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The scene opens in a dimly lit room.  A single light bulb gives lit while a black folding chair is facing the opposite direction.  Heavy breathing is heard as apparantly there is someone sitting in the chair.  Swinging the chair around, the person reveals himself as the returning Priest.  Dressed in his signature black attire, Priest has his  head down as begins to speak.


Dreams.  We all them man.  We’ve had them since we were children.  But tell me.  How many of us chase our dreams and how many us just daydream.  That’s an easy one.  All of us man.  Let’s face it.  It’s what fuels us to be better in life.  Without dreams, your purpose on this earth is somewhat bleak.  On the same token, it’s one thing to have a dream, but it’s one thing to live your dream and just ask yourself “what if” for so many years.

So I ask you all a question.

Which one are you?  Are you a daydreamer?  Or are you someone who lives their life to its fullest.  Well for me personally, living your life a quarter mile a day is so much worthwhile.  I say this because you can do whatever you want without repercussions.  That my friends is what you want.  No one wants to live from pay check to pay check and no likes living on a budget.  But sadly, it’s become a way of life for so many of us.  Good people.   Hard working people who want nothing more than to be recognized for their hard work.

Shaking his head, Priest continues.

It’s sad really.  But that’s the way fate made it.

Me?  I’m living my dream to its fullest.  I’m a decorated superstar and I have defeated the best this industry has to offer.  But you may  ask yourself, “Why did you come out of retirement after being gone so long?”    To begin with, I left because I got sick with what this industry has become.  Plus I needed some time to recharge.  I was just waiting for that opportunity to come back.  So there I was sitting at home and I get a call from the COO of SCW.  He asked me how would I like to face someone I’ve known for years.  So I raised an eyebrow, he told me who it was and I agreed to come back.

Rich Anderson.

I’ve known you for a long time and quite frankly you haven’t changed one bit.  You see, when I attacked you a few weeks ago, I knew it would drive you crazy not knowing who was your attacker.  I knew you would give in when the time was right.  The fact is, I played you son and like it or not, you have no one to blame but yourself.  Against a bum you could do well, but against, me?   Well, we both know what will happen, don’t we.

At TLC, you step into the devil’s playground.  A place where nothing but bloodshed can happen.  I’ve been in many wars in my career and I’ve shed more blood than I can remember.  But you know what?  It’s what I live for and after I drive you through a table and take the North American Championship, the fans of the SCW will finally have someone worthwhile to look up to.  The only thing I can say to you is, to make peace with whoever your maker is because when we face off, you go to hell.

Laughing sadisitically, Priest stands up and leaves the room.  As he leaves, his evil laughter can still be heard as the scene fades to black.

The Reunion

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Strapped into the seat by a five-point harness, the redhead grabbed the handbrake, throwing the Challenger into a wide drift around a corner. The car was powerful, and Jessica hadn’t modded it very much, but it still packed quite a punch for hauling ass through the city. Johnathan had called her to tell her he was in town, if she wanted to get on camera. He was just as strange now as he had been many years ago.

He’d given her GPS coordinates instead of an address. The challenger picked up some traction and began going in a straight line again as Jessica checked her navigation. She was still about a mile out from the location Mills said to meet him. On the radio, Animato by Utada began playing, making her think of Urakih. Her Japanese Dragon hadn’t been around the ring much since giving birth. And, now that she thought about it, she hadn’t seen Candice in a while.

Candice. When Jessica and Johnathan had lost the WECW Tag Team Championship, Jessica had summoned Candice to be her partner, and they would go on to challenge for the belts. That was ages ago now, though. Jessica cruised through a yellow light, pushing about 50MPH. Cleveland Heights wasn’t that busy this time of night. Still, a cruise sped up behind her, and turned on their lights. Jessica ignored them, and kept cruising.

After about a minute, the cop pulled out from behind her and came alongside. Jessica rolled down her window and looked at the cop. Making eye contact, he braked, turned off his lights, and pulled down a side street. Jessica chuckled. Rumor on the street was that her juice had dried up. Greatly exaggerated, those rumors. A few minutes later, she had arrived. It was a Rally’s.

Jessica: What the fuck, Mills.

As she got out of the car, Mills had a man by the collar, and he reached back to smack him.

Johnathan: WHERE IS HE!

Jessica rolled her eyes before pulling Mills away from the frightened man, who stumbled while running up the street.

Jessica: Hey, relax. Did you bring me out here to watch you do Batman impressions, or are we going to cut another promo?

Johnathan: Batman? What the…are you high?

Jessica: Look who’s talking.

Mills shook his head.

Johnathan: Let’s get out of here…

Twenty minutes later, Jessica had driven the pair away, parked, extracted and set up her video equipment. After a final check, they were live. Jessica put the SCW International Championship over her left shoulder as they walked into frame.

Jessica: Do not adjust your television sets, ladies and gentlemen. You’re not looking into some weird time warp. You are indeed seeing Jessica Tendonin and Johnathan Mills teaming up again. We joined forces many years ago, and were relatively successful. But now, we are doing it one more time, for old times sake.

Now, since we’ve cleared up the confusion, I want to address those two who had a lot to say about me and Mills the other day. Hellfire. First of all, I am amused that you guys think you should be the only ones allowed to take advantage of the Freebird rule. Or did you two think we forgot that alzy wasn’t your original tag team partner, Emily Desmond?

I know what your frustration is, though. It’s that you’re both so bitter about your shortcomings. Emily, you’re bitter about failing repeatedly to capture the tag team titles. Alzy, you’re bitter about that AND the fact that you failed to beat Emily AND Paige Lewis. You know what I think, Alzy? I think you’re holding Emily back. I’ve heard rumors that you intentionally lost the match for the Alternative Championship.

I think you’ve got too much integrity to have done that. But, I KNOW Paige Lewis beating you was above board. That little brat, every time she gets in the ring, she proves she is a force to be reckoned with. Hell, she just knocked off Fury.

Jessica nodded appreciatively.

Jessica: Even I have only accomplished that feat once. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any love for her, but what I do have is respect. Her body count might not be that high, but look at who some of her victims are? Hell, even I am among them. As I said, I know your loss to Paige was legit, Alzy. It eats at you, doesn’t it? I know it does, because I’m still bitter about losing the title to her.

And Emily, you too had better be careful, because you’re on Paige’s radar, as well. You’ve seen what she has done. I feel a tad bit of pride saying this, but only I have ever defeated Paige Lewis. And look around, there’s no Duke trying to sell the recipe behind my back.

Mills turned to Jessica, grinning.

Johnathan: Did you just make a Bush’s Baked Beans reference?

