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Paige Lewis

War Journal: Chapter 6

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4:23 AM

Sitting in her favorite rocking chair, Paige Lewis held the baby as he dozed and drank from his bottle. Slowly letting gravity rock them back and forth, Paige worked to keep herself awake. The small boy her arms had woken up to cry, needing his nappy changed as well as to be fed. Her mother sat with her, working on a piece, having picked up crocheting recently. After a while, when the boy had finished feeding, Paige repositioned him, and held him up against her shoulder and tapped his back gently, so as to burp him.

Paige: Mum…did you have time to speak to father about what I asked?

Pamela Lewis: I did. He wants to see the house first. He does wonder why you don’t just finance the difference.

Paige: I’d much rather pay you two back, than deal with the bank.

Pamela quietly laughed now. The house Paige wanted to buy was over in Kent, and sat on about three quarters of an acre. Lots of yard and nicely spaced inside. A nice home for her to raise her son in, she thought. Living close to the city was nice, but she wanted a change of scenery. She had decided that she would look for a bigger house further out, and keep her home in Croydon for when she had a late flight in, or was hanging out in the city with her friends.

Pamela: I do wish you’d think about your future now. I’m very proud of you, my dear, but that career of yours may cripple you with an infant, or the other way around. You’ve got to pick one.

Paige winced; she knew this talk had been coming ever since she got the call about SCW reopening. Without hesitation, she had agreed to return. Even with a small child, Paige wanted to go out and perform. Her mother did not approve.

Paige: Mum…why can’t I do both?

Within seconds, Paige knew she’d opened a can of worms, but it was too late. Her mother went on, at length, about why she should choose her career or her child. This was ridiculous to Paige, as she knew she could do both.



The two girls absolutely doted on the small boy, taking turns holding him, rocking him, and making various little sounds to make him smile. He didn’t seem to enjoy the plane ride much, but after landing at Hopkins, he brightened up quite a bit as the Maybach Pullman cruised towards their destination. The drive didn’t take long, and her host was waiting as the car arrived. Paige gathered up her baby boy and stepped out, being pulled into a tight embrace. With a serious look on her face, her host spoke.

Host: Let’s begin.

A while later, after the girls had been taught how to hold him, Paige left her son with them and followed her host into the study, where the camera was already set up. Paige had gone back outside and gathered up her belts, and after adjusting them, she began.

Paige Lewis: So, Brian Kennedy has finally spoken. And unsurprisingly, he wants to brag about the past and what he has done elsewhere. Here’s the thing, mate. We’re not in XPW, we’re not in the NCW, we’re not in UHW, we’re not in PWO, or any other place you’ve been that you want to brag about. I’m sure you did very well for yourself in those places. But right now, none of that matters. Let me show you what matters.

Now, Paige held up the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Paige: This is what matters. The twenty pounds of gold, the strap, the heavyweight championship. The be all, end all, of what we do in this industry. Aside from a period of 77 days, I have held this championship since its inception. I have currently held this championship for three and a half years, since I regained it after defeating your tag team partner Jessica Tendonin, on March 17th, 2018. Since SCW: Reunion, there has been one constant in the SCW, and that is Paige Lewis.

Brian, you think you’re a pillar of this company? Let’s be honest about something. Your friendship with the former owner of SCW afforded you a quick shot at the SCW Championship a decade ago. I earned my shot in a tournament, and then I went to war for an hour with Drew Stevenson to become the first SCW World Heavyweight Champion. You’ve been trying to get back to the top since you returned, and you just can’t quite get it done, can you? These days, you seem to only win matches in SCW when tagging up with superiors like Jessica and Requiem. Speaking of Jessica…

Just now, the host stepped into the frame aside Paige Lewis, her red hair almost aflame as the light from the window caught it from behind. Paige looked up at Jessica before continuing.

Paige: Brian, you have managed to remain somewhat relevant in SCW since the reopening, purely because of your tag team partners. This woman beside me? You would compare YOUR accolades in SCW against hers? This woman has literally held every championship SCW has had to offer, and is an SCW Hall of Famer. She’s the ONLY Grand Slam Champion in SCW history, and the ONLY Triple Crown Champion.  I think I’m unbeatable? Brian, I’ve already been relieved of that misconception. And it was by THIS woman, whom I’ve just said holds achievements you can only dream of in this company.

Brian, you had ONE chance of somehow beating me, and that was relying on me being worn out from my match with Emily Desmond. Well, as I’m sure you’ve heard the news, that match has been postponed. Now, you have to contend with me at 100%. Ask yourself, honestly…can you do it? You did get one thing painfully right, though, mate. You are one half of the longest reigning tag team champions in SCW history. But this is not a tag team match. You won’t be able to rely on Jessica or your new little crew. This is you and me, one on one.

Now, the blonde adjusted her belt before continuing.

