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Emily Desmond

Veteran coming to SCW?

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Word going around the locker room that a wrestling veteran is interested in coming to SCW after a long hiatus. They have said the reason is to teach alot of the new people a lesson about what SCW is and why they need to straighten up and get with the program, or get out. But management is keeping the name of who it is extremly close so that no one knows who it might be. When they will be revealed is unknown at this time.

Emily Has Returned (SCW Overdrive 12-21)

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The camera opens to see Emily Desmond looking through a huge glass window at the people going by. She’s wearing blue jeans and a heavy fur coat, looking as if she’s about to step outside. She watches people walking by, laden down with packages as Christmas is less than a week away. Finally she shakes her head.


Emily: Look at them, everyone out to grab that perfect person, whether it’s for their wife, their kids, relatives, maybe even those they love who might not be family. A holiday that they say with extreme emphasis placed this time of year on a phrase of goodwill towards men. No, I’m not going to sit here and point out it only says one sex, not in the least. We all know they mean to all living people, even those we might not agree with. Honestly, except for a handful of people, I don’t wish anything truly bad to happen, but it does for one reason or another. I know some people in my family would disagree pretty strongly, but that’s them, not me.


Before I go out and brave the elements, both because of nature, and because of people. I know, I should have started my shopping earlier, but well in fact, with the exception of the 2 things I’m headed out to buy, it’s all done. Which is good because it makes it so I can focus on something else I hold near and dear to my heart. That thing….is Starstruck Championship Wrestling. You know I’m beginning to think someone in the upper offices must have a hell of a sense of humor because look at the people they’ve been hiring. I hope a great deal of them do decide to take on Fathi because well, he may not be my favorite person, but I’m really hoping he soundly defeats whoever, and I mean that. I want him to …well let’s say step up and let the trash, the would be members of this roster, know that we don’t take things lightly around here.


Emily takes a deep breath and sighs. She then shakes her head as she digs for something in her coat pocket. She pulls out a pair of gloves that she clenches her hand around.


One of those people is Tyler Cross. You know Tyler you went on and on about Fotty. Seriously, you might want to check whoever or whatever is recording you because if a person puts you on mute, the subtitle says that’s what you’re saying. Oh I turned the volume up a bit after reading that and laughing. I can just hear it, oh I didn’t mean that, whatever. I know if I was someone else I might be perturbed at that but his call, not mine.


No where you got me, and again I laughed at your pitiful attempt to sound like you were so big and evil and all that. Tyler, you couldn’t begin to nail down who I am on your best day. Let’s start with the fact I held the Alternative title, which I’m not even sure you knew I was the champion before Paige held it. You obviously didn’t even bother to look up my history. I held the Alternative title for 3 years before Paige managed to defeat me in a match, but Paige will most likely be the first to tell you I didn’t give up without a hell of a fight.


Emily slips her gloves on and walks over to the door, where the doorman opens it and tips his hat to her. She steps outside and the wind is fairly light, enough to blow wisps of hair around. She starts walking down the street as people make a wide path around her.


Tyler, do you even know what the Alternative title means, or are you just excited that you hold a title in SCW but enjoy it while you have it because I do have a rematch coming. It was supposed to be against Paige but it seems it will be whoever is the champion. Too bad that’s not going to be this match because I would so soundly defeat you, that after it happened you might question everything you know about this business. Because Tyler, I AM the Alternative title.


Holding the title I had every type of match you can imagine. Casket match, ladder match, submissions only, hardcore matches, and the list goes on and on. And it wasn’t some person backstage saying “oh lets try this”. It was ME who decided those types of matches, it was me who pushed things to the boundary. I didn’t cringe because I was the one who picked them. People said I was nuts for some of the stuff I came up with, but given the history of the title, I was simply living up to it. First blood matches, Last Man Standing, No DQ’s, matches where it could be anywhere in the building and a pin would count. It didn’t matter if it was in the ring, or in the shower.


Emily continues down the street as the camera does look across the street and one can see the main entrance into Central Park for Emily lives straight across from the park. Finally it focuses back on Emily.


Tyler I saw what you had to say and….did you not bother to go back and even LOOK at my previous matches? Did you even bother to go back and at least watch the match I had with Paige. I mean I wish you would go back further and watch say….six of my matches, but even just one would hopefully be the last one. Because you see, I didn’t keep this title and set up matches that a normal wrestler, even someone who was barely starting, could win. Oh I sat and watched and you had all kinds of comments, little tidbits for Fathi and about his open invitational and this and that about you and him. Which, normally, I might not think or say the best of the guy but here is perhaps…..hell I don’t know, maybe the first time but I hope he beats your ass into the ground. Not only so he can win, but because I’ll just beat your ass  even into the ground. You’re all focused on him, and I’m like some after thought. Oh Tyler…..if you only knew the mistake you’re making.


Actually Tyler, I’m hoping you’re thinking “oh she didn’t watch my match.” I watched it and you may think that the fans are like “oh wow he won!” it’s a good thing you have them. You might ask why I say that. Because, and I’m pretty sure there’s no love lost with Fathi but Tyler, you might have won the title, but you didn’t pin the right person. What the hell Dark Tiger was doing in that match, besides be filler, only thing they accomplished is helping you win it. It should have been you and Fathi, one on one, and he should have won. I actually fully watched what he said today about you, and….for the first time in perhaps EVER I wanted to cheer him on. But then, I wish I could tell the guy that Tyler Cross? He’ll make some stupid ass comment of but I’m facing Emily, I can’t do it. Why not Tyler? Why not take on Fathi and then me? I have thoughts on it, and perhaps hell is about crusted over with a couple feet of ice, but I WANT you to take him on. You proclaim to be so great, prove it. Take his challenge of the cage match. Lets see how great you are.


Emily stops before a building and looks up. She seems to think of something but instead of going in, she keeps on walking.


But, to Fathi, sorry he has to face me first, and I have a feeling he’ll think it’s going to be a walk in the park. But now I’m bringing it all and he’ll be doing well to survive my onslaught with no blemishes. Because I plan on beating the living shit out of him.


Tyler I mean those words. If you look at my previous matches I never backed down. Hell, go ask Paige about her meeting with me. That match….lasted for what seemed like an eternity but every moment I brought everything I had in me. Yes she beat me and yes it hurt to lose a title I held for 3 years, a title that was always associated with my name. I was adding to its rich history from the moment when a woman by the name of Amy Chastaine won it nearly 15 years ago. It went through just TWO federations….one was FTWO, the other? SCW. I know the names of those who held it, all men and women, a fair portion who went on to bigger and better things, or they retired either because of injuries, or they decided they’d like to see a lot more of their families. But year after year this title has persevered and it’s been here since the day SCW opened its doors.


Before you say ok, so what it was all that I realized that I know that because of part research, part …well holding it and having person after person try to even take it from me and failing.


Emily stands there, looking in the window, and people sitting at tables can be seen enjoying their food and drink.


Something else Tyler that unfortunately has to be said. You say you’re with the Empire now and there is a simple thing I have to ask, or actually I need to go to Neela and demand. If Empire interferes in ANY in our match, that you lose. You heard me say it Tyler. You see if they interfere and you win because of that, tell me how’s that fair? How a group of….hell 30 or so people going against me, that I can’t win. But then if anyone of Empire does try  to stick their nose in this match….let’s just say I have the money to ask everyone else in the locker room to be there to watch my back. Hell, I’ll go to a man who would love nothing more to beat the sht out of you. I’m talking about Fathi, who’s wrestling is stellar and who would like me to step aside and make whatever is left you suffer and I’ll just smile. Heaven knows I never thought I would say I’d side with the man, but uttered hatred of a common enemy can make for strange bedfellows. So Fathi, if you see this….yes, we might want to normally kill each other on any given day, but this time it might be worth it to take out a common idiot that we hate. Also I love your idea for the cage match, and if Tyler has any balls, if he really wants people to believe he’s all bad ass and has balls the size of cantaloupes, I would think he’d accept your challenge. Just know I’m going to get him first. But I’ll be making sure the referee doesn’t make a bogus call in your cage match.


Emily looks directly at the camera.


Tyler you have no fucking idea who you’re facing. I’m not some soft, easy Barbie doll. I am ruthless, I’m not afraid to inflict pain, and I’m not above ending your career. I know ways and methods to take you out of the business so that the truly dedicated become the true members of SCW, and those are the ones champions come from. You pinned Dark Tiger, someone my little brother could beat, so don’t be all high and mighty, you essentially beat a rock. But this time, you’re going against the big kids, you’re going against someone who doesn’t like to fail, but then I won’t fail against you.


These moments Tyler….are the last moments before you meet someone who would love to end your career here and now.


Emily walks into the cafe, the warm air streaming out in a cloud of steam. The camera pans back as it fades to black.


Adelaide is the beginning of the end

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On Camera


Emily: 644 days. 644 days I proved I was truly a champion, and I was one who had standing power defeating competitor after competitor, retaining a title, making it as prestigious as the World title here in SCW. For 644 days I was the Alternative champion and then Paige Lewis came along and she did want so many others, men like Alzy Hawkshaw and Brian Kennedy, and so many others thought they could do. She defeated me, and it was for the title.


Maybe the saying of pride goeth before the fall applies here. Maybe I did get a bit ahead of myself, thinking I could be the one…..well to do what Paige Lewis is doing, to be both Alternative and World champion. There…I admit it. That WAS my plan, because next to Jessica Tendonin, I see myself as one of the strongest champions SCW has ever had. But isn’t it ironic though, most other feds cringe at the idea of having women taking on the men, they flinch at the idea of women facing men for their prescious titles, but SCW? Look at the record and with the except of Kennedy and Brian Brewster, that title has been held by ladies who are beyond impressive in this business, but SCW it almost seems to be the norm. It started with the lady who currently is serving as our general manager, Neela Shizeguma, and carries to our current champions Paige Lewis and Adatu Urikah. In fact there are times that the men have been greatly outnumbered, even if there are two men who hold titles here. One is Priest, our…..intermediate or temporary or whatever champion, and Brian Kennedy, tag champion who is teamed with….a woman! Jessica Tendonin herself, ironically. So……


So what does this have to do with you Cash? A great deal. You see, unlike your run of the mill usual company, you are strangely part of the minority. How many time would someone think they’d hear that? Plus you are in a very bad position because you see you get the very dubious position of getting to face me…..when I’m in a VERY bad mood.


See Cash, I don’t have something that I feel Paige STOLE from me. She took a match that I should have won without a blink, tried to not just beat me, but destroy me, and THAT is why I’m taking my loss very easily. She wasn’t just looking to defeat me, to finally put an end to the streak, she was looking to end my career, and that……


Cannot go unanswered.


Cash, we will face each othe rin there….[/color[


Emily gestures at the Adelaide Entertainment Center.


