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Double Champion

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Larissa’s Reaction

Larissa had just finished wrapping up her second tenant for Rolling Acres 2.0 and now had some in ring business to attend to. As she finishes listening to Paige’s promo, she speaks, clearly not amused by what she had heard.


Larissa: So, Paige thinks I’m a fluke. Well, where were you when your precious Jessica was getting injured? Let me answer you. You saw me injure Jessica and ran. Ran because you wanted none of me. But here’s the thing. No one cared you were gone except DEA. No one referenced you anywhere. You were an afterthought. You may be champion, but no one cared you were gone, especially not me.

Larissa grew even more confident by the second. She knew this match was hers to win and she would do what it took to do so. She did no less of that anytime she was in the ring. She knew that this was her night and she was about to potentially walk out double champion.

Larissa: The fact is that you’re not keeping that title long. I’ll do to you what I did to Jessica and what I promised I would do and will to to Adatu. Paige, your arm when I am done will be twisted and mangled to the point of you not being able to use it anymore. And no, it wasn’t luck or a fluke. I did what I had to to beat Jessica and rid SCW of her for now. And when she returns, I finish the job. but right now, I finish you.

This promo was now ready to be finished. Larissa had other things to get done prior to the match right here at Rolling Acres. She had some business with tenants and vendors and other things to do. But this came first right now, as it was something she had to take care of.

Larissa: The fact is that you are wrong. The one that won’t be walking out of Survival is you. I’m running you out for good. So I have one piece of advice. Do what you did for months on end. Run and run far away. You want nothing to do with the queen of the Armbar. And when I snap that arm and you tap like the idiot you are, no one will ever care about you again, if they did before. But when I am done, you will be nothing more than an afterthought. And that’s a promise. But enough has been made about you, as you got undeserved attention by vanishing and now I am tired of feeding your ego by giving you more. So this promo ends here.



Part 2: Mall Stuff

The mall was taking shape quite nicely. In the past weeks, Rolling Acres had acquired Stonehenge Games, Chili’s and Best Buy. And also she was close to bringing Target in. She had been negotiating with them for some time, and was waiting on the call. But what she didn’t expect is a surprise visit from him. As he startles her, he speaks.

Target CEO. sorry, Ms. Kim. I’m Lance Bryan, Target CEO. Instead of calling, I thought I would come by and see what the new Rolling Acres has so far. I was part of the original and I’m excited to see you trying to restore it. I see you got some stores already and are in need of another anchor store and I think we are the store you need. Target draws money and we will for years to come if allowed to be part.

He looked not a day over 22 and sported a black sport coat, jeans and sneakers. He was clean shaven standing about 5’7″. He had a rather normal build for a businessman but didn’t look like he was out of college yet. As they shook hands, Larissa turned to him and spoke.

Larissa: Call me Larissa. And you have me sold. That was a hell of a pitch. Welcome to Rolling Acres. You may move in whenever. But we open Feburary 2nd, when all my stores are in here. But I look forward to doing business with you. Come to my office, let’s sign the contract. Welcome aboard.

They would walk into her office with Lance sitting across from Larissa. As she puts the contract on the desk, Lance looks it over and moments later, signs it. Larissa looks it over and signs as well, making Target and official part of the mall and an anchor. Each store had to remain in the mall for three years, which wasn’t an issue as this mall looked gorgeous. The floors were made of hardwood and the area itself was huge and ripe for expansion. There were elevators on each end and two escalators, an up and a down, on each end of the mall. It was a huge place.

Lance: Thanks again, Larissa. I’ve looked over the contract and signed it and I am happy to be part of this mall, as I said, it’s a nice return as we were part of the original before it was closed and abandoned. Love what you’ve done with the place.

Larissa then smiles at this, taking in the compliment. She was a relatively sweet girl till you got on her bad side, which only happened in ring. But outside, she was calm and collected most of the time, which paired with her high intelligence and business knowledge, having a business degree, made her a very intelligent businesswoman to deal with. As she speaks, she keeps the smile on her face.