Paige: Let’s talk about the match. You think I chose this type of match to scare you? You’re a grown man, Brian. You should be able to do better than that. I chose this match, because each type is more brutal than the last. I’ve competed in ladder matches, TLC matches, coffin matches, ambulance matches, Ironman matches. I’ve never competed in a match like this.

First, one of us has to pin the other. Simple, right? Next, submissions only. Now, I’m sure none of us will forget the brutal Submission only match between Emily Desmond and Alzy Hawkshaw a while back. Next, someone has to bleed, by any means necessary. And now we’ve reached the fun part, eh? Falls Count Anywhere! I must say, I’m looking forward to that. Do you remember a few years ago when Adatu Urakih faced Veronica Rodriguez, also known as Fury, in a Falls Count Anywhere match, and Speared her through a second story window, pinned her, and then limped her way back into the arena to compete in, and WIN, the very next match and become the SCW Alternative Champion?

Where will we end up, I wonder. Perhaps I’ll pin you in the stands? Make you tap out in the parking lot? And then…no disqualifications. Brian, I’m looking forward to that, I really am. I’m going to have my way with you like a cheap, back alley sex worker, might even stuff five quid in my tights so I can tip you when I’m done. Now, we have the first test of endurance, a no finisher match. Brian, I know that War Cry finisher of yours has put away some tough opponents in the past, but can you get it done without it?

And finally, my personal favorite…Last Person Standing. I know it says last MAN standing, but let’s face it, Brian, at this point of the night, it truly could be either of us. Now, let’s talk about that. At this point, assuming we’ve been through six progressively brutal matches, we must now put each other down so hard that the other can’t answer a 10 count. Brian, in addition to facing me yourself, you’ve also seen me compete. Have you seen anyone keep me down for that long?

The champion took the belt off her shoulder now and began tracing it, a fond smile on her face.

Paige: Brian, I have beaten everyone I’ve faced. Even Emily Desmond fell before me. Emily Desmond and Jessica Tendonin are amongst the toughest people I have faced in this business, and I beat them both. Have you beaten one of them, let alone both? I’ve realized something, Brian. I’m David and Goliath, all in one. I’m the giant and the giant slayer. I’m a question that you don’t have an answer for. And at Domination, I will, once again, show the world why Paige Lewis is the toughest bitch to walk through the SCW. Domination, what an appropriate name, because that is what I have done, and it will be the word used to define my career when the times.

And now, I have someone who, when he is old enough, will look back at old footage, and he will know…his mum was the hardest bitch in SCW for YEARS. You see, while you were off winning titles in other organizations so that you had something to brag about, I had a kid and even began training for cage fighting. Never got to the cage, as when SCW came calling, I told them without hesitation I’d be there. My mother tells me I need to choose one; my family or my career. I’m now faced with the same walls most women with a career and child are faced with. But the difference is, I had already shattered that glass ceiling, I’m already on top. I know mothers everywhere will relate to being felt like they have to choose. So Brian, if the question is my son, my beautiful baby boy…or the SCW World Heavyweight Championship, which I have worked for YEARS to make mean something? Understand, I CAN and WILL have BOTH OF THEM!

Paige grinned now, her head slightly tilted, shoulders spread as she placed the SCW World Heavyweight Championship on her left shoulder as Jessica beamed at her. The video then faded to nothing.

War Journal: Chapter 5

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When Paige Lewis walked out the rear door, she found her mother with the children, while her father was talking to his brother. The two boys were being doted on by Pamela, and Paige smiled. Being an only child, her opinion of her parents’ skills was a bit biased. But she loved being able to watch them start over. Her baby brother was three years old now, and quite affectionate, always asking everyone if he could hug them. Paige began making her way over to her father and her uncle.

John Lewis: Took your time in the shower, I see.

Paige: It was nice to be able to take my time for the first time in a while.

John: Your uncle here says he thinks you’re ready to start doing something more intense in your training with him.

Vince Lewis: I want you to push yourself, but not too hard. I don’t want you using up all your stamina.

The young blonde grinned.

Paige: Uncle, have you actually seen me compete? I am a damn gladiator.

John: That she is. My baby girl is the World Heavyweight Champion! How many days now?

Paige: Eh, a bit over twelve hundred.

The three continued talking about Paige and her accomplishments and their plans for her training. Paige had beaten Brian Kennedy and Emily Desmond already. Kennedy had the honor twice, actually. But now, she has raised the stakes to an insane level. That Seven Circles of Hell match could change the landscape of SCW…permanently. In her opinion, Kennedy would be the tougher match, but only because of the series. Desmond, however, was going to be a challenge, as well. Paige Lewis knew one thing about Domination…she was either going to have a great night, or a terrible night.



The scene faded in slowly, zoomed in on a pair of fierce blue eyes. Zooming out, the face of Paige Lewis was revealed. The SCW World Heavyweight Champion was sitting in her study, nursing a long island iced tea. Setting the glass down on the table, she looked at the camera again.

