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DEA Pipe Bomb

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(Off Camera)

Brian is seen sitting at a table with all the members of DEA sitting around it. The servants come around sitting the plates of food that he had made for the nights gathering. Brian looks over at Requiem and says.

Brian: “So, with Jessica stepping in the ring at the PPV I am sure we will walk out as Champions yet again. This is the last time I am going to sit back and listen to the bull shit talking that the Brewster camp is spouting off at the mouth with. They are finished after this that is why Jessica and I come up with this match. I am going to bring amounts of pain that neither of them has ever felt before.”

LT: “Damn Bri, you are letting the demons out to play aren’t you?”

Requiem: “I think between Jessica and myself we finally rubbed off on him. It’s about time, because they need to shut the hell up.”

Jessica: “We are going to do just that. I’m finished allowing anyone in the back to ever think that DEA doesn’t run things.”

Brian: “I have full intentions of walking out of the PPV as a double champion. I will hold the SCW World Title for a second time one way or another. Paige is going down right along with Emily. I hate having to make people remember who I am and me -marking my name in the SCW History books that Brian Kennedy once again made history. Hate it or not, DEA are the top dogs in this company.”

Andrew: “I won’t lie, Brian I have been thinking about coming back. I think Death Sentence could still do big things. Let’s be honest, the only reason I haven’t come back yet is because there isn’t anyone among that roster that could even hold a candle to my jock strap let alone step in the ring and square off one on one.”

They all laugh as Brian continues to speak.

Brian: “Well, The Brewster camp has finally chosen to speak. You already knew they would try to get some cheap shots in before the match.”

Jessica: “I think that the camera crew will be here shortly and when they get here we can say what we need to say and then let our actions speak for themselves in the ring.”

Requiem: “Brian, I think now is the time that you should do what you been planning on doing and letting your demons out to play.”

Andrew: “The thing is, the last time he done that he landed himself into jail for almost 3 years.”

Brian: “And the guy still isn’t walking right. But, he won’t ever forget who I am ever again.”

They all chuckle as Brian stands up and walks over to the window. The maid is clearing the plates that they have finished eating as Brian turns around.

Brian: “So, what do you all think about revealing the two members coming home to DEA? Should we wait till after this PPV or wait for a few more shows?”

Jessica: “I think that we should hold off and let it build up a bit more before we announce it.”

LT: “Brian, which do you think would be best? With Curtis coming around and all the attacks that’s been coming your way holding off could be a benefit to our camp.”

Brian nods his head thinking about which way would be the best to led his team. The doorbell rings and he already know that it’s the camera crew to record his piece for the upcoming match. He walks towards his study where the butler led the crew to. He walks in as the camera is already recording.

(On Camera)

He walks into the room carrying a box of tissues and a box of tampax. He walks over to a table sitting them down he speaks.

Brian: “Those are for you guys, Hellfire, since you been crying like some little bitches. The past is the past and I dunno why you both seem stuck there. So, since that is where you wanna begin let’s address this shall we?”

He walks over to his lazy boy and sits down. He is handed a drink from his butler and takes a sip. He looks deep into the camera.

“Azly, you have a lot of nerve. You wanna try to talk some shit when you have done nothing but lose. You lost to Paige, Emily beat your ass and when it comes to you and I. I beat the shit outta you too. You have lost more than anything else since you come to SCW. Then you wanted to cry about the free bird rule. Claiming that people cried about it. I ask you this, when in the hell did I say a damn word about who you bring to the ring? When Requiem had his life bite him in his ass, SCW brass chose to let me pick who I would bring as my team mate and defend the Titles. While you are correct Requiem and I won the tag team championship. I don’t see anywhere that says We lost the damn titles. Each and every time I have stepped in the ring I have come out victorious and retained the Titles. Twice now you both have failed to take the belts off us. So, what did I do? I sat down with the camp and we come up with this match to push each of us to our limits. “

He pauses for a few moments to let his thoughts gather as he continues.

“Emily, I might as well address the both of you at the same times. Cause you cried just as much as Alzy. You wanted to bring up the past about the Ryders. Why in the hell did you bring up those two? Where are they involved in this match at all? I don’t see it as a three way in this match. I don’t give a fuck about what happened when the Ryders was here or how they caused you all problems. Because right now you have enough coming your way without trying to bring in a team that isn’t a factor in this match at all.”

He chuckles.

“While you guys wanted to bring up that Hellfire changed up slightly to allow Chris to retire, it isn’t any different than Requiem being replaced. The Empire or DEA, our group is the same as yours. Just the slight change as you put it to down play you trying to gain the unicorn in your life that is none other than the SCW Tag Team Titles. You guys will never gain them. Challenging us over and over again is the closest that you’re going to get. Can’t you grasp ahold of this reality? You can’t win. Doesn’t matter who you bring in. You guy are losers. Just a joke in the back-stage area when it comes to tag team action.”

He stands up and grabs his drink. He walks over to a trophy case where it holds all the Titles and awards he has won over his years in the ring. He opens the case and picks up his SCW Tag Team Title. He looks at it for a few moments and puts it back down.

“I have to wonder, while you want nothing more but to take the Titles off us. What else drives you Alzy? Emily, you say that he doesn’t hold you back. While that might not be how you feel. The facts remain. Answer me this, all the matches he has had in SCW both singles and tag. How many has he won? How many times has his hand been raised in victory? Because I can promise you this. There hasn’t been very many I have lost. And those were mainly me losing because these fuckin masked men keep coming to attack me. Either way, I still win way more than I lose.”

He pauses.

“But the two of you wanna ask how long has it been since the Tag Team Titles been defended? Why do I need to keep defending Titles when no one can get the damn job done and take them off us. The last 2 defenses I have had were against who?”

He does a brief pause.

“Oh, that’s right. It was against the two of you losers and guess what? Even though neither of you has done a damn thing to earn a Title shot, I gave you another one. Because you lost twice against us and then lost to Jess and Mills. A team that hasn’t teamed together in like 10 years. While Jess and I hasn’t teamed together in a few years, we train. We train at least 3 days a week and while you might not realize it. We are a fine oiled machine and will come out of TLC as Champions just like we walked in as.”

He turns towards the camera now looking deep into it like he is trying to look into the soul of each and every person that is watching this.

“We picked this match and made sure that we can finally bathe in the blood from the two of you. I want to watch you bleed, and when Jessica and I have our hands raised victorious I will laugh as I look at the blood the two of you have spilt. When you realize that not only did you two fail to win the Titles. Also thinking about how much blood I took from you. I will take your dreams, your spirit, your blood and if I can manage. Your soul. I want to make you suffer amounts of pain that you never felt before. I want to make sure that neither of you ever think about trying to come for our Titles ever again. Face it, the only person out of your entire camp that has ever beaten me is Brian Brewster. And he isn’t about to show his face around here again. Because he knows that he couldn’t do it again.”

Jessica walks into the room now as she looks at Brian.

“Talk is cheap. I don’t give a damn about anything that the two of you has to say. Come prove it in the ring. Come try and take what is mine. And as for the match after this one. Well, neither of you should care. Because the only thing that should be going through your minds is can you get the job done. Can you beat me? Beat Jess? I doubt that. I am coming for war and when I go for Paige as one half of the Tag Team Champions. We can worry about that match when the time comes. I’m done talking. Jess, I know you want to address these clowns. Have at it girl!”

