Dean’s Ready For Championship Gold

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The night has arrived! The man who is known in the Starstruck Championship Wrestling federation as “Dangerous” Dean Tyler is seen getting ready to face the current, reigning and defending SCW International Champion, Ardath for her title but he’s not alone. Standing right by his side is his brother/manager ” Sadistic” Sami. The duo sees that a camera crew is seen approaching them. Sami said right into the camera with a ice cold look seen seeping through his eyes.

“Sadistic” Sami Tyler (Dean’s brother/manager): We told you all so! My brother here ..

His brother was seen finishing getting ready for his match as Sami went onto saying.

Sami: My brother did beat that spoiled little brat Emily Desmond in Dean’s debut match. He warned her that he was going to destroy her and oh boy he sure did that! Now, he’s getting ready to face another woman who goes by the name of Ardath for her International Championship title. My brother has something to say.

Dean’s seen coming towards the camera and say with a ice cold look seen seeping through his eyes as well.

“Dangerous” Dean Tyler: Lady, you really don’t scare me at all. You say that you want to hurt me? HA! Try with all of your heart and soul. I’m going to show you why I’m mad, very much bad and strongly dangerous to know in the ring. You wished that you never had to face me. I’m wanting to, even if it kills me and by any means necessary, to try to be the one to strip you of your precious title and be the real International Champion that everyone can look up to. Ardath, welcome to my nightmare. Welcome to MY jungle. You are going to suffer very badly. Ta! Ta!

Dean’s seen finishing getting ready for his match. He sees the beautiful Christiana Tiger in the hallway and smiled. He walked towards her, wished her luck and gave her his phone number as he wanted to reconnect with her. The scene ended with Sami talking to his brother about his upcoming match.

Mr.Creed&Stalker Knight vs Elizabeth Cane & James Roads (overdrive 53 rp

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The Scene opens to a dimly lit room who’s light is solely being provided by the windows inside the room. Inside the room to the back we see a ring.. we also see a male figure..a very..tall male figure punching a punching bag that has been brought up to the tall man’s level. His hair is black and short. wearing a black shirt and some denim shorts which shows that this guy doesn’t miss leg day.he looks to be perhaps taking some aggression out on the heavy punching bag? if so it seems to be a good reason that from a side angle see that the male figures hands are taped like a prized fighters.

It’s as if the camera are not there as he doesn’t acknowledge their presence. instead He continues pounding away hitting the bag like a professional boxer. He starts going faster and faster.Just then he stops and turns a quarter turn and sees the camera crew. he takes a breath or two and then with his left hand motions for them to approach.

” It’s ok. i am not going to hurt you. after all your not who stalker and myself are facing are you? so come on over here to my side. stalkers and myself we know how to get the job done. “

He goes back to hitting the bag HARD with each punch we see the bag. he then switches it up to a combination of fast punches. he doges left and then right, he pop up an uppercut on the bag. as the camera crew approach him on his left. he looks that way as he sees that they are ready he stops

” Elizabeth Cane..James Roads. The fact that someone such as myself and my tag team partner who’s not only a tag specialist but a hardcore and great striker , stalker knight..have to face you is, well it may not be THE reason. but the fact that here he and i are here facing you too we are the opening match. its due to the two of you. Both stalker and myself have held multiple tag team titles with multiple people. stalker and i are both long time friends. so it doesn’t matter that we haven’t teamed with each other in a while. because we have been working on it as well as on our own. the fact that it’s just me speaking to you is no indication of our tag team status.

he sighs

I say that for all of you who like making up fake news trying to divide the reformed Empire. Just as everyone saw at the last scw overdrive didn’t see a hallucination, The Empire is back, then again it never left. we are simply continuing a tradition of excellence that was laid forth when it was first founded and one of those founders is in it.

Now Elizabeth,.just because you are woman don’t expect me to hold back. people want to be treated as equals then i will equally beat the hell out of you if you are in the ring with me, i will do the same to james as well. i have plenty of energy to give two, maybe even three beatings. This isn’t going to be a tag-team match.this match is going to be brutal. the two of you may even ponder quitting after this match.

James, don’t expect me to go easy on you, that’s not going to happen. i know due to my height and weight it is easy for me to do so. but i will at the least extend the professional courtesy of treating you like anyone else who is against me in a match.

