SCW Overdrive 49 Results

By September 15, 2018Results

As My Name Is Human by Highly Suspect begins to play through the arena, a video montage is shown. Previous SCW stars are briefly shown, followed by current stars. Next, every champion in SCW history was shown, starting with Brian Brewster and Cam Davitt as SCW Tag Team Champions, The Ryders as SCW Tag Team Champions, Cam Davitt and Lynn Brewster as SCW Tag Team Champions, Empire as SCW World Tag Team Champion, DEA as SCW World Tag Team Champions, Jesse Owusu as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his first reign as SCW North American Champion, Stefanos Los Rios as SCW North American Champion, Jacina as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his second reign as SCW North American Champion, Red Dragon as SCW North American Champion, Macy Kane as SCW North American Champion, Paige Lewis as SCW North American Champion, Jessica Tendonin as North American Champion, Rich Anderson as SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW International Heavyweight Champion.


Lucius Tendonin as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Requiem as SCW Alternative Champion, Adatu Urakih as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Emily Desmond as SCW Alternative champion, Neela Shizeguma as SCW World Champion, Brian Kennedy as SCW World Champion, Brian Brewster as SCW World Champion, Paige Lewis as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion in her first reign, Jessica Tendonin as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion, and lastly, Paige Lewis as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion in her second reign.

The SCW Commentary Team is shown now, Allie Queen and Wayne Miller.

Wayne: Tonight is the last stop before TLC, ladies and gentlemen, and I can’t wait!

Allie: I’ve just gotten word that Jacina missed her flight and will not be competing tonight! Our opening match has just become a one on one match!


The camera catches up as Emily Desmond is having a talk with her father just outside her locker room. She looks at it, then looks past it. Quickly Sean Foster appears in the picture, mic in hand.

Sean Foster: Emily we’re now weeks away from TLC and at TLC you defend the SCW Alternative title against one of your competitors tonight, Johnathan Mills. You’ve been known for having intense matches, will TLC be different?

Emily looks at Sean with a bit of amusement.

Emily: I’ve done ladder matches, no disqualifications, but at TLC I’m going to bring a different level of intensity to the title when I defend it in…..a cage match.

Sean looks at Emily, puzzled.

Emily: But not just any cage, this cage will have weapons in it!

Sean pales at this but keeps his composure.

Sean: Weapons?

Emily looks at Sean, a bit exasperated that he asked this question like he’s never heard of the idea.

Emily: Yes weapons in the cage, hanging from the sides. We’re talking ball bats, chairs, anything that can be used to attack your opponent. I chose this because I feel that Mills will be one of my tougher opponents and I want to make sure that when the bell rings and I’m declared the winner, that there Is NO doubt that I’m the greatest Alternative champion.

Sean is staring at Emily as if he’s seeing a new person. She certainly doesn’t act, or hasn’t acted this way at home.

Emily: Everyone has been wrong about me so far. I beat Priest for this title and I’ve taken on all comers, and Mills is the latest. I would think he could look and see who I’ve been up against and realize that I’m not some withering wall flower but I’m a true competitor, that I’m not afraid.

Sean: But…given the match you decided on, he could be the one that is victorious and then your reign ends.

Emily: Do you think I didn’t think of that? But I also don’t want Mills, or Paige, or whoever, to think I haven’t defended this title.

Sean: I doubt anyone has thought this.

Emily: Plus I hope that my reign as champion, that my abilities are no longer questioned and then I hope to get a shot at……

Emily looks at Sean to see if he can figure out what she’s going to say. He doesn’t say a word so she sighs and continues.

Emily: I know that Paige Lewis holds a title shot for my belt. Well two can play at that game…..I want a shot at the SCW World title. I think given my record I’ve more than earned it. Now if you’ll excuse me.

Chris opens Emily’s door to her locker room and she goes in, and Alzy can be heard saying “have you lost your mind?” The door closes and Sean looks at Chris Desmond, who adjusts his jacket.

Chris: People didn’t believe Emily could win, then every time she’s defended it they doubted she could keep it. I think wanting a shot at Paige…..was been well earned.

Chris goes in the locker room and the door closes as the camera goes back to ring side.


In the ring, Mr. Walker was standing at a table, holding a microphone. The crowd was popping with excitement as he gestured for them to calm down. After a moment, he began speaking.

Mr. Walker: Ladies and gentlemen, you know we usually do this later in the evening, but tonight is a bit different. At Overdrive 48, I made it official. Brian Kennedy will challenge Paige Lewis for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship! First, I’d like to have both of them come on out here now. Brian Kennedy!

Eulogy by Tool hit the PA system and a moment later, Brian Kennedy walked out onto the stage, carrying his half of the SCW World Tag Team Championship. He quickly made his way to the ring, where he shook hands with Mr. Walker. Holding the championship up, he posed drawing a response from the crowd.

Mr. Walker: And the premier of SCW, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion…PAIGE LEWIS!

Spotlight by Hot Tag Media Works rang out from the PA system and the crowd roared to life. After about 30 seconds, Paige Lewis walked out onto the stage, the SCW World Heavyweight Championship around her waist.

Allie Queen: And there is our champion! I can’t wait til we see what happens between these two at TLC!

Wayne Miller: I want to know what kind of match they’re competing in! Last year, Paige defended against Priest at TLC, in an extreme rules TLC match, and that match was easily a future classic!