Jessica adjusted the tag team championship over one shoulder and her International Heavyweight Championship over the other before speaking.

Jessica: I hope those are the super plus, Brian, because these clowns are whining like huge bitches. Let me get this straight. They whine when they AREN’T getting a title shot that they didn’t earn, and they whine when we hand them a shot they didn’t earn? Seriously, do you guys actually want a shot at the gold, or do you just want to complain about not being the champions? You guys are stuck so far back in the past. I want to let you know a few things that should be obvious. For starters, this is not fucking FTWO.

Yeah, I know FTWO folded into SCW back in the day. Hell, I was scheduled to appear in FTWO at what would have been their last event! But that is in the past. This is SCW, dammit, so every time you two bring up FTWO, it becomes more and more clear that you’re stuck holding onto some old glory. I am an 18 time World Champion. Do you see me dropping organization names every time I open my mouth? Seriously, I can’t remember the last time either of you cut a promo without mentioning FT fucking WO. Bury it and let it stay dead. Focus on where you are now, because nobody cares who was FTWO TransAtlantic champion 10 years ago, nor do they care who was FTWO Alternative Champion.

Emily, you’re on your way to being SCW Alternative Champion for 500 days. A feat that nobody in SCW, myself included, has ever managed. I would be a little fucking offended every time Alzy talks about the FTWO Alternative Championship. As the Alternative Division Commissioner, I’m very pleased with how you’ve carried the belt so far, but honestly, I’m starting to feel like you don’t respect it.

Jessica paused for a moment, shaking her held.

Jessica: And Alzy, the last time I remember you actually winning a match was at Survival, damn near a year ago, when you earned a shot at the Alternative and World Heavyweight Championships. And you’re such a damn clown that you fumbled BOTH! You let two rookies beat you in huge title opportunities! There seems to be some confusion as to who you guys will be facing, so let me clear it the fuck up. Hellfire, the tag team of Emily Desmond and Alzy “fuckwit” Hawkshaw, will be challenging the DEA, consisting of Brian Kennedy and Jessica Tendonin, so keep my husbands name out of your mouth.

Alzy, you’ve got a lot of fucking nerve trying to slam on Brian and I for how long it’s been since we teamed together. I’m the Dragon and that’s the Living Legend! It doesn’t matter how long it’s been. I proved that to you at Overdrive 49, when Johnathan Mills and I, who had not teamed together in years, defeated you two sacks of failure. Hell, I thought Mills was dead! You guys want us to believe that you’re so big and bad, but the fact of the matter is, you guys are shit as a unit. At least individually, Emily Desmond is making a name for herself.

At TLC, this BLAKT match is going to change all four of us, I know. It’s going to be painful. It’s going to be bloody. All of us will have scars. Somebody might not walk away. I don’t know who it will be, but one thing I do know is that the DEA are leaving TLC as the SCW Tag Team Champions. And that is something you can count on. You wanted to bring up the Ryders and Feral Destruction?

The Ryders caught Brian and Cam slipping. And then tried to pull a fast one. I remember that shit, because I remember having to hold Urakih off from attacking all three members of Feral Destruction. While they were whining about their rematch, the Ryders went on to win the UCW World Tag Team Championships. Eventually, Feral Destruction whined their way into getting their rematch, on their own terms. I’m starting to see how my partner Brian gets names mixed up so easily. You all whine and whine and whine. It’s like standing in a full nursery when feeding is late and diapers need to be changed.

But make no mistake, Emily and Alzy…you guys may whine like babies and bitches, but we’re going to treat you like you stole something.And when it is all said and done, I don’t want to hear you guys whining for a title shot again until you actually fucking earn one, because this was handed to you. We got tired of your constant bitching, and decided to go on and handle it. But this gold is staying right fucking here. You’re dealing with the former SCW Champion and the former SCW World Heavyweight Champion. We earned our place and our clout. And at the end of TLC, we’re going to earn your respect, because you will either bow before us voluntarily, or we will be you to an inch of your life and force you to KNEEL BEFORE DEA!

The scene faded.

My Mission

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Scene opens with a pan of a hangar that has been converted into an indoor obstacle course. On the far wall, a timer was running, and read 5:22. The camera showed the two or three dozen sets of objects before panning upward. A woman was in the rafters of the hangar, doing chin ups. After finishing a set, the woman let go, and plummeted. Turning in midair into a dive that would make olympic divers proud, the redhead broke the surface of the pool, sending a plume of water into the air. After a few seconds, she surfaced and breaststroke toward the edge of the pool. Climbing out, the woman grabbed towel, wrapping it about herself. A moment later, Jessica Tendonin was standing in front of the camera.

Jessica Tendonin: Larissa, I want to say congratulations, but to be honest…you haven’t done anything warranting praise. Sure, you took down Fury, but let’s be honest…Fury doesn’t seem to be what she once was. When I defeated her a few years ago, it was easily a match to remember. If we went at it today, I wonder if both of us could battle at that level. Then, she got taken to task and defeated by Paige Lewis.

You know, I’ll be the first to admit it; Paige Lewis is where she is because she has earned it, and is that damn good. I’ve faced her myself, and I know what it is like to be in the ring with her. But even still, a veteran like Fury, falling to a rookie like Paige? You defeating Fury after that is…well, not as impressive as it should be, and make no mistake, it should be VERY impressive.

The Paraguayan dropped the towel and took a seat on a bench. Next to her was the SCW International Heavyweight Championship. She picked it up and examined it for a moment.

Jessica Tendonin: I’ve held this championship, the SCW International Heavyweight Championship, for over a year now. When I named this championship, I took it as a chance to help define a new era in SCW. We have a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…why not an International? Sure, in SCW, weight classes are meaningless, but it made sense. I named it in the style of the championship held by Paige Lewis because I knew the power of a name.

390 days and counting, Larissa. That is how long I’ve labored at my mission of raising this championship. During the course of that, I was given an opportunity of a lifetime. I was named challenger for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. The Dragon versus the Black Princess. In what was arguably the most successful pay per view in SCW history, Paige Lewis and I did battle. I did one no man or woman had done before, and have done since. I defeated Paige Lewis. For 77 beautiful days, I was the SCW World Heavyweight Champion, and the SCW International Heavyweight Champion.

Alas, Paige Lewis, as I said, is where she is because she earned it. She got her rematch and took back the coveted prize. So, you are wrong, I am not the current world champion. Perhaps one day I’ll have the honor again, but for now, my mission is to elevate this international championship. And I can’t do that by letting you take it from me. You say I don’t give my opponents props, but you’ve literally done nothing of note. You won a one match, one match, that catapulted you to my doorstep.

Jessica set the championship down and stood up, grabbing a jump rope. After finding her stride, she continued speaking as the rope blurred in a circle around her.

Jessica Tendonin: Larissa, you’ve got heart. I can give you that. There once was a young lady, beautiful on the eyes, wide be her own, full of potential, but lacking in craft. She had heart, though, and eventually, someone took her under their wing, and trained her. I didn’t roll out of bed on my 18th birthday and become one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. I had to work for it. I had to work twice as hard as the men, because I’m a woman. I had to work thrice as hard because I’m latina. I had to work four times as hard because I was good looking.

