The World Title comes home.

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Brian is seen training at the gym with Requiem, Frostbite, Tyler, Mr. Creed, Stalker, and none other than Andrew Paine. Brian ducks a clothesline from Andrew and hits Requiem with a DDT. Mr. Creed comes off the top rope and hits a massive drop kick onto Brian. Jessica who is on the outside calls for a break to give some pointers out to Brian.

Jessica: Brian, always keep a lookout for the unexpected. While Paige might be alone that night you have Fathi who has said he is targeting any of The Empire. While I’ll have the order making sure this is between the two of you. Brian anything can happen.

Brian: I know Jess, Creed and Stalker will be on the look out to. Andrew, you think about what I have said? Even though me and Jess are the Tag Champions. We always need a monster lurking in the shadows.

Brian wipes the sweat off his face. He looks at his watch, seeing if he has the time to finish the workout that he has going before, the SCW staff gets there to do his promo for the upcoming world title match.

Brian: Stalker, have you finished talking to Dario about the other plans that we have for the pay-per-view?

Stalker: Dario has been brought up to speed Brian, no need to Worry my guys have their orders and we are standing by waiting for anybody that wants to try and stop what we have planned.

Andrew: Brian, to be honest brother I’ve been thinking about taking my boots off the shelf but if I put on my wrestling boots again I won’t be the same as I was before. My anger has been harder to control and I was actually just released from another company in their developmental program for being too aggressive. I doubt Neela will let me sign. But, I will be at the PPV watching your back. You just make sure you bring home the Title.

Brian nods as he is thinking about if he can do what he has already fallen short twice now. But, this time he is in far better shape now. One other thing is he will not underestimate Paige.

Requiem: I also wanted to talk to you about somethin Brian. What if I came back to. I already know Frosty is a SWAT exclusive. For another how long Frosty?

Frostbite: Atleast the rest of this year. I am part of KGB. I think your cousin Scott was for a short time.

Brian: Yea he was. But that was a few years ago. I think his drive is gone.

Jessica: Enough of the chit chat ladies. Brian. You need to get back to the work out.

Brian gets back in the ring as Creed and Stalker join him, they start doing various wrestling holds and moves as Jessica assesses the situation at hand. Brian works on Stalker as Creed grabs Brian from behind. Brian reverses and ducks around Creed making both of them be in front of him so he gains control. He hits both of them with a double clothesline, then he bounces off the ropes and does a elbow drop of Creed as Stalker gets up and hits Brian with a DDT.

Jessica: Brian, I told you watch for the unexpected. Stalker great job. Let’s call it a night. SCW staff is here. Brian your up. Let the world know your back with a passion.

Brian gets out of the ring. He is sort of upset he allowed Stalker to get that last move in. He feels like he should have been ready. But, it won’t happen again. He is ready if Fathi tries anything. He wipes the sweat from his brow and takes a drink from his water bottle. Looking at the time he realizes it’s about time for his shoot against Paige. He asked for the match and he got it. The Seven circles of Hell. A match SCW has never seen. Himself included.

On camera.

 The SCW crew has already gotten there and set up. Waiting for Brian. They are scanning over all his Titles he has won over the years along with his Hall of Fame inductions. Brian comes out and looks at them with the crew. He points at the XPW Tag Titles and the SCW Tag Team Titles. Those are his most prized Titles. He finally speaks.

Brian: The XPW was one of the only other companies that was as great as SCW. The only other one was UHW. But those two companies aren’t who we are speaking about. What we are here to talk about is SCW. Which Paige won’t ever admit I am one of the Pillars that made this company what it is today. I was the second World Champion and looking to be the first and only person to hold both variants of the World Champion which would make SCW history yet again. Just like the Tag Titles. I am more dangerous that a Rabid dog looking for blood. I smell it in the air. I yearn for it. I crave it cause I know that I will be both shedding it and making it shed at the same time. I know this is one of the most dangerous matches I will ever be in. And weather Paige is ready or not. I am at 100%, the same as Paige is. But me, I have no ring rust. I been competing for a while now. Gotten a few Titles in other companies, retiring them like I have always wanted to do. Making my name more of a house hold name than Wheaties. More like milk. So Paige, remember this. I want this Title more than you. It means something to me. It means more than life, more than my career, so if I have to take chances that could end my career in this Match I will.

He pauses as he looks over all his team members and then back to the camera.

I have trained harder than I ever have before. I am not the same Brian Kennedy of the old SCW, you claim this is a new era? Well this is a new Empire being brought to you by DEA and all of our luster. I am far better than I ever was before. While you were away doing whatever you were doing I have been training for this day. You may have gotten me the last few times we met. But this is a different story, in a different time and I am coming with different tactics. I just hope you are ready for the onslaught that is headed your way. Paige, your claim to fame are the two matches we have had before and you sound like a broken record player.

He mocks her

I Beat you twice. This third match is gonna be like the last two. I’m gonna win. I’m the best.

He looks to the camera, smirks.

I don’t think so, not this time, you’re the only person in SCW history to hold two wins over me. That’s facts regardless if I like it or not. That is your downfall Paige you think you’re unbeatable you think that you’re the heartbeat of SCW, but you’re not the heartbeat of SCW, of America or of domination. And yeah this is a lot like Ali vs Fraser and you’re right Frazier did beat Ali once, just like I’m going to beat you Paige, I will be victorious over you. I’m going to make SCW history by being the first person to hold both world title variations nothing will stop me from achieving this goal especially you, And you think that I didn’t get pointers from Jessica? Of course I’ve did, she’s my tag team partner and she’s one of my best friends, as well as one of my oldest friends in this business. She’s been here at the gym training with me giving me pointers.

Something else that I have noticed, you’ve gotten pretty comfortable being on top and you think that you’re going to continue to be the alpha wow you are right this is a new era and well Paige it’s time for Brian Kennedy to take his rightful place on top of the throne.

He pauses, looking at the camera he pulls out a cigarillo cracking it as he pulls grinder out, He takes his marijuana and puts it in the cigar wrapper and rolls a blunt. He lights it and blows smoke at the camera.

And I’m going to say for the audience I am so happy that you decided to give a small short history lesson of SCW but let me remind you of one thing I am ½ of the longest reigning SCW tag team champions in SCW history I’ve made just as much history and achievements in SCW as Jessica has, so you trying to downplay the fact that of what I have achieved here in SCW only tells me one thing you’re scared. You’re not sure if you have it in you to beat me one last time and it to put me out to pasture as you would call it. You’re not sure of anything right now. The only thing I think that you’re sure of right now is you asked for the seven circles of hell thinking that would put some kind of fear in my heart and make me doubt myself, but I have no doubt in myself. I have no doubt in my abilities and my strength and my desire. You have finally bitten off more than you can chew Paige, that is something I’m sure of. You underestimating me was your biggest mistake Paige you really doubt that I want this as bad as I’ve said I did and no nobody is going to get used to anything’ cause what it’s about to happen at the paper view is the world title will change hands and when I am standing victorious over top of you just remember I’m only doing what’s good for business and business is damn good and it’s picking up quick Paige I’ll be seeing you soon little girl.

The scene fades to a Empire logo.























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