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Closing Segment of Overdrive 54

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Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming our guest. She is the SCW Alternative Champion, and she is the SCW World Heavyweight Champion…THE UNSTOPPABLE PAIGE LEWIS!!!

I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe (Hey!)
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s the dove and grenade

The crowd roared as they awaited the arrival of the champion. They only had to wait a few seconds. Paige Lewis walked out onto the stage, the arena lights glimmering off of the SCW World Heavyweight Championship around her waist. Her left arm was still in a cast as she looked around the arena at the fans.

Here we go again, coming straight from the top
From the belly of the beast ’cause we’re straight off the block
Got ice in my veins and I’m never gonna stop
Body-bag, toe tag, yeah, everybody drop

Wayne Miller: And there she is, but she’s not alone!

Lewis was joined by the SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Adatu Urakih. After a moment, with the Japanese Dragon at her side, Lewis continued her way down the ramp, high fiving fans.

Allie Queen: No Candice this time, but either of Jessica’s lieutenants are more than capable of protecting Paige Lewis in her current state.

Yeah, some people got it, and some people don’t
Somebody wins, and somebody won’t
Ice Nine, P. Roach, Undead, that’s all she wrote
And everybody else, well, welcome to the show

Paige went to the barricade and high fived more fans as they screamed with excitement. Climbing into the ring now, Paige climbed the turnbuckle and held her championship up.

Yeah, compare me to none
‘Cause I got the heart of a champion

Allie Queen: For years, SCW fans have promised a riot over Paige Lewis, and at Domination, we saw just that when Brian Kennedy became frustrated that he couldn’t get the job done, and he intentionally broke Paige Lewis’ arm!


Climbing down from the turnbuckle, Paige Lewis handed the SCW World Heavyweight Championship to Adatu Urakih, who strapped it around her waist for her. Paige was handed a microphone and she waited until the crowd and her music were silent.

Paige Lewis: S, C, freaking W!!! First things first, Anne, get your scrawny ass in this ring right now!

Allie Queen: What’s this?

Wayne Miller: I don’t know, but I think Paige might be upset.

Anne Carpenter, SCW’s Senior Ring Announcer was confused, but she got up from her seat and climbed into the ring as requested. With a mic in her hand, she stood in front of Paige Lewis.

Paige Lewis: Did you…REALLY introduce ME as your…guest?

Anne began to speak, but Paige knocked the microphone out of her hand, and then continued.

Paige Lewis: Allow me to remind you, in case you’ve forgotten. On April 8th, 2017, I won the SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, in like my third match here. And do you know what I did 3 damn weeks later? First, I defended the North American title in a freaking ladder match! And then, in the Main Event…I walked down to the ring, and went to absolute WAR with Drew Stevenson for an HOUR! AND I LEFT WITH THIS!

Paige points to the SCW World Heavyweight Championship around her waist.

Paige Lewis: I was the first double singles champion in SCW history, a feat that has only been mirrored by the only person to defeat me in this ring, Jessica Tendonin. And then, I took this belt back just 77 days later. I have been SCW World Heavyweight Champion for nearly 4 years! So, when you introduce me, Anne, don’t call me a guest. Because Anne…here in SCW, I’m not a guest, I’m the whole fucking show. Now introduce me again, and do it correctly!

Anne looked shaken as she picked up her microphone and began speaking.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, It is my honor, and pleasure to introduce the whole fucking show…she is the SCW Alternative Champion, and she is the SCW World Heavyweight Champion…THE UNSTOPPABLE PAIGE LEWIS!!!

The crowd was a bit split. They loved Paige Lewis, but didn’t like the way she was treating Anne. As Anne finished, Paige Lewis pointed out of the ring for her to leave. After her back was turned, Paige charged at Anne, striking her in the back of the head with her cast. The crowd let out a shocked gasp.

Paige Lewis: I have accomplished things in this ring that others said I never would, because they couldn’t. And dammit, it’s about time I get the respect I have EARNED. I’m sick and tired of the way some of you in the back speak on my name. Some of you couldn’t lace the boots I wear to this ring. Nearly 4 years carrying this entire company on my back. But you know what, heavy lies the crown. When I came to SCW 5 years ago, I knew if I worked hard, I’d reach the sky. I have not only reached the sky, but I’ve brought this entire fucking company with me. So how dare this bitch refer to me as ‘guest.’

Brian Fucking Kennedy. I beat his ass twice in a non-title match, but he just kept begging and begging for more. So you know what, I gave in. Hell, you people might have wanted to see me and Emily Desmond go at it, she gets a rematch for the Alternative Championship, while I also would have put the SCW World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Imagine that? But no, fucking Brian Kennedy had to beg me for another shot. God, the voicemails he would leave me at 3 AM, sobbing about he never got his previous rematch. Perhaps he got hit in the head too many times, because I’ve checked the record books, and he definitely got a rematch against Brian Brewster. At Overdrive 22, in the main event, Brian Brewster defeated Brian Kennedy to remain SCW Champion.

In fact, Brian Kennedy was defeated in mere seconds! But you know what…I decided that in order to ONCE AGAIN prove my greatness to you people, and to all of those in the back who are below me, which means all of them of course…I would give Brian Kennedy what he wanted. For one night only, I gave in to the whining, the begging, the crying. I worked it out with Neela, Brian Kennedy vs Paige Lewis, a heavyweight championship trilogy, which had never been done in SCW before. Kennedy vs Lewis III. I set the match up as the ultimate test, yeah. And Brian Kennedy said he was bringing something different to Domination. And I tell you, he did. Oh, for a few minutes there, I’m sure a lot of people, himself included, thought he was gonna get it done.

But you know what he brought to Domination? Frustration. Failure. Self-Destruction. When he realized, for the third fucking time, that I am the real deal, and that he just could NOT beat me, he decided to just fuck everyone over. He broke my goddamn arm, that gorilla. AND THEN HE STILL LOST THE FUCKING MATCH! Hey Urakih, remember when that Chinese chick, oh god, what was her name? Alyssa, Melissa….oh, Larissa! Remember when she broke your arm and then you still beat her and took the championship? Heeey twin. Brian Kennedy cannot beat me. And I proved that for the third and final time at Domination.

Suddenly, the PA system came to life. As the rhythm picks up after around a minute of music plays and the words start to work its way through the arena the lights cut out and a spot light shines at the top of the ramp. Brian is seen standing there with a smile, in his hand is a 20lb sledge hammer. He has the SCW Alternative and SCW Tag Team Titles around his waist.

He had alot to say.
He had alot of nothing to say.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
He had alot to say.
He had alot of nothing to say.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
(We’re gonna miss him. 2x)

So loooooong!

Fire shoots out from the stage. Smoke rises from the stage as he starts to walk toward the ring. He stops about halfway to the ring as he flexes in front of the camera kissing his sledge hammer. He smirks in to the camera yelling snide remarks.

We wish you well.
You told us how you weren’t afraid to die.
Well so looooooong.
Don’t cryyyyy.
Or feel too down.
Not all martyrs see divinity.
But at least you tried.

He climbs up the steps and turns toward the crowd and taunts them by flipping them off and girls scream his name. He stops and turns his back towards the crowd and jumps over the top rope and stands in the middle of the ring, he looks around and drops the sledge hammer and flexes as the flashes flow throughout the arena.

Standing above the crowd
he had a voice that was strong and loud.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)

Ranting and pointing his finger
at everything but his heart.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
(We’re gonna miss him. 2x)

No wayyyyyy
to recall
what it was that you had said to me,
like I care at alll.
But he was sooo louuud.
You sure could yell.
You took a stand on every little thing
and soooo louuuuuuuuud.

You, could be, the one, who saves, me from, my own, existence.

He climbs all the turnbuckles yet again doing a pose with his arms spread out wide from each one as the music fades. He walks over and grabs a mic. He stands there looking at Paige and Urakih.

Brian Kennedy: First of all, Urakih, you may want to run along, because this might get ugly. I’m not responsible for what I do or say right now. Because this piece of trash next to you has gone and pissed me off. Paige, you’ve beaten every challenge put in front of you, but let’s face facts…you needed tricks and gimmicks to defeat me at Domination.

Paige Lewis: Who in the hell do you think you are, coming out here and interrupting me?! We’re done. Get the fuck out of my face, before I get you out of my face.

Brian Kennedy: And exactly how do you expect to do that with one arm, bitch?

Allie Queen: My ears are burning, and I’m almost afraid for what is about to happen.

Wayne Miller: We know Jessica assigned Urakih as Paige’s bodyguard, and I would hate to see what happened if she had to get between Brian and Paige.

As the crowd was silent, waiting for what was gonna happen to happen, the PA system came to life again, and this time, it was a song they hadn’t heard in ages, but they recognized it instantly and shocked gasps rippled through the arena. We Can Be Saved by Jeff Beal played through the arena, and after a few seconds, the raggedy woman known as Princess Kiya stepped out onto the stage. Walking with a purpose, she began making her way down to the ring. Paige Lewis is grinning as her former master approached, while Brian looked uneasy. Reaching the ring, Princess Kiya rolled into the ring and walked right up to Brian Kennedy and the six foot tall Egyptian woman stared down at him.

Allie Queen: Please god, no, don’t tell me…

Wayne Miller: Princess Kiya is on the scene…and Paige Lewis is…smiling. Does this mean what I think it means???

Paige Lewis: Master, how nice of you to join us.

An earth shattering collective gasp shook the crowd now, as they realized Princess Kiya had Paige Lewis under her control again. Kennedy and Kiya hadn’t taken their eyes off of each other.

Paige Lewis: Master, bring me his head!

Immediately, Princess Kiya began swinging on Brian Kennedy. The interim Alternative champion managed to defend himself and get a few blows in, until Paige hit him over the head with her cast. Princess Kiya took a mic and began speaking.

Princess Kiya: I suppose you’re all wondering…why isn’t the rest of the Empire out here to save Brian Kennedy. Well, let’s just say…they’ve been compromised. When I brought Paige Lewis to SCW five years ago, I made her a promise. I told her I would protect her. And while I meant from the coming collapse, I realize now that she thought I meant physically. And I failed her. But I won’t fail her again. And to that end, I even have been provided with this lovely bodyguard for her.

