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January 2018

5th Title?

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The rumor mill is an ever active entity. Current rumors are quite intriguing, regarding the SCW Championship scene. There are currently several different rumors circulating, and all of them indicate, in one way or another, that there will be a fifth title added to SCW. Some versions of the rumor claim that there will be a type of TV Championship added to the lineup, that would be defended at all regular shows.

Others claim that the new championship, if true, will be another Divisional championship, like the Alternative Championship. Furthermore, there are claims that it may be another regional belt, such as the International Championship. At the moment, there are all rumors, and nothing has been confirmed by SCW staff.

Stay tuned for details.

Returning Superstar?

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SCW Headquarters has recently become aware of a planned return for a former SCW star. The identity is being kept under wraps at the moment, and rumor is that even Mr. Walker isn’t sure who the alleged superstar is. In the nearly 6 year history of the SCW, a great many people have passed through, so it could literally be almost anyone!


Stay tuned for details.

Server Down 1/17/18

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On January 17th, 2018, an issue occurred at Zathyus data center,  and several servers were down because of the issue. Our forum is hosted on one of the effected servers, and thus, for about an hour, was inaccessible.

The initial deadline for SCW Overdrive 42 was on that same day, and the outage ran through it. Thus, there will be no penalties for missing the first deadline.


For more information click here.