War Journal: Chapter 6

By September 23, 2021Roleplay/Promo

4:23 AM

Sitting in her favorite rocking chair, Paige Lewis held the baby as he dozed and drank from his bottle. Slowly letting gravity rock them back and forth, Paige worked to keep herself awake. The small boy her arms had woken up to cry, needing his nappy changed as well as to be fed. Her mother sat with her, working on a piece, having picked up crocheting recently. After a while, when the boy had finished feeding, Paige repositioned him, and held him up against her shoulder and tapped his back gently, so as to burp him.

Paige: Mum…did you have time to speak to father about what I asked?

Pamela Lewis: I did. He wants to see the house first. He does wonder why you don’t just finance the difference.

Paige: I’d much rather pay you two back, than deal with the bank.

Pamela quietly laughed now. The house Paige wanted to buy was over in Kent, and sat on about three quarters of an acre. Lots of yard and nicely spaced inside. A nice home for her to raise her son in, she thought. Living close to the city was nice, but she wanted a change of scenery. She had decided that she would look for a bigger house further out, and keep her home in Croydon for when she had a late flight in, or was hanging out in the city with her friends.

Pamela: I do wish you’d think about your future now. I’m very proud of you, my dear, but that career of yours may cripple you with an infant, or the other way around. You’ve got to pick one.

Paige winced; she knew this talk had been coming ever since she got the call about SCW reopening. Without hesitation, she had agreed to return. Even with a small child, Paige wanted to go out and perform. Her mother did not approve.

Paige: Mum…why can’t I do both?

Within seconds, Paige knew she’d opened a can of worms, but it was too late. Her mother went on, at length, about why she should choose her career or her child. This was ridiculous to Paige, as she knew she could do both.



The two girls absolutely doted on the small boy, taking turns holding him, rocking him, and making various little sounds to make him smile. He didn’t seem to enjoy the plane ride much, but after landing at Hopkins, he brightened up quite a bit as the Maybach Pullman cruised towards their destination. The drive didn’t take long, and her host was waiting as the car arrived. Paige gathered up her baby boy and stepped out, being pulled into a tight embrace. With a serious look on her face, her host spoke.

Host: Let’s begin.

A while later, after the girls had been taught how to hold him, Paige left her son with them and followed her host into the study, where the camera was already set up. Paige had gone back outside and gathered up her belts, and after adjusting them, she began.

Paige Lewis: So, Brian Kennedy has finally spoken. And unsurprisingly, he wants to brag about the past and what he has done elsewhere. Here’s the thing, mate. We’re not in XPW, we’re not in the NCW, we’re not in UHW, we’re not in PWO, or any other place you’ve been that you want to brag about. I’m sure you did very well for yourself in those places. But right now, none of that matters. Let me show you what matters.

Now, Paige held up the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Paige: This is what matters. The twenty pounds of gold, the strap, the heavyweight championship. The be all, end all, of what we do in this industry. Aside from a period of 77 days, I have held this championship since its inception. I have currently held this championship for three and a half years, since I regained it after defeating your tag team partner Jessica Tendonin, on March 17th, 2018. Since SCW: Reunion, there has been one constant in the SCW, and that is Paige Lewis.

Brian, you think you’re a pillar of this company? Let’s be honest about something. Your friendship with the former owner of SCW afforded you a quick shot at the SCW Championship a decade ago. I earned my shot in a tournament, and then I went to war for an hour with Drew Stevenson to become the first SCW World Heavyweight Champion. You’ve been trying to get back to the top since you returned, and you just can’t quite get it done, can you? These days, you seem to only win matches in SCW when tagging up with superiors like Jessica and Requiem. Speaking of Jessica…

Just now, the host stepped into the frame aside Paige Lewis, her red hair almost aflame as the light from the window caught it from behind. Paige looked up at Jessica before continuing.

