Emily Has Returned (SCW Overdrive 12-21)

By December 20, 2021Roleplay/Promo

The camera opens to see Emily Desmond looking through a huge glass window at the people going by. She’s wearing blue jeans and a heavy fur coat, looking as if she’s about to step outside. She watches people walking by, laden down with packages as Christmas is less than a week away. Finally she shakes her head.


Emily: Look at them, everyone out to grab that perfect person, whether it’s for their wife, their kids, relatives, maybe even those they love who might not be family. A holiday that they say with extreme emphasis placed this time of year on a phrase of goodwill towards men. No, I’m not going to sit here and point out it only says one sex, not in the least. We all know they mean to all living people, even those we might not agree with. Honestly, except for a handful of people, I don’t wish anything truly bad to happen, but it does for one reason or another. I know some people in my family would disagree pretty strongly, but that’s them, not me.


Before I go out and brave the elements, both because of nature, and because of people. I know, I should have started my shopping earlier, but well in fact, with the exception of the 2 things I’m headed out to buy, it’s all done. Which is good because it makes it so I can focus on something else I hold near and dear to my heart. That thing….is Starstruck Championship Wrestling. You know I’m beginning to think someone in the upper offices must have a hell of a sense of humor because look at the people they’ve been hiring. I hope a great deal of them do decide to take on Fathi because well, he may not be my favorite person, but I’m really hoping he soundly defeats whoever, and I mean that. I want him to …well let’s say step up and let the trash, the would be members of this roster, know that we don’t take things lightly around here.


Emily takes a deep breath and sighs. She then shakes her head as she digs for something in her coat pocket. She pulls out a pair of gloves that she clenches her hand around.


One of those people is Tyler Cross. You know Tyler you went on and on about Fotty. Seriously, you might want to check whoever or whatever is recording you because if a person puts you on mute, the subtitle says that’s what you’re saying. Oh I turned the volume up a bit after reading that and laughing. I can just hear it, oh I didn’t mean that, whatever. I know if I was someone else I might be perturbed at that but his call, not mine.


No where you got me, and again I laughed at your pitiful attempt to sound like you were so big and evil and all that. Tyler, you couldn’t begin to nail down who I am on your best day. Let’s start with the fact I held the Alternative title, which I’m not even sure you knew I was the champion before Paige held it. You obviously didn’t even bother to look up my history. I held the Alternative title for 3 years before Paige managed to defeat me in a match, but Paige will most likely be the first to tell you I didn’t give up without a hell of a fight.


Emily slips her gloves on and walks over to the door, where the doorman opens it and tips his hat to her. She steps outside and the wind is fairly light, enough to blow wisps of hair around. She starts walking down the street as people make a wide path around her.


Tyler, do you even know what the Alternative title means, or are you just excited that you hold a title in SCW but enjoy it while you have it because I do have a rematch coming. It was supposed to be against Paige but it seems it will be whoever is the champion. Too bad that’s not going to be this match because I would so soundly defeat you, that after it happened you might question everything you know about this business. Because Tyler, I AM the Alternative title.


Holding the title I had every type of match you can imagine. Casket match, ladder match, submissions only, hardcore matches, and the list goes on and on. And it wasn’t some person backstage saying “oh lets try this”. It was ME who decided those types of matches, it was me who pushed things to the boundary. I didn’t cringe because I was the one who picked them. People said I was nuts for some of the stuff I came up with, but given the history of the title, I was simply living up to it. First blood matches, Last Man Standing, No DQ’s, matches where it could be anywhere in the building and a pin would count. It didn’t matter if it was in the ring, or in the shower.


Emily continues down the street as the camera does look across the street and one can see the main entrance into Central Park for Emily lives straight across from the park. Finally it focuses back on Emily.


Tyler I saw what you had to say and….did you not bother to go back and even LOOK at my previous matches? Did you even bother to go back and at least watch the match I had with Paige. I mean I wish you would go back further and watch say….six of my matches, but even just one would hopefully be the last one. Because you see, I didn’t keep this title and set up matches that a normal wrestler, even someone who was barely starting, could win. Oh I sat and watched and you had all kinds of comments, little tidbits for Fathi and about his open invitational and this and that about you and him. Which, normally, I might not think or say the best of the guy but here is perhaps…..hell I don’t know, maybe the first time but I hope he beats your ass into the ground. Not only so he can win, but because I’ll just beat your ass  even into the ground. You’re all focused on him, and I’m like some after thought. Oh Tyler…..if you only knew the mistake you’re making.


