SCW Alternative Championship Update

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As all know, Paige Lewis, SCW World Heavyweight and Alternative Champion, is injured and will be missing quite a bit of in ring time. first reported that Neela Shizeguma, SCW General Manager, decided that Paige Lewis may choose a champion to take up her honor at Overdrive 54. Now, in this exclusive feature, Paige Lewis reveals who will defend the coveted championship at Overdrive 54 against Dario and Mr. Creed.


As the video begins, Paige Lewis is shown seated before her coffee table. A mug in her right hand is steaming as she raises it to her lips to sip at the tea. Setting it down, she looks deep into the camera as it pans out to show her belts, the SCW Alternative Championship and the SCW World Heavyweight Championship laid out on the table before her. Her left arm was in a cast and sling and she gingerly moved it as she relaxed backward into her Captains chair and spoke.

Paige Lewis: First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, text, and facetimed me to check on my condition as well as to congratulate me on a hard fought victory. At Domination, I did what I said I would do. I defeated Brian Kennedy and retained the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. But, Kennedy became frustrated that he couldn’t get the job done as yet, and decided to break my arm intentionally. No matter, I had an insurance policy in place, and I dropped that wild ape like the beast he is.

But, now I have a dilemma. The Alternative Championship MUST be defended at Overdrive 54. And while I think we can all agree that I’m the undisputed best in SCW right now, not even I can stave off two competitors while I have a broken arm that needs to heal and regain strength. So, as we all again know, Neela has given me the chance to choose someone to represent me in this match. I knew immediately that I wanted it to be someone who lives and breathes for SCW, someone passionate about this company like I am. Even more, passionate about this particular championship.

The SCW Alternative Championship has a history that is woven into the very fabric of what makes SCW what it is today. It’s an honor that has not passed around very often. People who have held this championship have fought tooth and nail to earn it, and even harder to keep it. And that is why my choice of who I want to walk down to the ring on my behalf went from the entire roster, to just a few.

The champion grinned now as she reached for her mug again, taking a long swig of it. Setting the mug down, she continued.

Paige: Now, obviously my little list consisted of Jessica Tendonin, the first person to elevate the Alternative Championship, Adatu Urakih, the undefeated International Heavyweight Champion who previously won it by competing in a hellacious match and then walking back into the arena to win it in the very next match, and of course…Emily Desmond, a woman who redefined this championship in a way that nobody did before or likely will for a long time.

But you know…I am so fucking angry…so my choice is…none of them. You see, I’m laid up here, unable to defend it myself because of one person. Brian Kennedy did this to me. And because of that…I am choosing, no, I am DEMANDING that Brian Kennedy take this championship and defend it for me. You weren’t good enough to beat me in any of the three matches we had, so you decided to injure me. Now, you’ll defend my championship for me, and when I’m cleared to compete again, you will walk your ass down to MY ring and hand it back to me. And let’s be clear…you WILL return it. Now…my tea is getting warm. See you all…very soon.

The scene faded now as the champion smiled into her tea.

SCW Alternative Championship Update

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After retaining the World Heavyweight Championship, Paige Lewis was taken to a local emergency room, where it was revealed that the broken arm would require a full cast and she would miss several weeks in the ring. SCW General Manager Neela Shizeguma has decreed that Dario and Mr. Creed will get their shot at Overdrive 54, and that with Lewis not cleared to compete, she may elect a champion to defend the championship on her behalf. That person, if successful, will become Interim Champion, and will carry the championship until Lewis is cleared to compete and defend against Emily Desmond. If Dario or Mr. Creed win, they will become SCW Alternative Champion, and go on to defend against Emily Desmond.

As of this writing, Paige Lewis has not chosen/announced her champion.

SCW Domination Recap

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Domination has come and passed, and it was a night full of blood, sweat, and tears. First, let’s note the removal of two matches. First, the Alternative Championship match was postponed, as a result of Emily Desmond testing positive for COVID-19. Next, the International Heavyweight Championship match was cancelled because of a contract dispute. That left us with four matches. The battle royale went off without a hitch. Dario and Mr. Creed were both eliminated at the same time, earning the Alternative Championship shot. Then, Scott Stonewall went over the rope, taking the North American Heavyweight Championship shot, which left Sickle with a shot at the International Heavyweight Championship.

