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After your application has been completed and accepted, you’ll need to reply here to be added to the official list. Important notes below.

1. You are responsible for adding your claims here. Listing them in the application will not mean they are listed here. If you post an app, and do not reply here, and someone else post an app claiming the same song/PB, you lose them. Your PB and theme are not officially taken until claimed here.

2. You are responsible for updating this thread with any changes you makes to your theme/PB. Simply reply here and it will be updated. Be sure to note who you are releasing.

3. In certain instances, we may allow multiple characters to have the same PB/theme. Tag team members using the same theme is one example. Twins using the same PB is another. In even rarer instances, unrelated characters may use the same PB, if there is a difference in the look. For example, Edge with long hair vs Edge with short hair.

4. When claiming, please use the names that people use professionally. So, don’t use Steve Borden or Adam Copeland; use Sting or Edge.

Picture Bases
Sandara Park
Karen Gillan
Alexa Bliss
Mandy Rose

Theme Songs

Chester See – Sean Foster
Chris Harris – Chris Desmond
Chris Hemsworth – Lucius Tendonin
Danny Glover – Wayne Miller
Drake – Terel Walker
Elisa Cuthbert – Allie Queen
Eliza Taylor – Paige Lewis
Ellen Page – Emily Desmond
Gal Gadot – Jacina
Justin Gabriel- Rich Anderson
Kiersey Clemons – Cassie Mason
Kristin Kreuk – Larissa
Maria Kanellis Bennett – Jessica Tendonin
Susan Coffey – Anne Carpenter
Triple H – Brian Kennedy

“Chinese National Anthem”- Larissa
AC-DC- “Big Gun”- Rich Anderson
Cradle of Filth – “Hell Awaits” – Chris Desmond
Drake -” 0 to 100″ – Terel Walker
Hot Tag Media Works – “Spotlight” – Paige Lewis
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Carry Me” – Lucius Tendonin
No Doubt – “I’m Just a Girl” – Emily Desmond
The Weeknd – “Party Monster” – Jessica Tendonin

Paige Lewis – Palegreen
Wayne Miller – Dodgerblue
Allie Queen – Violet
Jacina – Yellow
Anne Carpenter – HotPink
Jessica Tendonin – Salmon
Chris Desmond – MediumSpringGreen
Emily Desmond – LawnGreen

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