Paige: Brian…how many times do we have to do this, before you properly understand? You can’t beat me, mate. I know, I know, you were hot shit in years passed around these SCW parts. But check this…I’m Paige Lewis, I’m the heartbeat of SCW…I’m essentially unbeatable. Sure, I’ve lost before, but just once. And THAT was to SCW’s only grand slam champion, Jessica Tendonin. I made quick work of her in my rematch, and even she only needed to learn this lesson once. But you’re stubborn, mate. Before the hiatus, you could barely piece together a pair of wins without them being tag team matches. The blog sites are comparing this to Ali v Frazier 3. But, while I appreciate the comparison, and I’m obviously Ali in this scenario…Frazier actually beat Ali once. You haven’t beaten me, Brian. And I think we both know you can’t.

The blonde reached for something to her left, and then she held up the coveted 20lbs of gold, the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Paige: This is the grandest prize in our organization, Brian. In the past, you were the SCW Champion, but I need you to understand, times have changed. You’re no longer at the top. It’s a new era. You see, when I defeated Drew Stevenson, they called it an upset, a fluke. I walked out of Spring Meltdown with two championships, and the talking heads chalked it up to me getting lucky. A ladder match and then an Ironman match…and they called it lucky.

But then I did it again, I defended both the SCW World Heavyweight Championship and the SCW North American Championship on the same night. Eventually, I would step down from the North American Championship, and it would be won by your tag team partner, Jessica Tendonin, who would rename it the International Heavyweight Championship, and then go on to defeat me at Survival, to achieve one of her final goals of her career…being the SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

You want to know how to beat me, Brian? Ask Jessica, go on. She’s the only person on Earth who has ever done it, but even she will tell you I’m practically unstoppable. A bitch is built different, and you still don’t have the tools to break me down. Since SCW reopened a few years ago at SCW Reunion, there has been one constant, one person so reliable you could set your clocks by her…Paige Lewis. I am the measuring stick of the SCW…and Brian…you’re coming up short, just like you did when I beat you twice before.

Paige stood up now, and her body was more visible. She was noticeably more muscular than the last time she competed, she’d gone up a cup size, and the tank top gave a very appreciative glance at her abdomen. The blonde champion strapped the belt around her waist, and then folded her arms across her chest.

Paige: I want you to get used to seeing this, Brian. In fact, I want all of SCW to get used to this. None of you lot can defeat me. I’m the best thing going in the SCW today. But you don’t seem to have realized that yet, Brian. And THAT is why we will be deciding our final confrontation in a seven circles of hell match. And maybe then, I’ll have probably beaten it into your head, that you can’t beat me.

The blonde ended the recording now, feeling she’d said what needed to be said.

War Journal: Chapter 4

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Her routine was simple. She would wake up around 7, go for a run, get home and have breakfast, and then relax in the bath. If, by noon, none of her mates made plans with her, Paige Lewis would lounge about her home. She would read, watch television, and sometimes even go for another run in the afternoon. It was a good routine. At least thrice a week, she met up with her parents for lunch or even dinner. Sometimes, she spent the night. Her old bedroom was exactly as it was as she was growing up. She enjoyed going home to her parents and hanging out. Especially when her baby brother was awake.

But today was different. Paige was awake at 5 AM. Instead of her normal 4 kilometers, she had set the lofty goal of going for 10. Her body ached, but she got it done. When she made it home, her father was waiting for her, and after a quick shower, she changed into another set of workout gear, and went to the home gym he’d set for her a few months ago. He had her start with weights. Paige could deadlift around 100KG without an issue. John made her go for 120. It was a struggle, but she managed it. After another hour of weights, he had her get on the treadmill. The goal was to get her maximum speed while under physical stress.

38km/h. It was a respectable number, she thought. John told her to aim for 40 next time. The hardest part of his wild training regimine, however, was that after all of this, she had to wrestle with him. John Lewis was a big strong man. That paired with him being well rested made for quite a challenge for the young blonde. He overpowered her easily, every time. Much as they both expected. By noon, she was exhausted. They wrapped things up and each had a shower before having lunch. They had been doing this twice a week for about 3 weeks now. Paige was still not able to overpower her father and pin him, but she was getting closer.


Sitting on the floor of her living room, Paige Lewis was finishing up her afternoon yoga as the cameraman finished setting up. She returned to a natural position and opened her eyes, looking into the camera.

Paige: Emily Desmond. This day has been coming for a long time. And now, it is here. I know SCW has always been a place with strong women who can really handle themselves. But, I think the only other time we’ve seen SCW be headed with a pair like you and I is many year ago, when Jessica was where you are, and Neela was where I am. We both have very big shoes to fill. So far, you are the longest reigning SCW Alternative Champion of all time, and I’m working on being the best world champion this company has ever had.