Next, Hexgirl brutally defeated Dean Tyler in mere minutes, picking up a crucial Pay-Per-View win. In the first title match of the evening, Dark Tiger, Fathi, and Tyler Cross went toe to toe for the vacant SCW North American Heavyweight Championship. All three vied for an advantage, but in the end, Dark Tiger and Fathi could not withstand the efforts of Tyler Cross, and he left with the championship.

And then…the main event. It was said that Paige Lewis is unbeatable, and then…at Survival I, Jessica Tendonin rose to the occasion and went the distance, taking the then rookie champion to her limit and then further. At Survival I, Jessica Tendonin did what no one had ever done, and what no one has been able to do since, and defeated Paige Lewis for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. 77 days later, Lewis would reclaim the championship and has held onto it since. That was three and a half years ago. During this time, Brian Kennedy, Tendonin’s tag team partner, began looking for a shot at the world championship. Going into Domination, Lewis had already defeated Kennedy twice in non-title singles competition. She has said she granted the match as a way to finally shut Kennedy up once and for all.

And so it came to be, Kennedy vs Lewis III, SCW World Heavyweight Championship on the line, the final confrontation between these two, and in a Seven Circles of Hell match, designed by Paige Lewis herself. Kennedy would pin Lewis in the first round, while Lewis took the following with a submission. Kennedy was automatically awarded the First Blood, as Lewis was already busted open. At this point, the score is 2-1 in Kennedy’s favor. After an assist from the new SCW North American Heavyweight Champion Tyler Cross, Kennedy took the Falls Count Anywhere round, bringing the score to 3-1. Kennedy needed one more round. Lewis needed all of them.

In the No Disqualification round, the final SCW Champion, Brian Brewster made an appearance, laying Kennedy out and setting Lewis up to win the round, which she did. At 3-2, Kennedy still only needed one more round. In the no Finishers round, it was revealed that the rule could be circumvented by using someone else finisher, and Lewis picked up the round, tying the score. The score is tied now, the fans are worked up into a frenzy, both superstars are exhausted. Going back and forth, Kennedy finally snapped and used a steel chair to break Lewis’ arm. This would incite a riot as fans rushed the ring before being held back. In the confusion, Lewis removed the cap to a ringpost, which was hallow, and pulled out a rifle that was loaded with a tranquilizer. With one hand, she shot Kennedy, and he stumbled to the mat and failed to answer the ten count. With the score now 4-3, the match was over and Lewis had retained the World Heavyweight Championship.

SCW Domination Update

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SCW has become aware that Emily Desmond, who was scheduled to appear at Domination in a rematch against Paige Lewis for the SCW Alternative Championship, has tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, the match has been postponed indefinitely, until such a time that Emily Desmond has recovered and been cleared to compete.

The card has been appropriately updated and Paige Lewis will instead only be defending the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. Paige Lewis had the following to say when alerted to the situation, “That’s tough, mate. I hope Emily Desmond recovers well and quickly. And when she does, her rematch will be waiting for her. Godspeed, Emily.”

SCW Returns!!!

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Alright, we’ve gone into the lab, took it all apart, had the mad scientist taste test it, and we’ve got it down. SCW is returning! See the dates below.

Sign up Deadline: 4/12
First Deadline: 4/22
Final Deadline: 4/24
Show Date: 5/1

The show will be Overdrive 52.5. Yes, this is a real name/number. The two matches that were written for at OD52 will be summarized as dark matches for the ‘preshow,’ and will be part of the official history. I am setting the sign up deadline for 4/12 so that we can maximize the promo period.

We will also be keeping the dual deadline that we previously used. So, step one, create an account. If you previously had an account, it is still there.

Welcome back.

*If you need a password reset, and the automated system is not working, message me on facebook.