Larissa: Thank you. But we must end here as I’m going to lunch then have some more meetings to attend to. Again, welcome aboard and I wish you success in your endeavors here at the mall and in everything you do. May God bless you.

She said, offering a hand, which he shook. As he is led out of the office, Larissa smiles again, heading off to lunch, as the scene fades off.

Larissa’s Warning

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Scene 1: A Response

Larissa had quite the time in the company. After two losses, she had become champion and actually defended it, breaking the former top star’s arm. But now, she had a stooge to deal with and the fact of it was that she didn’t care who she faced, but someone would get an arm broken.


Larissa: First, you really must be dumber than you look. So I’ll explain it to you. My mom is Chinese, my dad is Korean. I was born in China but moved to Korea when my mom married. Much simpler than you think it is but I wouldn’t expect you to get it.

Larissa had been very cocky lately, but with reason to be. She had taken out the queen, according to Jessica herself. But now she had to deal with her stooge. The fact was that again, she didnt mind this as she just wanted to fight.

Larissa: Look here. I don’t care what condition Jessica is in. With her out of the picture, I am going to what I did to her to the rest of DEA. And in fact, if you think I’m alone, then you’re stupider than you look. I have not one but two people as backup. Right now, yes, theres more of you than me, but you will soon see that I did not come to SCW alone. And the fact is that you’re standing in my way, and I’m going to prove I’m the true queen when I put you on the shelf alongside your “master”. the fact is that she isnt your master. Slavery ended in the 1500’s. And the only thing DEA is master of is sucking each other off.

Larissa’s confidence grew by the second. She just knew she had this in hand. as her International title rested on her shoulders, a smirk grew across her face as well. Since building somewhat of a win streak, her confidence had grown into arrogance and the fact was that she now felt unstoppable.

Larissa: The fact I didn’t screw up by intentionally, yes I intentionally took out your leader. I simply sent a message to DEA. I’m coming for the rest of you. When me and my backup are done, DEA will be no more. When I am done, my group will have all the gold. I didn’t bring one or two. Not even three. You’ll see the exact number very soon.

Larissa’s confidence now had skyrocketed but had turned to fury. Her red hair had turned from ruby red to fire red, along the lines of Becky Lynch’s hair, or more orange than the Nickelodeon logo. Larissa had lost it and was now on the edge of showing it. But could she restrain herself until match time?

Larissa: I could care less if you or Paige are mad. Am I supposed to be scared of you? Because I’m not. The fact is that the word “scared” isn’t in my vocabulary. I don’t know what it means. But what I’m not scared to do is snap arms. And when I see you at Survival, you are going to get one angry Chinese-Korean dragon. And that’s the last thing you want. I promise you that much.

Larissa possesed incredible restraint. She could go from being mad back to being calm in no time. Because of her fiery temper, friends and family referred to her as “The Dragon”, as when she was mad, she could easily breathe verbal fire, and she was just about to let her opponent have it.

Larissa: And Jessica is a legend only in the minds of herself, her family and her stooges in DEA. To me, she is overrated. Just like anyone in DEA. All you are are her minions. Her stooges. Her butt kissers. Her yes people. And I hate that. It makes me sick to see all of you, even the GM herself, Neela, kiss up to her which is why it gives me great pleasure to take out DEA one by one. And that’s whats going to happen. DEA will be run out of this company. And my own army of fighters will be here in time. For now, watch your backs. Be afraid. Because they will be here. And we are coming for your lives. Be aware of that and if your value yours at all, run for them.

The promo was now complete and Larissa needed to be at her second job, which was restoring malls. And the fact was that she needed to finish restoring the one she was standing in, as Rolling Acres was being remodelled in its original location.




Off Camera: Restoration Complete

Restoring Rolling Acres mall was now complete and all that Larissa needed was tenants. She had contacted several tenants, and was slowly getting them. She now had a Gamestop moving in, along a Stonehenge Games, which was owned by her friend, Erin Stone, so that one was easy to get. But she still had not heard from Best Buy, Target or Chili’s, but the three had till weeks end to get back to her. At that point, her phone rings. She looks at it and notes that it reads “Best Buy Inc”. She picks up and speaks.