Lewis began making her way down the ramp. Near the bottom, she pointed at a sign held up by a young girl that read “Paige vs Brian, 3-0!” Leaning over to hug the young girl and take a few pictures, the champion basked in the adoration of the fans before ascending to the apron.

Allie Queen: Paige Lewis always makes time to respond to her adoring fans.

With both competitors in the ring now, Mr. Walker raised his mic.

Mr. Walker: Alright, now that everyone is here, we’ve got some business to take care of. First of all, you are both great competitors, and regardless of what happens at TLC, you both have set a precedent in this company. Brian, I’m going to have you sign first.

With no hesitation, Brian Kennedy picked up his contract and signed his name. Dropping the clipboard on the table, he turned to Paige Lewis.

Mr. Walker: And your turn, champ.

Paige Lewis picked up the contract meant for her, and began signing it. Finishing, she picked up a microphone.

Paige Lewis: Mr. Walker, I have a proposition. I know you were planning on having me defend the championship against Brian Kennedy in a TLC match. But, I’ve done that already. I propose something…different.

Before Mr. Walker could respond, Brian Kennedy spoke up, having grabbed a mic of his own.

Brian Kennedy: You know what, you let her pick whatever match type she thinks she has a chance of beating me-

Paige Lewis: Done it twice.

Brian Kennedy: You won’t do it again!-

Mr. Walker: Well, since you both feel so strongly about it, I concede. Paige, how would you like to defend the championship?

Paige Lewis: People seem to overlook the fact that I’ve gotten hardcore a few times. I don’t care what I have to break, climb, bend, or rip. I do what I have to do. To that end, I have decided to defend the SCW World Heavyweight Championship in…the Ultimate Joke’s On You Match!

Mr. Walker: Alright, consider it done.

Brian Kennedy: Wait a minute, dammit! What the hell is a Ultimate Joke’s On You Match?!-

Paige Lewis: The match I’m going to beat you in at TLC.

Kennedy charged at Lewis, but before he got across the ring, the raggedy woman, Princess Kiya, slid into the ring, standing at Paige’s side. Kennedy looked as if he was still going to assault the champion, but Mr. Walker hustled him out of the ring as the crowd popped. The scene then cut to commercial.


Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the following non title contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is to determine the number one contender for the SCW International Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 180lbs, she is The Wrath of the Desert…FURY!!!

The intro to “Zombie” hits as the fans stand in anticipation. A pyro shoots up from the entrance ramp as Vero walks out to the ramp with a scowl on her face. She begins her slow descent down the ramp with her still not acknowledging the crowd nor making any contact. Once she reaches the end of the entrance ramp, she looks at the crowd around her, surveying her surroundings before running towards the ring and sliding under the ropes.

She heads straight for the upper left turnbuckle and climbs it surveying the crowd without any taunt, like an animal stalking their prey. She then heads towards the opposite turnbuckle and does the same. She descends the top right turnbuckle and does stretches using the ropes as she waits for the bell to ring or for her opponent to arrive.

Allie Queen: As we saw a few minutes ago as we came on the air, Jacina missed her flight and has been removed from this match! This is now one on one, Fury vs Larissa!

Wayne Miller: The winner goes on the challenge Jessica for the SCW International Heavyweight Championship! Either of them facing Jessica and coming out on top would be one hell of a shocker! My money is on Fury taking it home tonight, and leaving TLC with SCW gold!

Anne Carpenter: And her opponent, from Shanghai, Larissa!

As the Chinese National Anthem began playing, Larissa came out on stage and stepped onto a pedestal. It began rotating slowly while she held her hands up in the air. After a few revolutions, it slowed to a stop and Larissa stepped off and began making her way to the ring. Coming down the ramp, she removed a compact mirror and began admiring herself. After climbing into the ring, Larissa put the mirror away and stood in the corner.

Allie Queen: Larissa chances have increased in this match, with Jacina being removed.

Wayne Miller: Nah, Fury is taking this one home!

The bell rang and the two women charged at each other. Fury took Larissa down with a Lariat, but both women got back to their feet quickly. Larissa sent a dropkick Fury’s way, but it was dodged. Larissa got up and took a kick to the gut. Fury then went for a kick to the head,, but Larissa dodged it and dropkicked Fury into the ropes.

Allie Queen: Good back and forth here in the very beginning. You have to wonder, who really wants it the most, though, and who will be able to capitalize.

Wayne Miller: Oh, I think…wait, what is she doing out here?!

On the stage, the SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Jessica Tendonin, had appeared, carrying the championship over her shoulder. The fans popped as she made her way down the ramp, stopping halfway. Larissa and Fury both turned to look her way briefly.

Allie Queen: Getting a closer look at her next challenger, I expect.

Wayne Miller: I hope that’s all. We know how she gets sometimes.

Larissa turned to Fury and took her down with a Snapmare, driving her head first into the mat. Larissa went for a knee drop, and Fury rolled out of the way. Larissa got back to her feet as Fury went for a clothesline. Larissa countered into an armbar. They were in the center of the ring, and Fury had nowhere to go. Amazingly, Fury broke out of the hold.

Allie Queen: I can’t believe it!

Wayne Miller: Fury using her immense strength to simply yank her arm out of the armbar!

