day, had a sigh of relief, and went to work. December 21st, 2012. You mortals are so obsessed with the end times. And believe me, they will come.

But the Mayan Calendar did not predict the end of the world. No, it predicted, and pinpointed the exact date of when the world would once again feel my wrath. You see, my Lord Set granted me immortality. In exchange for my soul, I was given everything I wanted. But the mortals of my time feared my growing power, so they locked me away. I was buried in the desert, because they couldn’t kill me. The fools thought they could lock me away for an eternity.

I told you I’m not impressed by you, Fury, and it’s nothing personal. Mortals just don’t impress me very much. Since I stepped back into the world of the living, I’m only been impressed by a handful of you. Paige Lewis is obviously one of them. I’ve decided to step into the ring to show everyone that I am a force the likes of which most of the living have never seen. You will all learn to fear me.

The Mayans feared me before I was even born. My father feared me on his throne, so he went and found a wench to impregnate, and steal my throne away. My baby brother…it only took one hand. He didn’t even get a chance to cry. I’m almost sad of that…it may have sustained me. I want to hear you scream, Fury. I want to see that look of helplessness in your eyes as you realize you are no match for me.

I will win this Mega Cup Series, and then, I will silence everyone. Nobody will stand in the way of my plans. I will carve out a canal, fill it with the blood of you mortals, and then wade through it on my way to my destiny. I want you to make peace with your demons, Fury. Because when we meet in the ring…I am going to hurt you really, really bad.

With that, it was over. Princess Kiya lunged at the camera and the broadcast ended.

Masked Avenger, its time to quit hiding

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The camera opens and Alzy Hawkhsaw is standing, looking the picture windows that over English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia and admires the view. The sun is starting to set, and is reflecting off the water of the bay in an inviting way, but Alzy knows that if he steps outside he will become cold faster than one would think. Plus he was waiting for the camera crew that was setting up by his fireplace, where a fire was burning. Alzy knows little about his opponent, well with the exception of they seem to share a hatred. But then that’s what the camera crew is about and a guy comes over and taps Alzy on the shoulder. Alzy jumps, so lost in his thoughts he had actually not seen the guy approaching him. Alzy stops to pick up what looks like a scrap of material then takes his place before the camera.


Alzy: So….masked avenger, what a name. I had hoped at TLC you would do us all a favor and not just unmask but shut up that asshole known as Brian Kennedy. Yes I’ve watched you when you’ve entered the ring and you’ve done what an awful lot of us around here would love to do, and that is shut Kennedy up once and for all. As you can probably guess he is not my favorite person, and you’d be right. He only seems to speak up when either he’s in a match for a title, or when his partner Jessica is around to prod him into speaking up. Instead we’re treated to little snippets of him and his buddies…..or as he would probably put it, his homies, are sitting around getting high and drinking. Seriously I see that shit and hell my son knows what I do for a living, but I don’t dare let him watch SCW for fear that you will encourage him to do things that….I don’t approve of. I would say illegal but pot is now legal in Canada. Not one of my favorite things to hear, but it seems these days I’m greatly outnumbered, at least among those that I frequently hang out with. Now drinking? Hell I use to be able to ptu them back with the best, but I will openly admit I once entered rehab for alcohol use. Oh I can have a drink once in a while, but I’m careful to not keep open containers around, and if I’m out with someone, its one drink and that’s it. Now if pot is your thing, whatever makes you happy. I think it’s stupid and dumb and all its ever done for me? Give me a migraine. But this….this is the life that the great Brian Kennedy would have us believe that he can do, and still be champion. Hell he’s still a tag champion.


I have to ask a question that many others have mentioned to me, and that is why the hell didn’t you attack him at TLC? He needs to be shut up once and for all. You seem to have the right idea yet….I never try to wish ill will on someone, but Kennedy definitely needs it. Although you’re lack of follow through has me wondering if you aren’t one of Kennedy’s buddies, and was trying to put on this show that “Oh we’re out to get him” and instead it’s a ploy to try and throw us all off. Well Masked Avenger, during out match, at some point I will get this……


Alzy unfolds a piece of material and its a mask what Avenger wears.