Jessica: I did. Now, Hellfire, I’m going to be honest. Mills and I, while we know we can work together, we know this will be a one off thing. But don’t misunderstand. Even if it’s only for one night, we are going to bring the heat.

Johnathan: Cute of them to try to bring in some dissention. My goal is here in SCW, has led me to a shot at the SCW Alternative Championship. Should my goal also bring me before Jessica and her International Championship, I’ll do what it takes to achieve my goal.

Mills put and arms around Jessica’s shoulders, and the pair smiled.

Jessica: And should that day come, partner, hold nothing back. As for myself and the Alternative Championship. In the old SCW, I raised that Championship up, and made this iteration of it mean something. At times, it was almost on par with the SCW Championship. However, it is time for someone else to carry that torch. Besides…I can’t challenge for that belt, as I’m the Alternative Division Commissioner. Should my partner win the championship, though, I will be right there by his side, congratulating him.

Johnathan: She’s right about something, though, Jessica. I’m not the same person I was all those years ago. And I know you aren’t the same woman.

Jessica: It’s called growth. I don’t expect the twenty year old to know much about growth, though. I guess what I’m trying to say is…Hellfire…you just can’t seem to get it done when it matters. And right now…it matters. We’re going into TLC. 460 days as of today, Emily. I’m impressed, but not surprised. You’ve been a great champion. You’ve turned back all comers. I wonder, have you decided on a match stipulation against Mills yet? I assure you, he is more than capable of taking you to task in any match you can come up with.

Mills began rubbing his hands together.

Johnathan: I almost wish she had saved that submission only match. That would have been fun.

Jessica: And as for Larissa, I didn’t miss what you had to say about me. You talk a big game for someone who has yet to do anything that matters here in SCW. You’re counting out Jacina…fair enough, her head hasn’t been in the game lately. But you’re also dismissing Fury. And as someone who has faced her before, that is a huge mistake to be making. Tunnel vision is dangerous. You’re so focused on the idea of facing me, and somehow beating me, that you are overllooking a certified future legend of this industry.

Johnathan: Overdrive 49 is going to be something crazy.

Jessica: Yeah. It’s gonna be great, too. I think we’re done.

BK’s DEMON Haunts Him

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The Avenger Debuts SCW!!!

The Masked Avenger is seen sitting at a table in a motel room with several chairs Next to the being.  The Masked Avenger looks to the right and then to a left and then shakes their head at the camera before speaking with a voice that is different from their actual voice for an example think of Darth Vader  sounding voice. The Avenger begins to speak.

The Masked Avenger
Look to your right look to the left. I listened to BK’s promo and I found unamusing to say the least. I am sure he hears this from every competitor he faces. I am going to say it anyways. You are nothing more than an arrogant and a punk. You manipulate people into thinking that you are friending them and then  stabbing them in the back. BK an ass beating is long overdue for you. Only this time you cannot use your creative control in order to win this match.

The Masked Avenger stares into the camera with their masks smiling facial expression only to pick back  up where they left off.

You mean you don’t remember BK? You don’t remember when UCW was being run and you were in charge and you bought one Michael Maddox in You remember when Eric Herrera suggested you to push him towards the main event to have a feud with Herrera and told Herrera straight to his face he is not ready I am not impressed with him. DO you remember that. ANSWER ME BASTARD!!! You ain’t gonna answer because you run from the past. Well in this case the past is going to haunt you. Then you remember in 450 when you were clearly going to be beaten by Maddox  in Stable Tournament again with the whining and politicking your way to wins. No I will tell you this right now I am not Michael Maddox. I am someone you at least would expect. Let’s just say I have been following you BK for a very long time.

Also what about when you faced Jennifer  Enigma you politicked your way into a victory there why? Because you are an arrogant self absorbed prick who doesn’t like to put people over. You are selfish you will not pass the torch. When I came here I set out to cleanse SCW of all the people who have made me tick. The Only clue I will give anyone is that I have faced BK several times and have beaten him before. This time will be no different. BK you can have all the cronies you want. You can Bring your Empire with you but even if you somehow manage to beat me I will come back ten times harder til i beat you within an inch of your career that is how much I despise you!!!

Moving onto the subject of what BK has said to me. I know he will be lurking in the shadows to get Your first little scrape at me was quite freaking amusing not I am not Nate Redmond.  No I am not some punk bitch I am your better and I always will be no matter what happens in the ring. If you paid any attention to anything that happened in the last show you would have known what my intentions were. If you are going to be able to defeat me. It means you know nothing about me well tick tock. The time is  coming and I will wipe the floor with your bud. I never said you had to be afraid of me but you best not underestimate me either that is the last thing you want to do.

Brian Kennedy you are lame as hell you say the same things over again. Oh I am gonna kick your ass or I am the person that kicks everyone. But you know what you naming people off that you think I am It tells me you are running scared with your tail between your legs. Brian Brian  you dont have to give me an introduction I know very well who you are. I use to watch you get your ask kicked in GWP by Maddox all the time. You claim to be the one man apocalypse well once I come into the ring and show you what I am capable of you maybe able to grasp at who I am. I am going to make you suffer for all the pain you have put me through in the passed and my predecessors.

Brian Kennedy if you think I am going to lay down for you got another thing coming. If you think I am going to sit down and let you get your way like you primarily do by whining you are not going to get your way. The Brian Kennedy that we once knew is going to be nevermore. I am going to erase you from the wrestling timeline. After you eventually find out who I am I will force you into retirement. No I am not Eric Herrera. It’s funny in 450 you politicked your way into beating Herrera at two separate occasions. So don’t give that hubble bubble about Eric finally getting a win over you.but this isn’t about Maddox,Redmond or Eric Herrera. The point is you will not get this win without a fight.

Brian you think your little threat oh I don’t give a fuck about if this is personal or not. It has always been personal between me and you. None of your cronies will be able to save you from this match. This match is a fight and I will come out the winner come hell or high water. I will expose Brian Kennedy for the real man he is. The Cowardly selfish no put anyone else over prick for but only care for himself. Once I reveal myself you will understand why I am coming after you. This match was a blessing in disguise. It is time someone stands up to you and knocks you down  A Peg.




The Avengers picks up a chair and tosses it at the cameraman violently as the screen goes to static before the cameras fade to black.

Larissa RP

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Scene 1: Promo Time

It had been a tough first few matches for Larissa. Two losses straight and it was about to get tougher as she had a legend in Veronica Rodriguez, who she was sort of concerned about. But the first person she would speak on, did not concern the red headed beauty at all. As she is seated, wearing her tool belt, which had her phone/watch in it, as well as several spy gadgets and guns, as well as her red spy suit, as she was preparing to go on a mission, she spoke.