It’s only natural that at some point, the pair of us would meet each other in the ring. I want to say at the beginning that I have a great deal of respect for what you’ve accomplished for yourself. You and I started on similar footing. Both rookies looking to make a name for ourselves. Both wanting the world, and doing everything in our power to achieve it. And we’ve both been successful. I know you come from good stock, and are surrounded by wrestling relatives. I can’t say the same. But I can say that I am proud to be part of the same class of SCW rookies as you. You’re a very strong and determined champion, much like myself.

You never back down from ANY challenge. You take everything someone throws at you, and do the best you can. And often, your best is more than enough to get the job done. But as I said weeks ago…I can’t allow your reign to continue. I know all about the Alternative Championship. If you leave Survival, you’re eligible to trade the championship in for a shot at the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. You often talk about having this goal of hold the belt for a specific amount of time. But ask yourself…can you honestly say that the allure of the grandest championship in the company can be denied?

I promise, it can’t. When Jessica took it from me, I endured 77 days of heartbreak. I couldn’t wait to have it back. I know it’s not the same, since you’ve never felt the 20lbs of gold around your waist. But if you were in my shoes, could you really stand walking around with a very visible bullseye on you? I know I’ve got a target on my back as the World Heavyweight Champion, but only one person can actually DEMAND a match of me, and get it, whenever they want, and that is the Alternative Champion.

Paige stood up and and was handed the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Paige: I have watched your bit, Emily. You begged me not to lose to Brian Kennedy. That’s a very easy task to accomplish at Survival 2. Brian Kennedy has never beaten me, for starters, and then I’m not even scheduled to face him, for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship or any other match. You said you were going to not get ahead of yourself and focus on the here and now, but you don’t even know what the main event is. That’s a really discouraging thing to find out, to be honest.

But nonetheless, our time has come. I want you to understand something very clearly, Emily. My only goal is to take the Alternative Championship. I have no malice for you. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to end your career. I don’t want to maim you. But, if that is what it takes, that is what I’m going to do. I will do what it takes to beat you into submission long enough to place you in the casket and slam it shut. I must admit, I’ve been looking forward to the day we met for a while now. Even if the strap wasn’t on the line, I know you and I will put on an amazing show.

You are without a doubt one of the toughest people in SCW, Emily. There is a natural toughness about you that can’t be taught. It can only be bred. I can’t let my excitement of facing you cloud my mind, though. I’m on a mission, and I can’t fail. As for my captors and their agents…I can assure you, it will not be a factor again. You say many people think I’m the only person capable of being a double champion. That’s very kind of you all to catch up. At Spring Meltdown 2017, I left as the SCW North American Champion and SCW World Heavyweight Champion. I’ve done it before. In fact, on several occasions, I’ve pulled double duty. Don’t worry, Emily. I can handle myself in two matches without an issue.

Just then, a snicker is heard. Adatu Urakih steps into frame at Paige’s left. Candice Karicia Kingston then joins on the right. And then, Jessica Tendonin herself steps into the frame.

Paige: Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying these three will be helping me in matches, but rather they will be watching my back from now until…well…let’s just say there isn’t a force on earth that can get to me. Win or lose, understand that you have my respect before this match, and you’ll have it after, as well.

The scene faded now as the four women bowed their heads.

Larissa’s Downfall

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The blonde wasn’t accustomed to be driven around. She enjoyed driving herself. But, Jessica had insisted. And so, when the Cessna Citation X+ sent by the Paraguayan to Heathrow to pick her up landed at Hopkins, there was a car waiting. But not just any car. The black Mercedes-Maybach S650 was an impressive vehicle. Not quite as long as the Pullman line, and lacking a few of the exclusives, but it was definitely a high society vehicle.

Paige Lewis relaxed in the back seat, looking out the windows as her driver silently drove. After a while, he asked if she would like to play some music of her own. She smiled and paired her phone. Turning the sound up, her phone played “I Know” by D Savage. Paige was really enjoying more American hip hop lately. She closed her eyes as she danced in her seat.

Paige: Catch me crusin’ through the 9, posted at the corner store!

Paige had fun on the ride. It was nice to cut loose a bit. She wasn’t quite sure what Jessica wanted, but Jessica had made things very clear on the Gulfstream weeks ago. When she called, it would be within Paige’s best interests to move heaven and earth to be there when request. And, so, when Jessica told her that the Cessna was en route and would be touching down in Heathrow within an hour, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion tore across London in her Mustang.

A short while later, the S650 arrived at Tendonin Manor 4. The driver opened her door and Paige slowly climbed out. Lucius Tendonin opened the door, and stood waiting for her. As the SCW World Heavyweight Champion walked in, the big man put his hand on her shoulder.

Lucius: Alright there, Paige?

Paige: Yes, thank you. How are the kids?

Lucius: Growing, and fast. I’m still shocked that they are 5 years old already.