I plan on ripping this off your head, and revealing who you are exactly. Know now if you are one of his buddies, I will proceed to beat the loving crap out of you. Why? Because you made us give a shit about you. You made us hate him even more. If you’re with him? It means you were brought in for deception, and that we can’t have. Now if you are truly against him, then I would think the fight would be small, hell maybe agree with me and show up without a mask. You did that, and you’re not one of his butt buddies, then I would shake your hand. Yes it would be after I beat you, but I would still do it. Hell if you said “hey I need some help” I would probably help you.


So Avenger, whoever you are, unmask, come to the ring, and face me….like a man. Hell show up without the mask so that Kennedy knows precisely who he’s facing, that you’re not hiding any more. That alone…will sell seats.


So how about it? After I beat you, fair and square, then we go and find Kennedy and give him a kick in the ass that he’s been so deserving of for so long. Until then….I’m waiting, and I’m not hiding. I’m right here to be seen.


Camera fades to black.

Larissa the clock is ticking

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The camera opens and we see Emily Desmond looking out at Central Park as the wind whips her hair about. She pushes her dark hair back, and lets out a sigh. She wasn’t necessarily thinking of her last match, nor of the one coming, but of family, mainly her sister. Her mom had asked Emily to talk to Marie, to tell her she was entering a place she had no business in. She remembers that talk…..


Emily walks towards Marie sitting on  solitary beach, nodding her head at the camera crew that had just packed up to leave. Emily stops to let the straggler go before she walks up and sits down next to Marie, looking the same direction her sister way, which was across a dark ocean. The wind is starting to get cooler, so Emily pulls her jacket tighter to fend off some of the cool breeze and looks at her sister, who seems to be seeing …..nothing.


Emily: Marie….I…


Marie: Save it.


Emily: Marie, mom asked me to talk to you.


Marie: So I heard.


Emily: Are you sure that this…..this is really want?


Marie finally looks at her, but its not a look saying she wants to hear what Emily has to say. Instead its a look of anger, as if Marie knows what Emily will say.


Emily: I’m just…..well worried about you. Hell Marie this is not like you, going behind mom’s back not once but twice!


Marie: I didn’t go…..ok I went behind her back once, but that’s it.


Emily: So you got ahead because you asked Mom for help?


Marie pulls her knees up tighter, hugging them to her. Emily waits for a moment, leaning back and supporting herself with her arms. Finally Marie says something. [/color]


Marie: Ok I admit pulling the crap I did wasn’t the best move, but it did have the effect I wanted and I won a title and…..


Emily: And do you realize they think you’re some kind of slut who opens her legs for any guy with power?


Marie looks at her sister with anger and disbelief.


Emily: Its true Marie! Ok yeah everyone gets how you got a contract, although I still can’t believe our grandfather signed it too. But that title you like? And how you got in that match and…..Marie think about it!


Marie stands up, angry at her sister for what she’s said. Emily stands up too and the sisters are an arm length apart, but one knows blows will be exchanged, just who will throw the first one.


Emily: I’m thinking of you, of ….of this family’s reputation. I want people to look at us and remember our family legacy. You seem ready to piss all over it!


Marie: I am not! I’m doing precisely what our mother did at my age! In fact I’m 17, not 16 like she was! Come on! Get off my ass!


Marie stomps away, leaving Emily on a desolate beach. Emily looks down  at the ground then looks up to see Marie passing by Brian, who raises a hand to wave at Emily. Emily waves back and then starts towards the house also, but instead of going in, she goes around it. She gets in the rental car and backs out of the driveway, and quickly leaves. She knows when she’s wanted, and when she’s not wanted. Right now she’s not wanted, at least if it means she’s there on Lynn’s order. Emily doesn’t know how to get through to Marie, and her younger sister weighs on her mind as she heads back through Savannah.