Larissa: So a few weeks ago, I incurred another loss. But now, I find myself on the radar of a former champion who also happens to be a joke, in Jacina, and someone I consider an underrated legend, in Veronica Rodriguez. Let’s start with the joke.

As she continued on, her arrogance level grew when talking about Jacina. She knew Jacina wasnt anything to be concerned about. She knew this and would continue to drill it further, just how useless Jacina was. As she stood, in her office, which was where she was expecting a call, she spoke.

Larissa: Jacina. You had the title for one defense and lose it to another joke, in Stefanos Los Rios, who somehow had a longer reign than you. You know what that makes you? Two things actually. A loser and a joke. You couldn’t even hold on to the title against someone who’s less skilled than you. Let’s face it. SLR, like you, is a joke. The dude can’t win matches, just like you can’t, much less, when it matters. So why are you even in this match? That’s what I would like to know.

Her attitude then changed as she approached speaking about Veronica. She couldn’t trash talk her for reasons she would soon get into. As she smirked towards the camera, she would turn one shoulder to the camera, as she spoke.

Larissa: Vernoica, on the other hand, you’re someone I can’t trash talk. Why not? Because you, along with my friend and trainer, Rich Anderson, are two people I respect, and I don’t trash talk people I respect. I mean let’s look at what you’ve done. You’ve won titles in every fed you’ve been part of. And if I don’t win here, I’m sure you will. And for the love of everything, Ms. Rodriguez, please shut Tendonin up. And I really don’t care that Lucious will hear me. He can come find me and get his ass kicked. I ain’t afraid of anyone. But my point is, no matter which of us two wins, cause let’s face it, Jacina is not going to, let’s be sure to take Jessica down, once and for all.

At that point, her phone begins ringing. But as she couldn’t take a call right now, she knew she had to speed this up. As she finishes her promo, she speaks.

Larissa: Since I feel like I have said enough, I will end on this. Jacina, don’t even bother showing up. You’re overmatched by both Vero and by me. This isn’t a triple threat. It’s a handicap match for you, and one you won’t come out of. But by the end of it, it will be me coming out on top, and getting to kick Jessica in the teeth. And you two will both eat a Shanghai Noon. Prepare to be Shanghai’d, ladies.

She then turns to the front and strikes a Charlie’s Angels logo esque pose as the scene fades off.

Scene 2: The Mission Continues

Larissa could finally answer her phone. As she answers via watch, Charlie would begin speaking. As she listens carefully, she is seen, packing her things, from her hotel room in Paris, with her reading glasses around her neck, as she only wore them when she needed to see close up.

Charlie: At the end of our last mission, Agent Scarlett, we had you going after the flash drive. How is that mission proceeding?

The room wasn’t much but it would do. The walls were painted red, with black trim, with red curtains. The decor made things feel more like Russia or China in the last two Assassin’s Creed spinoff games, than France. She expected a bit more color, but this would do, as she was about to check out.

Agent Scarlett: I am currently in Paris. I have yet to find the flash drive, as the operative for Highlands escaped with it. But I have spoken to several people who seem to know where he is. They say he’s headed to London.

Charlie sighed. These Highlands folks were hard as hell to track but he had a beat on them as did she. At least she knew where they were going. Charlie then nods as he speaks again.

Charlie Good work. I have sent you tickets for the first train to London from Paris. You will board at 1 PM. It is now 12. Make your way to London Station as fast as possible, as if you miss the train, you will have possibly missed your chance at the flash drive, at least for now. Good luck, Charlie out.

Scarlett smiles as she realizes the mission now. At least she knew it before he did. He had to say no more. As she makes the mission clear one last time, she speaks.

Agent Scarlett: So I need to get to the station as soon as I can. Thankfully, I’m not far off so I can run and be there on time. I guess it’s that time. Let’s head that way.

Charlie then fades away, nodding, confirming her mission as what she had previously stated. A few hours after boarding, she was now in London. As she gets off the train, she speaks.

Agent Scarlett: London, I have arrived. Now, let’s go after that flash drive. But it’s not gonna be easy for sure. But first, I gotta get some food. Haven’t eaten all day. Damn time zones goofing things up. Let’s head into this cafe here for some food.

Once Scarlett is spotted by a Highlands member, gunfire starts to break out. She then draws her gun and begins shooting. As the Highlands member, disguised as a waiter, fires back, she does a few side rolls, to avoid the gunshots.

Agent Scarlett Oh crap! Gun shots! Let’s take care of this gunman or woman. Maybe they got the drive. I doubt it though. It wouldn’t be this easy. Maybe there’s some clue as to where they’ve gone if they’ve left.

She returns fire and immediately shoots the person in the head twice. She then does an Assasin’s Creed Chronicles: India, style loot, all to find some clues, but no drive. Apparently, this wasn’t the right member. As she realizes she can’t see the map without her reading glasses, she speaks.

Agent Scarlett: That’s taken care of. But what’s this? It looks like a map. I need to put my readers on. It seems it is pointing to the next locale and it looks like they’ve headed for Vienna. I need to get some way there asap. But will I get there in time?

As she removes her glasses and makes her way towards the train, the scene fades off.

To be Continued…..[/b]

We’ll prove we are a solid team

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Off Camera

The camera opens to show Emily Desmond pacing around the living room of her New York apartment. Given that it’s not very big she’s not covering much space but it seems to be helping her think. One problem was that she hadn’t shared what’s on her mind with her boyfriend Sean Foster, SCW interviewer. Emily has always been open and honest with Sean but something is eating at her. Sean is watching her walk around and finally can’t stand the quiet any longer.

Sean: Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?

Emily looks at him and sighs thinking that maybe it is time to talk some of what she was thinking out with someone, even Sean. She takes a seat on the couch next to him but she doesn’t snuggle up to him. Instead she perches on the edge of it. She runs a hand through her dark hair gathering her thoughts.

Emily: its….a lot of things. This match should be a walk in the park but instead I feel like we’re walking into something that can tear our team apart.

Sean: What do you mean?

Emily: Ok first off let’s start with who we’re facing. Jonathan Mills, who has a shot at my title, and Jessica Tendonin, the woman who….people believe to be the face of SCW. Heaven knows that she sure acts like she’s some damn savior to the fed and ….maybe she is. Now let’s add on that they have teamed together even if it was years ago. Then look at MY team.

Sean: But that’s not what I’m understanding. You and Alzy ARE a team, and have been

Emily: Yeah well there are times I wonder. Ok at first I teamed with Dad thinking all his years of experience would help us have a successful team and we were. The only thing we couldn’t do was capture the tag titles. Then Dad was getting old and he had the idea that Alzy would be a great tag partner as his attitude is similar to mine. Plus he was the Alternative champion in FTWO. Not to take a damn thing away from him, but Alzy hasn’t had the greatest record in SCW.

