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Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Arena: Wembley Stadium
Date: October 6th, 2018


Main Event
SCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
The Ultimate Joke’s On You Match
Paige Lewis © v Brian Kennedy

In what will be the most unique match contested in SCW since reopening, and perhaps so far in the six year history, Paige Lewis has decided to defend in this match. Her official description of the match is that there will be pits of legos around the ring, fluorescent light tubes, thumbtacks, and an assortment of other weapons. The object of the match is to draw and staple 13 jokers to your opponent’s body. Once you have done this, you pull another card from the bin, and if it is a Diamond or a Heart suit card, you must make your opponent tap out. If a Club or Spade, you can attempt a pin.

There will be 50 jokers in the bin of cards. A competitors may remove cards stapled to their body, lowering the count. A removed card may not be reused. There are no disqualifications or count outs in this match, and a fall can take place anywhere. The winner will be declared the SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

SCW International Heavyweight Championship Match
TLC Match
Jessica Tendonin © v Larissa

In a shocking victory, SCW newcomer Larissa defeated industry legend, Fury, in what was scheduled as a triple threat, but became a singles match when their opponent missed their flight. Now, Larissa has a chance to take home some SCW gold in the form of the International Heavyweight Championship. Jessica has elected to defend the championship in a TLC match, and this could be a game changer. Tendonin has competed in several high profile ladder matches in SCW over the years, whereas Larissa has just started out. A lot of support has been gathered for the rookie, however, after her shocking defeat of Fury.

SCW Alternative Championship Match
Weapons in a Cage Match
Emily Desmond © VS Johnathan Mills

Emily Desmond won the SCW Alternative title over a year ago and has kept her grip on it, taking on people like Priest, Alzy Hawkshaw, Gabriel Tuck and more and taken them on in various match types like Falls Count Anywhere, Submission Only and more. She has pulled out the stops and is making it…..Weapons In a Cage! The ring will be surrounded by a cage, which seems normal enough and could still be a factor in the match, but this time various weapons like chairs, ball bats wrapped in barb wire, bags of thumb tacks and more are attached to the cage.

The goal is to get one of these weapons and use it against your opponent before they use them against you. This match has the potential to be a bloodbath but Johnathan Mills got under Emily’s skin at Overdrive 49. Can Johnathatn stop the woman who is arguably one of the best wrestlers not just in SCW, but perhaps in the US, down? Can he stop her and end her reign and her streak? Or will Emily prove just why she chose this match and after turning Mills into a bloody mess before getting a pinfall on him?

SCW North American Heavyweight Championship Match
Table Match
Rich Anderson v Priest

Several Weeks ago, Rich Anderson was attacked backstage. It was unknown who it was. First, Anderson accused Jessica Tendonin of being his attacker, and she denied the accusation. Mr. Walker intervened. At Overdrive 49, as the event was about to go off the air, Rich Anderson came out to the ring, fuming, and demanded the attacker reveal themselves. In a fit of rage, Anderson was goaded into putting the North American Heavyweight Championship on the line before the attacker was revealed.

In an absolutely surprising turn of events, it was revealed that Priest was the one who had attacked Rich Anderson. Priest had been gone from SCW for nearly a year, and hadn’t been seen since. Now, he has a chance to win the championship off the man he attacked backstage. Priest is a former SCW Alternative Champion, and quite a formidable opponent, but Rich Anderson is no pushover, and will be going into this match with revenge on his mind.

SCW World Tag Team Championship
DEA © v Hellfire

In a match of their own creation, the DEA have called out Hellfire for their repeated remarks over the past several months, and put up the tag team titles. The match is Barefoot, Ladder, Alcohol, Carpet Strips, and Thumb tacks. All competitors will be forced to compete barefoot. There will be puddles of rubbing alcohol around the ring and in it. The ladders will have carpet strips on the rungs, adding further pain. And thumb tacks will be plentiful. This match will definitely be bloody.

Winners Wish
Open Challenge

The winner of this match earns the right to challenge for any championship in SCW, aside from the World Heavyweight Championship. Match will be contested under normal rules.

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