Adatu Urakih curtsied with a smile. Princess Kiya continued.

Princess Kiya: I have told you all before…the end is coming. I have taken certain ones under my protection, but I can’t save and protect everyone. Paige Lewis is my strongest pupil, and I believe she is the warrior who will stand beside me as I stare unblinkingly into the endless abyss and welcome it to swallow this universe. And she will send as many souls to the Underworld as required as we move towards that moment. And along the way, in addition to my own power, she will be protected by the SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Adatu Urakih.

Paige Lewis: A new era is upon us, but one thing that will remain the same, is my commitment to be the absolute best in the world. I was lost, but now that my master has found me again, we will do great things together! And it starts with reminding anyone who forgets…My name is Paige Lewis, and I am YOUR SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

The three women stood in the center of the ring now, Brian Kennedy still passed out. As the crowd was still processing things, the scene faded to black.

Overdrive 54, Fathi’s Open Challenge

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Anne Carpenter: And now for the open challenge made by Fathi!

“The area near the rampway darkens. Red lights strobe on the right of the entrance and blue on the left. Seconds later we hear a siren followed by the opening words over the pa system:

No surrender, no…surrender

As the lyrics begin saying no surrender a video begins on the tron showing caution tape and someone facing away from the camera crying. As the lyrics kick in at 15 seconds Fathi emerges from the otherside of the tape on the video smiling. The word: FATHI appears in Arabic under his face ( فتحي )

As the word Fathi appears under the face of Fathi the man himself emerges at the top of the rampway wearing black boots, dark Southpole jeans and a black hoodie with a murderous rage in his eyes. Unzipping the black hoodie he reveals a black plain t-shirt. Tossing the hoodie to the side Fathi baseball slides into the ring

Wayne Miller: I wonder if anyone accepted the open challenge.

Allie Queen: That’s what we are about to find out!

Fathi gets the microphone handed to him and he looks to the back with a knowing smile.

Fathi: So, is there anyone in the back willing to take me on? Anyone?

There is silence as the crowd goes quiet to see if there’s anyone willing to come out from the back. Fathi shakes his head.

Fathi: There is no one it seems. It’s too bad, I was fixing for a fight tonight. I’ll just-

“Iron Wolf” by Beastwars begins playing and Fathi’s eyes go wide as Gabriel Tuck walks out from the back. He’s in a pair of jeans, tshirt, and bikers jacket. The biker’s jacket has the face of a horrific clown on the back. He has a chain at his belt that swings down by his knees. He has a microphone in his hand.

Tuck: So, I was hearing that you were looking for a challenge, Fuckie.

Fathi: It’s Fa-

Tuck: It doesn’t fucking matter what your name is when I kick your ass all up and down this arena!

Wayne Miller: Oh the fans don’t like that at all.

Allie Queen: Nope. Gabriel was always a dick anyway.

Gabriel Tuck drops the microphone and runs down to the ring, sliding under the ropes and hops up to start brawling with Fathi. He takes the advantage and throws Fathi to the ropes. On the rebound, he goes for a big boot, but Fathi catches the foot on the rebound and kicks Gabriel in the other knee to send the biker to the mat.

Now the ref steps in and makes Gabriel take off the biker jacket and chain, which he does, tossing them to one of the corners. Fathi peppers Gabriel with some lefts and right jabs to the ribcage, but Gabriel grabs him by the shoulders and brings him in for a massive headbutt that staggers him.

Gabriel grabs Fathi into a front face lock and quickly drops him to the mat with a ddt! Gabriel goes for the cover, but only gets a one count before Fathi kicks out.

Gabriel jumps to his feet and watches as Fathi gets up before grabbing him and throwing him into the ropes again. He follows Fathi to the ropes and goes for a massive lariat. Fathi catches him at the ropes with a hip toss that sends Gabriel over the top rope!

Wayne Miller: Gabriel trying, but missing at the last moment to capitalize on his momentum.

Allie Queen: I heard that Gabriel hasn’t been wrestling in some time. Playing henchman to Armand and Esmeralda von Krauss at the XHF Network family of Federations.

Fathi rolls under the ropes, grabs the rising Gabriel, and is trying to roll him back into the ring when Gabriel catches him around the waist and shoves his back into the ring apron. He pulls Fathi back away from the ring apron and sends him into the ring steps, demolishing them.

Fathi is slow to get back up, getting to his hands and knees before standing up. He notices that blood is dripping to the floor and touches his forehead to see that he is indeed bleeding. He growls and brings Gabriel to the floor in a lou thez press where he mounts the biker punk and begins wailing on him with lefts and rights.

The referee begins counting them both outso Fathi gets back to his feet and rolls into the ring. Gabriel Tuck gets to his feet, wiping blood from his nose before rolling back into the ring by the corner he threw his stuff.

Fathi comes for him in the corner, but Gabriel slugs him in the side of the head with the chain wrapped around his fist! The ref immediately signals for the bell.

Wayne Miller: Why would Gabriel reduce himself to cheating?

Allie Queen: Because he’s a dick.

Gabriel puts a foot to Fathi’s back and brings the chain around his throat to begin choking him out.

Tuck: You thought you were big and bad? You haven’t been choked out by me yet. Hi, I’m Gabriel Fucking Tuck! Pleased to fucking meet and murder you…

Security come down to the ring to try to get Gabriel off of Fathi, but fail until one of the security people hits Gabriel with a taser to get him to release his grip on Fathi. Security drag Gabriel away from the downed Fathi.

Tuck: You haven’t seen the last of me, fucker! I’ll haunt your fucking dreams!

EMTs rush down to the ring to check on Fathi, but he shakes them off, walking under his own power.

Wayne Miller: Gabriel was talking about murder? Was he going to choke Fathi to death?

Allie Queen: It sure sounded like it. I hope he was just talking trash though.

Overdrive 55 Card

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Main Event
Fathi vs Tyler Cross

After battling to a no contest with Emily Desmond, Tyler Cross now must do battle with Fathi. Fathi has had issues with Empire for ages, and as it stands, they don’t like him either. The SCW General Manager has barred Empire from being involved in this match, so Cross will have to do it alone.

Sub Main Event

Brian Kennedy vs Dark Tiger

Brian Kennedy went the distance against his own teammates, and picked up the victory to become the first ever Interim SCW Alternative Champion. Dark Tiger is getting back into the action, and going against Brian Kennedy will be a good test.

Gabriel Tuck vs Lucius Tendonin

Gabriel Tuck returned at Overdrive 54, and Lucius has not competed in some time. These two will now battle in the opening match.


SCW General Manager Neela Shizeguma is expected to address the altercation that happened at the end of Overdrive 54; Paige Lewis is expected to appear.

Promo Info:
1st Deadline: 3/12/2022
2nd Deadline: 3/19/2022
Segment Deadline: 3/22/2022
Results Date: 3/26/2022

Barclays Center
Brooklyn, New York
Capacity: 16,000

SCW Overdrive 54 Results

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In a match that many believed could be higher up the card, the vile Sickle met Dark Tiger in singles action, and the pair waged war for mere minutes before the legend Sickle was able to topple Dark Tiger and pick up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: SICKLE

In what some believe should have been the main event, the future of the SCW Alternative Championship was decided, as Paige Lewis forced Brian Kennedy to defend her championship…against two of his own Stablemates, in Dario and Mr. Creed. Dario had the upper hand for most of the match, surprising everyone, including his own teammates. At one point, Mr. Creed and Kennedy began double teaming Dario, but he held his own against the pair. Mr. Creed was able to subdue Dario just long enough for a pin, but it was Brian Kennedy who got the pin after tossing Mr. Creed out of the ring and then pinning Dario.

Winner by Pinfall: Brian Kennedy

The main event was a match that could have been a PPV main event. The new SCW North American Heavyweight Champion vs Emily Desmond, a woman whom many have pegged as the number two athlete in SCW behind Paige Lewis. The pair went at it with everything they had. SCW General Manager had decreed at the start of the show that anyone who interferes in ANY of the matches would be fired and arrested on the spot, so both Cross and Desmond were going to truly fight one on one. They traded blows, slams, and even submissions.

Towards the end, Desmond had Cross in a submission, and he was fighting it, and looked like he’d make it out, when the referee called for the bell ending the match. It turned out that Neela Shizeguma had enacted a little known SCW competition rule, which stated that no match, including the main event, may go on for more than 30 minutes without preauthorization. As a result, the match ended in a no contest. After the bell, Desmond and Cross stood and stared each other down before shaking hands.

No Contest: Time Limit Reached

SCW Alternative Championship Update

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As all know, Paige Lewis, SCW World Heavyweight and Alternative Champion, is injured and will be missing quite a bit of in ring time. first reported that Neela Shizeguma, SCW General Manager, decided that Paige Lewis may choose a champion to take up her honor at Overdrive 54. Now, in this exclusive feature, Paige Lewis reveals who will defend the coveted championship at Overdrive 54 against Dario and Mr. Creed.


As the video begins, Paige Lewis is shown seated before her coffee table. A mug in her right hand is steaming as she raises it to her lips to sip at the tea. Setting it down, she looks deep into the camera as it pans out to show her belts, the SCW Alternative Championship and the SCW World Heavyweight Championship laid out on the table before her. Her left arm was in a cast and sling and she gingerly moved it as she relaxed backward into her Captains chair and spoke.

Paige Lewis: First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, text, and facetimed me to check on my condition as well as to congratulate me on a hard fought victory. At Domination, I did what I said I would do. I defeated Brian Kennedy and retained the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. But, Kennedy became frustrated that he couldn’t get the job done as yet, and decided to break my arm intentionally. No matter, I had an insurance policy in place, and I dropped that wild ape like the beast he is.

But, now I have a dilemma. The Alternative Championship MUST be defended at Overdrive 54. And while I think we can all agree that I’m the undisputed best in SCW right now, not even I can stave off two competitors while I have a broken arm that needs to heal and regain strength. So, as we all again know, Neela has given me the chance to choose someone to represent me in this match. I knew immediately that I wanted it to be someone who lives and breathes for SCW, someone passionate about this company like I am. Even more, passionate about this particular championship.

