War Journal: Chapter 5

By September 11, 2021Roleplay/Promo

When Paige Lewis walked out the rear door, she found her mother with the children, while her father was talking to his brother. The two boys were being doted on by Pamela, and Paige smiled. Being an only child, her opinion of her parents’ skills was a bit biased. But she loved being able to watch them start over. Her baby brother was three years old now, and quite affectionate, always asking everyone if he could hug them. Paige began making her way over to her father and her uncle.

John Lewis: Took your time in the shower, I see.

Paige: It was nice to be able to take my time for the first time in a while.

John: Your uncle here says he thinks you’re ready to start doing something more intense in your training with him.

Vince Lewis: I want you to push yourself, but not too hard. I don’t want you using up all your stamina.

The young blonde grinned.

Paige: Uncle, have you actually seen me compete? I am a damn gladiator.

John: That she is. My baby girl is the World Heavyweight Champion! How many days now?

Paige: Eh, a bit over twelve hundred.

The three continued talking about Paige and her accomplishments and their plans for her training. Paige had beaten Brian Kennedy and Emily Desmond already. Kennedy had the honor twice, actually. But now, she has raised the stakes to an insane level. That Seven Circles of Hell match could change the landscape of SCW…permanently. In her opinion, Kennedy would be the tougher match, but only because of the series. Desmond, however, was going to be a challenge, as well. Paige Lewis knew one thing about Domination…she was either going to have a great night, or a terrible night.



The scene faded in slowly, zoomed in on a pair of fierce blue eyes. Zooming out, the face of Paige Lewis was revealed. The SCW World Heavyweight Champion was sitting in her study, nursing a long island iced tea. Setting the glass down on the table, she looked at the camera again.

Paige: Brian…how many times do we have to do this, before you properly understand? You can’t beat me, mate. I know, I know, you were hot shit in years passed around these SCW parts. But check this…I’m Paige Lewis, I’m the heartbeat of SCW…I’m essentially unbeatable. Sure, I’ve lost before, but just once. And THAT was to SCW’s only grand slam champion, Jessica Tendonin. I made quick work of her in my rematch, and even she only needed to learn this lesson once. But you’re stubborn, mate. Before the hiatus, you could barely piece together a pair of wins without them being tag team matches. The blog sites are comparing this to Ali v Frazier 3. But, while I appreciate the comparison, and I’m obviously Ali in this scenario…Frazier actually beat Ali once. You haven’t beaten me, Brian. And I think we both know you can’t.

The blonde reached for something to her left, and then she held up the coveted 20lbs of gold, the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Paige: This is the grandest prize in our organization, Brian. In the past, you were the SCW Champion, but I need you to understand, times have changed. You’re no longer at the top. It’s a new era. You see, when I defeated Drew Stevenson, they called it an upset, a fluke. I walked out of Spring Meltdown with two championships, and the talking heads chalked it up to me getting lucky. A ladder match and then an Ironman match…and they called it lucky.

But then I did it again, I defended both the SCW World Heavyweight Championship and the SCW North American Championship on the same night. Eventually, I would step down from the North American Championship, and it would be won by your tag team partner, Jessica Tendonin, who would rename it the International Heavyweight Championship, and then go on to defeat me at Survival, to achieve one of her final goals of her career…being the SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

You want to know how to beat me, Brian? Ask Jessica, go on. She’s the only person on Earth who has ever done it, but even she will tell you I’m practically unstoppable. A bitch is built different, and you still don’t have the tools to break me down. Since SCW reopened a few years ago at SCW Reunion, there has been one constant, one person so reliable you could set your clocks by her…Paige Lewis. I am the measuring stick of the SCW…and Brian…you’re coming up short, just like you did when I beat you twice before.

Paige stood up now, and her body was more visible. She was noticeably more muscular than the last time she competed, she’d gone up a cup size, and the tank top gave a very appreciative glance at her abdomen. The blonde champion strapped the belt around her waist, and then folded her arms across her chest.

Paige: I want you to get used to seeing this, Brian. In fact, I want all of SCW to get used to this. None of you lot can defeat me. I’m the best thing going in the SCW today. But you don’t seem to have realized that yet, Brian. And THAT is why we will be deciding our final confrontation in a seven circles of hell match. And maybe then, I’ll have probably beaten it into your head, that you can’t beat me.

The blonde ended the recording now, feeling she’d said what needed to be said.

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