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Lions, Tigers and bears.

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Brian is seen with his SCW Alternative and Tag Titles over his shoulder. He is looking all healed up and ready for his match against Dark Tiger. He smirks, already knowing that he’s gonna get under dark tigers skin right off the bat. He places the Titles on the desk and he takes out his rolling tray, his Dutch and his weed. He looks up at the camera as he is breaking his buds up. He starts to speak.

Brian: “Lions tigers and bears oh my.”

He laughs. Knowing that he is just warming up. He splits the Dutch and puts the weed in it as he continues to talk.

“You know you have been looking a lot less like actual competitor and more like a joke or a novelty item as of late. You wanna step in the ring against one of the best the SCW has to offer and I’ve already proven that I am on a whole other level than any of the rest of you in the back. You see, I said that I was gonna win the Alternative Title and that’s exactly what I’ve done. See Lewis made a mistake choosing me to go defend that title because now this title is right where it belongs and I don’t give a fuck what Paige, Emily, Neela or anybody else has to say this title staying around my waist somebody’s gonna have to pin me or make me submit for me to relinquish this title anyone. They are going to have to earn it.”

He finishes rolling the blunt and lights it. Taking a few hits as he allows what was just said to sink in.

“You see. It’s been a long time coming but I am back on top, I’m looking good, I’m feeling good and much like the legendary Ric Flair says woo it’s Showtime and Dark Tiger when it comes time for me and you to step in that ring I’m gonna have myself a brand new tigerskin rug on the floor’ cause this isn’t a game by no means is this a game. This is war Tiger you’re coming down to my ring. You see Paige Lewis has cemented and her name in the books here at SCW so hasn’t Neela our GM she was out very first World Champion. I was the second, along with Emily, we are SCW legends. Your some lost little kitten playing in a shark tank with some of the biggest baddest sharks. And I smell blood. I smell fear. That’s why you haven’t said anything. That’s why you been silent. Cause you already know what comin boy. 2022 is the year of The Empire. We are taking over SCW again son. And there isn’t anything that anyone can do. So your choice is either. Get down or lay down. You don’t stand a snow balls chance in hell at beating me.”

“So come on kitty, come get ur issue. Cause the only thing that’s happening at our match is me issuing you a whole box of whip ass. Cause the only chance you have at beating me is if he’ll freezes over. I’ll see you soon.”

The scene fades to a Empire logo as Frostbite knocks on the door and is seen walking into Brian’s office.











The Alternative Title goes to Brian Kennedy

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On camera

“You know I should of expected it, Paige Lewis choosing me to defend the Alternative Title after I broke her like a child breaks a toy. You see Paige, I told you that you weren’t facing the same old Brian Kennedy. Now look at you. And you know what? When I heard that bone snap, after beating you like a drum all night. I felt a release that I haven’t felt in such a long time. And it unlocked a side of me that I had almost forgotten. I have to give you props. Because you were elevated to a higher level. And you are THE only person in SCW that holds 3 wins over me. Something our great GM couldn’t ever do. Or Emily Desmond for that matter. Well, she doesn’t hold one at all so, guess that says something. But, I also gave you a huge wake up call. Cause Paige, you also know if you wouldn’t have had that Tranquilizer gun. You would have lost. I never knew it was legal to use, even if it was a no DQ. Now this old dog learned a new trick. See you learn something new everyday.”

The scene opens with Brian at the gym. Training with Requiem and Frosty. He is looking great after the huge war that set history in SCW. He is all healed up and looking even better than he did going into the PPV. He takes a drink from his water bottle and looks up at the camera.

“But you know what, this isn’t about the World Title or Domination. This is about Mr. Creed and Dario two of my fellow Empire members being in a match with me for the SCW Alternative Title. And while we are on the same team guys. I have to say I know this will not cause a rift within our foundation of the Empire. At the end, we will still show the same love as we have this entire time. But, this night we are not team members even though we are friends, we will not be acting like that during this match. For you seen what I’ve done to the unbreakable Paige Lewis.”

He pauses gathering his thoughts. He takes a hand full of vitamins and he takes a drink of water and wipes the sweat from his forehead and begins talking again.

“First off Dario, you think that the World Title slipped through my fingers and that I failed bringing home the World Title to the Empire and be what? The third person in this company to beat Paige Lewis, I did show that woman that she is not unbreakable and that she is not the goddess that she thinks that she is. We are on a different level, we are the elite, we are among the highest level of talent in this company and Paige and I have a lot more in common than anyone thinks. That is something I can address at another time. But Dario, for you to sit there and think that you’re on the level of the great Brian Kennedy, man you must be higher than eagle pussy cause son, I’ve been in the ring with Frostbite, with Requiem, with Rage Sadler, with icons in this business and I’ve always have been the victor. Son, you couldn’t even lace Paige Lewis’ bootstraps. To sit there and claim that I should be threatened by you. Well, you said I would see which you were capable of in the ring and I’ve seen what you’ve done in this company so far. I chose to look in your direction because Mr Creed cosigned for you and said that you would be an asset to the Empire. And you wanna claim that you’re gonna set this in stone with the victory over me? Well, you’re going to see the same Brian Kennedy that was in that world title match and boy I hope that you ate your Wheaties, I hope that you pumped your steroids, I hope that you got down on your knees and prayed to God. I hope you’re ready for what you asked for. And you know what, I’m not even going to be an asshole you’re still one of our Empire brothers but, I am going to show you your place in this faction, because you are not my equal by any means. You might wanna ask Mr Creed what kind of man I am truly, because you already know I dominated in NCW and I’ve achieved everything I’ve ever set out to do and while I might not be the world champion right now the day will come again where Brian Kennedy is the SCW world champion.”

He smirks. Knowing that he just getting started he continues.