Paige: Brian, you have managed to remain somewhat relevant in SCW since the reopening, purely because of your tag team partners. This woman beside me? You would compare YOUR accolades in SCW against hers? This woman has literally held every championship SCW has had to offer, and is an SCW Hall of Famer. She’s the ONLY Grand Slam Champion in SCW history, and the ONLY Triple Crown Champion.  I think I’m unbeatable? Brian, I’ve already been relieved of that misconception. And it was by THIS woman, whom I’ve just said holds achievements you can only dream of in this company.

Brian, you had ONE chance of somehow beating me, and that was relying on me being worn out from my match with Emily Desmond. Well, as I’m sure you’ve heard the news, that match has been postponed. Now, you have to contend with me at 100%. Ask yourself, honestly…can you do it? You did get one thing painfully right, though, mate. You are one half of the longest reigning tag team champions in SCW history. But this is not a tag team match. You won’t be able to rely on Jessica or your new little crew. This is you and me, one on one.

Now, the blonde adjusted her belt before continuing.

Paige: Let’s talk about the match. You think I chose this type of match to scare you? You’re a grown man, Brian. You should be able to do better than that. I chose this match, because each type is more brutal than the last. I’ve competed in ladder matches, TLC matches, coffin matches, ambulance matches, Ironman matches. I’ve never competed in a match like this.

First, one of us has to pin the other. Simple, right? Next, submissions only. Now, I’m sure none of us will forget the brutal Submission only match between Emily Desmond and Alzy Hawkshaw a while back. Next, someone has to bleed, by any means necessary. And now we’ve reached the fun part, eh? Falls Count Anywhere! I must say, I’m looking forward to that. Do you remember a few years ago when Adatu Urakih faced Veronica Rodriguez, also known as Fury, in a Falls Count Anywhere match, and Speared her through a second story window, pinned her, and then limped her way back into the arena to compete in, and WIN, the very next match and become the SCW Alternative Champion?

Where will we end up, I wonder. Perhaps I’ll pin you in the stands? Make you tap out in the parking lot? And then…no disqualifications. Brian, I’m looking forward to that, I really am. I’m going to have my way with you like a cheap, back alley sex worker, might even stuff five quid in my tights so I can tip you when I’m done. Now, we have the first test of endurance, a no finisher match. Brian, I know that War Cry finisher of yours has put away some tough opponents in the past, but can you get it done without it?

And finally, my personal favorite…Last Person Standing. I know it says last MAN standing, but let’s face it, Brian, at this point of the night, it truly could be either of us. Now, let’s talk about that. At this point, assuming we’ve been through six progressively brutal matches, we must now put each other down so hard that the other can’t answer a 10 count. Brian, in addition to facing me yourself, you’ve also seen me compete. Have you seen anyone keep me down for that long?

The champion took the belt off her shoulder now and began tracing it, a fond smile on her face.

Paige: Brian, I have beaten everyone I’ve faced. Even Emily Desmond fell before me. Emily Desmond and Jessica Tendonin are amongst the toughest people I have faced in this business, and I beat them both. Have you beaten one of them, let alone both? I’ve realized something, Brian. I’m David and Goliath, all in one. I’m the giant and the giant slayer. I’m a question that you don’t have an answer for. And at Domination, I will, once again, show the world why Paige Lewis is the toughest bitch to walk through the SCW. Domination, what an appropriate name, because that is what I have done, and it will be the word used to define my career when the times.

And now, I have someone who, when he is old enough, will look back at old footage, and he will know…his mum was the hardest bitch in SCW for YEARS. You see, while you were off winning titles in other organizations so that you had something to brag about, I had a kid and even began training for cage fighting. Never got to the cage, as when SCW came calling, I told them without hesitation I’d be there. My mother tells me I need to choose one; my family or my career. I’m now faced with the same walls most women with a career and child are faced with. But the difference is, I had already shattered that glass ceiling, I’m already on top. I know mothers everywhere will relate to being felt like they have to choose. So Brian, if the question is my son, my beautiful baby boy…or the SCW World Heavyweight Championship, which I have worked for YEARS to make mean something? Understand, I CAN and WILL have BOTH OF THEM!

Paige grinned now, her head slightly tilted, shoulders spread as she placed the SCW World Heavyweight Championship on her left shoulder as Jessica beamed at her. The video then faded to nothing.

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