But, I did it. I have achieved things in this business that might not even be possible anymore. The people in the beginning who looked down on my telling me no are the same people emailing me begging for an appearance at their local, failing business. I’m 35 years old, Larissa. I won’t live forever, and I certainly won’t be wrestling forever. But, I’ve got a hell of a lot of fight left in me, and I’m going to work my ass off to stay on top of my game.

What I won’t do, however, is belittle you the way I was when I was your age, and younger, just starting out. I’m not going to tell you that you’ll never be championship material, or that you won’t make it, or that you should pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry. I won’t tell you that wrestling isn’t for pretty girls. A few minutes ago, I said you’ve only won a single match. Well, here’s the thing. You don’t have to win them all. You only have to win the ones that matter. Pinning Fury mattered. Stepping in the ring with me and taking my championship matters.

She stopped jumping rope now and sat on the bench again, doing a few breathing exercises. After a moment, she began speaking again.

Jessica Tendonin: Larissa, my resume speaks for itself. We’ll facing off in a TLC match. I’ve been involved in some of the most talked about ladder matches in SCW history. I’ve never lost one here.I don’t plan on doing it now. My mission means a lot to me, and I will not falter before someone still finding their way in this industry. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. I don’t care how many tables I have to put you through, or how many chairs I have to snap over your body. My goal is simple, and my path is clear. I must leave TLC as the International Champion. And I will. Your moment will not happen at TLC, Larissa.

The scene faded now as Jessica took a long swallow from a water bottle.

Beat Me

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“Firestorm” Johnathan Mills watches the arena where the XCW last show was. The audience had already left and the talent had begun to leave. Johnathan shifts his position with a grunt as he has been watching for the better part of an hour. His smart phone rings with a text from Jessica Tendonin to remind him that he should train for his upcoming title match against Emily Desmond.

Johnathan brings up the voice message recording to send a message back.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: I’m not going to be able to make it in time to train. I am about to have a word with Gabriel Tuck about the location of my father. I’ll see you at the arena. Thanks for checking in on me.

Johnathan sends the message and watches as Gabriel Tuck walks out of the arena with beer in hand. He takes a long swig of the beer before casting it against the outside wall of the arena. He sits on the back of his motorcycle and is about to start it when he notices a pile of sugar on top of the gas tank. He brings out his cell phone and quickly dials it.

GABRIEL TUCK: Which one of you fucking clowns poured sugar on my bike? The gas tank locks, you nimrods! I’m heading back to camp once I clean this shit off.

Johnathan Mills stands up, taking off at full speed toward the motorcycle as Gabriel kickstarts it. Gabriel only has the time to look in Johnathan’s direction before being speared off of the bike.

Both men roll to their feet, Gabriel reaching for his heavy revolver that’s not in its holster. Johnathan strikes him with an elbow to the jaw.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Where’s my father?

Gabriel backsteps away from a second elbow strike, glancing for where his gun might be.

GABRIEL TUCK: I don’t know who the fuck you are to know where your daddy fucking is!

A quick backflip kick to the chest later, Johnathan picks the gun up off of the ground, and points it at Gabriel.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: My name is Johnathan Mills! My father is Thomas Mills or Troy Adkins.

Gabriel keeps his hands out so that Johnathan can see them while he keeps his eyes on the gun pointed at him.

GABRIEL TUCK: Johnathan Mills? You’re dead.

Johnathan points the gun over Gabriel’s shoulder and takes a shot that Gabriel ducks to avoid.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Do I look dead to you? Where is my father?

Gabriel sighs, slowly reaching into a pocket to bring out a pack of cigarettes. He takes one out and lights it, putting the rest back.

GABRIEL TUCK: Why would I let a dead man know where his father is? What’s in it for me?

JOHNATHAN MILLS: I let you live?



GABRIEL TUCK: Let’s go into the arena. They haven’t taken the ring down yet. Beat me in the ring and I’ll tell you where your father is. It’s wrestling sense.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: I suppose that does make sense and would be good training for my own upcoming match.

GABRIEL TUCK: See? Good all around.

Johnathan motions toward the door with the gun.


Ten minutes later, Gabriel Tuck and Johnathan Mills are in the ring with a borrowed XCW referee.

Johnathan begins the match going for another elbow strike, but Gabriel sidesteps it and smashes Johnathan in the mouth with a right hand. He goes for another one and another, driving Johnathan back to the ropes.

Johnathan grabs the ropes, backflip kicking Gabriel in the jaw to stun him, and skins the cat to get back into the ring. Johnathan locks in a side headlock, going for a headlock driver, but Gabriel shoves him chest first into the ropes. He hits a quick back suplex on the rebound, bridging for the pinfall.






Thre-Johnathan kicks out!

Gabriel kneels up, going for another right hand, but Johnathan rolls out of the way so that Gabriel strikes the mat instead. Johnathan jumps to his feet, roundhouse kicking Gabriel in the head to send him flying backwards to the mat.

Johnathan hits a standing moonsault, hooking a leg for the pinfall.




Tw-Gabriel kicks out!

Johnathan rolls to his feet, watching as Gabriel stands up. Johnathan grabs Gabriel, whipping him into the ropes. He runs at the corner as Gabriel comes back, leaping into the corner, springboarding into a spear that takes Gabriel down! Johnathan goes for the quick pinfall.







Johnathan kneels up, patting Gabriel on the shoulder.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: You lost. Pay up.

Gabriel sits up with a growl.

GABRIEL TUCK: You got lucky.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: I know, but I still won. Where is my father?

GABRIEL TUCK: On the black ship of Armand von Krauss where he has been used as a bargaining chip. Once Armand knows that you are alive, you will be used as well.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Not if Armand doesn’t find out that I’m alive.

Gabriel looks at Johnathan for a moment and begins to laugh.

GABRIEL TUCK: You ain’t got it in you.

Johnathan sighs, knowing that Gabriel is right. He doesn’t want to be the super villain anymore. He drives his elbow into Gabriel’s temple, knocking him out.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: The black ship of Armand, but since I have a handy person. Yo, ref? You wanna record this for me?

Johnathan hands the XCW ref his cell phone so that he can record a video promo.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Emily Desmond, you think that you’re going to be keeping that championship belt. You are not. I’m going to be taking that title off of you. I’m going to be going home as champion. I’m going to be going on to free my father.

Johnathan makes a cutting motion and gets his phone back from the ref. He posts the video and sighs. He has seen the black ship of Armand hanging in the sky like an omen of death. A great airship that shouldn’t even be in the sky, but it flies with the greatest of ease.

It’ll be crazy hard to break into a mobile fortress and break out with his father, but Johnathan has done worse.