“I’ll tell you your downfall coming into this match Dario, you’re more focused on Emily Desmond then you are me and this chance that you have at gaining the SCW Alternative Title. It is sought after just as much as the world title and is one of the three titles left in this company that I have to gain to become a Grand Slam champion. And Dario if you’ve been paying attention, since SCW reopened. I’ve made it very clear that one of my ambitions here is to become a Grand Slam champion, so while you’re sitting there having your wet dreams over Emily Desmond, I’m sitting here training because I know that Mr Creed isn’t a slouch and I’m not underestimating you Dario. So make no mistake about it, I know you have this whole doctor Jekyll-Mr Hyde thing going and you know that’s the other reason that I looked in your direction. While I know you’re gonna do miraculous things for the Empire. When it comes to me and then being in the ring, if you’re not with me at that time, you are against me and while again, I will repeat you are one of my Empire brothers I will not hesitate to beat your ass like a drum as I did Paige Lewis at Domination. And I have one last thing to say to you Mr Dario, well more of a question. Who have you faced in this company that holds any status for you to think that you’re in the same league as I am. Let that one sink in because everybody you have faced to this date not one of them has had the privilege to say they had their hand raised in victory over me. So that that one soak in”

He pauses to allow this to sink in. He has one person left he needs to address.

“Mr.Creed, brother we have stood side by side and we retired the NCW world tag team titles together. You have been a loyal and perfect friend, so they know the relationship and how close we are with each other the so now they wanna pit US against each other for the SCW alternative title. Me and Dario might not as be as close as you and him, are and me and you might not be as close as you and Dario are. But, what management is expecting is that this match will cause the rift between the Empire ’cause all they have done since this company has opened and the Empire first came here and took over, have been trying to disband us and get us to not be what we are, and that is the greatest God damn faction that’s ever landed in SCW. So I am saying this Mr. Creed, you already know the type of man I am and you already know what I’m capable of. And I mean no ill will towards you or Dario, but neither of you will stop me from obtaining the alternative title and becoming that much closer to becoming a Grand Slam champion. Cause you see I have always been on top in this company and then Paige Lewis comes in and while I hate to admit it. She took over SCW. You know what there’s always gonna be somebody that can beat you there’s always somebody that would define what it means that you need to elevate your level and elevate to a different person and that is what Paige done for me. Paige elevated me as I elevated her and now you’re seeing a different side of me Creed you’re seeing the side of me that hasn’t been seen in a very very very long time since the UHW, the XPW and PWO days”

He looks in the camera, with a serious look in his eyes that are almost scary.

“So this is a warning and no I’m not threatening I’m making it public knowledge, I’m coming to that ring and leaving with the alternative title by any means necessary and no I will not put either of you on the shelf, you guys are my brothers your fellow members of the Empire so I would never do something to damage or end your career. But I will win the alternative title and when Paige comes back, well she thinks I will walk down to her so called ring and hand her, her so called title. That is something we can figure out when she gets off the shelf well, if she gets off the shelf let’s state it like that.”

He continues to look in the camera with the same Intensity as he has since he first started looking in the camera.

“Paige said she wanted somebody that would represent SCW to the fullest. She said that she wanted somebody that has shed blood sweat and tears to be on the level that they are. She said she wanted somebody that lived and breathed SCW and passionate about this company. Paige you know that I am an SCW exclusive, I’ve got offers from SWAT, from various other companies that want Brian Kennedy on their roster but no SCW is my home and this will be my last company before I retire. And that is a long time away.

We all know the real reason why I was chosen and that is because I am the only person to push you to the extent that you were pushed at Domination and you know that there is no other real choice when it comes to the matter of defending they Alternative Title In your name. You can claim it’s because you’re so angry. But the truth is you know that there is no other person is company as great as you are. And now before anybody goes and tries to twist my words Jessica is one of my best friends and my tag team partner and I know how excellent she is you see there are very few people that can actually claim that their name means something in this company and while Paige yeah, Atadu would have been a good choice. But you also know you’re not on Jessica’s level and if I remember correctly she came out with broken limbs and defended the title successfully.”

He pauses for a moment.

“So Mr. Creed and Dario, I wish you two the best in this because in the end the Empire will be gaining the Alternative Title and just like any of the rest of the titles that we get our hands on we don’t lose them. So, whichever man is the better man this night be it you Mr. Creed or you Dario or myself the Empire will gain a victory. But gentlemen remember you guys were put in my path and I did not choose this, while you are my brothers and my friends, I’m putting that to the side for this match and you guys will be just two more people in the way of me achieving what I have set out to achieve. Mr. creed your focus seems to be on Emily too. While the two of you are about to step in the ring with a monster. If you can get me to tap or submit more power to you but everybody knows, I do what’s good for business and while I had a set back at Domination business is still picking the fuck up. I shall not fail, I shall prevail. See you both in a few days.”

The scene cuts to a BK Empire logo


The end game

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Brian is seen sitting in front of a fireplace with the book sitting in his lap he is dressed in a robe, a t-shirt and some sleep pants you can tell that he’s ready to unwind for the evening.

Brian: Hey babe, what do you think about us going to the city tomorrow and looking at some other houses. Maybe go stop and look at that car that you were wanting to look at to?

Melissa: Sounds great.

Melissa comes in, sits down on Brian’s lap. She looks at him in his eyes. She can tell he isn’t there really. Only thinking about this final show down between him and Paige. She has felt lonely since he started back at SCW. All he does is meetings and training for his plans on dominating SCW. She doesn’t get why Brian is the way he is when it comes to that company. Meanwhile Brian is only focused on the top prize of SCW, The World Title. A belt that Paige holds to this very day. A woman that has taken him twice. But, the third show down isn’t going the way Paige thinks it will go. He is ready for anything. Even Fathi and his twisted view on reality. One time Brian viewed him as a brother. Now he is just another foe that he has to watch out for.

Melissa: What are you thinking about right now?

Brian: It would only make you mad if I told you. Does it really matter anymore? You’ve already made it clear that you’re talking about moving out so what do you really want from me because SCW is my only focus right now. By the way, you’re gonna get mad, but a film crew is going to be here anytime.

Melissa gets up and walks out the room, taking a drink coaster tossing it threw the glass on his trophy case. Brian smirks as he just made up his mind.

ON Camera

Brian is seen wearing the some pajamas. He has a rolled blunt in his mouth. He just lights it, taking a few tokes, as he looks at the camera. A few moments pass before Brian finally speaks, the silence was odd and eerie.

Brian: Paige, I already know that you’re planning on coming on, saying some comments or some lines of bullshit, trying to make yourself look better before this match comes. You have already made it clear that you underestimate me and my abilities. But as I’ve already said that was your biggest mistake, the truth is I’m expecting one of us to have a career ending injury in this match.