* he hits the bag with a hard right.*

Not only does this help me keep in shape, but it helps to clear one’s mind. for me it does anyhow. with that in mind, both elizabeth and james may not remember who they are after this match is over.. perhaps they should take this warning and pre record themselves telling themselves who they are and who they are with and so on, just like the movie 50 first dates.

he shrugs

just a suggestion. Anyway the empire’s first match will not be a loss. You know neither elizabeth nor james has even bothered to cut a promo. That’s pretty prideful of them.. do they take Stalker and myself so lightly. As what’s his name, Dario.. Arturo Cortez  yeah that’s it. he said , there are three 7 footers here in scw. and I am one of them. thanks for pointing that out cortez. saved me from having to say it.

* he throws a hard left to it’s body.* 

I love bringing down prideful people. stalker enjoys the fight that you will hopefully give us with the team of elizabeth and james, you seem to be among  those here that have an abundance of pride. it’s fun to watch them fall from grace via my pride killer. or maybe you shouldn’t come and just save yourselves a beat down.

which ever . your decision . you should see what awaits you..

* a hard right to the middle. he then sighs and once again with a hard right, the sand starts to pour out of it. he throws a hard left . we see more sand exit it. Mr. Creed simply turns around and walks away *

fade to black.

Dario Arturo Cortez ( Dario vs Dark Tiger OD53 rp)

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Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen our opening contest is scheduled for one fall and is a SCW North American Championship Number One Contender Series match. on their way to the way first from Roanoke, Virginia.
* we then hear a voice say* ..boring…* we then see Hell Kat’s music play a lot quicker than usual*.
Bite Me by Razakel plays over the speakers as the lights dim. A red light comes on near the entrance. On the tron a video plays showing a woman in a hooded robe walking a dimly lit street in a ghetto before she turns around to face the camera. A spiked black mask sits over her mouth and nose. The words: ‘Hell Kat’ appear in bloody letters under her face.
Just as the words ‘Hell Kat’ appear on the video she comes out at the top of the ramp and makes her way to the ring. She climbs the stairs into the ring, takes off her hooded robe revealing black slacks and a black shirt. .
Hell Kat removes her black spiked mask. she faces the entrance waiting for her opponent.
” That was a LONGGG introduction. it was nice for someone who would seek attention.”
Just then ” into the Animal by Disturbed “The lights go out and Miseria Cantare starts to play and Dark Tiger comes to.the ramp. Right before Danny Havok starts to sing it transitions into the Animal by Disturbed and a purple spotlight shines on him. some in the crowd start chanting his name..Dark Tiger…Dark Tiger..

” ugh, and to think I actually like disturbed. just not that song..* a sigh is heard* yes, yes the people know who you are? am i jealous? No. It is annoying.”

* we then see Dark Tiger walk to the ring a lot quicker. We then see the words MUTE & ten the pause icon is displayed. The camera back up and it is indeed a TV that says SONY on it that we have been watching. The TV is a very long one whose inches can only be guessed without knowing beforehand. We then see a nicely dressed man in a casual collared shirt with a nice pair of pants with no shoes sitting on a darkened green couch *

” Feel free to sit on the chair to your left and turn right to get my shot. “

* The camera turns and we see a big darkened brown “easy boy” looking chair with a dark brown handle on the side. the camera man sits down and turns the camera to his right to get a good shot of  who by the sound of the voice is a mans. We see who most would consider a “Hispanic and or Mexican American sitting. he flashes a smile, his white teeth look good.*

” Hello SCW fans. I am Dario Arturo Cortez. I would like to clarify something before we begin. i am not a Hispanic and or Mexican American. I am a Latin American as i was born and raised for a short period of time in Madrid, Spain. The announcer will say San Diego , California. Now that is where i now reside. however it is not my true home.I am also a dual citizen.. now that that is out of the way. I will be having my first match against Scw’s SECOND tallest person. We have three men that are all in the seven foot and taller who beat out each other by an inch. however inches do not mean much in the ring”

” Now Dark Tiger. i have faced big men such as yourself. of  course I consider big men to be above six foot eleven. make no mistake six foot ten to six foot..say..four is pretty tall in itself. but they are no big men and You ARE one of them. I have also beaten big men. Do not underestimate me. What I lack in height I make up for in skill and yours is..ahh not shabby for a big man. and that is being nice. you however WILL NOT be facing this nice version of myself. i will as the saying goes, Just Bring It. That does not end with you of course but to anyone that I face.

