The end game

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Brian is seen sitting in front of a fireplace with the book sitting in his lap he is dressed in a robe, a t-shirt and some sleep pants you can tell that he’s ready to unwind for the evening.

Brian: Hey babe, what do you think about us going to the city tomorrow and looking at some other houses. Maybe go stop and look at that car that you were wanting to look at to?

Melissa: Sounds great.

Melissa comes in, sits down on Brian’s lap. She looks at him in his eyes. She can tell he isn’t there really. Only thinking about this final show down between him and Paige. She has felt lonely since he started back at SCW. All he does is meetings and training for his plans on dominating SCW. She doesn’t get why Brian is the way he is when it comes to that company. Meanwhile Brian is only focused on the top prize of SCW, The World Title. A belt that Paige holds to this very day. A woman that has taken him twice. But, the third show down isn’t going the way Paige thinks it will go. He is ready for anything. Even Fathi and his twisted view on reality. One time Brian viewed him as a brother. Now he is just another foe that he has to watch out for.

Melissa: What are you thinking about right now?

Brian: It would only make you mad if I told you. Does it really matter anymore? You’ve already made it clear that you’re talking about moving out so what do you really want from me because SCW is my only focus right now. By the way, you’re gonna get mad, but a film crew is going to be here anytime.

Melissa gets up and walks out the room, taking a drink coaster tossing it threw the glass on his trophy case. Brian smirks as he just made up his mind.

ON Camera

Brian is seen wearing the some pajamas. He has a rolled blunt in his mouth. He just lights it, taking a few tokes, as he looks at the camera. A few moments pass before Brian finally speaks, the silence was odd and eerie.

Brian: Paige, I already know that you’re planning on coming on, saying some comments or some lines of bullshit, trying to make yourself look better before this match comes. You have already made it clear that you underestimate me and my abilities. But as I’ve already said that was your biggest mistake, the truth is I’m expecting one of us to have a career ending injury in this match.

He takes a few more tokes before putting the blunt out. Saving the rest for later.

There’s a few questions that’s been rolling around my head since you come one and cut your first promo. One of the questions is, will you do what is necessary to keep ahold of that Title? Because, I’m planning on doing whatever it takes to walk out that arena victorious! I’m willing to go the extra mile to show that your underestimation of me will be the downfall of the legacy of Paige Lewis!

He pauses for a moment.

You wanna talk about how I tried to discredit Jessica and her achievements in this company you’re sadly mistaken. Honestly I’m very proud of the things that Jessica’s done and yes she has proven that you are able to be beaten. This has given me my drive, you think that I’m not man enough, or a great enough wrestler to do the unthinkable, to be the second person to ever beat Paige Lewis.

And you know what at this point Jessica has nothing to do with this match. And you know what I haven’t been talking about or bragging about the past everything I’ve done been talking about is in the present in the future and that’s going to be me being the world champion soon enough!

The seven circles of hell, I’m glad you went into detail about what this match entails and you know what I’m actually glad that Emily caught COVID-19 and can’t compete because, then there’s no reason for you to sit there and say that you were tired or worn out from the prior match. I get you at 100% versus me at 100%! And you know what, it doesn’t matter where we end up only thing that matters at the end of this match I am victorious standing over a beaten and battered Paige Lewis.

The truth of the matter is we’re both going to lay it all out in the ring. I know you’re not a jobber I know you are a great athlete! But you underestimating my abilities is going to be the ultimate downfall for you Paige. You see you seem to think that you’re some gladiator or demigod that can’t lose! Well I’m going to be the person to show you that you can lose in you will lose come domination.

We both know that I do what’s good for business and was good for business is me coming and taking the strap. Making it mine like it should have been, ever since Brian won it and then wanted to act like a scared little punk and not give me my just do on that rematch.

The clock is ticking and the time is running out and the time for words are over page I’ll see you in the ring at domination and when I win well we’ll see what happens next.

The scene fades to a Empire logo





















Starting back from the bottom

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Outside of a hotel in Memphis a dark green Wrangler pulls up. Hopping out of the drivers seat is Hex Girl wearing her signature half cape over a comfortable traveling outfit of jeans and a loose top. She tosses her keys off to the valet and heads inside. A small crew from SCW is waiting for her in the lobby. 
“Hex Girl can we get a moment of your time?” The reporter calls out to her as they rush towards her. She looks over and shrugs. “I guess you can annoy me for a minute. What do you want?” 
“Well we’ve had a little trouble catching up to you. Your hometown isn’t easy to find.” The reporter starts. 

“Obviously your GPS needs an update then.” She rolled her eyes as she checked in with the front desk. “Look if you have a point, I suggest you make it.” She turns her attention back to the reporter. 

“Yes, ma’am. You made quite an impact with your entrance at the last show and now you are scheduled for your first match here in SCW. Are you concerned facing someone so much larger than you?” He rapidly rattles off hoping not to annoy the infamous redhead too much. 

“You really just asked that.” She shook her head. “I have faced bigger. It doesn’t matter if I win or not against him. Because I am here for one single purpose and that is to make sure that every fan who is  present gets what they paid for. They paid to see a show and whether it’s my blood and sweat painting the canvas or my opponents at the end of the match. The fans will get their money’s worth. I don’t have to be the best. I just have to make sure it’s done right.” She then turns back to the desk attendant grabbing her key card. “Your minute is up.” She walks away. 

War Journal: Chapter 6

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4:23 AM

Sitting in her favorite rocking chair, Paige Lewis held the baby as he dozed and drank from his bottle. Slowly letting gravity rock them back and forth, Paige worked to keep herself awake. The small boy her arms had woken up to cry, needing his nappy changed as well as to be fed. Her mother sat with her, working on a piece, having picked up crocheting recently. After a while, when the boy had finished feeding, Paige repositioned him, and held him up against her shoulder and tapped his back gently, so as to burp him.

Paige: Mum…did you have time to speak to father about what I asked?

Pamela Lewis: I did. He wants to see the house first. He does wonder why you don’t just finance the difference.

Paige: I’d much rather pay you two back, than deal with the bank.

Pamela quietly laughed now. The house Paige wanted to buy was over in Kent, and sat on about three quarters of an acre. Lots of yard and nicely spaced inside. A nice home for her to raise her son in, she thought. Living close to the city was nice, but she wanted a change of scenery. She had decided that she would look for a bigger house further out, and keep her home in Croydon for when she had a late flight in, or was hanging out in the city with her friends.

Pamela: I do wish you’d think about your future now. I’m very proud of you, my dear, but that career of yours may cripple you with an infant, or the other way around. You’ve got to pick one.

Paige winced; she knew this talk had been coming ever since she got the call about SCW reopening. Without hesitation, she had agreed to return. Even with a small child, Paige wanted to go out and perform. Her mother did not approve.

Paige: Mum…why can’t I do both?

Within seconds, Paige knew she’d opened a can of worms, but it was too late. Her mother went on, at length, about why she should choose her career or her child. This was ridiculous to Paige, as she knew she could do both.