The blonde smiled, seeing that twinkle in his eyes. This was a man who adored his family. Her other father had the same look, she knew, when speaking of her and her baby brother. He led her to Jessica’s study, where the Paraguayan was waiting. Even with her arm in a cast, her hair in a messy bun, and wearing eyeglasses, Jessica Tendonin was still formidable looking. Hearing them enter, Jessica looked up and smiled as she rose.

Jessica: Paige, dear! You made it!

As the redhead embraced her, Paige relaxed. Jessica was an intense person often, but she had a very kind side. Paige was happy to have seen both sides.

Jessica: There’s someone here I’d like you to see.

Paige looked confused as she stepped back, and then Jessica pointed in the corner behind her. Paige turned, and with a squeal ran across the study to hug Lt. Brown. He looked like shit, but there he was, in the flesh. As she collided with him, he spilled a bit of the brandy he’d been sipping.

Lt. Brown: Now now, Paige.

Paige: I thought you were dead!

Lt. Brown: I can’t imagine why.

The blonde turned to Jessica now, her eyes narrow.

Paige: Wait, it was YOU who told me he was dead.

Jessica: Nay. I said he hadn’t been seen in weeks. I never said he was dead. As it stands, he’s been loaned out to help with the cause. He’s going to be part of your guard. As well as Urakih and Candice. You’re now under the protection of the Order of the Dragon, Paige. You will never have anything to fear, ever again. There is not a force on this planet that can touch you.

Paige: But Ki-

Jessica: I will deal with Princess Kiya myself, when the time comes.

Paige: But she-

Jessica: Is no longer your concern. Now, you have a pair of matches to prepare for.


A few hours later, in Jessica’s studio, Paige Lewis was sitting on a grand chair. It almost looked like a throne. He golden locks fell around her facing, framing a very concentrated looking Paige. She was dressed in all black, wearing new ring attire. Her SCW World Heavyweight Championship was around her waist. She sat up straight before speaking.

Paige Lewis: Larissa, you’ve gotten bold. You’ve got one win on your record worthy of praise, and it’s a fluke. Now, you’ve let it go to your head. You suddenly think you are untouchable because of it. You may have defeated Jessica Tendonin. You may have put her on the shelf. You may have taken her coveted International Heavyweight Championship. But rest assured, by the time you crawl your scrawny ass down the ramp, and pull yourself into the ring to face me, you’ll realize that all of that was a matter of luck.

You’re a rookie who got lucky on the best night to do so. You’re not ready to be where you are, and it very clearly shows. I am the premier of SCW. You are a greenie who is riding a wave of luck. That wave will crash and break when you step into the ring with Urakih. And then, after she breaks you, I’m going to continue it. You somehow believe you are capable of beating not just one, but both of us? In one night? Impossible.

The champion began tracing lines on her championship, looking down at it. For a moment, she was silent. When she looked up again, she was smiling.

Paige: I’m actually looking forward to this match, Larissa. I want to get a good look at the only other person to defeat Jessica Tendonin in two years since SCW reopened. I took her to the limit for an hour before falling. And then, I beat her in 5 minutes. I didn’t have to take a cheap win, and cripple her. So, when you run your mouth about how you beat Jessica, I can’t help but laugh. Yeah, I suppose you did. But this notion that you are suddenly this amazing wrestler and ready for the big leagues is amazing to me.

You see, Jessica could have named anyone as her replacement. She called up the Machine from Musashino, because Urakih is the most dangerous Dragon in the Order. Even more than Jessica. That is a very clear and concise message being sent, Larissa. And you’re blinded by your own pride that you can’t see it. The cards have been laid, and they all show your demise. Urakih alone is going to hurt you. And then, I’m going to send you packing back to whatever tiny hole you crawled your way out of.

On the miniscule chance you manage to get passed Urakih, I can assure you, you are not leaving Survival with MY SCW World Heavyweight Championship. I am not leaving this event empty handed again. I learned an important lesson a year ago. Perhaps you will eventually learn that lesson. But for now, I’ll have to settle for watching you get taken out. Because make no mistake about it. Those are our marching orders, Larissa. If you are still able to walk by the end of the night, Jessica will be very cross with us, and we do not want to be on her bad side. We are going to do everything in our power to cripple you, since you think that shit is so cool. At Survival, you won’t survive.

With that, Paige flipped her hair as the recording faded to nothing.

The Mayan Warning

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It had been weeks. Princess Kiya could not locate Paige Lewis. She always knew where her young protege was. She knew other persons were trying to locate Paige, but it was important that SHE find her. If someone else were to find Paige Lewis, it would not be good. She needed to maintain her control.

Princess Kiya was meditated. Or, she seemed to be. In truth, the strange woman was yet again trying to locate Paige Lewis. The harder she looked, the more frustrated she became. If Paige Lewis were found by someone else…everything would be ruined. She did not have time to train another protege. Time was running short. Very short indeed.

Princess Kiya: Paige…help me find you.