He takes a few more tokes before putting the blunt out. Saving the rest for later.

There’s a few questions that’s been rolling around my head since you come one and cut your first promo. One of the questions is, will you do what is necessary to keep ahold of that Title? Because, I’m planning on doing whatever it takes to walk out that arena victorious! I’m willing to go the extra mile to show that your underestimation of me will be the downfall of the legacy of Paige Lewis!

He pauses for a moment.

You wanna talk about how I tried to discredit Jessica and her achievements in this company you’re sadly mistaken. Honestly I’m very proud of the things that Jessica’s done and yes she has proven that you are able to be beaten. This has given me my drive, you think that I’m not man enough, or a great enough wrestler to do the unthinkable, to be the second person to ever beat Paige Lewis.

And you know what at this point Jessica has nothing to do with this match. And you know what I haven’t been talking about or bragging about the past everything I’ve done been talking about is in the present in the future and that’s going to be me being the world champion soon enough!

The seven circles of hell, I’m glad you went into detail about what this match entails and you know what I’m actually glad that Emily caught COVID-19 and can’t compete because, then there’s no reason for you to sit there and say that you were tired or worn out from the prior match. I get you at 100% versus me at 100%! And you know what, it doesn’t matter where we end up only thing that matters at the end of this match I am victorious standing over a beaten and battered Paige Lewis.

The truth of the matter is we’re both going to lay it all out in the ring. I know you’re not a jobber I know you are a great athlete! But you underestimating my abilities is going to be the ultimate downfall for you Paige. You see you seem to think that you’re some gladiator or demigod that can’t lose! Well I’m going to be the person to show you that you can lose in you will lose come domination.

We both know that I do what’s good for business and was good for business is me coming and taking the strap. Making it mine like it should have been, ever since Brian won it and then wanted to act like a scared little punk and not give me my just do on that rematch.

The clock is ticking and the time is running out and the time for words are over page I’ll see you in the ring at domination and when I win well we’ll see what happens next.

The scene fades to a Empire logo

The World Title comes home.

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Brian is seen training at the gym with Requiem, Frostbite, Tyler, Mr. Creed, Stalker, and none other than Andrew Paine. Brian ducks a clothesline from Andrew and hits Requiem with a DDT. Mr. Creed comes off the top rope and hits a massive drop kick onto Brian. Jessica who is on the outside calls for a break to give some pointers out to Brian.

Jessica: Brian, always keep a lookout for the unexpected. While Paige might be alone that night you have Fathi who has said he is targeting any of The Empire. While I’ll have the order making sure this is between the two of you. Brian anything can happen.

Brian: I know Jess, Creed and Stalker will be on the look out to. Andrew, you think about what I have said? Even though me and Jess are the Tag Champions. We always need a monster lurking in the shadows.

Brian wipes the sweat off his face. He looks at his watch, seeing if he has the time to finish the workout that he has going before, the SCW staff gets there to do his promo for the upcoming world title match.

Brian: Stalker, have you finished talking to Dario about the other plans that we have for the pay-per-view?

Stalker: Dario has been brought up to speed Brian, no need to Worry my guys have their orders and we are standing by waiting for anybody that wants to try and stop what we have planned.

Andrew: Brian, to be honest brother I’ve been thinking about taking my boots off the shelf but if I put on my wrestling boots again I won’t be the same as I was before. My anger has been harder to control and I was actually just released from another company in their developmental program for being too aggressive. I doubt Neela will let me sign. But, I will be at the PPV watching your back. You just make sure you bring home the Title.

Brian nods as he is thinking about if he can do what he has already fallen short twice now. But, this time he is in far better shape now. One other thing is he will not underestimate Paige.

Requiem: I also wanted to talk to you about somethin Brian. What if I came back to. I already know Frosty is a SWAT exclusive. For another how long Frosty?

Frostbite: Atleast the rest of this year. I am part of KGB. I think your cousin Scott was for a short time.

Brian: Yea he was. But that was a few years ago. I think his drive is gone.

Jessica: Enough of the chit chat ladies. Brian. You need to get back to the work out.

Brian gets back in the ring as Creed and Stalker join him, they start doing various wrestling holds and moves as Jessica assesses the situation at hand. Brian works on Stalker as Creed grabs Brian from behind. Brian reverses and ducks around Creed making both of them be in front of him so he gains control. He hits both of them with a double clothesline, then he bounces off the ropes and does a elbow drop of Creed as Stalker gets up and hits Brian with a DDT.

Jessica: Brian, I told you watch for the unexpected. Stalker great job. Let’s call it a night. SCW staff is here. Brian your up. Let the world know your back with a passion.

Brian gets out of the ring. He is sort of upset he allowed Stalker to get that last move in. He feels like he should have been ready. But, it won’t happen again. He is ready if Fathi tries anything. He wipes the sweat from his brow and takes a drink from his water bottle. Looking at the time he realizes it’s about time for his shoot against Paige. He asked for the match and he got it. The Seven circles of Hell. A match SCW has never seen. Himself included.

On camera.

 The SCW crew has already gotten there and set up. Waiting for Brian. They are scanning over all his Titles he has won over the years along with his Hall of Fame inductions. Brian comes out and looks at them with the crew. He points at the XPW Tag Titles and the SCW Tag Team Titles. Those are his most prized Titles. He finally speaks.

Brian: The XPW was one of the only other companies that was as great as SCW. The only other one was UHW. But those two companies aren’t who we are speaking about. What we are here to talk about is SCW. Which Paige won’t ever admit I am one of the Pillars that made this company what it is today. I was the second World Champion and looking to be the first and only person to hold both variants of the World Champion which would make SCW history yet again. Just like the Tag Titles. I am more dangerous that a Rabid dog looking for blood. I smell it in the air. I yearn for it. I crave it cause I know that I will be both shedding it and making it shed at the same time. I know this is one of the most dangerous matches I will ever be in. And weather Paige is ready or not. I am at 100%, the same as Paige is. But me, I have no ring rust. I been competing for a while now. Gotten a few Titles in other companies, retiring them like I have always wanted to do. Making my name more of a house hold name than Wheaties. More like milk. So Paige, remember this. I want this Title more than you. It means something to me. It means more than life, more than my career, so if I have to take chances that could end my career in this Match I will.