Sean: Maybe his win and loss record isn’t stellar but he’s stepped up every time.

Emily: I hope he steps up this show. This could be a huge boost in proving why we deserve another shot at the tag titles.

Sean lets out a sarcastic laugh causing Emily to look at him.

Sean: Sorry but the current champions are pathetic. I mean when was the last time the titles were defended? I’ve seen this in another fed, where a champion only stayed champion because they didn’t defend their title. Guess what? When he was put in the ring after months to defend it, he lost. What happen is it proved only reason he was still champion was because of not having to defend it.

Emily looks at Sean, puzzled at this.

Emily: You want to share what fed this was?

Sean: FTWO.

Emily’s jaw drops and she sits there staring at Sean. Finally she finds her voice.

Emily: Oh come on. You have to be kidding. Mom ran FTWO and ……

Sean: And William Tolston screwed up before your mom came along, saw the error, and promptly put Michael Black in a match. He lost the TransAtlantic title to Amy Chastaine, who vacated and then Cam won a tournament and……

Sean shrugs.

Sean: It feels like Walker is taking a similar path or in all his hype of pushing Jessica and Paige and signing new talent that the tag titles have been forgotten.

Emily: See I know Requiem isn’t going to be around and then….and this I don’t agree with, but they allowed Kennedy to find a new partner to help him defend the titles and I think he chose Jessica.

Sean: Are you kidding me?

Emily: Take a look and it will show I’m right. You know if I had held those titles with Dad and he stepped down that they would make me give the titles up and then they could hold some big tournament or such to crown a champion. Which brings me to Alzy. Like I said I know he can win, and he’s done ok here in SCW but why the hell can’t I get the tag titles.?

Sean: What if you have to switch partners?

Emily: As this point there would be only one other person I could ask and I can’t ask her. She’s got too much going on.

Sean quirks an eyebrow at him, a name running through his mind. Emily looks at him and shrugs.

Emily: Maybe…..I should ask her.

Sean: Am I….are you thinking it should be….but

Emily: But she left SCW in tears. She gave up the tag titles and walked into retirement. Then she walked out of retirement and is now general manager of another company.

Sean: Another company? Em, she’s a huge part of…….

Emily nods.

Emily: Precisely why I can’t ask her. But….maybe I should call Neela or Jin.

Sean is about to say something when there is a knock on the door. Emily gets up and looks to see Alzy standing there. She opens the door and lets him in.

Alzy: Sorry I’m a bit late, traffic is horrible out there. Well more horrible than normal. What’s going on?

Alzy walks into the front room to see Sean sitting there. He looks at Sean then Emily.

Emily: You mind if he’s here?

Alzy: No, he probably knows all the dirty laundry of the family.

Emily: Only a few things. I didn’t get into my parents history.

Alzy rolls his eyes and takes a seat in a chair. Emily comes back and sits next to Sean wondering how to broach the subject on her mind with her tag partner. Finally Alzy breaks the silence.

Alzy: Em I’m sure I’m not here to admire your art work, or lack thereof. What is on your mind?

Emily: Our match. We’re facing Jessica and Mills. Given that both are pretty talented I’m a bit worried.

Alzy: I’m pretty sure that we can do decent. We have the fact that we team together on a regular basis in our favor. The last time they worked together was years ago. I’m sure both have matured into great single wrestlers but that doesn’t always translate into a great team.

Emily: Which….I hate saying this.

Alzy has a pretty good idea where this is going.

Emily: You…..haven’t had the best singles run.

Alzy lets out an exasperated sigh.

Alzy: Look, I know I haven’t been winning like mad but I did win the MegaCup last year, I got a shot….in fact two shots. One I believe I was at you and the other for the World title. But hell …..

Emily: And then Brian Kennedy who beat you and now HE has a shot at Paige.

Alzy is trying to be patient with Emily but she’s not making it easy.

Emily: I’m starting to think bringing you out of retirement was a mistake.

Oops, wrong words. Alzy jumps to his feet.

Alzy: Are you saying we’re done? Are you saying you don’t want to tag with me?

Emily gets to her feet too and stops mere inches from Alzy.

Emily: I didn’t say that, and I’m not even really thinking it. I’m saying that this match could be huge. But we need to present a very united front.

Sean gets up and gently pushes Emily away from Alzy before slaps or blows are let loose. He’s about to say something when there is another knock at the door. Sean looks at Emily, who is puzzled. He goes and opens it   to find Chris Desmond standing there.

Sean: Chris….um….I didn’t know you were coming by.

Chris: If you meant to say that you wouldn’t have been here if you had known, save it. I know you two are living together.

Sean steps aside, curious as to how Chris knows this little nugget of information. Emily sees her father, who is the last person she really wants to see right now. Chris looks at Emily then Alzy then Sean.

Chris: Have I missed something?

Sean: Not yet. They haven’t really laid into each other.

Emily: I simply told Alzy that we have to work together. We have to prove that Hellfire is a good team, a champion team. That’s all.

Chris: So that must be why there’s a camera crew on their way from the lobby.

Emily: I didn’t…..

Sean: I did. I thought it’s why you wanted Alzy to come over.

Emily rolls her eyes but Sean has indeed made it so that there’s no delay. The time is right and the clock is ticking. The knock at the door confirms what Chris had said and Sean lets them in. They quickly set up as Emily goes and runs a brush through her hair. Before long they are ready…..and Sean hopes Emily and Alzy are.

On Camera

The camera opens to find Emily Desmond and Alzy Hawkshaw sitting before a large picture window that overlooks Central Park in New York City. It’s apparent that there is something on the minds of Hellfire and quickly we know what .

Emily: So Jonathan Mills you must feel like you’ve won the whole thing. I mean you get a shot at the Alternative title, this title….

Emily has the Alternative title sitting next to her and she looks at it, almost affectingly.

Emily: But this match isn’t about just you and me, it’s about a team. You and Jessica are teaming together and I looked back through all the records I could find and discovered that you two teamed together years ago, but the key word here is years. You’re not as fresh as you once were, you’re not as in tune with each other as you should be if you’re going to be a team. Granted you have Jessica as a partner, but even here in SCW you haven’t done much more than beat a group of people who in my opinion…..well shouldn’t hardly be let near a ring. I’m not saying that of you, I’m saying it of them. But in a way I guess it could be a shot at your talent. I mean they’re barely worth worrying about and that doesn’t mean you had a huge challenge in order to win.

Alzy: And then next to you we have Jessica Tendonin. Jessica I take nothing from you because you are very talented. You’ve held pretty much every title in SCW, even if I don’t agree with how you are became tag champion this time around. You were handed a title, and I don’t care if you’re the freakin second coming, I still say that when Requiem decided to take some time off, Kennedy should have been made to vacate just like what happens in other feds. Hell I’ve seen some people even fight to keep champions when the champions don’t deserve the titles. I won’t mention any names, but wait to see if you come up with anyone.