The SCW Alternative Championship has a history that is woven into the very fabric of what makes SCW what it is today. It’s an honor that has not passed around very often. People who have held this championship have fought tooth and nail to earn it, and even harder to keep it. And that is why my choice of who I want to walk down to the ring on my behalf went from the entire roster, to just a few.

The champion grinned now as she reached for her mug again, taking a long swig of it. Setting the mug down, she continued.

Paige: Now, obviously my little list consisted of Jessica Tendonin, the first person to elevate the Alternative Championship, Adatu Urakih, the undefeated International Heavyweight Champion who previously won it by competing in a hellacious match and then walking back into the arena to win it in the very next match, and of course…Emily Desmond, a woman who redefined this championship in a way that nobody did before or likely will for a long time.

But you know…I am so fucking angry…so my choice is…none of them. You see, I’m laid up here, unable to defend it myself because of one person. Brian Kennedy did this to me. And because of that…I am choosing, no, I am DEMANDING that Brian Kennedy take this championship and defend it for me. You weren’t good enough to beat me in any of the three matches we had, so you decided to injure me. Now, you’ll defend my championship for me, and when I’m cleared to compete again, you will walk your ass down to MY ring and hand it back to me. And let’s be clear…you WILL return it. Now…my tea is getting warm. See you all…very soon.

The scene faded now as the champion smiled into her tea.

Overdrive 54 Card

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Main Event
Emily Desmond vs Tyler Cross

Tyler Cross has had a great run thus far in SCW. Undefeated, new North American Heavyweight Champion, Cross is in a good place. With Emily Desmond being cleared to compete, Cross will face his biggest challenge yet in SCW. Can the new champion maintain his momentum and topple one of the most dangerous people in SCW? Desmond still has a rematch for the Alternative Championship coming, so she will of course be looking to gather some momentum for that in this huge main event.

Sub Main Event
Three-Way Dance
SCW Alternative Championship

Dario vs Mr. Creed vs Brian Kennedy

In a battle that will be talked about for years to come, Paige Lewis showed she is a gladiator, when she did battle with Brian Kennedy. Now, she is on the shelf and unable to defend the Alternative Championship herself. Lewis must choose a champion to defend against Dario and Mr. Creed. If Dario or Mr. Creed win, that man will defend against Emily Desmond at a later date. If Lewis’ personal champion wins, they will become Interim champion until Lewis is cleared to compete. In exclusive footage on, it was revealed that Paige Lewis is choosing Brian Kennedy to defend the SCW Alternative Championship on her behalf.

Sickle vs Dark Tiger

Sickle left Domination with a shot at the International Heavyweight Championship, while Dark Tiger came up short in pursuit of the North American Heavyweight Championship. Now, both of them look to build some momentum.

Fathi’s Open Challenge

After coming up short at Domination, Fathi wants more, and has put out an open challenge to the entire SCW Roster. If anyone is brave enough to answer, they will meet him one on one in the ring.

Also, we expect to hear from Brian Kennedy about Domination; SCW General Manager Neela Shizeguma has a HUGE announcement; Update on SCW World Heavyweight Champion Paige Lewis!

Promo Info:
1st Deadline: 12/11/2021
2nd Deadline: 12/18/2021
Segment Deadline: 12/22/2021
Results Date: 12/25/2021

United Supermarkets Arena
Lubbock, Texas
Capacity: 15,022

SCW Alternative Championship Update

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After retaining the World Heavyweight Championship, Paige Lewis was taken to a local emergency room, where it was revealed that the broken arm would require a full cast and she would miss several weeks in the ring. SCW General Manager Neela Shizeguma has decreed that Dario and Mr. Creed will get their shot at Overdrive 54, and that with Lewis not cleared to compete, she may elect a champion to defend the championship on her behalf. That person, if successful, will become Interim Champion, and will carry the championship until Lewis is cleared to compete and defend against Emily Desmond. If Dario or Mr. Creed win, they will become SCW Alternative Champion, and go on to defend against Emily Desmond.

As of this writing, Paige Lewis has not chosen/announced her champion.

SCW Domination Recap

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Domination has come and passed, and it was a night full of blood, sweat, and tears. First, let’s note the removal of two matches. First, the Alternative Championship match was postponed, as a result of Emily Desmond testing positive for COVID-19. Next, the International Heavyweight Championship match was cancelled because of a contract dispute. That left us with four matches. The battle royale went off without a hitch. Dario and Mr. Creed were both eliminated at the same time, earning the Alternative Championship shot. Then, Scott Stonewall went over the rope, taking the North American Heavyweight Championship shot, which left Sickle with a shot at the International Heavyweight Championship.

Next, Hexgirl brutally defeated Dean Tyler in mere minutes, picking up a crucial Pay-Per-View win. In the first title match of the evening, Dark Tiger, Fathi, and Tyler Cross went toe to toe for the vacant SCW North American Heavyweight Championship. All three vied for an advantage, but in the end, Dark Tiger and Fathi could not withstand the efforts of Tyler Cross, and he left with the championship.

And then…the main event. It was said that Paige Lewis is unbeatable, and then…at Survival I, Jessica Tendonin rose to the occasion and went the distance, taking the then rookie champion to her limit and then further. At Survival I, Jessica Tendonin did what no one had ever done, and what no one has been able to do since, and defeated Paige Lewis for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. 77 days later, Lewis would reclaim the championship and has held onto it since. That was three and a half years ago. During this time, Brian Kennedy, Tendonin’s tag team partner, began looking for a shot at the world championship. Going into Domination, Lewis had already defeated Kennedy twice in non-title singles competition. She has said she granted the match as a way to finally shut Kennedy up once and for all.

And so it came to be, Kennedy vs Lewis III, SCW World Heavyweight Championship on the line, the final confrontation between these two, and in a Seven Circles of Hell match, designed by Paige Lewis herself. Kennedy would pin Lewis in the first round, while Lewis took the following with a submission. Kennedy was automatically awarded the First Blood, as Lewis was already busted open. At this point, the score is 2-1 in Kennedy’s favor. After an assist from the new SCW North American Heavyweight Champion Tyler Cross, Kennedy took the Falls Count Anywhere round, bringing the score to 3-1. Kennedy needed one more round. Lewis needed all of them.

In the No Disqualification round, the final SCW Champion, Brian Brewster made an appearance, laying Kennedy out and setting Lewis up to win the round, which she did. At 3-2, Kennedy still only needed one more round. In the no Finishers round, it was revealed that the rule could be circumvented by using someone else finisher, and Lewis picked up the round, tying the score. The score is tied now, the fans are worked up into a frenzy, both superstars are exhausted. Going back and forth, Kennedy finally snapped and used a steel chair to break Lewis’ arm. This would incite a riot as fans rushed the ring before being held back. In the confusion, Lewis removed the cap to a ringpost, which was hallow, and pulled out a rifle that was loaded with a tranquilizer. With one hand, she shot Kennedy, and he stumbled to the mat and failed to answer the ten count. With the score now 4-3, the match was over and Lewis had retained the World Heavyweight Championship.

SCW Domination Results

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As My Name Is Human by Highly Suspect begins to play through the arena, a video montage is shown. Previous SCW stars are briefly shown, followed by current stars. Next, every champion in SCW history was shown, starting with Brian Brewster and Cam Davitt as SCW Tag Team Champions, The Ryders as SCW Tag Team Champions, Cam Davitt and Lynn Brewster as SCW Tag Team Champions, Empire as SCW World Tag Team Champion, DEA as SCW World Tag Team Champions, Jesse Owusu as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his first reign as SCW North American Champion, Stefanos Los Rios as SCW North American Champion, Jacina as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his second reign as SCW North American Champion, Macy Kane as SCW North American Champion, Paige Lewis as SCW North American Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW North American Champion, Rich Anderson as SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, Priest as SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Larissa as SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Adatu Urakih as the SCW International Heavyweight Champion.


Lucius Tendonin as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Requiem as SCW Alternative Champion, Adatu Urakih as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Emily Desmond as SCW Alternative champion, Paige Lewis as SCW Alternative Champion, Neela Shizeguma as SCW World Champion, Brian Kennedy as SCW World Champion, Brian Brewster as SCW World Champion, Paige Lewis in her first reign as SCW World Heavyweight Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW World Heavyweight Champion, and lastly, Paige Lewis in her second Reign as SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

The Empire are seen rolling into the parking lot as Medics and Police are everywhere. The fire department is running around as a SCW staff member walks up to Brian.

Brian: What in the hell is going on?

He looks around as the parking lot is full of the SCW locker room and it’s fans.

Staff member: Mr. Kennedy, I hate to tell you this, but it seems as if your locker room was blown up. The SWAT team and police are sweeping the building to make sure no more explosives are in the building. Also, this arrived for you today.

He hands Brian a letter and Brian opens it.

Brian smirks as he crumbles the paper and tosses it.

Brian: Well, wait till he finds out who I’ve been talking to.

The Battle Royale had four competitors, Dario, Mr. Creed, Scott Stonewall, and Sickle. As it began, Sickle began beating down on Mr. Creed while Sickle did the same to Dario. After only a few minutes, Dario and Mr. Creed were both tossed over the top rope at the same time. Sickle and Stonewall then turned to each other and began battling. After nearly twenty minutes of action, Sickle tossed Stonewall over the top rope, winning the match.

SCW International Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender: Sickle
SCW North American Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender: Scott Stonewall
SCW Alternative Championship Number One Contender: Dario and Mr. Creed

Brian is seen in the backroom in Jessica’s dressing room, which she had given him for the night after the incident with his own. He has the SCW Tag Title on the bench beside him. He looks up at the camera with a serious look on his face.

Brian: You know something, Paige? This is the last showdown between two giants in SCW right now. At this point you seem to be unbeatable, you seem to be untouchable. Tonight we will find out if I can achieve something that only one other person this company has been able to achieve, and that is defeating you Paige. I’ve been training for this match, I’ve been working harder than I’ve ever worked before and in the end the only thing that matters is me taking the SCW world title off your waist. I am more focused, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I am ready for whatever you want to bring to this match.

