SCW Overdrive 53 Results

By July 18, 2021Results

As My Name Is Human by Highly Suspect begins to play through the arena, a video montage is shown. Previous SCW stars are briefly shown, followed by current stars. Next, every champion in SCW history was shown, starting with Brian Brewster and Cam Davitt as SCW Tag Team Champions, The Ryders as SCW Tag Team Champions, Cam Davitt and Lynn Brewster as SCW Tag Team Champions, Empire as SCW World Tag Team Champion, DEA as SCW World Tag Team Champions, Jesse Owusu as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his first reign as SCW North American Champion, Stefanos Los Rios as SCW North American Champion, Jacina as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his second reign as SCW North American Champion, Macy Kane as SCW North American Champion, Paige Lewis as SCW North American Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW North American Champion, Rich Anderson as SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, Priest as SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Larissa as SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Adatu Urakih as the SCW International Heavyweight Champion.

Lucius Tendonin as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Requiem as SCW Alternative Champion, Adatu Urakih as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Emily Desmond as SCW Alternative champion, Paige Lewis as SCW Alternative Champion, Neela Shizeguma as SCW World Champion, Brian Kennedy as SCW World Champion, Brian Brewster as SCW World Champion, Paige Lewis in her first reign SCW World Heavyweight Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW World Heavyweight Champion, and lastly, Paige Lewis in her second Reign as SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Feed fades in to show the SCW commentary team of Allie Queen and Wayne Miller.

Allie Queen: Welcome to Overdrive ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a championship match for you! One of SCW’s newest signees will find himself locked inside of a cage with a chance to leave with the International Heavyweight Championship!

Wayne Miller: Yeah, and can you imagine if he actually succeeds? But even bigger than that, the main event pits Fathi against Tyler Cross! I can’t wait to see THAT match!

After the commercial break, James Roads was already in the ring, waiting for his partner. Hex Girl by the Hex Girls blasts over the PA. After a few moments Hex Girl runs out and down to the ring. She slides into the ring, popping up and hits James Roads with a spinning heel kick to the midsection causing him to double over. She then grabs his head and drives her knee up into his face. Not letting go of his head she changes her grip and position and drives him to the mat with a bulldog DDT laying him out on the mat. She then gets up and walks to the corner asking for a microphone. One is handed to her and she addresses the audience.

Hex Girl: I see a lot of confused faces in the crowd. (She gives a wicked grin.) I know y’all were expecting to see a tag team match right now. But someone decided to be a disappointment and not show up. That’s why I’m here. I believe fans should get what they pay for.

The crowd gives a small pop in agreement with her.

Hex Girl: Y’all paid to see someone get their ass whooped. AM I RIGHT!?

The crowd shouts in response.

Hex Girl: You call that an answer? Try that again. AM I RIGHT!?

The crowd cheers and shouts louder in response.

Hex Girl: I think you LA fans can do better than that. Come on one more time. AM. I. RIGHT!?

This time the crowd response is absolutely thunderous and she’s grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Hex Girl: There ya go I knew ya had it in ya. (She looks down at Roads.) Roads I’m sure you came out here with the full intent of stompin a mudhole in Creed and Knight but that wasn’t in the cards for you I’m afraid. Instead you became my sacrifice. (She then looks towards the stage.) To those backstage who know me from NCW I made an announcement at the last show we had. I said I wanted to revive The Sorority, I intend to continue with that goal here in SCW. Ladies if you wish to join let me know if you don’t…well that’s your choice and your pain.

She drops the microphone on top of James Roads and leaves the ring.

Allie Queen: Hex Girl has come to SCW, and she has just put everyone on notice that she is bringing in The Sorority!

Wayne Miller: The what? Whatever, we have another commercial break.

Dark Tiger is seen standing in the ring as The Empire starts making their ways through the crowd. Dario looks at Dark Tiger and hits him with a huge clothesline. Brian, Tyler, Mr. Creed, and Stalker get in the ring, Brian grabs Dark Tiger and hits The War Cry and Mr. Creed picks him up, tossing him out of the ring. They all smirk as Stalker hands Dario his Empire T.Shirt.

Brian: You know, Dario joining The Empire was something that should have been done sooner. I mean shit, this man was on a roll in NCW and was about to be offered a spot in The Foundation. But, Dario this is something much more. The Legacy of The Empire has been built on the blood, sweat and tears of every victim. The monster we have been seeing needs to be unleashed each and every time you step in the ring.

He pauses and looks around for a moment. Nodding his head he smiles.