Emily: But one thing that has me wondering is….where are you? I expected the great Jessica and this wanna be Johnathan to speak out, to show that they are united, that they are a team but nothing. I have no idea what you two are doing but I get this feeling that even if you’re training….you’re not training.

Alzy: Please understand that we’re not saying that ….well if I was facing Jessica or Emily here was facing Jonathan that you wouldn’t be training, wouldn’t be watching old matches to see what you can learn, to see if you can any flaws. We would do that of you but the footage is so old it’s terribly irrelevant now. Now I know that Jessica has teamed with her husband, a man who is talented but some of the other people she …..hangs out with are questionable. Now I know the argument could be that we faced Kennedy and Requiem but one of those names is off taking care of family and I wish him the best. Yes Kennedy managed to barely beat me, but that doesn’t make him some god.

Emily: Jessica please know that I appreciate you were Alternative champion and like me you defeated Priest and …..well look around Jessica he’s gone. You were World champion and Paige beat you. You currently hold the International title, a title that had a name of North America championship but you got into your conceited head that you should be given the right to rename the title. The only good thing is that fortunately Mr. Walker appreciated what the title originally meant and came up with a fourth title and named it….North American championship. I’m surprised you haven’t decided you should challenge for it so you can say you really have held every singles title in SCW.

Alzy: But there is something here that you need to note in what Emily just said….you were BEATEN. See Jessica it proves that you can be taken down, that you are….fallible. I say that because if you were infallible then you wouldn’t have lost to anyone, Paige being the latest person. There are chinks in your armor.

Emily: Then we look at your record Jonathan and look at who you beaten and … am I, how are we to take you seriously? I mean let’s start with the whole “Firestorm” thing. You know I’ve heard that name before, and I don’t mean because it’s attached to you.

Alzy: It’s because it was the name of a great FTWO tag team, the team of the Crimson Cyclone Bryant McCoy and Kaji Fireson. Seriously they were a team to be reckoned with, a team that our family knows well because Lynn and Cam took them to the limits and pulled out a win. Please look through the FTWO archives if you want, or HVW, and you’ll find both names prevent as they were also FTWO World champions. You two barely scratch the surface of what these men were, together and apart.

Emily: Now I realize you two think that you can stop us, that Hellfire will once again go down with a loss but we are a team, and have been so for awhile now. I realize that people could make cracks about how I can’t seem to stick with a partner but I’m confident in my partner, and I know he’s confident of me. We know what the other can do in the ring. Hell we’ve even faced each other in the ring, not a pleasant thing both on a professional and personal level.

Alzy: But it’s how we were trained, what we learned, that sometimes you have to face family, no matter how unpleasant it is. Point is though we did it and if we had to we could do it again. Would you two be willing to face each other, no matter the prize? Maybe simple bragging rights, maybe a title. Maybe a title shot, wouldn’t matter. We would go through those ropes and expect the other to bring the full game. Not only do I think you two couldn’t or wouldn’t do it, I have a feeling one of you would destroy the other. Jonathan look at your partner and ask yourself if by some…..weird reason you won the Alternative title do you really think Jessica wouldn’t want a shot at you? Yes she’s held it, but we all know that Jessica isn’t happy unless she is either going for gold or holding it.

Emily: And Jessica how hungry is Jonathan? How far is he willing to go, including stabbing you in the back? I’ve looked into how long it’s been and he may not be the same person that he was back in the day. He might be willing to let you take a fall to save him for when he faces me.

Alzy: So see we have something you two don’t. We have each other and come Overdrive we are going to present our united front while I wonder if you two can even walk to the ring together. Well we’ll see who the winner is, we will see who is going into the pay per view with the win under their belts.

Emily: For me we’ll see Jonathan if you really do deserve this title shot or if it was a fluke that you won.

Alzy: While a loss would be disappointing, what we’ll be doing is exposing your faults, and yes even Jessica has faults.

Emily: The time has come to show up what you think you can do against us.

Camera fades to black.

The Hunt

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San Diego

“Firestorm” Johnathan Mills stands in the line up at a soup kitchen. He deals out dollops of mashed potatoes to homeless people, taking care to study the face of each person that walks by.

Johnathan Mills had reunited, however briefly, with his first cousin at the asylum on Killswitch Island. Now the only other living relative…that he knows of…is in the wind. He didn’t get the chance to ask Tabitha Osborne where his father might have gone to ground from the nefarious Armand von Krauss, but he was fairly certain that the man was going to go dark if he was going to go dark.

Thomas Mills, better known to much of the wrestling world as Troy Adkins, was a man who played the part of the homeless bum well. He may have had money from a small lab here and there that created designer drugs and booze, but he didn’t often take on a permanent residence.

That’s when things would happen that you really don’t want to know about. Johnathan knows for certain. He was in such a facility in Hawaii that mass produced drugs and fulfilled the other vices of tourists and locals alike when it was attacked and he was killed by a man called Hammerhand.

Killed. The concept still gives Johnathan pause as he tries with all of his might to remember how it is that he made it back to the plane of the living. He remembered everything going dark in Hawaii and then waking up hundreds of miles away with a verbal contract to a shitty wrestling company that never made it off of the ground. He even cut promos for that company for them to never have him even get into the ring for a single show.

It was something for another day. the mystery of his Rebirth was destined to be just that. A mystery.

So, Johnathan Mills began instead to try to find his father. Maybe his father would know something about his mysterious rebirth.

Not that it was an easy task to try to find someone who might not even be in the soup kitchen out of the many in the town. It might even be that he wasn’t even in San Diego.

Johnathan finished up working the evening and began going person to person as they ate their given food with a picture in hand.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Have you seen this person? Thomas Mills? Troy Adkins? These are his names? Maybe even Raymond Lancaster?

The answer that Johnathan would get would be a steady “No” or “No, I didn’t see him”.

Johnathan began to give up hope and decided to make his way to a local gym instead so that he can work out instead of hoping that someone may have seen Thomas Mills or even purchased from him.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Well, I guess I need to try a different place. Prepare for my tag team match with-

Johnathan looks up from his downcast gaze, nearly running into someone. He looks up to see Jessica Tendonin, nearly bumping into her.

JESSICA TENDONIN: Have you managed to find your father? I used the picture that you gave me, but I haven’t seen him at all. You sure that he’s worth all of this effort? I did see him in the ring before. Filthy.

Johnathan just smiles, shaking his head with a chuckle.

