{On Camera}


The moon hangs high in the sky, crescent.


Stars litter the remaining black blanket.  The luminescence from the moon and stars are the only lights.  Below the moon and stars is a swath of dirt.  Somewhere in the distance the sound of a coyote howling breaks the quiet.


Tilting down the cameras are switched to a camera on the ground.  A man emerges from the distance.  As he comes closer his hooded robe can be seen.  His face is obscured.  As the man approaches, buildings begin to shimmer into existence.


Brick buildings with wooden railing begin to emerge as if being born.  Horse tracks begin to appear in the dirt road.  A large wooden structure rises from nothing, a scaffolding emerges on top of the structure with a rope dangling, opposite the man in the hood. The man in the hooded robe begins to speak.


Dark Tiger…”


He laughs


You think you are dark, that’s funny.”


The hooded man walks towards the gallow


I know you see the illustrious illusion I have carefully constructed. The two of us face each other in Lubbock Texas. Texas…”


He takes in a deep breathe.


Texas was well known for its public hangings, lynching and general executions. When that bell rings, I much like Doc Emmett Brown, will take the S-C-W crowd back in time when I become the executioner.


A flash of lightning comes across the sky. The moon and stars are darkened out and the screen goes pitch black. As the stars and moon re-emerge we find Sickle standing on the platform, in front of the noose. Sickle faces the camera and continues.


These people may not know you.” He says ominously “But, I know you or rather I knew you and I beat you. Do you recall our encounter in O-C-W-A?


A malicious chuckle resonates from Sickle.


Not only did you lose at Domination but you were dominated. Ultimately you were the one pinned. Meanwhile I won my match over several other superstars.


Thunder rolls in the distance. Sickle holds up his arms as if inviting the thunder. He drops his arms as he resumes.


You know better than most what I used to be like and undoubtedly you can see I am far more cunning, conniving and sinister than I ever was. You couldn’t beat me then and you won’t beat me now. Matter of fact…”


He pauses as clouds roll in


“…you should pray that I want to win this match. If I decide it isn’t worth my effort I might let you win via disqualification before I make sure you never step foot in a ring again. Whether I win one on the books or your blood, my triumph will be the only thing etched in stone at the end of this match.


Sickle wraps the noose around his own neck and tightens it slightly before continuing.


Remember Tigger, while some nightmares have no faces some are all too…”


The lever flips and Sickles body drops. His voice comes booming from above.


“…REAL and I AM the Lucid Nightmare!




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