He pauses as he looks over all his team members and then back to the camera.

I have trained harder than I ever have before. I am not the same Brian Kennedy of the old SCW, you claim this is a new era? Well this is a new Empire being brought to you by DEA and all of our luster. I am far better than I ever was before. While you were away doing whatever you were doing I have been training for this day. You may have gotten me the last few times we met. But this is a different story, in a different time and I am coming with different tactics. I just hope you are ready for the onslaught that is headed your way. Paige, your claim to fame are the two matches we have had before and you sound like a broken record player.

He mocks her

I Beat you twice. This third match is gonna be like the last two. I’m gonna win. I’m the best.

He looks to the camera, smirks.

I don’t think so, not this time, you’re the only person in SCW history to hold two wins over me. That’s facts regardless if I like it or not. That is your downfall Paige you think you’re unbeatable you think that you’re the heartbeat of SCW, but you’re not the heartbeat of SCW, of America or of domination. And yeah this is a lot like Ali vs Fraser and you’re right Frazier did beat Ali once, just like I’m going to beat you Paige, I will be victorious over you. I’m going to make SCW history by being the first person to hold both world title variations nothing will stop me from achieving this goal especially you, And you think that I didn’t get pointers from Jessica? Of course I’ve did, she’s my tag team partner and she’s one of my best friends, as well as one of my oldest friends in this business. She’s been here at the gym training with me giving me pointers.

Something else that I have noticed, you’ve gotten pretty comfortable being on top and you think that you’re going to continue to be the alpha wow you are right this is a new era and well Paige it’s time for Brian Kennedy to take his rightful place on top of the throne.

He pauses, looking at the camera he pulls out a cigarillo cracking it as he pulls grinder out, He takes his marijuana and puts it in the cigar wrapper and rolls a blunt. He lights it and blows smoke at the camera.

And I’m going to say for the audience I am so happy that you decided to give a small short history lesson of SCW but let me remind you of one thing I am ½ of the longest reigning SCW tag team champions in SCW history I’ve made just as much history and achievements in SCW as Jessica has, so you trying to downplay the fact that of what I have achieved here in SCW only tells me one thing you’re scared. You’re not sure if you have it in you to beat me one last time and it to put me out to pasture as you would call it. You’re not sure of anything right now. The only thing I think that you’re sure of right now is you asked for the seven circles of hell thinking that would put some kind of fear in my heart and make me doubt myself, but I have no doubt in myself. I have no doubt in my abilities and my strength and my desire. You have finally bitten off more than you can chew Paige, that is something I’m sure of. You underestimating me was your biggest mistake Paige you really doubt that I want this as bad as I’ve said I did and no nobody is going to get used to anything’ cause what it’s about to happen at the paper view is the world title will change hands and when I am standing victorious over top of you just remember I’m only doing what’s good for business and business is damn good and it’s picking up quick Paige I’ll be seeing you soon little girl.

The scene fades to a Empire logo.























Tyler, it just isn’t your time.

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Brian is seen for the first time in a very long time at his house that’s in Baltimore. He walks in the building and over to the elevator. He pushes the button to go up as Melissa and Bishop walk up. Brian shakes his head, the look on his face says it all. He isn’t happy.

Brian: You know, Scott, Curtis is gonna figure it out.

Mel: I’m surprised he hasn’t figured it out yet to be honest. I mean come on, you guys really think he isn’t looking into it?

Scott: Look, I meant it when I said no one better say a thing.

Brian: Scott, don’t forget that you owe me.

Brian walks into the elevator as the door opens, Mel comes in with him, Scott walks off with his face as red as a fire engine. Brian chuckles, looking at his wife with a smirk on his face.

Brian: Babe, all I can say is shit is about to be explosive. I’m not gonna keep his dirty little secrets. At the end of the day, things are gonna change around here. NCW closing again shows me that either A, the brass has bitten off more than they can chew or B, they knew The Foundation was going to take over. But, I told you he called me back right?

The doors open to the entrance to Brian’s Top floor penthouse. He walks over to the window and looks out over Baltimore.

Mel: Babe, the question is this, with the closing of NCW and SCW reopening. Have you and Jess made any plans yet?

Brian: Yea, that was what I was referring to. He is joining the ranks of The Empire, so isn’t Stalker and the rest of the guys. I’ve also called Frosty and Requiem. The band is getting back together. Frosty said he has a lot going on over in SWAT, hell Soutter hit me up asking if I wanted to go over there. Well, with NCW closing. I’m sticking to SCW. It’s where I belong and at the end of the day. This is going to be my only focus.

The door bell rings as him and Mel are talking. It’s the SCW camera crew. Brian sits down on the couch. His 6 month old pitbull pup named Luna jumps on the couch by him and lays down. He pets her head as the camera start rolling.

On Camera.

Brian sits there silent for a moment. Gathering his thoughts he starts to speak.

Brian: You know Tyler. I almost expected more. I mean, them history lessons were top notch. I was the longest running Tag Team Champion in NCW history. Even though it was 2 different partners, it was me. I also was the only person to be in the Genocide Rumble in NCW history as long as I was. I am the Iron man of NCW. But Tyler. This isn’t NCW. At this point fuck NCW and what either of us done in that company. This is SCW, and son I have made plenty of history here. I am half of1 the longest running SCW tag team Champions has ever seen, I am the Second SCW World Champion. I also have the most dominant stable in the history of wrestling. And you heard me correctly, son you have The DEA here and what I am talking about specifically is The Empire. You coming against a Giant here and you have no axe to chop down the stalk. Tyler, I could tell this time around you’re different.

He pulls out his rolling tray and grinder. Taking his weed and blunt stick. Splitting it open and grinding up his weed he continues rolling his blunt.

Brian: Son, I smoke cigs to. I drink more at the club than most people could imagine. We all take pills Tyler! Well those of us that’s been in this business long enough. Putting our bodies on the line over 300 days a year. I hardly know anyone in this business that hasn’t put their bodies through enough damage that the ordinary person would give up, real wrestlers keep going. And the great ones reach the top.. That’s what makes us different. We are extraordinary. That’s why we are here in SCW.

