Dario SCW PPV Domination Open Battle Royale Number One Contenders Match

By September 18, 2021Roleplay/Promo

Gainesville, Florida huh?

* We hear a male voice say. We then see the camera show the inside of a nice house. we look to be in what might assume due to the distinct look of the room that this is the living room. the camera turns to the left and we then see two males sitting down. one looks to be sitting in the middle of a L shaped sofa while the other is sitting in a chair watching an advertisement for the upcoming SCW pay per view on a 50 inch Sony Vizio flat screen tv..The male on the L shaped sofa looks to have some sort of full mask covering his face and head. from what we can see he is wearing a grey sleeveless shirt which shows us two tattoos. one on each sides of his arms  we see that his skin color is white, while the one sitting in the chair is wearing a black shirt with a picture of a grey or silver looking yacht on the back. we cannot see what is on the front. not yet anyway. we see his skin color is darker than the others.  the camera crew then clear their throats to alert the two that they are here and recording. The man in the chair looks to his left where they are located. *

Ahh it is about time. you know it is good to see that our pay per view is getting advertised on tv. and it is even better when you are able to buy your national wide air time at a discount..oops i wasn’t supposed to say that. oh well.

*he shrugs  his shoulders. the masked person then speaks.*

” Cortez, you gotta stop that sort of bragging. you did the same when you won the tag gold way back when, bragged about it and not letting the former champs have another shot and what happened? “

They got their return match and we lost. but it was not I who was pinned. plus Cadillac Jackson  from the black plague interfered. and he later paid for it when he lost the united states and vortex titles to me. However, I understand your point. Dario Arturo Cortez will cut down the bragging, Tex. Which thankfully isn’t your actual name.

Tex: Yeah, thankfully. And that’s enough about the past. But at SCW’s Domination pay per view it’ll be about the future..

Dario: You mean my future. with your training and my being a part of The Empire i am feeling optimistic about my future right now. even if this is scw’s first pay per view from re-launching. i know that i need to show bk, creed and the others that they made a good decision in letting me in.

Tex: Please, that was an easy decision. Bk saw what you were capable of in the last fed. As did Creed,Tyler Cross, hell stalker put you in charge of his crew after he made you one of his horsemen in that last fed. you think he’d do that for just anyone? they all know what you can do. you just have to do it. remember what bk said to you at overdrive.

Dario: Speaking of Stalker..

Dario sighs as he looks intently into the camera..

Dario: Stalker, thankfully for you this is a battle royal. i know that all of the members of the empire that are in this match will do what they feel that they need to do in order to get the win and become a number one contender for the international heavyweight championship, the alternative championship, which is an odd name for a belt in my opinion.. * pause for dramatic effect*  OR the vacant north american championship. despite the other 16 people, 17 including myself, i will be a number one contender to one of these belts. Although I cannot read your or anyone else’s mind for that matter, I am sure that everyone else is looking to do the same. You have seen and know what i can do., i have spent time with you, i have seen you in that ring and i know what you can do. the same with creed, cross.and stonewall. offhand i am uncertain if priest was in the last wrestling company that i was in. so i cannot be certain. I will show that I am indeed empire material. Don’t take it personally if I use you or my other empire members to prove that point.

Mr. Creed: You, along with Tex here have known me the longest. you have victories over me and i have victories over you. We have even committed underhanded tactics against each other. whether those tactics were direct or not. * he sighs*  i thank you for your advice and help in the last wrestling company that we were in. although i think that perhaps with you being in the background, i think unlike tex here, it gave you that itch that you felt you had to scratch and come out of your semi-retirement and get back into the ring. and from what i can see i think that you are glad that you UN-retired.

Scott Stonewall..let’s see, i may not have faced you too many times in the last wrestling company that we were both in. However, with my buddy tex here who has shown me that there is more to training than just the physical. and with the help of the internet i have seen some of your old matches. i have seen what you can do.you and everyone else in this match, could do the same to myself. However, what you and the others who do not know me need to know is that what you can uncover is only a small showing of what I am capable of. Many times management in particular sought fit to hold me back. Some of my losses came by way of the other person using illegal weapons such as brass knuckles to assist them in their victory. Will you be like them in this match or are you better than that?

Priest: You are talented. I think that you will get far in this match. though you will not get far enough in order to become a number one contender for any of these belts.