” The commentary team is not necessary. that is why the tv is muted. i should not have to point out such things. however in these times we live in, it seems that it must be done.”
* he shrugs and Un pauses the tv *

The much taller and with the longer reach Dark Tiger grabs hell kat by the hair and pulls her to him the referee steps in and warns him to let her go. hell kat takes this opportunity  to stomps on his foot catching the big man off of his attack and uses this opening to her advantage by hitting him with a chop to his chest .she follows it up with a right to the jaw. she goes to grab him by the neck to set him up for a ddt but he powers out by pushing her away and delivering a big boot to her face.He follows it up with a keylock suplex.

” Seems your much shorter opponent was able to get to you. Aren’t big men like yourself supposed to dominate from the start and ending of the match? i am aware that it is easy for me to say this from where I am sitting.”
Dark Tiger goes to grab hell kat for a powerbomb but she slips out and hits him in the back with some straight punches followed up with some kicks to his back.
” Oh look at that.she is indeed a hell kat. do not tell me you were letting her do this. or do you enjoy pain. if you do you will enjoy our match”

Hell kat bounces herself off of the ropes and delivers a dropkick to his lower back.
she does so again but this time tiger rolls to his left and underneath the ropes. as his left leg touches the floor hell kat goes to grab him. but dark tiger grabs her with his long arms and yanks her out of the ring to the outside. the referee then starts his count.

Dark tiger gets some payback by kicking hell kat on her side and rolls her to her stomach where he stomps on her back.

” oh that is more like it.”

Dark tight then grabs hell kat and rolls her into the ring. he then slides in after her. he grabs her but hell kat hits him with a knife edge chops it, surprises him and takes him back half a step. hell kat goes for it again but he grabs her arm and hits his elbow to hers. he turns her arms to her back for an armbar. he grabs her other arm and hoists her up into the air the referee counts


” Seems that perhaps she should have not tried to follow up with the same move over and over against someone like yourself”

he drops hell kat  and hits her with a reverse chokeslam. he goes for the pin


he then pulls her up
” oh there we go..the stereotypical big man thing to do.i will warn you to not do that with me should you get me with that move..”

as he picks her up. she grabs his neck and pulls him down and hits him with a gut check. and then another one. she grabs him by the side headlock but dark tiger stand up  and uses it to hit her with a back body drop.

” why would she try a side headlock on someone who is much taller than she? humm then again she did successfully deliver two gut checks”

He turns himself over and gets to a vertical base first. He grabs hell kat and powerslams her into the mat. He grabs her by her hair and hits her with a powerbomb, not one but two.

” Oh, that has to hurt. you know though you do deliver proper suplexes for a big man. See, I gave you a compliment there.”

Dark Tiger picks her up yet again and hits her with his Eye of Darkness .

he pins her for the 1..2..3.

” we knew who would win from the start. Perhaps she could have gone for a low blow that the referee may not have seen per se… i know, i is easy to critique someone when you have not faced them. OH important to note..i wear a cup to discourage people ,especially female wrestlers who try to do so. So that note is to everyone.”

* he pauses*

” You know..i am actually mildly surprised that you have not done your promo before myself. not that i was holding out on my first promo for our scw fans. In the last promotion i was in I was cheated out of some wins. some of which was for one belt in particular that caught my eye. however what will catch the eyes if you will be a man of my size and weight beating a man of your size and weight.

So you see Dark Tiger, this may be MY first match in scw,however THIS is a match that you despite your win which was expected in your last match cannot afford to lose.

* he grins*

” What’s the matter, Dark Tiger? Have I not spoken some truth here. it is expected that I will lose. And it is expected of you to win is it not?”

* he puts his thumb and first finger on his chin for a moment. perhaps thinking of something more to say*

” You know the famous saying ” To beat the man you have to beat THE man”. Most people associate that saying with the person who currently holds the top belt or a person who has held said belt multiple times.. I say to be ” the man ” or in today’s society ” the woman” can fill that slot as well..i was not gender specific there.
* he smirks*

” You need to be THE person that everyone WANTS to beat, regardless if that person holds the top belt or not. That is one of my goals. That is indeed a tall mountain to climb and a good step in climbing that mountain of a goal is to beat big men like * he points his first finger at the camera* YOU. Will you be the first Dark Tiger? Time will tell.”