The two girls absolutely doted on the small boy, taking turns holding him, rocking him, and making various little sounds to make him smile. He didn’t seem to enjoy the plane ride much, but after landing at Hopkins, he brightened up quite a bit as the Maybach Pullman cruised towards their destination. The drive didn’t take long, and her host was waiting as the car arrived. Paige gathered up her baby boy and stepped out, being pulled into a tight embrace. With a serious look on her face, her host spoke.

Host: Let’s begin.

A while later, after the girls had been taught how to hold him, Paige left her son with them and followed her host into the study, where the camera was already set up. Paige had gone back outside and gathered up her belts, and after adjusting them, she began.

Paige Lewis: So, Brian Kennedy has finally spoken. And unsurprisingly, he wants to brag about the past and what he has done elsewhere. Here’s the thing, mate. We’re not in XPW, we’re not in the NCW, we’re not in UHW, we’re not in PWO, or any other place you’ve been that you want to brag about. I’m sure you did very well for yourself in those places. But right now, none of that matters. Let me show you what matters.

Now, Paige held up the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Paige: This is what matters. The twenty pounds of gold, the strap, the heavyweight championship. The be all, end all, of what we do in this industry. Aside from a period of 77 days, I have held this championship since its inception. I have currently held this championship for three and a half years, since I regained it after defeating your tag team partner Jessica Tendonin, on March 17th, 2018. Since SCW: Reunion, there has been one constant in the SCW, and that is Paige Lewis.

Brian, you think you’re a pillar of this company? Let’s be honest about something. Your friendship with the former owner of SCW afforded you a quick shot at the SCW Championship a decade ago. I earned my shot in a tournament, and then I went to war for an hour with Drew Stevenson to become the first SCW World Heavyweight Champion. You’ve been trying to get back to the top since you returned, and you just can’t quite get it done, can you? These days, you seem to only win matches in SCW when tagging up with superiors like Jessica and Requiem. Speaking of Jessica…

Just now, the host stepped into the frame aside Paige Lewis, her red hair almost aflame as the light from the window caught it from behind. Paige looked up at Jessica before continuing.

Paige: Brian, you have managed to remain somewhat relevant in SCW since the reopening, purely because of your tag team partners. This woman beside me? You would compare YOUR accolades in SCW against hers? This woman has literally held every championship SCW has had to offer, and is an SCW Hall of Famer. She’s the ONLY Grand Slam Champion in SCW history, and the ONLY Triple Crown Champion.  I think I’m unbeatable? Brian, I’ve already been relieved of that misconception. And it was by THIS woman, whom I’ve just said holds achievements you can only dream of in this company.

Brian, you had ONE chance of somehow beating me, and that was relying on me being worn out from my match with Emily Desmond. Well, as I’m sure you’ve heard the news, that match has been postponed. Now, you have to contend with me at 100%. Ask yourself, honestly…can you do it? You did get one thing painfully right, though, mate. You are one half of the longest reigning tag team champions in SCW history. But this is not a tag team match. You won’t be able to rely on Jessica or your new little crew. This is you and me, one on one.

Now, the blonde adjusted her belt before continuing.

Paige: Let’s talk about the match. You think I chose this type of match to scare you? You’re a grown man, Brian. You should be able to do better than that. I chose this match, because each type is more brutal than the last. I’ve competed in ladder matches, TLC matches, coffin matches, ambulance matches, Ironman matches. I’ve never competed in a match like this.

First, one of us has to pin the other. Simple, right? Next, submissions only. Now, I’m sure none of us will forget the brutal Submission only match between Emily Desmond and Alzy Hawkshaw a while back. Next, someone has to bleed, by any means necessary. And now we’ve reached the fun part, eh? Falls Count Anywhere! I must say, I’m looking forward to that. Do you remember a few years ago when Adatu Urakih faced Veronica Rodriguez, also known as Fury, in a Falls Count Anywhere match, and Speared her through a second story window, pinned her, and then limped her way back into the arena to compete in, and WIN, the very next match and become the SCW Alternative Champion?

Where will we end up, I wonder. Perhaps I’ll pin you in the stands? Make you tap out in the parking lot? And then…no disqualifications. Brian, I’m looking forward to that, I really am. I’m going to have my way with you like a cheap, back alley sex worker, might even stuff five quid in my tights so I can tip you when I’m done. Now, we have the first test of endurance, a no finisher match. Brian, I know that War Cry finisher of yours has put away some tough opponents in the past, but can you get it done without it?

And finally, my personal favorite…Last Person Standing. I know it says last MAN standing, but let’s face it, Brian, at this point of the night, it truly could be either of us. Now, let’s talk about that. At this point, assuming we’ve been through six progressively brutal matches, we must now put each other down so hard that the other can’t answer a 10 count. Brian, in addition to facing me yourself, you’ve also seen me compete. Have you seen anyone keep me down for that long?

The champion took the belt off her shoulder now and began tracing it, a fond smile on her face.

Paige: Brian, I have beaten everyone I’ve faced. Even Emily Desmond fell before me. Emily Desmond and Jessica Tendonin are amongst the toughest people I have faced in this business, and I beat them both. Have you beaten one of them, let alone both? I’ve realized something, Brian. I’m David and Goliath, all in one. I’m the giant and the giant slayer. I’m a question that you don’t have an answer for. And at Domination, I will, once again, show the world why Paige Lewis is the toughest bitch to walk through the SCW. Domination, what an appropriate name, because that is what I have done, and it will be the word used to define my career when the times.

And now, I have someone who, when he is old enough, will look back at old footage, and he will know…his mum was the hardest bitch in SCW for YEARS. You see, while you were off winning titles in other organizations so that you had something to brag about, I had a kid and even began training for cage fighting. Never got to the cage, as when SCW came calling, I told them without hesitation I’d be there. My mother tells me I need to choose one; my family or my career. I’m now faced with the same walls most women with a career and child are faced with. But the difference is, I had already shattered that glass ceiling, I’m already on top. I know mothers everywhere will relate to being felt like they have to choose. So Brian, if the question is my son, my beautiful baby boy…or the SCW World Heavyweight Championship, which I have worked for YEARS to make mean something? Understand, I CAN and WILL have BOTH OF THEM!

Paige grinned now, her head slightly tilted, shoulders spread as she placed the SCW World Heavyweight Championship on her left shoulder as Jessica beamed at her. The video then faded to nothing.

Art of Memento Mori

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Art of Memento Mori


The scene opens with a sky view of a swamp.


The green is intermixed with the mirky bluish waters.  A crescent moon hangs over the swamp land below.  A man in a black hooded robe walks between the vine covered trees. His feet cannot be seen, not a single print in the mud or a moved leaf is seen.


Lowering down the camera changes view points from sky view to pan the scene around the man on the ground.  The man ceases to move.  His head lifts but no face can be seen, even under the luminescence of the moon.


As he speaks it is as if his voice echoes.  It is a low, deep, monotonous and yet enchanting voice that comes from him.


“For the point of brevity I will say that most of those watching this know me as Sickle. Some have questioned this name and my choice of attire as if these things have some relevance. But, I will address these nonetheless.  For the schmucks I will begin first by simply saying the name Sickle was not one I chose but one that came upon me when I underwent the lobotomy all those years ago. It was not given to me by any person but came into my mind.”