Larissa: Hello? Thanks for calling. So, what’s the final word on Best Buy coming to the all new Rolling Acres Mall? I hope you realize that this will be profitable for everyone. I know you were worried about crime, sir. But we have that in hand. So what is the decision?

She sported a red and black suit with her red cat’s eye glasses. She also had high heels on and her red hair back in a bun, funny enough, looking like a teacher instead of a businesswoman, but she didn’t mind that at all. As the CEO speaks, she listens in.

CEO, Best Buy: We have decided to give your mall a chance. We will be moving in at month’s end. We also discussed us being one of the anchors. Is that still set to happen?

Larissa managed a smile. She knew what she was doing, having a business degree and a very high iq. The fact was that security wasn’t an issue as she herself with her MMA background and wrestling background, could wrestle anyone to the ground and make them tap if needed. But she hoped that would not be needed, which was why she had hired security to guard the place.

Larissa: Yes, sir. We will also have one other anchor, on the other end of the mall. Since we are a two story mall now, if you wish, you may have a two story store. But no more. As we discussed, the mall will never be big enough for anyone to have a store of that size. It’s just in fairness to any store I’ve acquired. Nothing against any of my tenants.

She knew about the seedy reputation the mall had and wanted to fix that. And with help from the new tenants, she would. This mall was about to get the kick in the ass it needed and soon, hopefully, it would inspire other malls across the world to get back into the game, as malls were a dying art. Well, they were and would no longer be if she had anything to say.

CEO: Understood. We will begin setting up shop on Feburary 1st at 9 AM. We hope to see you then. Have a nice day, Ms. Kim and I will see you then. Goodbye.

The scene faded with Larissa walking into her office. Once there, she looks through her emails, as the scene finally fades off.

Goal Accomplished

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It had been just months since my debut in wrestling, with SCW, and now, I was one of the top people in the company. Sure, one loss to Alzy had set me back, but since then, I’d been on fire. I was standing in the mall that I was helping to rebuild, in my second home of Cleveland, Ohio, home to the Rolling Acres Mall, which I was helping to get going again. It had been rebuilt, the frame had anyway. I was standing on a concrete floor, as the flooring had not been put down yet. The stores had not been built. What this mall was, was a shell. As I spoke, a smile crossed my face.

Larissa: Emily Desmond. Another champion in the company. But you aren’t facing just another champion. You’re facing a submission machine, and remember one thing. The armbar isn’t the only hold I know. The fact is that you’re definently going to be feeling a lot of them, if not all of them. But enough on that.

Right now, the mall was nothing but a frame. But soon it would be flourishing again. I was actually surprised that Amazon gave us the rights to the building, as they’d had it since 2015. But they had told us why, which would be revealed at a later time. My red hair was pushed back, as I sported my usual red gear, but with a red and white suit along with my trademark red glasses as well.

Larissa: Emily, while the respect is indeed there, let me warn you. You’re walking into the Dragon’s Lair. And when you walk in, you don’t walk out in one piece. You mentioned what I did to Jessica, writing it off as somewhat a fluke? No honey. It was not. I am trained in submissions and in MMA, so I know how to break limbs and force submissions. It’s not something that came out as a fluke. And I will show you just how little of a fluke it was when I snap your arm too.


My confidence soon turned into rage. After hearing what had been said about the win, there were things I wanted to do to her that would be talked about shortly. I collected myself momentarily, but I knew it wasn’t going to last. Since the win though, I had lost my arrogance which had since turned into ruthless aggression. It had turned to rage as well. As the rage fires on, I continue on with my own promo.

Larissa: Emily, by writing my win off as non legit, you awakened the dragon. This redheaded dragon is in no mood to be called a fluke winner. Let me ask you. If my win was a fluke, then what does that make the fact that I’m currently the secondary champion, after beating the seemingly unbeatable Jessica Tendonin? I promise you that when she comes back, her ego will be knocked down a peg. And you’re next. The fact that you even IMPLIED that my win was a fluke makes me want to break every limb in your body and beat you over the head with them, and after that, it makes me also want to break your neck and end your career. But see, even though I want to, I must not. Why not? Because unlike some, I do have some mercy in me, and I would never want to end the career of someone as promising as you. But the fact is that I do want to hurt you for what you said about the biggest win of my career.

