Mr.Creed SCW PPV Domination Open Battle Royale Number One Contenders Match

By September 18, 2021Roleplay/Promo

( OOC: The Following takes place before Brian’s rp)

Our SCW production van’s camera is on and showing the camera crew pulling up to a Gold’s Gym.We see two scw employees in the van. The employee with the camera is the passenger. We then see the name Gold’s Gym on the main window with the in underneath those words is the Gold’s Gym mascot underneath him we see more words. These words say Gainesville, Florida. The Driver of the van then speaks

” Well here we are, finally. Don’t tell me you have the camera on.”

Okay. I won’t tell you.

” How long?”

When we pulled into the parking lot, relax. you get way too uptight sometimes.

” This guy’s scary . so let’s hurry up and get this over with “

Well yeah the guy’s scary. He’s over 7 feet tall and weighs over 360 pounds. he could bench press both of us for crying out loud. Now let’s get going or we’re not getting paid.

* The Two SCW Employees exit the van. We see the camera bounce up and down upon the passenger who is holding the camera exits on his side. They shut their doors and make their way towards the double doors. each of them opens one side and they both walk in at the same time. Upon their arrival a Gold’s Gym employee sees the camera and approaches the two of them. His name tage says Scott D.

Scott: Woo woo. hold on there. We do not allow video cameras in our establishment. our customers like their privacy.

Look..Scott is it. We are just here to talk to one person. He’s kinda hard to miss on account he is over 7 feet tall and over 350 pounds. More than likely wearing biker apparel when he walked in.

Scott: I just started my shift 10 minutes ago. i can page him if you like. What’s his name?

He goes by the name Mr. Creed.

Scott: Does he not have a first name?

” I am sure that he does, But we don’t know it..”

* Scott sighs and walks over to the Microphone. He pushes down on the button and calls for Mr. Creed. 8 minutes later our cameras show a man over 7 feet tall walking towards them. He is wearing a black t-shirt with gold letters that say THE EMPIRE. His bottoms are black athletic shorts with red lines on the sides and Black with white Nike check on the sides athletic shoes. As the man walks closer to them he sees the camera man and the other scw employee. He nods and calmly approaches them.*

So you’re finally here.

” And your Mr. Creed ? “

Mr. Creed: I am. Let’s go outside to give the other gym members their privacy .

*  As They walk outside we see on the back of Mr. Creed’s shirt that it says SCW in gold letters. They walk to the parking lot where Creed lengs up against the scw production van. *

Mr. Creed: Alright. Let’s get this over with. I was in the middle of my squats. As it is this number one Last i counted including myself there are going to be 20 people in this battle royal due to the fact that the rules say that any scw superstar that is NOT booked in another match may enter this match. therefore anyone that is in another match may not enter this match. This match is going to be something else. We have a priest , a princess , a queen. someone that named themselves after a tool. and that’s just for starters. We have two people that I know and to those people namely Stalker Knight and Dario Arturo Cortez know that it’s not personal, it’s just business. I know Cortez feels the same way as his old man raised him in this business. Stalker, I have known you for almost as long as I have known Tex. I know that you know this is just business.

Speaking of business, The Empire has 3 people that are in this match, and I like our chances of walking away with a number one contender’s  shot at a title.  And we have a shot at the world title. I have seen bk do this thing and i do believe that we have a better than average shot at the world title. I am going to be taking a page out of Cortez’s playbook and equipping myself with a cup so that those who decide to try a low blow won’t succeed in using it to help you eliminate me. so try that trick on someone else.

Also, let me speak to those who, like myself, are tall, i do not know if this match is going to be one where we all start at the same time or if it’s like a royal rumble. though you should know that we are going to be targeted. By everyone they will team up and try to eliminate us by using their numbers. I have gone to lengths to make sure this does not happen to me. Know that I am not bragging here, this is through preparation. I am doing everything that I can think of to lessen the chances that I am eliminated. What are the rest of you doing? We have seen that Cortez is working out as well. I am going to do what I have to do in order to grab a belt here in scw and hold it for a long time.