An owl can be heard in the distance but Sickle continues unheeded.


“I chose them in the sense that my hand picked them. But, I was to my attire like a moth to a flame. I was to my attire as a white country Texan might be to cowboy boots.”


Crickets chirping rises in volume.


“Now that these frivolous matters have been addressed perhaps we might discuss this match. I know many of you younger men like Creed and Cortes do not know who I am and have not bothered to do your research.  Have you wondered why so many of the veterans of this company have been slow to mention my name?”


A spine tingling laughter slithers forth from the void of his head before he continues


“Win or lose no one leaves a match after facing me ever truly the same. I must say I am a bit disappointed that my old running mate Scott Stonewall would dismiss me so quickly by failing to even address me or perhaps he was hoping that I would not enter this little battle royal. I am not a man to be trifled with.”


A gator comes forth from the swamp and the camera man runs and hides behind Sickle. Sickle walks towards the gator and kneels with one knee beside the gator, turning to face the camera petting the gator as he keeps going as if it was but a puppy.


“It is common in this industry to receive a few sobriquet along the way. I have received many over the years like lucid nightmare or gothic icon but in my later years I received two new ones that I was rather fond of, the vile one and the wrestling ankou.”


Sickle gets off his knee and motions with his right hand for the gator to go away and it walks away from the camera man and Sickle.


“I AM Vile!” Sickle declares “I am not only unpleasant but by the morales and ethics of the average man I am nothing short of depraved if not downright evil.  I make the most despicable men in this industry seem relatable by comparison. I have no morals because I never learned them. I have no conscience perhaps because I never developed it or perhaps it was drilled out in the lobotomy. Take this upcoming match, as an example, I will come in and if I can get away with it I will strangle someone with the bare wires of the uncovered ropes until children in the audience are crying and women are cringing.  I will rip flesh with my nails and break bones like I am playing a recital. I am not here to be liked. I do not care if people agree with what I have done, will do or am in the process of doing. I have more titles in my years than I can even begin to remember.”


He begins to move towards the camera.  The camera lowers accidentally and not a single foot print appears below him in the muddy land. 


“One of you asked if my mask or my clothes should scare you. My answer is simply no. If anything you should think of my mask as a courtesy. I am letting you know upfront that I AM a monster. For the cretins that are unfamiliar with the ankou term I will gladly explain. A few years back now someone said after watching one of my matches that not only do I take the appearance of an ankou which is the British grim reaper but that in my in ring mentality I appear to be draining my opponents of their soul as each minute passes.”


Sickle begins to rise up from the ground. His voice amplifies


“While my appearance may resemble the grim reaper, I promise you that you will wish I came to end your physical existence when I am done. I know that it is not eternal torment that people truly fear.  The Kabbalah teaches that before even a single thought was part of the universe there was the nothingness or ayin.  It is that ayin that people truly fear.  It is the darkness, the void. I come not just to introduce you to pain and suffering but more than that to introduce you to the ayin.  When you are in the ring with me you will face not just me but yourself.  I will lead you to the void of your own consciousness and you will face your own evil and enter the mental geheinom. I am not just despicable. I am not just vile. I am not just an ankou.  I am an artist and in this battle royal I will go medieval and resurrect the memento mori.  I will remind the audience and my opposition that death awaits them.  I come not to entertain but horrify.  I come not to inspire but to cause pause. I come not to win but to conquer.  I come not to fulfill or galvanize a dream but to show a realistic nightmare for while some nightmares have no faces…”

The camera zooms on the area where Sickle’s face should be before backing out again.

“Some are…all…too…REAL!” 

As Sickle says the word ‘real’ the moon darkens and the sounds of screams and cries can be heard.  As the darkness dissipates and the moonlight returns Sickle is gone and the scene fades out.


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{Off Camera}

Memphis, Tennessee

Scott stands in a far room of his Germantown home.  When he bought the house, he had planned from the beginning on using one of the spare rooms to display all his former championships.  Utilizing glass display cases he had set up stands in each individual section to hold his titles.  NCW had closed.  It was not shortly afterwards that he had been signed to Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Of course, he had not been formally put into a match. But, there was an open battle royal match at the pay per view in Gainesville, Florida.  Anyone that won would get a number one contendership at any title he chose. Scott just wasn’t sure he wanted to enter that. 

There it all was before him.  A platinum title, tag team titles, hardcore titles all assembled in this room.  But, what was the point now? What was there left to prove? What is the point?

Scott snickered. 

NCW was supposed to be the finale, the last rodeo.  The closing of NCW wasn’t just another company closing, not to Scott. It was the closing of an opportunity.  The opportunity to prove that he could still climb to the top of the company.  He could enter the battle royal and get a number one contender shot. He was going to be there anyways.  He would just decide later.

A couple weeks later at a compound outside of Jacksonville, Florida

The compound has a large wire fence around the multiple acre lot with a small green building in the front. Around the back area Scott Stonewall was standing shirtless with a barbell sitting in front of him on the ground. Just past the barbell is a stand up, full body, mirror.  Bending his knees Scott grabs the barbell with both hands bringing it to waist level before switching his hand placement and pushing it up and up over his head before switching his hand placement again and lowering the barbell to his waist before carefully placing it back down again.  He repeated the process eleven more times. As Scott places the barbell back down the eleventh time he steps away from the mirror and the barbell. 

No one is around.  Most of the guys had gone to get supplies for the next few weeks but some had regular jobs they did.  For at least a few more hours it was just Scott Stonewall. Scott began pacing to catch his breath before he began the next set. He stared at the man in the mirror.  

Scott struck a few poses to emphasize his biceps before standing up straight to show his four pack. But, it was undeniable that sitting over those muscles was old stretched out skin.

‘How much longer can I do this?’ he thought to himself, ‘Others have done it. Granted the mainstream didn’t have many but there were some who not only entered the ring but were still a legitimate threat. One that only ceased recently because of a sudden case of death was Gypsy Joe. That old fuck was a badass from the time he laced up a pair of wrestling boots.’

“Hey old man some guys with cameras and a white van are outside the gate.”

Scott turned from the mirror to look at the man, Blue.  Blue was an older guy that almost looked like he could pass for a double of Sam Elliott.  Of course, Blue had more like the Sam Elliott in Roadhouse look with the wiry hair and lean body but the hair was more gray than white and not as thick. His skin is also a bit more stretched out. 

Scott laughs

“Yeah they are probably the camera crew from S-C-W.” Scott explains “Let them in”

Blue nods and walks away

“And how the fuck you going to call me old man when you are a decade older than me you fucking dinosaur?”

He laughs

“Yeah but I don’t look like a steroid injected, glassless, tattooed George Burns” Blue replies without even turning around.

Scott chuckles before going back to the weights.  

Almost ten minutes later

A white van with Starstruck Championship Wrestling written on the side pulls up.  The driver gets out and another guy comes out of the sliding door.  The two men walk over to Scott.  

“Would you prefer a mini microphone?”