Allie Queen: Right back into the frying pan! Larissa’s got the Hammerlock!

Larissa indeed was executing another move. One arm pulled around Fury’s back, Larissa hooked her head, and then drove her into the mat with a Hammerlock DDT, driving the crowd wild. Larissa quickly rolled into a cover.

The bell rang as the crowd exploded, having not expected the sudden finish. The Chinese National Anthem began playing.




In the ring, Larissa is looking around, mouth open and eyes wide, still in shock.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, and the new number one contender for the SCW International Heavyweight Championship…Larissa!

Jessica Tendonin made her way to the ring, applauding Larissa as she entered. Jessica was handed a microphone and Larissa’s music died down.

Jessica Tendonin: I’ve gotta say, I’m shocked. Here I’ve been preparing to face Fury again, and you’ve completely thrown a wrench into my preparation. Congratulations, Larissa. I’m looking forward to our match at TLC even more now.

Wayne Miller: I think this is going to be an interesting match.

Allie Queen: This night has started off with a huge upset.

Jessica looked around the arena before continuing.

Jessica Tendonin: Mr. Walker has given me carte blanche as it pertains to our match at TLC. And so…I’ve decided to go old school. Larissa, you and I will battle over this International Heavyweight Championship…in a TLC Match. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, all fair game. Good luck, Larissa.

Allie Queen: TLC Match!

With that, Jessica exited the ring and walked up the ramp, the crowd cheering for her and Larissa.




Backstage, Brian Kennedy, Lucius Tendonin, and Jessica Tendonin are standing in front of the DEA logo. Brian and Lucius are holding the SCW World Tag Team Championships, while Jessica holds the SCW International Championship. Brian begins speaking.

Brian Kennedy: You know what…I’m getting tired of all the talking and whining. All this talk about what people deserve, or favoritism, and just overall bullshit from people who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. I think it’s amazing how the people who have the most to say, know the least about what they’re talking about.

Lucius Tendonin: The DEA has never ran or ducked a challenge, from anybody, ever. So, when we hear people flapping their gums with our name in their mouth, we take that shit personal.

Brian Kennedy: Call me crazy. Call me a glutton for punishment. Call me whatever. Just don’t call me or my crew cowards. Hellfire, you’ve been talking shit for months now, and it has finally gotten to me. You clowns talk a big game, but you’ve had multiple chances, and you failed each time.

Lucius shook his head before speaking.

Lucius Tendonin: But…the Dragon Empire Agents are, if nothing else, ready for anything and anyone. Can you say the same, Hellfire? Well, we’re going to find out soon. Because at TLC, we’re giving you clowns another chance. But…it won’t be in a match you’ve ever seen before. You see, we’ve concocted a special match for you. Tell them about it, Brian.

Brian Kennedy: We’re calling it the BLACT Match. Now, get your mind out of the gutter and ignore the similarity to the name of that porn company that makes interracial porn. This is gonna be all hardcore. Mind out of the gutter again.

Lucius Tendonin: I’m certain we could have gone about that differently, but oh well. Hellfire, you’ve run your mouth for too long. Now, it’s time to shut you up again. It’s going to be a rough match for all involved, but I guarantee DEA will come out on top. And how, you might ask, am I gonna do that? Well…if there is one thing that everyone should have learned by now since SCW reopened…there are three people here who have been damn near untouchable since the Reunion.

No, I’m not saying it’s us, the DEA. Well, not totally. Paige Lewis has been smoking everyone she comes across. My guy Brian Kennedy is gonna put her down at TLC, though. Then, there is you, Emily Desmond. You’ve done pretty good with that Alternative Championship, and are one of the three I’m talking about. Oh, but the third…I’ve had the pleasure of watching her perform for nearly two decades.

So, when I say I guarantee the DEA will successfully defend the SCW World Tag Team Championship…well…

Lucius smiled as he handed his tag team belt to his wife, and the redhead batted her eyes while kissing his cheek. Jessica smiled, turned back to the camera now. The three of them began to laugh as the scene faded.


Cassie Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, the following singles contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from parts unknown…the Masked Avenger!

The intro to Sucker Punch by Korn blasts over air waves as The Masked Avenger comes out on stage and then taunts the fans. They boo the Avenger as the being walks down to the ring and then rolls into the ring and runs over to the ropes and then taunts the crowd on the ropes then The Avenger jumps down from the ropes and then waits for his opponent.

Cassie Mason: And his opponent, hailing from Canton, Ohio, he is part of the SCW World Tag Team Champions, and the number one contender for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship…Brian Kennedy!

As the rhythm picks up after around a minute of music plays and the words start to work its way through the arena the lights cut out and a spot light shines at the top of the ramp. Brian is seen standing there with a smile, in his hand is a 20 lb sledge hammer.

He had alot to say.
He had alot of nothing to say.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
He had alot to say.
He had alot of nothing to say.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
(We’re gonna miss him. 2x)

So loooooong!

Fire shoots out from the stage. Smoke rises from the stage as he starts to walk toward the ring. He stops about Half way to the ring as he flexes in front of the camera kissing his sledge hammer. He smirks in to the camera yelling snide remarks.

We wish you well.
You told us how you weren’t afraid to die.
Well so looooooong.
Don’t cryyyyy.
Or feel too down.
Not all martyrs see divinity.
But at least you tried.