Brian: Speaking of victims Hex Girl took care of all the light work for Stalker and Creed. This leaves Tyler. We all know what I’m talking about. Well, Fathi, you’ve been like a brother to me. And while you keep talking about your Title runs in NCW. While you might have won the Pinnacle Title at Genocide. Let’s not forget. I am the ONLY undisputed Tag Team Champion from NCW. Why? Because NO ONE could take it from around my waist once I got my hands on it. While I was the one who walked away from Thug Revolution. I also took the NCW Tag Titles with me. And all this talk. Yea you got a win over me. That was because Demarcus Jones and Grant Lewis beat the shit out of me after I earned the shot at the World Title after we first formed Thug Revolution in GFW. Did you forget? Ever since that day you have only had One Chance at facing off against me. You come out to that arena that night. You could have come for Mr. Creed and myself to reclaim the Tag Titles and what did you do? You turned around and left Hex Girl hanging.

The crowd starts chanting: Where did you go?

Brian: So the fact that you know that one win you hold as some sort of claim to fame is shut down. Because when Business needed to be handled you turned and walked away. Fathi you know that win was a fluke. You know that on another night it would have been my hand raised. I AM THE IRON MAN OF NCW. I set the record for the longest time in that match in NCW history. Mr. Creed has the record for most eliminations in that match. And Fathi, what do you have? A run as Tag Champion because of me. Cause you know. I’m the man when it comes to that Tag Division. A Pinnacle Title that you won and never defended and the BAMF and Pride of the people. While you might have held some weight with your name in NCW and other companies around this business. You’re in SCW now brother. Everything you have done before here doesn’t count for shit. Just like me. The difference here is, I am one half of the SCW Undisputed Tag Team Champions for about 3 years now. I am a former World Champion and looking for my 2nd time now. Fathi, unless you wanna find a partner and come for my gold, or wanna go another round then I am asking this one time politely. Keep my name out of your fuckin mouth. Cause brother. Family fights. Because the facts are these right here, you got that fluke and the only other chance you had to prove it wasn’t a fluke you chose to turn around and walk away. With that being said. DARIO IS FUCKING EMPIRE and the locker room has been put on notice. We are not stopping here. Don’t take it personally, we are just doing what’s good for business. And from the looks of it.

He pauses and looks around the group.

Brian: (The crowd says with him) Business is really damn good.

He drops the mic.


Wayne Miller: This next match has had fans buzzing for weeks, Allie. We haven’t seen Adatu Urakih in action since the night she won the SCW International Heavyweight Championship. As we both remember, on that night, she suffered the same fate as her mentor, Jessica Tendonin, a broken arm at the hands of Larissa. Urakih, however, managed to leave the match with the belt.

Allie Queen: And at our last event, she interrupted the celebration of Dean Tyler who was successful in his SCW debut. The pair were likely on the edge of trading blows before Neela stepped in.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled to be contested under Steel Cage rules, and it is for the SCW International Heavyweight Championship!!! Introducing first…DANGEROUS DEAN TYLER.

The song Unscripted Violence by Violent Idols starts to blast over the PA system. The man who is known as ” Dangerous” Dean Tyler starts to come on out being accompanied to the ring by his brother, ” Sadistic” Sami Tyler. Dean’s seen carrying a switchblade with him. He gets in the ring and goes to trash talk about what he wants to do to his opponent while having a great smile on his face as his music fades out.

Wayne Miller: In one of her first matches in SCW, Urakih actually made someone quit on national TV.

Allie Queen: I remember. This Urakih is unlike any other person to lace them up in an SCW ring. Dean Tyler has an opportunity to send a message, though. Imagine the look on the faces of the Order of the Dragon if Urakih isn’t victorious here tonight?

The titantron came to life now, and the audience turned to see it. The view was from a helicopter, and the camera-person was focusing on three vehicles that appeared to be speeding.

Wayne Miller: What the hell is this?

Allie Queen: I have no idea…wait! They’re heading for the arena!!!

The three vehicles were indeed arriving at the arena. In the parking garage, Cassie Mason is seen running towards the entrance just as the three vehicles cruised inside. The first vehicle sat low and wide, and the engine roared so loud that the ground shook. A custom built Dodge Demon, black with a fearsome dragon vinyl on the hood.

Allie Queen: Oh, I think I know who that is!!! I wondered if we’d be seeing her!

The second vehicle was a Nissan GT-R NISMO, in a bright yellow color with dual black stripes down the middle. The third vehicle was an SUV, and painted a bright red color.

Wayne Miller: Is that a damn Lambo Rambo?!?!

Cassie Mason stayed ready with her mic as the three vehicles powered down and the doors opened. Unsurprisingly, the mopar expelled Jessica Tendonin, SCW’s only grand slam champion. The Japanese car affectionately called Godzilla was driven by the 4th and Beloved of Alcatelia, the Japanese Dragon, the Machine from Musashino, the Daughter of Hell…Adatu Urakih.

Wayne Miller: There’s the champion and her mentor, so who’s in the lambo??

As if answering his question, the driver of the LM002 stepped out, her wavy blonde hair seeming to be caught in a breeze.


Wayne Miller: Jessica’s lieutenant, Candice, being here must mean they expect trouble! And just think, we still have no word on…her!