As I walked through what would be the first floor of stores, noting that the escalators were not in yet but had arrived. Our mechanic would need to put them in later. But the fact was that the mall would be open soon but right now it was a whole lot of nothing but would soon be as beautiful as my own face. But for now, it was the way it was.


Larissa: But Emily, while my loss to Alzy was a setback, it was my first ever match. I’m not making excuses for something in the past, but the fact is that match is in the past, but I am the future. And this title says just that. I am not one to be arrogant, but I feel like I am the future of this fine company. And with this title, there’s only one above me. And that is Paige’s. When ever she comes out of hiding, I’m coming for her. But for now, it will be you that eats your own words. You call me a fluke. But I’m going to prove you otherwise in a matter of only days. The facts are that you just aren’t the person to take this from me. But for now, ciao. I have better things to do.



Off Camera


As my promo ended, and the camera was put away, I stood in the middle of what would soon be the all new Rolling Acres Mall. However, I wouldn’t get to do much as my communicator watch beeped, meaning Charlie had another mission for me to do. As I listened to what he said, I smiled a bit.


Charlie: Scarlett, we have another situation. This time, in the jungles of Rwanda. Apparently, whoever it was stole a lion and is going to skin them for a lion hide rug. But I know you can stop them. The facts are that the person spotted had black hair and blue eyes. They left for Rwanda from Toronto at about 4 pm today. As it is now 4:25, I have emailed your ticket to you. Agent Scarlett, we wish you luck. And remember, you have until Wendesday at 8 pm to bring that thief home and return the lion unharmed to Rwanda. Good luck.




Agent Scarlett: Alright, I’m on it. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I can tell you right now, that lion will be returned safely, or I will forfeit my badge and everything that makes me a detective. There’s no way in hell I’m letting this case slip away from me. You can count on me.


I stated confidently as I printed out my pass and boarded the plane. Within about six hours, I had reached destination. The destination being Kigali, Rwanda. I then took a jeep ride to the jungle, to investigate the area. At this time, everyone was sleeping, so I couldn’t investigate more yet until morning, as it was four AM. But I roamed the jungle, looking for clues, as the scene ended.









Larissa RP #2

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Scene 1:

Larissa could be seen, as usual, sporting everything in red, from her glasses, down to her red miniskirt and red shoes. She sported a red and gold Chinese flag top, as she was after all, Chinese and just wanted to recognize her upbringing in Shanghai. As she spoke, her red hair was flipped back. She also had a pair of red Nike’s on with gold streaks on the sides of the shoe.

Larissa: Jessica Tendonin. While you have had an excellent career, the fact is that someone needs to come in and take your ego down a peg. You brag all the time about beating people. And while you’ve beaten some of the best, and are the current world champion, you’ve never defeated me. And you won’t. The fact is that you haven’t an idea what to expect from me, and honestly, that’s how it should be.

She was standing on what used to be the Rolling Acres mall in Ohio. Why? Because she had an interest in abandoned malls and was standing on it’s inside, right where the fountain used to be. As she walks towards one of the old store structures, she speaks.

Larissa: The fact is that you constantly crow about achievements instead of giving the opponent props. Like with me, how I won this shot last show, you’ll probably overlook it and tell me I don’t deserve this shot as I’ve done nothing to deserve it. Well, Mr. Walker must think otherwise, as he has granted me this shot based on a win gained on the last show.

She would then walk the mall, taking in what it looked like now, and what she had seen in videos. She wanted to do her promo here for a change of pace instead of in her second home in Garfield Heights, which she had moved to recently, to Americanize herself. But the fact was that Shanghai was going downhill and she needed to get away for good. But anyway, the mall looked like something out of  “The Last of Us”. The floors had been ripped out, exposing concrete, and the ceiling which was once glass, had bullet holes in it, from the teen gangs that had previously been here years ago. The mall had been abandoned in 2008 and since then had not been used for anything since then and she thought it would be a good place to promo, as she was new to the area and wanted to explore the area she was now living in.