He climbs up the steps and turns toward the crowd and taunts them by flipping them off and girls scream his name. He stops and turns back towards the crowd and jumps over the top rope and stands in the middle of the ring, he looks around and drops the sledge hammer and flexes as the flashes flow through out the arena.

Standing above the crowd
he had a voice that was strong and loud.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)

Ranting and pointing his finger
at everything but his heart.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
(We’re gonna miss him. 2x)

No wayyyyyy
to recall
what it was that you had said to me,
like I care at alll.
But he was sooo louuud.
You sure could yell.
You took a stand on every little thing
and soooo louuuuuuuuud.

You, could be, the one, who saves, me from, my own, existence.

He climbs all the turnbuckles yet again doing a pose with his arms spread out wide from each one as the music fades.

Allie Queen: Kennedy is really ahead of the 8 ball right now. He is two matches away from making history here in SCW.

Wayne Miller: Yeah, TLC is going to be amazing! I still don’t know what an Ultimate Joke’s On You Match is!

The bell rang and both men charged at each other. Masked Avenger dodged a clothesline, and grabbed Kennedy by the hair, yanking backwards and driving their opponent into the mat. Kennedy clutched his head in pain as he got to his feet, but was knocked down again as Masked Avenger took him down with a leg sweep.

Allie Queen: Wow, Masked Avenger with multiple takedowns early on in this match.

Wayne Miller: We still don’t know much about him or her as it stands, and you have to wonder how that will work against Kennedy.

Kennedy was quickly on his feet, and this time, when Masked Avenger went for a take down, Kennedy blocked the attack and shoved his opponent backwards. Masked Avenger charged forward, and Kennedy took them down with a huge elbow to the face that stunned Masked Avenger. As Kennedy advanced on Masked Avenger, suddenly, the lights went out.

Allie Queen: What the hell?!

Wayne Miller: Who is messing with the lights?! We’ve got a match going on, dammit!

Movement was heard in the ring, and a moment later, when the lights came back on, Kennedy was laid out and Masked Avenger was covering him for a pin attempt.

Allie Queen: What the hell just happened here?

Wayne Miller: This shit has to stop! We can’t go one damn event with some shit happening to Kennedy now!

Cassie Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, Masked Avenger!




Anne Carpenter: The following contest is the main event! First from New York, accompanied by Chris Desmond, weighing at 415 pounds, this is SCW Alternative champion Emily Desmond and Alzy Hawkshaw…..Hellfire!

Lights go out as “King Nothing” by Metallic comes up. Lights slowly come up at 30 seconds to show Alzy on one side, and Emily on the other, with Chris Desmond, dressed impeccably in a dark blue suit. Alzy and Emily are both wearing long black tights with flames of different shades of green and purple on them. Emily wears a solid green shirt and they both have black trench coats. Alzy wears his hair down, like he normally does when wrestling, where Emily has hers in a ponytail. At 40 seconds they start making their way to the ring, ignoring the boos from the fans. As they reach the ring the circle round it once going different sides. If their opponents aren’t in the ring, at 1:14 they climb in. If their opponents are in the ring, they remove their jackets outside the ring and stare down their opponents before suddenly charging the ring at 1:40.

Allie:Hellfire has been trying for some time to win the tag team titles. A few months ago Chris and Emily brought in Alzy.

Wayne: That hasn’t been going the way they hoped. Alzy has had ups and downs in SCW.

Emily and Alzy slide into the ring.

Anne Carpenter: And their opponents, the number one contender for the SCW Alternative Championship, and the current SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Johnathan Mills and Jessica Tendonin!

Party Monster by The Weeknd began playing through the arena audio system as the crowd exploded.

“I’m Good, I’m Good, I’m Great!”
After a few seconds, Jessica Tendonin walked out onto the stage, Johnathan Mills at her side, the SCW International Heavyweight Championship around her waist. She stood there for a moment, raising both arms above her head, posing for the fans who cheered her. Jessica then began walking down the ramp, slowly lowering her arms. Mills walked beside her, high fiving fans along the way.

Jessica reached the ring and stood for a moment, looking around at the arena. Basking in the cheers, Jessica smiled as she climbed into the ring while Mills held the ropes open for her. Then, Jessica held the ropes open for Mills.. She walked to the nearest turnbuckle and climbed it, posing for the crowd. Jessica unhooked the belt from her waist and held it in the air.

Jessica jumped down from the second rope, fistbumping Mills

Allie:These people are indeed ready to tear into each other. Emily and Alzy could get a huge win tonight. And think about it, we have a former Alternative champion, the current one, and the current challenger.

Wayne: And then there’s Alzy.

Each team debates who will start as the referee looks on. A few moments later, Johnathan and Emily step through the ropes as Jessica and Alzy step forward. The ref looks them over, arms outstretched to keep them apart. He then brings his arms together before signaling for the bell. Jessica and Alzy step forward to lock up. Even though Alzy might be the slightly bigger competitor they seem evenly matched. Alzy is able to power Jessica into a neutral corner. The referee orders the two to separate. Alzy backs off, hands in the air to signify compliance (something Jessica has been doing since being pushed into the corner). However before Jessica is back on her guard, Alzy slaps her across the face.

Allie:What the hell? What is Alzy doing?

Wayne: Signing his own death warrant.