Cassie ran over to Urakih as she was removing the championship from the passenger seat and began to speak, but Jessica held up a hand to stop her.

Jessica: No, you will not be conducting an interview right now. You want to speak to the International Heavyweight Champion, you contact my second in command and schedule it. You don’t ambush Uri right before the biggest match yet during SCW’s return. On me, ladies.

And with that, the three Dragon’s marched off in the direction of the ring.

Anne Carpenter: And his opponent, representing The Order of The Dragon, hailing from Musashino, Tokyo, Japan…she weighed in at one hundred and sixty-seven pounds this morning…she is the REIGNING AND DEFENDING…S…C…W…INTERNATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! ADATU URAKIH!!!

The arena was dimmed now and Some Bodies Gonna Get It by Three 6 Mafia began playing. The crowd began screaming and chanting the lyrics.

Allie Queen: Think we’re gonna hear her chant tonight?

Wayne Miller: Ooooh, you just KNOW they are gon-

Wayne was drowned out now as Urakih walked out onto the stage, the SCW International Heavyweight Championship strapped around her waist. The crowd began screaming even louder now, and Urakih beamed as Jessica and Candice flanked her and the trio began walking down to the ring. Dean watched the three of them, looking back and forth to the steel cage suspended above the ring. Urakih reached the foot of the ring and turned to Jessica and Candice who had slowed their pace.The camera angle changed, and the champion was seen signing “I will bring this back to you, master” as she tapped the championship.

Allie Queen: If Dean Tyler can somehow defeat Urakih for the championship here tonight, he is walking into SCW with two massive upsets, and the distinction of being the only person to defeat Emily Desmond AND Adatu Urakih. Imagine what that will do for his reputation around here!

Wayne Miller: It’s do or die time for the new SCW star. A win here catapults him into the history books. A loss, well…

Urakih climbed inside the ring now, and unstrapped the championship, staring at it for a moment before passing it to the referee. A second referee had already checked Dean for weapons and she came over to check Urakih.

Allie Queen: This is actually Urakih’s first defense since winning the championship off of Larissa a few years ago, and as far as we know, she has not competed since that night.

Wayne Miller: Obviously her arm is no longer broken, but you have to wonder if there’s any ring rust. I hear she had another kid during the hiatus, as well, a little girl.

In the ring, both competitors were checked and cleared. The inside referee held the SCW International Heavyweight Championship up in the air before passing it to the timekeeper and signalling for the cage to be lowered.

Allie Queen: She could have had a hundred kids, and I still would not want to be locked in that cage with her, especially given she has vowed to make Dean Tyler tap out here tonight.

Wayne Miller: I think her exact words were that she was going to break Dean down to an atomic level until all he can do is tap out. And dammit, I can’t wait for this match to start! Dean Tyler could take it home tonight! Remember, this is the guy who defeated Emily Desmond on his first night! Desmond was unstoppable, and the only person before this who was able to topple her was Paige Lewis, our dual champion!

The bell rang as the cage was secured to the ring. The crowd was still loud and buzzing. Dean’s brother was in his corner on the outside, While Jessica and Candice stood opposite. Dean Tyler stormed towards Urakih and attempted a clothesline, but Urakih sidestepped him, caught his arm and put him in a half nelson, and with an impressive display of strength, she lifted him into the air before driving him down into her waiting knee.

Allie Queen: There was no rust in that half nelson backbreaker, my gosh!!!

Wayne Miller: None at all, but Dean Tyler still has plenty of fighter left in him.

Dean is back on his feet after a few seconds, and he and Urakih begin trading blows. Dean, bigger and stronger, was tanking Urakih’s lefts and rights while overpowering her with his own. Urakih stumbled backwards as he caught her chin, and the crowd gasped as she was knocked out. Dean looked around in shock before going for the cover.



The referee drops to the mat to begin the count as the crowd screams in anger. A collective scream of relief rippled through the crowd as Urakih got her shoulder up on the count of 2. Dean is stunned as he rolls away from the champion.

Allie Queen: This match was very nearly over in a heartbeat, just like Dean’s debut, and with a massive upset.

Wayne Miller: Still, how many people can say they’ve knocked out the Japanese Dragon?

Back on her feet, Urakih was still clearly dazed, and Dean took advantage of this by mowing her over with a shoulder block. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet before driving his knee into her midsection. Urakih clasped her fingers to block the knee strike, and then wrapped her arms around his waist. Planting her feet and steeling her stance, Urakih lifted Dean off the mat in a bearhug. Dean began struggling and raining blows upon her back and shoulders.

Allie Queen: Urakih said she was going to make him tap out, and a bearhug is a good start in that direction.

Wayne Miller: Submissions have never been Urakih’s preferred way to end a match, which could work to Dean’s advantage. Urakih likes to beat the hell out of her opponents and then pin them.