And then, she felt a pang. Deep in her being. Not her soul; she hadn’t had one of those in ages. She didn’t know what it meant, but it was not good. Princess Kiya sat up, shaking. She wiped the blood away from her nose. Paige Lewis was beyond even her now. She screamed. The inhuman screech rent forth and made the chamber shake.


Later, with a live feed being broadcast directly to SCW’s official website, Princess Kiya began cutting her first promo.

Princess Kiya: They call you Fury…The Wrath of the Desert. Cute monikers for a mortal. You don’t know the desert like I do. Three thousand years ago, I crossed the desert. I was goal oriented, and would not let anyone stand in my way. Not even my own father. He betrayed me. He wasn’t the first mortal to do so, nor will he be the last.

You see, I’m from the New Kingdom. I’m from a time where if someone breathed wrong in my presence, I’d carve out their lungs on the spot. If a man even thought of touching me, he’d be dismembered in front of his family. So, I understand I’m supposed to be impressed by you, Fury. I’m not. A has been does not impress me. Someone who is just…here…does not impress me. You, Fury, do not impress me.

The rag wearing woman paused for a moment, her eyes seeming to pierce the lens of the camera.

Princess Kiya: I understand your heritage is of Mexico. I don’t pretend to be very knowledgeable on your culture, but I do know a small bit about the ancient civilizations of the area. Most of you mortals, a few years ago, were concerned about the end of the world. And then, you all woke up the next day, had a sigh of relief, and went to work. December 21st, 2012. You mortals are so obsessed with the end times. And believe me, they will come.

But the Mayan Calendar did not predict the end of the world. No, it predicted, and pinpointed the exact date of when the world would once again feel my wrath. You see, my Lord Set granted me immortality. In exchange for my soul, I was given everything I wanted. But the mortals of my time feared my growing power, so they locked me away. I was buried in the desert, because they couldn’t kill me. The fools thought they could lock me away for an eternity.

I told you I’m not impressed by you, Fury, and it’s nothing personal. Mortals just don’t impress me very much. Since I stepped back into the world of the living, I’m only been impressed by a handful of you. Paige Lewis is obviously one of them. I’ve decided to step into the ring to show everyone that I am a force the likes of which most of the living have never seen. You will all learn to fear me.

The Mayans feared me before I was even born. My father feared me on his throne, so he went and found a wench to impregnate, and steal my throne away. My baby brother…it only took one hand. He didn’t even get a chance to cry. I’m almost sad of that…it may have sustained me. I want to hear you scream, Fury. I want to see that look of helplessness in your eyes as you realize you are no match for me.

I will win this Mega Cup Series, and then, I will silence everyone. Nobody will stand in the way of my plans. I will carve out a canal, fill it with the blood of you mortals, and then wade through it on my way to my destiny. I want you to make peace with your demons, Fury. Because when we meet in the ring…I am going to hurt you really, really bad.

With that, it was over. Princess Kiya lunged at the camera and the broadcast ended.

War Journal, Chapter 3

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“See, but don’t be seen.” That was the directive. The blonde was getting her first live field test. Paige Lewis considered herself a fair driver. Even with her hearing impairment, she’d finished top of her class in the driving program back home. She was most comfortable in her Mustang, but the organization had given her an old, slightly beaten, nondescript vehicle. Inconspicuous, that was the word used. She’d been sitting in the car for over an hour, looking at the photograph in her hand, and the entrance to the office building.

They were in Seattle, Washington for the operation. Her orders were to follow the man in the photo, and report back. After nearly two hours, she finally saw him exiting the building. A short, balding hispanic man, the target had a scar across his face. A tinted SUV pulled up to the front of the building. The organization had provided Paige with several instruments. The binoculars could see through tinted windows. She made a note of the 4 armed guards inside, as well as the two who walked him out of the building. A second SUV pulled up, and the pair of guards entered, before the two vehicles glided out of the lot.

Paige Lewis: Alright, they’re moving.

There was no answer in the earpiece, but Paige already knew what to do. Turning the engine over, she began following them. Flipping through the radio stations, she found some obnoxious metal station, and cranked it up. Tapping on the steering wheel, humming, dancing in the seat, and moving her head along with the music, someone looking directly at her wouldn’t think much. She’d pass as a college student getting “turnt.”

The entourage made one stop while in the business district. A Columbian restaurant. One of the associates of the target went inside, and came out with an envelope several minutes later. As they were leaving, Paige put on a hat and some large cheap sunglasses, and then changed the radio station. Country, it landed on. Perfect contrast to the metal from the last several minutes.


That evening, after Paige had been ordered back to headquarters, she was shocked to see one of the men she’d been following. One of the men who exited the building initially with the target. He had a badge clipped at his waist that identified him as FBI Special Agent Eric Rojas. He saw her staring and walked over to her, his hand extended.

Agent Rojas: So, you were following us?

Paige Lewis: Yes. Undercover?