Alzy back stepped to the middle of the ring, laughing arrogantly as Jessica raised a hand to her face slowly, amazed that Alzy had the gall to perform such a disrespectful action. However, after the shock dies down she smiles.

Allie:Why is Jessica smiling?

Jessica is still smiling slightly as she comes slowly out of the corner. Cautiously she raises her hands up, asking for another grapple. Alzy raises his arms as well, looking to oblige her. However Alzy lunges into Jessica’s stomach with a toe kick…but Jessica was looking for it and blocks it!

Jessica smirks at Alzy, who looks partly impressed, but mostly frustrated, that Jessica figured him out so quickly. Alzy hangs out helplessly until Jessica shoves his foot back down into the mat. Alzy then tries to sucker punch her while she’s not looking, but Jessica blocks this as well, ducking it and getting behind Alzy. Alzy whirls around, but is met with a big right hand from Jessica. Jessica connects with a second, then a third right hand, sending Alzy reeling into the ropes. Jessica comes after him and Irish whips him into the opposite corner. She then charges at the rebounding Alzy with a diving shoulder block. Alzy is knocked down and Jessica pops up, posing for the cheering crowd.

Wayne: Jessica is really handing it to Alzy.

Allie:It looks like she wants to end this quickly.

Jessica quickly moves to Alzy’s legs and picks them up, clearly going for a Sharpshooter. However Alzy resists and distracts Jessica long enough for Emily to storm into the ring and hit a clubbing blow to Jessica’s neck, knocking her down and freeing her partner. She then retreats quickly back to their corner and grabs the tag rope.

Allie:What the hell? What….why….

Wayne: I think we’re going to see Emily’s true colors come out tonight.

Allie: But what did Jessica ever do to her?

Wayne: Be liked more by the fans?

Alzy gets to his feet as Jessica crawls towards the ropes, intending to use them to help her stand. However Alzy sets up and hits a big kick to the ribs. This action is loudly denounced by the fans as Jessica is flipped over onto her back. It’s effective in that Jessica is now rolling slowly back and forth in the ring, unable to do anything more than groan and hold her stomach. Alzy smirks as he grabs Jessica by the ankle and drags her over to his corner. He then takes one hand off to tag in Emily. Alzy restrains Jessica while Emily comes in and stomps on Jessica’s chest and stomach. Emily makes a stomp to Jessica’s Ankle and leg as the ref gets Alzy out of the ring. This assault to Jessica’s legs continues with Emily place more stomps on Jessica’s ankles and thighs.

Allie: I….can’t….

Wayne: She’s not the perfect girl you thought her to be?

Allie: She’s trying to keep Jessica down. This isn’t like Emily.

Wayne: She is Chris Desmond’s daughter.

Emily eventually relents, posing for the crowd as they boo her. Emily shrugs this off however, as she turns back to Jessica as she gets to her knees. Emily winds back and plows into Jessica with a right hand that sends Jessica reeling. However she comes back with a right hand of her own, striking Emily squarely in the stomach. Emily raises an eyebrow, then strikes Jessica again as she is on one knee. Jessica is forced back, but is on both feet again as she comes back with a right hand to Emily’s face. Emily returns with a third blow, and Jessica reciprocates. The two exchange several more right hands, with neither giving any ground. The exchange appears to be moving in Jessica’s favor, but Emily quickly hits a high knee to stop Jessica’s momentum dead. Emily looks around, smirking to the crowd that disapproves of her so as she drags Jessica over to the corner and tags Alzy in. Emily then holds Jessica up with a weak full Nelson.

Allie:The only good thing I can say about Hellfire is they are working extremely well as a team.

Wayne: Indeed. This is a side of this team that has been needed.

Allie:But why do they have to do this to Jessica?

Wayne: We agree on that at least.

The camera cuts to Johnathan chomping at the bit to get into the match before showing Alzy hit a strong right hand on the defenseless Jessica, knocking her to her knees once more but Jessica hits a right hand, trying to fight back. But its obvious how well Hellfire’s strategy is working. Alzy hits a kick to Jessica, knocking her over, but Jessica seems to have heard Allie and Wayne as she popped right back up. She met a right hand but she returned it. Alzy hits a knife edge chop to Jessica’s chest, but she throws another right hand. Alzy hits another punch, but Jessica has gotten a second wind and starts throwing repeated right hands, eventually sending Alzy into the ropes.

Allie:Jessica is definitely ready to fight back.

Jessica Irish whips Alzy into the opposite ropes, then hits a standing dropkick on Alzy, knocking him off his feet. However this maneuver takes Jessica off her feet as well. She begins crawling over towards her corner, where Johnathan is stretching out as far as he can. Jessica is almost there. But Emily leaps into the ring, intending to intercept Jessica. Emily never makes it out of her corner, but her job is done, as Johnathan is tagged in while the referee’s back is turned. Johnathan storms into the ring to attack Alzy, but Emily retreats to her corner and ref sees Mills in the ring. Since he never saw the tag, he rules Mills back to his corner!

Allie:Oh come on! He’s the one tagged in!

Eventually Mills is subdued and wrestled back to his corner as Alzy gets up and smirks at the crowd. He then nails Jessica with another chest chop, sending her back stepping into a neutral corner. Alzy then raises Jessica up and sitting her on the top rope. He then follows after her, clearly intending to his a Frankensteiner. However Jessica fights back with some right hands to Alzy’s stomach.