JESSICA TENDONIN: No worry. If this is what you want, I won’t stand in your way. A few years ago, when my jet went down, I thought I lost my cousin forever. Thought I’d never see her again. I cried for days. And then, she turned up. She was never on the jet. We’ll find your father.

Jessica reached out and put her hand on Mills’ shoulder, reassuring him.

Johnathan pats the hand on his shoulder with a warm grin.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Thank you. Your support means a lot. Now we have a match coming up? A tag team match against who?

JESSICA TENDONIN: They call themselves Hellfire. Which is funny, because the only hot thing about their team is the fact that Emily Desmond is seemingly nearly as unstoppable as myself and Paige Lewis. They’ve been jockeying for the SCW World Tag Team Championship since it was introduced, but have as yet failed. It’s actually been a while since the belts were defended…

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Hellfire. Sounds like more villains in funny suits. Desmond sounds familiar though. I think I’m to be kicking her butt soon enough for a title. Alternative title?

JESSICA TENDONIN: Yeah. The kid has skill, though. Be careful. She’s surpassed my record for time as Champion. Of course, it could be argued that she only has the championship because I’m not after it. I built that belt up back in the day, though, and it’s time for someone else to raise it up.

Johnathan laughs, raising an imaginary title over his head.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Alternative and tag team champion right he-

Johnthan stops talking when a homeless bum bumps into him from a dark alley.

BUM: Hey, Troy. It’s about time you came back. That fellow with the clowns get done with you? You bring the goods? I been feigning!

JOHNATHAN MILLS: I’m not Troy, I’m…wait. What man with the clowns?

Jessica raised her eyebrows, but said nothing. She remembered well the antics of her former partner.

BUM: The man with the clowns! I was in North Carolina when I bought from him last. He said he was on his way here when the man riding the motorcycle with the clowns took him! Who are you to be looking all like him?

JOHNATHAN MILLS: His son? Do you know this man? Tell me!

Johnathan grabs the bum by the front of the shirt, ready to bash him in the face when he begins to cower and cry.

BUM: I don’t know! I don’t know! If he introduced himself, I was fucking high! If you can get me high again, maybe I will remember…

Johnathan back hands the bum, sending him running.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: There’s a man who rides with clowns working for XCW. Gabriel Tuck. After the show, I’m heading for their location to find him. I’ll drag the answers out of him by force if I must.

JESSICA TENDONIN: Wait, Gabriel Tuck? I thought motorcycles and clowns sounded familiar. He was in SCW not too long ago.

Jessica wracked her brain, trying to remember the last time she saw him in SCW…it may have been early this year or some time late last year.

Johnathan nods with a grin.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: I saw that. I watched a good amount of the archived shows while getting ready to come work for the place. Wanna train instead of dealing with drama?

JESSICA TENDONIN: I thought you would never ask!

I’ll go first BK vs Masked Man

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(Off Camera)


Brian is seen sitting at a table with Andrew, LT, Jessica, and Requiem all in seats with plates of Spaghetti in front of them.  The maid comes around pouring wine in the glasses, while the butler is attending to the needs of everyone. 


Brian:  “You know, I am getting sick of all these pour fucking ingrates wearing masks coming down to the ring attacking me.  I know Curtis is behind all of this, and I swear the games he is playing are starting to make me lose my cool!” 


Andrew: “Well, I can say this, I still won’t come to work for SCW, but I will be there whenever you need me. Just ask, I don’t need a damn contract to come kick ass and take names.” 


Jessica, LT and Requiem all laugh as Brian smiles shaking his head in agreement.  


Jessica:  “I still wonder who they are going to place against us for the Tag Team Titles.” 


Brian:  “Well, it really doesn’t matter who they put in the ring against us, I am going to dominate just like I have been and like I said I am going to do.  Paige is about to learn.  Just like Neela done, she was 2-0 against me and when it comes down to it I took the World Title home with me for The Empire like I said I was gonna do.” 


LT:  “You know, I been wondering who those two men were in the masks.  I have a feeling all this is personal Brian.”  


Brian: “You know, I taught Curtis all he knows and honestly.  Well, I already know there are plenty of guys who I have done pissed off over the past 10 years.  Curt found a few guys that with all them together thinks they can top the DEA.” 


They all laugh.  They are all finishing their meals as the maid comes around taking all the dirty dishes from them.  Brian takes a blunt out and lights it up.  Taking a few hits he passes a case around the table where if they want. Brian has blunts rolled up and is offering each of them one to smoke after their dinner.  He gets up as the rest of them do and they all walk into the living room.  He takes one final hit as he sits down in his Lazy Boy propping his feet up.  Each of his friends all take their seats as Brian turns on the TV.   


Jessica: “You know, after we get done watching this movie I think you should go cut your promo for this upcoming match.  I’m surprised that this masked man hasn’t broken his silence.” 


Brian:  “Great minds think alike Jess, I already called the camera crew.  They are going to be here in about two hours.” 


They watch the Dead Pool 2 as they wait for the camera crew to show up.  


************   Two Hours Later  ************ 

(On Camera)



The final credits are rolling as the camera pans around the room.  You can tell from the empty beer bottles and blunt roaches that The DEA has been relaxing just waiting till the clock runs out for the upcoming Overdrive.  This is going to be the turning point for not only SCW, but for The DEA as well.  There are a few new members that is going to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks.  As long as a ground breaking announcement from Brian himself.  The camera man has grown inpatient waiting for Brian to finally say something.  But, Brian being Brian, he has made the man wait for the last 15 minutes of the movie as well as making him wait as he Rolled a blunt and taking a personal phone call.  He finally looks up at the camera. 


Brian:  “Come out come out where ever you are!  Hiding behind some mask doesn’t place any fear in my heart.  Honestly that makes me look at you like you are nothing but some punk bitch.  Scared of being beaten each and every time that I see you walking through the hall ways in the back stage.  I ask you, are you the same punk that has been jumping me and the rest of my team over the past few months?  Are you some new guy looking to make a name for himself?  Or are you some returning star using our match to shock the world?” 


He chuckles to himself. 


“It doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter if you are Nate fucking Redman coming out of retirement, or if you are Eric Herrera looking to finally get his win over me.  Or whoever else you could be.  You want to know why?  Because I am proving a point right now and you got the shit end of the stick.  Because you come across Brian Kennedy when he is one pissed off son of a bitch.  You caught me when I have to do nothing less than beat the shit out of each and every person placed across from me in the ring.  You come as such of a bad time that I am going to tell you here and now that I am sorry.  I am sorry that I am not sorry. I hold not one ounce of remorse for what I am going to do to you when we get in the ring.” 


He pauses for a few moments to allow what he has just said to sink in for those who have a problem understanding the simple English that Brian uses when he speaks.   