Dean managed to slither out of the hold, but Urakih grabbed his arm and whipped him into a corner and ran after him. Dean turned and drove his elbow backwards and into Urakih’s face, busting her open. The champion staggered back, but Dean stayed on the offensive, taking her down with a clothesline. On the outside, his brother was cheering him on, while Jessica was watching intently, silently, whereas Candice was scanning the arena.

Allie Queen: If Urakih wins here tonight, we have to wonder who will challenge her for the championship at the Pay Per View.

Wayne Miller: A question for later, right now Urakih needs to focus on the fact that she’s not totally running through Dean Tyler.

Urakih was on her feet guarding her head from punches from Dean. Dean drove his knee into her midsection, sending her to her knees. The referee came over to check on the bleeding champion, but Urakih shoved the masked woman away before tackling Dean to the mat. Dean got his hands up, but not before Urakih managed to bust his lip. The referee pulled Urakih off of Dean and forced her into a corner, separating the pair.

Allie Queen: Both of them have been busted open now, we’ll see how Dean fares with blood loss, Urakih’s has been moving a bit slower.

Wayne Miller: Let’s not forget, we don’t know what the status is on Paige Lewis, so we may well be seeing the winner of this match in the main event of the pay per view.

Dean got to his feet and wiped his mouth, smiling at the blood. Across the ring, Urakih smiled as well. The referee stepped back and in an instant, Champion and Challenger collided in the center of the ring, their heads bouncing off of each other. Both grinned before smashing into each other again. Both had fresh bleeding gashes in their foreheads a moment later. Urakih was a bit wobbly on her feet, and Dean capitalized, pulling her into an Underhook.

Allie Queen: Dean is looking for that Arrow of his!

Wayne Miller: And if he manages to nail it, I have to believe he is leaving as the new champion!!!

Dean drove Urakih into the mat head first and the crowd roared with disapproval as he stood and smiled. Dean turned and taunted Jessica Tendonin and Candice Karicia Kingston. Jessica said something and this enraged him and he began climbing out of the cage. Halfway to the top, someone grabbed his foot! Urakih was up and she had crossed the ring while Dean had his back turned.

Allie Queen: Dean was seconds away from possibly securing some SCW gold!

Wayne Miller: What is Urakih doing! Wait, that’s not her finisher!

In the ring, Urakih had yanked Dean off the cage wall, and a few seconds later, she had taken one of his arms and tilted him into the air, ready to nail him with her mentor’s finisher, the Paraguayan Imprint. Dean wiggled out of it, but Urakih swept his legs out from under him. Dean rolled to his feet and threw a heavy right before Urakih could block it, and her nose seemed to move 6 inches in the opposite direction.

Allie Queen: First he knocks her out, and now he has broken her nose! Dean Tyler is punishing Urakih and manhandling her in a way that we’ve never seen before!

Wayne Miller: No shit, we might have counted him out too early!

Clutching at her face, Urakih is almost caught with a Diamond Cutter, but she shoves Dean Tyler off. She then dropped to her knees and let out a feral scream. The crowd reacted with a thunderous cheer before chanting.


Allie Queen: I think we’re about to see a huge turning point in this match.

Wayne Miller: Just cause they’re chanting her warcry, that doesn’t mean it is over. So far, Dean Tyler is handling himself very well against the undefeated champion.


Dean grabbed Urakih by the hair even as the crowd continued chanting, and sent her down to the mat with another Dean’s Arrow. Dean got to his feet and Urakih rolled over cackling. When she was on her feet, Dean looked at her shocked, before he lined up a third Arrow. The crowd continued their chant and after a moment, Urakih began cackling again as she struggled to her knees.


Allie Queen: Three of his Finishers and Urakih is LITERALLY laughing them off!

Wayne Miller: This match has been fast paced and bloody, and I think we’re coming upon the end of it here.


Dean charged at Urakih, and she kicked him in the face, sending him staging backwards. Urakih slipped under Dean and lifted him into a Fireman Carry position, and then turned him upside down in the Piledriver position.

Allie Queen: She’s sending him to the river!


Urakih took several steps while holding Dean before suddenly leaping and driving his head into the mat. The crowd roared with approval as the Champion knelt while grinning from a blood covered face.

Allie Queen: Urakih needs to cover Dean NOW!!!

Wayne Miller: I don’t believe it, Dean is moving!!!

Urakih got to her feet and pulled Dean up and began wailing on him. She managed to land a heavy right on his chin, stunning him. She rushed him and then sent him to the mat with an O-Goshi, a judo throw. Urakih then circled around to Dean’s feet and grabbed them, and a few seconds later, she had locked in the Sharpshooter. Dean began struggling, but they were in the center of the ring.

Allie Queen: She’s got that Sharpshooter locked in tight! Dean has nowhere to go!!!

Wayne Miller: She said she was going to make him tap out, and we just may see that happen!

Urakih beamed as the crowd became deafening as she leaned back to increase the pressure on Dean’s spine. The crowd began chanting even louder.


