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By August 25, 2018News

So, a history lesson.

I spoke to Star and Jordan, original owners of SCW, about reopening SCW, in late 2016, early 2017. We talked and agreed to give me full control. I successfully got us going again in February of 2017. At the time, I set a goal, that if we lasted a year without crippling issues, I’d build a fully functioned website for us to compliment our forums.

Late last year, the forum used by SCW was forced to convert to Zetaboards. We did so, and worked around things. For a while, we were getting settled with Zetaboards. I believe it was in 2017 when Zathyus was bought by Tapatalk. Now, I was not aware of this at the time. In May of this year, I became aware that conversions to Tapatalk would be happening, and they would be mandatory, and we would not have the option of when to do it. Conversions began in July.

Again, I became aware of this in May, but a timeline of conversions was not given at the time. The impression I took was that it would be quite some time. I’ve seen two feds I’ve been part of be converted in the last week, and it is not pretty, at all. I, however, have been preparing for this day, though it came sooner than I thought.

Still. SCW is ready for this conversion. Back in May, I knew we were leaving our forum. I laid out three options.

    1. 1. Edit this website to post shows, cards, and promos here.
    1. 2. Use Ben Halkum’s script software.
    1. 3. Buy InvisionPower Board/Community.

I went with the first option, as it was the most cost effective. And so, I feel we are ready. There are still a few loose ends floating about, but the main site, hereafter referred to as ‘the site,’ is ready to be used alone. This means cards, results, and promos will all be posted here. The SCW forums, located, will no longer be used. The only real use it has right now is old shows and moves list. A project I am currently testing is getting the moves lists integrated with the profiles here on the site. After that, I will begin posting old shows. With luck, I’ll go back as far as the beginning.

So, welcome to SCW’s official site, and welcome to the future of our brand.

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