“You might wonder why.  Wondering why I would use such force when we square off in the ring.  Well.  Allow me to break this down for you in a few different ways that I hope you can grasp.  Because I don’t want you to come back later saying that you wasn’t warned.  In case you have been under some rock for the past 15 years.  I am Brian Kennedy.  The Living Legend.  The One-Man Apocalypse, I am a one-man wrecking crew and you sir are the next stepping stone that I will use in my climb back to the top of the food chain.  You see,  I had to take some time off for the past few years and I just come back last year.  And well, you stand in my way.  You have a few choices you need to consider.” 


He looks deep in the camera.  You can tell from the look on his face that he means business. 


“This is a one-time offer.  You can Get down or Lay down.  That is the most simple way I can bring it to you.  Either you can be with us or you can be against us.  I have to tell you.  It would be better to just join us.  Because here is the cons.  The biggest one is, you will never have a shot at getting a Title here in SCW.   The DEA holds The Tag Titles.  Which those belts will not be going anywhere any time soon.  I am going to be The World Champion here again at the PPV for the second time.  Then Jess holds the International Title and the rest.  Well, I am making it my sole mission to make sure that The Alliance holds all the titles.  Meaning you don’t hold a snow ball’s chance in hell at getting anywhere past where you are now.  Just a curtain Jerker.  A no-body, just a speck of dust floating around the arena wishing that you mattered to just one person. When in reality, you don’t matter to anyone.” 


Brian looks down at his watch. 


“With that being said, come out come out where ever you are.  If you’re not some little bitch.  And it’s time I switch it up a bit.   It doesn’t matter if you take this personal.  Because I just don’t give a fuck,” 


The scene fades to a DEA logo

War Journal, Chapter 3

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“See, but don’t be seen.” That was the directive. The blonde was getting her first live field test. Paige Lewis considered herself a fair driver. Even with her hearing impairment, she’d finished top of her class in the driving program back home. She was most comfortable in her Mustang, but the organization had given her an old, slightly beaten, nondescript vehicle. Inconspicuous, that was the word used. She’d been sitting in the car for over an hour, looking at the photograph in her hand, and the entrance to the office building.

They were in Seattle, Washington for the operation. Her orders were to follow the man in the photo, and report back. After nearly two hours, she finally saw him exiting the building. A short, balding hispanic man, the target had a scar across his face. A tinted SUV pulled up to the front of the building. The organization had provided Paige with several instruments. The binoculars could see through tinted windows. She made a note of the 4 armed guards inside, as well as the two who walked him out of the building. A second SUV pulled up, and the pair of guards entered, before the two vehicles glided out of the lot.

Paige Lewis: Alright, they’re moving.

There was no answer in the earpiece, but Paige already knew what to do. Turning the engine over, she began following them. Flipping through the radio stations, she found some obnoxious metal station, and cranked it up. Tapping on the steering wheel, humming, dancing in the seat, and moving her head along with the music, someone looking directly at her wouldn’t think much. She’d pass as a college student getting “turnt.”

The entourage made one stop while in the business district. A Columbian restaurant. One of the associates of the target went inside, and came out with an envelope several minutes later. As they were leaving, Paige put on a hat and some large cheap sunglasses, and then changed the radio station. Country, it landed on. Perfect contrast to the metal from the last several minutes.


That evening, after Paige had been ordered back to headquarters, she was shocked to see one of the men she’d been following. One of the men who exited the building initially with the target. He had a badge clipped at his waist that identified him as FBI Special Agent Eric Rojas. He saw her staring and walked over to her, his hand extended.

Agent Rojas: So, you were following us?

Paige Lewis: Yes. Undercover?

Agent Rojas: 2 years of hard work, backed by 5 years of hard intel. You’re a good tail. I never saw you.

Paige Lewis: See, but don’t be seen.

Agent Rojas: Lt. Brown loves that phrase. Mind if I…have my hand back?

Paige hadn’t even realized she was still holding his hand. Blushing, she released his hand and looked away with an embarrassed smile.

Agent Rojas: So, you’re the British woman he can’t stop raving about. How’d you get involved with the organization?

Paige Lewis: I was doing an endurance course, and he liked what he saw, I suppose. He still hasn’t seen fit to enlighten me as to what this organization is, or what the purpose is. So long as it doesn’t interfere with my wrestling, I don’t really care about the details so far.

Agent Rojas: Wrestling? You doing some amatuer grappling?

The blonde felt herself standing a bit taller as she lengthen her back and puffed her chest out a bit.

Paige Lewis: I am a professional wrestler. I am the two time and current World Heavyweight Champion of the promotion I work for.

The hispanic man looked impressed.

Agent Rojas: Really? A little thing like you? I suppose now I see why Lt. Brown adores you. You’re much tougher than you look at first glance.

Paige Lewis: I do what I have to do to stay on top. Only been knocked off once. I learned an important lesson. So, if they’ve already placed you in his organization, why did I need to tail you?

Agent Rojas: Your training, of course. You may or may not become involved in this particular operation. And, it might be better if you don’t. You’re rather fair for his liking.

Just then, Lt. Brown beckoned Paige, and she said excused herself.

Lt. Brown: You did good today, Miss Lewis. You know the drill. Money will be deposited into your account within 48 hours, and if you come back, we’ll double it next time. This is visit 9, if I’m not mistaken. Jones! 9 is the quarter, yeah?

Someone answered back, “Nine’s the quarter, ten’s the half.” Lt. Brown chuckled a bit and led Paige to the elevator. She turned her head to see Agent Rojas eyeing her with a smile. She smiled back before looking forward.

Paige Lewis: So, you’ll eventually tell me what I’m training for, right?

Lt. Brown: I promised I would. In the past, this program, has let the trainees in on the secrets too soon. Let’s just say…it didn’t turn out well.

Paige Lewis: I see. Very well. You’ve still got me interested. Today’s exercises were interesting. It was nice to get outside today for one of them. Call me when you need me.


3 hours later, Paige Lewis was in the air, flying across the Atlantic, heading home. The business class seat was paid for by the organization. Paige was on the edge of napping. Closing her eyes, she thought about SCW. She had somehow withstood Alzy Hawkshaw. Even Princess Kiya was impressed with her. Something in her had indeed changed. Ever since she lost the belt to Jessica Tendonin at Survival, Paige had been driven to get a message across. The Black Princess was not to trifled with.

A smile came to her face. She had ran through Jessica Tendonin like a freight train with a maniac at the helm. Next, she earned herself a shot at the SCW Alternative Championship. She now realized she’d failed. The goal was to face Desmond for the belt before she reach a year, but Mr. Walker had other plans. Paige still had a pending match, but the issue was, Desmond now qualified to challenge her for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship at any time.