Several minutes later after testing the camera equipment.

{On Camera}

Scott is sitting on a workout bench on the concrete behind the building of the compound. Scott has a toboggan hat on over his head, his shirt is black with a battle axe in the upper right corner with a nordic dragon wrapped around it.  On the right shoulder of the shirt is a nordic ship with a dragon helm. On the back of the shirt is a viking warrior with his axe and shield with a nordic dragon behind him.  Above the warrior are the words: “When my time comes I will sing my death song” and below the warrior are the words: “and die like a warrior going home” His pants are military style tactical pants tucked into black combat boots. Scott doesn’t even bother to stand up but sneers as he looks at the camera before turning away and then turning back.

Scott Stonewall: Lotta folk been runnin’  they mouth…

He stands up and walks towards the camera.

Scott Stonewall: These mother fuckin sorry sons of bitches assumed that I going to enter this rumble just because I am signed with S-C-W

Spitting in disgust he continues

Scott Stonewall: So, lemme clear up some thangs.  First of all as it concerns my lil’ buddy Fathi…

Scott gets his face up on the camera lens.

Scott Stonewall: Call me Islamaphobic, homophobic, misogynist because I hate the religion of Islam and left wing radical communist left wing mother fuckers BUT Fathi is not just my student and a friend but despite his personal views and his religious views he has SOUTHERN blood running through his veins so while he has not contacted me yet I can guaran-fucking-tee that if he asks me to come to ringside to put those Empire bitches in their place I will be there like a Sunday dinner. 

The camera turns to face a different side and Scott turns slightly to remain facing the camera but backs up a little bit as he continues.

Scott Stonewall: Now for those of you new bitches touting Empire talking about how badass they are like Creed, Dario, Stalker and whoever the fuck else you better back the fuck up when it comes to me.  While I may not have been in it for very long I was one of the first to ever roll under the Empire banner back in 2007.  When I realized them mother fuckers had no interest in their members but it was all about holding Brian up I stepped out but not before laying Brian’s ass out in the locker room with a boot to the face.  Now I ain’t gonna lie and say I didn’t take a beatdown courtesy of Empire after that because I did. But, if Empire makes their way to that ring to help Tyler and jump my southern brother Fathi I swear on my momma’s grave I will be coming there and I DON’T fight fair. I WILL be bringing axe handles, brass knuckles, chain and anything else I can think of.

Turning again the camera now faces from the left.  Scott accommodates 

Scott Stonewall: As for this rumble, I wasn’t sure before but now that Cortes and misses Creed wanna put my name in they mouth I will be coming.  I know my big ass is going to be a target. Creed was right when she said that.  

Scott’s face reddens and the veins in his neck begin to bulge.


He rips his shirt off and the camera man back up the camera as Scott continues.

Scott Stonewall: Take a good luck at the scars, the tears and cuts and bullet holes.

The camera zooms in on the chest of Scott showing what appears to be a sealed bullet hole in his right shoulder, a large incision like tear along his middle chest, several scars that have healed over each other and appears to be old stab wounds.  Backing up the camera refocuses on the face of Scott as he resumes

Scott Stonewall: I may be sixty seven years old.  I may be one of the oldest men to still be active in professional wrestling. But, this is the twenty-first century, medicine has improved and I am in better shape than I have ever been in.  I have been stabbed, shot, cut open and more over the years and that DOESN’T include what I did IN the ring! I am not delusional.  I know the chance of a big man winning this thing is next to nil.  But, that don’t mean I ain’t fixin’ to put my whole being into it.  I am going to fuck up every son of a bitch that comes to that ring and I am going to make it a personal point to break as many bones, and ligaments as I can for anyone from Empire and that has NOTHING to do with Fathi.  This is my chance to get even mother fuckers. 

Scott moves closer to the camera.

Scott Stonewall: Let me summarize this shit for you.  Every life is a book.  We all have our own story to tell and let’s face it I am not exactly in the climax.  Rather I am in the conclusion of my story but that is still bad news for every piece of shit that wants to stand in my way because my book isn’t titled Life of Scott Stonewall. My book is titled Ass kicking by Scott Stonewall and you mother fuckers not only ain’t a chapter. You mother fuckers won’t even make a fuckin’ sentence, a conjunction before I move on to the rest of the sentence and if you don’t like that…

He pauses and smiles before continuing.

Scott Stonewall: ….GUESS WHAT? I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!

Scott then spits on the camera lens.

The scene fades out as the spit rolls down the screen.

Mr.Creed SCW PPV Domination Open Battle Royale Number One Contenders Match

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( OOC: The Following takes place before Brian’s rp)

Our SCW production van’s camera is on and showing the camera crew pulling up to a Gold’s Gym.We see two scw employees in the van. The employee with the camera is the passenger. We then see the name Gold’s Gym on the main window with the in underneath those words is the Gold’s Gym mascot underneath him we see more words. These words say Gainesville, Florida. The Driver of the van then speaks

” Well here we are, finally. Don’t tell me you have the camera on.”

Okay. I won’t tell you.

” How long?”

When we pulled into the parking lot, relax. you get way too uptight sometimes.

” This guy’s scary . so let’s hurry up and get this over with “

Well yeah the guy’s scary. He’s over 7 feet tall and weighs over 360 pounds. he could bench press both of us for crying out loud. Now let’s get going or we’re not getting paid.

* The Two SCW Employees exit the van. We see the camera bounce up and down upon the passenger who is holding the camera exits on his side. They shut their doors and make their way towards the double doors. each of them opens one side and they both walk in at the same time. Upon their arrival a Gold’s Gym employee sees the camera and approaches the two of them. His name tage says Scott D.

Scott: Woo woo. hold on there. We do not allow video cameras in our establishment. our customers like their privacy.

Look..Scott is it. We are just here to talk to one person. He’s kinda hard to miss on account he is over 7 feet tall and over 350 pounds. More than likely wearing biker apparel when he walked in.

Scott: I just started my shift 10 minutes ago. i can page him if you like. What’s his name?

He goes by the name Mr. Creed.

Scott: Does he not have a first name?

” I am sure that he does, But we don’t know it..”

* Scott sighs and walks over to the Microphone. He pushes down on the button and calls for Mr. Creed. 8 minutes later our cameras show a man over 7 feet tall walking towards them. He is wearing a black t-shirt with gold letters that say THE EMPIRE. His bottoms are black athletic shorts with red lines on the sides and Black with white Nike check on the sides athletic shoes. As the man walks closer to them he sees the camera man and the other scw employee. He nods and calmly approaches them.*

So you’re finally here.

” And your Mr. Creed ? “

Mr. Creed: I am. Let’s go outside to give the other gym members their privacy .

*  As They walk outside we see on the back of Mr. Creed’s shirt that it says SCW in gold letters. They walk to the parking lot where Creed lengs up against the scw production van. *

Mr. Creed: Alright. Let’s get this over with. I was in the middle of my squats. As it is this number one Last i counted including myself there are going to be 20 people in this battle royal due to the fact that the rules say that any scw superstar that is NOT booked in another match may enter this match. therefore anyone that is in another match may not enter this match. This match is going to be something else. We have a priest , a princess , a queen. someone that named themselves after a tool. and that’s just for starters. We have two people that I know and to those people namely Stalker Knight and Dario Arturo Cortez know that it’s not personal, it’s just business. I know Cortez feels the same way as his old man raised him in this business. Stalker, I have known you for almost as long as I have known Tex. I know that you know this is just business.