Agent Rojas: 2 years of hard work, backed by 5 years of hard intel. You’re a good tail. I never saw you.

Paige Lewis: See, but don’t be seen.

Agent Rojas: Lt. Brown loves that phrase. Mind if I…have my hand back?

Paige hadn’t even realized she was still holding his hand. Blushing, she released his hand and looked away with an embarrassed smile.

Agent Rojas: So, you’re the British woman he can’t stop raving about. How’d you get involved with the organization?

Paige Lewis: I was doing an endurance course, and he liked what he saw, I suppose. He still hasn’t seen fit to enlighten me as to what this organization is, or what the purpose is. So long as it doesn’t interfere with my wrestling, I don’t really care about the details so far.

Agent Rojas: Wrestling? You doing some amatuer grappling?

The blonde felt herself standing a bit taller as she lengthen her back and puffed her chest out a bit.

Paige Lewis: I am a professional wrestler. I am the two time and current World Heavyweight Champion of the promotion I work for.

The hispanic man looked impressed.

Agent Rojas: Really? A little thing like you? I suppose now I see why Lt. Brown adores you. You’re much tougher than you look at first glance.

Paige Lewis: I do what I have to do to stay on top. Only been knocked off once. I learned an important lesson. So, if they’ve already placed you in his organization, why did I need to tail you?

Agent Rojas: Your training, of course. You may or may not become involved in this particular operation. And, it might be better if you don’t. You’re rather fair for his liking.

Just then, Lt. Brown beckoned Paige, and she said excused herself.

Lt. Brown: You did good today, Miss Lewis. You know the drill. Money will be deposited into your account within 48 hours, and if you come back, we’ll double it next time. This is visit 9, if I’m not mistaken. Jones! 9 is the quarter, yeah?

Someone answered back, “Nine’s the quarter, ten’s the half.” Lt. Brown chuckled a bit and led Paige to the elevator. She turned her head to see Agent Rojas eyeing her with a smile. She smiled back before looking forward.

Paige Lewis: So, you’ll eventually tell me what I’m training for, right?

Lt. Brown: I promised I would. In the past, this program, has let the trainees in on the secrets too soon. Let’s just say…it didn’t turn out well.

Paige Lewis: I see. Very well. You’ve still got me interested. Today’s exercises were interesting. It was nice to get outside today for one of them. Call me when you need me.


3 hours later, Paige Lewis was in the air, flying across the Atlantic, heading home. The business class seat was paid for by the organization. Paige was on the edge of napping. Closing her eyes, she thought about SCW. She had somehow withstood Alzy Hawkshaw. Even Princess Kiya was impressed with her. Something in her had indeed changed. Ever since she lost the belt to Jessica Tendonin at Survival, Paige had been driven to get a message across. The Black Princess was not to trifled with.

A smile came to her face. She had ran through Jessica Tendonin like a freight train with a maniac at the helm. Next, she earned herself a shot at the SCW Alternative Championship. She now realized she’d failed. The goal was to face Desmond for the belt before she reach a year, but Mr. Walker had other plans. Paige still had a pending match, but the issue was, Desmond now qualified to challenge her for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship at any time.

Paige pushed those thoughts from her mind. She had a more pressing matter to think about. Veronica Rodriguez. Fury, they called her. Former 450WRESTLING Heavyweight Champion. Hall of Hendrickson Inductee. The Wrath of the Desert. And then, Paige was falling. She didn’t know how she got out of the plane, but she was falling towards the earth. Looking up, she saw the British Airways jet flying away.

Paige Lewis: Wait! Come back! Please!

They couldn’t hear her. She felt someone grabbing her arm, and she looked over to see her master, Princess Kiya. Paige was no longer falling. Instead, she and her master was floating in midair.

Princess Kiya: What troubles you, my pupil?

Paige Lewis: I’m not sure, master. I feel…conflicted.

Princess Kiya: Talk to me, young one.

Paige Lewis: I wonder if I’m good enough.

Princess Kiya: Your success speaks for itself, Paige.

Paige Lewis: I know. There is a horrible rumor going around that Jessica Tendonin laid down for me in our second match. They say Jessica wouldn’t have let go of a world title that easily, and must have jobbed. Why do these people continue to doubt me? I have worked so hard to get where I am! I ignored the rumors of giving sexual favours to Mr. Walker in exchanged for bribed wins. Now, they are trying to take away one of my most dominant moments.

The Egyptian woman remained silent. 

Paige Lewis: I won’t stand for it.

The master smiled now, seeing the fire burst forth.


Princess Kiya: Yes! Feel the anger! Let it be your strength! Let it fill you, drive you!

The blonde looked her master in the eye, and Princess saw her eyes aglow, and knew Paige Lewis’ wrath would be great. Paige sat forward, awaking with a start. The jet was on final approach to Heathrow. Her heart was pounding from the nightmare still. But, her resolve was hard as iron.