Larissa: See, unlike you, I’m a very humble person. I don’t like to brag about achievements but instead build on them. And this match will be my way of doing that. You see, while  yes, I am a huge underdog in this match, it’s where I love being. I feel I do my best work when my back is against the wall. But the thing is, this is a huge challenge for me. I look forward to the challenge and I wish you luck, Jessica.

She would then walk down the mall’s main hall and see another former store, that looked like it could have been a former video store in the mall. She looks up at the former sign, and reads it as “Sam Goody.” She was still new to America and wasn’t really that knowledgeable about them. But somehow, she wanted to use some of her money to buy the property and revive this mall. But she wasn’t sure it was worth it.

Larissa: But the other side of this is that I love a good challenge. I welcome your best shot. But it will not be enough as I plan to walk out as the new Champion and then well, I’ll win the title then go from there. I am not overlooking you Jessica. I know how great you are. Believe me, we all know and we’re honestly tired of hearing it. People have tried to take you down a peg, and I’m going to be the one to actually achieve it. So be ready. Because you have met your match, come TLC. Mark my words.

This was because of the mall’s past.Formally, it had been the home of a fistfight in 1991, and 20 years later, both a death and a murder in 2012, and a suicide, in 2016 occured as well as some shady ownership once the mall was closed, speifically Premier Ventures, which she didn’t know enough about to say anything about it. The scene then fades away.

Scene 2: Buying Rolling Acres Mall

Larissa was now in a meeting with the city of Akron, offering to buy the former Rolling Acres Mall, in an attempt to modernize and revive the mall. The mayor was there, representing the city, speaking to Larissa about her venture. Let’s listen in.


Mayor Quimby: Ms. Kim, thank you for coming. We are excited that you are wanting to buy the mall and land around it. But it’s been sitting there for near ten years, empty. It will be ten years on Halloween. So what made you interested in purchasing the property from us?

Larissa sported a red suit, as red was her favorite color, along with her trademark red glasses and lipstick in red, as well as red heels. As she flips her hair back, she smiles, offering a handshake, which the mayor would accept. She then sits, as does the mayor, as they continued to speak.

Larissa: Call me Larissa. Anyway, I just moved here from China, and after doing my research, I believe this mall could do well with some upgrades and new stores. I believe that once this mall is renovated, and has an owner that knows what she’s doing, as let’s face it. Premier Ventures isn’t doing anything for this mall. I can do better and have the money to privately finance the mall. I’d like to do that.

Mayor Quimby would then smile back at her. He realized how cute and smart she was, but he was already married so he ignored those feelings. As he thought of what to say, he would then stroke his chin, then speak.

Mayor Quimby: Well, first off, welcome to America, and to Cleveland. I definently agree with Premier Ventures needing to be ousted and I’m willing to sell you the deed to the mall. But before I make it official, I’d like to hear what changes you plan to make to the mall. Proceed.

Mayor Quimby’s office was a fine one. The walls were encased in great masonry style tiles, along with a cherry oak desk and a hardwood floor. He had pictures of his family and friends, as well as pictures of other places he had owned in the past, being a former businessman.

Larissa: First off, this mall needs a huge remodel. It looks horrid right now. We need to fix the skylights and get a viable power source. I think new escalators could be a benefit. Before we do that though, we also need to consider what type of flooring to use. I say we keep the concrete. I’ve seen other shops do that and it’s easier to keep clean. We wouldn’t need to rip out anything if we end up using concrete. As for new stores, I do want to see another Target in the mall, possibly in it’s old anchor position. With Penney’s gone for good, there’s no getting them back. We could attempt to get FYE or some sort of similar shop. I will handle the merchandise part of this. As for renovations, a lot needs to be done. I’ll get going on that as soon as I get the deed. We can even keep the Rolling Acres name if possible, which I’m sure it is.

Larissa then takes a breath as she looks down at her attire. She then looks back up as the mayor was thinking of what to say. As he speaks, she wonders what he will say, as she slips up her glasses and pushes her red hair back. She loved the fact that she could have her first business soon enough, and possibly wanted to have her own store in the mall, but hadn’t thought of what yet. But that would come soon enough.