Speaking of business, The Empire has 3 people that are in this match, and I like our chances of walking away with a number one contender’s  shot at a title.  And we have a shot at the world title. I have seen bk do this thing and i do believe that we have a better than average shot at the world title. I am going to be taking a page out of Cortez’s playbook and equipping myself with a cup so that those who decide to try a low blow won’t succeed in using it to help you eliminate me. so try that trick on someone else.

Also, let me speak to those who, like myself, are tall, i do not know if this match is going to be one where we all start at the same time or if it’s like a royal rumble. though you should know that we are going to be targeted. By everyone they will team up and try to eliminate us by using their numbers. I have gone to lengths to make sure this does not happen to me. Know that I am not bragging here, this is through preparation. I am doing everything that I can think of to lessen the chances that I am eliminated. What are the rest of you doing? We have seen that Cortez is working out as well. I am going to do what I have to do in order to grab a belt here in scw and hold it for a long time.

Now for the rundown ..ahem.. in no particular order..

Scott Stonewall, like myself you are tall. Matter of fact you’re very close to my height. You are also strong. I could see you and I being the last two in the ring. but as you should know strength alone will not help you win. As I have said, I am doing more than just working out.  I know that you will not be easy to eliminate but neither will I.

Stalker Knight, what is  my tall empire brethren doing in order to help The Empire blossom in this match.

Princess: You look scary for a princess. I bet you don’t get hit on a lot, huh? I think that you’re the tallest woman here. Who knows maybe you will be the one who eliminates all of the women.

Allie: Let’s see if you can live up to your last name. That’s why I am not bothering to say it. If you want me to say it then you have to earn it.  Who knows, maybe you’ll earn it thru this match. You can say that you don’t care if you like but everyone wants to be respected. Let’s see what lengths you are willing to go through in order to earn someone’s respect.

Lucius, Ok so you are tall. 6ft 8 is tall. but it’s not taller than 7ft 2. And you don’t weigh more than I do either.

Priest you stand at 6ft 11 and you weigh more than I do. not by much. you are good but being good isn’t going to get you the win.

Emily, you’d better think of something to train yourself for this match. everyone wants the W in this match,

Sickle.. What the hell kinda name is that ? And what is that that you are wearing? I doubt that you will even be able to see in this match. but i gotta know Is that supposed to scare people? If so, you’ve failed miserably.

Wayne Miller: You don’t look very intimidating. Luckily for you , you don’t need to be intimidating to win this match. You plan on being cunning and ducking out of the way of others.

Neela..This isn’t a modeling competition

Sala, you at least look tough. Let’s see what you have to offer

Sean Foster, you don’t look scary either. I will say to you what I said to Neela, this isn’t a modeling competition.  Be prepared for a beat down.

* Creed then sighs in order to take a breath. He then continues.*

Let’s see who’s left.. Hekate you ready for Halloween already? hell you look like Elvira.

Jenna..don’t sing it. Bring it. That’s if you have what it takes or you even  bother to show up. I look forward to tossing you out.

Emily: Good luck trying to hit me with your trademark super kick. I doubt you could kick me hard enough to knock me out anyway.

Cassie, cute name. Good luck. you’re gonna need it.

Anne: Honestly you look like girlfriend material. Though it’s hard to find a woman who’s not scared of being with a 7 ft 2 man.

Hell Kat, you look scary for a woman. That’s not me being sexist, just being truthful.

Miranda : I want to see what you have to offer us here in scw. are you even worthy enough to be here?

Dario Arturo Cortez.. I saw your promo. You got Tex training you. That’s good. You’re going to need all the help that you can get. I only say your full name because I respect you. However,The pressure’s ON YOU
* he points his finger towards the camera* to show that Bk, myself, and Stalker didn’t make a bad decision in inviting you to join The Empire. You’re going to have to show all of us that you have that killer instinct. In the past you have beaten me in regular matches and title matches. So I went to bat hard for you. Don’t make me regret it.

And last but not least, Terel Walker: Well, well..i suppose if i were you i’d put myself in this match for a shot at a belt as well. why not right?. At least you’re no lightweight Of course everyone short of the women can still lift you and toss you over, even cortez. I have seen ’em do it with my own eyes.  Just because you are you and we are us, remember there is no such thing as a sure thing. Especially in a match like this, even the tallest guy here aka me knows that, and I am not taking it for granted that I’ll win because I am the tallest here. If anything else it makes me the biggest target, followed by Scott.

* He takes another sigh and then looks at the camera crew in a non friendly way*

I am done. Now get out of here you’re starting to annoy me. I need to get back to what I was doing and focus on my upcoming match.

* With that Creed walks back to the Gold’s Gym and walks back inside to continue his training. The camera then cuts to black.*

Looking forward to it

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*We see Dark Tiger feeding his tigers at his home in Richmond Virginia and his phone goes off and he watches what Fathi had to say. He nods and is familiar with Sickle and Scott Stonewall. Two men he has had respect for and even teamed with Sickle. He finishes taking care of his tigers and heads into his house*


[Dark Tiger]


I am facing two very formidable opponents for the vacant North American title. Both men know each other very well but that does not mean that I should be the odd man out because Fathi I am very familiar with Sickle. I have teamed with him and I have respect for him.


Fathi you have put your body on the line sometimes willingly and sometimes against your will. So have I. We both have battle scars. I may not speak for you but as for me my battle scars both physically and mentally are like stripes of the Tiger. I have been thru loss. I have lost the ones I had truly loved. My parents, my brother, my sister and the one that truly hurt the most my Zatanya.


People ask me why do I still keep going? Because despite what I look like and how I chose to dress I have faith. Many say that I am past my prime because of my age. Yes I am pushing fifty but the fact of the matter is if I am still walking and if I am still breathing i am still wrestling.


Fathi I am not overlooking you nor am I looking Tyler Cross over either. You two are very amazing wrestlers and I would not expect you two to overlook me either. I would be the one to stand out because of how tall I am but I digress.


(Dark Tiger takes a deep breath in thought)


[Dark Tiger]


This match will surely be a clinic for sure because three legends vies for the North American championship. Three names that have been stamped into the minds of professional wrestling fans everywhere. Who will walk out with the belt? I look to add to my legacy in this sport. Fathi you look to do the same as do you Tyler. 


Here’s what I want the two of you to do. I want the two of you to think real hard. I do not ask for much. I want you two to think real hard about who really wants it more and trust me you two I will be doing the same because this will truly be a monumental match between three men who have left their mark on professional wrestling in their own way looking to add to that mark here in SCW.