An Autumn Night in Savannah-Part 2

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Off Camera


Alzy Hawkshaw gets out of his rental car, a black Mustang with plenty of horsepower, and he looks up at the house which belongs to none other than his sister Lynn Brewster. It had been a very long time since Alzy had been there, the last time being when he was in FTWO and she had been general manager of it. There had been some harsh words then, but it was Alzy’s fault as he let a knee injury nearly turn into an addiction problem. Lynn had been the one to keep him from going down that road. It was during that time that they realized that Alzy’s father……was actually Lynn’s father that they were siblings, and that discovery had strained their friendship. NowAlzy is back, this time being invited by Emily, who has just pulled up behind him. She gets out of the car and walks over to him, looking up to see if she can see what he does. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary Emily points her head towards the house.


Emily: Um you want to go in, or just sit here and admire the lawn?


Alzy: Yeah, I’m just…..last time I was here….


Emily: And that was what? 7 or 8 years ago? My mom doesn’t carry ordinary grudges that long. Plus she’s off in Africa doing another show. So it’s just Steve and William, plus Marie. Steve is willing to help us so come on.


Emily goes in the house and the soft lighting of the hallway is there. There is noise coming from the kitchen area and so Emily and Alzy head that way. They find William on a stool reaching across the island, flour all over his face and shirt, happily playing with the bread dough before him. His uncle Steve Brewster is watching the 4 year old boy and then sees Emily and Alzy.


Steve: Hey sorry. Didn’t hear you come in.


Emily: Its ok, not sure you could have heard us above him. Hey squirt.


Michael looks up at his oldest sister, flour on the end of his nose. Emily picks up a kitchen towel and wipes his face off, then gives him a kiss.


Michael: Can I have a hug too?


Emily smiles and takes off her black leather coat, handing it to Alzy and almost instantly gets a couple of arms wrapped around her. Emily looks down and gets Michael back on his stool.


Emily: This mean you’ve missed me?


Michael: Why don’t you visit more? It’s lonely here.


Emily: It can’t be that lonely, you have Marie.


Michael looks at Steve, then back at Emily as if he has a secret that he isn’t sure he can share with her. So instead Steve breaks the news to Emily.


Steve: Marie…….isn’t living here right now.


Emily feels like a knife just stabbed her in the heart.


Emily: Would you mind telling me where she is then.


Steve: She’s living out at the beach with Brian. Her and your mom had a pretty nasty fight about … Dad signed for Marie so that Marie could wrestle.


Emily: Oh I bet that went over great with Mom.


Steve: I think if it had been in a company your mom not just worked for, but was general manager of, she’d been more receptive. They got home from the last show and it broke out into world war three. I thought they would throw punches before it was done. I got them separated and Marie said unless your mom apologized she wasn’t staying in here. So when she was leaving I asked her where she was going and she was going to get a hotel room. I sent her to Brian. Now they’re out there and someone who isn’t as judgmental is keeping an eye on her. Making sure she goes to school, gets homework done, all that. Right now your sister is in…..


Emily: Africa. Yeah I heard. Hell I’ve already seen the video of her match on YouTube. She did pretty damn good for someone who lost. But there is talent there. I told her to wait and not be too anxious but apparently I talked to the wall. By the way what are we making?


Michael: Pizza!! Steve said I can have pepperoni and sausage and olives and…….


Emily: Is there anything you DON’T want?


Michael: No spicy peppers…..oh and no pineapple.


Emily: Don’t let mom here you say that. She loves pineapple on her pizza. Anyway…..can you help us?


Steve: Sure, figure out where and what while I clean up the dough monster here.


Michael: But my pizza!


Steve: I know. Here’s the spoon for the sauce and the toppings. Here….


Steve slides the crust Michael made onto a baking sheet.


Steve: Ok put on your toppings. When you’re done with that go wash up. Make sure you get your face and put on a clean shirt. As soon as I’m done with Emily and Alzy I’ll get it cooking.


Michael: You guys want one?


Steve: It’s up to you. We have plenty of dough.


Emily: Sure. I want….


Michael: Everything but sausage. Alzy?


Alzy: I’ll take everything and that includes sausage.


Michael grins at Alzy, and grabs a ball of dough to make a crust for Emily’s pizza.


Steve: We’ll be in the den when you get done and cleaned up.


Michael nods as he works on the dough. The other three go down to the den, and Emily turns on a couple lamps. Steve looks at them, but seems a bit concerned. Finally Alzy looks at Steve.


Alzy: What? You seem……I don’t know, I can’t nail it.


Steve: What’s pretty much how I feel and I don’t know why. Everything looks to be fine. Maybe it’s this whole thing with Marie and your mom.


Emily: Who are you fooling? It’s precisely that. Look I love mom, and I know she loves me but Marie has always been….a bit more her favorite than me, and I get it. Marie’s dad……


Emily looks at Alzy.


Emily: You ever meet Ron?


Alzy: Ron? As in Ron Caedes, known also as Karnij? Yep, ran into him a few times. Seems ok.


Steve: As long as you’re not on his bad side. Which Lynn was one of those areas you better be ready for a war if you cross her. I would bet money that if he knows that Marie is wrestling….there will be hell to pay if anyone hurts her. Anyway you two need to freshen up or anything while I get on the Pillsbury dough boy in there? I’ll be right back.


Emily looks at Alzy, who looks almost a different level of intensity.


Emily: Look, I KNOW we can do this. I’m just saying that those two brought up some things that I think we can use to our advantage this time out.


Alzy: I hope so Emily. I feel like I’ve let you down although the crack about me holding back…..good thing he’s facing you and not me.


Emily: Well let’s focus on DEA and then see what happens.


On Camera


The camera opens to show Alzy Hawkshaw and Emily Desmond sitting in the home of Emily’s mom, Lynn Brewster. Emily is sitting in an overstuffed chair, dressed in jeans and a light purple silk shirt that shimmers in the light, her dark hair loose. Alzy is also wearing jeans and is wearing a dark purple button down shirt, his hair back in a neat ponytail.


Emily: So here we are at TLC 2018 and we have a chance to capture something that has alluded us for some unknown reason, and that is the SCW Tag Team titles, held by DEA.


Alzy: You know I find it ironic that people say that we’re using the “Freebird rule” when we are nowhere near it. If you mean that Emily’s father Chris is considered part of our merry little band, that part is true.


Emily: However he does so as a manager, nothing else. He won’t get in the ring again unless directly provoked. But when it comes to the team don’t think “oh we might get Chris” because you won’t. You get the two of us, and we are tired of fighting against a system that when we want to use it, people whine and complain and refuse to listen to our requests for a shot at the title but happily employ iu when it makes their plans work.


Alzy: Case and point. DEA, the team of Kennedy and Lucius Tendonin. Amazing that you are defending the titles because everywhere it says that Brian Kennedy and REQUIEM are the champions. Please, I have no hate towards Requiem. Life reared its ugly head and he had to deal with his private life, and know that I have the greatest regards for what he did by stepping aside, and I hope for the very best outcome for his family.


Emily: But see a few years ago when it was these two guys that Lucius knows, the Ryders, held the titles and it took MONTHS for Feral Destruction to get a rematch because it wasn’t going to be Cam Davitt and Brian Brewster asking for the rematch, but instead of Brian it was Lynn, who had stepped aside because she was pregnant, that would be in the match. Management fought tooth and nail against letting Lynn in that match, but finally they caved and look what happened…Feral Destruction became champions.