Emily shakes her head, wishing she could have got through Marie’s thick head what she was doing exactly but then if Lynn was stubborn, if Emily was stubborn, Marie was twice as stubborn as both of them. Emily had told her mom exactly what Marie was doing and what she said, and then Emily left Savannah quickly. She did love her mom, but there were times when Lynn could wear on the nerves and Emily didn’t really it. Not after what happened at TLC.


Emily turns and leans on the railing and looks into the apartment where some old movie was on tv, she can’t even remember what it was. It just happen to be one that both Sean and her usually enjoyed. It was that type of movie you put on and even though you can recite the dialogue, it was nice to get lost in it for a couple hours. Sean has fallen asleep, and Emily smiles. They had kept the lovey-dovey stuff to a minimum when they were at an event, although away from the fans Emily can’t ask for more. If she told Sean needed to go see her dad, or call Alzy and needed some privacy, he was one to not really question anything.


Then there was the mysterious manila envelope that the doorman had signed for while she was in London. Emily had taken it, tipped the nice gentleman, but she hadn’t opened it, almost afraid of what was in it. Now it sat on the table in front of the couch, waiting for when she dared to open it. She almost fears its something bad, that it was something she didn’t want to know. In fact right now she should be focusing on the next event in Utah, where she’d be facing Larissa. Even Emily has to admit her surprise that Larissa had done something that not too many in SCW, herself included, and that was beat Jessica. Ok yes, one could argue that Jessica was worn down from already having wrestled that evening, in fact had faced Emily.


Emily also remembers that match, all too well. They couldn’t do it, they couldn’t stop Empire or DEA or Dragons or whatever they wanted to call themselves this week. But there was still a chance that they could get a shot for the tag titles, and that was simply to earn it. Given that at the moment there weren’t very many tag teams in the company that should be an easy thing. Yes it was rumored that SCW had signed some new people, but then the other thing Emily knows is that doesn’t really matter for now.


Emily forces her mind back to Larissa, and she shakes her head. She didn’t know what this young lady did when she wasn’t wrestling, but to take on Jessica was a feat in itself. Emily knows what it’s like to step in the ring with Jessica, to know that you’re looking at someone who was trying to obtain being perfect when it came to the sport. Emily has felt the blows upon herself. But could anyone deny what she did, what she’s done? She’s gave her all to defending her title, and the fact that she beat Johnathan Mills at TLC brings a smile to her face. She had thought at one point, between losing to DEA and waiting for her match that she had to wonder what the hell she had been thinking but when she walked away still champion, the clock was still ticking. Emily feels in her pocket for her phone and looks at it. She had a counter that showed how many days it had been since she had won. 522 days and counting. Emily hopes to make it a full two years, but one step at a time, and while the title wasn’t on the line against Larissa, she knows she must still make a good showing, that she couldn’t just think Larissa would be an easy win. Finally she sighs and goes into the apartment, and gently wakes Sean up to get some help from him.


On Camera[/u]


Emily Desmond is sitting in a deep chair, the Alternative title across her waist. A title that has been hers for 522 days and by the time she faces Larissa it will be 532 days, something that not many people could say across all of wrestling, not just in SCW. But she’s taken on a number of challengers and held matches that people can tell she has a well to draw from thanks to her family. Chairs and Cuffs, your standard ladder matches, street fights, submissions only, and her last show it was a cage with weapons in it. Emily had been bleeding before she get in the ring, and she also lost more blood, but it was lost while she was getting a win. This time on Overdrive she’s in the main event and she’s taking on Larissa, the newly crowned International champion. Emily starts to clap but one can’t tell if she’s sincere or being sarcastic. But we’re about to find out.


Emily: So Larissa you did it, you did something that not many around here can claim, and that is beat Jessica Tendonin. But then I think Jessica’s age is starting to catch up to her. First a few months ago Paige Lewis beat her to recapture the title, and people thought Paige to be one of the most incredible wrestlers there is. Oh please, I’m not trying to take anything from Paige because she is good, but now you’ve beaten Jessica also, which means… feels like Jessica just isn’t herself these days. But we’re not here to talk about Jessica’s feelings, but about what will happen at Overdrive 50 and that is you and I will face.