Pausing to lick the blunt to finish rolling. He lights it blowing his smoke.

Brian: You just came on Camera taking pills, drinking liquor and hitting a cigarette, like it’s supposed to put some fear factor in there. Or make you look intimidating or cool. You looked like a joke. And as for Fathi, well brother. That’s between you and him. But when it comes to this match, brother we have dominated in NCW as Thug Revolution. This is DEAs house and you coming here making claims that I will be some sort of stepping stone to your greatness is nothing more than a far fetched dream of a broken and battered man. Tyler I’m on top of my game. I haven’t lost more than a hand full of matches in the last 3 years and you know it. This is a contest among two warriors. When the time comes to meet in the ring you have two choices. Get down or get laid out. The only one that’s gonna need a heart monitor that night will be you. You talking about losing the BAMF title cause you passed out?

He takes a few hits from the blunt before speaking again letting his last comment hang in the air. He gets a smirk on his face as he finishes off.

Brian: We’ll those pills, cigs, and drink will be your down fall. Here is the only thing I’m gonna say before I go. Maybe don’t get to fucked up before you hit the ring to get beat the fuck up. I’m hated by many. Feared by all. Confronted by none. For I am unstoppable. Tyler, it’s nothing personal. It’s just good damn business. And business is good.

The camera fades to a Empire logo.

Let the games begin Edited

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Darrin Huntsman is my next victim in my quest to the top of SCW once again.  You know, this company reminds me of another that I ended up leaving for a time and coming back.  If anyone knows what one I mean it would be PWO.  And not only did I end up being PWO World Champion two times I also knocked off the longest reigning US Champion and her name was Allison Detorre.  So, with history repeating itself you are just another notch in my belt on my climb back to the top.   


The scene opens with Brian sitting at his desk.  His office looks over Baltimore Harbor.  The camera pans out over the room, Brian is looking at the camera the look of amusement is on his face .  He knows the SCW Brass will be watching to see if he will follow through with what he said at the PPV.  Mainly because he wants his shot at Emily for her spot for the Alternative Title.  So much talk as come from her and he has gotten fed up. 


Look Darrin, you must have been here when I was gone.  Here’s the thing. In case you don’t know who I am.  The same being as I don’t have a clue who you are.  I am Brian Kennedy.  I am the Living Legend and I won’t be stopped.  Since this company reopened its doors I have been here.  Beating the hell out of anyone who steps in my way.  You are going to be no different.  You see, I have a problem and that has nothing to do with you. But, make no mistake about it.  For some reason you landed in a match against me. The question is what are you going to do?  Will you step in the ring and try to do what so many others think they can do and stop me?  Or will you end up like the rest of the no account jobbers have done and choke.  I am one half of the Tag Team Champions and you have a chance here.  Beat me and you will be put on notice.  But, fail?  Wait and see what will come of that.  Because that will be what happens.   


He chuckles. 


Ok, I am gonna stop playin.  You don’t have a chance son.  Face it. I am Brian Kennedy.  So many people hate the fact that I am a cocky son of a bitch.  The reason I am that way is simply because I am that fucking good.  You don’t like it?  Then make me shut up.  Because I am sayin this here and now.  I bet you won’t even make me break a sweat.  Hey, don’t take it personal.  It’s just good business.   



Let the games begin

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The scene opens with Brian sitting at his desk.  His office looks over Baltimore Harbor.  The camera pans out over the room, Brian is looking at the camera the look of amusement is on his face .  He knows the SCW Brass will be watching to see if he will follow through with what he said at the PPV.  Mainly because he wants his shot at Emily for her spot for the Alternative Title.  So much talk as come from her and he has gotten fed up. 


Look Darrin, you must have been here when I was gone.  Here’s the thing. In case you don’t know who I am.  The same being as I don’t have a clue who you are.  I am Brian Kennedy.  I am the Living Legend and I won’t be stopped.  Since this company reopened its doors I have been here.  Beating the hell out of anyone who steps in my way.  You are going to be no different.  You see, I have a problem and that has nothing to do with you. But, make no mistake about it.  For some reason you landed in a match against me. The question is what are you going to do?  Will you step in the ring and try to do what so many others think they can do and stop me?  Or will you end up like the rest of the no account jobbers have done and choke.  I am one half of the Tag Team Champions and you have a chance here.  Beat me and you will be put on notice.  But, fail?  Wait and see what will come of that.  Because that will be what happens.   


He chuckles. 


Ok, I am gonna stop playin.  You don’t have a chance son.  Face it. I am Brian Kennedy.  So many people hate the fact that I am a cocky son of a bitch.  The reason I am that way is simply because I am that fucking good.  You don’t like it?  Then make me shut up.  Because I am sayin this here and now.  I bet you won’t even make me break a sweat.  Hey, don’t take it personal.  It’s just good business.[\color]   



Prelude to the Maddness

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Brian is seen sitting at his desk in his study. In front of him sits a stack of papers that he is filling out.  As the camera pans in, he smirks as he looks into the camera and begins speaking while he takes the stack of papers and puts them in the drawer. 


Brian:  “So, Brian Kennedy is still standing after the huge tag match at TLC.  Now I am about to step in the ring against a former partner of my current partner in J. Mills.  What do I think about it?  The truth is I know I am about to face off against a man that is just as a big of a name as I am.  I am facing off against another Living Legend.  I have to admit, after talkin to Jess I have to say at the end of the day I respect that man.  Win or lose I am still going to keep my eyes on him.  The DEA is always looking for members. But, let’s get onto this match.” 


He pauses for a second. 


“I am climbing the ladder again here in SCW.  There isn’t anything or anyone that is going to stand in my damn way.  Johnny Boy, I’m coming for a fight.  I am going to bring everything I have into this match.  I know you watched the Tag Match I was in at TLC.  You already know I am a fucking monster.  Well, just like I have told many men in my time.  Get down or lay down.  Because I really don’t give two shits about what you have done in other companies.  This is SCW and we are the Big Boys.  While you have already kicked the shit out of plenty of men on this roster. I am a different breed.  You already know Jessica won’t have shit to do with losers.  Well, it was me and her that built The DEA and we are unstoppable.  You have the chance here to join something that will boost your career here in SCW.  Or, you can jump the band wagon with Eric and his band of losers or Brewster and her clan and try to stop us.  Try your best and watch how bad you lay in the ring beaten and bloody.  You see what we have done.  SOD hasn’t ever beaten us, and well.  You already know Brewster Hell Fire or whatever they call themselves today is on the losing side as well.” 


