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Main Event
SCW World Heavyweight Championship
Seven Circles of Hell Match
Pin/Submission/First Blood/Falls Count Anywhere/No DQ/No Finishers/Last Man Standing

Paige Lewis vs Brian Kennedy

After the main event at Overdrive 53, Brian Kennedy shocked the world by calling out Paige Lewis and demanding a shot at the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. But to everyone’s surprise, Paige Lewis answered the challenge and walked out to the ring alone, stared all of The Empire down and accepted Brian’s Challenge, and declared that the match would be a Seven Circles of Hell Match. Paige Lewis is no stranger to pulling double duty here in SCW, having defended/won two titles in the same night on more than one occasion, but has she gone too far now? After a Ladder Match for the Alternative Championship, will Paige Lewis be fit to defend against Brian Kennedy in this insane series of matches?

Brian Kennedy is a former SCW Champion, and he has had his sights set on getting back to the top of the SCW mountain since he returned. Paige Lewis has been a force to be reckoned with in SCW, having only been bested once. That loss was to none other than Brian Kennedy’s own tag team champion partner, Jessica Tendonin. Can Brian repeat that feat, and take home the World Heavyweight Championship, and become the only person to ever hold both of SCW’s world titles? Kennedy and Lewis meet for the third and final time in this explosive main event.

Secondary Main Event
SCW International Heavyweight Championship
Cage Match

Adatu Urakih vs Jensen Kidd

Urakih came out on Overdrive 52.5 and provoked Dean Tyler, and Neela decided to make her defend the International Heavyweight Championship against him on Overdrive 53. Urakih was successful, but after her victory, she was attacked by the referee, who had actually been Jensen Kidd all along. Livid, Urakih laid out the challenge to Kidd, declaring that instead of attacking her from behind after a grueling match, she should fight her head on. Neela approved the match and Urakih will have a chance to get some payback. UPDATE: Urakih has demanded this match be a cage match, citing that Kidd clearly doesn’t mind being locked in a cage with her.

Tertiary Main Event
SCW Alternative Championship
Ladder Match

Paige Lewis vs Emily Desmond

A rematch that could change the future of SCW. The top two women in SCW did battle, the coveted Alternative Championship on the line. Emily Desmond had checked all the boxes qualifying her to trade the belt in for a shot at Lewis’ world title any time, and Lewis had previously won a number one contender match. Paige decided to call it in, heading off any sudden challenges to her reign atop the SCW. They said it couldn’t be done, beating Emily Desmond for the SCW Alternative Championship. Even the likes of Alzy Hawkshaw couldn’t get the job done. But when Paige and Emily met, it was time to see who was truly the “Iron Woman of SCW.” In the end, Paige Lewis was victorious. Now, Lewis must defend the championship against one of the most dominant holders in history. Will Lewis prove that it wasn’t a fluke, or will Desmond find herself leaving with the coveted championship?

SCW North American Heavyweight Championship
Extreme Rules Match

Fathi vs Dark Tiger vs Tyler Cross

At Overdrive 52.5, Fathi and Dark Tiger both won their matches for a shot at the championship, but when Tyler Cross defeated Fathi, the General Manager decided to make this a Triple Threat match. Now, these three will battle it out for the vacant (with Priest being…relieved…of the championship) SCW North American Heavyweight Championship. This will be a new era for the North American Heavyweight Championship, no matter who wins.

Singles Match
Normal Rules

Dean Tyler vs Hex Girl

Dean Tyler rolled into SCW and had arguably the biggest upset win during a debut in SCW’s history, when he pinned former Alternative Champion Emily Desmond. After a confrontation between him and Adatu Urakih, Neela forced the Japanese champion to defend her belt against him, and Tyler picked up a loss. Hex Girl arrived in SCW and immediately made an impact by ensuring the tag team match didn’t happen. Now, both superstars have a chance to try to impress the SCW General Manager and move up in the world.

Open Battle Royale
Number One Contenders Match
SCW International Heavyweight Championship
SCW North American Championship
SCW Alternative Championship

Promo Limit: 1 (preferably not referencing other superstars in the match)

Any SCW Superstar not booked in another match may enter this Over The Top Rope elimination battle royale match. The winner picks which title they want a shot at. The last person eliminated picks one of the two remaining. The second to last person eliminated gets the title shot that is left.


Promo/Deadline Information
Championship Match – 5
Non-Title Match – 3
Battle Royale – 1

First Deadline: 11:59 PM EST, August 18th, 2021
Final Deadline: 11:59 PM EST, August 21st, 2021

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