Alzy: But we aren’t asking for such a thing. Yes the name of the group stayed the same, it stayed Hellfire, just the cast has changed slightly. I don’t know where people get off saying that we’re switching around the team depending on how it suits us. Well no, it’s that Chris wanted to retire from active wrestling, he wanted to manage which is something he’s very good at, and they asked me to join. Story ends there because I joined.


Emily: So I think we’ve cleared up the “original tag team partner”. See the team we faced of Jessica Tendonin and Johnathan Mills said that we claimed we were the only ones who could the rule. I’d love to know when we EVER said that, because we didn’t.


Alzy: And then people have decided on their own that I’m bitter because of my losses. I love knowing what I think, which could be further from the truth. Yes I lost to Paige Lewis, but it’s not like I’m the only one she has beaten. But I think even Paige would tell you that I put a great deal into that match, and if she ever offered me a rematch, I would take it.


Emily: And don’t forget that apparently I think you’re holding us back, holding me back.


Alzy: And again, another person saying they know what happened when I faced you.


Emily: Ah yes….that you held back and purposely lost the match. You know, as the person who was on the opposite end of that rainbow, for someone who supposedly held back, I was pretty stiff and sore the next morning from the match we had.


Alzy: That’s because I didn’t hold back. Hell I was nervous going into that match because I know your trainer, perhaps better than anyone besides Lynn, and I know you learned from him, and you’ve learned it well. I would hope though, just like I hope if I ever get a rematch with Paige, that you know I’m bringing all I can to the match, and I defiantly wouldn’t be held back.


Emily: You know, one thing I found extremely interesting, and you may thank Chris for planting the seed in my mind. How long has it been since the tag titles were defended? I mean, the layer of dust on them has to be incredible because you see Kennedy, no one nagged you, said you had to find a partner to defend them. Hell going back to what happen to Lynn and Cam, I could throw a bloody fit right here and now and cry and kick my feet and be a bitch about how it says the champions was Empire, and suddenly overnight, without any match to seal it, DEA is the champion. Well DEA never WON the championship. At least with Feral Destruction, you knew going in who all three members are. But no, Kennedy is allowed to pick a person at random and sign them up as your tag partner.


Alzy: That’s pretty damn ballsy of you. I know if we tried anything remotely similar you would whine and cry, and then do anything you could to make sure we don’t get that title shot. Saying things like we didn’t earn them or…’s my favorite, we didn’t lose them, a different team did. Yes I realize we haven’t been able to say that just yet, but think about it. At least when Lynn wanted back, and this was after returning after having a child, I know the fits that management threw. Finally you caved to quiet her, and she turned around and won the titles.


Emily: See Lynn was honestly and above board with her desire. Empire….DEA….whoever you are now, you are like “well we’re using this rule too”. Great, wonderful, but you can’t keep the team name the same and that is the largest act of cowardice in my eyes.


Alzy: So try and plant all the dissention that you want, say that one of us is holding back from the other, whatever makes sense in those little pea sized brains you guys have. Oh and by the way I hope you stop and think Kennedy, you have a chance to take on and defeat Paige. A rested, in shape Brian Kennedy maybe…..MAYBE would have a chance to beat Paige, but facing her after your match with us? Do you give your all to our match, and then not have much left for your match with Paige, or…..


Emily: Do you hold back, and cost yourself one, if not both titles.


Alzy: We know where we stand. In fact Emily is in a very similar predicament as you Kennedy.


Emily: And I’m bringing all I have plus some for my matches. So see boys we have things under control, running as smooth as can be.


Alzy: While you two haven’t had a match as partners for so long……


Emily: The dust on my shelves is getting pretty thick.


Alzy: You know there is one thing though…..I wonder…..


Emily looks up at him, wondering what is on his mind.


Alzy: If Lynn came back and teamed with you, could the tag titles go from being held by Hellfire to Feral Destruction without any match?


Emily: I highly doubt that. We would probably have to vacate the title, then there be a tournament where Lynn and I would have to beat all the other tag teams and THEN we could say the name of the team is Feral Destruction. Too bad others don’t have to follow the same protocol.


Alzy: Protocol or not, we are the team that wants to be the SCW Tag Team champions.


Emily: We’re the team that should be the tag team champions.


Alzy: And at TLC we will be the team….that are the champions.


Camera fades to black.

An Autumn Night in Savannah-Part 1

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The camera opens on the square in downtown Savannah, Georgia, the city where Emily’s mom resides. She’s sitting on a bench by the fountain that is going. Fall has finally arrived in Savannah as the trees were changing colors, the end of another summer behind them. Emily looks a bit concerned, but a bit pissed about something. If it’s something in her personal life we’ll never know exactly because she’s very focused on her match against Mills.


Emily: Johnathan Mills. I expected something, anything, from you telling me how it was time for my reign to end, maybe something saying I was lucky to get this far, and who knows what else but instead I get more noise from the static on my television set than I am hearing from you. See Johnathan I could sit here and cry about our last meeting, about how you and Jessica beat Alzy and me but there are two factors right there that made the outcome of the match to not have much to do with the one we have before us. I’ll address my other opponents here after while but for now I want to talk to one person and that’s Johnathan.


I’ve noticed something and that is you seem to think you can just waltz in here, somehow get a shot at the Alternative title and that’s it. But you have no idea who you’re facing because if you are basing our match on the only other time we’ve faced each other…..Mills you have no idea who you are really facing.


Emily straightens up, putting her upper arm strength in her palms that are pressed into the bench.


See I must admit, and admit to my partner, that my focus was a bit off, that I was allowing some personal situations to be in control of my mind and instead of you, I was thinking about that. Allowing Alzy to take more of the heat than I probably should of. But then it was a tag match, and well this time around….it’s simple. It’s you and me.


When I knew I was getting you for an opponent I seriously thought about what type of match I would want. It’s one of the perks of the title, you can name anything you want. Oh management doesn’t always go along with it, so we won’t have say…..a Pit of Decimation, a scaffold match over a tank full of sharks, you know….REALLY dangerous stuff. So I do have to keep it a smidge on the safe side but that doesn’t mean I can’t pull some good ones out of my bag. Chairs and Chains? Did you see that Mills? I almost thought of doing that one again but it was a bit too tame. Seeing I’ve had this title since June of 2017 and I’ve defeated some of the best this company has. I beat Priest not once, but twice. First time was HIS choice, as he was the champion, and he chose an I Quit match. Yep I made big, bad, scary Priest yell I quit, two words that sounded like angels singing because I became the Alternative champion at the age of 19 years old. An admirable feat for someone so young, and many thought though that my youth would be my downfall. But I think that I’ve proven that age is just a number because look at the very next show when I defeated Priest yet again, this time in my choosing of a street fight, which means he had a lot to work with and use to defeat me, but he failed.


I took on a man who….well I’ll be facing at TLC, that man is Brian Kennedy. You know, former SCW World champion, a man who….well I could get into a lot of things about the tag titles, but that’s for later this evening. But I faced himself myself, one on one, in a ladder match and the outcome? Yep I stayed champion. Hell at Survival 2017 I took on not one, but two competitors in a Falls Count Anywhere match, again a match that brings a lot of things into it, but Tuck and Corso couldn’t stop me.


Emily sits more squarely on the bench and dusts her hands off for a second.