Brian stands up now, taping his wrists.

Brian: I just hope that you realize what you signed up for when you asked for this type of match because not only am I bringing everything I have in my arsenal, I’m bringing some new tricks too. I’ve been asked what’s next for Brian if I’m not able to take this title off your waist. Well there’s other single titles that I can go for but if you manage to pull this one off Paige I will still be coming for you. I might not be getting another shot at the world title as long as you hold it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a demon in your nightmare. And I can be making you look over your back every waking moment.

The challenger adjusted his elbow pads before continuing.

Brian: But, what comes next isn’t relevant for me. The only thing that matters is what is at hand and what is at hand is me defeating you for the world title and becoming the top dog in scw once again which I will do. So when the music hits and I come down to the ring realize it’s not your normal average Brian Kennedy I am the mother fucking beast and I’m coming for my next meal. I’ll let my actions speak for themselves. Now get this damn camera out of my face.

The scene closes with Brian getting ready for his upcoming match.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of ALL ages…the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at one hundred fifteen pounds, making her way from Busthead, Virginia, The Wiccan Wonder, Hex Girl!

Hex Girl by The Hex Girls hit the PA system as Hex Girl danced out onto the stage, where she pointed an imaginary wand at the crowd and began gesturing as if casting spells on her way to the ring. Inside the ring, Hex girl continued casting spells at the crowd until her music died down.

Anne Carpenter: And her opponent, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds this morning, from Cincinnati, Ohio…Dangerous Dean Tyler!!

The song Unscripted Violence by Violent Idols starts to blast over the PA system. The man who is known as ” Dangerous” Dean Tyler starts to come on out being accompanied to the ring by his brother, ” Sadistic” Sami Tyler. Dean’s seen carrying a switchblade with him. He gets in the ring and goes to trash talk about what he wants to do to his opponent from across the ring. After the referee calls for the opening bell, Dean charges Hexgirl, but she is able to dodge and counter a few strikes to Dean’s head. He grabs her and throws her into the corner opposite, charging her and crushing her on the return. He then throws the turnbuckle pad off to expose the steel ring underneath and tries to force Hexgirl’s head into it by grabbing her by the hair.

Allie Queen: Dean immediately taking the low road in this match.

Wayne Miller: You can expect no less from a match here in SCW. Dean has a point to prove!

Allie Queen: Indeed, Hexgirl signed up for this! She may regret it!

Hexgirl rakes Dean’s eyes and hits a drop toehold, sending Dean’s forehead into the exposed turnbuckle ring busting him open above the eye. She then rolls him up to attempt a quick School Boy Pin 1……..2…… Dean powers out.

Wayne Miller: Dean’s nasty plan backfired!

Allie Queen: That injury looks serious, the referee may call the match.

Wayne Miller: This is not being called on the count of a little blood. This is SCW!

Dean is enraged and again grabs Hexgirl, this time planting her with a Suplex to the mid ring area as the crowd boos. He then walks over to the ropes jumping to the top. The blood is running down into his eyes. He wipes it away and jumps off with a elbow drop.

Allie Queen: Tyler jumps, oh great landing on Hexgirl!

Wayne Miller: Hexgirl needs to get back into this match.

Allie Queen: And quick I might add.

He picks up Hexgirl and hits another suplex. He taunts the crowd and this gives Hexgirl the time needed to get back to her feet. He turns to face her and she kicks him hard in the gut following it up with a DDT. She gives Dean no break as she mounts him and lands a series of blows to Dean’s already bloody forehead. The crowd gets behind her and counts. 7….8…9…10!!! She stops as the ref warns her.

Wayne Miller: The fans are really getting behind Hexgirl tonight with a countdown.

Allie Queen: It would mean a lot for her reputation if she pulls off the win tonight.

Wayne Miller: The question is can she pull off the upset?

The crowd roars as Hexgirl gets to her feet as Dean gets to his. He runs toward her and she hits a drop toe hold on Dean causing him to hit his head off the exposed turnbuckle knocking him out cold. Hexgirl notices Dean’s motionless body and goes for the quick cover once more.


Allie Queen: Dean tried to do some underhanded tactics and they backfired on him twice tonight allowing Hexgirl to pick up a huge win here tonight.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner…The Wiccan Wonder, Hex Girl!

Winner: Hexgirl

Backstage, in the largest and most well furnished dressing room, Paige Lewis is found holding her baby boy. Jessica Tendonin is seated next to her, smiling at the small boy while her own children stand near, watching the baby smile at his mother, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Paige: Tonight, I will complete SCW’s first ever world title trilogy. I’ve beaten the biggest names in SCW. I’ve held this title longer than anyone has held any other title in SCW history. Tonight, Brian Kennedy has to learn, for the third and final time, that I am better than him. I’ve always been better than him, and I will always BE better than him. Tonight, I will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that I am better, stronger, and far smarter than Brian Kennedy. People have asked me what I’m gonna do if I lose, how will I explain the loss after I puffed my chest out so far going into tonight? Well, like Tyler Cross said…I don’t need excuses, because I don’t lose. That is all I have left to say.

Wayne Miller: This next match was originally slated as a singles match, but Tyler Cross was added after mixing it up and defeating Fathi at Overdrive 53.

Allie Queen: The North American Heavyweight Championship, in name, is the newest belt here in SCW, but it has the oldest active lineage, being a direct continuation of the old North American Championship originally held by Jesse Owusu. These three are about to step into some big shoes.

Anne Carpenter: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it will be contested under Extreme Rules, and it is for the vacant SCW North American Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and twelve pounds…The Extremist…TYLER CROSS!!!

“Unforgiven II” by Metallica blares over the PA system as Tyler Cross walks out onto the ramp smoking a cigarette he raises his hands into a X symbol then carries on down the rampway smoking, he enters the ring and flicks the end of his cigarette at the crowd.

Wayne Miller: After the General Manager had The Empire relieve Priest of the championship, it was decided initially that Fathi and Dark Tiger would actually compete for the belt instead of a shot at it, and then Tyler Cross was added. This match should not be overlooked.

Allie Queen: Indeed, we have that insane main event coming, but this match is sure to be exciting and lead us into it.

Anne Carpenter: Next, please welcome The Rabid Curr, Fathi!!!

The area near the rampway darkens. Red lights strobe on the right of the entrance and blue on the left. Seconds later we hear a siren followed by the opening words over the pa system:

No surrender, no…surrender

As the lyrics begin saying no surrender a video begins on the tron showing caution tape and someone facing away from the camera crying. As the lyrics kick in at 15 seconds Fathi emerges from the otherside of the tape on the video smiling. The word: FATHI appears in Arabic under his face ( فتحي )

As the word Fathi appears under the face of Fathi the man himself emerges at the top of the rampway wearing black boots, dark Southpole jeans and a black hoodie with a murderous rage in his eyes. Unzipping the black hoodie he reveals a black plain t-shirt. Tossing the hoodie to the side, Fathi baseball slides into the ring.

Anne Carpenter: And the final opponent, from Richmond, Virginia, standing over seven feet tall…DARK TIGER!!!

The lights go out and Miseria Cantare starts to play and Dark Tiger comes to the ramp. Right before Danny Havok starts to sing it transitions into the Animal by Disturbed and a purple spotlight shines on him. The crowd goes nuts for him.

Wayne Miller: Dark Tiger has the size advantage going into this match, but we’ve seen plenty of giantslayers in SCW over the years.

Allie Queen: One has to wonder if it will prove to be a factor in the decision, for sure. I’d say Dark Tiger is the underdog going into this match, Tyler Cross has the most hype. Fathi can’t be counted out, though. He can definitely handle his business, as Cross and Tiger will soon find out.

With all three in the ring, the referee checked them all for weapons. After being satisfied, he held the SCW North American Championship up in the air before calling for the opening bell. Fathi and Cross immediately went after Dark Tiger, pinning him in the corner and pummeling him.

Wayne Miller: Little bit of team work right out the gate there!

Allie Queen: It’s a good strategy, neutralize the obvious threat, deal with each other later.

Cross backed away as Fathi continued laying into Dark Tiger. Cross grabbed a steel chair from under the ring and came back inside with it. Gesturing to Fathi to lift Dark Tiger, Cross pointed at his chair. Reading it, Fathi pulled Dark Tiger to his feet and held him for Cross, who ran across the ring and smashed the chair across Fathi’s face sending him to the mat.

Wayne Miller: Alliances do not last long with SCW gold on the line!!!

Allie Queen: Cross has to deal with Dark Tiger alone now!!!

Cross charged at Dark Tiger, but he was caught by the throat and lifted into the air for a Chokeslam. Cross countered with a kick to the groin and he was dropped. With Dark Tiger doubled over, Cross saw his chance and went all in nailing his finisher, Suicidal Tendencies. The crowd popped seeing a finisher so early.


Allie Queen: Fathi is out, Dark Tiger is out, all Cross has to do is pin one of them!!!

Cross covered Dark Tiger for a pin, but Fathi yanked him off, having recovered from the chair shot. Fathi and Cross began trading blows now. While they were focused on each other, Dark Tiger slowly got to his feet and stomped towards both of them, taking both down with a huge Clothesline. Looking at his handiwork, Dark Tiger went for Fathi, yanking him to his feet and then into the ropes.

Wayne Miller: Dark Tiger using his size and power to his advantage here!

Allie Queen: Fathi whipped into the ropes as Dark Tiger gets going here!

Dark Tiger took Fathi out with a Big Boot and then turned to Tyler Cross who was on one knee. The two clashed and Cross forced the big man into the corner and began kicking him in the gut. After a moment, Cross whipped Dark Tiger into the opposite corner before chasing after him. Dark Tiger countered a Shoulder Thrust by lifting his knee sharply. Tyler Cross stumbled backwards as blood flowed from his nose.

Wayne Miller: Tyler Cross busted open here in the first few minutes.

Allie Queen: Dark Tiger is looking good against these two, but we’re still very early in the match.

