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By September 18, 2021Roleplay/Promo

*We see Dark Tiger feeding his tigers at his home in Richmond Virginia and his phone goes off and he watches what Fathi had to say. He nods and is familiar with Sickle and Scott Stonewall. Two men he has had respect for and even teamed with Sickle. He finishes taking care of his tigers and heads into his house*


[Dark Tiger]


I am facing two very formidable opponents for the vacant North American title. Both men know each other very well but that does not mean that I should be the odd man out because Fathi I am very familiar with Sickle. I have teamed with him and I have respect for him.


Fathi you have put your body on the line sometimes willingly and sometimes against your will. So have I. We both have battle scars. I may not speak for you but as for me my battle scars both physically and mentally are like stripes of the Tiger. I have been thru loss. I have lost the ones I had truly loved. My parents, my brother, my sister and the one that truly hurt the most my Zatanya.


People ask me why do I still keep going? Because despite what I look like and how I chose to dress I have faith. Many say that I am past my prime because of my age. Yes I am pushing fifty but the fact of the matter is if I am still walking and if I am still breathing i am still wrestling.


Fathi I am not overlooking you nor am I looking Tyler Cross over either. You two are very amazing wrestlers and I would not expect you two to overlook me either. I would be the one to stand out because of how tall I am but I digress.


(Dark Tiger takes a deep breath in thought)


[Dark Tiger]


This match will surely be a clinic for sure because three legends vies for the North American championship. Three names that have been stamped into the minds of professional wrestling fans everywhere. Who will walk out with the belt? I look to add to my legacy in this sport. Fathi you look to do the same as do you Tyler. 


Here’s what I want the two of you to do. I want the two of you to think real hard. I do not ask for much. I want you two to think real hard about who really wants it more and trust me you two I will be doing the same because this will truly be a monumental match between three men who have left their mark on professional wrestling in their own way looking to add to that mark here in SCW.


Domination sounds appropriate for this event doesn’t it because the three of us look to dominate in this company and what better way to find out who the dominant one in this match. I know I don’t always win when I am a shade over seven foot and I am fine with that and here’s why I am fine with that. Most men my height are your stereotypical giants who want to crush their opponents. That is not me. The reason I have been so accomplished in my close to three decades in professional wrestling is because my opponents have made me earn what I have accomplished and that’s what has always invigorated me.


I owe it to the bloodline that I have. I am number 4. I have a daughter who is blazing her own trails and she is on her way here to SCW and she looks forward to the opportunity to showcase her skills.


Fathi you and Tyler are very well acquainted with each other as you have said and you and I have a connection as well with Sickle. I have nothing against you and you indeed have my respect. However do not confuse that for weakness because you have seen what I am all about.


Tyler Cross you on the other hand I have vaguely heard of but you will not underestimate me because of how old I am. Age is a mindset. Experience is reality and I have put my body on the line on many many occasions and if I have to do so again in this match I will do so.


The both of you will remember why the scars all over my body are there so bring me your best fellas because I intend on showing you why I am known as the Beast of Darkness and whether or not I walk out of Domination with the title I will hurt the both of you and that has been said it will be Etched in Stone.


(Dark Tiger heads into his house and gets ready to pack as his theme plays to commercial.)


End Rp.

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