Dario Arturo Cortez vs Mr.Creed vs Brian Kennedy 4 SCW Alternative Title

By December 11, 2021Roleplay/Promo

* The scw camera crew opens as we see none other than Dario Arturo Cortez sitting on a chair that is turned backwards as we see the back of the chair facing us. There is a spotlight on him that is just bright enough to allow the camera to show him to our viewers. we can make out that he is wearing a plain white shirt. he is wearing a cross and his bottoms . He looks like he is wearing a pair of blue pants with a green belt. He lengs forward. His European accent (being born and raised in Madrid, Spain and all.) kicks in as he speaks.

Finally.. the third person is revealed. And that person much like myself and Mr.Creed is a member of The Empire, of course it is. * he smirks* As the saying goes “Hell Knoweth no fury, like that of a woman scorn.”. anyone with half a brain and that saw our last pay per view knows why empire member Brian Kennedy was selected. Of course it could be said that anyone, would be scorn if someone broke their arm. But what better way to get back at that person than by putting the person that injured you in a match against two of the people that are in the same group as he is. Smart move.

First I hope that my two opponents do not see this as a sign of disrespect, that is not my intention here. However I wish to address someone whose name is not Mr. Creed or Brian Kennedy. And that person’s name is Emily Desmond. Yes, the same Emily Desmond who was to take on Paige Lewis for the alternate title but got sick and thus management decided to remove you from that match and put the alternative title in the battle royal that took place at scw’s pay per view Domination.

Now Emily let me clear the air about something. I was not aware that the Alternative champion gets to decide what match that they will defend the title in. As you know I am new here and that information was not shared with me. So therefore I plead ignorance on my part as it is the truth. After all, I have nothing to gain in lying and that is the main reason why one lies.  After all, overall I care little to nothing about your opinion of myself. I cannot speak for everyone who was in that battle royal for the titles that were put on the line but I do not care that you were not able to, as tragic as it may be to not face Paige Lewis for it in a match at the pay per view. Now both Mr.Creed and myself were in the back at the same time and we did hear you. I understand your point about talking about how you and perhaps the others here do not care to hear about how Creed and I have already faced each other in other places.

he nods

However, I will speak of a place from my past. ONCE more BECAUSE (not yelling, emphasizing ) it brings up a point. And that is when you brought to light the alternative’s ability to be defended in any match of the champions choosing it reminded the both of us of another title that we have both held that did the exact same thing. to which I had the longest run of. it would later be combined with the company’s united states title and BOTH titles would be defended in the same match at the same time. it did not matter which title was billed as being defended, both were always on the line. However if you were billed as defending the united states title , the other title’s.. ability, if you will, was not to be used in the match. What is my point? I am not only used to defending two titles, BUT this is the type of belt that I am used to.

(pause for dramatic effect)

This type of title is the type of title that I thrive in defending. it matters not who i am taking on for it. one person i know what to expect from. the other i have seen what he can do but i have not faced. I may not have the height and weight of Mr. Creed nor the body of Brian Kennedy but one knows to NEVER count out Dario Arturo Cortez and the other wants to see what i can do. well he will not just see it but he will feel it as well. he will experience it first hand.  And to answer the question that will no doubt come up, Why? Why wait so long to speak about what Emily had to say to myself and Mr.Creed at the pay per view? that actually has two answers.

Why bother speaking of something that I have little to say about when I do not have to. In addition to that, Waiting to cut a promo until after the third person was revealed for those of you who are paying attention,  is my second reason. and a plus at the same time.

* He smirks*

And now on to my opponents, Mr. Creed. Your word along with my body of work in our last company that we were a part of weighed in my favor in joining The Empire. I have already given you my thanks so do not bother bringing it up. And at the risk of sounding repetitive will not bring up our past except to say since i have faced you before, i do know what to expect..Though i know to never underestimate someone who stands at over seven feet tall and ninety percent of the time has a bad attitude  I also know that you are smart enough to know that you cannot always depend on the height and weight alone to win a match. let alone a title match.

Brian Kennedy we all saw how you were just beating down Paige Lewis, we all saw just how you were closing in on attaining the world title not just for yourself but for the empire as well..and then we all saw how you just let it slide from your hands. It was as if you had oil on your hands and the title was just slowly slipping down your hands until eventually the title slid right off of them. YET you want to see what I am made of. Let not this cool demeanor that you see before you fool you. Once I get in that ring and the bell sounds, this calm, cool demeanor you see will vanish and much like in the book written by Robert Louis Stevenson the book in question, Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, Mr. Hyde will emerge. And regardless of the outcome the question that you have of, is Dario Arturo Cortez the sort of man who is suited to be a part of The Empire will be answered. As a matter of fact, the answer will be beaten into you. Do you understand me, do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? Even if that answer is No, you will understand by the answers my Fists * he clinches his left fist as he raises it up to the camera’s level.*  give you. I am aware that i have a mouth on me. However I can , have and will back it up, not just in this match but in every future match that i am booked in. BECAUSE  * He takes the first finger of his right hand and points it to the camera.*

I AM..Dario Arturo Cortez and I * he looks intently into the camera* AM..A..Fighter.

* He stands up and walks away leaving just the chair and the light along with the camera crew in the room. the camera then fades to black. *

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