Fathi had rolled out of the ring and grabbed another steel chair, and when he rolled back in, Dark Tiger and Tyler Cross were still going at it. Cross shoved the big man away. Fathi charged at Dark Tiger, but was spotted at the last second just as he swung the chair. The chair bounced off the top rope and smacked Fathi in the head, dazing him. Dark Tiger capitalized by lifting him onto his shoulders before driving him to the mat with his finisher, a variation of the Tower of London.

Wayne Miller: Etched in Stone! Dark Tiger nails his finisher on Fathi!

Allie Queen: He better watch his back, though, Tyler Cross is waiting in the wings!

Indeed, Dark Tiger got back up and was smacked with a steel chair by Tyler Cross before he executed his own finisher, Suicidal Tendencies, laying the big man out. Cross covered Dark Tiger and the referee began the count.


Wayne Miller: It’s over! Tyler Cross has pinned Dark Tiger!

Allie Queen: Tyler Cross is the new SCW North American Heavyweight Champion!!!

Wayne Miller: This match was over in a flash, but we do indeed have a new champion!

Allie Queen: Dark Tiger had several moments where he looked to be in control, but in the end, Tyler Cross saw an opening, and he took it!

Tyler Cross was handed the SCW North American Championship by the referee before having his hand raised in victory.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by pinfall, and the NEW SCW NORTH AMERICAN HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…….TYLER CROSS!!!

Cross grinned cockily as he exited the ring with his new belt. With one hand, he spelled out EMPIRE in the air.

Wayne Miller: As Tyler Cross leaves with the gold, we know one thing…Empire leaves with at least one new championship. Brian is up next, and we will see if tonight is a good night for the Empire or a great night.

Allie Queen: Let’s not forget, Paige Lewis originally won the North American Championship in short order before leaving Spring Meltdown with the world title. Tyler Cross has big shoes to fill with that title, but if we’ve seen an indication here tonight, he might just be up for the challenge!

Winner: Tyler Cross

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The camera opens and we’re in a condo in New York City. Outside one can see the lights of Central Park, lights that remind one of the darken sky above. Sitting on a luxurious leather chair is Emily Desmond dressed in a pink shirt and jeans, her auburn hair allowed to hang down. One can tell that Emily is not happy about something. Finally she looks up, but the dark mood continues. 

Emily: Tonight is Domination and I’m not there.I was booked against Paige Lewis in a match to regain the Alternative Title, a title I fought hard to win and fought harder to keep it. I do want to let Paige know that I’m behind you, cheering you on to beat Brian Kennedy, a man who seems to be going backwards instead of forward. You might think you’re going to walk away with the World title. Guess what, only in your dreams. The Paige you think you know is far from the Paige that is the SCW World and Alternative champion.

As I said I wish I was there tonight, but this shit going around is no fun. Yes I got the vaccine, yes I’ve worn masks when going outside of home, but I still got it, no symptoms except for a bit of nagging cough and a few sniffles. Sean didn’t even have that but because he was exposed he had to quarantine. To those in the locker room, to the reporters, commentators and so forth know this won’t stop me. In fact it’s made me better, stronger. When you’re sitting around twiddling our thumbs you start thinking.

Emily adjusts herself, tucking one long leg underneath her, and brushes her hair back from her face. 

Emily: A lot of time of thinking, of watching what others have to say and prove that you are indeed smarter than a trained chimp. But there are a few people, who have stood out thus far. At first I thought it was one person who’s dumber than rocks, but so far I’ve found two.

Two people who couldn’t use that few brain cells they do have to bother and do….you know, like some actual research, find out who they are truly facing and what the others, people they don’t know, are capable of.

I thought it was just you Dario but this Mr Creed seems to be like your best buddy cause BOTH of you are stupid…..

Dumb, dumb, dumb

Yes Dario and Creed. See I thought Dario just was some ass whose book didn’t come with pictures. I’ll ask them to print a few. One for you and one for Creed and then I’ll have a few to hand out to anyone like you. Hell the janitors should be wrestling instead of you. At least they like….have a reason to not know who wrestles for SCW, and is part of the….gang. I don’t mean gangs like the 1014 people who are part of the Empire. I’m talking about the commentators, whose names are Allie and Wayne. Anne, Sean and let’s even make the jump to the next category. You called out everyone in the building except your buddy Kennedy and Paige Lewis. Tell me guys why you think I was going to be in this match of yours. Until this shit going around decided I needed to share in its fun, I HAD A MATCH. Can I ask? Did you even bother to read the rules? Anyone not booked in a match could be in the battle royale. So tell me why would I bother to wrestle twice? While I would love to have two titles, as Paige does for the moment, beating people that my dog can out wrestle is not my style. 

Emily takes a drink of water from the bottle on the table next to her. She replaces the lid, and seems to stare out to space, but it’s more like Emily is trying to keep her temper under control. 

Emily: Dario and Creed…and whatever dumb friends you have. As I said, you two are two of the dumbest people I’ve ever seen. Did you even look to see who, you know, wrestles for SCW. Well let me enlighten you, in a manner you did, and that is you took the page from the website and saw all the names of who WORKS for SCW, not wrestlers for SCW. Hell if you want I would be glad to fax you the information so you might be better prepared. But then I’m surprised you even know how a computer turns on, let alone works. I’ve seen apes with way more brains. But since you didn’t take the trouble to do your own research, and I can only watch Paige’s matches so many times I see them in my sleep, Let me do this for you. And this is for you,and anyone as dumb as you guys.

First, in case Creed youre as dumb as Dario. Time for a bit of a history lesson. The Alternative title has a past that has stood the test of time. It got its name because it’s the champion’s choice of the type of match they want to have when they defend the title. You could be in a ladder match, a scaffold match, first blood, you name it. It was also created to be a stepping stone to the world title. Oh I do have a small thing I wish you quit doing, and this goes to others out there. We get it, you all worked, were partners, faced each other in another company. Ok we get it so I’m asking on behalf of those with SCW that wasn’t in the “other” company, try to focus, it’s behind you, it’s the past. I…..

Emily lets out a sigh and takes another drink of water.

Emily: As I said we’ll go over this step by step because that seems to be how you function and tell yourself that hey it sounds intelligent. Tyler Cross, yes you apparently know him and I presume he knows you. And you’re so certain you’re going to win that you seem to give Cross a pass and afterwards go out for a drink. Scott Stonewell, he knows I don’t like him, but it’s not personal. I just think he’s been over-hyped a bit but if it came down to you or him, I’d pick him. If he just came back down to earth and concentrated, he could win. Priest a few years ago was indeed a man to be afraid of because he was very talented but these days, no one has seen him. Which makes sense as to why he’s not signed with SCW. His contract ran out a few years ago, so seeing him in this match, given his current situation, will be impressive….if you believe in ghosts.

Emily gets up and stretches then walks over to a large glass window, one that goes from the loor to the ceiling.She opens the door and steps out to a balcony that would put a normal room to shame with its massive size. She leans on the edge of the balcony, looking down at the street and sees the cars going by. However she is so far up that the noise of a city that never sleeps doesn’t disturb her at all. She turns around, the wind whipping her hair slightly. 

Emily: I’ll say her name may not be Hell Kat, and I get what you said about her but all she is in my book is a copycat. If you ask why, look up my mom….Wildcat Lynn Brewster who retired a few years ago. She was in wrestling since she was 16 and was 42 when she retired. To me Hell Kat wants to ride the coattails of a truly great wrestling. She was breaking down the barriers in a time where doing so cost her a great deal on a personal level. So….

Emily stops, and it is obvious that now it’s about to get extremely intense, for this is where Dario had crossed a few lines.

Emily: Lucius Tendonin…this is where I seriously questioned your mind. Dude, you know Kennedy, you’re one of ….1021 people who say they’re with Empire or DEA or such and you have NO clue who Lucius is? You dumb….I feel bad for you because you will find out that his WIFE Jessica….you getting a picture here? You just insulted your own team of merry munchkins. I never thought I’d see someone that stupid that you don’t even know who or who isn’t part of the group. Then you mention Allie, Anne, Wayne, and even my boyfriend Sean. They do not wrestle at all, not in SCW, not anywhere. Again THEY DO NOT WRESTLE. How much simpler can I say that? 

Emily smirks as if this couldn’t get any worse but knows it will.

Emily: You dumb son of a bitch. Neela Shizeguma is the General Manager of SCW. She was once the World champion of SCW. In fact she was the very FIRST World champion that SCW had. She was brought in after the disappearance of Mr. Walker. You even dared to say Mr. Walker would come out for this match. Again, he’s missing. He hasn’t been seen in years. Then you seem dismiss all the others, which given I know some of the names. You do seem to know who Dean Tyler is but in my book he’s not that impressive. I mean he won his first match in SCW, and it was with me, but then he pissed off Adatu Urakih and she tore him to bits while defending the International Heavyweight Championship.

Emily shrugs and walks back inside and sits down where she had been earlier.

Emily: I’m not sure I should be flattered or not since you’ve heard of me. Given I’ve wrestled SCW nearly exclusively my whole career, with a fleeting moment in ….in SWAT, that unless it was there you’re full of the brown stuff. I’m a former Alternative champion, you should look at past videos of my matches. I lived up to what the Alternative title describes. Casket match, Ladder match, Submission only….and it continues from there. 

Emily turns around again and looks at something, something far in the distance that it seems only she can see.

Emily: The only two people neither of you mentioned, at least not as opponents, are the wanna-be-champion Brian Kennedy, who hasn’t been close since he was beaten by my cousin, and the world champion Paige Lewis. Look Paige and I may not be best friends but I have a sneaking feeling that right now she’d probably agree with me a lot. So boys, and I use that term loosely. I know….before I come back I’ll see if I can find you both really….cool sounding names of rocks. Then you’ll fit the image perfectly!!

Emily actually smiles at this as she thinks that she’ll do exactly that.