Mayor Quimby: It is nice to see a buyer has plans for the mall. Premier sure didn’t. But I am onboard with your plans, Ms. Kim, and would like to sell you the deed. Since the mall isn’t in good shape, how is say…75,000?

Larissa would then shake his hand, signaling that a deal had been made. She felt that with the condition the mall was in right now, that this price would be a good one to pay and she wanted to make sure it did not fall through as she felt this mall deserved a second chance at life and this was the start of that second chance. She hoped it would be as successful as it had been previously.

Larissa: That is acceptable. I will need your routing number, as I will move the money to your account. I will be taking that deed now. By the way, store wise, with me as owner, I would love to see some local businesses move in. Over in the food court, how bout some legit restaurants, like Chili’s or Wendy’s?

Mayor Quimby would smile at this. He thought that Larissa’s ideas were great but needed fleshing out, but first needed to focus on renovations. But at least she was very ambitious and had a lot of great ideas for the new version of Rolling Acres mall and he felt that she was the right person for the job of mall owner.

Mayor: We will talk about stores in our meeting once the mall is renovated. We are going to be doing that all month long. So I will see you next week, Larissa, when we will hire the contractors to do the renovations. It should be ready to open by Halloween of this year at the least. Congrats and good luck as the owner of the mall.

He stated, shaking her hand. She would then look over the mall as he walked off, handing her the keys to the mall and all the stores. She could now do as she pleased with Rolling Acres Mall as she owned it. But she had to think of what to bring in to revive the mall. The scene then fades off.


So now, Larissa had herself an old mall. She would now head home and begin contacting retailers. She did not have anyone yet, but would soon, if she had her way. But this mall would soon flourish again, as it did in the 80s and 90s. But that would take some time. The scene then fades away.

Rich’s Response

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Scene 1: Rich’s Response

Rich could be seen, standing in his game room. But for once, he wasn’t playing anything. Instead, he was live streaming his promo on Youtube and Twitch. As he speaks, he smirks a bit.


Rich Anderson: Priest. For the past few years, you’ve been a thorn in SOD’s side. And honestly, it feels like anytime you lose you bitch about screwjobs and leave the fed. Me on the other hand? I’ve busted my ass to get out of my wife’s shadow, and I feel I’ve done that with this title. The one place my wife never won a title, I now have. What have you done since your return?

He would then get even more fired up. He was wearing a Hartford Whalers throwback jersey along with a pair of camo shorts and his Chuck Taylors. But since he wasn’t in the ring, he sported a pair of black glasses as well. He stood in a room holding what seemed like every game and console ever, but really, he only had eight consoles, ranging from the Magnavox Odyssey 2, and six games, that he had owned, well this particular one, for two years, which he found at Retropalooza Houston two years ago, but his first one had been given to him by his parents, but sadly was sold off in the 90s by his dad.

He also held near every Sega console, minus the Dreamcast and Game Gear, near every Nintendo console, minus the Gamecube, Wii and Wii U, but he was not interested in the latter two, as to him, they did not fit his retro collection, nor his modern side. He also owned near every Sony console, only missing the PS1, and near every Xbox, only missing the original, and not caring about the S or the One X, as to him, they weren’t new consoles, only upgrades of the Xbox One. As he speaks, he sighs, then smirks a bit.


Rich: That’s right you attacked me from behind. But you know what? It doesn’t bother me. The reason is, you only attacked from behind because you know you can’t beat me face to face. And decorated champion or not, that’s not a wrestler. That’s a damned coward. But the fact is that you attacked me not only because you’re scared, but you’re jealous. You see, I have something you don’t. A title. And you’re jealous of me for that. But thats fine, because you won’t be taking it from me.


Rich Anderson: Priest, the fact is that all you did by jumping me, was get me even more angry. You see, when I won this title, hell before I won, I promised that you’d have to kill me to get me to drop this title. And you know what? I dare you, no I IMPLORE you to try. Because all that’s going to happen is you’ll lose, call screwjob and leave. But let me tell you that there are no screwjobs. When you lose, it’s because I outwrestled you. And let’s face it. You’re breaking down physically, Priest. You’re too old to be doing in ring work. But you know what, I can help you with that?