The camera was recording. The deck was being bathed in the morning. It was still damp from the rain a few hours before. The rays of sunlight reflected off of the large golden belt that rested on the lap of the blonde woman. Paige Lewis had been waking up the last few months and getting her run in, and then coming home to watch the sunrise. Sitting in the wicker chair, the sweaty woman sighed loudly before speaking without turning to the camera.

Paige Lewis: Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.

She looked down at the ground briefly, and then turned to the camera, where her angry facade was clearly seen.

Paige Lewis: For over a year, now, I’ve sat atop the SCW promotion. I’ve doled out defeats to all who came seeking something else. I briefly was dethroned, but I have even rectified that mistake. This championship here, I’ve aligned my career with it, and together, it and I have begun to merge. Can you hear it? The living, breathing, growing spirit that is…the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.

It lives. It breathes. It is an entity of its own fashioning. It longs to be held by those worthy. I will soon be competing for the first time in over 3 months. Some say I’ve been getting time off as a favor…in return for something. I’ve noticed, though, that nobody has seen fit to address these concerns with me directly. I don’t ask for weeks at a time off, but when that’s how I’m booked, I train. If I’m not in the ring, I’m on the mat.

Becoming the SCW World Heavyweight Champion did not absolve me of the duty to improve. Becoming the champion for the second time did not preclude my ability to continue growing. I’ve got much to learn. I may be the record setting two time SCW World Heavyweight Champion, but I’m also a second year rookie.

With that, the blonde paused for a moment, and began caressing the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. With a smile, she continued talking.

Paige Lewis: That brings me to my next opponent. Veronica Rodriguez. Whereas I’m a rookie in this business, she’s a woman who has carved out a nice niche of success for herself. A champion nearly everywhere she goes, a name that is said to strike fear into the hearts of men and women alike who know they will falter before her, a true gladiator of the ring, a veteran of this art.

Veronica Rodriguez, your success in this business cannot be overstated. I will be honest. I’ve only found myself looking across the ring at someone with a star that matched your brightness on a couple occasions. But, I’ve bested them. I dominated Jessica Tendonin for nearly an hour before my body gave in. And in return, I dominated her again to regain this piece of me that had been taken.

I withstood the brutality meaded out by the No Limits Phenomenon, Alzy Hawkshaw, and held onto this championship. I’ve stood tall in hell, Veronica. I’ve stared the devil in the eye, and when it was over, turned my back to him, and marched out of hell with my head held high, and this championship in my hands. I’ve bore the weight of this honour with a heavy resolution. I’ve resolved to push myself to the absolute limit, and when it is over, to reel myself back in, victoriously.

I’ve no doubt that you will test me in ways I’ve not been tested before. But I truly do wonder if your head is where it needs to be. I’ve observed your fall to Brian Kennedy in pursuit of the 450Wrestling Duke of Wrestling Championship, who in turn fell to the Other. I’ve put Brian Kennedy down twice now. And I know you will surely check up on me, to formulate a plan of attack. But, only one person walking this earth has successfully put together a plan to stop me.

The blond inhaled deeply before continuing.

Paige Lewis: I remember the night well. The time of my first, and thus far, only professional defeat. I remember the thunder of the fans as the unstoppable force met the immovable object. A Legend versus the rookie champion. For 8 months, I’d reigned as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion. And then, Jessica Tendonin brought my reign to a screeching halt.

In superhero cartoons, you see a train that won’t stop, and is speeding up towards disaster. Then, the hero, if you will, jumps in front of the train and manages to stop it. That is what it feels like Jessica did. She stopped my unstoppable march. I truly believe in the idea that losses teach you more than victories. I learned my lesson. In my rematch, in my hometown, in front of all of my friends and family, I regained my glory.

Five minutes. In a mere five minutes, I obliterated the most decorated woman in this companies history. It took me five minutes to tear Jessica Tendonin apart and regain the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. If you’re wondering if you should be impressed, then you haven’t been paying attention. But, worry not, for soon, I shall dish out more of the same. It’s become clear that a great deal of people have viewed my continued success as less than earned.

I’ve been angered by this, because I know how hard I work to stay at the top of my game. I’ve felt great wrath over these remarks. But my fans and I know the truth. I spend so much time improving, while others tweet and snap. I was SCW’s first dual singles champion. The first person to win the world title on more than one occasion. I know better than to be angered by these fallacious words of fools. But I’ve been angered now, and I must deal with it. And so too, must you, Veronica.

You and I are a lot alike, actually. We don’t take anything, from anyone, laying down. We right wrongs done to us, and we rise to the occasion when called. What you’re getting, Veronica, is an up close and personal look at the new SCW. The new SCW, which I’ve laboured to make in my image. To go one on one with the SCW World Heavyweight Champion. This championship may not be on the line, but I will treat you like it is. For this championship, I will go to war, and drag the souls of my adversaries down to hell.

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests…with me.

The scene fades to nothing.