* We then hear a voice come from the back*

{ You done yackin’ yet Cortez? I swear that’s the longest I’ve ever heard ‘ya flap your gums.}
* Dario sighs*

” have you been watching and being silent all this time? if so that is the longest i have not heard you speak.”
{ Oh that’ll cost you in my 6 sided ring.You and I know training in a 6 sided ring will help your blind spots.}

” My trainer is correct, I have spoken enough about you today..So it is back to training. i will add that that was the first time i saw your match. as you have heard, I have been busy.Perhaps I will watch it again. Now you may have the height and weight advance BUT i Dario Arturo Cortez, * he says in a venomous voice” I.. AM a Fighter.”. .

* He then gets up from the couch and takes off his shirt, He tosses it on the couch. For a man who is only six feet tall, he looks buff. He heads out the other side of the couch. to the right we see a kitchen..The camera crew take this as a cue to get up and leave. We last see him open a door in which a slightly taller man wearing a mask awaits him. He slams the door shut as we fade to black.*

Daughter of Hell Part One

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9 January, 2020
Musashino, Tokyo, Japan

It had been a year or two since she had been home. Home. The word had an interesting meaning for her. Japan would always BE home. That much she knew for sure. But she didn’t live there, and didn’t intend to again. Maybe when she retired, she mused. With luck, that was many years away as yet.

The car slowed as the driver pulled into the drive. Looking out the window, Urakih looked at the large, but modest home. Several years ago, her parents lost their home, the home she was raised in. When Urakih found out, she flew home to see them, and bought them this home. It was much bigger and newer than their old house. Initially, they balked at the luxury. But Urakih insisted they accept it. They had sacrificed much for her growing up, and she wanted them to live in comfort.

In truth, she had been trying to buy them a new house for years before the fire. But her parents were proud people. They said they didn’t need more than they had already, so they refused. Even with all the issues of their old home, they refused. Urakih understood, and dropped it eventually. Opening the door, Urakih paid her driver generously and told him to stay available but to enjoy himself.

As the car pulled away, the front door of the home opened, and one of the attendants Urakih hired beckoned her near, bowing respectfully. Urakih also bowed. Inside now, Urakih was led to a sitting room, where her parents were having their afternoon tea. She waited for them to see her, and then she bowed. Her mother rose first and rushed to embrace her.

Rinasa!her mother exclaimed while hugging her. She then spoke in Japanese.How are you? What a surprise!

I’m well, mother. I wanted to surprise you and father,Urakih answered with a smile as she held her mother out to examine her. Years were being kind to her, she noted with a smile, though she was a bit skinnier than last she saw her. Her father grinned while reaching for a hug from both women.

You sound like those Americans now,he teased in English. All three of them laughed now as more tea was served and they were seated.

Are you comfortable here?Urakih asked, genuinely curious. It was a nice home, she thought. Five bedrooms each with a full bathroom, three standalone bathrooms, a large kitchen, two sitting rooms, two studies, a theater, a four car garage, and a large yard, front and back. There was even a workshop, as her mother had begun an interest in pottery again in her later years, and her father began woodworking. Urakih had also hired several persons to help her parents. They weren’t so old yet that they couldn’t manage, but it made her feel better knowing they had help.

Your servants are very helpful,her father said. Urakih winced slightly. Her mother was far more accepting of these attendants who helped with things. Her father, however, felt that Urakih was punishing them for getting old.Father, they aren’t servants. They are helpers for you and mother. I pay them very well, and you are well cared for, I hope.In truth, the five people were all very young, with the oldest being a mere 21 years of age. The rest were teenagers, some still in school even. They worked a few hours a day, and then went home. Four days a week, Urakih paid a chef to come and cook for her parents.

The best gift she could give her parents at this stage was her time and money, Urakih believed. And the former was much more difficult. She had plenty of money, but getting to the other side of the planet was something she didn’t do often.Rinasa, tell us about our grandson. How is he? Has he started school yet? And your husband, his father, how is he?Her mother requested as she raised her tea cup to her lips. And so, Urakih told them. She would spend a few more days with them before returning home to America.