Emily: But you….friend….will find out why I’m not just dangerous, but deadly. You get the unfortunate position of being the one who I will use to show why I will not only get my Alternative title back, not only why I’ll be the next World champion, but why I’ll DESTROY PAIGE LEWIS!!!


Emily stops, the outburst uncharacteristic of her, but then she has been smarting since her loss to Paige, and she has been trying to keep the anger under control. Problem is the more she tries…..the more dangerous she is becoming….the more she is becoming like her mom, both her adoptive mom Lynn Brewster, and her real mom Selena Desmond. Only one person truly knows everything there was to know about Selena, and he has seen the signs that Emily is developing the same characteristics as Selena. Lynn is known for her temper, and usually it appears easily when she’s in the ring. Selena’s anger would burn white hot, and become very calculating, very… ending. Emily is looking end a career, not caring who is hurt in that goal. Cash Allan?


Emily: Cash Allan you will be an example. Your luck has plain run out. I will be the one to end your streak, I’ll be the one who stands over you, and you will be forgotten. Good……bye Cash. I hope you enjoyed your stay here. Because it ends now.


Emily looks at a paper she is holding in her hand, then rips it in two and throws it down on the ground, being sure to step on it. As Emily walks off its a picture of Cash Allan, a man who stands in Emily’s way.

From the Magic Kingdom-Emily vs Paige Alternative Survival 2019

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Off Camera[/u]


Emily is looking out her window over the lake outside the Grand Floridian hotel. Some might wonder why Emily chose to stay at “the happiest place on earth” , as Walt Disney World is referred to, but it was a place Emily has always liked. Although this is the first time she has ever stayed in one of their suites, and she was definitely liking the idea. Sure she could have stayed near the arena, she could have stayed anywhere she wanted, but this place had always brought back memories of when she was younger, when it was her with Lynn and Chris, and with Marie. Now they were scattered across the globe. Chris was meeting her and Alzy at the arena, Lynn and Marie were in Tokyo, and even Cam wasn’t there, having stayed in Savannah to deal with some issues with his mother. But Emily had arrived a couple days ago, and had been able to explore the parks in relative anonymity, which was a pleasure after being recognized at every turn. The view from her balcony was relaxing, the weather comfortable, and only a handful of things could make this stay better. She takes a deep breath and stretches, and then pours a large glass of ice water, and takes a healthy drink of it. She knows the camera crew will be arriving soon, and then later she’ll be headed to the arena, taking on perhaps one of a few who really does stand the chance of beating her. She sits down, and props her feet up on the edge of the balcony, thinking of Paige Lewis. There was no denying the girl was extremely talented, like herself, she had to be to beat Jessica Tendonin. But Emily wonders can she truly focus when she’s taking on Larissa for the World title as well. Although Emily can tell Paige what kind of threat Larissa is, but then Paige hasn’t bothered to ask. If she did Emily would provide all the information she knew from having face Larissa herself, but right now Emily’s train of thought isn’t Larissa, but Paige, a woman who granted was extremely talented, but Emily would be one of two matches Paige has, while Emily has just the one match. But Emily knows she can’t take Paige lightly.


Emily hears a knock on the door, and then hears Sean talking to someone. She stands and looks into the room and it’s the camera crew. She goes in and approaches the person who appears to be in charge of this small group. She shakes hands and then looks around.


Emily: Where would you like to set up?


Camera Man: Um……let me look.


He glances into the other room (a bedroom with a king size bed), and then steps onto the small balcony. He comes back in and looks around the room they are all standing in, and Emily is trying to stay extremely calm.


Camera Man: I think out on the balcony would be the best. I think we can find a position that would work perfect.


Emily: Ok you set up, I’ll take like five minutes to get ready.


The crew nods and pushes between Sean and Emily, and they both watch the three men. Emily finally looks at Sean.


Sean: You ok?


Emily: I think so. Although if these damn butterflies get much larger I’ll need a FAA license for them.


Sean: Just take a deep breath, and try to concentrate on this match, and nothing else. Paige is the one who’s pulling double duty, not you.


Emily looks at Sean and gives a weak smile. She kisses him on the cheek and goes in the bedroom to change and get ready. Not five minutes later she reappears wearing a light pink silk shirt, blue jeans, her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, and she has with her the SCW Alternative title. She starts towards the balcony but Sean stops her. She looks at him, confused until he leans in and kisses her.


Sean: Just stay calm. You’ll do fine.


Emily nods and then a member of the camera crew pokes his head in the room, looking for her.


Camera Man: You ready?


Emily:  As I’ll ever be.


Emily follows him outside to where the director of this little clip is waiting.


Camera Man #2: I’m thinking you sit there next to that table, and um… want that on the table?


He’s gesturing towards the title belt over Emily’s shoulder.


Emily: I’ll put it in my lap, thanks.


Emily takes a seat in the chair that not half hour ago she occupied. She takes a drink of water trying to chase away the case of dry mouth she is trying to get. She gets comfortable, places the belt in her lap and tucks a stray strand of hair behind her left ear. Emily remembers what she had been told, talk to her opponent, make them believe she had it all, and was ready.


On Camera


The camera opens to show Emily sitting on the balcony of her hotel room. In the background is a lake of some size, and trees blowing in the breeze. Its sunny, but not scorching hot as it can be in summer, and Emily Desmond seems relaxed. But one shouldn’t think she doesn’t care about this match because she does care, and she does care who she’s facing. This match will, one way or another, lead to the next step in her career.


Emily: Paige Lewis, I have to wonder where you are. I would say friend but I don’t know you that well, to say you’re a friend. But you are a worthy opponent, and I won’t deny that. You’ve taken on some of the best not just in SCW but one of the best in the industry. That’s quite impressive, especially at your age. I do hope that this is indeed the start of an incredible career that will span not just years, but perhaps decades. I admit I would like to be able to say twenty years from now “Paige Lewis? I knew her when……” and have people look at me with astonishment. I would hope you would want something similar with me. I mean you’re…..I think 26, and I’m 21. We’re in the beginnings of what can be, and we both are starting in the best way, as champions.


But there is something I do have that you don’t…..well two things. First has to do with the title I have right here, the SCW Alternative title, something I’ve held since June 17th of 2017. Do you realize in just a few months it will be two years? And I’ve defended it against some of the best SCW has to offer, names that I think even you can’t deny they are worthy opponents. I’ve faced my own tag partner Alzy, took care of Kennedy in quick order with a ladder match. Hell look at how I won this belt, I got Priest to say “ I quit”, not necessarily easy to do. Hell even last pay per view I took on Johnathan Mills in a cage….and I added weapons! I made a match that would play to his strengths, and instead they were his demise. See when I designed that match I was…..ok I admit I was inspired by Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. It’s one of my…..guilty pleasures. You can thank my mom, she watches some strange things, and I’ve come to love them. So I was thinking of Thunderdome but I didn’t think I wanted to add a top to it, so I even gave Mills a chance to win, a larger chance to win, and he couldn’t do it. I am still the Alternative champion.


Emily reaches for a bottle of water, and she takes the cap off and takes a long drink. She sets the bottle back on the table, but without the lid.


In fact, with the exception of Alzy, only one man has come THIS close to beat me, and that match was a non-title match, and that was Requiem, a man who had to take care of family business. I do hope to one day see him return, but I’m also not counting my chickens before they hatch. But Requiem took me to the time limit on our match, and I honestly thought he had me beat a couple times during that match. But I walked out of that match with a draw, and for me? I know that for now it’s the closest I’ve come to losing, and he’s an extremely worthy adversary. At least until Survival 2019. See I’m facing someone who… in the same realm as Requiem, and that’s you Paige.


You’ve accomplished a great deal in your life, not letting your …..well handicap slow you down at all. Trust me, I’m not going to go easy on you because of it, and I don’t think you would want me to go easy. I also know that many see you as being perhaps the one person in SCW who can do…..well what others couldn’t, and that is become a dual champion, holding the SCW World Heavyweight championship title AND the SCW Alternative champion. They see you as the person to end my reign, and I’ve had a lot of challengers, a list that I keep up here…..


Emily points to her head.


And if you said “what was it like to face…..” all you have to do is name them. Priest? I beat him to win this title and what has he done since then? He comes and goes, and is like some annoying insect that buzzes around your head. You swat at him, and he goes away, or he gets his feelings hurt and he sulks off. I’m not saying that losses dont smart, because they do. Believe me, I’ve had them when Alzy and I have come THIS close to the tag titles, only to have the win taken from us. So I get that feeling. Kennedy? The man can’t come near a singles title if his life depended on it. His only claim in SCW is the tag championships, and if it wasn’t for Jessica he would have lost them long before now. Jessica is what keeps that team on the correct side of the tag titles, but like Priest, he can’t get shit done on a singles title. We’ve talked about Alzy, and I had two matches that would make …..ok I’ll say it. One of those matches I took from her, and she got it from a man she has nothing but the utmost respect for. See Paige, maybe I should have asked for this match to be a chairs and cuffs, and no….I wanted something else, something more. Something that Alzy….Kennedy…..and even Priest hasn’t seen in SCW and that was a casket match. I would have thought that of all the people there are, Priest would have called for one before now, but then you have to stay in a fed long enough to make these type of requests.


Emily stops to take another long drink of water, then she replaces the lid this time, slowly turning the bottle around in her hands.


A casket match is surely different, and I’m sure you’ve done your homework so you know the general idea of how they work. See Paige, you have to get me to the point I barely know which way is up, get me out of the ring one way or another, get me IN the casket…..and here is where some people differ on their approach. Some would say that at this point you would win. But nope, we’re not stopping there Paige. You have to get the lid fully closed. THEN you win, and if YOU manage to do that, you become the one to take my title. But look at all those variables Paige, and tell me, and please be honest, can you pull it off? Can you honestly say that you can control all of those and be the one? Its asking a lot of you Paige, plus you have to think about the after. IF, and that’s a mighty big if, if you do win are you ready to try and defend the World Heavyweight AND the Alternative?


But then while I’m not looking too far in the future, I know what my future will be, and if you think this will be our one and only time we will compete against each other, please rest assured….you’re wrong. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


I’m ready for Survival, and I know it means a great deal to you, because I know when you lost to the Jessica, it was at Survival on December 30, 2017 and I know that if you lose to me, people will think that you and this date are cursed. In a way they would be right, because I have a great deal of faith, and perhaps a few dollars down on you defeating Larissa. However I hope you didn’t put money on yourself, or tell your friends to put money on you beating me because Paige you are not walking out of  Survival with both belts. You will have to pry it out of my cold hands. This title means a great deal to me, and I am not going quietly into the night, and I will go down fighting with my last breath. So I’m prepared…..are you?


Camera fades to black.