Domination sounds appropriate for this event doesn’t it because the three of us look to dominate in this company and what better way to find out who the dominant one in this match. I know I don’t always win when I am a shade over seven foot and I am fine with that and here’s why I am fine with that. Most men my height are your stereotypical giants who want to crush their opponents. That is not me. The reason I have been so accomplished in my close to three decades in professional wrestling is because my opponents have made me earn what I have accomplished and that’s what has always invigorated me.


I owe it to the bloodline that I have. I am number 4. I have a daughter who is blazing her own trails and she is on her way here to SCW and she looks forward to the opportunity to showcase her skills.


Fathi you and Tyler are very well acquainted with each other as you have said and you and I have a connection as well with Sickle. I have nothing against you and you indeed have my respect. However do not confuse that for weakness because you have seen what I am all about.


Tyler Cross you on the other hand I have vaguely heard of but you will not underestimate me because of how old I am. Age is a mindset. Experience is reality and I have put my body on the line on many many occasions and if I have to do so again in this match I will do so.


The both of you will remember why the scars all over my body are there so bring me your best fellas because I intend on showing you why I am known as the Beast of Darkness and whether or not I walk out of Domination with the title I will hurt the both of you and that has been said it will be Etched in Stone.


(Dark Tiger heads into his house and gets ready to pack as his theme plays to commercial.)


End Rp.

The World Title comes home.

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Brian is seen training at the gym with Requiem, Frostbite, Tyler, Mr. Creed, Stalker, and none other than Andrew Paine. Brian ducks a clothesline from Andrew and hits Requiem with a DDT. Mr. Creed comes off the top rope and hits a massive drop kick onto Brian. Jessica who is on the outside calls for a break to give some pointers out to Brian.

Jessica: Brian, always keep a lookout for the unexpected. While Paige might be alone that night you have Fathi who has said he is targeting any of The Empire. While I’ll have the order making sure this is between the two of you. Brian anything can happen.

Brian: I know Jess, Creed and Stalker will be on the look out to. Andrew, you think about what I have said? Even though me and Jess are the Tag Champions. We always need a monster lurking in the shadows.

Brian wipes the sweat off his face. He looks at his watch, seeing if he has the time to finish the workout that he has going before, the SCW staff gets there to do his promo for the upcoming world title match.

Brian: Stalker, have you finished talking to Dario about the other plans that we have for the pay-per-view?

Stalker: Dario has been brought up to speed Brian, no need to Worry my guys have their orders and we are standing by waiting for anybody that wants to try and stop what we have planned.

Andrew: Brian, to be honest brother I’ve been thinking about taking my boots off the shelf but if I put on my wrestling boots again I won’t be the same as I was before. My anger has been harder to control and I was actually just released from another company in their developmental program for being too aggressive. I doubt Neela will let me sign. But, I will be at the PPV watching your back. You just make sure you bring home the Title.

Brian nods as he is thinking about if he can do what he has already fallen short twice now. But, this time he is in far better shape now. One other thing is he will not underestimate Paige.

Requiem: I also wanted to talk to you about somethin Brian. What if I came back to. I already know Frosty is a SWAT exclusive. For another how long Frosty?

Frostbite: Atleast the rest of this year. I am part of KGB. I think your cousin Scott was for a short time.

Brian: Yea he was. But that was a few years ago. I think his drive is gone.

Jessica: Enough of the chit chat ladies. Brian. You need to get back to the work out.

Brian gets back in the ring as Creed and Stalker join him, they start doing various wrestling holds and moves as Jessica assesses the situation at hand. Brian works on Stalker as Creed grabs Brian from behind. Brian reverses and ducks around Creed making both of them be in front of him so he gains control. He hits both of them with a double clothesline, then he bounces off the ropes and does a elbow drop of Creed as Stalker gets up and hits Brian with a DDT.

Jessica: Brian, I told you watch for the unexpected. Stalker great job. Let’s call it a night. SCW staff is here. Brian your up. Let the world know your back with a passion.

Brian gets out of the ring. He is sort of upset he allowed Stalker to get that last move in. He feels like he should have been ready. But, it won’t happen again. He is ready if Fathi tries anything. He wipes the sweat from his brow and takes a drink from his water bottle. Looking at the time he realizes it’s about time for his shoot against Paige. He asked for the match and he got it. The Seven circles of Hell. A match SCW has never seen. Himself included.

On camera.

 The SCW crew has already gotten there and set up. Waiting for Brian. They are scanning over all his Titles he has won over the years along with his Hall of Fame inductions. Brian comes out and looks at them with the crew. He points at the XPW Tag Titles and the SCW Tag Team Titles. Those are his most prized Titles. He finally speaks.

Brian: The XPW was one of the only other companies that was as great as SCW. The only other one was UHW. But those two companies aren’t who we are speaking about. What we are here to talk about is SCW. Which Paige won’t ever admit I am one of the Pillars that made this company what it is today. I was the second World Champion and looking to be the first and only person to hold both variants of the World Champion which would make SCW history yet again. Just like the Tag Titles. I am more dangerous that a Rabid dog looking for blood. I smell it in the air. I yearn for it. I crave it cause I know that I will be both shedding it and making it shed at the same time. I know this is one of the most dangerous matches I will ever be in. And weather Paige is ready or not. I am at 100%, the same as Paige is. But me, I have no ring rust. I been competing for a while now. Gotten a few Titles in other companies, retiring them like I have always wanted to do. Making my name more of a house hold name than Wheaties. More like milk. So Paige, remember this. I want this Title more than you. It means something to me. It means more than life, more than my career, so if I have to take chances that could end my career in this Match I will.

He pauses as he looks over all his team members and then back to the camera.

I have trained harder than I ever have before. I am not the same Brian Kennedy of the old SCW, you claim this is a new era? Well this is a new Empire being brought to you by DEA and all of our luster. I am far better than I ever was before. While you were away doing whatever you were doing I have been training for this day. You may have gotten me the last few times we met. But this is a different story, in a different time and I am coming with different tactics. I just hope you are ready for the onslaught that is headed your way. Paige, your claim to fame are the two matches we have had before and you sound like a broken record player.

He mocks her

I Beat you twice. This third match is gonna be like the last two. I’m gonna win. I’m the best.

He looks to the camera, smirks.

I don’t think so, not this time, you’re the only person in SCW history to hold two wins over me. That’s facts regardless if I like it or not. That is your downfall Paige you think you’re unbeatable you think that you’re the heartbeat of SCW, but you’re not the heartbeat of SCW, of America or of domination. And yeah this is a lot like Ali vs Fraser and you’re right Frazier did beat Ali once, just like I’m going to beat you Paige, I will be victorious over you. I’m going to make SCW history by being the first person to hold both world title variations nothing will stop me from achieving this goal especially you, And you think that I didn’t get pointers from Jessica? Of course I’ve did, she’s my tag team partner and she’s one of my best friends, as well as one of my oldest friends in this business. She’s been here at the gym training with me giving me pointers.

Something else that I have noticed, you’ve gotten pretty comfortable being on top and you think that you’re going to continue to be the alpha wow you are right this is a new era and well Paige it’s time for Brian Kennedy to take his rightful place on top of the throne.