Allie Queen: This crowd is becoming belligerent! If this match isn’t over soon, we may have a problem!

Wayne Miller: Oh nonsense!

Urakih leaned back further and with a blood curdling scream Dean began tapping out. The crowd erupted as the bell rang and Urakih released the hold.

Allie Queen: IT’S OVER!!! URAKIH WINS!!!


The championship was passed to the female referee inside the cage and then handed to Urakih as Anne began making the announcement.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, by submission, and STILL YOUR SCW INTERNATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…ADATU URAKIH!!!

Urakih beamed as she held the championship above her head. For a moment she celebrated, and smiled to her fellow Dragon’s outside the cage. Then, she turned around and the referee kicked her in the gut before delivering a Hammerlock DDT.



As Jessica and Candice began trying to bust open the door to the cage, the referee removed her N95 mask.



Indeed, several fans had jumped over the barricade. As Jessica and Candice began scaling the cage, Kidd reached for a rope that had been lowered into the ring. As Jessica reached the top of the cage, Kidd was raised into the air. Jessica leapt forward, but missed her and crashed and burned on the mat below. By the time Jessica got to her feet, Kidd was gone and Urakih was stirring.

Allie Queen: Urakih defends the International strap amid controversy after the finish.

Wayne Miller: I think Urakih wants to say something, she’s gesturing for a mic now that the cage is being raised.

Urakih was gasping for breath for a few seconds before she spoke. Adjusting her championship on her shoulder, she roared into the microphone.

Adatu Urakih: First of fucking all, get this loser out of my ring!!! Dangerous my ass!!! Second, I don’t know how things are done in whatever backwater federations Jensen Kidd is used to, but we don’t do that shit here in SCW. Disguising herself as a referee and then attacking me after the match? Tell you what, bitch. You want a piece of me? Then come fight me straight up. Don’t jump me after a match. I’ll beat your ass in any kind of match there is! I’ll even let you pick the match and rules! Nobody sneak attacks me and gets away with it!

Urakih slammed the microphone and stormed out of the ring, Jessica and Candice in tow.

Allie Queen: I think Urakih just laid down the challenge to Jensen Kidd!!

Wayne Miller: It sure looks that way! We’ve got a quick commercial break, and then it’s time for our main event!

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, FATHI!!!

The area near the rampway darkens. Red lights strobe on the right of the entrance and blue on the left. Seconds later we hear a siren followed by the opening words over the pa system:

No surrender, no…surrender

As the lyrics begin saying no surrender a video begins on the tron showing caution tape and someone facing away from the camera crying. As the lyrics kick in at 15 seconds Fathi emerges from the otherside of the tape on the video smiling. The word: FATHI appears in Arabic under his face ( فتحي )

As the word Fathi appears under the face of Fathi the man himself emerges at the top of the rampway wearing black boots, dark Southpole jeans and a black hoodie with a murderous rage in his eyes. Unzipping the black hoodie he reveals a black plain t-shirt. Tossing the hoodie to the side Fathi baseball slides into the ring.

Anne Carpenter: And his opponent, from Cameron, North Carolina, The Extremist Tyler Cross!!

“Unforgiven II” by Metallica blares over the PA system as Tyler Cross walks out onto the ramp with Brian Kennedy at his side, smoking a cigarette he raises his hands into a X symbol then carries on down the rampway smoking, he enters the ring and flicks the end of his cigarette at his opponent.

Allie Queen: We’re just about ready for this main event here, and after that Cage Match, and the controversy after it, this has become a crazy night.

Wayne Miller: And there is the bell!

As soon as the bell rang, Fathi came flying out of the traps charging Cross down, taking him down to the mat with a spear. He continues his assault by mounting Cross where he lays into him with some heavy punches.

Allie Queen: Fathi going after Cross after those comments leading up to this match!

Wayne Miller: And rightly so because he has everything to lose if this match goes badly.

Fathi finishes his assault on Cross leaving the former NCW BAMF champ in corner. Fathi then starts walking around the ring shouting to the crowd while leaving Cross not knowing what to do, or whats coming next. Fathi takes out a blackjack

Allie Queen: Fathi is pumped up! Look he has the blackjack!

Fathi hits Cross across his head as he stands up, splitting Tyler’s forehead open. Brian takes the blackjack as Fathi tosses it away. He leans down talking trash to Tyler.

Wayne Miller: And I don’t think Cross knew what just hit him!

Cross pulls himself up and gets back to his feet, Fathi watching his every move. Tyler composes himself then walks into the middle of the ring. Staring at Fathi dead in his eyes, blood streaming down his face. Not one to back down Fathi meets his challenger face to face. He starts mouthing off to Cross who has a few words to say himself.

Allie Queen: This is heating up fast!