I even took on family, took on….my tag partner. Trust me, not the easiest thing in the world, to look across the ring and see a man who you also see at family dinners. I faced someone who has the history I do when it comes to family, but as I said that didn’t stand in the way. I defeated even him.


And that brings me to the next one on the list, and that’s you Mills. Last time, as I’ve said earlier, there were factors that were….well I think we can both agree factors beyond our control. Oh please know I’m not taking anything from Jessica, she’s a fine wrestler, as is Alzy, but their actions, and their moves were theirs and not ours. So I don’t feel the match was a true representation of who I am, of what I can do. But looking back I noticed something. You referred to yourself in the third person. Interesting concept but I can’t go around saying “Emily did this” without sounding like some savant who can tell you what day of the week September 29, 1013 was. I do remember how you talked about how my partner was holding me back. I don’t see how except that I haven’t been given something I would love to have, and that’s a shot at the World title. But I’m a very patient person, and I’ll wait my turn. Eventually Mr. Walker will look around and realize that hey, look who has stood the test of time and not run off to try my hand at another fed. I’ve been tempted but I’m loyal to SCW, which honestly Mills is perhaps more than I can say of you. I mean you came into SCW and I’ve looked, I’ve researched, went through old shows and ……Mills do you really think because you beat them on your own that makes you hot shit? Vero Rodriguez? Where is she now? She’s become a ghost as has Jacina, not that Jacina was ever that good, sort of just kept around so she wasn’t homeless.


Emily stands up and starts to walk around the fountain, as dusk has come and night is falling, the lights have come on, illuminating the sparkling water, the splashes seeming to be loud. Emily has on a long, black coat and she sticks her hands in the pocket as she walks around, thinking before she stops and shares her thoughts.


Brian Kennedy? He …..I get to face him the same night as I face you, but one on one I’ve faced him as well, I beat him and I know you beat him as well. Paige has beaten him a couple times, and yet she’s giving him one more chance. So seriously looking at your SCW wins and losses, yes you’ve won, you’re basically undefeated, but it’s the list of who you’ve been against that makes a person stop and wonder. I look at those records and I laugh, mainly because I’ve either beaten or could beat any of those very people.


Emily stops and looks at the fountain, the light playing off the water, as she thinks.


You know Mills you once told me to be careful because I’m on Paige’s radar. While I appreciate the concern I would think you’d be more focused on what’s about to happen over what is in my future. Because I’m keeping what I know of my future in the back corners of my mind, and keeping what is the most important, here and now, and that is beating you Mills. I remember what you said, which was that you wished I had saved the submissions match for you. If that is supposed to scare me, keep trying. I was trained by a man who is KNOWN for his extreme talent in submissions. I know how to do a great many of them and honestly I feel confident I could beat you with a submissions move.


Emily appears deep in thought for a moment.


When you last spoke up, it was 460 days as the Alternative champion. As of this moment, here and now, its 480 days, days that I wake up wondering what’s next, or who’s next. Who will they put in the ring to see if I can be defeated and this coming weekend it was just be shy of 490 days……nearly 500 days. That’s impressive not just here, not just in the old SCW, but even back in the days of HVW and FTWO. In fact the person who taught me held his title for 3 ½ YEARS, taking on everyone that came along, and taking them down one by one. So I’m learning quite a bit about being a champion with staying power, something that not just anyone can say they’ve done. I want to be that person, that wrestler that management can count on,, know that I’m reliable, and know when they say I’m appearing at this show or that, in whatever city in the world, that I’m there for them, and for the fans. As for you Mills I’ll add your name to my list and I have a feeling that because you lost to me, you’ll just fade into the background, be one of those “remember when……” and then it will be painful because people will try to remember you, and they will fail.


So Johnathan Mills I hope you’re ready to be added to the list of “well he tried” because I’m ready to take you on, take you into a cage with weapons around, and use them to beat some sense into you. Sense that you seem to not have an ounce of. This will be fun, and I will get the job done, and I will….quite simply….


Remain the Alternative champion.


Emily walks off towards the street, light reflecting off her black coat as she gets further away near the street.

Heroes and Pestilance

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Standing in a dimly lit room, Priest is seen with his down. Dressed in his signature black attire, Priest keeps his head down he begins to speak.


As a child, I wanted nothing more than to be powerful like the heroes I saw on my television. I would sit for hours studying their every move. Their every gesture. The way they handled themselves. I studied everything. I worked for years and it never came to where I wanted it to be.

Shaking head in disgust, Priest continues.


Oh I did my best to emulate them but what it came to was that I needed to be my own person. I needed to create my own persona. So I did that and guess what? I have a career full of accomplishments and quite frankly, no one can take that away from me.

Lifting his head up, Priest’s eyes begin to widen as he continues.


Rich, I heard what you had to say and I must say you amuse me. You amuse me because you act like you’ve done something good with your career. The fact is, you were always a slacker and you won that North American on a fluke. Yeah I know you beat Jessie Osuwu for it, but looking at some footage, you never broke a sweat. It looked like a god damn sparring session than a championship match. You? A champion? Give me a fucking break.

Taking a cigarette from a nearby table, Priest lights it up a takes a long drag. Blowing out a smoke ring, he let’s out a sigh before continuing.


Rich, when the SOD formed, it was supposed to be a group of people getting their voices heard.  I was loyal to the group because it stood for something.  You were supposed to be the crown jewel of the group but what happened?  You failed miserably.  I brought your asses to the very top but you couldn’t stay there because of your greed.  So tell me.  What happened?  You guys became a laughing stock of every federation we were in because who was the one guy that the fans wanted to see.  It was me.  They wanted to see me because I had all the tools to be a superstar.  You?  You were just a pawn waiting to be exposed and I hate to break it to you but I got sick of carrying your asses for so many years.  You mother fuckers were the reason I was always held back and you tried to take to the spotlight from me every chance you got.  Did you succeed?  Hell no you didn’t because I’m still standing here.

Taking another drag, Priest continues.


Mr.  Walker wanted me to return because he knew I could put an to your bullshit and not it has finally come.  You say you’re a fighting champion?  I say you’re a chump.  You were never destined for anything but failure and when we meet  at TLC, I’m going to expose you as the farce that you truly are.  You’ve never been tested fully, Rich.  But I’m going to do that.  I’m going to take you places you’ve never been.  I’m going to show you brutality like you’ve never seen before.  When it’s over, I will be standing over your fallen carcuss as the next SCW North American Champion.  So bring everything you have son.  Because the only thing you’ll be tasting is a table courtesy of yours truly.  See you in hell, boy.

Laughing Priest turns out the light as the scene fades to black.

Larissa RP #2

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Scene 1:

Larissa could be seen, as usual, sporting everything in red, from her glasses, down to her red miniskirt and red shoes. She sported a red and gold Chinese flag top, as she was after all, Chinese and just wanted to recognize her upbringing in Shanghai. As she spoke, her red hair was flipped back. She also had a pair of red Nike’s on with gold streaks on the sides of the shoe.

Larissa: Jessica Tendonin. While you have had an excellent career, the fact is that someone needs to come in and take your ego down a peg. You brag all the time about beating people. And while you’ve beaten some of the best, and are the current world champion, you’ve never defeated me. And you won’t. The fact is that you haven’t an idea what to expect from me, and honestly, that’s how it should be.