Time to prove my worth……Emily vs Paige Survival 2019 Alternative

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Off Camera


Emily Desmond is looking out the windows at Central Park but she’s not in her father’s apartment. In fact she’s four floors above his apartment looking at a vacancy that had occured and Chris had mentioned it to Emily. She wasn’t looking to rent, she had enough of that. Instead she’s thinking of buying the place, something that she can call her own. But she’s hesitant because she would be living so close to her father, and she’s afraid that her personal life would be taken over by Chris. He hasn’t said anything so far about how Sean Foster, SCW reporter, is living with her but then she’s not a hundred percent he knows. But she knows if she buys this place, he will eventually find out for certain. But the location and the price are next to impossible to beat. Finally Emily looks at the real estate agent.


Emily: How much they asking again?


Agent: They’re asking a million dollars.


Emily: I see…..


Sean Foster appears out of one of the bedrooms. He has a tape measure in one hand and piece of paper that he’s writing on in the other. He looks at Emily.


Sean: You want me to measure the guest room as well?


Emily: Please.


He goes into the bedroom and Emily turns her attention back to the real estate agent.


Emily: Look, I realize that Central Park is literally right outside the window but the flooring is in desperate need of being replaced, the appliances are far from being the top of the line, and I’m going to need for someone to come in and paint and deep clean. Nine hundred…..I don’t know.


Agent: But as you said, Central Park is right there.


Emily: Indeed……but…..


Sean comes out writing on the paper. He walks over to Emily and hands it to her. She smiles at him and reads the numbers, nodding her head at them. Sean can almost see the wheels turning in Emily’s head as she looks at the agent, who might be holding her breath.


Emily: I’ll offer them $800, and I can have it to them by tomorrow evening.


Agent: You have a mortgage ready to go?


Emily: Mortgage? Did I say anything about mortgage? I’m talking cash.


There are two gasps of surprise, one is the agent, the other is Sean.


Emily: What?


Agent: I….um….well……


Emily: What?


Agent: Umm If you can wait a few minutes, I can call their agent and…..


Emily: Oh come call them directly. I don’t want to drag this out for the next month.


The agent nods and she goes into the bedroom. Emily goes over to the sliding door and opens it. The chill of the wind nearly takes her breath away but she knows in better temperatures that this will be an excellent place to live.She’s on the southeast corner, with the bedroom looking onto another building, and the view out the living room being of Central Park. There is a wrap around balcony from the bedroom to the living room, and both have sliding glass doors. Right now there is a good bit of snow on the balcony as the apartment has been empty since Thanksgiving. Emily walks around in a circle and then realizes Sean is staring at her.


Emily: What?


Sean: What? THAT is all you have to say is what?


Emily: Um….ok how do you like it? I mean, I’m the one buying it but I presume you’re going to live here with me.


Sean: As long as your dad doesn’t try to chase me off.


Emily: Pfft, he’s past that. And if Mom tries throwing a fit I can remind her of a few things. So you do like it?


Sean: Yes and…..Em you just offered them CASH.


Emily: Yes I did. If they’re serious about selling it they’ll at least think about it.


Sean: CASH.


Emily: Sean, are you ok? You seem on the verge of having some attack.


Sean opens his mouth to say something but before he can, the real estate agent walks back into the room.


Agent: You were serious about the eight hundred…..right?


Emily signals Sean to hand her what appears to be a bag to carry laptops. He hands it to her and she unzips it while walking over towards the kitchen area where there is an island. She reaches in and pulls out of stack of something and sets it on the island, then repeats the action. Both the real estate and agent and Sean walk over to Emily and we can see the stacks are money. The agent looks from Emily to the stacks of cash, then back but seems to have been rendered a mute. Sean is trying to keep his eyes from popping out of his head, and come off totally at ease with the idea he’s looking at a small fortune.


Emily: There’s a hundred thousand in cash, as a show that I’m good for the rest by….end of tomorrow soon enough?


The agent just stares, not moving, not saying anything.


Emily: Hello? Do you need to call your clients?


Agent: What? Oh… yeah, excuse me.


The agent walks away from Emily while furiously dialing a number on her cell phone. Once she walks away Sean steps up to Emily.


Sean: Well you’re full of surprises today. What’s next? A rabbit out of a hat?


Emily: Please don’t fret. I’m only spending what is mind from my real mom. When Selena died, her life insurance policy was in my name, and it matured when I turned 18. I’ve been trying to decide if there was anything I truly  wanted and it dawned on me that I want a place to call my own.


Sean: But what about Lynn?


Emily: What about her?


Sean: Well shall we start that she lives in Savannah? Or that she’s not going to like this? And what about Marie? Do you think she’ll understand that her sister wants to live in New York and not Georgia? And……


Emily: I know what I’m doing and…..


The agent walks back in the room, a slight sheet of sweat on her forehead.


Agent: I told her of your offer AND your cash down payment. All I need to know is when you would like to meet to sign the paperwork and make payment and then by Friday this will be all yours.


Emily: Do you think they would mind if we had some contractors and designers in to give me estimates on a few things I want to spruce up?


Agent: I don’t know why not. In fact I’m so sure……


The agent peels a couple keys off a keyring, then pulls out her organizer and pulls out what looks like a credit card. She hands all this to Emily.


Agent: The card will let you in the building, the keys are to the front door. I’ll let the doorman know you’re expecting people. Shall we meet here… say 6pm tomorrow evening? To sign the documents and complete the sale?


Emily: Certainly. Once you have the documents filled out send them to my lo lawyer…..


Emily looks in her own organizer for a card that she hands to the real estate agent.


Emily: I’ll tell him to expect it. As long as he has it by 3pm tomorrow, then we’re on. If there are any delays we can meet Friday. After that I’ll be unavailable until about this time next week.


Agent: I understand. And….congratulations.


She quickly writes a receipt for the cash, closes up her briefcase and organize and leaves, leaving Emily and Sean in the huge space alone. They both look around in a circle, turning until they nearly  bump into each other.


Sean: So what are you thinking?


Emily: Hardwood floors, high quality throw rugs. We’ll need furniture cause what we have is about 2 steps up from thrift store, in the kitchen new oven and range, maybe put in a convection oven. New dishwasher, everything in stainless steel. As for paint…..what do you think?


Sean: Something…..neutral. Not just plain white but maybe a beige color, and definitely an accent wall in say……I don’t know, something warm.


Emily: Like an orange?


Sean: Orange……red, somewhere in that realm.


Emily looks at her phone to see the time.


Emily: Someone should be here soon. Maybe they can get most of this done while we’re gone.


Sean: Only if they’re supermen.


Emily: The money will be a huge motivator.


The doorbell sounds, and it’s been maybe all of fifteen minutes since the real estate agent left. Emily goes over and opens it to see an interior designer standing there. Emily smiles and lets him in. He looks around and Emily can tell from the look on his face that he has a lot he’s thinking about. Finally he looks at her and holds out a hand.


Man: Greg Williams. My office said to come right over here and now I see why.


Emily: As you can tell it needs some help, and I hope I don’t have to babysit you or anyone working for you. You’ll be running the show until it’s done.


Greg pulls out a legal pad and leans on the kitchen island. He makes a few notes then looks at Emily.


Greg: So sweetie….tell me what YOU want.


Emily starts telling him as Sean listens in and the camera fades to black as they discuss it.


On Camera


It’s late at night and Emily is sitting on a stool inside a white room, no curtains on the windows, no artwork on the walls, not even furniture or a throw rug. Just Emily and the stool next to a kitchen island. Emily is leaning forward on her hands, her elbows propped up as she seems lost in her thoughts. Finally she looks up, and straightens up, grabbing the water bottle next to her. She opens it, takes a drink, then replaces the lid and sets it down as she makes sure she has her thoughts about her.


Emily: So Paige Lewis the time has come since that moment you stuck your nose into the Alternative title for us to face each other. You know Paige it still makes no sense to me that the world champion of SCW would want to take on the Alternative champion. Now if you wanted to take me on, no titles on the line, to see if you could beat me? That would actually make a great deal more sense than this. I still remember that night when you were in that match, it felt like you expected to NOT be the world champion when you got this chance. And that would have made sense. But not ……not a world champion wanting a secondary title.


Now some may call me out on saying secondary, but it’s true, I’m the Alternative champion and I am NOT the top wrestler in SCW, you are. Yes I’ve held my title the longest, which hasn’t been simple, but see I was actually giving some thought to asking Neela if I could have a match for you, but it wouldn’t be for the Alternative title, it would be for the World title. Yes I know that you’ve been an incredible champion and hell you can boast something that not many around here can, and that is the fact you’ve beaten Jessica Tendonin. Not too many people, in or out of the fed, can say that. I’m not sure I’ve ever faced her one on one, only in tag action, so know that I won’t sit here boast about something that I haven’t done.


Emily leans forward, her chin resting on her hand as she thinks. She doesn’t straighten up just yet, but seems lost in thought just a bit.


I look over my time in SCW and …..I’ve accomplished a great deal. I’ve been champion since June of 2017. I’ve faced some of the toughest people there have been……Requiem, Johnathan MIlls, the man who I beat for the title …Priest. Even my own tag partner Alzy not once, but twice.


Emily straightens up.


If you think I’m saying all these names because I’m bragging, no I’m not bragging, I’m merely stating. Oh I looked at those who you took on and…..the list is a bit impressive. I mean…..Alzy? I know that my tag partner isn’t perfect, but I know he gave you a fight. Jessica? Paige she beat you, she proved that you do have chinks in your armor, chinks I’m going to expose even more. Yes you managed to beat her to get the title back but really Paige, you shouldn’t have lost it in the first place.


Then I look and seriously you beat Jacina… Please forgive me if I’m not impressed with that. Brian Kennedy? He’s so full of hot air I’m surprised he hasn’t just floated away. All Brian Kennedy cares about is himself and whatever titles he can get his mitts on.


So Paige if we look at who you beat, and then who I’ve beaten….I have a few more wins, wins against people who have some talent, while the only two people I’m pressed with on  your list is Alzy, because….well duh, he’s my partner, and Drew, who is no longer with SCW. Oh wait add Jessica to that list but thats it Paige. You’ve been in SCW for nearly as long as I have yet…….


But still I will be facing you at Survival, and it will be in a casket match. I went back a couple years and there haven’t been any casket matches. See as the Alternative champion I can pick what I’ll defend my title in. I’ve done ladders, I’ve done weapons in a cage, submissions only, and a few others. But not even the gentleman who held this title before me, Priest, had done a casket match so I felt it was time to shake things up in SCW and do it. It’s pretty simple thing Paige. The first person to get the other into the casket AND get it fully closed wins. I know, you might be thinking “hell I can do that” but its not that simple. Have you ever……well this isn’t the perfect comparison but have you ever tried to give a cat a bath? That’s the type of fight you can expect from me if you try to put me in that casket. I will fight with everything I got so you better pretty much knock me out if you want a chance to get me anywhere near the casket. The other thing you have to contend with is that I’m not about to lose my streak. I’ve been champion since June 17,2017. And I actually sat down with a calendar and counted it out to be double sure of what I’m about to say…..I’ve been Alternative champion 584 days as of January 22, 2019. Impressive numbers to be sure, and I intend to keep that number alive.