Hell Kat. Your ring name is well deserved. you are indeed a hell kat. You are tenacious, a real threat to some of the others in this match. I would be a fool to simply dismiss you. Dario Arturo Cortez is no fool. know this, your sex matters not to me, i treat any woman who is in the ring against me as i would treat a man. After all, you along with the other women that are in this match are in my way and I will do what I must in order to remove you from my way. Now I will show you a tad of respect in saying that  even though your name is appropriate and well deserved, meaning that you may be a hell kat, but i, I am a fighter. remember that. but not just you, everyone in this match needs to remember that.

He then rubs the bridge of his nose while turning to face tex. He once again sighs and asks him.
who else is next

Tex: uh..hold on.
Tex reaches into his right front pocket and pulls out a piece of paper. He unfolds it and hands it to Dario. Dario unfolds it and does his best to unwrinkle it. He then looks at the camera..

Dario: Apologizes for those watching and waiting at home. Perhaps I should not have asked this of my friend. Of course let us be real here..for those who like myself are in this match, no one of us is going to memorize the names of all sixteen other competitors in their match. Now let us see here..in no particular order..

Miranda Jones..wow. just your name sounds generic and boring.

Princess Kiya. Please, please tell me that is just some sort of nickname that you are going by, that going by princess as a first name would help sell some merch for you.

Allie Queen ? For real ? well queen you will be crowned the queen of the losers due to you not winning this match.But hey at least your not a princess. a queen is a step up from a princess right?

he smirks and continues

Lucius Tendonin. humm at least you have an interesting name though it will not help you in a battle royal match.

Neela Shizeguma. another interesting name. you know as i look at the paper that i have in my hand here, it is very apparent so that anyone can tell, i almost feel silly pointing this out. but there are a lot of women in this match. i say with all seriousness the number of women in this match alone, not just in this company, is the most that i have seen or faced. SCW is quite the equal opportunity employer. Now onto the others.

Dario: We have, let’s see here..11 more people. Boy this is long, a lot of these people I do not know. so please do not like much offense if i do not speak a lot about you. As it is i only get to cut one promo for this match.

Sala Asa..interesting name for a lady. It is a name that I have never heard before, whether it comes from a woman or a man. But alas that is the only interesting thing about you thus far. who knows perhaps you will show me otherwise during the battle royal.

10 to go..Anne Carpenter. Sounds like an old timey name. It would be hilarious if that is your fathers profession.
9..Cassie Mason. Sounds like a country name. Do you live out in the “sticks” Cassie? he he.
8 Emily Desmond.  A name I have actually heard of. But I do not believe I have had the pleasure of taking you on one on one. and it seems i will not have that chance this time either. Oh well. perhaps somewhere down the line. i look forward to it.
7 Jenna Carson. Sounds like another old timely name. But this match won’t be decided on who has the most interesting name. Lucky you.
6 Sean Foster. Nice name. I look forward to seeing what you can do in the ring.

..Final 5..Wayne Miller..you look old enough to be someone’s dad. be careful you don’t break any bones. That is unless I get to you then I cannot guarantee that you will not walk away with any bruised or broken bones.
4..Hekate..that is a unique name to these ears. Let us see what you can do.
3 Sickle..sounds like a serial killer’s name. Is that you sickle, are you a killer in the ring?
2 Terrell Walker..well, well mister walker, it will be interesting seeing an owner in this match. If we are the final two do not expect me to take it easy on you because of your position in this company.

And last but not least

1 Dean Tyler..I have seen you in the ring. I know what you can do. I know you know stalker, Creed and Tex here. They all speak highly of you and from what I saw of you in the ring I have wanted to face you. let us see if you will be in the ring long enough for us to, as they say lock horns .

Dario Sighs

So I hope that the folks at home did not think of my promo as being boring as it is; this is merely my second match here in scw. And I believe that I covered everyone’s name who is in this match.
Now  A word of warning, All of you should expect no mercy from myself. it does not matter if i know you, Or if you are with myself in The Empire. If you are in The Empire, remember it is not personal, it is just business. And our leader wants to see my bad side.. and i plan on showing it and using it to help bring me to victory in this match.

Tex: Alright Cortez. Breaks over. You got a cold water bottle in the gym inside the ice cooler.

Dario: Well there we go Ladies and Gentlemen break time is over. So adios and i will see you at SCW’S Domination pay per view where i believe that Brian Kennedy will beat Paige Lewis for the heavyweight and bring it home to The Empire, where it belongs.

* Screen fades to black.*

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