Now for the rundown ..ahem.. in no particular order..

Scott Stonewall, like myself you are tall. Matter of fact you’re very close to my height. You are also strong. I could see you and I being the last two in the ring. but as you should know strength alone will not help you win. As I have said, I am doing more than just working out.  I know that you will not be easy to eliminate but neither will I.

Stalker Knight, what is  my tall empire brethren doing in order to help The Empire blossom in this match.

Princess: You look scary for a princess. I bet you don’t get hit on a lot, huh? I think that you’re the tallest woman here. Who knows maybe you will be the one who eliminates all of the women.

Allie: Let’s see if you can live up to your last name. That’s why I am not bothering to say it. If you want me to say it then you have to earn it.  Who knows, maybe you’ll earn it thru this match. You can say that you don’t care if you like but everyone wants to be respected. Let’s see what lengths you are willing to go through in order to earn someone’s respect.

Lucius, Ok so you are tall. 6ft 8 is tall. but it’s not taller than 7ft 2. And you don’t weigh more than I do either.

Priest you stand at 6ft 11 and you weigh more than I do. not by much. you are good but being good isn’t going to get you the win.

Emily, you’d better think of something to train yourself for this match. everyone wants the W in this match,

Sickle.. What the hell kinda name is that ? And what is that that you are wearing? I doubt that you will even be able to see in this match. but i gotta know Is that supposed to scare people? If so, you’ve failed miserably.

Wayne Miller: You don’t look very intimidating. Luckily for you , you don’t need to be intimidating to win this match. You plan on being cunning and ducking out of the way of others.

Neela..This isn’t a modeling competition

Sala, you at least look tough. Let’s see what you have to offer

Sean Foster, you don’t look scary either. I will say to you what I said to Neela, this isn’t a modeling competition.  Be prepared for a beat down.

* Creed then sighs in order to take a breath. He then continues.*

Let’s see who’s left.. Hekate you ready for Halloween already? hell you look like Elvira.

Jenna..don’t sing it. Bring it. That’s if you have what it takes or you even  bother to show up. I look forward to tossing you out.

Emily: Good luck trying to hit me with your trademark super kick. I doubt you could kick me hard enough to knock me out anyway.

Cassie, cute name. Good luck. you’re gonna need it.

Anne: Honestly you look like girlfriend material. Though it’s hard to find a woman who’s not scared of being with a 7 ft 2 man.

Hell Kat, you look scary for a woman. That’s not me being sexist, just being truthful.

Miranda : I want to see what you have to offer us here in scw. are you even worthy enough to be here?

Dario Arturo Cortez.. I saw your promo. You got Tex training you. That’s good. You’re going to need all the help that you can get. I only say your full name because I respect you. However,The pressure’s ON YOU
* he points his finger towards the camera* to show that Bk, myself, and Stalker didn’t make a bad decision in inviting you to join The Empire. You’re going to have to show all of us that you have that killer instinct. In the past you have beaten me in regular matches and title matches. So I went to bat hard for you. Don’t make me regret it.

And last but not least, Terel Walker: Well, well..i suppose if i were you i’d put myself in this match for a shot at a belt as well. why not right?. At least you’re no lightweight Of course everyone short of the women can still lift you and toss you over, even cortez. I have seen ’em do it with my own eyes.  Just because you are you and we are us, remember there is no such thing as a sure thing. Especially in a match like this, even the tallest guy here aka me knows that, and I am not taking it for granted that I’ll win because I am the tallest here. If anything else it makes me the biggest target, followed by Scott.

* He takes another sigh and then looks at the camera crew in a non friendly way*

I am done. Now get out of here you’re starting to annoy me. I need to get back to what I was doing and focus on my upcoming match.

* With that Creed walks back to the Gold’s Gym and walks back inside to continue his training. The camera then cuts to black.*

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