He then walks over towards his Sega shelf, noting that he had near every game, but missing just three, notably the superior version of Action 52, and two Sonic games. As he looks up at his complete Atari collection, even to the point of owning all the Atari based PC’s, he smiles, as it made him happy to see how far his collection had come since starting it with the NES, back in 2014. Now in 2018, he had most all the common consoles, and wanted a 3D0. But he also had both versions of the “Classic” console, aka the NES and SNES classic, with the entire rom collection, split between consoles, for each one, that is to say, NES only for the NES classic, and SNES only for the SNES mini. He then continues on.


Rich: Priest, I’m going to put you out of your misery. I’m going to do to you what they did to Old Yeller at the end of the movie. The fact is that your career has gone on far too long and I am about to end it. The fact is that after how many feds you’ve left, you’ve ruined your former reputation and the fact is someone needs to end your career, and I’ll be the one. For anyone you’ve annoyed with constant bitching, I’m going to end your career. This match will be your last and you will live to regret ever coming into contact with me.

Moments later, he was at his favorite shelf, which was his SNES shelf. He owned every game, including the uber expensive ones, like Hagane, which had only been previously available at Blockbuster, as well as Knights of the Round, a Capcom beat em up that was super hard to find. He found it at a flea market in San Antonio, a few years ago, while visiting his friend and student, Erin Stone. She had pointed him to said market, and he found several of his consoles there.


Rich: As for change? Of course I have. I have evolved into a fighting champion. Someone who will never leave a fed, unlike you. You see, Priest, you have ruined your own career by evolving into a 40 plus year old whiny little bitch and I’m going to make sure it ends. But the question is how? And that is your choice. Do you want me to rip your vocal chords out and show them to you, so you can never complain again? If I do that, I’m also going to strangle you with them.  Let’s just say you won’t walk out of the ring under your own power. But you know what? The fact is that not only will you not walk out, you won’t walk out champion. But right now, I got better things to do than talk about a whiny brat, so I’m gonna cut it off here.

The scene then faded away, as Rich had taken down a console to be played. He couldn’t wait to try out everything he had gotten at Retropalooza this year but he thought they’d work, but wanted to make sure, as only once had he ever bought something at Retropalooza that didn’t work, though he fixed it himself, and that being his Commodore 64, which was now complete. The scene then fades.

Larissa RP

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Scene 1: Promo Time

It had been a tough first few matches for Larissa. Two losses straight and it was about to get tougher as she had a legend in Veronica Rodriguez, who she was sort of concerned about. But the first person she would speak on, did not concern the red headed beauty at all. As she is seated, wearing her tool belt, which had her phone/watch in it, as well as several spy gadgets and guns, as well as her red spy suit, as she was preparing to go on a mission, she spoke.

Larissa: So a few weeks ago, I incurred another loss. But now, I find myself on the radar of a former champion who also happens to be a joke, in Jacina, and someone I consider an underrated legend, in Veronica Rodriguez. Let’s start with the joke.

As she continued on, her arrogance level grew when talking about Jacina. She knew Jacina wasnt anything to be concerned about. She knew this and would continue to drill it further, just how useless Jacina was. As she stood, in her office, which was where she was expecting a call, she spoke.

Larissa: Jacina. You had the title for one defense and lose it to another joke, in Stefanos Los Rios, who somehow had a longer reign than you. You know what that makes you? Two things actually. A loser and a joke. You couldn’t even hold on to the title against someone who’s less skilled than you. Let’s face it. SLR, like you, is a joke. The dude can’t win matches, just like you can’t, much less, when it matters. So why are you even in this match? That’s what I would like to know.

Her attitude then changed as she approached speaking about Veronica. She couldn’t trash talk her for reasons she would soon get into. As she smirked towards the camera, she would turn one shoulder to the camera, as she spoke.