Emily stretches her neck backwards, then side to side, as if she wants it to pop. She’s actually thinking about her next comments.


Now there are whispers backstage, but no one will ask me directly, but if I win will I ask for a world title shot. You know, I hadn’t even thought about it. I guess I figured it would be Paige Lewis as World champion, myself as Alternative champion. But now Paige is straying into my territory, something she should be careful about. Now as for will I ask for that title shot, I’m not one to get ahead of myself. I’m focusing on Paige in the here and now, not what might happen down the road. I will say this however, Paige you have a rather busy night at Survival, facing me and then Brian Kennedy. What I’m about to say is coming from deep inside me. Please do….not…..lose……..Brian Kennedy. I am so serious it’s not funny. If you …..let him beat you, SCW could be facing its demise. Plus I don’t want him getting this bright idea that if hey, if I beat Paige I get both titles. Well that presumes first you’ll beat me, and two that Neela would let the Alternative title be defended at the very same time. But that’s definitely putting the cart way before the horse because you would have to defeat me. That won’t be happening so Kennedy can just quit thinking of my title, it’s not up for grabs. Not by nefarious methods of his, nor because I lost straight up to you. You may not like that, but I’m not one to beat around the bush.


So Paige, I sit here waiting. Oh I’m waiting on my interior decorator, on contractors, to make my new apartment mine, but I’m also waiting for you, to see what the woman who has managed to lead SCW for so long, has to say. Oh by the way I do hope after this pav per view you don’t go missing again. I don’t like bringing that up, but you seem to ….well vanish and then people are wondering will you ever return, and all that. Well I think you know who is after you, I have no one after me, at least to my knowledge, and that kind of distraction can also affect your game. So worrying about outside influences, worrying about what might happen after the matches, worrying about your next match of the evening, and so forth, that’s a lot to worry about. As for me? I have a simple, singular worry and that is defeating you, so that I remain SCW Alternative champion. I plan on retaining, and showing that I i can’t be beat, that even the great Paige Lewis couldn’t stop me. And I plan on keeping it that way.


Camera fades to black as Emily gets up and walks towards the camera that gets shut off.

Salt Lake City…..Emily is here

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Off Camera


Emily Desmond looks across Salt Lake City, Utah having arrived earlier today from New York City. This time of year was hard as it was 15 years ago that her mom, her real mom, Selena Desmond, had been killed in a savage attack carried out by people that were looking for her dad Christopher, aka Chris, Desmond. They had broke in, guns ready, and Selena had grabbed Emily’s hand, who was 5 at the time, and ran for the back door….


Selena: Go! We have to run!


Emily was being pushed out the back door, and all Emily knew was it was what her mom had kept warning about, the thing that Selena had practiced for. Emily runs out the back door, hearing both gunshots and shouts, but also her mom’s footsteps behind her. Her mom’s hand was in hers, and suddenly Selena stumbled as if she had found a depression in the ground. The fall tore her hand from young Emily’s and it made Emily turn around. Selena was holding her upper stomach. When she pulled her hand away there was blood. Selena looks at Emily, trying to stay upright.


Selena: Run! Go! Someone will come for you, I promise. You have to hide.


Emily stares at her mom, but the shouts in the house are coming closer.


Selena: Emily Christine! RUN!


Emily started running toward the woods near their house, but then she had an idea. She ran to the playground that was sort of on the same course. She got to it and turned around, and so far the people weren’t after her. She climbed up on the equipment and then slide about a quarter of the way down one of the tubes and waited, trying to catch her breath, and also trying not to cry out loud. As she wipes at the tears she hears voices, and footsteps so she waits, almost holding her breath, then she hears the voices trail towards the woods. She waited for what seemed an eternity, and then she heard a voice. She had looked out and all the people were gone. The voice came from her father, who was kneeling over Selena’s body. Emily carefully climbed down as Chris got closer until she was certain he would see her, and she finally exited the last few feet. Chris is almost frantic until he sees her standing there, her face with streaks from where the tears had ran through the dirt. He runs up to her, kneels down and hugs her to him. She pulls back and looks him in the face, then over his shoulder towards her mom’s body. Chris follows her gaze.


Chris: Yes honey, I’m sorry.


Emily looks into his dark green eyes, trying to comprehend that her mom was indeed gone, would never be there for an encouraging word, a hug, tucking her into bed. She swallows her tears, trying to gain composure but the man she knew as her father was crying to. He hugs her to his warm body before she pulls away again.


Emily: She’s dead, isn’t she?


Chris: Yeah. I won’t ever ask this of you again unless you want to, but I need you to tell me exactly what happened here today.


Emily goes into an incredibly well described scene for a 5 year old, but then when it comes to Selena falling to the ground Emily can’t hold back the pain and tears she’s feeling. She starts crying and Chris comforts the dark hair child. He looks around before he backs her up a step to wipe her face.


Chris: Emily we can’t stay here. The bad people might come back.


Emily: Why? Why did they do this?


Chris lets out a sigh, wondering how to put his complicated life….their complicated life into words that Emily would understand.


Chris: Ok when you’re older, you have to be at least 12, I’ll tell you everything. For now we’ll pack a few things for you and then we’ll leave.


Emily: Where are we going?


Chris: I have a friend who has a home in Tokyo, well an apartment. We’ll go there, I know she won’t mind when I tell her.


Emily: Her?


Chris: Trust me, Anna really is a friend, a friend who could never turn her back on us.


They go inside, and Emily makes her way to her room, which looks exactly the same as it did when she had got up. Nothing had been disturbed by the bad people so Emily goes and finds a small suitcase. She pulls open a couple drawers as her father appears in the doorway.


Chris: Don’t worry too much about clothes past a two or three days. We’ll buy you new stuff. But take any mementos you want. I’ll have someone come and pack up the house, but take stuff you want now.


Emily grabs the stuffed bear that her mom had given her on her birthday, and then finds the picture of her with both of her parents, during a time that seemed simple, well simple to a 5 year old. She also has a picture where its just her mom and puts that in the suitcase. She opens the dresser and pulls out a few shirts, undies, nightgown, and a couple pairs of pants. Knowing that one day she could get the rest back makes it a bit simpler. She can hear her father on the phone.


Chris: Its….its bad. I need a huge favor from you. Yes I’m catching a flight to Savannah and then…..I need your help Anna. I’ll explain a lot better when I see you.


Emily closes her suitcase and goes out to see her dad making another call. He raises a hand to her to indicate just a minute.


Chris: Yes…..Yes I need someone to come and pack up the house, especially Emily’s stuff. OK yes, we won’t be here…….I prefer to wait until I’m certain where I’m going but she’ll be with me…..thank you.


He looks at Emily who has her suitcase in hand. Chris walks over and and takes the suitcase and looks at her, concern and love in his eyes.


Chris: Why….don’t you wash up a bit honey. We don’t want people wondering why one of us looks like I kidnapped her.


Emily nods and goes in the bathroom. Looking in the mirror she can see why her dad was a bit concerned. Her hair was going every direction and she looked like she had been playing in mud. She goes back to her room, pulls out a new shirt and pants, then goes in the bathroom. She picks up the washcloth and washes her face, arms and hands. She changes into the clean clothes and is trying to brush her hair when her dad comes in. He smiles at her and takes the hair brush. In moments he has it pulled back in a ponytail and she grabs a ribbon on the counter.


Emily: Can you do it? Mommy always did.


Chris takes the ribbon and ties it around the ponytail also. He kneels down and looks her over. He nods.


Chris: Way better. You ready?


Emily: Do we really have to go?


Chris: Em, sweetheart, if we stay here they might figure it out and come back and …..I can’t lose you too. These people are bad people, and I’m not sure they wouldn’t hurt you just because you’re a kid. So yes.


Emily: Where we going?


Chris: We’re catching a flight to Savannah, Georgia and we’ll stay with my friend for two or three days while we get things figured out with traveling to Tokyo, and then we’ll catch a flight, or a few flights, and go there. I wish…..I wish I could give you time to say goodbye to your friends and all.


Emily: Can we stop by the school? My favorite jacket is there and I can say bye to my teacher.


Chris smiles, and strokes her head the way Selena use to.


Chris: We can, you just can’t tell her anything beyond that …..blame me. Tell her that my job calls for us to immediately leave. If she asks….


Emily: Mommy always say be careful what I say unless you or her says it’s ok.


Chris: Your mom was right.


He straightens up and goes out to the living room and she follows. He picks the suitcase up again and then opens the door for her. He looks outside then he lets her out first. She stops and looks back into the house she had shared with her mom, painful memories erupting, but she refuses to cry. She goes down the steps as her dad closes the door. They make their way to the car that is out front, and he helps her into the back of the car. She waits as he buckles her in, and then he goes around and puts the suitcase in the back seat next to her. He starts the car and Emily cant help but look at the house again. She would almost swear that she sees her mom waving goodbye and it brings new tears to her eyes. She cries quietly for a moment before her father is handing her a tissue….well several. She takes them and dries her eyes and blows her nose.


Chris: No one will hurt you again, at least people like this.


Emily lets out a sigh and turns around and looks back into the suite. The memories sometimes feel as fresh as the day they had happened. She remembers the stop at the school and she said good by her teacher as her dad withdrew her officially. They had flown to Savannah and Emily met the woman who would love her like a mother, Lynn’s heart had gone out to Emily, and eventually Emily had come to love Lynn like a mother. In fact when she was in high school Lynn had officially adopted Emily, but had told Emily she didn’t have to take her last name, that she could go by Desmond.


Emily walks into the suite then had taken at the Grand America, the the presidential suite, and it was more luxurious than she had hoped for Salt Lake City. But then she couldn’t remember when she had ever been here, so she had a skewed view of what it would be like. She had heard that the Mormon church (Well if we go by what they say Church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ) controlled everything. What she had seen on the news thus far didn’t make it seem like they did, well not true, they did have their hand in a couple different election results, but still, it wasn’t involvement like she thought it would be. Emily knows that this show would be a bit different, but she also feels she has a decent chance to win. She walks into the room and her dad is looking at his laptop and shakes his head. He seems Emily and nods towards his computer.


Chris: Have you seen what Larissa said?


Emily: You mean she really did say something?


Chris: Apparently you might have hit a nerve.


Emily: She’ll be lucky I don’t take a bat to her. Do I even… I want to see this?


Chris: I hope so. I called the tv station down the street and was able to rent a camera crew for a bit. They’ll be here in about…half hour.