He shakes his head. 


“Don’t get me wrong.  I do know there is someone out there that can beat my ass.  I have lost before.  But I win as hell of a lot more than I have ever lost.  I make that my main business.  Winning and claiming the top as my own. Along with Jessica we pave the way for the rest of DEA.  We are the winners and if you want that you know who to join.  But, this match.  I am asking you before you join.  Let’s rip the fucking roof off and give the crowd a show of the year and see who is the better man.  Because I already know you want to use the chance to say you beat me.  So, I know your bringing all you have.  I’d expect nothing more than you to see how fuckin tough I really am.  What do I have to say?” 


He pauses. 


“It’s about fuckin time.  I have been waiting all year for someone hell, anyone to bring a fight to me that I would have to actually step outside my comfort zone.  I know you are going to push me harder than Emily or Cam ever could.  I know that beating you once won’t cut it.  It is going to take a few times of me beating you into reality that I am the One-Man Apocalypse that I won’t be stopped.  So, what I am going to wait to hear from you is the J.Mills that I have heard of.  The ruthless mean son of a bitch that would smack a baby and kick a woman in the face and laugh as he walks off.  Let me see what you got.  Mills.  I won’t go down easy and I am a lot fuckin better than you ever thought.  I’m gonna surprise you.  Don’t take it personal Mills.  Cause it’s all for good business.” 


The scene fades to a DEA logo

DEA Pipe Bomb

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(Off Camera)

Brian is seen sitting at a table with all the members of DEA sitting around it. The servants come around sitting the plates of food that he had made for the nights gathering. Brian looks over at Requiem and says.

Brian: “So, with Jessica stepping in the ring at the PPV I am sure we will walk out as Champions yet again. This is the last time I am going to sit back and listen to the bull shit talking that the Brewster camp is spouting off at the mouth with. They are finished after this that is why Jessica and I come up with this match. I am going to bring amounts of pain that neither of them has ever felt before.”

LT: “Damn Bri, you are letting the demons out to play aren’t you?”

Requiem: “I think between Jessica and myself we finally rubbed off on him. It’s about time, because they need to shut the hell up.”

Jessica: “We are going to do just that. I’m finished allowing anyone in the back to ever think that DEA doesn’t run things.”

Brian: “I have full intentions of walking out of the PPV as a double champion. I will hold the SCW World Title for a second time one way or another. Paige is going down right along with Emily. I hate having to make people remember who I am and me -marking my name in the SCW History books that Brian Kennedy once again made history. Hate it or not, DEA are the top dogs in this company.”

Andrew: “I won’t lie, Brian I have been thinking about coming back. I think Death Sentence could still do big things. Let’s be honest, the only reason I haven’t come back yet is because there isn’t anyone among that roster that could even hold a candle to my jock strap let alone step in the ring and square off one on one.”

They all laugh as Brian continues to speak.

Brian: “Well, The Brewster camp has finally chosen to speak. You already knew they would try to get some cheap shots in before the match.”

Jessica: “I think that the camera crew will be here shortly and when they get here we can say what we need to say and then let our actions speak for themselves in the ring.”

Requiem: “Brian, I think now is the time that you should do what you been planning on doing and letting your demons out to play.”

Andrew: “The thing is, the last time he done that he landed himself into jail for almost 3 years.”

Brian: “And the guy still isn’t walking right. But, he won’t ever forget who I am ever again.”

They all chuckle as Brian stands up and walks over to the window. The maid is clearing the plates that they have finished eating as Brian turns around.

Brian: “So, what do you all think about revealing the two members coming home to DEA? Should we wait till after this PPV or wait for a few more shows?”

Jessica: “I think that we should hold off and let it build up a bit more before we announce it.”

LT: “Brian, which do you think would be best? With Curtis coming around and all the attacks that’s been coming your way holding off could be a benefit to our camp.”

Brian nods his head thinking about which way would be the best to led his team. The doorbell rings and he already know that it’s the camera crew to record his piece for the upcoming match. He walks towards his study where the butler led the crew to. He walks in as the camera is already recording.

(On Camera)

He walks into the room carrying a box of tissues and a box of tampax. He walks over to a table sitting them down he speaks.

Brian: “Those are for you guys, Hellfire, since you been crying like some little bitches. The past is the past and I dunno why you both seem stuck there. So, since that is where you wanna begin let’s address this shall we?”

He walks over to his lazy boy and sits down. He is handed a drink from his butler and takes a sip. He looks deep into the camera.

“Azly, you have a lot of nerve. You wanna try to talk some shit when you have done nothing but lose. You lost to Paige, Emily beat your ass and when it comes to you and I. I beat the shit outta you too. You have lost more than anything else since you come to SCW. Then you wanted to cry about the free bird rule. Claiming that people cried about it. I ask you this, when in the hell did I say a damn word about who you bring to the ring? When Requiem had his life bite him in his ass, SCW brass chose to let me pick who I would bring as my team mate and defend the Titles. While you are correct Requiem and I won the tag team championship. I don’t see anywhere that says We lost the damn titles. Each and every time I have stepped in the ring I have come out victorious and retained the Titles. Twice now you both have failed to take the belts off us. So, what did I do? I sat down with the camp and we come up with this match to push each of us to our limits. “

He pauses for a few moments to let his thoughts gather as he continues.

“Emily, I might as well address the both of you at the same times. Cause you cried just as much as Alzy. You wanted to bring up the past about the Ryders. Why in the hell did you bring up those two? Where are they involved in this match at all? I don’t see it as a three way in this match. I don’t give a fuck about what happened when the Ryders was here or how they caused you all problems. Because right now you have enough coming your way without trying to bring in a team that isn’t a factor in this match at all.”

He chuckles.

