SCW Domination Recap

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Domination has come and passed, and it was a night full of blood, sweat, and tears. First, let’s note the removal of two matches. First, the Alternative Championship match was postponed, as a result of Emily Desmond testing positive for COVID-19. Next, the International Heavyweight Championship match was cancelled because of a contract dispute. That left us with four matches. The battle royale went off without a hitch. Dario and Mr. Creed were both eliminated at the same time, earning the Alternative Championship shot. Then, Scott Stonewall went over the rope, taking the North American Heavyweight Championship shot, which left Sickle with a shot at the International Heavyweight Championship.

Next, Hexgirl brutally defeated Dean Tyler in mere minutes, picking up a crucial Pay-Per-View win. In the first title match of the evening, Dark Tiger, Fathi, and Tyler Cross went toe to toe for the vacant SCW North American Heavyweight Championship. All three vied for an advantage, but in the end, Dark Tiger and Fathi could not withstand the efforts of Tyler Cross, and he left with the championship.

And then…the main event. It was said that Paige Lewis is unbeatable, and then…at Survival I, Jessica Tendonin rose to the occasion and went the distance, taking the then rookie champion to her limit and then further. At Survival I, Jessica Tendonin did what no one had ever done, and what no one has been able to do since, and defeated Paige Lewis for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. 77 days later, Lewis would reclaim the championship and has held onto it since. That was three and a half years ago. During this time, Brian Kennedy, Tendonin’s tag team partner, began looking for a shot at the world championship. Going into Domination, Lewis had already defeated Kennedy twice in non-title singles competition. She has said she granted the match as a way to finally shut Kennedy up once and for all.

And so it came to be, Kennedy vs Lewis III, SCW World Heavyweight Championship on the line, the final confrontation between these two, and in a Seven Circles of Hell match, designed by Paige Lewis herself. Kennedy would pin Lewis in the first round, while Lewis took the following with a submission. Kennedy was automatically awarded the First Blood, as Lewis was already busted open. At this point, the score is 2-1 in Kennedy’s favor. After an assist from the new SCW North American Heavyweight Champion Tyler Cross, Kennedy took the Falls Count Anywhere round, bringing the score to 3-1. Kennedy needed one more round. Lewis needed all of them.

In the No Disqualification round, the final SCW Champion, Brian Brewster made an appearance, laying Kennedy out and setting Lewis up to win the round, which she did. At 3-2, Kennedy still only needed one more round. In the no Finishers round, it was revealed that the rule could be circumvented by using someone else finisher, and Lewis picked up the round, tying the score. The score is tied now, the fans are worked up into a frenzy, both superstars are exhausted. Going back and forth, Kennedy finally snapped and used a steel chair to break Lewis’ arm. This would incite a riot as fans rushed the ring before being held back. In the confusion, Lewis removed the cap to a ringpost, which was hallow, and pulled out a rifle that was loaded with a tranquilizer. With one hand, she shot Kennedy, and he stumbled to the mat and failed to answer the ten count. With the score now 4-3, the match was over and Lewis had retained the World Heavyweight Championship.

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