He stands up, holding the laptop. Emily takes the seat he had been in and he hands her the laptop. She makes herself comfortable, and hits play…….


A few minutes later Emily closes the laptop.


Emily: Come on dad, is she for real?


Chris raises an eyebrow at her and cocks his head to the left. Emily rolls her eyes and then puts the laptop on the end table next to the chair. She stands up and stretches.


Chris: What are you doing?


Emily: Changing my shirt and brush my hair….and get something. I need a few minutes before you put me on camera. So get them set up, and I’ll be ready.


Emily goes into one of the bedrooms and shuts the door. She goes over to the closet and finds the shirt she wants. She takes off the tshirt she had been wearing and puts on the light pink, nearly white, silk shirt. She steps into the bathroom and brushes her hair. When she comes back out she walks over to a duffle bag and pulls out what is probably her most cherished possession….the Alternative title belt. She looks at it, grabs the washcloth off the dresser, and rubs it across the face, making sure its clean. She hears a knock, and hears her dad’s voice. She opens the door and the camera crew are setting up. Chris looks at her and she smiles and goes over to him.


Emily: Relax Dad, I have this.


Chris nods, and goes to the camera crew, directing them to focus on the chair Emily had been sitting in earlier. She grabs a water out of the refrigerator, opens it and takes a couple drinks so her mouth hopefully won’t go totally dry. She picks her way over a couple electrical cords and sits down, placing the water bottle on the table next to the laptop, and the title belt in her lap. Granted the belt isn’t on the line at this show, but she is still Alternative champion, a position she loves having. The camera crew look at her.


Emily: I’m ready whenever you guys are.


On Camera


Emily Desmond is sitting in an armchair, next to a table that currently holds a laptop and a bottle of water. Her dark hair is loose, with a piece of it tucked behind an ear, and she’s wearing a silk shirt, but one can tell it’s not a perfect white, but it’s hard to determine the color. .She has her legs crossed, and in her lap is the thing that sets her apart from others in SCW, the Alternative title. A title she’s held 537 days, an incredible feat not just in SCW, but anywhere. She looks up at the ceiling for a moment, and then she gazes out the nearby door that opens onto a small balcony where one can look down at Salt Lake City’s east side, clear up to the University of Utah. The outside crew are preparing for Christmas, finishing up a few small last details. Emily takes a deep breath, and lets it out, almost with a sigh, and then she looks at the camera.


Emily: Larissa…..has no one ever told you that you should do your homework before you climb in the ring with someone. Especially where I’ve been in SWAT nearly two years, so it’s not like you have to search very hard to come up with intelligent things to say. Instead you chose to wholy focus on what I did say and you actually gave me a headache. You might ask why, and its because so many things in what you said are….so incredulous that I can’t believe you even dared to say them. They only served to make you look …..well I won’t say stupid, as that’s not what it does, but makes you look……well like you didn’t do your research. So along the way I hope to clarify a few things.


Now first off I’m glad you have something to occupy your mind, but I’m starting to think that you shouldn’t just make it a side thing you have going on, but make it not just your primary concern, but your only concern. But then if you make the mistakes that you made in approaching our match, mall restoring won’t be very profitable for you either.


You start off with something that screams you didn’t do some looking, because if you had you would know that I’m very well versed in submission. Hell I had a submissions only match back at Spring Meltdown and I took on a man who knows me better than anyone. I faced my own tag partner and even he knows that they man who trained me, who was in SCW years ago, is a submissions expert! In fact he taught me all he knew about submissions. Before you try saying he was some newbie or such, keep trying. The man has held titles around the world, hell he held the SCW tag titles twice, so obviously he knows his shit. You could have even asked Alzy about him, as they have faced each other, or about me for that matter, but again your lack of checking your facts screams so loud. So you know how to do an armbar, or as you put it, several of them. Yay for you? If that was meant to scare me, it didn’t even register on the meter. So let’s keep going.


I would hope that you respect me, given how long I’ve held this…..


Emily taps the Alternative title in her lap.


And yes, I said your win over Jessica was a fluke. Well I’m sorry but I must stand by my words there, something had to be off in Jessica’s mind to even allow it to happen, and then you went and broke her arm even! Was that so she wouldn’t come racing at you for a rematch? Was that it was the only way you could win? I……I have to ask it because all of SCW wants to know why take it to that extreme, a simple submission move would have been just as effective. I’ve put people in….you name it, sharpshooter, figure four leglock, and a crossface, which is the one I’m most effective with, but I didn’t put them in it to injure them so they can’t compete for a few months. If that’s how you show respect my heart goes out to your other competitors in the months to come. Because seriously Larissa, that’s not how you do it. I don’t care if you’re training to be a wrestler, or even MMA. In fact breaking an arm might be seen as tame in MMA but this isn’t UFC or the like, this is WRESTLING. We want slow our opponents down, not risk a potential career ending injury.


Emily picks up the water bottle, and takes a long drink. As she replaces the cap she seems lost in her thoughts, but she’s not there for long.


You know Larissa when I started watching what you had to say, for a moment I was confused. Not because I had some blow to the head or such, but because you talk about the Dragon’s Lair. You know the only dragon I know around here is…..Jessica. Wait, did …..are you one of her dragons? Because if you were I wouldn’t hide it. But I have a feeling that you’re not because Jessica carefully picks the ladies, well anyone who is allowed to say they are one of her dragons, and seriously I’m pretty damn sure that she wouldn’t take you, partially because of your lack of training, but also because that away from the ring she would want you focused on HER enterprises. You went on and on about how you were this “red headed dragon”. Well I’m sorry but the red headed dragon that I recognize….and have a great deal of admiration and respect for….once again the name Jessica Tendonin comes to mind. You talk about how her ego will be knocked down, but are you really that dense? Because all you have done is awoke the dragon, the TRUE dragon, and she will come back with one thing in mind, and that is to end your career. Keep calling yourself the dragon and you will only serve to intensify her anger towards you.


Larissa that’s not how you earn respect in wrestling, around here especially. If you think that you need to maim and injure everyone, pretty soon you will find that no one respects you. I know right now you really aren’t earning points with myself or with Alzy. In fact I had to check, and let’s see…..


Emily picks up a piece of paper that had been laying on the table as well.


Overdrive 47 you took on Miranda Jones, who hasn’t been heard from since, and you lost to her. Then at the very next show, Overdrive 48, is when you lost to Alzy. See Larissa, I’m saying that you beating Jessica was a fluke because…you weren’t winning! You were becoming very good at losing. I mean people would remember your name because they would say “didn’t she lose pretty much a great deal of her matches in SCW” and I’m proving you’re doing just that. Yet you think I should respect you. Well as I said, I respect Jessica. Oh I might not be her number one fan, but I respect her. Same can be said for Paige Lewis, and it’s not simply because she’s beat Jessica as well. That’s part of it, part of its because of how she’s handled herself in the ring. If you’re curious how they earned my respect its because of the poise and grace they show when they have defeated someone, even when that person is my own tag partner. They don’t come off as an obnoxious …….well bitch. Sorry but it’s true. For me you seem to try and come off as some egotistical “I only care about myself” person when you’ve barely done anything that is noteworthy. So that is why I’ve said you are a fluke, and you don’t have any of my respect. You can try and play the “cool as a cucumber” all you want, but eventually you will show that you are a narcissist and that when it boils down to it, you’ll never have that respect that so many of us crave. Not many in SCW can I say I have it for them, but the few know who they are.


Emily lays the piece of paper back down, and picks up the water bottle again. This time after she takes a drink, she tightens the lid back on but then sort of tosses back and forth, not a great distance, in fact less than an inch, but it seems she needs something for her hands to do.


So you hold the “secondary” title. I see…..and I don’t? Because you see Larissa, this title…


Emily lays the bottle in her lap and picks up the Alternative title as if for effect.


Is at least the secondary title, hell maybe even equal to the World Heavyweight title that is held by Paige. See Larissa I took this title and I made it being so prestigious. I made it a title that people want to hold for a few reasons. One is…well as I said it’s possibly even equal to the World title, but because if they do beat me, they have beaten one of the best. See I didn’t win this title yesterday. In fact June 17, 2017 is when I won it, defeating a man who some thought couldn’t be stopped, I beat Priest for it. In fact look what happened when I did defeat him, he left SCW. I know it’s said he’s returned to the fed that he was once so well known for, and he did take me on in a rematch, but he lost. I’ve put this title on the line several times since then, each time in different type of matches, and I have several more in mind. I just have to figure out how feasible they are, but Larissa you’re lucky, ours is a simple wrestling match, one that I plan on winning.


Emily sets the title back in her lap, and then starts drumming her fingers on the gold that is shining and reflecting the light.


I can’t……you say that you respect people in this company, then you threaten one of the top people with the breaking your neck line, ending your career line. Hell I would thought you were smarter than a rock, but do you realize you could paralyze someone? Would you be able to look at yourself in the mirror if you heard that your opponent would never walk again, never be able to use their arms? While I may not like many around here, I would NEVER threaten to end a career. See that’s the type of shit that will earn you less respect, even lose it. You have no class or couth when it comes to this business and you have no right to be here. In fact your attitude here can dribble over into your other career. I have to wonder how you would feel if you lost clients because they heard you being a bitch and threatening like you do. But still you said that no one was above you except Paige and I disagree a great deal with that because it’s not like I’m not defending this title. I am, plus ….and I hope she’s fine, but when was the last time we saw Paige? Hell when she didn’t show up for TLC is when I closed my eyes and hoped they find her in one piece and not hacked into little pieces. But seriously Larissa for you to think that my title means less than yours…..your attitude seriously is starting to sicken me.


Emily picks up the water bottle, but she doesn’t take a drink. She holds it, but one can tell that her hand is tightening around it.


I’m not wanting your title Larissa, never mind that I could beat you for it if I wanted, then I would hold two titles in SCW. No, I have my eyes on a different title, and as you were so kind to point out, Paige is the one who holds it. I hope to get a shot at it at some point, but in the meantime Larissa I’m going to teach you what respect means. When I’m done, you will respect me. You might not like me…..but you’ll respect me. I’m not going to threaten to break your bones, or end your career like you did, I’m simply going to put you through hell and when it’s over, you’ll know you should be careful what you say.


Emily stands up, holding the Alternative title with one hand. She drops the water bottle into the chair she was sitting in and the camera fades to black.


Masked Avenger, its time to quit hiding

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The camera opens and Alzy Hawkhsaw is standing, looking the picture windows that over English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia and admires the view. The sun is starting to set, and is reflecting off the water of the bay in an inviting way, but Alzy knows that if he steps outside he will become cold faster than one would think. Plus he was waiting for the camera crew that was setting up by his fireplace, where a fire was burning. Alzy knows little about his opponent, well with the exception of they seem to share a hatred. But then that’s what the camera crew is about and a guy comes over and taps Alzy on the shoulder. Alzy jumps, so lost in his thoughts he had actually not seen the guy approaching him. Alzy stops to pick up what looks like a scrap of material then takes his place before the camera.