“While you guys wanted to bring up that Hellfire changed up slightly to allow Chris to retire, it isn’t any different than Requiem being replaced. The Empire or DEA, our group is the same as yours. Just the slight change as you put it to down play you trying to gain the unicorn in your life that is none other than the SCW Tag Team Titles. You guys will never gain them. Challenging us over and over again is the closest that you’re going to get. Can’t you grasp ahold of this reality? You can’t win. Doesn’t matter who you bring in. You guy are losers. Just a joke in the back-stage area when it comes to tag team action.”

He stands up and grabs his drink. He walks over to a trophy case where it holds all the Titles and awards he has won over his years in the ring. He opens the case and picks up his SCW Tag Team Title. He looks at it for a few moments and puts it back down.

“I have to wonder, while you want nothing more but to take the Titles off us. What else drives you Alzy? Emily, you say that he doesn’t hold you back. While that might not be how you feel. The facts remain. Answer me this, all the matches he has had in SCW both singles and tag. How many has he won? How many times has his hand been raised in victory? Because I can promise you this. There hasn’t been very many I have lost. And those were mainly me losing because these fuckin masked men keep coming to attack me. Either way, I still win way more than I lose.”

He pauses.

“But the two of you wanna ask how long has it been since the Tag Team Titles been defended? Why do I need to keep defending Titles when no one can get the damn job done and take them off us. The last 2 defenses I have had were against who?”

He does a brief pause.

“Oh, that’s right. It was against the two of you losers and guess what? Even though neither of you has done a damn thing to earn a Title shot, I gave you another one. Because you lost twice against us and then lost to Jess and Mills. A team that hasn’t teamed together in like 10 years. While Jess and I hasn’t teamed together in a few years, we train. We train at least 3 days a week and while you might not realize it. We are a fine oiled machine and will come out of TLC as Champions just like we walked in as.”

He turns towards the camera now looking deep into it like he is trying to look into the soul of each and every person that is watching this.

“We picked this match and made sure that we can finally bathe in the blood from the two of you. I want to watch you bleed, and when Jessica and I have our hands raised victorious I will laugh as I look at the blood the two of you have spilt. When you realize that not only did you two fail to win the Titles. Also thinking about how much blood I took from you. I will take your dreams, your spirit, your blood and if I can manage. Your soul. I want to make you suffer amounts of pain that you never felt before. I want to make sure that neither of you ever think about trying to come for our Titles ever again. Face it, the only person out of your entire camp that has ever beaten me is Brian Brewster. And he isn’t about to show his face around here again. Because he knows that he couldn’t do it again.”

Jessica walks into the room now as she looks at Brian.

“Talk is cheap. I don’t give a damn about anything that the two of you has to say. Come prove it in the ring. Come try and take what is mine. And as for the match after this one. Well, neither of you should care. Because the only thing that should be going through your minds is can you get the job done. Can you beat me? Beat Jess? I doubt that. I am coming for war and when I go for Paige as one half of the Tag Team Champions. We can worry about that match when the time comes. I’m done talking. Jess, I know you want to address these clowns. Have at it girl!”

Jessica adjusted the tag team championship over one shoulder and her International Heavyweight Championship over the other before speaking.

Jessica: I hope those are the super plus, Brian, because these clowns are whining like huge bitches. Let me get this straight. They whine when they AREN’T getting a title shot that they didn’t earn, and they whine when we hand them a shot they didn’t earn? Seriously, do you guys actually want a shot at the gold, or do you just want to complain about not being the champions? You guys are stuck so far back in the past. I want to let you know a few things that should be obvious. For starters, this is not fucking FTWO.

Yeah, I know FTWO folded into SCW back in the day. Hell, I was scheduled to appear in FTWO at what would have been their last event! But that is in the past. This is SCW, dammit, so every time you two bring up FTWO, it becomes more and more clear that you’re stuck holding onto some old glory. I am an 18 time World Champion. Do you see me dropping organization names every time I open my mouth? Seriously, I can’t remember the last time either of you cut a promo without mentioning FT fucking WO. Bury it and let it stay dead. Focus on where you are now, because nobody cares who was FTWO TransAtlantic champion 10 years ago, nor do they care who was FTWO Alternative Champion.

Emily, you’re on your way to being SCW Alternative Champion for 500 days. A feat that nobody in SCW, myself included, has ever managed. I would be a little fucking offended every time Alzy talks about the FTWO Alternative Championship. As the Alternative Division Commissioner, I’m very pleased with how you’ve carried the belt so far, but honestly, I’m starting to feel like you don’t respect it.

Jessica paused for a moment, shaking her held.

Jessica: And Alzy, the last time I remember you actually winning a match was at Survival, damn near a year ago, when you earned a shot at the Alternative and World Heavyweight Championships. And you’re such a damn clown that you fumbled BOTH! You let two rookies beat you in huge title opportunities! There seems to be some confusion as to who you guys will be facing, so let me clear it the fuck up. Hellfire, the tag team of Emily Desmond and Alzy “fuckwit” Hawkshaw, will be challenging the DEA, consisting of Brian Kennedy and Jessica Tendonin, so keep my husbands name out of your mouth.

Alzy, you’ve got a lot of fucking nerve trying to slam on Brian and I for how long it’s been since we teamed together. I’m the Dragon and that’s the Living Legend! It doesn’t matter how long it’s been. I proved that to you at Overdrive 49, when Johnathan Mills and I, who had not teamed together in years, defeated you two sacks of failure. Hell, I thought Mills was dead! You guys want us to believe that you’re so big and bad, but the fact of the matter is, you guys are shit as a unit. At least individually, Emily Desmond is making a name for herself.

At TLC, this BLAKT match is going to change all four of us, I know. It’s going to be painful. It’s going to be bloody. All of us will have scars. Somebody might not walk away. I don’t know who it will be, but one thing I do know is that the DEA are leaving TLC as the SCW Tag Team Champions. And that is something you can count on. You wanted to bring up the Ryders and Feral Destruction?

The Ryders caught Brian and Cam slipping. And then tried to pull a fast one. I remember that shit, because I remember having to hold Urakih off from attacking all three members of Feral Destruction. While they were whining about their rematch, the Ryders went on to win the UCW World Tag Team Championships. Eventually, Feral Destruction whined their way into getting their rematch, on their own terms. I’m starting to see how my partner Brian gets names mixed up so easily. You all whine and whine and whine. It’s like standing in a full nursery when feeding is late and diapers need to be changed.