Larissa: Vernoica, on the other hand, you’re someone I can’t trash talk. Why not? Because you, along with my friend and trainer, Rich Anderson, are two people I respect, and I don’t trash talk people I respect. I mean let’s look at what you’ve done. You’ve won titles in every fed you’ve been part of. And if I don’t win here, I’m sure you will. And for the love of everything, Ms. Rodriguez, please shut Tendonin up. And I really don’t care that Lucious will hear me. He can come find me and get his ass kicked. I ain’t afraid of anyone. But my point is, no matter which of us two wins, cause let’s face it, Jacina is not going to, let’s be sure to take Jessica down, once and for all.

At that point, her phone begins ringing. But as she couldn’t take a call right now, she knew she had to speed this up. As she finishes her promo, she speaks.

Larissa: Since I feel like I have said enough, I will end on this. Jacina, don’t even bother showing up. You’re overmatched by both Vero and by me. This isn’t a triple threat. It’s a handicap match for you, and one you won’t come out of. But by the end of it, it will be me coming out on top, and getting to kick Jessica in the teeth. And you two will both eat a Shanghai Noon. Prepare to be Shanghai’d, ladies.

She then turns to the front and strikes a Charlie’s Angels logo esque pose as the scene fades off.

Scene 2: The Mission Continues

Larissa could finally answer her phone. As she answers via watch, Charlie would begin speaking. As she listens carefully, she is seen, packing her things, from her hotel room in Paris, with her reading glasses around her neck, as she only wore them when she needed to see close up.

Charlie: At the end of our last mission, Agent Scarlett, we had you going after the flash drive. How is that mission proceeding?

The room wasn’t much but it would do. The walls were painted red, with black trim, with red curtains. The decor made things feel more like Russia or China in the last two Assassin’s Creed spinoff games, than France. She expected a bit more color, but this would do, as she was about to check out.

Agent Scarlett: I am currently in Paris. I have yet to find the flash drive, as the operative for Highlands escaped with it. But I have spoken to several people who seem to know where he is. They say he’s headed to London.

Charlie sighed. These Highlands folks were hard as hell to track but he had a beat on them as did she. At least she knew where they were going. Charlie then nods as he speaks again.

Charlie Good work. I have sent you tickets for the first train to London from Paris. You will board at 1 PM. It is now 12. Make your way to London Station as fast as possible, as if you miss the train, you will have possibly missed your chance at the flash drive, at least for now. Good luck, Charlie out.

Scarlett smiles as she realizes the mission now. At least she knew it before he did. He had to say no more. As she makes the mission clear one last time, she speaks.

Agent Scarlett: So I need to get to the station as soon as I can. Thankfully, I’m not far off so I can run and be there on time. I guess it’s that time. Let’s head that way.

Charlie then fades away, nodding, confirming her mission as what she had previously stated. A few hours after boarding, she was now in London. As she gets off the train, she speaks.

Agent Scarlett: London, I have arrived. Now, let’s go after that flash drive. But it’s not gonna be easy for sure. But first, I gotta get some food. Haven’t eaten all day. Damn time zones goofing things up. Let’s head into this cafe here for some food.

Once Scarlett is spotted by a Highlands member, gunfire starts to break out. She then draws her gun and begins shooting. As the Highlands member, disguised as a waiter, fires back, she does a few side rolls, to avoid the gunshots.

Agent Scarlett Oh crap! Gun shots! Let’s take care of this gunman or woman. Maybe they got the drive. I doubt it though. It wouldn’t be this easy. Maybe there’s some clue as to where they’ve gone if they’ve left.

She returns fire and immediately shoots the person in the head twice. She then does an Assasin’s Creed Chronicles: India, style loot, all to find some clues, but no drive. Apparently, this wasn’t the right member. As she realizes she can’t see the map without her reading glasses, she speaks.

Agent Scarlett: That’s taken care of. But what’s this? It looks like a map. I need to put my readers on. It seems it is pointing to the next locale and it looks like they’ve headed for Vienna. I need to get some way there asap. But will I get there in time?

As she removes her glasses and makes her way towards the train, the scene fades off.

To be Continued…..[/b]