Wayne: Here comes Jessica we know.

Allie, muttering: About time.

Alzy is reeling from the blows, but remains on the top rope, even after several punches to the face. Finally however Jessica hits Alzy with a mean head butt and knocks him down to the mat. Alzy stumbles back up relatively quickly, but is met with a top rope tornado DDT for her trouble, laying both wrestlers out on the mat, each in between the other and his/her tag team partner.

Allie:Jessica finally has Alzy down.

Wayne: She needs to get up like….now.

The camera is showing the two legal wrestlers lying on the mat, each trying to come to their senses. Jessica quickly begins her trek over to Mills as Alzy tries to get to his feet. As soon as he does, he sees Jessica get almost within reach of her partner, but Alzy quickly grabs her by the ankle, holding her back. The crowd groans as one, then boos.

Allie:Jessica was so close.

Alzy smirks at Jessica as she struggles to free herself. Suddenly Jessica plunges towards Mills in one last, desperate attempt to tag. Alzy pulls Jessica quickly, causing Jessica to get a faceful of mat. But her hand nicks Mills! Mills is legal and comes running in!

Wayne: Finally! The fresh man storms into the ring!

That Mills does, clotheslining Alzy quickly. Alzy pops back up, but is met with another clothesline. Suddenly Mills changes gears and charges towards Hellfire’s corner, and for good reason—he clotheslines the would be sneak attack right of out Emily’s mind. Mills turns back to Alzy, clotheslines him a third time, and then turns to the crowd, posing quickly and energetically as he gets the fans fired up. Mills turns to Alzy (who is starting to get slowly up to his feet), grabs him in an inverted waistlock as he turns around and throws Alzy in an overhead belly to belly suplex.

Allie:Mills is going to town here. He’s working over Alzy’s back now.

Alzy rolls around on the mat a bit, holding his back as he does so. Mills watches him carefully, then runs against the tops and hits a dropkick to Alzy just as his back is exposed. Alzy holds his back some more as he rolls out of the ring. The ref tries to get Mills to back up. But as the ref is distracted with Mills, Chris runs around the ring, looking to sneak attack Jessica. But Jessica has been keeping an eye on Chris and turns to face him. Chris backs up, his hands in the air like he was only checking on Alzy.

Allie:You know, Chris has been keeping his nose out of this match.

Wayne: Yeah usually by now he’s done something to help his team.

Alzy rolls back into the ring only to be met with a kick to the back. Mills picks Alzy up and drags him to the middle of the ring where he executed a picture perfect snap suples. He then turned around to Alzy’s upper body, sits him up, and executes a surfboard stretch, driving the knee into (and continuing the focus on) Alzy’s back.

Allie:Mills sure is doing a number on Alzy’s back.

Wayne: It’s a good strategy really. If you beat down on the back you ground the man and it very hard to wrestling in the high flying style.

Alzy is clearly in pain as the referee checks him, but he’s nowhere near submission, even as Mills wrenches harder on the back. Alzy appears subdued for a time, but he begins to get a second wind and begins inching his way to his feet. He gets to his knees first, then to one knee. Then just as he has regained his vertical base, Mills switches gears on him, grabbing him under a shoulder and hits a belly to back suplex.

Desmond is shown on the outside of the ring, trying to get the crowd behind Hellfire, but the boos him instead. Mean while Mills is picking up Alzy and whipping him into Jessica’s corner. He makes the tag to the refreshed Jessica, then brings Alzy out to the middle of the ropes, waiting for Jessica to come over and grab Alzy’s other arm. They then throw him into the opposite ropes and charge as one towards him, hitting him with a double spear that lands Alzy hard on his back, working it over even more. The ref then gets Mills out of the ring, but Jessica begins to get confident. Jessica smirks at the crowd, then picks Alzy up into a military press. She tosses Alzy up and sends him sailing to the mat, back first. He arches his back and cringes, but does not cry out in pain. A sharp breath is noticeable, but no screaming. Yet, anyway, as Jessica moves towards Alzy’s legs again, intending to try the sharpshooter aga9in. Alzy fails around, knowing that this will come to no good, but Jessica stands strong, hunched over and stance staggered to keep steady. Suddenly Alzy reaches up and grabs Jessica’s upper body and rolls her into an inside cradle. The referee gets down quickly to count the pinfall.

Jessica kicks Alzy off and pops right up to her feet, while Alzy gets to his feet more slowly.

Allie:That was near fall of the match.

Wayne: I think Alzy took her by surprise…she wasn’t expecting a quick roll up in the midst of all that failing around.

‘Apparently not as Jessica was looking at Alzy with a most perplexed and amazed expression. This didn’t last long however as her gaze became angry and she charged at the battered Alzy. Alzy then ducks and hits a drop toe hold on her before hopping over to her upper body and grabbing her in a side headlocks. Jessica quickly gets to her feet from this headlock, backs against the ropes, and pushes Alzy against the opposite ropes. Alzy comes back and runs into a tilt a whirl that might have been an improvised set up for ….Paraguayan Imprint. But Alzy rolled through (after hooking Jessica’s head with his legs) and hits a big spinning head scissor. Alzy gets up at around the same time Jessica gets up to her feet, and he hits a spinning back kick on Jessica, causing her to stop and bend over slightly. Alzy then reaches up, grabs Jessica’s head, and snap mares her over onto the ground. He quickly pops up, then back down with a standing leg drop across Jessica’s throat. He then twists around into the bout’s second pinfall.