She was standing on what used to be the Rolling Acres mall in Ohio. Why? Because she had an interest in abandoned malls and was standing on it’s inside, right where the fountain used to be. As she walks towards one of the old store structures, she speaks.

Larissa: The fact is that you constantly crow about achievements instead of giving the opponent props. Like with me, how I won this shot last show, you’ll probably overlook it and tell me I don’t deserve this shot as I’ve done nothing to deserve it. Well, Mr. Walker must think otherwise, as he has granted me this shot based on a win gained on the last show.

She would then walk the mall, taking in what it looked like now, and what she had seen in videos. She wanted to do her promo here for a change of pace instead of in her second home in Garfield Heights, which she had moved to recently, to Americanize herself. But the fact was that Shanghai was going downhill and she needed to get away for good. But anyway, the mall looked like something out of  “The Last of Us”. The floors had been ripped out, exposing concrete, and the ceiling which was once glass, had bullet holes in it, from the teen gangs that had previously been here years ago. The mall had been abandoned in 2008 and since then had not been used for anything since then and she thought it would be a good place to promo, as she was new to the area and wanted to explore the area she was now living in.

Larissa: See, unlike you, I’m a very humble person. I don’t like to brag about achievements but instead build on them. And this match will be my way of doing that. You see, while  yes, I am a huge underdog in this match, it’s where I love being. I feel I do my best work when my back is against the wall. But the thing is, this is a huge challenge for me. I look forward to the challenge and I wish you luck, Jessica.

She would then walk down the mall’s main hall and see another former store, that looked like it could have been a former video store in the mall. She looks up at the former sign, and reads it as “Sam Goody.” She was still new to America and wasn’t really that knowledgeable about them. But somehow, she wanted to use some of her money to buy the property and revive this mall. But she wasn’t sure it was worth it.

Larissa: But the other side of this is that I love a good challenge. I welcome your best shot. But it will not be enough as I plan to walk out as the new Champion and then well, I’ll win the title then go from there. I am not overlooking you Jessica. I know how great you are. Believe me, we all know and we’re honestly tired of hearing it. People have tried to take you down a peg, and I’m going to be the one to actually achieve it. So be ready. Because you have met your match, come TLC. Mark my words.

This was because of the mall’s past.Formally, it had been the home of a fistfight in 1991, and 20 years later, both a death and a murder in 2012, and a suicide, in 2016 occured as well as some shady ownership once the mall was closed, speifically Premier Ventures, which she didn’t know enough about to say anything about it. The scene then fades away.

Scene 2: Buying Rolling Acres Mall

Larissa was now in a meeting with the city of Akron, offering to buy the former Rolling Acres Mall, in an attempt to modernize and revive the mall. The mayor was there, representing the city, speaking to Larissa about her venture. Let’s listen in.


Mayor Quimby: Ms. Kim, thank you for coming. We are excited that you are wanting to buy the mall and land around it. But it’s been sitting there for near ten years, empty. It will be ten years on Halloween. So what made you interested in purchasing the property from us?

Larissa sported a red suit, as red was her favorite color, along with her trademark red glasses and lipstick in red, as well as red heels. As she flips her hair back, she smiles, offering a handshake, which the mayor would accept. She then sits, as does the mayor, as they continued to speak.

Larissa: Call me Larissa. Anyway, I just moved here from China, and after doing my research, I believe this mall could do well with some upgrades and new stores. I believe that once this mall is renovated, and has an owner that knows what she’s doing, as let’s face it. Premier Ventures isn’t doing anything for this mall. I can do better and have the money to privately finance the mall. I’d like to do that.

Mayor Quimby would then smile back at her. He realized how cute and smart she was, but he was already married so he ignored those feelings. As he thought of what to say, he would then stroke his chin, then speak.

Mayor Quimby: Well, first off, welcome to America, and to Cleveland. I definently agree with Premier Ventures needing to be ousted and I’m willing to sell you the deed to the mall. But before I make it official, I’d like to hear what changes you plan to make to the mall. Proceed.

Mayor Quimby’s office was a fine one. The walls were encased in great masonry style tiles, along with a cherry oak desk and a hardwood floor. He had pictures of his family and friends, as well as pictures of other places he had owned in the past, being a former businessman.

Larissa: First off, this mall needs a huge remodel. It looks horrid right now. We need to fix the skylights and get a viable power source. I think new escalators could be a benefit. Before we do that though, we also need to consider what type of flooring to use. I say we keep the concrete. I’ve seen other shops do that and it’s easier to keep clean. We wouldn’t need to rip out anything if we end up using concrete. As for new stores, I do want to see another Target in the mall, possibly in it’s old anchor position. With Penney’s gone for good, there’s no getting them back. We could attempt to get FYE or some sort of similar shop. I will handle the merchandise part of this. As for renovations, a lot needs to be done. I’ll get going on that as soon as I get the deed. We can even keep the Rolling Acres name if possible, which I’m sure it is.

Larissa then takes a breath as she looks down at her attire. She then looks back up as the mayor was thinking of what to say. As he speaks, she wonders what he will say, as she slips up her glasses and pushes her red hair back. She loved the fact that she could have her first business soon enough, and possibly wanted to have her own store in the mall, but hadn’t thought of what yet. But that would come soon enough.

Mayor Quimby: It is nice to see a buyer has plans for the mall. Premier sure didn’t. But I am onboard with your plans, Ms. Kim, and would like to sell you the deed. Since the mall isn’t in good shape, how is say…75,000?

Larissa would then shake his hand, signaling that a deal had been made. She felt that with the condition the mall was in right now, that this price would be a good one to pay and she wanted to make sure it did not fall through as she felt this mall deserved a second chance at life and this was the start of that second chance. She hoped it would be as successful as it had been previously.

Larissa: That is acceptable. I will need your routing number, as I will move the money to your account. I will be taking that deed now. By the way, store wise, with me as owner, I would love to see some local businesses move in. Over in the food court, how bout some legit restaurants, like Chili’s or Wendy’s?

Mayor Quimby would smile at this. He thought that Larissa’s ideas were great but needed fleshing out, but first needed to focus on renovations. But at least she was very ambitious and had a lot of great ideas for the new version of Rolling Acres mall and he felt that she was the right person for the job of mall owner.

Mayor: We will talk about stores in our meeting once the mall is renovated. We are going to be doing that all month long. So I will see you next week, Larissa, when we will hire the contractors to do the renovations. It should be ready to open by Halloween of this year at the least. Congrats and good luck as the owner of the mall.

He stated, shaking her hand. She would then look over the mall as he walked off, handing her the keys to the mall and all the stores. She could now do as she pleased with Rolling Acres Mall as she owned it. But she had to think of what to bring in to revive the mall. The scene then fades off.


So now, Larissa had herself an old mall. She would now head home and begin contacting retailers. She did not have anyone yet, but would soon, if she had her way. But this mall would soon flourish again, as it did in the 80s and 90s. But that would take some time. The scene then fades away.