He pauses, looking at the camera he pulls out a cigarillo cracking it as he pulls grinder out, He takes his marijuana and puts it in the cigar wrapper and rolls a blunt. He lights it and blows smoke at the camera.

And I’m going to say for the audience I am so happy that you decided to give a small short history lesson of SCW but let me remind you of one thing I am ½ of the longest reigning SCW tag team champions in SCW history I’ve made just as much history and achievements in SCW as Jessica has, so you trying to downplay the fact that of what I have achieved here in SCW only tells me one thing you’re scared. You’re not sure if you have it in you to beat me one last time and it to put me out to pasture as you would call it. You’re not sure of anything right now. The only thing I think that you’re sure of right now is you asked for the seven circles of hell thinking that would put some kind of fear in my heart and make me doubt myself, but I have no doubt in myself. I have no doubt in my abilities and my strength and my desire. You have finally bitten off more than you can chew Paige, that is something I’m sure of. You underestimating me was your biggest mistake Paige you really doubt that I want this as bad as I’ve said I did and no nobody is going to get used to anything’ cause what it’s about to happen at the paper view is the world title will change hands and when I am standing victorious over top of you just remember I’m only doing what’s good for business and business is damn good and it’s picking up quick Paige I’ll be seeing you soon little girl.

The scene fades to a Empire logo.























Dario SCW PPV Domination Open Battle Royale Number One Contenders Match

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Gainesville, Florida huh?

* We hear a male voice say. We then see the camera show the inside of a nice house. we look to be in what might assume due to the distinct look of the room that this is the living room. the camera turns to the left and we then see two males sitting down. one looks to be sitting in the middle of a L shaped sofa while the other is sitting in a chair watching an advertisement for the upcoming SCW pay per view on a 50 inch Sony Vizio flat screen tv..The male on the L shaped sofa looks to have some sort of full mask covering his face and head. from what we can see he is wearing a grey sleeveless shirt which shows us two tattoos. one on each sides of his arms  we see that his skin color is white, while the one sitting in the chair is wearing a black shirt with a picture of a grey or silver looking yacht on the back. we cannot see what is on the front. not yet anyway. we see his skin color is darker than the others.  the camera crew then clear their throats to alert the two that they are here and recording. The man in the chair looks to his left where they are located. *

Ahh it is about time. you know it is good to see that our pay per view is getting advertised on tv. and it is even better when you are able to buy your national wide air time at a discount..oops i wasn’t supposed to say that. oh well.

*he shrugs  his shoulders. the masked person then speaks.*

” Cortez, you gotta stop that sort of bragging. you did the same when you won the tag gold way back when, bragged about it and not letting the former champs have another shot and what happened? “

They got their return match and we lost. but it was not I who was pinned. plus Cadillac Jackson  from the black plague interfered. and he later paid for it when he lost the united states and vortex titles to me. However, I understand your point. Dario Arturo Cortez will cut down the bragging, Tex. Which thankfully isn’t your actual name.

Tex: Yeah, thankfully. And that’s enough about the past. But at SCW’s Domination pay per view it’ll be about the future..

Dario: You mean my future. with your training and my being a part of The Empire i am feeling optimistic about my future right now. even if this is scw’s first pay per view from re-launching. i know that i need to show bk, creed and the others that they made a good decision in letting me in.

Tex: Please, that was an easy decision. Bk saw what you were capable of in the last fed. As did Creed,Tyler Cross, hell stalker put you in charge of his crew after he made you one of his horsemen in that last fed. you think he’d do that for just anyone? they all know what you can do. you just have to do it. remember what bk said to you at overdrive.

Dario: Speaking of Stalker..

Dario sighs as he looks intently into the camera..

Dario: Stalker, thankfully for you this is a battle royal. i know that all of the members of the empire that are in this match will do what they feel that they need to do in order to get the win and become a number one contender for the international heavyweight championship, the alternative championship, which is an odd name for a belt in my opinion.. * pause for dramatic effect*  OR the vacant north american championship. despite the other 16 people, 17 including myself, i will be a number one contender to one of these belts. Although I cannot read your or anyone else’s mind for that matter, I am sure that everyone else is looking to do the same. You have seen and know what i can do., i have spent time with you, i have seen you in that ring and i know what you can do. the same with creed, cross.and stonewall. offhand i am uncertain if priest was in the last wrestling company that i was in. so i cannot be certain. I will show that I am indeed empire material. Don’t take it personally if I use you or my other empire members to prove that point.

Mr. Creed: You, along with Tex here have known me the longest. you have victories over me and i have victories over you. We have even committed underhanded tactics against each other. whether those tactics were direct or not. * he sighs*  i thank you for your advice and help in the last wrestling company that we were in. although i think that perhaps with you being in the background, i think unlike tex here, it gave you that itch that you felt you had to scratch and come out of your semi-retirement and get back into the ring. and from what i can see i think that you are glad that you UN-retired.

Scott Stonewall..let’s see, i may not have faced you too many times in the last wrestling company that we were both in. However, with my buddy tex here who has shown me that there is more to training than just the physical. and with the help of the internet i have seen some of your old matches. i have seen what you can and everyone else in this match, could do the same to myself. However, what you and the others who do not know me need to know is that what you can uncover is only a small showing of what I am capable of. Many times management in particular sought fit to hold me back. Some of my losses came by way of the other person using illegal weapons such as brass knuckles to assist them in their victory. Will you be like them in this match or are you better than that?

Priest: You are talented. I think that you will get far in this match. though you will not get far enough in order to become a number one contender for any of these belts.

Hell Kat. Your ring name is well deserved. you are indeed a hell kat. You are tenacious, a real threat to some of the others in this match. I would be a fool to simply dismiss you. Dario Arturo Cortez is no fool. know this, your sex matters not to me, i treat any woman who is in the ring against me as i would treat a man. After all, you along with the other women that are in this match are in my way and I will do what I must in order to remove you from my way. Now I will show you a tad of respect in saying that  even though your name is appropriate and well deserved, meaning that you may be a hell kat, but i, I am a fighter. remember that. but not just you, everyone in this match needs to remember that.

He then rubs the bridge of his nose while turning to face tex. He once again sighs and asks him.
who else is next

Tex: uh..hold on.
Tex reaches into his right front pocket and pulls out a piece of paper. He unfolds it and hands it to Dario. Dario unfolds it and does his best to unwrinkle it. He then looks at the camera..

Dario: Apologizes for those watching and waiting at home. Perhaps I should not have asked this of my friend. Of course let us be real here..for those who like myself are in this match, no one of us is going to memorize the names of all sixteen other competitors in their match. Now let us see no particular order..

Miranda just your name sounds generic and boring.

Princess Kiya. Please, please tell me that is just some sort of nickname that you are going by, that going by princess as a first name would help sell some merch for you.

Allie Queen ? For real ? well queen you will be crowned the queen of the losers due to you not winning this match.But hey at least your not a princess. a queen is a step up from a princess right?

he smirks and continues

Lucius Tendonin. humm at least you have an interesting name though it will not help you in a battle royal match.