Emily: Time for me to turn on the show and see how it goes. Know Dario, Creed and anyone else all the way up to Paige, I wish I could be there. But until I’m “medically cleared”, meaning they think I won’t infect people, I will be watching every move that people make tonight. I’ll be watching for mistakes, watching for ways to counter. I have some people I want to meet in that ring, and I’ll be in touch with Neela to express my wishes. I have a feeling she will be more than happy to give me those matches, knowing my background and abilities. Why would they do that? If I was to speak for either of them, it would be teach those dumb a……

Emily stops, not wanting to insult poor animals that have never hurt her.

Emily: To teach your sorry butts that next time do your homework before you open your mouths and sound so pathetic. You’re almost a disgrace to this business, but I’m pretty sure the fans will laugh at both of you, and cheer me on. See I’ve been here for quite awhile and I’m not planning on going anywhere.

Oh….Dario, you may go. Mr Creed I have a few words for you. You seem to be thinking the ladies of SCW are all a bunch of prim, weak women who are afraid to break a nail if they get in the ring. Far from it. I know Jessica, Paige, Urakih to name just a few will agree with me when I say don’t underestimate us. You may think we look like beauty queens, but we’re some of the most badass female athletes on this planet.

Guys, enjoy your chance for fleeting fame because it doesn’t matter who it is, you will run into one of us, and that day will be the day we show not just how dumb but how weak you are. 

Camera fades to black.

Wayne Miller: Strong words from Emily Desmond, for Brian Kennedy and indeed all of SCW!

Allie Queen: Emily Desmond and Paige Lewis were set to be opponents here tonight, but Desmond is having to quarantine, and we wish her a speedy recovery. But how crazy is it to hear she’s in Paige’s corner tonight? Don’t forget, there WILL be a rematch between them at some point.

Wayne Miller: Brian Kennedy has few friends in SCW, so it’s not all that surprising. You know, I heard Paige Lewis contemplated putting the Alternative Championship on the line as well tonight against Brian.

Allie Queen: I heard the same rumor, and that she decided not to, out of respect for Emily Desmond, that way, even if she loses to Brian tonight, Emily still gets the match she is owed.

Wayne Miller: This main event will leave one person with a broken heart, and the other with the biggest prize in the world.

Allie Queen: Brian has waited a long time for this moment, a shot at Paige Lewis and her coveted SCW World Heavyweight Championship, a prize that she has been able to hold onto for most of its existence. Only Jessica Tendonin has managed to briefly pry it from her clutch, and in doing so is also the only person to ever defeat Paige Lewis. A while back, we were saying Paige Lewis undefeatable. Now, we say only Jessica can do it. Tonight, Brian Kennedy looks to make history in a big way.

Wayne Miller: Paige Lewis will absolutely go down in history as one of our most dominant champions in history, and as the first two time world champion. Tonight, she has to defend against a man whom she has defeated twice already in non-title matches. Can she do it for a third and final time?

Allie Queen: As we saw earlier, the General Manager of SCW, Neela Shizeguma, has declared that if Brian Kennedy cannot defeat Paige Lewis here tonight, he moves to the back of the line and will not get another shot unless he earns it the hard way.

Wayne Miller: That added pressure may just be what Brian needs in order to get it done here tonight. Paige Lewis had some words for us all before the match, and she sounded more than ready, and we heard from Brian Kennedy as well. Tonight is a make or break night for both of them.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of ALL ages…the following contest is your MAIN EVENT of the evening, and it is for the SCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, and it will be contested in SCW’s first ever Seven Circles of Hell match. The first competitor to win 4 rounds will be declared the SCW World Heavyweight Champion! Introducing first, he is one half of the SCW Tag Team Champions, The Living Legend, Brian Kennedy!!

As the rhythm picks up after around a minute of music plays and the words start to work its way through the arena the lights cut out and a spot light shines at the top of the ramp. Brian is seen standing there with a smile, in his hand is a 20lb sledge hammer. He has the SCW Tag Title around his waist.

He had alot to say.
He had alot of nothing to say.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
He had alot to say.
He had alot of nothing to say.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
(We’re gonna miss him. 2x)

So loooooong!

Fire shoots out from the stage. Smoke rises from the stage as he starts to walk toward the ring. He stops about halfway to the ring as he flexes in front of the camera kissing his sledge hammer. He smirks in to the camera yelling snide remarks.

We wish you well.
You told us how you weren’t afraid to die.
Well so looooooong.
Don’t cryyyyy.
Or feel too down.
Not all martyrs see divinity.
But at least you tried.

He climbs up the steps and turns toward the crowd and taunts them by flipping them off and girls scream his name. He stops and turns his back towards the crowd and jumps over the top rope and stands in the middle of the ring dropping the SCW Tag Title, he looks around and drops the sledge hammer and flexes as the flashes flow throughout the arena.

Standing above the crowd
he had a voice that was strong and loud.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)

Ranting and pointing his finger
at everything but his heart.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
(We’re gonna miss him. 2x)

No wayyyyyy
to recall
what it was that you had said to me,
like I care at alll.
But he was sooo louuud.
You sure could yell.
You took a stand on every little thing
and soooo louuuuuuuuud.

You, could be, the one, who saves, me from, my own, existence.

He climbs all the turnbuckles yet again doing a pose with his arms spread out wide from each one as the music fades. He walks over and grabs a mic. He stands there looking at Tyler.

Anne Carpenter: And his opponent! She weighed in at one hundred and sixty nine pounds this morning, and hails from London, England. She is the SCW Alternative Champion, and she is the REIGNING AND DEFENDING SCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…THE UNSTOPPABLE PAIGE LEWIS!!!

I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe (Hey!)
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s the dove and grenade

The crowd roared as they awaited the arrival of the champion. They only had to wait a few seconds. Paige Lewis walked out onto the stage, the arena lights glimmering off of the SCW Alternative Championship on her left shoulder and the SCW World Heavyweight Championship around her waist.

Here we go again, coming straight from the top
From the belly of the beast ’cause we’re straight off the block
Got ice in my veins and I’m never gonna stop
Body-bag, toe tag, yeah, everybody drop

Wayne Miller: And there she is, but she’s not alone!

Lewis was joined by two more women, Candice Kingston on her left, and the SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Adatu Urakih on her right. In the ring, Brian Kennedy is stretching, pulling on the ropes. After a few seconds of conversation, Paige left her associates on the ramp and continued her way down the ramp, high fiving fans.

Allie Queen: What about that bombshell that Paige dropped on us? During the hiatus, she had a baby!? One has to wonder what form she’ll be in, but she says she can get this done, so we will see. Brian is also confident that he’s finally found the right combination to defeat the champion.

Yeah, some people got it, and some people don’t
Somebody wins, and somebody won’t
Ice Nine, P. Roach, Undead, that’s all she wrote
And everybody else, well, welcome to the show

Paige went to the barricade and leaned over, hugging her parents, who were in the front row, while her uncle was backstage with her son and her brother, looking after them. Climbing into the ring now, Paige climbed the turnbuckle and held both championships up.

Yeah, compare me to none
‘Cause I got the heart of a champion

Allie Queen: No matter who wins here tonight, history will be made. This is, if I’m not mistaken, SCW’s first and thus far only World Heavyweight Trilogy. Wayne, who does a win here mean more to, in regards to their career?

Wayne Miller: Obviously both competitors would like to leave with a win, because that means they leave as the World Heavyweight Champion. Paige Lewis is a future SCW Hall of Famer, no question asked. Her story is one of inspiration, one of perseverance. She has done everything she said she would do, and she has ruled over the SCW Roster for the last several years as an unstoppable force. Winning here tonight, for her, though, is just bragging rights.

Allie Queen: And for Kennedy?

Wayne Miller: It’s do or die time for Kennedy. Like you said a moment ago, Neela has decreed that if Kennedy does not defeat Lewis here tonight, he has to fight his way back to another shot. For Kennedy, defeating Paige Lewis here tonight is about validation. Paige has called out that he doesn’t win singles matches often, a win here tonight would hush that up.Kennedy was SCW Champion years ago, he has made it his primary goal to become the SCW World Heavyweight Champion. If he can do it, he’ll become the only person to hold both of SCW’s world titles, and become the second person to be a two time world champion here. Brian Kennedy NEEDS to win this match.

Allie Queen: Wayne, you’re an asshole sometimes, but you’ve just laid it all very nicely. This match promises to be a classic.

In the ring, the referee was checking both competitors for weapons. This took a few minutes as Brian demanded Paige be checked twice. Then, the referee took the SCW World Heavyweight Championship from Paige Lewis and held it up in the center of the ring. As soon as the bell rang, the two charged at each other. Paige ducked a clothesline from Brian, but she was not ready for the backhand that stunned her.

Wayne Miller: The strategy for both of them should be to end these first two rounds quickly, maybe even the third, as the sixth and seventh rounds, if needed, will come down to outlasting your opponent.

Allie Queen: We heard Paige say it already, she intends to make Brian Kennedy “tap out like a bitch.”

In the ring, Brian grabbed Paige by the hair, yanking her head down toward his knee, but Paige blocked his knee and then hit him with a low blow. Brian dropped to his knees in pain while looking at the referee, who sort of shrugged.

Wayne Miller: Oh, I think we’re seeing what she meant.

Allie Queen: That’s right, Paige said the rules of the match were very specific, and a round can only end under the rules it’s contested up.

Paige grabbed Brian by the arm, stretching it out and then flattening it on the mat and doing a handstand before dropping her knees right onto the outstretched arm. Brian writhed in pain as he rolled away. Paige stomped on the arm as she stalked Brian.

Wayne Miller: That Handstand Knee Drop Armbreaker is a real blast from the past!

Allie Queen: Indeed it is! And looked like it wa-what’s this!?

In the ring, and Paige advanced on Brian, he suddenly lunged forward on the mat, yanking her into a small package rollup.


The crowd absolutely erupted in shock! Paige Lewis kicked out too late and as she got back to her feet she stomped angrily.



Anne Carpenter: Brian Kennedy has pinned Paige Lewis, and won the first round. The next round will be contested as a submission match, ending when only one of the opponents taps out or cannot answer the referees call. The round will begin in sixty seconds.

Wayne Miller: That’s going to put a lot of wind in Brian’s sails, that’s for sure.

Allie Queen: It’s just the first round, but both superstars have to realize just how fast a fall can happen.