Paige pushed those thoughts from her mind. She had a more pressing matter to think about. Veronica Rodriguez. Fury, they called her. Former 450WRESTLING Heavyweight Champion. Hall of Hendrickson Inductee. The Wrath of the Desert. And then, Paige was falling. She didn’t know how she got out of the plane, but she was falling towards the earth. Looking up, she saw the British Airways jet flying away.

Paige Lewis: Wait! Come back! Please!

They couldn’t hear her. She felt someone grabbing her arm, and she looked over to see her master, Princess Kiya. Paige was no longer falling. Instead, she and her master was floating in midair.

Princess Kiya: What troubles you, my pupil?

Paige Lewis: I’m not sure, master. I feel…conflicted.

Princess Kiya: Talk to me, young one.

Paige Lewis: I wonder if I’m good enough.

Princess Kiya: Your success speaks for itself, Paige.

Paige Lewis: I know. There is a horrible rumor going around that Jessica Tendonin laid down for me in our second match. They say Jessica wouldn’t have let go of a world title that easily, and must have jobbed. Why do these people continue to doubt me? I have worked so hard to get where I am! I ignored the rumors of giving sexual favours to Mr. Walker in exchanged for bribed wins. Now, they are trying to take away one of my most dominant moments.

The Egyptian woman remained silent. 

Paige Lewis: I won’t stand for it.

The master smiled now, seeing the fire burst forth.


Princess Kiya: Yes! Feel the anger! Let it be your strength! Let it fill you, drive you!

The blonde looked her master in the eye, and Princess saw her eyes aglow, and knew Paige Lewis’ wrath would be great. Paige sat forward, awaking with a start. The jet was on final approach to Heathrow. Her heart was pounding from the nightmare still. But, her resolve was hard as iron.


The camera was recording. The deck was being bathed in the morning. It was still damp from the rain a few hours before. The rays of sunlight reflected off of the large golden belt that rested on the lap of the blonde woman. Paige Lewis had been waking up the last few months and getting her run in, and then coming home to watch the sunrise. Sitting in the wicker chair, the sweaty woman sighed loudly before speaking without turning to the camera.

Paige Lewis: Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.

She looked down at the ground briefly, and then turned to the camera, where her angry facade was clearly seen.

Paige Lewis: For over a year, now, I’ve sat atop the SCW promotion. I’ve doled out defeats to all who came seeking something else. I briefly was dethroned, but I have even rectified that mistake. This championship here, I’ve aligned my career with it, and together, it and I have begun to merge. Can you hear it? The living, breathing, growing spirit that is…the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.

It lives. It breathes. It is an entity of its own fashioning. It longs to be held by those worthy. I will soon be competing for the first time in over 3 months. Some say I’ve been getting time off as a favor…in return for something. I’ve noticed, though, that nobody has seen fit to address these concerns with me directly. I don’t ask for weeks at a time off, but when that’s how I’m booked, I train. If I’m not in the ring, I’m on the mat.

Becoming the SCW World Heavyweight Champion did not absolve me of the duty to improve. Becoming the champion for the second time did not preclude my ability to continue growing. I’ve got much to learn. I may be the record setting two time SCW World Heavyweight Champion, but I’m also a second year rookie.

With that, the blonde paused for a moment, and began caressing the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. With a smile, she continued talking.

Paige Lewis: That brings me to my next opponent. Veronica Rodriguez. Whereas I’m a rookie in this business, she’s a woman who has carved out a nice niche of success for herself. A champion nearly everywhere she goes, a name that is said to strike fear into the hearts of men and women alike who know they will falter before her, a true gladiator of the ring, a veteran of this art.

Veronica Rodriguez, your success in this business cannot be overstated. I will be honest. I’ve only found myself looking across the ring at someone with a star that matched your brightness on a couple occasions. But, I’ve bested them. I dominated Jessica Tendonin for nearly an hour before my body gave in. And in return, I dominated her again to regain this piece of me that had been taken.

I withstood the brutality meaded out by the No Limits Phenomenon, Alzy Hawkshaw, and held onto this championship. I’ve stood tall in hell, Veronica. I’ve stared the devil in the eye, and when it was over, turned my back to him, and marched out of hell with my head held high, and this championship in my hands. I’ve bore the weight of this honour with a heavy resolution. I’ve resolved to push myself to the absolute limit, and when it is over, to reel myself back in, victoriously.

I’ve no doubt that you will test me in ways I’ve not been tested before. But I truly do wonder if your head is where it needs to be. I’ve observed your fall to Brian Kennedy in pursuit of the 450Wrestling Duke of Wrestling Championship, who in turn fell to the Other. I’ve put Brian Kennedy down twice now. And I know you will surely check up on me, to formulate a plan of attack. But, only one person walking this earth has successfully put together a plan to stop me.

The blond inhaled deeply before continuing.

Paige Lewis: I remember the night well. The time of my first, and thus far, only professional defeat. I remember the thunder of the fans as the unstoppable force met the immovable object. A Legend versus the rookie champion. For 8 months, I’d reigned as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion. And then, Jessica Tendonin brought my reign to a screeching halt.

In superhero cartoons, you see a train that won’t stop, and is speeding up towards disaster. Then, the hero, if you will, jumps in front of the train and manages to stop it. That is what it feels like Jessica did. She stopped my unstoppable march. I truly believe in the idea that losses teach you more than victories. I learned my lesson. In my rematch, in my hometown, in front of all of my friends and family, I regained my glory.

Five minutes. In a mere five minutes, I obliterated the most decorated woman in this companies history. It took me five minutes to tear Jessica Tendonin apart and regain the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. If you’re wondering if you should be impressed, then you haven’t been paying attention. But, worry not, for soon, I shall dish out more of the same. It’s become clear that a great deal of people have viewed my continued success as less than earned.

I’ve been angered by this, because I know how hard I work to stay at the top of my game. I’ve felt great wrath over these remarks. But my fans and I know the truth. I spend so much time improving, while others tweet and snap. I was SCW’s first dual singles champion. The first person to win the world title on more than one occasion. I know better than to be angered by these fallacious words of fools. But I’ve been angered now, and I must deal with it. And so too, must you, Veronica.

You and I are a lot alike, actually. We don’t take anything, from anyone, laying down. We right wrongs done to us, and we rise to the occasion when called. What you’re getting, Veronica, is an up close and personal look at the new SCW. The new SCW, which I’ve laboured to make in my image. To go one on one with the SCW World Heavyweight Champion. This championship may not be on the line, but I will treat you like it is. For this championship, I will go to war, and drag the souls of my adversaries down to hell.

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests…with me.

The scene fades to nothing.

Test Promo

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