Alzy: So….masked avenger, what a name. I had hoped at TLC you would do us all a favor and not just unmask but shut up that asshole known as Brian Kennedy. Yes I’ve watched you when you’ve entered the ring and you’ve done what an awful lot of us around here would love to do, and that is shut Kennedy up once and for all. As you can probably guess he is not my favorite person, and you’d be right. He only seems to speak up when either he’s in a match for a title, or when his partner Jessica is around to prod him into speaking up. Instead we’re treated to little snippets of him and his buddies…..or as he would probably put it, his homies, are sitting around getting high and drinking. Seriously I see that shit and hell my son knows what I do for a living, but I don’t dare let him watch SCW for fear that you will encourage him to do things that….I don’t approve of. I would say illegal but pot is now legal in Canada. Not one of my favorite things to hear, but it seems these days I’m greatly outnumbered, at least among those that I frequently hang out with. Now drinking? Hell I use to be able to ptu them back with the best, but I will openly admit I once entered rehab for alcohol use. Oh I can have a drink once in a while, but I’m careful to not keep open containers around, and if I’m out with someone, its one drink and that’s it. Now if pot is your thing, whatever makes you happy. I think it’s stupid and dumb and all its ever done for me? Give me a migraine. But this….this is the life that the great Brian Kennedy would have us believe that he can do, and still be champion. Hell he’s still a tag champion.


I have to ask a question that many others have mentioned to me, and that is why the hell didn’t you attack him at TLC? He needs to be shut up once and for all. You seem to have the right idea yet….I never try to wish ill will on someone, but Kennedy definitely needs it. Although you’re lack of follow through has me wondering if you aren’t one of Kennedy’s buddies, and was trying to put on this show that “Oh we’re out to get him” and instead it’s a ploy to try and throw us all off. Well Masked Avenger, during out match, at some point I will get this……


Alzy unfolds a piece of material and its a mask what Avenger wears.


I plan on ripping this off your head, and revealing who you are exactly. Know now if you are one of his buddies, I will proceed to beat the loving crap out of you. Why? Because you made us give a shit about you. You made us hate him even more. If you’re with him? It means you were brought in for deception, and that we can’t have. Now if you are truly against him, then I would think the fight would be small, hell maybe agree with me and show up without a mask. You did that, and you’re not one of his butt buddies, then I would shake your hand. Yes it would be after I beat you, but I would still do it. Hell if you said “hey I need some help” I would probably help you.


So Avenger, whoever you are, unmask, come to the ring, and face me….like a man. Hell show up without the mask so that Kennedy knows precisely who he’s facing, that you’re not hiding any more. That alone…will sell seats.


So how about it? After I beat you, fair and square, then we go and find Kennedy and give him a kick in the ass that he’s been so deserving of for so long. Until then….I’m waiting, and I’m not hiding. I’m right here to be seen.


Camera fades to black.

Larissa the clock is ticking

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The camera opens and we see Emily Desmond looking out at Central Park as the wind whips her hair about. She pushes her dark hair back, and lets out a sigh. She wasn’t necessarily thinking of her last match, nor of the one coming, but of family, mainly her sister. Her mom had asked Emily to talk to Marie, to tell her she was entering a place she had no business in. She remembers that talk…..


Emily walks towards Marie sitting on  solitary beach, nodding her head at the camera crew that had just packed up to leave. Emily stops to let the straggler go before she walks up and sits down next to Marie, looking the same direction her sister way, which was across a dark ocean. The wind is starting to get cooler, so Emily pulls her jacket tighter to fend off some of the cool breeze and looks at her sister, who seems to be seeing …..nothing.


Emily: Marie….I…


Marie: Save it.


Emily: Marie, mom asked me to talk to you.


Marie: So I heard.


Emily: Are you sure that this…..this is really want?


Marie finally looks at her, but its not a look saying she wants to hear what Emily has to say. Instead its a look of anger, as if Marie knows what Emily will say.


Emily: I’m just…..well worried about you. Hell Marie this is not like you, going behind mom’s back not once but twice!


Marie: I didn’t go…..ok I went behind her back once, but that’s it.


Emily: So you got ahead because you asked Mom for help?


Marie pulls her knees up tighter, hugging them to her. Emily waits for a moment, leaning back and supporting herself with her arms. Finally Marie says something. [/color]


Marie: Ok I admit pulling the crap I did wasn’t the best move, but it did have the effect I wanted and I won a title and…..


Emily: And do you realize they think you’re some kind of slut who opens her legs for any guy with power?


Marie looks at her sister with anger and disbelief.


Emily: Its true Marie! Ok yeah everyone gets how you got a contract, although I still can’t believe our grandfather signed it too. But that title you like? And how you got in that match and…..Marie think about it!


Marie stands up, angry at her sister for what she’s said. Emily stands up too and the sisters are an arm length apart, but one knows blows will be exchanged, just who will throw the first one.


Emily: I’m thinking of you, of ….of this family’s reputation. I want people to look at us and remember our family legacy. You seem ready to piss all over it!


Marie: I am not! I’m doing precisely what our mother did at my age! In fact I’m 17, not 16 like she was! Come on! Get off my ass!


Marie stomps away, leaving Emily on a desolate beach. Emily looks down  at the ground then looks up to see Marie passing by Brian, who raises a hand to wave at Emily. Emily waves back and then starts towards the house also, but instead of going in, she goes around it. She gets in the rental car and backs out of the driveway, and quickly leaves. She knows when she’s wanted, and when she’s not wanted. Right now she’s not wanted, at least if it means she’s there on Lynn’s order. Emily doesn’t know how to get through to Marie, and her younger sister weighs on her mind as she heads back through Savannah.


Emily shakes her head, wishing she could have got through Marie’s thick head what she was doing exactly but then if Lynn was stubborn, if Emily was stubborn, Marie was twice as stubborn as both of them. Emily had told her mom exactly what Marie was doing and what she said, and then Emily left Savannah quickly. She did love her mom, but there were times when Lynn could wear on the nerves and Emily didn’t really it. Not after what happened at TLC.


Emily turns and leans on the railing and looks into the apartment where some old movie was on tv, she can’t even remember what it was. It just happen to be one that both Sean and her usually enjoyed. It was that type of movie you put on and even though you can recite the dialogue, it was nice to get lost in it for a couple hours. Sean has fallen asleep, and Emily smiles. They had kept the lovey-dovey stuff to a minimum when they were at an event, although away from the fans Emily can’t ask for more. If she told Sean needed to go see her dad, or call Alzy and needed some privacy, he was one to not really question anything.


Then there was the mysterious manila envelope that the doorman had signed for while she was in London. Emily had taken it, tipped the nice gentleman, but she hadn’t opened it, almost afraid of what was in it. Now it sat on the table in front of the couch, waiting for when she dared to open it. She almost fears its something bad, that it was something she didn’t want to know. In fact right now she should be focusing on the next event in Utah, where she’d be facing Larissa. Even Emily has to admit her surprise that Larissa had done something that not too many in SCW, herself included, and that was beat Jessica. Ok yes, one could argue that Jessica was worn down from already having wrestled that evening, in fact had faced Emily.


Emily also remembers that match, all too well. They couldn’t do it, they couldn’t stop Empire or DEA or Dragons or whatever they wanted to call themselves this week. But there was still a chance that they could get a shot for the tag titles, and that was simply to earn it. Given that at the moment there weren’t very many tag teams in the company that should be an easy thing. Yes it was rumored that SCW had signed some new people, but then the other thing Emily knows is that doesn’t really matter for now.


Emily forces her mind back to Larissa, and she shakes her head. She didn’t know what this young lady did when she wasn’t wrestling, but to take on Jessica was a feat in itself. Emily knows what it’s like to step in the ring with Jessica, to know that you’re looking at someone who was trying to obtain being perfect when it came to the sport. Emily has felt the blows upon herself. But could anyone deny what she did, what she’s done? She’s gave her all to defending her title, and the fact that she beat Johnathan Mills at TLC brings a smile to her face. She had thought at one point, between losing to DEA and waiting for her match that she had to wonder what the hell she had been thinking but when she walked away still champion, the clock was still ticking. Emily feels in her pocket for her phone and looks at it. She had a counter that showed how many days it had been since she had won. 522 days and counting. Emily hopes to make it a full two years, but one step at a time, and while the title wasn’t on the line against Larissa, she knows she must still make a good showing, that she couldn’t just think Larissa would be an easy win. Finally she sighs and goes into the apartment, and gently wakes Sean up to get some help from him.


On Camera[/u]


Emily Desmond is sitting in a deep chair, the Alternative title across her waist. A title that has been hers for 522 days and by the time she faces Larissa it will be 532 days, something that not many people could say across all of wrestling, not just in SCW. But she’s taken on a number of challengers and held matches that people can tell she has a well to draw from thanks to her family. Chairs and Cuffs, your standard ladder matches, street fights, submissions only, and her last show it was a cage with weapons in it. Emily had been bleeding before she get in the ring, and she also lost more blood, but it was lost while she was getting a win. This time on Overdrive she’s in the main event and she’s taking on Larissa, the newly crowned International champion. Emily starts to clap but one can’t tell if she’s sincere or being sarcastic. But we’re about to find out.


Emily: So Larissa you did it, you did something that not many around here can claim, and that is beat Jessica Tendonin. But then I think Jessica’s age is starting to catch up to her. First a few months ago Paige Lewis beat her to recapture the title, and people thought Paige to be one of the most incredible wrestlers there is. Oh please, I’m not trying to take anything from Paige because she is good, but now you’ve beaten Jessica also, which means… feels like Jessica just isn’t herself these days. But we’re not here to talk about Jessica’s feelings, but about what will happen at Overdrive 50 and that is you and I will face.


Now Larissa I remember when you took on Alzy, and you gave him a hell of a fight. That type of thing is something I Alzy appreciates, as do I. Maybe it’s a family thing but at least you just didn’t go “eh” and lay down to be defeated. That type of shit pisses me off to be honest. Its like at least put up something of a fight. But then I’ve faced a few over the past days who thought I would be someone they could easily defeat. They obviously found out when I was standing over them, my hand raised, that they underestimated me, thought because of my age I couldn’t possibly know what I do, but when you are raised in a family where wrestling is….well gold, you learn a lot. Having two parents who are both wrestlers? Even better because I’ve learned from them both, from their friends from my uncles, and I think this is proof of how well of a student I was….


Emily pats the gold on the belt sitting in her lap. She looks down at it, then up, obviously with a great deal of pride.