Features Update

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I wanted to make a publicly visible list of the changes I’ve been making behind the scenes. These are meant to make this site more accessible, add features, and increase usage.


  • Member Profiles
    • This is a feature that kind of already existed, but because of how the site was built, it wasn’t accessible. My goal is to continuing working on it, and make our profiles on this site as a sort of mini social media. Note, this is just for fun, and not part of competing here.
  • Multiple Accounts/Account Switching
    • This is a feature I already had included, but never really announced. Personally, I like having separate accounts for my characters. You are NOT required to do so. I’ve also added a feature that allows you to easily switch accounts if you’d like to use it. Again, not a requirement.
  • Formatting
    • This website currently supports plain text, html, native text editors, and BBCode. What this means is, if you can code it, you can post it. If you’d like to see you post before you post it, there is a preview function. This is also a good resource for BBCode editing.
  • Mass Email
    • I’ve added a feature that allows me to email all users at once. I promise, I won’t be abusing this. Messages will come from If you also use Gmail, you may get a yellow warning banner, stating that Gmail can’t confirm the message is really from that address. And the reason is because it technically isn’t, it’s from this site. But that’s all some tech mumbo jumbo that you don’t care about, lol. It’s a safe email.
  • Site Security
    • This site used to get a LOT of spam. I mean dozens of comments a week. I had comments hidden, so you all probably didn’t see any of them. This week, I’ve spoken with our host about how to combat this. I’ve changed some settings and that should reduce/eliminate the spam. I’ve also purchased some protection (cue the APA theme music) to help other threats that may exist. I’ve also had our SSL Certificate updated, so that your computer and antivirus don’t tell you the site is unsafe!
  • Projects
    • There are a few things I’m working on currently. While they aren’t ready to unveil, I can tell you about them. To build a excitement. No but really, I do want to tell you about them. First, a ‘Champions’ page has always been in the works. It’s a project I kept starting and not finishing. Sure, I have the google sheets document that shows all of our champions and automatically calculates length, but having something on the site would be nice, too, right? I am also working on having integrated forums. You would not need to sign up for a new site or anything. I know efeds and boards go hand in hand, and have for a long time. But, SCW has almost always been a place to post promos and results and not a lot else. With this site being designed to have promos posted to the main page, as well as cards and results being posted here, there wasn’t a lot of reason to have a separate forum. But, let’s see if the integrated forum project takes off.

So, that’s pretty much it for now. Keep an eye out for more updates and changes.

SCW 2021 Update

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Life has been…interesting, the last few years.  I had originally planned to reopen SCW in 2020. But, I started working at a hospital and then the pandemic hit. And it was a major hospital. They have campuses around the world. So, when this thing hit, I had NO extra time, and I knew it would be a disservice to this federation as well as though who came here to write. So I put it off again. Now, I’m working from home and have a whole set up. And, since I’ll be sitting at my desk all day anyway, I can work on writing. That, coupled with renewed interest, I think it’s the perfect time to give this another go.


So, we are aiming for mid April. Please keep an eye out for more updates.

Paige Lewis’ Return

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Not many details are known about Paige Lewis’ whereabouts in the last few weeks. She departed an American airport on an international flight, and then vanished. Several weeks later, she was seen exiting Jessica Tendonin’s private jet at Heathrow. Many questions still are in the air. Where has she been? Is she mentally fit for action? She’s been limping around. Is she physically ready to compete? Are her and Jessica Tendonin suddenly best friends?

Paige Lewis Missing!

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SCW has become aware that SCW World Heavyweight Champion, Paige Lewis, is missing. Government agencies of the United States of America and England are working together to locate her. As of this time, the only information that has been confirmed is that Miss Lewis flew out of Heathrow, arrived at Teterboro, and boarded another flight two hours later. It is unclear on what business Miss Lewis was flying into America for, nor where the second flight took her. As it stands, she has been missing for over a week. SCW is making every effort to help out with the investigation and location of Paige Lewis.

It has been asked what will happen to the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. As of this time, Mr. Walker has confirmed that he will not be stripping her of the championship. More information will be revealed as it becomes available.

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