As soon as the bell rang, Brian charged at Paige, stopping just short of her to deliver a devastating right hand that sent her stumbling backwards. Brian stayed on the attack, delivering another big right hand that took the champion down to her knees.

Wayne Miller: Brian is wasting no time here, he’s taking out all of his frustration on Paige and she has no answer for him as he begins pummelling her!

Allie Queen: One has to wonder, if one of them get busted open before the next round, how does that work for the scoring?

Brian had mounted Paige now and was hammering away. Paige managed to reach out and grab the ropes, and the referee forced Brian off of her. When Paige got to her feet, Brian charged her, clotheslining her over the top rope.

Wayne Miller: They’re heading out of the ring now, but the submission must happen IN the ring.

Allie Queen: Correct, we haven’t reached the Falls Count Anywhere round yet.

Brian got to his feet and whipped Paige into the ring apron, making her groan in pain. As she tried to regroup, Brian grabbed the steel steps and tossed them inside the ring. Grabbing Paige, Brian dragged her over to the ring post and rammed her into it. Paige groaned again but Brian rolled her into the ring.

Wayne Miller: Brian seems to be fully in control for the moment, but he has to make Paige tap out to win the round.

Allie Queen: Paige has vowed that she would win the submission round, so Brian has his work cut out for him.

Brian grabbed Paige and began striking her in the face. Paige got her guard up after the third strike and maintained it until Brian grabbed her quickly and delivered a DDT onto the ring steps. The crowd booed as Brian got to his feet and laughed as he admired his work. Paige had a fresh cut on her forehead and her blood was running down her face.

Wayne Miller: The champion has been busted open!

Allie Queen: If Brian is going for the tap out, he needs to do it now while she’s stunned!!!

As Brian advanced on Paige, the PA system came to life playing Waiting For The Kill by Queensryche. The crowd erupted, recognizing the music in an instant. Brian seemed to recognize it too, as he whipped around to the stage area looking shocked.



Indeed, while Brian Kennedy was looking for Brian Brewster, Paige had gotten to her feet and was laying in wait for Kennedy. When he turned around, Paige nearly took his head off with a Super Kick that sent him stumbling backwards into the ropes. As he rebounded, Paige ducked and then grabbed him around the middle before planting his spine on the pine with a massive Spinebuster as the PA system went silent. As the crowd roared, Paige rolled Brian over and locked in the Crossface.



Brian was struggling, but Paige had the Crossface locked in. The stronger challenger began crawling towards the ropes. Paige released the hold and then dragged Brian back to the center of the ring before performing another Handstand Knee Drop Armbreaker and transitioning back into the Crossface.

Wayne Miller: If Brian is gonna get out of this, he needs to think of something, fast!

Allie Queen: Paige said she was going to make him tap out, and right now, it’s looking like Kennedy might have to do just that to survive to later rounds in this match.

Brian was turning red as Paige applied even more pressure. The referee was on his knees, asking Brian if he wanted to give in, but the challenger refused. Paige leaned back further, threatening to break Brian’s neck. The challenger began tapping and the referee forced Paige off of him.

Anne Carpenter: Brian Kennedy has submitted to the Crossface, and Paige Lewis has won this round. The next round was to be the First Blood round, however, Paige Lewis is already bleeding. Therefore, Brian Kennedy has automatically been awarded the round, and we will move directly to the Falls Count Anywhere round after a 2 minute rest period.

Wayne Miller: I never thought I’d be calling this, but Brian Kennedy is currently in the lead!

Allie Queen: Brian has a huge grin on his face as he sits in his corner. He knows he only needs to win two more rounds, and then he will join a VERY exclusive club, the “I beat Paige Lewis Club.”

After the 2 minute break, the bell rang and Paige and Brian met in the center. Paige slapped Brian making him chuckle as he returned the strike. Paige stumbled backwards and Brian rushed her, grabbing her by the hair and driving her face straight down into the mat. The cut in her face that had begun to dry over was reopened and the champion’s face was beginning to run red.

Wayne Miller: Brian has drawn more blood from the champion!

Allie Queen: Brian taking control here and hoping to pick up another quick round victory.

Brian released Paige and slid out of the ring, grabbing a sledgehammer. As he came back into the ring, the referee tried to grab it from him, but Brian struck him in the head and the crowd roared with disapproval.



Brian then turned back to Paige and began advancing on her as she was on one knee. Suddenly, she lashed out and flash was seen as she caught his jaw.

Wayne Miller: I think…I think Paige Lewis just used the Brass Knuckles!!

Allie Queen: This match is descending into chaos, quickly. The referee is out, Brian is out, and Paige can barely stand. Hey wait, what the hell?!

A man had jumped out of the stands and slid into the ring behind Paige Lewis. It was Tyler Cross!

Wayne Miller: What the hell is the new North American champ doing out here??!!

Allie Queen: I think we’re about to find out!!!

Tyler put one leg on Paige’s back and then nailed her with his finisher, Suicidal Tendencies, laying her out. He then laid Brian on top of her before grinning as he got out of the ring and ran up the ramp. The crowd was incensed and several fans had jumped the barricade and tried to chase Cross, but SCW Security were able to intervene.

Wayne Miller: Oh my, these fans are not happy about that!

Allie Queen: We’ve seen the signs in the crowd saying “If Paige loses, we riot,” I think we might just see a riot here tonight!

In the madness of SCW security trying to maintain control of the fans, the referee had begun stirring. Brian and Paige were still out. The referee saw the cover and began counting, reaching three. The crowd didn’t notice.

Anne Carpenter: Brian Kennedy has pinned Paige Lewis in the Falls Count Anywhere round, and the score is now 3 to 1, Kennedy. The No Disqualifications round will begin in 2 minutes.

Wayne Miller: Allison, I can’t believe what I’m witnessing here tonight. Brian Kennedy is actually besting Paige Lewis, albeit with an assist from Tyler Cross. If he wins just ONE more round, we’ll have a new champion!

Allie Queen: I think we should start preparing for the very real, and at this point likely, possibility that Brian Kennedy leaves here tonight as the new SCW World Heavyweight Champion! Paige has to win all three remaining rounds if she wants to leave as the champion, and I must say, they are the most brutal.

In the ring, Brian had begun stirring first, and when he saw the scoreboard and realized he was just one round away from winning, he picked Paige up and lined up and executed the War Cry before covering her for the pin.

Wayne Miller: This could be it! We might have a new champion in a few seconds!

Allie Queen: Kennedy can TASTE the twenty pounds of gold!!!


A shocked gasp spread through the crowd as Paige Lewis kicked out. Brian couldn’t believe it. He picked her up and hit his finisher again and covered her.


The arena shook as the fans realized Paige Lewis had kicked out a second time.



In utter shock, Brian backed away from the unmoving Paige Lewis. Just then, he spotted his forgotten sledgehammer and grabbed it. As he raised it above his head, another man slid into the ring and grabbed him from behind, yanking him around. The crowd screamed as they recognized Brian Brewster. Brewster gave Kennedy two middle fingers before kicking him in the gut and nailing his finisher, the Next Generation. Brewster got to his feet quickly and grinned as he exited the ring and walked up the ramp.



Brian Brewster had reached the stage when he stopped, seeming to have an idea, and began making his way back down to the ring. Sliding back in, he looked at both competitors, and then at the referee. The fans were in an all out frenzy as Brewster grabbed Paige and dragged her on top of Kennedy and then rolled out of the ring as the referee began counting.



The score was now 3-2, still in Kennedy’s favor, but the fans were roaring as if it was over.

Wayne Miller: I’m speechless, Allie. Brian Kennedy is one round away from taking home the big one. Paige has to somehow win two more rounds, and it looks like her tank is nearing empty. The question now is, can she put Kennedy away without using her finisher?

Allie Queen: I have to agree with you, Paige is looking worn out in there, while Brian has for the most part been doing most of the damage. We’re not seeing the match we thought we’d see.

Anne Carpenter: Brian Kennedy has been pinned by Paige Lewis in the No Disqualifications round, and the score is now 3 to 2, Kennedy. The No Finishers round will begin in 2 minutes. During this round, you may not use your finisher on your opponent. Using your finisher is an automatic loss of the round.

Wayne Miller: SCW trainers are helping both competitors into their corner for their rest period, but let’s talk about the rules here. Anne said “you may not use your finisher,” now does that mean they can slip around that rule by using someone else finisher?

Allie Queen: That’s a good question, Wayne. I wonder if that’s what Paige had in mind.

After two minutes, the bell rang and both competitors came out of their corners. On the stage, several SCW superstars came out to watch. Paige and Brian locked up in the center of the ring. Brian began shoving Paige, but she ducked out of his grip and he stumbled over the steel ring steps that had been forgotten until then.

Wayne Miller: Good ring awareness there by Paige.

Allie Queen: That looked like a bad fall by the challenger, hopefully he isn’t too hurt.

Paige grabbed Brian by the trunks and wrapped her arms around his head, going for a Sleeper, but Brian fought her off and shoved her into the ropes. As she rebounded, Brian took her down with a Scoop Slam. Paige quickly got to her feet, but Brian laid her out with a huge Flying Knee to her face, busting her open again.

Wayne Miller: Brian Kennedy is not giving Paige Lewis even a moment to breathe. THIS is how to control the unstoppable Paige Lewis.

Allie Queen: I agree, so far, Brian Kennedy is making good on his promise to dominate Paige Lewis.

Paige was covering her mouth as Brian advanced on her again. When he grabbed her, she shoved him backwards and then spat a black mist into his face. Brian stumbled backwards as the crowd popped. Paige then attacked, grabbing Brian’s arm, turning, and a few seconds later, she had him up in the air.



The arena shook as Paige took Brian to the mat with a thunderous Paraguayan Imprint. On the stage, most of the SCW roster was watching, and at the front of the group, Jessica Tendonin was standing there with her husband, holding his arm as she grinned seeing Paige nail her partner with her finisher.

Wayne Miller: CAN SHE DO THAT?!