Now Larissa, you’re stepping in the ring with….well some say that while I might not be World champion, I am one of the very best SCW has to offer, and here’s a hint on how I do it. I don’t let things away from wrestling to get to me. Oh at this moment I’m trying to referee a fight between my mom and my sister, but that’s nothing. I mean I dont have some other job to do, my job is to be a wrestler. I know that’s hard for some to understand but then I also hope to retire at a fairly young age, go to college. I know what I want to study and it’s something that would benefit wrestling if I were to do it. What is it? Maybe one day I’ll let you in on what it is. But right now my goal….my dream is pretty simple and that is to not only hold the Alternative title for 2 years or more, but also one day i hope to become the SCW World Heavyweight championship. But I’m getting ahead of myself, because first I must face you in the ring. I’ve watched the few matches you’ve had in SCW and in fact I have to wonder how you did it, how you pulled out the wins you did. Now you lost to Alzy, so having the first hand knowledge of my tag partner has helped a great deal. However I know to not become too …..complacent? Too sure? Basically I better not overlook you just based just on your size because size can be deceiving but I do hope you realize I lift weights as heavy as you. I know that you are a technician but that really doesn’t matter to me because I was trained by not just my mom, who’s known for a bit of high flying and a lot of brawling, but by her tag partner, who is as technical in the ring as you could want, and who is a master of submission, which he taught to me. Hell many would think I would use a sharpshooter as my submission move, which is because it’s what my mom would do, but no I use a crossface, which is what he uses. Think about it, do you really want someone who was trained by one of the best, do you want her applying a move to you that is difficult to get out of? Oh I’m sure you’ll say that cause of your light weight, or that you are technically better than me, or any of another dozen reasons as to why you could break away from it, only to try and do something similar to me.


Larissa, I know there are some in SCW who might be afraid of you right now, thinking “what did she do that stopped Jessica?” and it wasn’t you, in a way it was Jessica’s body that was what did in Jessica. It’s not like you got her in some form of submission to win. In fact….I went back, I watched TLC again and it was luck. Plain and simple. Jessica’s body betrayed her, and even then she tried to fight back against you while….well I’m sure the pain was exquisite and off the charts but she worked through it. Hell you should be praising the woman! But then I have to ask what kind of wrestler, hell what kind of person you are. Instead of saying “hey look she’s definitely not 100%” you went on and used that broken arm to your advantage. I hope Jessica comes look for her rematch, I know I for one will be there to cheer her on. Yeah, she might not be my buddy, and we don’t hang out, but I respect her. After seeing that match? I respect her even more. As for you Larissa, I see someone who saw an advantage, one that ….ok almost anyone, myself included, would have capitalized on but doesn’t it sit in the back of your mind that you didn’t defeat a woman who was 100%. That has to be a hard thing to deal with. I hope you don’t come into our match thinking you’ll be able to defeat me as easy. There is no ladder, instead you have to actually pin me or make me submit and I dont go down in a few moves. So be prepared to bring the fight, because that is exactly what I’ll give you….a fight.


Camera fades to black.

An Autumn Night in Savannah-Part 2

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Off Camera


Alzy Hawkshaw gets out of his rental car, a black Mustang with plenty of horsepower, and he looks up at the house which belongs to none other than his sister Lynn Brewster. It had been a very long time since Alzy had been there, the last time being when he was in FTWO and she had been general manager of it. There had been some harsh words then, but it was Alzy’s fault as he let a knee injury nearly turn into an addiction problem. Lynn had been the one to keep him from going down that road. It was during that time that they realized that Alzy’s father……was actually Lynn’s father that they were siblings, and that discovery had strained their friendship. NowAlzy is back, this time being invited by Emily, who has just pulled up behind him. She gets out of the car and walks over to him, looking up to see if she can see what he does. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary Emily points her head towards the house.


Emily: Um you want to go in, or just sit here and admire the lawn?


Alzy: Yeah, I’m just…..last time I was here….


Emily: And that was what? 7 or 8 years ago? My mom doesn’t carry ordinary grudges that long. Plus she’s off in Africa doing another show. So it’s just Steve and William, plus Marie. Steve is willing to help us so come on.


Emily goes in the house and the soft lighting of the hallway is there. There is noise coming from the kitchen area and so Emily and Alzy head that way. They find William on a stool reaching across the island, flour all over his face and shirt, happily playing with the bread dough before him. His uncle Steve Brewster is watching the 4 year old boy and then sees Emily and Alzy.


Steve: Hey sorry. Didn’t hear you come in.


Emily: Its ok, not sure you could have heard us above him. Hey squirt.


Michael looks up at his oldest sister, flour on the end of his nose. Emily picks up a kitchen towel and wipes his face off, then gives him a kiss.


Michael: Can I have a hug too?


Emily smiles and takes off her black leather coat, handing it to Alzy and almost instantly gets a couple of arms wrapped around her. Emily looks down and gets Michael back on his stool.


Emily: This mean you’ve missed me?


Michael: Why don’t you visit more? It’s lonely here.


Emily: It can’t be that lonely, you have Marie.


Michael looks at Steve, then back at Emily as if he has a secret that he isn’t sure he can share with her. So instead Steve breaks the news to Emily.


Steve: Marie…….isn’t living here right now.


Emily feels like a knife just stabbed her in the heart.


Emily: Would you mind telling me where she is then.


Steve: She’s living out at the beach with Brian. Her and your mom had a pretty nasty fight about … Dad signed for Marie so that Marie could wrestle.


Emily: Oh I bet that went over great with Mom.


Steve: I think if it had been in a company your mom not just worked for, but was general manager of, she’d been more receptive. They got home from the last show and it broke out into world war three. I thought they would throw punches before it was done. I got them separated and Marie said unless your mom apologized she wasn’t staying in here. So when she was leaving I asked her where she was going and she was going to get a hotel room. I sent her to Brian. Now they’re out there and someone who isn’t as judgmental is keeping an eye on her. Making sure she goes to school, gets homework done, all that. Right now your sister is in…..


Emily: Africa. Yeah I heard. Hell I’ve already seen the video of her match on YouTube. She did pretty damn good for someone who lost. But there is talent there. I told her to wait and not be too anxious but apparently I talked to the wall. By the way what are we making?


Michael: Pizza!! Steve said I can have pepperoni and sausage and olives and…….


Emily: Is there anything you DON’T want?


Michael: No spicy peppers…..oh and no pineapple.


Emily: Don’t let mom here you say that. She loves pineapple on her pizza. Anyway…..can you help us?


Steve: Sure, figure out where and what while I clean up the dough monster here.


Michael: But my pizza!


Steve: I know. Here’s the spoon for the sauce and the toppings. Here….


Steve slides the crust Michael made onto a baking sheet.


Steve: Ok put on your toppings. When you’re done with that go wash up. Make sure you get your face and put on a clean shirt. As soon as I’m done with Emily and Alzy I’ll get it cooking.


Michael: You guys want one?


Steve: It’s up to you. We have plenty of dough.


Emily: Sure. I want….


Michael: Everything but sausage. Alzy?


Alzy: I’ll take everything and that includes sausage.


Michael grins at Alzy, and grabs a ball of dough to make a crust for Emily’s pizza.


Steve: We’ll be in the den when you get done and cleaned up.


Michael nods as he works on the dough. The other three go down to the den, and Emily turns on a couple lamps. Steve looks at them, but seems a bit concerned. Finally Alzy looks at Steve.


Alzy: What? You seem……I don’t know, I can’t nail it.


Steve: What’s pretty much how I feel and I don’t know why. Everything looks to be fine. Maybe it’s this whole thing with Marie and your mom.


Emily: Who are you fooling? It’s precisely that. Look I love mom, and I know she loves me but Marie has always been….a bit more her favorite than me, and I get it. Marie’s dad……


Emily looks at Alzy.


Emily: You ever meet Ron?


Alzy: Ron? As in Ron Caedes, known also as Karnij? Yep, ran into him a few times. Seems ok.


Steve: As long as you’re not on his bad side. Which Lynn was one of those areas you better be ready for a war if you cross her. I would bet money that if he knows that Marie is wrestling….there will be hell to pay if anyone hurts her. Anyway you two need to freshen up or anything while I get on the Pillsbury dough boy in there? I’ll be right back.


Emily looks at Alzy, who looks almost a different level of intensity.


Emily: Look, I KNOW we can do this. I’m just saying that those two brought up some things that I think we can use to our advantage this time out.


Alzy: I hope so Emily. I feel like I’ve let you down although the crack about me holding back…..good thing he’s facing you and not me.


Emily: Well let’s focus on DEA and then see what happens.


On Camera


The camera opens to show Alzy Hawkshaw and Emily Desmond sitting in the home of Emily’s mom, Lynn Brewster. Emily is sitting in an overstuffed chair, dressed in jeans and a light purple silk shirt that shimmers in the light, her dark hair loose. Alzy is also wearing jeans and is wearing a dark purple button down shirt, his hair back in a neat ponytail.


Emily: So here we are at TLC 2018 and we have a chance to capture something that has alluded us for some unknown reason, and that is the SCW Tag Team titles, held by DEA.


Alzy: You know I find it ironic that people say that we’re using the “Freebird rule” when we are nowhere near it. If you mean that Emily’s father Chris is considered part of our merry little band, that part is true.


Emily: However he does so as a manager, nothing else. He won’t get in the ring again unless directly provoked. But when it comes to the team don’t think “oh we might get Chris” because you won’t. You get the two of us, and we are tired of fighting against a system that when we want to use it, people whine and complain and refuse to listen to our requests for a shot at the title but happily employ iu when it makes their plans work.


Alzy: Case and point. DEA, the team of Kennedy and Lucius Tendonin. Amazing that you are defending the titles because everywhere it says that Brian Kennedy and REQUIEM are the champions. Please, I have no hate towards Requiem. Life reared its ugly head and he had to deal with his private life, and know that I have the greatest regards for what he did by stepping aside, and I hope for the very best outcome for his family.


Emily: But see a few years ago when it was these two guys that Lucius knows, the Ryders, held the titles and it took MONTHS for Feral Destruction to get a rematch because it wasn’t going to be Cam Davitt and Brian Brewster asking for the rematch, but instead of Brian it was Lynn, who had stepped aside because she was pregnant, that would be in the match. Management fought tooth and nail against letting Lynn in that match, but finally they caved and look what happened…Feral Destruction became champions.



Alzy: But we aren’t asking for such a thing. Yes the name of the group stayed the same, it stayed Hellfire, just the cast has changed slightly. I don’t know where people get off saying that we’re switching around the team depending on how it suits us. Well no, it’s that Chris wanted to retire from active wrestling, he wanted to manage which is something he’s very good at, and they asked me to join. Story ends there because I joined.


