Dean’s Ready For Championship Gold

The night has arrived! The man who is known in the Starstruck Championship Wrestling federation as “Dangerous” Dean Tyler is seen getting ready to face the current, reigning and defending SCW International Champion, Ardath for her title but he’s not alone. Standing right by his side is his brother/manager ” Sadistic” Sami. The duo sees that a camera crew is seen approaching them. Sami said right into the camera with a ice cold look seen seeping through his eyes.

“Sadistic” Sami Tyler (Dean’s brother/manager): We told you all so! My brother here ..

His brother was seen finishing getting ready for his match as Sami went onto saying.

Sami: My brother did beat that spoiled little brat Emily Desmond in Dean’s debut match. He warned her that he was going to destroy her and oh boy he sure did that! Now, he’s getting ready to face another woman who goes by the name of Ardath for her International Championship title. My brother has something to say.

Dean’s seen coming towards the camera and say with a ice cold look seen seeping through his eyes as well.

“Dangerous” Dean Tyler: Lady, you really don’t scare me at all. You say that you want to hurt me? HA! Try with all of your heart and soul. I’m going to show you why I’m mad, very much bad and strongly dangerous to know in the ring. You wished that you never had to face me. I’m wanting to, even if it kills me and by any means necessary, to try to be the one to strip you of your precious title and be the real International Champion that everyone can look up to. Ardath, welcome to my nightmare. Welcome to MY jungle. You are going to suffer very badly. Ta! Ta!

Dean’s seen finishing getting ready for his match. He sees the beautiful Christiana Tiger in the hallway and smiled. He walked towards her, wished her luck and gave her his phone number as he wanted to reconnect with her. The scene ended with Sami talking to his brother about his upcoming match.

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