The two of them exchange words when all of a sudden Tyler slaps Fathi across the face which makes the crowd gasp. Fathi isn’t having any of it and pushes Cross in retaliation, the crowd reacting with another gasp. Tyler laughs at Fathi then pushes him down with a shoulder thrust which his drives the Rabid Curr back into the nearest turnbuckle. He keeps on the pressure with more shoulders thrusts, pasting Fathi in the corner. Tyler lets up then backs away from Fathi giving him some space. Then he runs in driving his knee hard into the jaw of Fathi.

Wayne Miller: You can feel the tension in the air can’t you guys.

Allie Queen: Imagine what’s gonna happen next!

Both men step towards the center of the ring. Fathi looks to take advantage of the situation by trying to catch Cross off guard with a cheeky right hook. But Tyler reads the play and ducks out of harms way, coming up behind Fathi. Tyler grabs the Rabid Curr and looks for a quick back drop. Fathi has other ideas and manages to flip out of the move, landing on his feet.

Allie Queen: Nice agility from Fathi to get out of that move.

Cross hasn’t noticed Fathi allowing him to nail Cross from behind with a nice standing drop kick. Tyler looses his footing and lands on the ropes where he try’s to steady himself but ends up toppling over the ropes to the outside.

Wayne Miller: Cross sent over the top rope and he’s not happy about it! He landed right beside Brian.

Allie Queen: Look! Brian just slipped Tyler the blackjack! I wondered why he grabbed it.

Cross manages to get to his feet as Brian is giving a few pointers to Tyler. He looks back to the ring to see Fathi is calling for him to come and get him.

Allie Queen: The Rabid Curr is taunting Tyler. Brian seems like he is laying out some plans. After the earlier comments I wonder if he is gonna get involved in this match. There is no DQ and so far it’s been one on one.

Wayne Miller: I wonder if Fathi is talking to Tyler or to the both of them! The Empire is here in full force!

Tyler and Fathi are now standing face to face. This is where the two of them start to brawl, this really starts to get the crowd going.

Allie Queen: Both men slugging it out for the upper hand!

Both men go back and forth with big punches until Cross manages to block an incoming jab from Fathi, giving him the breakthrough he’s been looking for. Tyler fights Fathi to the ropes with everything he’s got. Soon Fathi is helpless and stuck on the ropes. Cross takes a step back then lunges in, taking Fathi off his feet and over the top

Wayne Miller: Fathi sent for a ride over the top rope!

Like Cross, Fathi falls to where Brian is. It takes him a second to recover. He looks back in the ring to see Tyler standing tall. Instead of rushing back into the ring like Cross did, Fathi cautiously steps on to the apron. Looking back and forth between Brian and Tyler. At first it looks like Cross might give Fathi the space it enter the ring but as Fathi steps through the ropes Tyler jumps him.

Allie Queen: Cross not showing Fathi the same courtesy he was shown by his opponent.

Wayne Miller: Maybe so but it’s a smart move on his behalf.

Cross is beating Fathi with a double axe handle before scooping him and plants him with a DDT before quickly hooking the leg.

Allie Queen: Cover by Cross!


Wayne Miller: Only a two from Tyler Cross!

Trying to keep the pressure on Tyler puts Fathi in a cross face. Fathi sees the danger and starts scrambling to the ropes, Tyler doing his best to lock in the move. Near the ropes Cross finally locks in the cross face but Fathi is able to get his hand on the bottom rope.

Allie Queen: Tyler looking to end it with a cross face but Fathi managed to get to the ropes.

Wayne Miller: Fathi showed his years of experience here. He got out of it and it seems like Tyler isn’t too happy.

Allie Queen: Yea, that’s true but Tyler isn’t letting go. It’s a no DQ!

Wayne Miller: The ref is checking Fathi! It seems like he is out. The ref is raising Fathi’s hand.


At the last second Fathi keeps his hand up, Tyler breaks the hold but the damage has been done. He is quickly back to his feet where he nails Fathi with a couple of kicks for good measure. That’s when he sees his chance to head to the top rope.

Allie Queen: Tyler is going up top!

Wayne Miller: This match is really getting into its stride.

Cross takes to the top rope. He looks down on Fathi who laid out, struggling to recover or so you think. Suddenly then the Rabid Curr springs to life and charges up the turnbuckle where he grabs Tyler around the waist looking for a belly to belly of the top rope.

Allie Queen: Fathi is going for the belly to belly suplex off the top rope and this could end Tyler’s night before it’s even started!

Fathi gives it his all, doing his best to nail Cross with the belly to belly but Tyler fights him all the way. Tyler then catches Fathi with a head butt forcing him to release his hold on Tyler. Fathi loses his footing allowing Cross to simply pushes him off the top rope and down to the mat below.

Wayne Miller: Cross putting Fathi in his place!

Fathi is laid out and Tyler sees an opening. He picks himself up and stands on the top rope, the crowd watching to see what he will do next. Cross composes himself then leaps off the top rope. Camera flashes go off around the arena as Cross looks for the diving head butt. it looks as if he is going to connect but at the last second Fathi rolls out of harms way.