Wayne: Another near fall from Alzy!

Alzy gets to his feet, but it is clear that he is winded from that quick combo. However he’s in a better state than Jessica, who is struggling to get back to her feet. Soon she figures it’s better to crawl over to Mills and tag him in. Alzy intercepts her, grabbing her and dragging her back to the center of the ring. He then picks up one leg, grapevines it with his legs, and sits down in a leg lock.

Allie:It looks like Alzy is trying soften Jessica up for Emily’s finisher.

Alzy pulls and wrenches at Jessica’s leg, causing her to scream in pain. However she does not submit. Eventually Mills gets fed up and rushes into the ring, kicking Alzy off. However Emily comes in to intercept Mills, which results in a brawl in the ring as the referee loses control. Alzy gets up and attacks Mills from behind, resulting in a double team on Mills while Jessica recovers. Emily and Alzy beat down on Mills and eventually double clothesline him out of the ring. They then turn their attention to the ref, who is trying to get Emily out of the ring (but to no avail). Emily grabs Jessica from behind as Alzy moves to a corner and begins climbing it from inside the ring. Emily then jumps from behind, takes her knees, and drives them into Jessica’s back as she pulls her back in a lung blower, holding her there as Alzy reaches the top rope. Alzy then jumps off in a moonsault, hitting Jessica squarely with it and enhancing the damage because of Emily’s back cracker.

Allie:Wow…that’s a double-team maneuver to be proud of.

Emily smirks and rolls out of the ring to attack Mills as Alzy hooks a leg and covers Jessica.

Wayne: This could be over right here!

The referee is grabbed by the ankle and pulled outside the ring. Mills looks like he’s having a few words for the referee about how Jessica is being treated when Chris charges, looking to get a sneak attack on Mills. Instead the referee is pushed into the barricade, knocking him clear out. Suddenly as if all four competitors have a sixth sense as to when the ref is knocked out, they all get more sinister looks on their faces (some more than others). Jessica stumbles to her feet as Alzy smirks and rolls out of the ring and towards the announce table. Meanwhile Emily and Mills are brawling on the outside, exchanging right hands on the foot of the ramp.

Allie:Oh my…this match has just lost all order!

Wayne: You know what time it is, don’t you Allie?

Allie:What time is it?

Wayne: Its time for the blood to be spilled.

As Wayne sways this, Alzy takes a steel chair from the timekeeper and slides it into the ring (and him after it). Mills then Irish whips Emily into the steel steps, slamming into them hard, shoulder first. In the ring Alzy picks up the steel chair and raises it high about his head, having evil intentions with it. However Jessica springs into him with a superkick, causing him to drop the chair as he falls to the mat. Jessica then picks it up herself. On the outside, Emily is getting as Mills stalks behind her. Emily stands up and Mills grabs her in a waist lock before throwing her over his shoulder with a German suplex, sending Emily’s back and neck into the hard, stiff floor. Back inside the ring Jessica bangs the chair down on the mat as she waits for Alzy to stumble back to his feet. Alzy gets to his feet, staggers around a bit, then turns groggily around into a vicious chair shot from Jessica.

Allie:That was a chair shot and a half from Jessica!

Jessica just smirks down at the prone figure of Alzy, who appears to have a slight laceration in his forehead.

Wayne: Look blood!

Allie:You’re weird.

Emily is struggling to her feet as Allie says this, but Mills grabs her head and slams it into the ring apron. Emily recoils, leaning against the ring but Mills grabs her and whips her into the ring post face first. Mills grins as Chris starts towards, then stops thinking it’s not a smart idea while keeping an eye on the ref. However he seems even frailer than most as he is still not stirring.

Allie: Damnit we need a new referee out here.

Emily crawls over to the barrier and tries to pull herself up as Mills stalks over to her. Mills slams her head into the barricade, causing Emily to stumble back into the ring apron. The camera shows that Emily is now bleeding from the forehead as well. The scene then cuts to in the ring, where Jessica has picked up Alzy and deposited him in the corner with Alzy’s back to the ring. Jessica then puts the chair down on the mat a few strides away from Alzy before going over to him and grabbing his head as if to snap mare him. She then runs forward onto the turnbuckles, pushing off of them into the air and turning to fall into the steel chair, driving Alzy’s already bleeding face into it.

Wayne: Oh that won’t feet good in the morning.

Mills goes to hit Emily in the face, but Emily blocks and punches Mills, fighting back. She hits a second, then a third. She then Irish whips Mills shoulder first into a set of steel steps of her own. She glances over at the prone figure of the ref (who is being watched closely for signs of life by Chris), then digs under the ring for something.

Allie:This can’t be good.

Wayne: What is Emily doing?

As they ponder what Emily is searching for, Jessica picks up the lifeless form of Alzy up and picks him up as if for a fallaway slam, positioning herself near the chair. She then seems to be trying to his the Paraguayan Imprint onto the chair. But Alzy springs to life and reverses into an Aero Cutter onto the chair! Now both legal wrestlers are down for the count. On the outside Emily finds what she was searching for…a spike!

Allie:What the hell is she going to do with that?

Wayne: I feel like we’re seeing an even darker, more deranged Emily than ever here.