Neela Shizeguma. another interesting name. you know as i look at the paper that i have in my hand here, it is very apparent so that anyone can tell, i almost feel silly pointing this out. but there are a lot of women in this match. i say with all seriousness the number of women in this match alone, not just in this company, is the most that i have seen or faced. SCW is quite the equal opportunity employer. Now onto the others.

Dario: We have, let’s see here..11 more people. Boy this is long, a lot of these people I do not know. so please do not like much offense if i do not speak a lot about you. As it is i only get to cut one promo for this match.

Sala Asa..interesting name for a lady. It is a name that I have never heard before, whether it comes from a woman or a man. But alas that is the only interesting thing about you thus far. who knows perhaps you will show me otherwise during the battle royal.

10 to go..Anne Carpenter. Sounds like an old timey name. It would be hilarious if that is your fathers profession.
9..Cassie Mason. Sounds like a country name. Do you live out in the “sticks” Cassie? he he.
8 Emily Desmond.  A name I have actually heard of. But I do not believe I have had the pleasure of taking you on one on one. and it seems i will not have that chance this time either. Oh well. perhaps somewhere down the line. i look forward to it.
7 Jenna Carson. Sounds like another old timely name. But this match won’t be decided on who has the most interesting name. Lucky you.
6 Sean Foster. Nice name. I look forward to seeing what you can do in the ring.

..Final 5..Wayne look old enough to be someone’s dad. be careful you don’t break any bones. That is unless I get to you then I cannot guarantee that you will not walk away with any bruised or broken bones.
4..Hekate..that is a unique name to these ears. Let us see what you can do.
3 Sickle..sounds like a serial killer’s name. Is that you sickle, are you a killer in the ring?
2 Terrell Walker..well, well mister walker, it will be interesting seeing an owner in this match. If we are the final two do not expect me to take it easy on you because of your position in this company.

And last but not least

1 Dean Tyler..I have seen you in the ring. I know what you can do. I know you know stalker, Creed and Tex here. They all speak highly of you and from what I saw of you in the ring I have wanted to face you. let us see if you will be in the ring long enough for us to, as they say lock horns .

Dario Sighs

So I hope that the folks at home did not think of my promo as being boring as it is; this is merely my second match here in scw. And I believe that I covered everyone’s name who is in this match.
Now  A word of warning, All of you should expect no mercy from myself. it does not matter if i know you, Or if you are with myself in The Empire. If you are in The Empire, remember it is not personal, it is just business. And our leader wants to see my bad side.. and i plan on showing it and using it to help bring me to victory in this match.

Tex: Alright Cortez. Breaks over. You got a cold water bottle in the gym inside the ice cooler.

Dario: Well there we go Ladies and Gentlemen break time is over. So adios and i will see you at SCW’S Domination pay per view where i believe that Brian Kennedy will beat Paige Lewis for the heavyweight and bring it home to The Empire, where it belongs.

* Screen fades to black.*

War Journal: Chapter 5

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When Paige Lewis walked out the rear door, she found her mother with the children, while her father was talking to his brother. The two boys were being doted on by Pamela, and Paige smiled. Being an only child, her opinion of her parents’ skills was a bit biased. But she loved being able to watch them start over. Her baby brother was three years old now, and quite affectionate, always asking everyone if he could hug them. Paige began making her way over to her father and her uncle.

John Lewis: Took your time in the shower, I see.

Paige: It was nice to be able to take my time for the first time in a while.

John: Your uncle here says he thinks you’re ready to start doing something more intense in your training with him.

Vince Lewis: I want you to push yourself, but not too hard. I don’t want you using up all your stamina.

The young blonde grinned.

Paige: Uncle, have you actually seen me compete? I am a damn gladiator.

John: That she is. My baby girl is the World Heavyweight Champion! How many days now?

Paige: Eh, a bit over twelve hundred.

The three continued talking about Paige and her accomplishments and their plans for her training. Paige had beaten Brian Kennedy and Emily Desmond already. Kennedy had the honor twice, actually. But now, she has raised the stakes to an insane level. That Seven Circles of Hell match could change the landscape of SCW…permanently. In her opinion, Kennedy would be the tougher match, but only because of the series. Desmond, however, was going to be a challenge, as well. Paige Lewis knew one thing about Domination…she was either going to have a great night, or a terrible night.



The scene faded in slowly, zoomed in on a pair of fierce blue eyes. Zooming out, the face of Paige Lewis was revealed. The SCW World Heavyweight Champion was sitting in her study, nursing a long island iced tea. Setting the glass down on the table, she looked at the camera again.

Paige: Brian…how many times do we have to do this, before you properly understand? You can’t beat me, mate. I know, I know, you were hot shit in years passed around these SCW parts. But check this…I’m Paige Lewis, I’m the heartbeat of SCW…I’m essentially unbeatable. Sure, I’ve lost before, but just once. And THAT was to SCW’s only grand slam champion, Jessica Tendonin. I made quick work of her in my rematch, and even she only needed to learn this lesson once. But you’re stubborn, mate. Before the hiatus, you could barely piece together a pair of wins without them being tag team matches. The blog sites are comparing this to Ali v Frazier 3. But, while I appreciate the comparison, and I’m obviously Ali in this scenario…Frazier actually beat Ali once. You haven’t beaten me, Brian. And I think we both know you can’t.

The blonde reached for something to her left, and then she held up the coveted 20lbs of gold, the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Paige: This is the grandest prize in our organization, Brian. In the past, you were the SCW Champion, but I need you to understand, times have changed. You’re no longer at the top. It’s a new era. You see, when I defeated Drew Stevenson, they called it an upset, a fluke. I walked out of Spring Meltdown with two championships, and the talking heads chalked it up to me getting lucky. A ladder match and then an Ironman match…and they called it lucky.

But then I did it again, I defended both the SCW World Heavyweight Championship and the SCW North American Championship on the same night. Eventually, I would step down from the North American Championship, and it would be won by your tag team partner, Jessica Tendonin, who would rename it the International Heavyweight Championship, and then go on to defeat me at Survival, to achieve one of her final goals of her career…being the SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

You want to know how to beat me, Brian? Ask Jessica, go on. She’s the only person on Earth who has ever done it, but even she will tell you I’m practically unstoppable. A bitch is built different, and you still don’t have the tools to break me down. Since SCW reopened a few years ago at SCW Reunion, there has been one constant, one person so reliable you could set your clocks by her…Paige Lewis. I am the measuring stick of the SCW…and Brian…you’re coming up short, just like you did when I beat you twice before.

Paige stood up now, and her body was more visible. She was noticeably more muscular than the last time she competed, she’d gone up a cup size, and the tank top gave a very appreciative glance at her abdomen. The blonde champion strapped the belt around her waist, and then folded her arms across her chest.

Paige: I want you to get used to seeing this, Brian. In fact, I want all of SCW to get used to this. None of you lot can defeat me. I’m the best thing going in the SCW today. But you don’t seem to have realized that yet, Brian. And THAT is why we will be deciding our final confrontation in a seven circles of hell match. And maybe then, I’ll have probably beaten it into your head, that you can’t beat me.

The blonde ended the recording now, feeling she’d said what needed to be said.

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