Emily: So I think we’ve cleared up the “original tag team partner”. See the team we faced of Jessica Tendonin and Johnathan Mills said that we claimed we were the only ones who could the rule. I’d love to know when we EVER said that, because we didn’t.


Alzy: And then people have decided on their own that I’m bitter because of my losses. I love knowing what I think, which could be further from the truth. Yes I lost to Paige Lewis, but it’s not like I’m the only one she has beaten. But I think even Paige would tell you that I put a great deal into that match, and if she ever offered me a rematch, I would take it.


Emily: And don’t forget that apparently I think you’re holding us back, holding me back.


Alzy: And again, another person saying they know what happened when I faced you.


Emily: Ah yes….that you held back and purposely lost the match. You know, as the person who was on the opposite end of that rainbow, for someone who supposedly held back, I was pretty stiff and sore the next morning from the match we had.


Alzy: That’s because I didn’t hold back. Hell I was nervous going into that match because I know your trainer, perhaps better than anyone besides Lynn, and I know you learned from him, and you’ve learned it well. I would hope though, just like I hope if I ever get a rematch with Paige, that you know I’m bringing all I can to the match, and I defiantly wouldn’t be held back.


Emily: You know, one thing I found extremely interesting, and you may thank Chris for planting the seed in my mind. How long has it been since the tag titles were defended? I mean, the layer of dust on them has to be incredible because you see Kennedy, no one nagged you, said you had to find a partner to defend them. Hell going back to what happen to Lynn and Cam, I could throw a bloody fit right here and now and cry and kick my feet and be a bitch about how it says the champions was Empire, and suddenly overnight, without any match to seal it, DEA is the champion. Well DEA never WON the championship. At least with Feral Destruction, you knew going in who all three members are. But no, Kennedy is allowed to pick a person at random and sign them up as your tag partner.


Alzy: That’s pretty damn ballsy of you. I know if we tried anything remotely similar you would whine and cry, and then do anything you could to make sure we don’t get that title shot. Saying things like we didn’t earn them or…’s my favorite, we didn’t lose them, a different team did. Yes I realize we haven’t been able to say that just yet, but think about it. At least when Lynn wanted back, and this was after returning after having a child, I know the fits that management threw. Finally you caved to quiet her, and she turned around and won the titles.


Emily: See Lynn was honestly and above board with her desire. Empire….DEA….whoever you are now, you are like “well we’re using this rule too”. Great, wonderful, but you can’t keep the team name the same and that is the largest act of cowardice in my eyes.


Alzy: So try and plant all the dissention that you want, say that one of us is holding back from the other, whatever makes sense in those little pea sized brains you guys have. Oh and by the way I hope you stop and think Kennedy, you have a chance to take on and defeat Paige. A rested, in shape Brian Kennedy maybe…..MAYBE would have a chance to beat Paige, but facing her after your match with us? Do you give your all to our match, and then not have much left for your match with Paige, or…..


Emily: Do you hold back, and cost yourself one, if not both titles.


Alzy: We know where we stand. In fact Emily is in a very similar predicament as you Kennedy.


Emily: And I’m bringing all I have plus some for my matches. So see boys we have things under control, running as smooth as can be.


Alzy: While you two haven’t had a match as partners for so long……


Emily: The dust on my shelves is getting pretty thick.


Alzy: You know there is one thing though…..I wonder…..


Emily looks up at him, wondering what is on his mind.


Alzy: If Lynn came back and teamed with you, could the tag titles go from being held by Hellfire to Feral Destruction without any match?


Emily: I highly doubt that. We would probably have to vacate the title, then there be a tournament where Lynn and I would have to beat all the other tag teams and THEN we could say the name of the team is Feral Destruction. Too bad others don’t have to follow the same protocol.


Alzy: Protocol or not, we are the team that wants to be the SCW Tag Team champions.


Emily: We’re the team that should be the tag team champions.


Alzy: And at TLC we will be the team….that are the champions.


Camera fades to black.

An Autumn Night in Savannah-Part 1

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The camera opens on the square in downtown Savannah, Georgia, the city where Emily’s mom resides. She’s sitting on a bench by the fountain that is going. Fall has finally arrived in Savannah as the trees were changing colors, the end of another summer behind them. Emily looks a bit concerned, but a bit pissed about something. If it’s something in her personal life we’ll never know exactly because she’s very focused on her match against Mills.


Emily: Johnathan Mills. I expected something, anything, from you telling me how it was time for my reign to end, maybe something saying I was lucky to get this far, and who knows what else but instead I get more noise from the static on my television set than I am hearing from you. See Johnathan I could sit here and cry about our last meeting, about how you and Jessica beat Alzy and me but there are two factors right there that made the outcome of the match to not have much to do with the one we have before us. I’ll address my other opponents here after while but for now I want to talk to one person and that’s Johnathan.


I’ve noticed something and that is you seem to think you can just waltz in here, somehow get a shot at the Alternative title and that’s it. But you have no idea who you’re facing because if you are basing our match on the only other time we’ve faced each other…..Mills you have no idea who you are really facing.


Emily straightens up, putting her upper arm strength in her palms that are pressed into the bench.


See I must admit, and admit to my partner, that my focus was a bit off, that I was allowing some personal situations to be in control of my mind and instead of you, I was thinking about that. Allowing Alzy to take more of the heat than I probably should of. But then it was a tag match, and well this time around….it’s simple. It’s you and me.


When I knew I was getting you for an opponent I seriously thought about what type of match I would want. It’s one of the perks of the title, you can name anything you want. Oh management doesn’t always go along with it, so we won’t have say…..a Pit of Decimation, a scaffold match over a tank full of sharks, you know….REALLY dangerous stuff. So I do have to keep it a smidge on the safe side but that doesn’t mean I can’t pull some good ones out of my bag. Chairs and Chains? Did you see that Mills? I almost thought of doing that one again but it was a bit too tame. Seeing I’ve had this title since June of 2017 and I’ve defeated some of the best this company has. I beat Priest not once, but twice. First time was HIS choice, as he was the champion, and he chose an I Quit match. Yep I made big, bad, scary Priest yell I quit, two words that sounded like angels singing because I became the Alternative champion at the age of 19 years old. An admirable feat for someone so young, and many thought though that my youth would be my downfall. But I think that I’ve proven that age is just a number because look at the very next show when I defeated Priest yet again, this time in my choosing of a street fight, which means he had a lot to work with and use to defeat me, but he failed.


I took on a man who….well I’ll be facing at TLC, that man is Brian Kennedy. You know, former SCW World champion, a man who….well I could get into a lot of things about the tag titles, but that’s for later this evening. But I faced himself myself, one on one, in a ladder match and the outcome? Yep I stayed champion. Hell at Survival 2017 I took on not one, but two competitors in a Falls Count Anywhere match, again a match that brings a lot of things into it, but Tuck and Corso couldn’t stop me.


Emily sits more squarely on the bench and dusts her hands off for a second.


I even took on family, took on….my tag partner. Trust me, not the easiest thing in the world, to look across the ring and see a man who you also see at family dinners. I faced someone who has the history I do when it comes to family, but as I said that didn’t stand in the way. I defeated even him.


And that brings me to the next one on the list, and that’s you Mills. Last time, as I’ve said earlier, there were factors that were….well I think we can both agree factors beyond our control. Oh please know I’m not taking anything from Jessica, she’s a fine wrestler, as is Alzy, but their actions, and their moves were theirs and not ours. So I don’t feel the match was a true representation of who I am, of what I can do. But looking back I noticed something. You referred to yourself in the third person. Interesting concept but I can’t go around saying “Emily did this” without sounding like some savant who can tell you what day of the week September 29, 1013 was. I do remember how you talked about how my partner was holding me back. I don’t see how except that I haven’t been given something I would love to have, and that’s a shot at the World title. But I’m a very patient person, and I’ll wait my turn. Eventually Mr. Walker will look around and realize that hey, look who has stood the test of time and not run off to try my hand at another fed. I’ve been tempted but I’m loyal to SCW, which honestly Mills is perhaps more than I can say of you. I mean you came into SCW and I’ve looked, I’ve researched, went through old shows and ……Mills do you really think because you beat them on your own that makes you hot shit? Vero Rodriguez? Where is she now? She’s become a ghost as has Jacina, not that Jacina was ever that good, sort of just kept around so she wasn’t homeless.


Emily stands up and starts to walk around the fountain, as dusk has come and night is falling, the lights have come on, illuminating the sparkling water, the splashes seeming to be loud. Emily has on a long, black coat and she sticks her hands in the pocket as she walks around, thinking before she stops and shares her thoughts.


Brian Kennedy? He …..I get to face him the same night as I face you, but one on one I’ve faced him as well, I beat him and I know you beat him as well. Paige has beaten him a couple times, and yet she’s giving him one more chance. So seriously looking at your SCW wins and losses, yes you’ve won, you’re basically undefeated, but it’s the list of who you’ve been against that makes a person stop and wonder. I look at those records and I laugh, mainly because I’ve either beaten or could beat any of those very people.


Emily stops and looks at the fountain, the light playing off the water, as she thinks.


You know Mills you once told me to be careful because I’m on Paige’s radar. While I appreciate the concern I would think you’d be more focused on what’s about to happen over what is in my future. Because I’m keeping what I know of my future in the back corners of my mind, and keeping what is the most important, here and now, and that is beating you Mills. I remember what you said, which was that you wished I had saved the submissions match for you. If that is supposed to scare me, keep trying. I was trained by a man who is KNOWN for his extreme talent in submissions. I know how to do a great many of them and honestly I feel confident I could beat you with a submissions move.


Emily appears deep in thought for a moment.


When you last spoke up, it was 460 days as the Alternative champion. As of this moment, here and now, its 480 days, days that I wake up wondering what’s next, or who’s next. Who will they put in the ring to see if I can be defeated and this coming weekend it was just be shy of 490 days……nearly 500 days. That’s impressive not just here, not just in the old SCW, but even back in the days of HVW and FTWO. In fact the person who taught me held his title for 3 ½ YEARS, taking on everyone that came along, and taking them down one by one. So I’m learning quite a bit about being a champion with staying power, something that not just anyone can say they’ve done. I want to be that person, that wrestler that management can count on,, know that I’m reliable, and know when they say I’m appearing at this show or that, in whatever city in the world, that I’m there for them, and for the fans. As for you Mills I’ll add your name to my list and I have a feeling that because you lost to me, you’ll just fade into the background, be one of those “remember when……” and then it will be painful because people will try to remember you, and they will fail.


So Johnathan Mills I hope you’re ready to be added to the list of “well he tried” because I’m ready to take you on, take you into a cage with weapons around, and use them to beat some sense into you. Sense that you seem to not have an ounce of. This will be fun, and I will get the job done, and I will….quite simply….


Remain the Alternative champion.


Emily walks off towards the street, light reflecting off her black coat as she gets further away near the street.
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