One Year Later

Urakih held her son’s hand, and her husband had an arm around her shoulder. The funeral service was almost over. Urakih had not stopped crying since she got the news. At least a few times a day, she had a burst of tears. She’d managed to hold it together during the service, however. Death was a part of life, she knew. And she knew that every person had it waiting for them, at some point in the future. Still, she was not prepared for this. She didn’t particularly believe in an afterlife. Not in the traditional manner, anyway. She believed all life had a beginning and an end. And today, they were celebrating an end to a long and honorable life.

There it goes, she said to herself. A single tear she felt escape her eye, and burn its way down her cheek. Later, she would hate herself for letting even one tear show. She needed to be strong, she told herself. After the service, her mother came up to her and hugged her.He was a good man, your father. You know this, Rinasa?the elderly Japanese woman cried as she held her child.Yes, mother. The best father I could ask for,Urakih was glad her son met her father when he was old enough to remember him. He was truly a good man.

May 24th, 2021
Elyria, Ohio
On Camera

The camera was focused on the SCW International Heavyweight Championship as the scene began. After a few seconds, the camera zoomed out and panned up, to show the face of the champion, the undefeated Adatu Urakih. She was smiling as she stared into the camera before speaking.Finally, a long awaited day has come. I get to compete again. Well, I say compete, but let’s be honest. This will not be a competition. I’m going to tear through Dean Tyler like a tornado from hell. I am to be the first person to defend a championship, and make no mistake about it, Dean. I WILL leave Overdrive 53 as the SCW International Heavyweight Champion. Bigger and better wrestlers than you have tried to defeat me.

Urakih paused now, drinking from a bottle in her left hand. Capping it, she continued.You’re going to be locked inside a steel cage with the 4th and Beloved, Dean Tyler. You’re going to go one on one with the most dangerous woman in SCW. Perhaps person. I know we’ve got some new blood in, you included. Dangerous Dean Tyler…Urakih chuckled now, still amused by this nickname.I can’t wait to see what pitiful attempts you make, to prove you are dangerous. Oh what fun I’ll have, and the best part? When you realize you’re just a pretender, there will be nowhere for you to go. I’m going to beat your ass like a Cherokee drum. I’m going to be wading in your blood by the end of the match. I’m not going to pin you. I’m not going to climb out of the cage. I’m going to break you down to an atomic level until all you can do is tap out.

The champion unclipped the belt, and held it up. It shimmered in the light as she moved it. It was one of the lighter belts in terms of weight, weighing just nine pounds. The North American belt, which incidentally shared the same design, was slightly heavier.This championship was crafted by my master on the night she won the North American Championship, and for 420 days, she reigned, until it was stolen by the usurper, Larissa. 133 days later, I took it from that thief, with a broken arm, mind you. That was 800 days ago. I could hold this championship for another 800 days. I certainly won’t be losing it to the likes of you. I will drag you to hell and leave you there, if that’s what it takes to keep this championship.Urakih stared into the camera now, smiling as the image faded to nothing.

Stalker Knight R.P.

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The scene opens in pitch black. There is no light. After a few moments there is a  crackling sound. The sound is much like the sound of a live electrical wire when it is torn and lying on the ground. Another couple of moments and  sparks of electricity start to bring light and life into the space we have been brought to. There is a large wrought iron door. It is shut but it starts to slowly open, loud creaking accompanies the movement as  a charred gloved hand now grips the door and further pushes it open. First the hand is the only intruder into this dark and intense space. Then slowly an arm, a shoulder and then a complete man. It is Stalker, but anyone new to him may not recognize him. He is wearing a long black jacket, some sort of big fur thing around the neck area. He is also severely burned, and wearing a steampunk phantom mask. His movements are slow and labored. His breathing wheezes, and at times is somewhat haunting in the way it sounds almost hollow at times. He sweeps the rest of the way into the room and moves to a chair. Taking a seat he nods slightly acknowledging the fact that there is a camera set up in the room.

Stalker: “It doesn’t matter where you go Fathi. Management will always see the draw in a figure as dark, and as disturbing as myself. It would seem that unlike the executives in N.C.W. Neela and the management here in S.C.W. see the benefits and professional advances to keeping a monster like me happy. So when I told them I wanted to face you . . . they practically fell all over themselves to offer not only this match. Not only No Disqualification. They added to the match and made it for a chance to become the number one contender for the North American Championship. So not only do I get to squash you in this match. Not only do I get to severely maim and injure you in this match. I get the supreme opportunity to send a message to the entire S.C.W. lockerroom, and most importantly the S.C.W. North American Champion. I am not someone to be taken lightly. I am not one to be looked upon in any way other than with fear. People exist here because I let them, they will see my devastating abilities and bow down at my feet.