Now Larissa I remember when you took on Alzy, and you gave him a hell of a fight. That type of thing is something I Alzy appreciates, as do I. Maybe it’s a family thing but at least you just didn’t go “eh” and lay down to be defeated. That type of shit pisses me off to be honest. Its like at least put up something of a fight. But then I’ve faced a few over the past days who thought I would be someone they could easily defeat. They obviously found out when I was standing over them, my hand raised, that they underestimated me, thought because of my age I couldn’t possibly know what I do, but when you are raised in a family where wrestling is….well gold, you learn a lot. Having two parents who are both wrestlers? Even better because I’ve learned from them both, from their friends from my uncles, and I think this is proof of how well of a student I was….


Emily pats the gold on the belt sitting in her lap. She looks down at it, then up, obviously with a great deal of pride.


Now Larissa, you’re stepping in the ring with….well some say that while I might not be World champion, I am one of the very best SCW has to offer, and here’s a hint on how I do it. I don’t let things away from wrestling to get to me. Oh at this moment I’m trying to referee a fight between my mom and my sister, but that’s nothing. I mean I dont have some other job to do, my job is to be a wrestler. I know that’s hard for some to understand but then I also hope to retire at a fairly young age, go to college. I know what I want to study and it’s something that would benefit wrestling if I were to do it. What is it? Maybe one day I’ll let you in on what it is. But right now my goal….my dream is pretty simple and that is to not only hold the Alternative title for 2 years or more, but also one day i hope to become the SCW World Heavyweight championship. But I’m getting ahead of myself, because first I must face you in the ring. I’ve watched the few matches you’ve had in SCW and in fact I have to wonder how you did it, how you pulled out the wins you did. Now you lost to Alzy, so having the first hand knowledge of my tag partner has helped a great deal. However I know to not become too …..complacent? Too sure? Basically I better not overlook you just based just on your size because size can be deceiving but I do hope you realize I lift weights as heavy as you. I know that you are a technician but that really doesn’t matter to me because I was trained by not just my mom, who’s known for a bit of high flying and a lot of brawling, but by her tag partner, who is as technical in the ring as you could want, and who is a master of submission, which he taught to me. Hell many would think I would use a sharpshooter as my submission move, which is because it’s what my mom would do, but no I use a crossface, which is what he uses. Think about it, do you really want someone who was trained by one of the best, do you want her applying a move to you that is difficult to get out of? Oh I’m sure you’ll say that cause of your light weight, or that you are technically better than me, or any of another dozen reasons as to why you could break away from it, only to try and do something similar to me.


Larissa, I know there are some in SCW who might be afraid of you right now, thinking “what did she do that stopped Jessica?” and it wasn’t you, in a way it was Jessica’s body that was what did in Jessica. It’s not like you got her in some form of submission to win. In fact….I went back, I watched TLC again and it was luck. Plain and simple. Jessica’s body betrayed her, and even then she tried to fight back against you while….well I’m sure the pain was exquisite and off the charts but she worked through it. Hell you should be praising the woman! But then I have to ask what kind of wrestler, hell what kind of person you are. Instead of saying “hey look she’s definitely not 100%” you went on and used that broken arm to your advantage. I hope Jessica comes look for her rematch, I know I for one will be there to cheer her on. Yeah, she might not be my buddy, and we don’t hang out, but I respect her. After seeing that match? I respect her even more. As for you Larissa, I see someone who saw an advantage, one that ….ok almost anyone, myself included, would have capitalized on but doesn’t it sit in the back of your mind that you didn’t defeat a woman who was 100%. That has to be a hard thing to deal with. I hope you don’t come into our match thinking you’ll be able to defeat me as easy. There is no ladder, instead you have to actually pin me or make me submit and I dont go down in a few moves. So be prepared to bring the fight, because that is exactly what I’ll give you….a fight.


Camera fades to black.
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