SCW Alternative Championship Update

By November 11, 2021News

After retaining the World Heavyweight Championship, Paige Lewis was taken to a local emergency room, where it was revealed that the broken arm would require a full cast and she would miss several weeks in the ring. SCW General Manager Neela Shizeguma has decreed that Dario and Mr. Creed will get their shot at Overdrive 54, and that with Lewis not cleared to compete, she may elect a champion to defend the championship on her behalf. That person, if successful, will become Interim Champion, and will carry the championship until Lewis is cleared to compete and defend against Emily Desmond. If Dario or Mr. Creed win, they will become SCW Alternative Champion, and go on to defend against Emily Desmond.

As of this writing, Paige Lewis has not chosen/announced her champion.

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