Allie Queen: Tyler Cross is looking for the diving head butt but all he finds is canvas!

Wayne Miller: Both men are down!

Allie Queen: Wait Fathi is taking advantage of Tyler’s mistake!

Wayne Miller: Cover!


Allie Queen: Tyler gets the shoulder up!

Fathi is starting to feel strain but is first to his feet, Cross on the other hand is slower to recover. Fathi stands over the down Cross waiting for him to get up, taking his time not to rush or use up extra energy.

Wayne Miller: Fathi is stalking Cross here!

Allie Queen: He’s got that look in his eye, he’s up to something.

Cross finally makes it to his feet but doesn’t have time to shake off the cob webs because Fathi is straight on him. Fathi puts him in a normal sleeper then attempts to grab him by the chin with his fingers.

Wayne Miller: Fathi going for a sleeper hold! This might be it for Tyler!

Allie Queen: Tyler is fighting hard to keep him at bay!

Tyler shakes his head violently preventing Fathi from fully executing the hold, he also tries to shake Fathi off he is going nowhere. The sleeper on its own is starting to affect Tyler, so thinking fast he drops to the mat managing to hit Fathi with a stunner.

Wayne Miller: Tyler countering the sleeper with a stunner!

Fathi flies backwards where he is caught by the turnbuckle. But that only bounces him back towards Tyler. At first Cross doesn’t seem to notice Fathi. It’s only when Fathi stumbles into him he reacts. Even though Fathi isn’t posing a threat Tyler puts him down with a well-timed Strike. He follows the Strike up by rolling the Rabid Curr over and covering him.

Allie Queen: Cover by Tyler.


Tyler doesn’t let the failed pin affect him as he forces Fathi to his feet where he positions him for a suplex. He lifts Fathi up and holds him in the air for the crowd to marvel at.

Wayne Miller: Impressive strength shown by Tyler Cross here ladies and gentlemen.

Camera flashes go off around the arena but before Tyler can drop Fathi, he shifts his weight. This puts off Cross, preventing him from hitting a move on Fathi. Instead Fathi is able to wiggle free and land on his feet, with both him and Cross still locked in a tie up. Fathi then powers Cross off, lifting him into the air before dropping him down with perfect suplex.

Allie Queen: Fathi showing how powerful he is with a nice reversal and suplex!

Wayne Miller: Fathi following up with a cover.


Allie Queen: Nowhere near enough to keep Cross down!

Wayne Miller: Fathi is the first to show signs of frustration.

Allie Queen: He must be mad if he thought he was going to put Cross away with a suplex!

Fathi takes a few deep breaths, getting his head in the right place. He then forces Tyler up off the mat giving him no time to recover. Fathi lands a few punches on Tyler to soften him up as he drags him into the nearest corner. Once he has Cross where he wants him Fathi scoops him up onto the top rope before mounting the turnbuckle himself.

Wayne Miller: Fathi is going up top!

Allie Queen: Lets hope this doesn’t backfire like it did earlier.

Fathi hooks Cross by the head as he gets ready to attempt a DDT

Wayne Miller: I think Fathi is going to try for that top rope DDT.

Allie Queen: But Cross is holding on.

Tyler holds onto the top rope, holding on for dear life. Fathi tries his hardest to take Tyler down.

Wayne Miller: One wrong move and Fathi will take himself off the turnbuckle!

Fathi is right on the edge by Tyler won’t budge. Fathi lets up for a second to refocus is efforts but as he does so this allows Cross to thumb Fathi in the eye. Fathi releases his grip on Tyler who pushes him off the top turnbuckle for the second time. But this time Fathi hits the mat hard.

Allie Queen: Tyler Cross with the thumb to the eye!

Wayne Miller: Fathi hit the mat hard that time!

Allie Queen: He also failed while on the top rope for a second time!

Tyler looks down on Fathi finding himself looking over the Rabid Curr again. He stands up, perching himself on the top rope before taking to the air looking for a swanton bomb. But again Fathi sees the incoming threat and rolls over trying to escape harms way. Tyler hits him just as Fathi tries to escape.

Wayne Miller: Tyler lands it! OMG!!!

Allie Queen: Fathi failed twice with a top rope move, now Tyler hits a swanton from the top rope! Who’d have thought it!

Fathi rolls in pain as Tyler gets to his feet. Brian slides a few chairs in the ring.

Wayne Miller: This is what Brian was waiting for. Tyler to get the edge on Fathi.

Tyler sets up a chair in the middle of the ring. Then one in the corner. Fathi is getting to his feet as Brian tries to warn him. Fathi gets a chair in his hand. As Tyler goes to turn around Fathi lands a huge blow to Tyler in his head. Fathi, wasting no time, points the chair at Brian and goes to hit Tyler again as he gets to his feet. Fathi swings for the stars as Cross ducks the swing and clotheslines Fathi hard to the mat. He picks him up then hits a Irish whip on Fathi into the chair that was set in the corner. Tyler takes out the Blackjack running he uses the chair to leap high in the air as camera flashes flow around the arena as Tyler lands hitting Fathi with his own blackjack. He goes for the pin..