Stalker stands and spreads his arms wide. Slowly the sparking cables begin glowing instead of sparking and two of them even lift from the floor infront of Stalker and illuminate him. His face has twisted into an evil smile, as he looks back towards the camera.

Stalker: “Fans fear the unknown. Fans despise those they cannot figure out, those they cannot find a solution to like a riddle they cannot explain, and when they fear something or someone they try to eliminate it. A group of fans after N.C.W. closed down blamed me. They blamed Apocalypse. They blamed Elysia. A group of them came upon me. A few of them carried gas cans. They used these cans to douse me then the lit me on fire. They feared me, they hated Apocalypse, The Foundation, they even hated you Fathi. Not because you were deserving of their hate. Not in the way I would consider someone deserving of it. No they hated you for simply giving up. They hated you because because you gave them hope. Thug Revolution were supposed to be this group of the people. Thug revolution weren’t supposed to play by any rules. But when it came down to it, Thug Revolution fell apart. You lost one man, Brian Kennedy. Then you brought in Stonewall, and yet you still fell apart. You abandoned the woman you fought so hard to keep away from Apocalypse. Then there was nothing left, Thug Revolution died. And the people lost faith. Soon after you needed to find a new home. But the fans hatred goes back even further than that. It goes all the way back to the first N.C.W. shutdown. Apocalypse was devastating. We were doing as we pleased, shy of killing people. Thug Revolution made the fans think that someone could stop us. But no one could. Then it finally happened. We became the demon we claimed to be. We became the source of fear within the lockerroom. It wasn’t until EVERY SINGLE member of the lockerroom came at us as one that anything changed. Yet Thug Revolution STILL had barely anything to do with it. That is when the fans turned on you. Now this match. You talk about growing up on the streets, you talk about no one really knows the fights you’ve been through, or that this somehow makes you untouchable. Well you weren’t a factor the last time someone came close to bringing Apocalypse down. Tell me why you think now will be any different.”

Stalker walks to the outstretched cables and takes them in his hands. He should be being electrified, but he just grins and stands there.

Stalker: “If I stand impervious to electricity, then what makes you think you can even bring a sweat to my brow? What makes you even think you’re WORTHY of being the one who takes from me the opportunity at the North American Championship? I promise you, your words hold less meaning to me than those of a little child having a tantrum because his Mommy won’t carry him to school.”

The scene fades to snow as we can hear the distinct electrical crackle of the cables still in the hands of Stalker.

Tyler, it just isn’t your time.

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Brian is seen for the first time in a very long time at his house that’s in Baltimore. He walks in the building and over to the elevator. He pushes the button to go up as Melissa and Bishop walk up. Brian shakes his head, the look on his face says it all. He isn’t happy.

Brian: You know, Scott, Curtis is gonna figure it out.

Mel: I’m surprised he hasn’t figured it out yet to be honest. I mean come on, you guys really think he isn’t looking into it?

Scott: Look, I meant it when I said no one better say a thing.

Brian: Scott, don’t forget that you owe me.

Brian walks into the elevator as the door opens, Mel comes in with him, Scott walks off with his face as red as a fire engine. Brian chuckles, looking at his wife with a smirk on his face.

Brian: Babe, all I can say is shit is about to be explosive. I’m not gonna keep his dirty little secrets. At the end of the day, things are gonna change around here. NCW closing again shows me that either A, the brass has bitten off more than they can chew or B, they knew The Foundation was going to take over. But, I told you he called me back right?

The doors open to the entrance to Brian’s Top floor penthouse. He walks over to the window and looks out over Baltimore.

Mel: Babe, the question is this, with the closing of NCW and SCW reopening. Have you and Jess made any plans yet?

Brian: Yea, that was what I was referring to. He is joining the ranks of The Empire, so isn’t Stalker and the rest of the guys. I’ve also called Frosty and Requiem. The band is getting back together. Frosty said he has a lot going on over in SWAT, hell Soutter hit me up asking if I wanted to go over there. Well, with NCW closing. I’m sticking to SCW. It’s where I belong and at the end of the day. This is going to be my only focus.