But make no mistake, Emily and Alzy…you guys may whine like babies and bitches, but we’re going to treat you like you stole something.And when it is all said and done, I don’t want to hear you guys whining for a title shot again until you actually fucking earn one, because this was handed to you. We got tired of your constant bitching, and decided to go on and handle it. But this gold is staying right fucking here. You’re dealing with the former SCW Champion and the former SCW World Heavyweight Champion. We earned our place and our clout. And at the end of TLC, we’re going to earn your respect, because you will either bow before us voluntarily, or we will be you to an inch of your life and force you to KNEEL BEFORE DEA!

The scene faded.

I’ll go first BK vs Masked Man

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(Off Camera)


Brian is seen sitting at a table with Andrew, LT, Jessica, and Requiem all in seats with plates of Spaghetti in front of them.  The maid comes around pouring wine in the glasses, while the butler is attending to the needs of everyone. 


Brian:  “You know, I am getting sick of all these pour fucking ingrates wearing masks coming down to the ring attacking me.  I know Curtis is behind all of this, and I swear the games he is playing are starting to make me lose my cool!” 


Andrew: “Well, I can say this, I still won’t come to work for SCW, but I will be there whenever you need me. Just ask, I don’t need a damn contract to come kick ass and take names.” 


Jessica, LT and Requiem all laugh as Brian smiles shaking his head in agreement.  


Jessica:  “I still wonder who they are going to place against us for the Tag Team Titles.” 


Brian:  “Well, it really doesn’t matter who they put in the ring against us, I am going to dominate just like I have been and like I said I am going to do.  Paige is about to learn.  Just like Neela done, she was 2-0 against me and when it comes down to it I took the World Title home with me for The Empire like I said I was gonna do.” 


LT:  “You know, I been wondering who those two men were in the masks.  I have a feeling all this is personal Brian.”  


Brian: “You know, I taught Curtis all he knows and honestly.  Well, I already know there are plenty of guys who I have done pissed off over the past 10 years.  Curt found a few guys that with all them together thinks they can top the DEA.” 


They all laugh.  They are all finishing their meals as the maid comes around taking all the dirty dishes from them.  Brian takes a blunt out and lights it up.  Taking a few hits he passes a case around the table where if they want. Brian has blunts rolled up and is offering each of them one to smoke after their dinner.  He gets up as the rest of them do and they all walk into the living room.  He takes one final hit as he sits down in his Lazy Boy propping his feet up.  Each of his friends all take their seats as Brian turns on the TV.   


Jessica: “You know, after we get done watching this movie I think you should go cut your promo for this upcoming match.  I’m surprised that this masked man hasn’t broken his silence.” 


Brian:  “Great minds think alike Jess, I already called the camera crew.  They are going to be here in about two hours.” 


They watch the Dead Pool 2 as they wait for the camera crew to show up.  


************   Two Hours Later  ************ 

(On Camera)



The final credits are rolling as the camera pans around the room.  You can tell from the empty beer bottles and blunt roaches that The DEA has been relaxing just waiting till the clock runs out for the upcoming Overdrive.  This is going to be the turning point for not only SCW, but for The DEA as well.  There are a few new members that is going to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks.  As long as a ground breaking announcement from Brian himself.  The camera man has grown inpatient waiting for Brian to finally say something.  But, Brian being Brian, he has made the man wait for the last 15 minutes of the movie as well as making him wait as he Rolled a blunt and taking a personal phone call.  He finally looks up at the camera. 


Brian:  “Come out come out where ever you are!  Hiding behind some mask doesn’t place any fear in my heart.  Honestly that makes me look at you like you are nothing but some punk bitch.  Scared of being beaten each and every time that I see you walking through the hall ways in the back stage.  I ask you, are you the same punk that has been jumping me and the rest of my team over the past few months?  Are you some new guy looking to make a name for himself?  Or are you some returning star using our match to shock the world?” 


He chuckles to himself. 


“It doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter if you are Nate fucking Redman coming out of retirement, or if you are Eric Herrera looking to finally get his win over me.  Or whoever else you could be.  You want to know why?  Because I am proving a point right now and you got the shit end of the stick.  Because you come across Brian Kennedy when he is one pissed off son of a bitch.  You caught me when I have to do nothing less than beat the shit out of each and every person placed across from me in the ring.  You come as such of a bad time that I am going to tell you here and now that I am sorry.  I am sorry that I am not sorry. I hold not one ounce of remorse for what I am going to do to you when we get in the ring.” 


He pauses for a few moments to allow what he has just said to sink in for those who have a problem understanding the simple English that Brian uses when he speaks.   


“You might wonder why.  Wondering why I would use such force when we square off in the ring.  Well.  Allow me to break this down for you in a few different ways that I hope you can grasp.  Because I don’t want you to come back later saying that you wasn’t warned.  In case you have been under some rock for the past 15 years.  I am Brian Kennedy.  The Living Legend.  The One-Man Apocalypse, I am a one-man wrecking crew and you sir are the next stepping stone that I will use in my climb back to the top of the food chain.  You see,  I had to take some time off for the past few years and I just come back last year.  And well, you stand in my way.  You have a few choices you need to consider.” 


He looks deep in the camera.  You can tell from the look on his face that he means business. 


“This is a one-time offer.  You can Get down or Lay down.  That is the most simple way I can bring it to you.  Either you can be with us or you can be against us.  I have to tell you.  It would be better to just join us.  Because here is the cons.  The biggest one is, you will never have a shot at getting a Title here in SCW.   The DEA holds The Tag Titles.  Which those belts will not be going anywhere any time soon.  I am going to be The World Champion here again at the PPV for the second time.  Then Jess holds the International Title and the rest.  Well, I am making it my sole mission to make sure that The Alliance holds all the titles.  Meaning you don’t hold a snow ball’s chance in hell at getting anywhere past where you are now.  Just a curtain Jerker.  A no-body, just a speck of dust floating around the arena wishing that you mattered to just one person. When in reality, you don’t matter to anyone.” 


Brian looks down at his watch. 


“With that being said, come out come out where ever you are.  If you’re not some little bitch.  And it’s time I switch it up a bit.   It doesn’t matter if you take this personal.  Because I just don’t give a fuck,” 


The scene fades to a DEA logo