The crowd began chanting “EXPOSE HIM” as Paige stood over Brian. When he began moving, Paige grabbed him by the trunks, locked her arms around his waist, and hit a German Suplex. Just as the referee was about to call the round, she rolled and landed a second. As she hit the third, the crowd realized she’d just stolen Brian’s own finisher.


Allie Queen: I think we now understand, finisher stealing was encouraged in this round. Brian caught on too late. I think this round might be over for him.

Paige went for the cover on Brian as the entire SCW roster was out on stage watching now.




Paige got to her feet and began stomping away at Brian. When she stopped, she picked him up only to be shoved backwards. Brian then went for a Super Kick, Paige’s finisher, but Paige ducked, got behind him, and locked in a Rear Naked Choke.

Wayne Miller: Paige looking for another submission point, Brian needs to find the ropes, FAST!


In the ring, Brian struggled his way forward, and after nearly a minute, he reached the ropes and Paige broke the hold. On the stage, some of the SCW staff members, such as interviewers, had even come out to watch. The crowd was roaring with excitement as the main event pressed on. The score was 3-2 in Kennedy’s favor with two rounds left to be decided, and SCW fans knew better than to call a winner just yet.

Wayne Miller: Allie, I know a lot of people were protesting Brian Kennedy getting this match tonight, feeling he didn’t deserve a shot at Paige’s championship after she’d defeated him twice already, but now, in the sixth round, I have to say, Brian is in rare form, and faring much better than he had previously.

Allie Queen: I think a lot of people counted him out early because of his previous losses against her, but tonight, Paige, and indeed all of us watching, is seeing a totally different side of Brian. I don’t think I’ve seen Paige pushed like this in a long time.

Brian was back on his feet and Paige was peering at him from the corner. The two met in the center for a test of strength. Just as they were about to lock up, Paige dropped to one knee, taking Brian down with a Fireman’s Carry and immediately locking in another Rear Naked Choke. The arena shook as the crowd cheered when Paige tucked her hand and then pulled Brian backwards into a Grapevine so that he couldn’t crawl to the ropes.



Indeed, Brian seemed to sense he was not getting out of the submission anytime soon, and instead of wasting energy fighting it, he began tapping out. The point buzzer rang, but was not heard over the fans, and it was several moments before Anne could make the announcement.

Anne Carpenter: Brian Kennedy has submitted via Rear Naked Choke. As a result, the round has been awarded to Paige Lewis. The score is now 3 to 3, and the final round, Last Man Standing, will decided the SCW World Heavyweight Championship after a 5 minute rest period.

Wayne Miller: We’ve got a tied game!!! Whoever takes the following round, they leave with the twenty pounds of gold!

Allie Queen: Brian made the smart decision by tapping out there, but you have to wonder if he will be able to save his bid now. He cannot afford to let Paige Lewis win this next round.

Paige had exited the ring and walked up the ramp, and as she approached, camera in tow, the SCW roster parted to allow her through. Going behind the curtain, she quickly made her way to her dressing room, which was one of the closest to the entrance area. There, she found her uncle and her son. Without a word, she picked the boy up and held him, kissing his forehead.

Paige: I’ll bring it back, my baby. I’ll bring it back for you. I love you, sweet baby. I’ll bring it back to you. Uncle.

Wayne Miller: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do that, leave a match, albeit during a rest period, to go backstage to hold their infant.

Allie Queen: Who is gonna stop her?

The brief moment was over and Paige handed her son to her uncle and left the dressing room. Making her way back out onto the stage, Paige was met by Jessica Tendonin, who stood in her way. Paige looked around her, at Brian in the ring, who was grinning. Paige looked back up at Jessica, and raised an eyebrow. The standoff came to an end when Jessica grabbed Paige and shoved her behind her. Princess Kiya had walked out onto the stage behind Paige.



Wayne Miller: I think Jessica will have plenty to say about it if she tries!!!

Without taking her eyes off of the Egyptian, Jessica told Paige to go back to the ring, and the champion did so, as the five minute timer was coming to an end. As Jessica and Kiya continued sizing each other up on the ramp, Paige entered the ring just as the buzzer sounded. Brian charged at her, his grin gone. Paige dodged the attack and Brian ran into the ropes, and Paige nailed him with a Pele Kick when he rebounded. Stumbling back to his feet, Brian charged at Paige again, this time finding his target.

Wayne Miller: Last Man Standing. These two have now moved on to the most dangerous match. You have to do whatever it takes to keep your opponent from answering a count of 10.

Allie Queen: I’m not sure who this round is going to favor, as both of these stars have been giving it their all. It’s been over an hour, and Brian held control for most of the match, but we know Paige tends to get a second wind during these longer sessions.

Brian dragged Paige to a turnbuckle, ramming her shoulder first into the post. Paige groaned in pain as she was rammed a second and third time. Brian turned her around and began laying into her. One of his punches landed with devastating effect, breaking the champions nose.

Wayne Miller: Brian just put Paige’s nose in a new zip code!!!

Allie Queen: That is going to hurt in the morning!

On the stage, the confrontation between Kiya and Jessica seemed to have ended, as the Egyptian was gone and the Paraguayan had turned her attention back to the main event. Brian lifted Paige above his head in the Gorilla Press position before dropping her onto the steel steps. As the champion writhed in pain, Brian rolled out of the ring and rummaged around under the ring for a table.

Wayne Miller: Now what has he got planned here?!

Allie Queen: I’m not sure but it can’t be a fun time for Paige if he succeeds. Brian is willing to do whatever it takes to leave with the championship.

Pushing the table into the ring, Brian set it up and then positioned the steel steps under it. Turning his attention to Paige, he went to grab her by the hair, but she struck him with a low blow that brought him to his knees. She then grabbed his head, shoving it between her thighs before lifting him up for a Powerbomb. The fans screamed as she grabbed his tights and lifted him even higher before driving the challenger straight down through the table and into the stairs.

Wayne Miller: What an amazing display of strength!

Allie Queen: Elevated Powerbomb from the champion! I don’t think we’ve ever seen that from her!!!

Leaning against the ropes for support, Paige watched as the referee began counting.


Brian began stirring at the three count and very slowly got to his feet. Paige mowed him down with his own sledgehammer, busting him open.

Wayne Miller: It’s like we said earlier, Paige gets a second wind after a while, and this is where she can be dangerous.

Allie Queen: Absolutely. We’ve only seen one person beat her at the long game, and that’s Jessica Tendonin. Brian Kennedy needs to neutralize Paige Lewis before it gets to that point.

Paige had dropped the sledgehammer and mounted Brian and was pounding away at his face as the crowd began her chant of “EXPOSE HIM” again. By the time Paige stopped, Brian’s face was a bloody mess and her fists were dripping with his blood. She left the ring and grabbed a steel chair from under it before returning to the ring. Brian was on one knee when Paige smacked him in the face with the chair.

Wayne Miller: Chair to the freaking face!

Allie Queen: I can’t imagine the pain either of them are in at this point.

When Brian got up again, he charged at the champion, taking her down with a clothesline. Picking her up quickly, he then delivered a DDT that seemed to daze her. Brian then took the chair and put it around Paige’s arm. With a sickening grin, he climbed the turnbuckle and as the crowd began booing, he jumped off the top and stomped on the chair. A hush went through the arena and a sickening snap was heard.



But the shock of the announcers was nothing compared to the crowd. An all out riot erupted as fans now swarmed over the barricades and rushed the ring trying to get at Brian Kennedy. Brian had nowhere to go, as the ring was surrounded. While he was focused on the fans surrounding the ring, he didn’t notice Paige pointing a rifle at him. She pulled the trigger and he was struck in the back.


Allie Queen: I HAVE NO IDEA!!!

Brian stumbled a bit before collapsing to the mat. Paige tossed the rifle and leaned on the ropes, favoring her arm as SCW security and local police regained control of the crowd, all while the referee began counting.


It was over, Brian was still down when the ten count ended. Paige dropped to her knees, exhausted. The crowd went into a frenzy as they realized she had gone the distance and won.

Wayne Miller: It’s over! Allie, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say Paige used a tranquilizer on Brian!

Allie Queen: I believe it, but where did she get it from?

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, Brian Kennedy has failed to answer the referee’s 10 count and has lost the round. The score is now 4-3, in Paige Lewis’ favor. As a result, the winner of this match…and STILL the SCW World Heavyweight Champion…..The Unstoppable Paige Lewis!!!

As the referee presented Paige with her belts, Jessica Tendonin and company began walking down the ramp as Heart of a Champion hit the PA system. Entering the ring, Jessica helped Paige to her feet. Paige’s parents were invited to the ring as well and Urakih held the ropes open for them. They rushed to Paige and hugged her and showered her with kisses and concern over her arm.

Wayne Miller: I’m watching the instant replay here from camera 5, and it looks like Paige took the hunting rifle from inside the ringpost! She must have had it stashed there for the whole match!

Allie Queen: On paper, this match favored Kennedy, but Paige was playing chess and seems to have planned for everything. The assist from Brewster, the rules in the no finisher round, and then the tranquilizer in the final round. Paige’s plan all along was to pick up 3 points by the final round, and then use the rifle, I think.

Wayne Miller: How do you defeat someone who plans ahead like that?

Allie Queen: Wayne, as we’ve just seen…you don’t. Tonight, Brian had a chance to prove that Jessica defeating Paige wasn’t a fluke. He failed. Tonight, I think the entire world has come to terms, yet again, with one simple fact; Paige Lewis is the face of the SCW. Paige Lewis is the real deal.

The show closed with Jessica raising Paige’s hand, and her parents holding up her belts. Domination was over.


Winner: Paige Lewis

SCW Domination Update

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SCW has become aware that Emily Desmond, who was scheduled to appear at Domination in a rematch against Paige Lewis for the SCW Alternative Championship, has tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, the match has been postponed indefinitely, until such a time that Emily Desmond has recovered and been cleared to compete.

The card has been appropriately updated and Paige Lewis will instead only be defending the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. Paige Lewis had the following to say when alerted to the situation, “That’s tough, mate. I hope Emily Desmond recovers well and quickly. And when she does, her rematch will be waiting for her. Godspeed, Emily.”

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