Mr.Creed&Stalker Knight vs Elizabeth Cane & James Roads (overdrive 53 rp

By June 12, 2021Roleplay/Promo

The Scene opens to a dimly lit room who’s light is solely being provided by the windows inside the room. Inside the room to the back we see a ring.. we also see a male figure..a very..tall male figure punching a punching bag that has been brought up to the tall man’s level. His hair is black and short. wearing a black shirt and some denim shorts which shows that this guy doesn’t miss leg day.he looks to be perhaps taking some aggression out on the heavy punching bag? if so it seems to be a good reason that from a side angle see that the male figures hands are taped like a prized fighters.

It’s as if the camera are not there as he doesn’t acknowledge their presence. instead He continues pounding away hitting the bag like a professional boxer. He starts going faster and faster.Just then he stops and turns a quarter turn and sees the camera crew. he takes a breath or two and then with his left hand motions for them to approach.

” It’s ok. i am not going to hurt you. after all your not who stalker and myself are facing are you? so come on over here to my side. stalkers and myself we know how to get the job done. “

He goes back to hitting the bag HARD with each punch we see the bag. he then switches it up to a combination of fast punches. he doges left and then right, he pop up an uppercut on the bag. as the camera crew approach him on his left. he looks that way as he sees that they are ready he stops

” Elizabeth Cane..James Roads. The fact that someone such as myself and my tag team partner who’s not only a tag specialist but a hardcore and great striker , stalker knight..have to face you is, well it may not be THE reason. but the fact that here he and i are here facing you too we are the opening match. its due to the two of you. Both stalker and myself have held multiple tag team titles with multiple people. stalker and i are both long time friends. so it doesn’t matter that we haven’t teamed with each other in a while. because we have been working on it as well as on our own. the fact that it’s just me speaking to you is no indication of our tag team status.

he sighs

I say that for all of you who like making up fake news trying to divide the reformed Empire. Just as everyone saw at the last scw overdrive didn’t see a hallucination, The Empire is back, then again it never left. we are simply continuing a tradition of excellence that was laid forth when it was first founded and one of those founders is in it.

Now Elizabeth,.just because you are woman don’t expect me to hold back. people want to be treated as equals then i will equally beat the hell out of you if you are in the ring with me, i will do the same to james as well. i have plenty of energy to give two, maybe even three beatings. This isn’t going to be a tag-team match.this match is going to be brutal. the two of you may even ponder quitting after this match.

James, don’t expect me to go easy on you, that’s not going to happen. i know due to my height and weight it is easy for me to do so. but i will at the least extend the professional courtesy of treating you like anyone else who is against me in a match.

* he hits the bag with a hard right.*

Not only does this help me keep in shape, but it helps to clear one’s mind. for me it does anyhow. with that in mind, both elizabeth and james may not remember who they are after this match is over.. perhaps they should take this warning and pre record themselves telling themselves who they are and who they are with and so on, just like the movie 50 first dates.

he shrugs

just a suggestion. Anyway the empire’s first match will not be a loss. You know neither elizabeth nor james has even bothered to cut a promo. That’s pretty prideful of them.. do they take Stalker and myself so lightly. As what’s his name, Dario.. Arturo Cortez  yeah that’s it. he said , there are three 7 footers here in scw. and I am one of them. thanks for pointing that out cortez. saved me from having to say it.

* he throws a hard left to it’s body.* 

I love bringing down prideful people. stalker enjoys the fight that you will hopefully give us with the team of elizabeth and james, you seem to be among  those here that have an abundance of pride. it’s fun to watch them fall from grace via my pride killer. or maybe you shouldn’t come and just save yourselves a beat down.

which ever . your decision . you should see what awaits you..

* a hard right to the middle. he then sighs and once again with a hard right, the sand starts to pour out of it. he throws a hard left . we see more sand exit it. Mr. Creed simply turns around and walks away *

fade to black.

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