Emily grins sadistically at Mills as he begins to stand up. She then goes over to Mills and hits him with a left hand (she’s holding the spike with her right hand). Mills reels, leaning back over the steels steps. Emily hits a left hander knife edge chop, sending Mills leaning once more. However when Mills returns to his upright position this time, his forehead meets the point of that spike Emily jams into his forehead. The whole crowd boos (and cringes) at this.

Allie:Oh my god! Now Johnathan is bleeding, for sure…and probably profusely!

Sure enough the camera shows Johnathan Mills bleeding from his forehead, drops trickling down his face even faster before he collapses down to the floor. Emily, who is not exactly clean faced, grins evilly, Chris Desmond wants in on this and grabs a chair then seeing Emily has things under control backs off, putting the chair down. Emily gives her dad a look that says she has it. Emily starts to go back to Mills but he feels a presence behind her. She turns around and sees the referee begin to stir. Nodding slightly to herself through her crimson mask, she hides her spike back under the mat.

As the referred begins crawling slowly into the ring, Mills has got back to his feet. Emily had gone over to her dad to talk to him, and Mills sneaks up and when Emily turns around Mills land a solid right hand. Chris pushes Mills back, ready to get in on the action but the referee is yelling at him to not do it. Chris backs off but not happy about it. The referee turns back to the ring and goes towards the two prone figures in the ring and try to moderate this violet situation. The two figures of Jessica and Alzy began struggling to find their vertical bases. Alzy is the first to find it, and he uses this advantage to raise a hand to his face to see if he is bleeding. Jessica is up shortly thereafter and conducts the same test (finding the same results). The two of them look at each other through the blood and smirk evilly at each other. Suddenly Jessica springs up and forward with a superkick!

Allie:Jessica is going to take Alzy’s head off!

But Alzy ducks it! He then grabs Jessica for an Aero Cutter. However Jessica pushes Alzy around, sending him sailing into the ropes. On his way back Jessica hits a big powerslam! The ref crawls over to where Jessica has covered Alzy and makes a slow count.

Allie:How did he kick out of that?

Wayne: I don’t know but what is Jessica going to do?

Jessica staggers up to her feet then yells at Alzy through her bloody facemask “Get up!”. Alzy seems to listen, as he begins stirring and pulling himself up using the ropes. He holds on to the ropes, even after getting to both feet. Tentatively he legs go and turns around, right into a modified sidewalk slam position. Jessica quickly twirls Alzy around, hitting the move perfect despite the fatigue that must surely be racking her body. She quickly falls onto Alzy, unable to hook a leg.

Emily had tried to get to the ring to break the cover, but Johnathan grabbed her leg, pulling her away.

Anne: Here are your winners…..Jessica Tendonin and Johnathan Mills!

As Mills and Tendonin got to their feet, Mills pulled Jessica into an excited hug, and kissed her on the lips. A shocked rustle went through the arena, and then, a few seconds later, Carry Me by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds hit the PA system. The audience popped as Jessica’s husband, Lucius, ran down the ramp. Sliding into the ring, he said “Not again, Mills!” but was hardly heard. The scene looked volatile until the trio left the ring together a moment later.



Big Gun by AC/DC hit the PA system and the crowd cheered. A few seconds later, the SCW North American Heavyweight Champion emerged onstage. He wore the belt around his waist, visible under his glowing jacket. As the crowd applauded, he began making his way to the ring. Sliding into the ring, he caught a mic that was tossed to him and signaled for his music to be cut.

Rich Anderson: I know we’re about to go off the air here, but I’m about to freaking pop! I can’t take it anymore. I demand that whoever attacked me several weeks ago come out here and explain themselves!

Allie Queen: We still don’t have any idea who is responsible! Maybe we’ll get some answers here!

Wayne Miller: He accused Jessica Tendonin a few weeks, but she swore she wasn’t behind it. Wait, what the?

The Titantron came to life with text on it.

SCW North American Heavyweight Championship…Defend it…against me!
Allie Queen: What…?

Wayne Miller: Oh, don’t fall for it, Rich…you don’t know who it is! It could be anyone!

Rich Anderson: Stop this nonsense and come ask me face to face!

The words on the Titantron changed.

Accept my challenge, and I will reveal myself…

Accept my challenge.
Allie Queen: My gosh, who is it?!

Wayne Miller: Wait a minute! No way! I am getting reports from my backstage people and they claim they saw P-

The crowd was cheering in excitement and suspense, waiting to see what would happen. Rich then swore.


Wayne Miller: No! Don’t do it, Rich! It’s him! He’s back!

Passive by A Perfect Circle began playing over the PA system, and the crowd snapped into an uproar of excitement as they remembered the music. Fog filled the stage area and the lights went out, to be replaced by white and blue spotlights over the stage. A large figure then appeared in the fog, and the fans reached up trying to touch him.


Allie Queen: WAIT A MINUTE!!! IS THAT-

Wayne Miller: IT IS! IT’S HIM! DAMMIT, HE’S BACK!!!

The fog began thinning and after a moment, the figure was clearly seen. A man who hadn’t been seen in SCW in nearly a year. Former SCW Alternative Champion, Priest, stood on the stage, a wide grin on his face as he stared down to the ring at Rich Anderson who was still looking angry.





The feed faded to the SCW logo, and then to nothing.

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