Allie Queen: Cover!


Wayne Miller: KICK OUT!

Allie Queen: How the hell did Fathi kick out of that?

Cross rolls on to his back and clutches his face, he can’t believe it and neither can the crowd who begin to chant *SCW-SCW-SCW*.

Wayne Miller: What a match!

Tyler looks at Brian who gives him a nod. Tyler smirks as he takes out lighter fluid from his pocket. Fathi is laying on the canvas as he pours it on him. Fathi tries to fight back but Tyler has already done to much damage to the Rabid Curr as Tyler lights him on fire. Fathi is burning in flames as Tyler hits him hard across the head with the blackjack a second time. This time Fathi falls to the mat as he is knocked out from the blow.

Allie Queen: And a title isn’t even on the line!

Tyler goes to the top rope and hits another swanton bomb going for the pin!






Allie Queen: He got it! TYLER WINS Tyler Cross just brought a huge win home home The Empire!

Wayne Miller: Fathi gets the shoulder up but it’s too late!

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, Here is your winner, Tyler Cross!!!

Brian gets in the ring with Tyler as the rest of the Empire comes out to celebrate with their team mate. Tyler and Brian are greeting Stalker and Creed as Fathi is on the outside looking at them with hate in his eyes as he walks up the ramp. Brian asks for a microphone.

Brian: Hey, we’re not done here tonight. As you all see, The Empire is about our business, but so am I. A while back, I was promised something, and it still hasn’t been delivered. I don’t know if she’s back there or not, or if she is even watching, but I’m calling on Paige Lewis! I want my shot at the World Heavyweight Championship of SCW! This match was supposed to have happened already, but you’re ass went and got abducted right before the pay per view.

Allie Queen: We haven’t seen head nor tails of Paige Lewis since we returned to the air, we have no clue where the world champion is, and Brian is trying to call her out?

Wayne Miller: She’s already beaten him twice though, what makes Brian think he can beat her now?

Brian: I am not leaving this ring until I get an answer I like, I want Paige Lewis vs Brian Kennedy, with the World Heavyweight Championship on the lin-

Before Brian could finish, the PA system came to life as Heart of a Champion by Hollywood Undead began playing.

Allie Queen: Wait, whose music is that? Brian won’t be happy about this interruption!

Wayne Miller: I have no clue!

At the fifty second mark, a woman walked out onto the stage, both of her shoulders laden with gold, and the arena erupted in applause.



With the SCW Alternative Championship on one shoulder and SCW World Heavyweight Championship on the other, Paige Lewis stood on the stage looking around the arena for a moment, smiling. Paige then began making her way down the ramp, stopping a few times to pose for photos with fans. Reaching the ring, Paige quickly ascended the stairs and climbed through the ropes. Someone handed her a mic as her music died down.

Paige Lewis: Brian Kennedy, the man who swears he is at the top of SCW. In case you need a reminder…the man at the top of SCW…is ME! I have beaten anyone who was anyone to beat in SCW for the last few years. Jessica Tendonin, Priest, Alzy Hawkshaw, Larissa, Emily Desmond, hell…I even beat you twice. So, for you to come out here with your mates and demand I defend this championship against you just because a previous match never happened, it’s laughable.

Brian: Don’t tell me you’re afraid? Listen, I understand. You’re standing here alone, and I’m here with the Empire. You can have anyone you want in your corner, you can even pick the match. But I want my shot.

Paige Lewis: Mate, I do not give a single solitary individual fuck about you having to be surrounded by your boys to get the courage to call me out. I’ll beat them and you right here and right now!

The rest of the Empire stepped forward as if planning to take Paige up on her threat. Paige smiled at them and stood her ground before Brian jeld up his hand, calling them off.

Allie Queen: Gotta respect the bravery of Paige coming out here alone.

Wayne Miller: I don’t think these fans would allow her to get jumped, if that’s what you’re worried about. Paige Lewis is quite possibly the most popular wrestler in SCW right now, and there would be a riot if she was harmed.

Brian: What’s it gonna be, girl?

Paige Lewis: I am nearly 30 years old, don’t cheek me by calling me girl. You want me, Brian? You want this SCW World Heavyweight Championship that I have held for over three years? You are going to have to earn it. I accept your challenge. The match is Seven Circles of Hell.

Allie Queen: Seven circles of hell??? I’ve never heard of that!

Wayne Miller: I don’t think Brian has either, but if he wants a shot at the gold, that is what he will have to agree to.

Brian: I don’t care what the match is. I’ll see you at Domination!

Paige Lewis and Brian Kennedy got in each other’s face now and stared each down as the scene faded to nothing, and the SCW logo flashed.

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