The door bell rings as him and Mel are talking. It’s the SCW camera crew. Brian sits down on the couch. His 6 month old pitbull pup named Luna jumps on the couch by him and lays down. He pets her head as the camera start rolling.

On Camera.

Brian sits there silent for a moment. Gathering his thoughts he starts to speak.

Brian: You know Tyler. I almost expected more. I mean, them history lessons were top notch. I was the longest running Tag Team Champion in NCW history. Even though it was 2 different partners, it was me. I also was the only person to be in the Genocide Rumble in NCW history as long as I was. I am the Iron man of NCW. But Tyler. This isn’t NCW. At this point fuck NCW and what either of us done in that company. This is SCW, and son I have made plenty of history here. I am half of1 the longest running SCW tag team Champions has ever seen, I am the Second SCW World Champion. I also have the most dominant stable in the history of wrestling. And you heard me correctly, son you have The DEA here and what I am talking about specifically is The Empire. You coming against a Giant here and you have no axe to chop down the stalk. Tyler, I could tell this time around you’re different.

He pulls out his rolling tray and grinder. Taking his weed and blunt stick. Splitting it open and grinding up his weed he continues rolling his blunt.

Brian: Son, I smoke cigs to. I drink more at the club than most people could imagine. We all take pills Tyler! Well those of us that’s been in this business long enough. Putting our bodies on the line over 300 days a year. I hardly know anyone in this business that hasn’t put their bodies through enough damage that the ordinary person would give up, real wrestlers keep going. And the great ones reach the top.. That’s what makes us different. We are extraordinary. That’s why we are here in SCW.

Pausing to lick the blunt to finish rolling. He lights it blowing his smoke.

Brian: You just came on Camera taking pills, drinking liquor and hitting a cigarette, like it’s supposed to put some fear factor in there. Or make you look intimidating or cool. You looked like a joke. And as for Fathi, well brother. That’s between you and him. But when it comes to this match, brother we have dominated in NCW as Thug Revolution. This is DEAs house and you coming here making claims that I will be some sort of stepping stone to your greatness is nothing more than a far fetched dream of a broken and battered man. Tyler I’m on top of my game. I haven’t lost more than a hand full of matches in the last 3 years and you know it. This is a contest among two warriors. When the time comes to meet in the ring you have two choices. Get down or get laid out. The only one that’s gonna need a heart monitor that night will be you. You talking about losing the BAMF title cause you passed out?

He takes a few hits from the blunt before speaking again letting his last comment hang in the air. He gets a smirk on his face as he finishes off.

Brian: We’ll those pills, cigs, and drink will be your down fall. Here is the only thing I’m gonna say before I go. Maybe don’t get to fucked up before you hit the ring to get beat the fuck up. I’m hated by many. Feared by all. Confronted by none. For I am unstoppable. Tyler, it’s nothing personal. It’s just good damn business. And business is good.

The camera fades to a Empire logo.

Short and Sweet. HellKat be ready

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(We see Dark Tiger at the Staples Center and we see his grown daughter Christianna there too.)

[Christianna Tiger]

Dad you really love this dont you?

[Dark Tiger]

Of course sweetie. I want to continue doing this until i am no longer able to.

[Christianna Tiger]

The SCW fans will love you for who you are dad. I am glad i had found you when I was eighteen when that bitch of a mother passed away.

[Dark Tiger]

I am glad you didnt end up like her.

[Christianna Tiger]

I am so glad i didnt end up like her after what I had to endure with her and her men? Watching you wrestle was my solace from what I had yo go thru.

(Dark Tiger hugs his daughter.)

[Dark Tiger]

Thats way in the past now.

[Christianna Tiger]

I want to join SCW as well.

[Dark Tiger]

You sure with your busy schedule.

[Christianna Tiger]

Absolutely. I want to team with my father and show SCW what we are truly all about.

[Dark Tiger]

Alright sweetheart.

[Christianna Tiger]

Awesome. So what do you think about your opponent HellKat?

[Dark Tiger]

I dont know too much about her to give an opinion but all i know is that she had better be ready for a fight. She is going to bebin the ring with someone who could be considered a Fort Knox of professional wrestling. I am a legend who has a reputation as a man of honor. Whether the fans love you or not I underestimate no one.

[Christianna Tiger]

She sure does dad. I cant wait to see it.

(Then a.SCW Cameraman comes to them.)