Rich’s Response

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Scene 1: Rich’s Response

Rich could be seen, standing in his game room. But for once, he wasn’t playing anything. Instead, he was live streaming his promo on Youtube and Twitch. As he speaks, he smirks a bit.


Rich Anderson: Priest. For the past few years, you’ve been a thorn in SOD’s side. And honestly, it feels like anytime you lose you bitch about screwjobs and leave the fed. Me on the other hand? I’ve busted my ass to get out of my wife’s shadow, and I feel I’ve done that with this title. The one place my wife never won a title, I now have. What have you done since your return?

He would then get even more fired up. He was wearing a Hartford Whalers throwback jersey along with a pair of camo shorts and his Chuck Taylors. But since he wasn’t in the ring, he sported a pair of black glasses as well. He stood in a room holding what seemed like every game and console ever, but really, he only had eight consoles, ranging from the Magnavox Odyssey 2, and six games, that he had owned, well this particular one, for two years, which he found at Retropalooza Houston two years ago, but his first one had been given to him by his parents, but sadly was sold off in the 90s by his dad.

He also held near every Sega console, minus the Dreamcast and Game Gear, near every Nintendo console, minus the Gamecube, Wii and Wii U, but he was not interested in the latter two, as to him, they did not fit his retro collection, nor his modern side. He also owned near every Sony console, only missing the PS1, and near every Xbox, only missing the original, and not caring about the S or the One X, as to him, they weren’t new consoles, only upgrades of the Xbox One. As he speaks, he sighs, then smirks a bit.


Rich: That’s right you attacked me from behind. But you know what? It doesn’t bother me. The reason is, you only attacked from behind because you know you can’t beat me face to face. And decorated champion or not, that’s not a wrestler. That’s a damned coward. But the fact is that you attacked me not only because you’re scared, but you’re jealous. You see, I have something you don’t. A title. And you’re jealous of me for that. But thats fine, because you won’t be taking it from me.


Rich Anderson: Priest, the fact is that all you did by jumping me, was get me even more angry. You see, when I won this title, hell before I won, I promised that you’d have to kill me to get me to drop this title. And you know what? I dare you, no I IMPLORE you to try. Because all that’s going to happen is you’ll lose, call screwjob and leave. But let me tell you that there are no screwjobs. When you lose, it’s because I outwrestled you. And let’s face it. You’re breaking down physically, Priest. You’re too old to be doing in ring work. But you know what, I can help you with that?

He then walks over towards his Sega shelf, noting that he had near every game, but missing just three, notably the superior version of Action 52, and two Sonic games. As he looks up at his complete Atari collection, even to the point of owning all the Atari based PC’s, he smiles, as it made him happy to see how far his collection had come since starting it with the NES, back in 2014. Now in 2018, he had most all the common consoles, and wanted a 3D0. But he also had both versions of the “Classic” console, aka the NES and SNES classic, with the entire rom collection, split between consoles, for each one, that is to say, NES only for the NES classic, and SNES only for the SNES mini. He then continues on.


Rich: Priest, I’m going to put you out of your misery. I’m going to do to you what they did to Old Yeller at the end of the movie. The fact is that your career has gone on far too long and I am about to end it. The fact is that after how many feds you’ve left, you’ve ruined your former reputation and the fact is someone needs to end your career, and I’ll be the one. For anyone you’ve annoyed with constant bitching, I’m going to end your career. This match will be your last and you will live to regret ever coming into contact with me.

Moments later, he was at his favorite shelf, which was his SNES shelf. He owned every game, including the uber expensive ones, like Hagane, which had only been previously available at Blockbuster, as well as Knights of the Round, a Capcom beat em up that was super hard to find. He found it at a flea market in San Antonio, a few years ago, while visiting his friend and student, Erin Stone. She had pointed him to said market, and he found several of his consoles there.


Rich: As for change? Of course I have. I have evolved into a fighting champion. Someone who will never leave a fed, unlike you. You see, Priest, you have ruined your own career by evolving into a 40 plus year old whiny little bitch and I’m going to make sure it ends. But the question is how? And that is your choice. Do you want me to rip your vocal chords out and show them to you, so you can never complain again? If I do that, I’m also going to strangle you with them.  Let’s just say you won’t walk out of the ring under your own power. But you know what? The fact is that not only will you not walk out, you won’t walk out champion. But right now, I got better things to do than talk about a whiny brat, so I’m gonna cut it off here.

The scene then faded away, as Rich had taken down a console to be played. He couldn’t wait to try out everything he had gotten at Retropalooza this year but he thought they’d work, but wanted to make sure, as only once had he ever bought something at Retropalooza that didn’t work, though he fixed it himself, and that being his Commodore 64, which was now complete. The scene then fades.


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The scene opens in a dimly lit room.  A single light bulb gives lit while a black folding chair is facing the opposite direction.  Heavy breathing is heard as apparantly there is someone sitting in the chair.  Swinging the chair around, the person reveals himself as the returning Priest.  Dressed in his signature black attire, Priest has his  head down as begins to speak.


Dreams.  We all them man.  We’ve had them since we were children.  But tell me.  How many of us chase our dreams and how many us just daydream.  That’s an easy one.  All of us man.  Let’s face it.  It’s what fuels us to be better in life.  Without dreams, your purpose on this earth is somewhat bleak.  On the same token, it’s one thing to have a dream, but it’s one thing to live your dream and just ask yourself “what if” for so many years.

So I ask you all a question.

Which one are you?  Are you a daydreamer?  Or are you someone who lives their life to its fullest.  Well for me personally, living your life a quarter mile a day is so much worthwhile.  I say this because you can do whatever you want without repercussions.  That my friends is what you want.  No one wants to live from pay check to pay check and no likes living on a budget.  But sadly, it’s become a way of life for so many of us.  Good people.   Hard working people who want nothing more than to be recognized for their hard work.

Shaking his head, Priest continues.

It’s sad really.  But that’s the way fate made it.

Me?  I’m living my dream to its fullest.  I’m a decorated superstar and I have defeated the best this industry has to offer.  But you may  ask yourself, “Why did you come out of retirement after being gone so long?”    To begin with, I left because I got sick with what this industry has become.  Plus I needed some time to recharge.  I was just waiting for that opportunity to come back.  So there I was sitting at home and I get a call from the COO of SCW.  He asked me how would I like to face someone I’ve known for years.  So I raised an eyebrow, he told me who it was and I agreed to come back.

Rich Anderson.

I’ve known you for a long time and quite frankly you haven’t changed one bit.  You see, when I attacked you a few weeks ago, I knew it would drive you crazy not knowing who was your attacker.  I knew you would give in when the time was right.  The fact is, I played you son and like it or not, you have no one to blame but yourself.  Against a bum you could do well, but against, me?   Well, we both know what will happen, don’t we.

At TLC, you step into the devil’s playground.  A place where nothing but bloodshed can happen.  I’ve been in many wars in my career and I’ve shed more blood than I can remember.  But you know what?  It’s what I live for and after I drive you through a table and take the North American Championship, the fans of the SCW will finally have someone worthwhile to look up to.  The only thing I can say to you is, to make peace with whoever your maker is because when we face off, you go to hell.

Laughing sadisitically, Priest stands up and leaves the room.  As he leaves, his evil laughter can still be heard as the scene fades to black.