Actually Tyler, I’m hoping you’re thinking “oh she didn’t watch my match.” I watched it and you may think that the fans are like “oh wow he won!” it’s a good thing you have them. You might ask why I say that. Because, and I’m pretty sure there’s no love lost with Fathi but Tyler, you might have won the title, but you didn’t pin the right person. What the hell Dark Tiger was doing in that match, besides be filler, only thing they accomplished is helping you win it. It should have been you and Fathi, one on one, and he should have won. I actually fully watched what he said today about you, and….for the first time in perhaps EVER I wanted to cheer him on. But then, I wish I could tell the guy that Tyler Cross? He’ll make some stupid ass comment of but I’m facing Emily, I can’t do it. Why not Tyler? Why not take on Fathi and then me? I have thoughts on it, and perhaps hell is about crusted over with a couple feet of ice, but I WANT you to take him on. You proclaim to be so great, prove it. Take his challenge of the cage match. Lets see how great you are.


Emily stops before a building and looks up. She seems to think of something but instead of going in, she keeps on walking.


But, to Fathi, sorry he has to face me first, and I have a feeling he’ll think it’s going to be a walk in the park. But now I’m bringing it all and he’ll be doing well to survive my onslaught with no blemishes. Because I plan on beating the living shit out of him.


Tyler I mean those words. If you look at my previous matches I never backed down. Hell, go ask Paige about her meeting with me. That match….lasted for what seemed like an eternity but every moment I brought everything I had in me. Yes she beat me and yes it hurt to lose a title I held for 3 years, a title that was always associated with my name. I was adding to its rich history from the moment when a woman by the name of Amy Chastaine won it nearly 15 years ago. It went through just TWO federations….one was FTWO, the other? SCW. I know the names of those who held it, all men and women, a fair portion who went on to bigger and better things, or they retired either because of injuries, or they decided they’d like to see a lot more of their families. But year after year this title has persevered and it’s been here since the day SCW opened its doors.


Before you say ok, so what it was all that I realized that I know that because of part research, part …well holding it and having person after person try to even take it from me and failing.


Emily stands there, looking in the window, and people sitting at tables can be seen enjoying their food and drink.


Something else Tyler that unfortunately has to be said. You say you’re with the Empire now and there is a simple thing I have to ask, or actually I need to go to Neela and demand. If Empire interferes in ANY in our match, that you lose. You heard me say it Tyler. You see if they interfere and you win because of that, tell me how’s that fair? How a group of….hell 30 or so people going against me, that I can’t win. But then if anyone of Empire does try  to stick their nose in this match….let’s just say I have the money to ask everyone else in the locker room to be there to watch my back. Hell, I’ll go to a man who would love nothing more to beat the sht out of you. I’m talking about Fathi, who’s wrestling is stellar and who would like me to step aside and make whatever is left you suffer and I’ll just smile. Heaven knows I never thought I would say I’d side with the man, but uttered hatred of a common enemy can make for strange bedfellows. So Fathi, if you see this….yes, we might want to normally kill each other on any given day, but this time it might be worth it to take out a common idiot that we hate. Also I love your idea for the cage match, and if Tyler has any balls, if he really wants people to believe he’s all bad ass and has balls the size of cantaloupes, I would think he’d accept your challenge. Just know I’m going to get him first. But I’ll be making sure the referee doesn’t make a bogus call in your cage match.


Emily looks directly at the camera.


Tyler you have no fucking idea who you’re facing. I’m not some soft, easy Barbie doll. I am ruthless, I’m not afraid to inflict pain, and I’m not above ending your career. I know ways and methods to take you out of the business so that the truly dedicated become the true members of SCW, and those are the ones champions come from. You pinned Dark Tiger, someone my little brother could beat, so don’t be all high and mighty, you essentially beat a rock. But this time, you’re going against the big kids, you’re going against someone who doesn’t like to fail, but then I won’t fail against you.


These moments Tyler….are the last moments before you meet someone who would love to end your career here and now.


Emily walks into the cafe, the warm air streaming out in a cloud of steam. The camera pans back as it fades to black.


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