[Dark Tiger]

Hello SCW fans. Let me introduce you to my daughter and soon to be the newest member of the SCW Roster Christianna Tiger. She gets her beauty and height from me.

HellKat you are going to be in the ring with the biggest fight ofnyour career. Will you be ready for it? Will you withstand my wrath? I hope so because I am here in SCW to continue my legacy here. It has been said it will be Etched in Stone.

(They head off as the scene ends)

End rp.

Dean Tyler’s Debut

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The night has arrived! Various Starstruck Championship Wrestling federation’s superstars are seen getting ready to wrestle in their matches. One of the people who’s going to be making his debut on the upcoming show is the man who is known as “Dangerous” Dean Tyler. But, he’s not seen alone. Standing right by his side is his brother/manager: ” Sadistic” Sami. Sami sees a camera crew approaching the duo so he decided to say into the camera with a ice cold look seen seeping through his eyes and smile.

” Sadistic” Sami Tyler: Well hello there, Starstruck Championship Wrestling. My name’s Sami Tyler. You might be interested in why The Tyler Brothers are here, are you pissants? Simple, you trolls! I’m here to manage my brother here..

He’s seen pointing to his brother who’s seen finishing getting ready for his debut match. Sami went onto saying.

Sami: My brother, ” Dangerous” Dean Tyler!! He was at a fed where lately he was treated like shit. So, I’m very thankful that he’s here at SCW. Maybe, he’ll get treated way better. Bro, what are you doing?

The strawberry blonde haired man was heard saying right back to his brother/manager with a sick smile on his face.

“Dangerous” Dean Tyler: Bro, take a chill pill, please!? SCW, the most dangerous man has arrived and that’s ME! Miss Emily Desmond, you, and the damn entire SCW roster will see how dangerous I’m very much capable of being. It really doesn’t matter if you are a troll or a bitch, I have seen it all. I LOVE being dangerous. It keeps me alive in this so much called sane world. Emily, you might try to recapture your status here but you have got to go through me. I’m mad, bad and very dangerous to know. Time for you to bow down to me, you blonde haired little bitch.

The duo was heard evily smiling and laughing at the same time. SCW been be ready or Dean will make them get ready!

Legacy Continuing in SCW

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(We see a lavish house in Richmond Virginia and we see the huge back yard and there is a building in that back yard. A tall figure comes out of the building. He is wearing a black tank top, shorts and sneakers. His long jet black hair is in a ponytail. He lets his tigers Cujo and Bathsheba out to walk

An SCW cameraman comes to him and the tigers.)




They will not hurt you you have my word. Hello there SCW. I am Dark Tiger. I have been in professional wrestling for very close to three decades now and my accolades speak for themselves. I am indeed a fourth generation wrestler and Id like ot think that I have done my family proud. I have a daughter who is a wrestler on her own right and I am very proud of her.


Starstruck Championship Wrestling has signed a beast of a man and there is a reason I am known as the Beast of Darkness. You do not want to let that reason out and for good reason. The scars you see on my body to me are like stripes of a tiger and I have earned each and every one of them. I have wrestled all over the world and I have a reputation of being a man of honor and respect.


To the others on the roster you will show me the respect I have earned. What I will not tolerate is what my father and my grandfather and my great grandfather instilled never to have. I will not tolerate arrogance. Keep your egos in check or get them wrecked when you step in the ring with me


(He looks up and smiles as the cats eyes that he has are shown and he has teeth of the tiger. Cujo and Bathsheba come to him as they are ready to head back in their sanctuary





[Dark Tiger]


They are beautiful arent they? The golden Tabby is Cujo and the pure white tiger is Bathsheba. I have raised them since they were little cubs. Yes I do have a permit to have them as pets but I do not see them as pets. I see them as my fur children. I do so much for tigers.


(Dark Tiger then takes them into their sanctuary. He comes back out.)


[Dark Tiger]


I may be pushing fifty but the only way I will stop wrestling is if and when my body will no longer allow me to do so. I will continue my legacy in SCW and I will give the amazing fans what they came for. Also I am also willing to take someone under my wing but we will come across that bridge when we come to it. To the others on the roster prepare for the biggest fight of your career and that has been said it will be Etched in Stone. See you all very soon.


(Dark Tiger heads to the house as his theme music plays to commercial.)


End RP

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