Starting back from the bottom

By September 23, 2021Roleplay/Promo

Outside of a hotel in Memphis a dark green Wrangler pulls up. Hopping out of the drivers seat is Hex Girl wearing her signature half cape over a comfortable traveling outfit of jeans and a loose top. She tosses her keys off to the valet and heads inside. A small crew from SCW is waiting for her in the lobby. 
“Hex Girl can we get a moment of your time?” The reporter calls out to her as they rush towards her. She looks over and shrugs. “I guess you can annoy me for a minute. What do you want?” 
“Well we’ve had a little trouble catching up to you. Your hometown isn’t easy to find.” The reporter starts. 

“Obviously your GPS needs an update then.” She rolled her eyes as she checked in with the front desk. “Look if you have a point, I suggest you make it.” She turns her attention back to the reporter. 

“Yes, ma’am. You made quite an impact with your entrance at the last show and now you are scheduled for your first match here in SCW. Are you concerned facing someone so much larger than you?” He rapidly rattles off hoping not to annoy the infamous redhead too much. 

“You really just asked that.” She shook her head. “I have faced bigger. It doesn’t matter if I win or not against him. Because I am here for one single purpose and that is to make sure that every fan who is  present gets what they paid for. They paid to see a show and whether it’s my blood and sweat painting the canvas or my opponents at the end of the match. The fans will get their money’s worth. I don’t have to be the best. I just have to make sure it’s done right.” She then turns back to the desk attendant grabbing her key card. “Your minute is up.” She walks away. 

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